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4 Reasons VoIP is More Than Just a Telephone There are many organizations that still use the old telephone service (PSTN – Public Switched Telephone Network) because they are not aware of the advantages that VoIP offers. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is the latest technology that transforms analog or digital voice signals into data packets and transmits them over the Internet or a secured network. VoIP has made telecommunication systems efficient and effective. Smaller businesses often shy away from migrating to the latest VoIP system as they are wary of huge costs associated with the same. The good news is that even the smallest of the businesses around the world can use VoIP system as it does not cost a fortune to install and operate. In fact, users who tried VoIP once have started to prefer the system over their old telephone systems. This trend is affecting PSTN companies so badly that they are now contemplating stopping PSTN services completely by 2018. Below is a list of advantages that you are going to enjoy over your old telephone system by migrating to VoIP systems from TeleSystems, LLC:

Flexibility Flexibility is the biggest factor that comes to mind when we speak of VoIP. VoIP technology offers immense flexibility in terms of the choice, installation and features. You are free to choose the kind of VoIP package that you want for your organization. With cloud-based systems, you can upgrade at any point in time without even worrying about capital expenditure. Additional telephone systems or lines are expensive when you are operating an old telephone system at office but the same is not true for the VoIP. In fact, VoIP is one technology that allows quick upgrades without any hassles. TeleSystems, LLC can help you to choose the package you want for the increased telephony demand at your office and you can start using the same right away.

Setup & Management As far as set up and management is concerned, VoIP wins hands down over any other telephony technology. This system can be integrated with the existing LAN system at

your office and that too within a few minutes. With TeleSystems networking knowledge, we can easily add VoIP to your existing system. Once trained, it is pretty easy to set up a VoIP system and all that is required are a few clicks. Of course, TeleSystems will be there from installation and integration through set up and training. All VoIP services are accompanied by an interactive GUI that allows easy management of all the applications. You will be able to add, delete and edit users to a particular application and can even specify the privileges of users. You are in complete control of the users as well as the costs associated with the usage of the VoIP system.

More Features There are a variety of advanced features available with the VoIP services. Not only are you able to make unlimited calls to innumerable places locally and long distance, you can also enjoy advanced telephony features like Caller ID, extra-virtual numbers, contact list, voicemail, call forwarding etc. Unified Communications is yet evolving and adding more features every day.

Inexpensive VoIP service is the least expensive telephony service as it not only helps you in using the carriers or lines but also manage the call costs according to your company’s budget. You can restrict overseas calls, thus keeping your telecommunication costs under a specified budget. The VoIP telephone system can automatically choose the carrier with the lowest call rates and route the calls accordingly thus bringing down your call rates.

Computer Integration VoIP integrates with your computer systems. Unlike phone calls that force you to email data and then get on a call to discuss, VoIP allows you to share data in real time with you clients and business partners. This enables you to make each call be productive. The future of communication is VoIP. Contact TeleSystems, LLC today for more information on this exciting technology and see how we can help your business.

4 reasons voip is more than just a telephone  
4 reasons voip is more than just a telephone