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Just this month, the Pretty Black Chains are releasing “Ceremonies,” Green Corn Revival is coming out with “Say You’re a Sinner,” and Maggie McClure has “Good Morning & Good Night” — and those are just the ones we could wedge into a cover story. Singer-songwriter Daniel Walcher has his self-titled new disc coming out Sept. 25, and The Boom Bang enters the fray with “Bummer Camp” on Sept. 17. All of those albums are self-released or independently distributed. My personal view is that it takes more self-determination and fortitude to put out an album under such circumstances than it does to promote a major-label debut. When an album comes out on a small label or none at all, the burden is almost entirely on the artist to work that record, make certain it’s heard and make people care. All of these musicians are up to the challenge, and LOOKatOKC congratulates them for their musical accomplishments and what they are doing for the scene. Temperature? A healthy fever. Pulse? Quickened. Lungs? Ready for the chorus.

3 September 15 - October 2


ot many cities spend as much time as Oklahoma City does scrutinizing the vitality of its music culture. Are we up or are we down? How many A-list performers showed up at the Ford Center versus Tulsa’s BOK Center? How much closer are we to getting another mid-sized venue? How many area bands received showcases at South By Southwest? It’s a kind of parlor game for journalists and musicians to regularly take the temperature of the place, check the pulse and listen to the lungs. Hot spots like Portland, Oregon or Austin, Texas, don’t do it much because everyone knows how cool they are, and neither do places that have precious little going on — I’m not going to mention names, because we all know what that feels like. But Oklahoma City constantly assesses its music standing because the density of sheer talent in our metro area is uncommonly substantial and goes far beyond the country superstars or the Flaming Lips. When I started my series Static, which resumes this fall, some people wondered how long such a show could last, but we’ve done about 40 of them and new bands are forming every week. We’ll never run out of musicians to bring into the studio, mainly because the talent pool is so deep.

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Latest George Clooney film is a triumph of style over actual substance.

This issue, Dave goes through the top 100 of his 200 favorite things about Mexican food.

5 September 15 - October 2

23 | Wimgo Check out some of the events coming to Oklahoma over the next two weeks.

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September 15 - October 2


Do you realize Wayne Coyne is tweeting?


usicians have a way of catching my attention. Last week, OSU’s football season began and the university’s marching band ignited a pep rally to be filmed for television in the Eskimo Joe’s parking lot. Too bad it was 6:30 a.m. and kickoff was 36 hours away. My apartment backs up to Joe’s, and I can honestly say I’ve never been angrier with that dancing Eskimo and his smiling dog. I heart OSU’s marching band, but to me those musicians had never been more useless. The band belongs on a football field surrounded by unruly fans and dramatic tension. My sleep schedule and my ears want musicians to be useful. However, the impromptu concert jumpstarted my newest morning ritual. I wake up and check Wayne Coyne’s Twitter. It’s ridiculous how quickly he became a Twitter natural. After a handful of tweets, I learned a lot about Coyne and saw way too many of his body parts than I intended. His Twitter is like Chatroulette with a 100 percent chance of seeing something crazy or naked. I don’t view the Flaming Lips frontman’s Internet thoughts because I constantly want to know where he is or because he tweets naked photos of his wife. I look at it because it’s useful and entertaining. There’s more to it than it being a portal into the mind of a rock star. Coyne has a way of desensitizing the world to weirdness. His tweets are like a mini Flaming Lips concert experience tailored for laptops and cell phones. It’s fun learning about the rocker, but his usefulness isn’t necessarily in his weirdness. The most shocking thing about Coyne’s Twitter is how it shows his normalcy. He attends concerts at Sauced and the Opolis. People buy him drinks at bars on the Classen Circle and sometimes Coyne watches Jello wresting at the Blue Note Lounge. He goes to places everyone visits. Coyne finds things to do and makes his experiences seem interesting. A month ago he was touring Europe and tweeting photos of satanic art exhibits and hotel room antics. It was ridiculous. For the past couple of weeks, Coyne has been in Oklahoma City and he’s taking advantage of the places making Oklahoma special. Not only is he an ambassador outside Oklahoma but also he vouches for things here. If you’re bored in Oklahoma, then look at what Coyne is doing. It’s not for the birds.

Shows to see or not to see... >>> SEPT. 17: Bret Michaels sold out a casino in Shawnee several weeks before this upcoming performance. Now, I will never question the effectiveness of VH1’s impact on any Oklahoma town. @ Firelake Grand Casino, 777 Grand Casino Blvd., Shawnee

>>> SEPT. 21: Sleepy Sun is a numbingly psychedelic group out of San Francisco. The band will be playing twice in Oklahoma this month on weeknights, so here’s your chance to be a rock star and stay up late. @ The Conservatory, 8911 N. Western Ave.

>>> SEPT. 25: The Pretty Black Chains will celebrate the release its debut album “Ceremonies.” After giving the album a listen you’ll realize PBC is more than just the cool band to see in Oklahoma. This year alone the rockers opened for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Smashing Pumpkins. This will be a night to celebrate our state’s growth in good music. @ The Conservatory, 8911 N. Western Ave.


>>> SEPT. 26: The Avett Brothers wow people. Last year the quartet shook the floor of Cain’s Ballroom and started dance riots inside the Rose State Performing Arts Center. If you don’t see the brothers then you’re missing the show of the year. It’s not to be missed. @ Bricktown Events Center, 425 E California Ave.


8 September 15 - October 2

Lacey Lett is the co-host of a local music show on 105.3 FM “The Spy.” Her ongoing column, “A Night Owl” is focused on what’s going on in nightlife news for LookatOKC.

Looking for the best brunch in town?


normally write columns about nightlife. You know — the bars, parties, events that are happening around town until the wee hours of the night? Well, the next day can be just as fun getting your drink on. Eggs, Mimosas, Bloody Marys, and Belgian waffles all make up one of my favorite activities – brunch. Lucky for me, the variety is becoming more extensive in Oklahoma City, so here are some that I’ve found to be either my favorites or ones I’m dying to try out. DYING TO TRY IT OUT: Museum Cafe, 415 Couch Drive Okay, I don’t typically want to go downtown on a weekend due to parking constraints, but after hearing about the Museum Café’s Eggs Benedict, I’m going to sacrifice convenience. The restaurant located inside the Oklahoma City Museum of Art is upscale, so I’d refrain from wearing jeans. The cocktails have become a whole new reason for me to visit: $2.95 Blue Mermaid, which consists of champagne and blue Curacao. I love trying something with a twist. The traditional Mimosa is only $1.95. Besides the ricotta pancakes or orange French toast is the Eggs Benedict. Rumor has it they are the best in the city. They are served four ways – with spinach, Canadian bacon, salmon, or flat iron steak. It’s Sunday only.

DONE IT AND LOVE IT: Cheever’s Cafe, 2409 N Hudson Sunday is fun day at Cheever’s Café. Being hung over is not fun at all, but after Brent’s Breakfast Detox made with pepper vodka, lemon and herbal honey, you’ll be back to your old self. Cheever’s also has pomegranate Mojitos for $9 and traditional Mimosas for $2. I’ve had the Construction Omelets with your choice of three toppings and served with roasted potatoes. Hard to believe the large portion was $7. I kept seeing waffles and fried chicken passing me by — I still dream about those waffles and how delicious they looked. That will be my next visit. That or the Cowgirl Benedict with chicken fried steak, red chile hollandaise sauce and avocado. It’s Sunday only, and I suggest making a reservation, because it gets packed. DONE IT AND LOVE IT! Sophabella’s, 7628 N May Sophabella’s serves $1 Mimosas made with either orange juice or cranberry juice and $4 Bloody Marys. The chicken and mushroom crepes have a creamy sauce filling that is delicious and definitely not low in fat. You have the rest of the day to burn it off, so who cares? My favorite part is the present at the beginning. Before the meal you get your choice of a cinnamon roll, blueberry muffin or biscuits and gravy. The cinnamon roll was warm, gooey and the perfect size. Served Sunday only.

TRIED TO TRY IT, BUT MISSED THE BRUNCH HOURS: La Baguette Bistro, 7408 N May What kind of person would I be without talking about the most raved about brunch destination in the city? I’d be ill-informed, and I’m not except when it comes to knowing brunch hours. They serve breakfast every day starting at 8 a.m., but Sunday brunch is served until 2 p.m. so you’ll have time to get there. I unfortunately tried on a Saturday and found out 1 p.m. was too late for Saturday breakfast so I have yet to try this brunch staple. Here’s what I will try when I go though: I’ve heard the Crepes are the best item on the menu. They have a savory crepe with mushrooms, sautéed percillade and one poached egg. They also have the Strawberries Crepe served with sliced strawberries and whipped cream. The Egg White Frittata sounds amazing and offers a lower fat option with shrimp, sun dried tomatoes and pesto. You’ll have to spend the extra cash for a normal-priced Mimosa at $4.95. Still not bad. The lattes are great and the “Wake Up” Double Expresso with Kahlua sounds like the pause that refreshes. Serves Saturday breakfast or Sunday brunch. DYING TO TRY IT OUT: Iguana Mexican Grill, 9 NW 9 I’ll go to Iguana just to be able to sit on their patio and drink a $2 Mimosa, $3 champagne, $4 Tequila Sunrise or $4 Bloody Mary. Okay, probably not the

Bloody Mary. Not a fan of tomato juice, but the atmosphere at Iguana is about as fun as the food. Chilaquiles is served as eggs with chorizo, onions, queso fresco, Pico de Gallo and your choice of Raul’s fire sauce or Verde sauce. Beware of intense mimosa downage after trying the fire sauce. Enchiladas with eggs is a cool concept and much healthier than an IHOP cheesecake/pancake sandwich. It’s served with chicken or beef and finished off with two eggs sunny-side up. Served all day Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. DYING TO TRY IT OUT: The Boom, 2218 NW 39 The Boom is a restaurant, bar and theater all rolled into one, and it sounds like the entertainment is a blast. The “Gospel Brunch” is a show featuring drag queens Kitty Bob Aimes and Norma Jean Goldenstein serving you up a sermon at noon and 1:30 p.m. Singing, dancing, and preaching last an hour and a half each Sunday, and you should make a reservation. The brunch menu serves the traditional items with French toast and steak and eggs. It’s a meal, a gospel and a lot of fun that I can’t wait to participate in. Sunday only. Sunday is a day of rest and new beginnings. What better way to celebrate the future week than with friends, food and practically free drinks? It’s not quite breakfast and it’s not quite lunch. Brunch — better than “leakfast,” right?


















S T O R Y B Y G E O R G E L A N G , L O O K AT O K C E D I T O R

Pretty Black Chains stage their opening ‘Ceremonies’


or most bands, underground rock is just an expression, a vague term for music that is not being played on the radio. But underground rock is truly happening in a basement below Warpaint Clothing Co. in Oklahoma City’s Plaza District. The ceilings will just barely allow 6-foot-tall singer-guitarist Kellen McGugan of the Pretty Black Chains to sing without ducking or suffering a major cranial abrasion. The idea of band practice might sound to wage earners like teenage kicks, but anyone who has read Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” knows how greatness is achieved. While it’s unlikely that McGugan, lead guitarist Derek Knowlton, bassist Jonathan Chuck Martin and drummer Kurt Freudenberger have hit that magic 10,000-hour mark Gladwell wrote about as the benchmark needed for true greatness, it’s not for lack of trying. The Pretty Black Chains are racking up the hours in that subterranean space, and it’s all about work ethic. “If you’re sitting around drinking at Electro Lounge, that’s time you could have spent writing a song,” Knowlton said. In less than two years, the Pretty Black Chains have channeled that determination into becoming one of the most popular live bands in the area. The combustible energy of the group on stage, coupled with an early sound steeped in Brit-pop, made the Pretty Black Chains stand out in the scene. Now the group

> > P R E T T Y B L A C K C H A I N S P H O T O S B Y B R YA N T E R R Y, T H E O K L A H O M A N







Story continued on Page 13


is ready for its close-up: the PBCs will open for The Smashing Pumpkins on Sept. 24 at Tulsa’s Cain’s Ballroom, and will host a CD release party for its debut album, “Ceremonies,” the following night at the Conservatory, 8911 N Western. The irony is that the band has worked so hard, progressing and refining its songs that “Ceremonies” feels like a time capsule, a vestige of what where the band stood creatively in 2009. In the basement at Warpaint, a clothing company that Knowlton and business partner Travis Pickett opened earlier this year, a DVD of Jimi Hendrix performing with the Band of Gypsys plays silently in the corner, and the sound coming out of the Pretty Black Chains’ amps is harder, less poppy, and far more influenced by Hendrix, late-model Beatles and Led Zeppelin. “Ceremonies” now sounds like the innocent beginning chapter to a story that has become deeper and more resonant as the pages turn. “It just feels good to progress,” Knowlton said. “I mean, all that stuff has its place, but it was a stepping stone to where we needed to go, just like this stuff will be a stepping stone to where we go next.” “For the CD release show, we’ll probably play only three or four songs from ‘Ceremonies,’” said McGugan. “We quit trying to write specific (types of) songs.” So while the Pretty Black Chains built up a lot of love from audiences thanks to songs such as “Ambulance” and “1964,” the hours of woodshopping resulted in a band staking out new territory one that is ready to record a new album in January 2011. “The stuff we were doing before was immature, poppy, kind of bratty — ‘We wanna break sh — ,’” Knowlton said. “It really is a weird transition, because we have the album out, but realistically, that album should have come out five months ago. “It’s a lot more mature, a lot more musical,” Knowlton said of the Pretty Black Chains’ new songs. “I really just fell in love with the classics again, like Led Zeppelin. When you’re a musician, you really have to choose what you’re stamp is going to be.”

Green Corn Revival grows its audience with ‘Sinner’

G reen Corn Revival never set out to be a country band, but while much of the group’s sound reflects the landscapes around its hometown of Weatherford: big horizons and endless expanses, the seven-piece’s debut, “Say You’re a Sinner,” has a distinct “countrypolitan” feel, with horns and echoing drums

making time with the steel guitar. “You know, we felt like the album was going to mirror or really flesh out what our show was all along,” said Natalie Houck, who shares vocals with lead singer Jared Deck. “People have used the word ‘cinematic’ a lot, and it does create a words-and-music picture of Western Oklahoma.” Green Corn Revival, which also features Natalie’s husband, Ryan Houck, on steel guitar, dobro and banjo, along with Miles Johnson, Stephen Rozzell, Tyler Paul and Jacy Charlton, will perform songs from “Say You’re a Sinner” at a CD release party Sept. 24 at Opolis, 113 Crawford in Norman, with guests Siren, Ali Harter and Little League Hero. The band has only been together a little over a year, but Green Corn Revival has risen quickly in that short period, working as Wanda Jackson’s backing band at South By Southwest in April and playing tirelessly at Oklahoma City area venues.



While Houck describes the line-up as being a free-flowing collective, the core commitment to Green Corn Revival’s sound does not change. “I think there was always a chemistry there — we were all on the same page, we were all listening to the same music: alt-country and indie rock that a lot of our friends and family weren’t listening to,” she said. “So we kind of had that ‘band of brothers’ — or, in my case, ‘sisters’ — thing going on.” So far, critics have praised “Say You’re a Sinner” as a sure-footed, accomplished debut, and Houck said the band will continue to expand and refine its sound through its constant gigging and songwriting. “We’d like to be a name people recognize when the second album comes out,” she said. Story continued on Page 14






Maggie McClure says ‘Good Morning & Good Night’ death, but once I got out there on the court, everything aligned,” she said. “It was just an amazing experience.” With “Good Morning & Good Night,” which she will celebrate with a CD release party Sept. 18 at the Hidden Castle, 1309 24th Avenue in Norman, McClure worked with multi-instrumental producer Stephen Gause in Nashville. She said Gause helped her choose the six songs on “Good Morning & Good Night” after she presented him with 30 compositions. “He listened to every single song, multiple times, and wrote a paragraph about each one, including the strongest and weakest parts, why this song should definitely be on the EP, why this song shouldn’t,” McClure said. “He took the time to do that when I hadn’t given him any indication that I wanted to hire him as a producer. He went beyond the call.” Gause moved his schedule around to record with McClure in July. “There was nothing stressful about it at all, and everybody who played on the record is super-talented and cool,” she said. The songs on “Good Morning & Good Night” represent McClure at her most accessible — these are the songs most likely to become hits if they reach the right set of ears in the business. At this point, McClure is doing everything to advance her career, and there will be opportunities for other, more personal songs to find their way onto future discs. For now, she’s concentrating on these potential smashes. “That’s what I need to do. Maybe I’ll make another EP with ‘my babies,’ but in terms of trying to get something going, this is what I need to do,” she said. “These are the songs that are going to get me down the road.”

N orman singer-songwriter Maggie McClure started playing piano when she was 5 years old, began singing and writing her first songs shortly afterward, and was involved in dance throughout her childhood. So the committed work she puts into her regular live performances throughout Oklahoma should be no surprise to her growing fan base, which now extends as far as Japan. Two years ago, McClure hired an independent promotions company to advance her music to media outlets, and it wasn’t long before her songs were being used in episodes of MTV series such as “The Hills.” But then that same company passed McClure’s recordings to a Japanese record label, Spinning Ink, and in a few short months, the young singer-songwriter had practically become a teen idol in Tokyo. The album, “Out of My Mind,” was at No. 9 on Japan’s iTunes rock charts in February 2009, situated next to Maroon 5 and Coldplay. In the run-up to recording her new EP, “Good Morning & Good Night,” McClure performed the National Anthem during the Oklahoma City Thunder’s NBA playoff games. “I thought that I would be scared to








“MEMPHIS” MAGIC KIDS September 15 - October 2


Magic Kids make nostalgic sunny-day pop evoking the barefoot summers of childhood, and “Memphis,” the group’s 28-minute debut, is a punchy, fatfree blast. All 11 songs from the Tennessee quintet play like vivid sonic memories of imaginary AM pop, all given playful arrangements and sung with innocent charm by Bennett Foster, a talented vocalist and songwriter who seems to have an uncommon understanding of the joys of two-minute teen symphonies. Case in point: “Hideout” doesn’t even reach the 2:30 mark, but the band wedges more melodic activity into this symphonic beauty than most bands could accomplish in twice the time. Even “Summer,” the longest song on “Memphis,” gets everything done in less than four minutes and, compared to most of Magic Kids’ tiny gems, feels like an album-length Yes song. This is a band of bright-eyed, irony-free immediate pleasures, more “Little Deuce Coupe” than “Pet Sounds.” Only one song seems like a direct homage: “Phone” paraphrases the bouncy call-and-response and wistful yearning of Herman’s Hermits’ “I’m in for Something Good.” The rest simply sounds like a day at the beach, where someone can sing “there’s no candy sweeter than my baby” and it doesn’t sound like the dumbest thing ever, and a paean to a childhood toy, “Superball,” is more fun than spiking an actual Superball over the neighbor’s roof. With “Memphis,” Magic Kids tap into that fictional simple time, before the sidewalks started to crack. — George Lang, LookatOKC editor

lookatokcmoviereview “THE AMERICAN” Rating: PG-13 (Violence, sexual content and nudity) Running time: 1 hour, 43 minutes Starring: George Clooney, Paolo Bonacelli, Violante Placido, Thekla Reuten.

September 15 - October 2




‘The American’ a triumph of style over substance


eorge Clooney spends a lot of time alone in “The American,” secluded in a small Italian village where he’s working on one last job. Director Anton Corbijn, who last helmed the Joy Division biopic “Control,” isolates Clooney’s character, Jack, even further, often placing him in the corner of the shot, framed against his surroundings as if he’s pinned to them. Corbijn’s slow-burn pacing and carefully composed images of characters being almost overtaken by their environment creates a sort of spy thriller by way of Michelangelo Antonioni. The requisite action scenes are all there — violent betrayals, double-crosses, frantic shoot-outs — but these mo-

ments punctuate long, contemplative stretches in which Corbijn generally succeeds in creating a moody, fatalistic tenor with his images. Clooney’s very subdued Jack is an assassin holed up in the hillside town of Castel del Monte after a botched job in Sweden. Like all good movie assassins, Jack is ready to get out of that line of work, but he agrees to do one final job for his boss, Pavel (Johan Leysen): assemble a deadly rifle for fellow assassin Mathilde (Thekla Reuten). In the downtime, Jack befriends a priest (Paolo Bonacelli) and ignites a love affair with a hooker (Violante Placido), but his connection to other human beings is fleeting. His line of work doesn’t exactly equate

to long-term relationships, and recent tragedy has made him even more skittish about those prospects. Clooney, stripped of his signature charm here, remains a towering screen presence. Corbijn’s film doesn’t exactly demand bravura acting performances, but Clooney delivers on his ability to captivate an audience anyway, even if his character is a dour loner. The film’s true star, though, is its photography, and Corbijn and cinematographer Martin Ruhe compose a number of striking shots that prevent the film from running aground despite its meandering pace. The aged, whitewashed buildings of the Italian village and the natural beauty of the region provide excellent canvases.

The result is a triumph of style over substance, as the film’s plot elements are often little more than hazily sketched details. The film’s ambiguity isn’t a problem; its lack of a compelling narrative could’ve been if not for the approach Corbijn has taken, in which he wrings as much tension as possible out of a single shot of Clooney reflecting on his circumstances. “The American” certainly isn’t a rousing shoot-’em-up adventure, but it’s hardly a bore, either, and its measured pace and art house sensibility make for a wonderfully cooling tonic to overbaked summer fare. — Dusty Somers, Staff Writer

lookatokcmoviereview “THE EXTRA MAN” Rating: R (Some sexual content) Running time: 1 hour, 45 minutes Starring: Kevin Kline, Paul Dano, Katie Holmes, John C. Reilly.

September 15 - October 2




‘The Extra Man’ too cute, glib for its own good


n gentler, more genteel times, Kevin Kline’s shabby but dapper character in the pixilated, New York-centric social comedy “The Extra Man” would have been referred to as a gigolo. A spiffy dresser with a dry wit, elegant tastes on a threadbare budget and a wry, world-weary aspect on the opposite sex (and sex in general), Kline’s foppish Henry Harrison is a throwback to a simpler era — when Manhattan boulevards harbored scads of eccentric characters who seemed to step full-blown out of short pieces in The New Yorker magazine. Indeed, you can easily imagine Henry hobnobbing with the magazine’s iconic, top hat and monocle-wearing man-about-town Eustace Tilley. “The Extra Man” is an overly earnest exercise in whimsy drawn from a quirky coming-of-age novel by Jonathan Ames and adapted to the screen by

co-directors-writers Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini, makers of the splendid “American Splendor.” But where that 2003 film fairly bristled with sharp, trenchant flourishes of humor and drama, this one merely feels gratuitously offbeat and vaudevillian. The story is constructed as a light mentor piece in which Henry, a sometime college literature professor, Christmas ball collector and raconteur, takes a boarder into his crummy New York apartment. The new roomie is young Louis Ives (Paul Dano), an aspiring novelist from New Jersey who was recently cashiered from a tony prep-school teaching post due to his predilection for cross-dressing. Henry, who moonlights as an “extra man” (a male escort for wealthy society dames who need a suave gent at their sides for operas, Russian Tea Room luncheons, gallery openings, etc.),

grudgingly takes this fey young novice under his wing and determines to show him the ins and outs of living a luxe New York life on a pauper’s budget. As Louis follows Henry through the rarefied corridors of high society and recites a running commentary on his life in his head, the filmmakers trot out a rogue’s gallery of oddballs and eccentrics to color their way. Along with Henry’s strange downstairs neighbor, Gershon (John C. Reilly), who speaks in falsetto and sports a rats-nest beard, the duo crosses paths with a dominatrix (Patti D’Arbanville), who teaches Louis the finer points of drag dressing, a hunchback Swiss con man (Jason Butler Harner) and various other weirdos. Katie Holmes makes an appearance as virtually the only “normal person” in the story. She’s the vegan Mary, Louis’ dogmatic co-worker at an environmental magazine, and she certainly doesn’t

appreciate his off-kilter view of life. Louis’s sentimental education loses some steam in Dano’s pale, insubstantial performance. But it might be that the young actor is simply overwhelmed and overshadowed by Kline’s zestful, grandiose turn as the larger-than-life Henry. It’s a winking, mannered performance, thoroughly enjoyable and reminiscent of Kline’s Oscar-winning comic work in 1988’s “A Fish Called Wanda.” While “The Extra Man” is far too cute and self-consciously glib for its own good, it is often hard to resist its goofy, madcap charms. If you imagine a round table of Ring Lardner, Damon Runyon, Robert Benchley, Dorothy Parker and the like, Henry Harrison might just squeeze a chair in on the fringes and seem right at home amid the worldly wits. — Dennis King, Staff Writer

This month, Mexico celebrates two centuries of independence from Spain. This issue, the Food Dude gives you part one of the 200 reasons why he loves Mexican food. September 15 - October 2


0 20 A

s has has been pointed out in this space more than once, Cinco de Mayo is a minor holiday in Mexico. The big one is a little more than a week away, Diez y Seis de Septiembre — or the less sexy Sept. 16. Mexican food is the reason I love food. I was born near Tijuana in San Diego County in California and raised in Austin, Texas, and Mexican cuisine has been ubiquitous in my life — save for two years in Nebraska where corn is plentiful, but tortillas inexplicably are not. Here is part one of my 200 reasons to love Mexican food.

9. SERRANO CHILES My personal favorite, though my initiation was at the hands of a neighbor intent on revenge. He got it, but it sparked a lifelong love affair.

12. LIME If it’s made in Mexico, lime makes it better: beer, salsa, tacos, steak, chicken — you get the idea.

the food dude


For more food talk, check out the Food Dude’s blog at and follow him on twitter @TheFoodDood

1. CHILES Whether dried or fresh, hot, sweet or mild, this is the foundation of Mexican cuisine.


2. JALAPENO The most popular chile, it’s plenty spicy when fresh but even more popular pickled.

The broadbased green onions are great on the grill or after a good rinse.

4. TOMATILLO Actually a member of the berry family. Its extreme tart flavor is ideal for salsas.

5. CACTUS FRUIT 6. TOMATOES Almost as ubiquitous as chiles, they’re a staple in Mexican cuisine.

Clean well before candying or using to infuse oils or spirits.

8. BLACK BEANS Winter is near, meaning black bean and chorizo soup is close behind.

7. ANAHEIM CHILES These mild chiles are usually roasted and skinned. They can be used in sauce or for stuffing.

10. AVOCADO Aguacate in Spanish, it’s the best choice for balancing hot salsas while adding creaminess.

13. POBLANO CHILES Roasted and skinned, they’re optimal for chile rellenos. Dried, they become the apple of Bobby Flay’s eye, the ancho. They also make a nice, mild green sauce.

11. CHIPS Don’t mistake my tortilla chip belly for a beer belly. I’ve worked too long for there to be any confusion.

See reasons 14 through 100 on pages 21 and 22

lookatokcfood wouldn’t be if not for his passion for Mexican cuisine. 28. Cumin. Toast cumin seeds in a hot cast-iron skillet then pulverize them. When the aroma hits your nose, you’ll never buy ground cumin again.

15. Gorditas. When I think of these masa-based treats, I can only think of those the Little Flower Catholic Church sold at the Oklahoma State Fair. 16. Frijoles. The Spanish word for beans rhymes with “holy” for a reason. 17. Rice. Rinsed, lightly fried and partnered with broth and a few vegetables, this is my best chance of getting the kiddos to eat peas and carrots. 18. Relish. Carrots, red onion and jalapeno pickled in the same brine. “Can we get some more,” is the common response at our table. 19. Tortillas. Corn or flour, it’s hard to imagine eating any kind of Mexican food without them. 20. Tamales. They filled the void when Santa quit coming to town. 21. Burritos. If I had a nickel for every one I ate while operating a vehicle, I could afford a limo and driver. But where would the adventure be? 22. Enchiladas. Winter is for braised beef (short ribs?) and chile rojo. Spring and early summer is for crab with avocado sauce. Late summer and early fall is for pork with green chile. Early winter is chicken and goat cheese/cream sauce. 23. Salsa. Traditional tacos are simple: homemade tortilla, simply prepared filling and great salsa. 24. Guacamole. Question: Is there anything better than perfectly ripe avocados mixed with fresh lime juice? Answer: Only if you add a little garlic, salt and chile to the mix. 25. Carne Guisada. Mexican-style beef tips should be tender, salty and bristling with garlic and toasted cumin flavors. If homemade flour tortillas are available, neither forks nor spoons need apply. 26. Mole. It comes in green, red, yellow and black. I’m a slave to all of it. 27. Rick Bayless. The pride of Northwest Classen High School in Oklahoma City started working at the family barbecue joint and is now one of the world’s most accomplished chefs. And he probably

30. Elote. Roasted corn slathered in cheesy, creamy, spicy goodness. Other than that, I can’t really vouch for it. 31. Flautas. When I go to San Marcos, Texas, this is what I order: one beef, one chicken. 32. Tapatio sauce. The happy vaquero in the large sombrero on the bottle always makes me smile, but not quite as much as the spicy red nectar within. 33. Bufalo Sauce. The first sauce imported from Mexico I ever tried; traffic into my mouth hasn’t slowed much since that initial foray. 34. Valentina Sauce. This works great if you’re looking to tweak your wing sauce recipe. 35. Coral Snake Salsa from Iguana Lounge. When the Iguana Mexican Grill revived the concept in 2008, this was the first thing I looked for on the new menu. Thankfully, I found it. 36. Salsa Verde from the former Las Palomas. Restaurants come and go, but man I wish Las Palomas hadn’t. And if it had to close, why couldn’t they leave me their salsa verde recipe?

39. Warm salsa from El Parian. The Edmond eatery has a lot of great stuff, but not much is greater than the warm salsa they put on the table before you order. 40. SW 59 Street. Throw a rock, you hit an excellent taqueria.


41. Nino’s. I’ve been eating at Nino’s since I moved here in the late ‘80s, and the fajitas have remained top-notch in all those years. 42. Salsa Especial from Abel’s. A monster bowl of fresh avocado mixed with roasted jalapenos, tomatoes and onions. “Can we get that in a to-go box?” is often heard from our table. 43. Fried jalapenos. I first had them at Chelino’s, and now they’re pretty much everywhere. It’s for a good reason. 44. Tacos al Pastor. Perhaps the one thing I couldn’t live without, pork with red chile and pineapple. Abel’s cuts its from a vertical roaster on weekends as it’s done in Mexico. Chalo’s Tacos does them great each time I order them. 45. Queso Fundido. Melted cheese. Chorizo sausage. The end. 46. Chorizo. Fast becoming as effective as bacon, avocado and cream cheese at making better anything it gets near. 47. Queso Anejo. A pungent dry cheese intent on waking the flavor in all that it graces.

55. Dos Equis Special Lager. Always makes me think of former Oklahoman reporter Jesse Olivarez. Anyone who knows him knows that’s a good thing. 56. Simpatico. What college kid could resist that sleek black bottle? Not this one. 57. Bohemia. By summer, I’ve usually graduated from Pacifico to the official sponsor of “Mexico: One Plate at a Time.” (The “H” is silent, by the way.) 58. Pepe Delgados. From 1998 to 2003, I had tamales there every Friday. I can tell you Fridays haven’t been the same since I left The Oklahoman’s Norman bureau. 59. Taco Tuesday. Now known as Iguana Tuesdays, chef Ryan Parrot has created the city’s best-known calendar promotion on the strength of gourmet street tacos. Thanks, RP.

48. Queso Fresco. This fresh, versatile cheese is great when cubed and dropped in a sizzling skillet of salsa along with some fresh cilantro.

37. Tacos Calvillo. When Abel’s took over the old El Rodeo space on NW 50 near MacArthur, they kept this dish: five steak tacos with cilantro and onions. A genius move. When El Rodeo reopened on NW 39 Expressway, they put the dish on the new menu, though with only four. Hmmm.

49. Queso Cotija. This is a milder dry cheese. I top pretty much everything edible with it, and a couple things that aren’t.

38. Taco salad. Love that tortilla bowl. The vegetarian version at Abel’s makes my wife happier than a new pair of shoes. Wait, maybe a gently used pair of shoes. Regardless, it makes her smile, so that

51. Crema Mexicana. This is a little thinner than the sour cream produced in U.S. dairies. I like to add a little garlic, lemon zest and salt for a dipping sauce or condiment.

50. Carne Asada. Grilled beef with some citrus, salt and pepper is served as either a steak or diced and used as a filling. Either way is the right way.

52. Tarahumara. This Norman restaurant packs them in so notoriously that the city has had to step in to control the parking problems. I think it’s for the salsa verde. Seriously. 53. Tableside guacamole from Adobe Grill. It really doesn’t get any fresher or better. 54. Pacifico. I know it’s spring when I’m standing over an ice chest full of this Mexican lager and thinking I don’t have enough.

60. Big Truck Tacos. If Oklahoma City ever rises to national prominence as a food town, it might do so on the wheels of a taco truck. Try the ceviche; you won’t be disappointed. 61. Carnitas. So, you simmer pork shoulder in its own lard for a while, pull it out, cool it and then deep fry it a few more minutes to crisp the edges, and you’ll have a hard time eating pork any other way. 62. Memories of Atomic Burrito. When I think of the place that was doing chipotle before chipotle was born, I think of my very dear friend J.J. Dukes, whose laugh could light up a room. Rest in peace, dear.

September 15 - October 2

14. Tacos. Personally, this is where my life in food began.

29. Corn. Without corn, there is no masa. Without masa, there are no tortillas. Without tortillas, the world is a little sadder place.

makes me smile.

63. Memories of Tulio’s in Penn Square Mall. Man, I spent a lot of time and money at Tulio’s at Penn Square in the 1990s. While that store is long gone, Tulio’s is still around in Norman. 64. Shrimp Diablo. Casa de Los Milagros makes my favorite, though it’s not on the menu. Ask for it, and be pleased.

September 15 - October 2


65. Chile Colorado >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Beef or pork braised in red chiles. Ricky’s uses guajillo, and the result is as good as you’ll find in the metro. 66. Chile Rellenos. Thanks to chef John Bennett, I now have a batter that makes not only my wife smile, but also my mother. The genius of a roasted pepper stuffed with cheese and some of its best friends came from somewhere south of the border.

(Above) 96. Chile con carne. Meat and chile. It’s even good when served in a tin can with overcooked beans. 97. Refritos. Beans fried in bacon grease and broth. Wrap them in a flour tortilla with a nice red chile sauce, and your Friday night/Saturday morning is complete.

67. Chiles de arbol. The Mexican answer to cayenne pepper. For me, it’s the correct answer.

were. Now, I can’t eat tacos without them.

68. Molcajete y tejolote >>>>>>>>>> This ancient, lava rock tool is still the best one for making fresh salsas and guacamole.

89. Pico de Gallo. The Rooster’s Beak indicates that the ingredients are fresh. Its omnipresence on menus indicates how good it is.

69. Churros. Fry bread with cinnamon and sugar. Check, please.

90. Nachos. About as Mexican as a Taco Bell, but if you try the Pulled Pork variety Iron Starr Urban Barbeque makes, you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

70. Special salsas at Diego’s. Though the taqueria menu got lost in the relocation, the special salsas are truly inspired. 71. Memories of Monterey Jack’s. The fajitas were good, the company was great. The ‘90s are officially the ‘80s. 72. Agave nectar. Fantastic alternative sweetener.

81. Fajitas. First had them at the Austin Aqua Festival in the early 1980s. The festival is gone, but fajitas are to Mexican food what YouTube is to the Internet.

92. Tequila Sunrise >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> It’s not just an Eagles song, and I’ll bet The Dude is OK with them when he runs out of White Russians.

73. Garlic. Between the chiles and the tomatoes and tomatillos lies garlic, which binds it all together with an assist from salt. Teamwork rules.

93. Vanilla. I’m pretty sure you can’t come back from Mexico without it.

74. Jicama >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> If the question is, “How do you breath life into coleslaw?,” this is the answer.

94. Pan Dulces. Go to a local panaderia, you’ll then understand.

75. Nopalitos. Yes, you can eat cactus. I promise.

95. Tortas. A fresh bolillo roll stuffed with beans, guacamole, the protein of your choice and salsa. Yes, it does sound good.

76. Chile pequin. Imagine if the BBs from a BB gun exploded on impact. 77. Enchilada Wednesdays. Before Taco Tuesday there was $3.99 enchilada Wednesdays, but so many places started doing it, it’s difficult to remember who did it first. I’m thinking Pepe’s in Edmond. 78. El Charro. It was the Alpha for Mexican restaurants. El Charrito, El Chico on Paseo, Pepe’s, Laredo’s and Casa de Los Milagros are its direct descendants. All owe a debt of gratitude. 79. The Green Chile special at The Border Crossing. Gone but not forgotten. 80. Los Arcos. The things they do on the grill are probably more than we deserve.

91. Margaritas. As a youngster, I once pointed them out on a menu to my mother, who always talked about how much she loved them. Problem was, we were lunching with church folks. Sorry mom.

82. “Salsa Picosa.” A kind waiter once told me that if I wanted spicier housemade salsa, that’s the term I should use. It hasn’t failed me yet. 83. Bunuelos. Fry bread is never bad, unless you’re on a diet. Then it’s just mean. 84. Sopaipillas. See above. 85. Mango. When it’s ripe, it’s right. 86. Papaya. Looks weird, tastes great. 87. Shrimp Coctel >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Proves that beer goblets are good for something other than serving beer. 88. Radishes. Until I ate them sliced on tacos, I wasn’t really sure what good they

98. Loco Burrito from Pepe Delgados. I like it for the same reason my good friend Andrew Gilman recommended it, “Because it’s loco.” 99. Ted’s tortillas. Long lines are bad. Ted’s tortillas are good. 100. Corn Tortillas at Guatelinda. Yes, it’s a Guatemalan restaurant. But it’s tough to find a place that serves handmade corn tortillas.


> September 15 - October 2

Find, and share events in Oklahoma

Smashing Pumpkins with The Pretty Black Chains Cain’s Ballroom, Tulsa on Friday, Sept. 24 Tickets cost $45 in advance or $51 the day of the show.


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Disney on Ice: Let’s Celebrate Thursday, Sep 16, 2010, 7:30pm Oklahoma State Fair Park, 3001 General Pershing Blvd. Oklahoma City

College Night at Remington Park Every Friday Night Remington Park Racing and Casino, 1 Remington Place, Oklahoma City >>> Every Friday night during live racing, show your college I.D. and enter to win your choice of a $1,000 college scholarship or a brand-new Apple iPad! Register outside the new Henry Hudson’s on the first floor at Remington Park. In addition, we’ll be doing drawings for RP logo t-shirts in School colors, koozies and more. No purchase necessary. Free admission. Free general and valet parking.

Celebrate with Disney On Ice and turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one! Feld Entertainment’s newest ice production features a magical montage of Disney characters celebrating holidays and festivals from around the world. Disney On Ice presents Let’s Celebrate! will be the first time audiences see Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen, live on ice, from Walt Disney Pictures’ The Princess and the Frog.

Wait, wait don’t tell me Thursday, Sept. 23, 7:30 p.m. Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall 201 North Walker Avenue

NPR’s wacky and whip-smart approach to the week’s news and newsmakers, will originate its weekly broadcast before a live audience at the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall on Thursday, September 23. The taping is presented by KOSU91.7 FM. Ticket prices range from $30 to $75 each Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me has a weekly audience of more than 3 million listeners on 500 public radio stations, including KOSU.


Ali Harter

Thursday, Sept. 23, 7 p.m.

Friday, Sept. 24, 9 p.m.

Diamond Ballroom, 8001 South Eastern Avenue, Oklahoma City.

Othello’s Italian Restaurant. 434 Buchanan, Norman

Tickets are $19 in advance / $24 day of show. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. with special guests HORSE CALLED WAR, FORTE, and ANIT MORTEM

The Independents Monday, Sept. 27, 9 p.m. The Conservatory, 8911 N Western Ave. with The Costanzas, The Dirty Mugs, Your Mom



2010 Oklahoma State Fair Sept. 16 - 26




















Brandon Rhyder, 8 p.m., Wormy Dog Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

Oklahoma City Philharmonic grand opening night, 8 p.m., Civic

Milkdrive, 8 p.m., The Blue Door,

Sleepy Sun, Little Teeth and The Gentle Art of Floating, 8 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

Rush, 8 p.m., BOK Center, 200 S Denver, (918) 894-4200. (Tulsa)

Elvis Extravaganza, 7:30 p.m.,

2805 N McKinley, 524-0738.

Phil Lee, 8 p.m., The Blue Door, 2805 N McKinley, 524-0738.

Center Music Hall, 201 N Walker, 2972584.

The Riot Before and Red City Radio, 9 p.m., VZD’s Restaurant & Club,

Clarinet Serenade, 7:30 p.m., Casady School, 9500 N Pennsylvania, 749-3100.

Broadway Tonight Series: Tommy Tune, 7:30 p.m., University of Central

Kevin Welch CD release party, 8 p.m., The Blue Door, 2805 N McKinley, 524-0738.

Mitchel Musso, 3 p.m., Chesapeake

Oklahoma, 100 N University Drive, 974-2609. (Edmond)

Keith Sweat and Salt-N-Pepa, 8

Energy Stage at the Oklahoma State Fair, NW 10 and May, 948-6704.

Tenth Avenue North and Addison Road, 7:30 p.m., Chesapeake Energy

The Boom Bang, Static and S - -

p.m., Lucky Star Casino, 7777 N U.S. 81, 262-7612. (El Reno)


Stage at the Oklahoma State Fair, NW 10 and May, 948-6704.

- - - Awesome, 8 p.m., Opolis, 113 N Crawford (Norman)

Uncle Lucius with Wildbird, 8 p.m.,

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, D.C.


Three, 5 p.m., 232-2639.

Bullet For My Valentine, Escape the

Wormy Dog Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

Fate, Black Tide and Drive A, 7 p.m., Diamond Ballroom, 8001 S Eastern, 677-9169.

You And Me And Everyone We Know, Queens Club and Take Cover, 6 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

Candy Coburn, 2 p.m., Chesapeake Energy Stage at the Oklahoma State Fair, NW 10 and May, 948-6704.

LIVE MUSIC Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante and Bar, 124 E Sheridan,

Watkins, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

5708 N May, Ron Pennington, 6 p.m., 843-7878.

Main Ingredient and Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, 7:30 p.m., Communications Center at Rose State, 7005 SE 15, 732-9957.

Clique and Speedy West, 9 p.m., 751-4057.

Sean Cummings Irish Pub, 4710 N May, Dustin Cooper, 8 p.m., 755-2622.

Paralogia Ultra Lounge, 200 S Oklahoma, Suite 120, C plus, 10 p.m.

May, Suspicious Contra Band, 7 p.m., 755-2622.

Chesapeake Energy Stage at the Oklahoma State Fair, NW 10 and May, 948-6704.

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Otis

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Eddie


Red Rock Canyon Grill, 9221 Lake

Friends, 3705 W Memorial, The

Hefner Parkway, Aaron Newman Solo, 8 p.m., 749-1995.

Marshall Tucker Band and Candy Coburn, 8 p.m., Chesapeake Energy


Stage at the Oklahoma State Fair, NW 10 and May, 948-6704.

Scissortail Social Space, 3012 N


Walker, Oklahoma Young Writers Youth Poetry Slam, 5 p.m., 521-1881.

Edsel Acoustic Jam, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

homa, Earl Day, 8 p.m., 606-9000.

Clique and Speedy West, 9 p.m., 751-4057.

Maker’s Cigar Lounge, 25 S Okla-

Watkins, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Bart Weilberg, 9:30 p.m.

Friends, 3705 W Memorial, The

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Open Mic

Clique and Speedy West, 9 p.m., 751-4057.

Night with Jesse Cahn, 7 p.m.


The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Leapin

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W

Lannie Electric Blues Jam, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

Maker’s Cigar Lounge, 25 S Okla-


JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Hosty Solo,

Remington Park Racing and Casino, 1 Remington Place, Brittany

Centennial Rodeo Opry, 2221

119, Stardust Cowboys, 8:30 p.m., 691-4267.

Friends, 3705 W Memorial, The

Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill,

Space, 3012 N Walker, 521-1881.

Clique and Speedy West, 9 p.m., 751-4057.

310 Johnny Bench Drive, Matt Bowlin, 8 p.m., 231-0254.

“Wartime Recipes,” 2:30 p.m., Jewel

“Diary of Anne Frank,” 6 p.m., Poteet Theatre at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, 222 NW 15, 6091023.


9:30 p.m.

“Starmaker: Jim Halsey and the Legends of Country Music,” 10 a.m.,

Hi Lo Club, 1221 NW 50, TV Buddhas,

Oklahoma Young Writers Youth Poetry Slam, 5 p.m., Scissortail Social

Oklahoma History Center, 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, 522-5248.

Box Theatre, 3700 N Walker, 521-1786.

Maker’s Cigar Lounge, 25 S Okla-

Maker’s Cigar Lounge, 25 S Okla-

homa, Hal Corn, 9 p.m., 606-9000.

homa, Hal Corn, 9 p.m., 606-9000.

Roe, 8 p.m. 9 p.m., 843-1722.


Maker’s Cigar Lounge, 25 S Oklahoma, Carl Moore, 606-9000.l

Cee Gee’s Club, 309 S Coltrane, karaoke, 6 p.m., 348-7555. (Edmond)

“The Uncanny Adventures of Okie Cartoonists” exhibit, Oklahoma

Night Life

Gilmore’s Pub & Barefoot Bar, 112

History Center, 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, 522-0765.

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W

S Choctaw, karaoke, 8 p.m., 295-1996. (El Reno)


Memorial, DJ Big G, 9 p.m.

2010 Oklahoma State Fair, State Picasso Cafe, 3009 Paseo, Spacedog,

Maker’s Straight Up, 25 S Okla-

6 p.m., 602-2002.

homa, BLT, 606-9000.l

Russell’s at Marriott Hotel, 3233 Northwest Expressway, Jetset Kings, 9 p.m.

African Violet Society of Oklahoma City, 2 p.m., Will Rogers Garden

Fair Park, NW 10 and May, 948-6704.


Exhibition Center, 3400 NW 36, 256-6881.

Disney On Ice: Let’s Celebrate!,

“Starmaker: Jim Halsey and the Legends of Country Music,” 10 a.m.,

Charles Scott Duo, 8 p.m., 235-4410.

10:30 a.m., 7:30 p.m., State Fair Park, NW 10 and May, 948-6704.

2010 Oklahoma State Fair, State Fair Park, NW 10 and May, 948-6704.

Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante and Bar, 1 Mickey Mantle Drive,

homa, Carl Moore, 606-9000.l

Memorial, karaoke, 9 p.m.

5708 N May, Ron Pennington, 6 p.m., 843-7878.

Remington Park Racing and Casino, 1 Remington Place, Scott

Friends, 3705 W Memorial, The 40th anniversary of Rose State College with JJ Walker, Stylists,

Sean Cummings Irish Pub, 4710 N

40 & 8 Voiture No 169, 3100 SW

Highway 9, Mystery Dates, 9 p.m., 3226000. (Norman)


homa, Earl Day, 606-9000.l

Nancy’s 57th Street Lighthouse,

Riverwind Casino, 1544 W State

Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral, 127 NW 7, 235-3436.

Maker’s Cigar Lounge, 25 S Okla-

Exchange, Rodeo Opry, 7:30 p.m., 297-9773.

Buchanan, Olivia Duhon, 8 p.m., 3602353. (Norman)

Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

Elvis Extravaganza, 7:30 p.m.,

Rocky Kanaga, 235-4410.

Othello’s Italian Restaurant, 434

Sheila Marshall, 8 p.m., Wormy Dog

Clarinet Serenade, 7:30 p.m., St.

Nancy’s 57th Street Lighthouse, The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Otis

Grand Funk Railroad, 7:30 p.m., Chesapeake Energy Stage at the Oklahoma State Fair, NW 10 and May, 948-6704.

4200 N Western, 524-4203.

Storytime Live!, 4 p.m., 7 p.m., Civic Center Music Hall, 201 N Walker, 297-2584.

Chesapeake Energy Stage at the Oklahoma State Fair, NW 10 and May, 948-6704.

“Altered Books,” The Untitled Artspace, 1 NE 3, 815-9995.

“180-4-89er Day Perspective,” 10

“Photofest,” JRB Art Gallery, 2810 N

a.m., The Moore-Lindsay House, 508 N Peters, 321-0156. (Norman)

Disney On Ice: Let’s Celebrate!, 5:30 p.m., 1:30 p.m., State Fair Park, NW 10 and May, 948-6704.

Oklahoma History Center, 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, 522-5248.

Walker, 528-6336.

Othello’s Italian Restaurant, 434

“The Uncanny Adventures of Okie Cartoonists” exhibit, Oklahoma

Keeton, 9 p.m.

Buchanan, John Calvin and David Dunn, 8 p.m., 360-2353. (Norman)

“Altered Books,” The Untitled Artspace, 1 NE 3, 815-9995.

Sheridan, 232-6060.

History Center, 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, 522-0765.

Kamp’s Market, 1310 NW 25, Aaron

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W

Newman Acoustic Happy Hour, 4 p.m., 524-2251.

Memorial, Band Camp, 9 p.m.

Works by Mazen Abufadil and Laurie Spencer, IAO Gallery, 706 W

“Write Me an Art Show,” Istvan

2010 Oklahoma State Fair, State

Sheridan, 232-6060.

Gallery, 1218 N Western, 831-2874.

Fair Park, NW 10 and May, 948-6704.

Works by Mazen Abufadil and Laurie Spencer, IAO Gallery, 706 W

HAPPENINGS “Starmaker: Jim Halsey and the Legends of Country Music,” 10 a.m., Oklahoma History Center, 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, 522-5248.

“180-4-89er Day Perspective,” The Jacobson House, 617 Chautauqua (Norman) “The Uncanny Adventures of Okie Cartoonists” exhibit, Oklahoma History Center, 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, 522-0765.

“Altered Books,” The Untitled Artspace, 1 NE 3, 815-9995.

Oklahoma City Limits, 4801 S

2010 Oklahoma State Fair, State

Eastern, Ike Lamb and The Creepers, 9 p.m.

Fair Park, NW 10 and May, 948-6704.





















Anthrax, 7 p.m., Diamond Ballroom,

Sonia from Disappear Fear, 8 p.m., The Blue Door, 2805 N McKinley, 524-0738.

Umphrey’s McGee, 8 p.m., Diamond Ballroom, 8001 S Eastern, 677-9169.

Abigail Williams, Pathology,

8001 S Eastern, 677-9169.

The Independents and The Costanzas, 8 p.m., The Conservatory,

Wijeratne, Azmeh, Mayookh Trio, 7 p.m., Oklahoma City Community College, 7777 S May, 682-1611.

6 Degrees West, 8 p.m., Wormy Dog Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

Stone Temple Pilots, 8 p.m.,

Colgate Country Showdown, 7:30

WinStar World Casino Hotel, Exit 1, Interstate 35, (580) 276-3100. (Thackerville)

The Pretty Black Chains CD release show with The Burning Hotels, 9 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

Parasomnia and Brutalis, 8 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

Nancy’s 57th Street Lighthouse, 5708 N May, Ron Pennington, 6 p.m., 843-7878.


Travis Linville, Adam Carroll and Owen Temple, 8 p.m., The Blue Door, 2805 N McKinley, 524-0738.

Sean Cummings Irish Pub, 4710 N

Friends, 3705 W Memorial, The

May, Suspicious Contra Band, 7 p.m., 755-2622.

Clique and Speedy West, 9 p.m., 751-4057.

St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital benefit concert, 4 p.m., Wormy Dog

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Eddie

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Leapin

Edsel Acoustic Jam, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

Lannie Electric Blues Jam, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

Kamp’s Market, 1310 NW 25, Aaron Newman Acoustic Happy Hour, 4 p.m., 524-2251.

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Scott Keeton, 9:30 p.m.

Maker’s Cigar Lounge, 25 S Okla-

Kamp’s Market, 1310 NW 25, Aaron

homa, Earl Day, 8 p.m., 606-9000.

Newman Acoustic Happy Hour, 4 p.m., 524-2251.

the Nocturnals, 7 p.m., Bricktown Events Center, 425 E California, 235-1205.

Dog Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.


8 p.m., The Conservatory, 8911 N Western, 879-9778.

Eight Second Ride,” Rodeo with

Rendezvous II Bar, 3232 SE 15, Plead the 5th, 6 p.m., 605-2496. (Del City)

Green Corn Revival CD Release Party with Siren, Ali Harter and

Jake Owen, 7:30 p.m., Jim Norick State Fair Arena, the Oklahoma State Fair, NW 10 and May, 948-6704.

Friends, 3705 W Memorial, The

Little League Hero, 8 p.m., Opolis, 113 N Crawford (Norman)

Matt Morris, 8 p.m., Chesapeake

Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

Clique and Speedy West, 9 p.m., 751-4057.

Tejas Brothers, 8 p.m., Wormy Dog

Energy Stage at the Oklahoma State Fair, NW 10 and May, 948-6704.

Centennial Rodeo Opry, 3 p.m.,


Oklahoma City Museum of Art, 415 Couch Drive, Cocktails on the Skyline Roof Terrace — $5 after 5 p.m., 236-3100.

15th annual Broadway Ball with the Lyric Theatre performers and the Burton Band, 7 p.m., Skirvin Hilton Hotel, 524-9310.

40 & 8 Voiture No 169, 3100 SW 119, Stardust Cowboys, 8:30 p.m., 691-4267.

MC Hammer, 7:30 p.m., Chesapeake

Maker’s Straight Up, 25 S

Energy Stage at the Oklahoma State Fair, NW 10 and May, 948-6704.

Oklahoma, Lacey Saunders, 9 p.m., 606-9000.


NIGHT LIFE Three, 5 p.m., 232-2639.

Maker’s Cigar Lounge, 25 S OklaBaker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W Memorial, karaoke, 9 p.m.

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Otis Watkins, 9 p.m., 232-2639.


Maker’s Cigar Lounge, 25 S Oklahoma, Earl Day, 9 p.m., 606-9000.

“Starmaker: Jim Halsey and the Legends of Country Music,” 10 a.m.,

son, 10 p.m.

Night Life

Oklahoma History Center, 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, 522-5248.

Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante and Bar, 1 Mickey Mantle

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, Open Mic

Picasso, 3009 Paseo, Invitational Jam with Bob Moore, 6 p.m., 200-6737.

“Bulls and Brawn,” Rodeo with

Maker’s Cigar Lounge, 25 S Oklahoma, BLT, 9 p.m., 606-9000.

Othello’s Italian Restaurant, 434

Josh Turner, 7:30 p.m., Arena at the Oklahoma State Fair, NW 10 and May, 948-6704.

Buchanan, Katie Mariah and Charlie Rayl, 7 p.m., 360-2353. (Norman)

Chesapeake Energy Stage at the Oklahoma State Fair, NW 10 and May, 948-6704.

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, D.C.

The Biting Sow, 1 E California, Ike Lamb and the Creepers, 9 p.m., 232-2639.

Michael Franti and Spearhead, 7 p.m., Coca-Cola Bricktown Events Center, 425 E California, 235-1205.

Kylesa, Komarov and B - - - - Wizard,

Saloon, 311 E Sheridan, 601-6276.

Live Music Avett Brothers, Grace Potter and

p.m., Chesapeake Energy Stage at the Oklahoma State Fair, NW 10 and May, 948-6704.

Blackberry Smoke, 8 p.m., Wormy

8911 N Western, 879-9778.

Memorial, Stars, 9 p.m.

Nancy’s 57th Street Lighthouse,

The Brewhouse, 110 W Main, Bran-

5708 N May, Ron Pennington, 6 p.m., 843-7878.

JJ’s Alley, 212 E Sheridan, JD Thomp-

don Pruitt, 9 p.m., 321-2739. (Norman)

Riverwind Casino, 1544 W State Highway 9, Class Act, 8 p.m., 3226000. (Norman) Remington Park Racing and Casino, 1 Remington Place, 80’z Enuf,

homa, Bruce Benson, 606-9000.l

History Center, 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, 522-0765.

Sodder, 8 p.m.

“Diary of Anne Frank,” 6 p.m.,

“Altered Books,” The Untitled

Clique and Speedy West, 9 p.m., 751-4057.

Red Rock Canyon Grill, 9221 Lake

Lamb and The Creepers, 9 p.m., 3212739. (Norman)

Poteet Theatre at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, 222 NW 15, 6091023.

Artspace, 1 NE 3, 815-9995.

The Brewhouse, 110 W Main, Ike

Hefner Parkway, Matt Blagg, 8 p.m., 749-1995.

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W

Maker’s Straight Up, 25 S Oklahoma, Lacey Saunders, 9 p.m., 606-9000. Picasso Cafe, 3009 Paseo, Spacedog, 6 p.m., 602-2002.

Nonna’s Euro-American Ristorante and Bar, 1 Mickey Mantle Drive, Mitch Bell and Allen Byrd, 8 p.m., 235-4410.

Gallery, 1218 N Western, 831-2874. 500 W Boyd, University of Oklahoma, 325-4101. (Norman)

Bohemian Spirit Vintage Boutique, 913 W Britton, Jazz On The


Patio with Dressler Jazz, 2 p.m.

Oklahoma Wildlife Expo 2010, 8

The Red Cup, 3122 N Classen, Gregg

a.m., Lazy E Arena, 9600 Lazy East Drive, 522-6279. (Guthrie)

Standridge and Robert Bartlett, 8 p.m., 525-3430.

2010 Oklahoma State Fair, State Fair Park, NW 10 and May, 948-6704.

Riverwind Casino, 1544 W State Highway 9, Avenue, 9 p.m., 322-6000. (Norman)

“Altered Books,” The Untitled

Remington Park Racing and Casino, 1 Remington Place, Shawna

Works by Mazen Abufadil and Laurie Spencer, IAO Gallery, 706 W

Russell, 9 p.m.

Sheridan, 232-6060.

Artspace, 1 NE 3, 815-9995.

Memorial, DJ Big G, 9 p.m.

THEATER Acting Calisthenics, 7 p.m., Ghostlight Theatre Club, 3110 N Walker

HAPPENINGS “Starmaker: Jim Halsey and the Legends of Country Music,” 10 a.m., Oklahoma History Center, 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, 522-5248.

“Write Me an Art Show,” Istvan

“Rent,” 3 p.m., Catlett Music Center, Memorial, 80’z Enuf, 9 p.m.

Oklahoma City Museum of Art,

S Choctaw, karaoke and dart tournament, 8 p.m., 295-1996. (El Reno)


Bora Bora, 2415 N Walker, Emit and

415 Couch Drive, Cocktails on the Skyline Roof Terrace — $5 after 5 p.m., 236-3100.

Gilmore’s Pub & Barefoot Bar, 112

Night with Jesse Cahn, 7 p.m.

“The Uncanny Adventures of Okie Cartoonists” exhibit, Oklahoma

Friends, 3705 W Memorial, The

8 p.m.

Maker’s Cigar Lounge, 25 S Okla-

Drive, Kanaga, 8 p.m., 235-4410.

NIGHT LIFE Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W

LIVE MUSIC Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W

homa, Carl Moore, 8 p.m., 606-9000.

Works by Mazen Abufadil and Laurie Spencer, IAO Gallery, 706 W Sheridan, 232-6060.

“180-4-89er Day Perspective,” The Jacobson House, 617 Chautauqua (Norman) “The Uncanny Adventures of Okie Cartoonists” exhibit, Oklahoma History Center, 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, 522-0765.

ABLE (African American Book Lovers Experience) Book Group, 6:30 p.m., Barnes & Noble, 13800 N May, 755-1155.

“Altered Books,” The Untitled Artspace, 1 NE 3, 815-9995.

Othello’s Italian Restaurant, 434


Buchanan, Ali Harter, 9 p.m., 360-2353. (Norman)

TNA Wrestling Live!, 7:30 p.m., State Fair Park, NW 10 and May, 948-6704.

“Write Me an Art Show,” Istvan Gallery, 1218 N Western, 831-2874.

Baker Street Pub & Grill, 2701 W Memorial, Avenue, 9 p.m.



Local Theaters MOVIES near Oklahoma City HARKINS CINE CAPRI BRICKTOWN (16 screens) 150 East Reno Ave., 405-840-4275

PENN SQUARE 10 (10 screens) 1901 NW Expressway, 405-848-2202

CINEMARK TINSELTOWN USA (20 screens) 6001 N Martin Luther King Ave 800-326-3264

AMC CROSSROADS MALL 16 (16 screens) 1211 E I-240, 888-262-4386


Alpaha and Omega Release Date: Friday, Sept. 17 “Alpha and Omega” is the animated story about two young wolves at opposite ends of their pack’s social order who are thrown together into a foreign land and need each other to return home, but love complicates everything.. DIRECTOR: Anthony Bell

RATING: PG Rude humor and some mild action

The Town

You Again

Release Date: Friday, Sept. 17

Release Date: Friday, Sept. 24

Ben Affleck plays an unrepentant criminal, the de facto leader of a group of ruthless bank robbers who pride themselves in stealing what they want. With no real attachments, Doug MacRay (Affleck) never has to fear losing anyone close to him. But that all changed on the gang’s latest job, when they briefly took a hostage – bank manager, Claire Keesey (Rebecca Hall). But she lets her guard down when she meets a charming man named Doug that turns into a passionate romance that threatens to take them both down a dangerous, and potentially deadly, path.

Successful PR pro Marni (Kristen Bell) heads home for her older brother’s (Jimmy Wolk) wedding and discovers that he’s marrying her high school arch nemesis (Odette Yustman), who’s conveniently forgotten their problematic past. Then the bride’s jet-setting aunt (Sigourney Weaver) bursts in and Marni’s not-so-jet-setting mom (Jamie Lee Curtis) comes face to face with her own high school rival. The claws come out and old wounds are opened in this crazy comedy that proves that not all rivalries are forever.

DIRECTOR: Ben Affleck RATING: R strong violence, pervasive language, and drug use

The Social Network Release Date: Friday, Oct. 1 On a fall night in 2003, Harvard undergrad and computer programming genius Mark Zuckerberg sits down at his computer and heatedly begins working on a new idea. In a fury of blogging and programming, what begins in his dorm room soon becomes a global social network and a revolution in communication. A mere six years and 500 million friends later Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in history... but for this entrepreneur, success leads to both personal and legal complications.

DIRECTOR: Andy Fickman

DIRECTOR: David Fincher



brief mild language and rude behavior)

12100 N. May Av.., 405-755-9283

CROSSROADS MOVIES 8 (8 screens) 7400 Pole Rd., 405-631-9400

AMC QUAIL SPRINGS MALL 24 (24 screens) 2501 West Memorial, 888-262-4386

MOORE WARREN THEATRE (14 screens) 1000 S. Telephone Rd, Moore, 405-703-3777

SILVER SCREEN MOVIES 5 (5 screens) 1219 Garth Brooks Rd, Yukon, 405-354-9132

KICKINGBIRD CINEMA (16 screens) 1225 East Danforth Rd, Edmond, 405-341-7227 RENO CINEMA 8 (8 screens) 3000 S. Country Club Rd, El Reno, 405-262-1918

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WORLD Win over Florida St. gives Stoops no joy


ob Stoops knew it was coming. Knew his Sooners really were who he and we originally thought they were. Knew his Sooners would flood Florida State with crisp passes and chop-busting hits and fanatical effort. Knew his Sooners would do to the Seminoles what they’ve done to most every other infidel at Owen Field over his 12 OU seasons. And Stoops dreaded it. “It’s a rotten place to be,” he said of brow-beating his little brother, FSU defensive coordinator Mark Stoops, like they were back in that storied Youngstown bedroom, where rough – housing occasionally would leave Mark in need of stitches. But Bob Stoops flew solo with that emotion. Everyone else in crimson Saturday was thrilled by Oklahoma’s 47-17 rout, which restamped the Sooners as national-championship contenders. A narrow victory (31-24) over Utah State to open the season had derailed OU optimism. “A lot of people doubted us,” linebacker Travis Lewis said. “A lot of people were quick to jump off the bandwagon.” The bandwagon got crowded early Saturday and was full by sundown. You knew this wasn’t Utah State six plays into the game. Swing pass, swing pass, swing pass. The Sooners seemed to be propping up Landry Jones like a mummy. Weekend at Landry’s. Then Jones dropped back and fired a pass over the middle to Ryan Broyles. Sharp pass, good catch, 16 yards. The Sooners scored touchdowns on the first four drives, covering 80, 80, 54 and 80 yards, and Jones — 1 1/2 quarters into the game — had completed 17 of 20 passes for 242 yards. You knew this wasn’t Utah State on Florida State’s second possession, after quarterback Christian Ponder ran and passed the Seminoles to an opening-drive TD. On that second series, defensive ends Jeremy Beal and Frank Alexander squeezed Ponder out of the pocket, and Alexander got the sack. Ponder would run free no more.

And you knew this wasn’t Utah State — or any other game in Stoops’ career — when he found no joy in his squad declaring its might. Stoops said he appreciated the way OU played: e-mail: btramel “I felt we would play well. I wasn’t worried about last week. Maybe everyone thought I was blowing smoke... “But you just cannot separate blood. I just don’t like it and I knew that going into the game, and I’m positive of it now after the game.” Mark Stoops — forbidden by new FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher from talking to the press — might eventually get the Seminole defense into gear. Until then, Florida State will get lit up like it has been for a few years now. But the Seminole offense has been in high gear for awhile, and this Sooner defense did a number on Ponder and his veteran offensive line. “We played like we’re capable of playing,” OU d-coordinator Brent Venables said. “Hopefully, some guys now understand what the standard is.” Bank on it. Game 2 of a season, especially with the spotlights glaring and the state and nation doubting, is much more telling than an opener. The Sooners emptied the playbook, both offense and defense, against Florida State, and it was more than the usual suspects who shined. On offense, DeMarco Murray and Ryan Broyles got all kinds of help from ballhandlers, and OU’s line protected Jones well. On defense, the young guys — Jamell Fleming, Tom Wort, Tony Jefferson — were making as many plays as graybeards Travis Lewis, Beal and Quinton Carter. Nobody ever admits to a statement game, but these Sooners made just that against Florida State, announcing to the nation their prowess. These Sooners did what Stoops’ other great teams have done at Owen Field; send potential threats home without their supper. > Story by Berry Tramel

OF SPORTS Tough win over Troy should pay off later


klahoma State fans, you might want to sit down or brace yourself. This might sound crazy: Saturday’s 41-38 win over Troy was another step forward — not backward — for the program under coach Mike Gundy. Let’s be honest, OSU should have lost to the Trojans. Five turnovers, 139 yards in penalties, one kickoff return for a touchdown allowed and another long return that was one tackle away from a score. Yet, despite all that, OSU is 2-0. It speaks to the focus and determination Gundy and his coaching staff has instilled in their players. The Pokes faced a similar situation in their 45-35 loss to Houston in 2009. As Houston took a 24-7 halftime lead, several OSU players were visibly shaken. Their body language exposed the building pressure they felt as the Cougars took the lead then didn’t go away after OSU rallied to take a fourth-quarter lead. Not Saturday vs. Troy. As OSU struggled with penalties and turnovers, the majority of Pokes players, including Brandon Weeden, appeared to stay focused on the goal. Weeden didn’t seem to let his ball security struggles (four turnovers) affect him. “His composure and demeanor were really good,” Gundy said. “You’re not going to play quarterback at this level for the first time and not go through growing pains, but he handled them well and made some plays.” The defense was particularly resilient, continuing to take the field with a mindset to get the ball back instead of worrying about what happened on the previous play. “I watch demeanor, body language and look guys in the eye

because I’m not calling plays (anymore),” Gundy said. “And I felt like they were OK, even though we were behind. That comes from Bill Young and the defensive staff and e-mail: bchatmon what they are instilling in those players.” True enough, the 2009 version of the Cowboys had additional pressure — television, No. 5 national ranking, Sports Illustrated cover, etc. — during their loss to Houston. But those are outside forces, things outside of their control. Successful teams worry about what they can control, the current situation and how to improve their situation moving forward. And that’s what OSU worried about on Saturday night. The perfect example is the defense’s response to OSU’s botched victory formation fumble with 54 seconds left. One moment the Pokes’ defense was on the sideline preparing to enjoy a victory, seconds later it was on the field protecting a three-point lead. “After that happened I didn’t see anyone on defense hanging their head,” Gundy said. “There wasn’t anybody with bad body language and acting like, ‘How did that happen?’ “Either they were stunned, like me, or they have grown up a little bit and said, ‘Hey we are just going to find a way to get it done.’ I hope it’s the latter.” If it is the latter, it is another step forward for OSU’s football program because being able to focus on the next play only can be the difference between a win or a loss. “There are difficult situations, and things happen all the time in football,” Gundy said. “Our team reacted very well and expected to win the game. “And that’s very important.” > Story by Brandon Chatmon

SHOTS September 15 - October 2







Tailgating from the Oklahoma vs. Utah State game in Norman on Sept. 4. |1| Brandon and Marci |2| Brian, Julia, Renee, Dustin and Lindsey |3| Patrick and Joachim |4| Bob, Mary and Claire |5| Stuart and Arthur |6| Kristin and Kenley |7| Alli, Zoe, Meilssa and Ali







City Walk, 70 N Oklahoma, Oklahoma City. Photos by Steve Maupin. |1| DJ Kelly Trance and Jayde |2| DJ Red, Jonathan and DJ Max Martinez |3| Kristi and Sara |4| Nicole, Kristen and Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Nette |5| Adika, Brandon and Katie ||6| Quiesha and Eden



September 15 - October 2


These service professionals passed the LOOKatOKC test and are part of the solution.

September 15 - October 2




|1| Brittany and Les, Kampâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Deli, photo by Steve Maupin |2| Autumn and Rich, CityWalk, photo by Steve Maupin |3| Grayson, Chris and Heather, ROK Bar, photo by Steve Maupin |4| Destenie and Becca, ROK Bar, photo by Steve Maupin



September 15 - October 2

38 01

02 03




Tailgating from the Oklahoma State vs. Washington State game at Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater on Sept. 4. |1| John and Zach |2| Zack, Taylor, Vadeidra, Chantel, Terrance, Alicia, and Jeremy |3| Bryan |4| Rita and Ray |5| Jesse, John and GrifďŹ nn |6| Stephanie, Lacey and Kaylin |7| Jaron |8| Jamie, Katie, Hillary and Caroline


Photos by Mitchell Alcala


September 15 - October 2





Kampâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Deli, 1310 NW 25th St, Oklahoma City. Photos by Steve Maupin. |1| DJ Red handed and Jennifer |2| Leonard, Randi, Brianna, Halee and Chelsea |3| Travis, Ivory and Sarah |4| DJ Kids @ the Bar |5| D., Katie and Nia |6| Curtis and Travis |7| Jose, Molly, James and Katie









VZDs, 4200 North Western Avenue, Oklahoma City. Photos by Steve Maupin. |1| Nikki, Jamie, Andie, Audrey and Carrie |2| Holly and April |3| Jessie, Josh, Philip, Edson and Richard |4| Patrick, Michael, Brett and Christopher |5| Nicole, Alli and Susan


September 15 - October 2



01 Iguana Mexican Grill, 9 NW 9th St, Oklahoma City. Photos by Steve Maupin. |1| Hanna |2| Jamie and Candince |3| Lindsay and Michael |4| Sam, Hailey and Jacob |5| David and Caleb




September 15 - October 2


September 15 - October 2







Red Bull’s “Art of the Can” at Allied Arts. Photos by Steve Maupin. |1| Sam and Mary Margret |2| Jason, Maria, Keith, Kristin and Buster |3| Ryann and Lauren |4| Angie, Jamie and Holly |5| Sarah and Amber |6| Vicki, Jody, Leslie and Kristina


September 15 - October 2





Rok Bar, 119 E. California, Oklahoma City. Photos by Steve Maupin. |1| Toy and Jamie |2| Sarah, Alie, Lauren, Jessica, Paige, Andrea, Sarah and Jennifer |3| DJ Diverse |4| Sarah, Cody and Kara |5| Kirstin and Trevor |6| Erin and Leann




September 15 - October 2



01 JRB Art at The Elms, 810 North Walker, Oklahoma City. Photos by Steve Maupin. |1| Richard and Caroline |2| Kate and Christiane |3| Candace and Chad |4| Lori and Patricia |5| Greg, Leslie and Hayden





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04 CADILLAC CTS Black with tan leather. Loaded. Stunning vehicle. Near perfect. Custom TSW wheels/tires. 77K miles. Must see/drive. $12,500. Call 833-5186

MEDICAL RECORDS OFFICE CASE MANAGER Highly motivated, wellorganized, solid phone/ computer/document management & people skills. Send resume to

OFFICE ASSISTANT El Reno Property Manager Property Manager needed for small apartment community located in El Reno. The ideal candidate should have 5 years experience and proven skills in budgeting, marketing, and optimizing rental income. Excellent salary and commission. Onesite Realpage experience a plus. Please email resume to or fax to 405-262-4516

Administrative Assistant – FT AA/AS in Bus. or related field pref. EHS exp, bilingual a plus Fax (405) 702-9432 EOE Clerical/Office, part time Flexible. Professional, organized, computer skills req;d. Accounting experience helpful. Fax resume: 405-942-5014 Front Desk Receptionist for cardiovascular surgery office. Must have recent medical office experience and excellent computer skills. Medical terminology a plus. Send us your resume. Email: Mail: PMG/Attn: Human Resources/CVT 3433 NW 56th #400 Oklahoma City, OK 73112 Fax: (405) 945-3150

Position Available. Perform Microsoft office and office duties. Learning new programs. Dependable. Apply in person, 9 am-4 pm at Mayco Inc. 3501 E. Reno Ave. OKC OKC. Office Asst. answer pho. schedule, tax prep, Quickbooks. Must meet strict time deadlines. Fax resume to 378-8366 Payroll & Accounts Payable InfoSync Services provides outsourced accounting services to multi unit restaurant companies. We are seeking payroll data entry specialists, payroll processors & AP processors. High volume/multi-state/garns exp required for PR. Fax # 405-858-9157 or email

Scheduler H.S. or GED. Data Entry, Typing 25 wpm, Telephone exp., Med Term pref. English / Spanish REQUIRED.

APPLY HUMAN RESOURCES Mary Mahoney Memorial Health Center 12716 NE 36 St., Spencer, OK 73084 P.O. Box 30589, OKC, OK 73140 405-769-3301, Ext. 1238 Email: Fax (405) 769-9685

Kirkpatrick Bank is accepting applications for professional, outgoing individuals to join our fast paced, rewarding organization. We have FT & PT Teller positions available in our Edmond locations. If you are a professional with previous exp. in cash handling and customer service, excellent communications skills and looking for a new career opportunity, it is time to join the Kirkpatrick Bank team. Previous bank exp. a plus. Kirkpatrick Bank offers a competitive salary program, comprehensive benefits package and a professional work environment. EOE. Email cover letter, resume & salary history to: or apply online at

Applications now being taken at South West Mansions, an Independent Senior Living Center. Dietary staff to work in restaurant style food service, all shifts available. Must be able to work weekends and holidays. If you enjoy working with seniors, this job is for you. Interviews by appointment only, »» 600-8766 »» DAY CASHIER Evening Food Server, FT or PT Don's Alley Restaurant 4601 SE 29th, Del City DIETARY AIDE Full time position avail, apply in person at Forest Glade Retirement Center 2500 N. Glade, Bethany or call 495-7100

SHORTY SMALL'S Servers! Shift bonuses of $20+ based on sales, plus tips! Interviews 25pm. 4500 W. Reno

Sugar Creek Casino is now accepting applications for a Food & Beverage Manager. Must have prior F & B Management experience. Buffet experience required! Please apply in person or online at

ENTRY LEVEL IT SYSTEMS REPORT WRITER for healthcare organization. Self-starter with interest in report production, data modeling & database content analysis. Good written, verbal & presentation skills. Experience with EHR, Groupcast, Cognos, MS Dynamics & MS Office helpful. Send us your resume w/salary requirements. Mail: PMG/Attn: Human Resources/IT 3433 NW 56th #400 Oklahoma City, OK 73112 Fax: (405) 945-3150 IT Support Staff Network Engineer I and IT support staff needed for technology company in medical industry. Send resume to 1705 Renaissance Blvd. STE 105 Edmond 73013

1 Ton Owner/Operators OTR Car Haulers. $1,000 plus per week. Call 405-494-7700

$3000 Bonus Sign On Bonus for Teams $140-160K, Hub miles paid Benefits, Safety Bonus, Home Time

Exp. Chef or Fam. couple, no alcohol or drugs, must be neat & clean on job & person. To manage & easily own steakhouse. 405-209-5227

CDL A with X needed Call 800-232-9243

Gaillardia Country Club is seeking candidates for the following positions: PT Banquet Servers, PT Banquet Bartenders, PT Banquet Set-Up Crew. Flexible hours. Must be 21 to tend bar. Drug test and background check required. Fax resume to: 405-302-2859 or mail to 5300 Gaillardia Boulevard Att: HR, OKC, OK, 73142 EOE/DFW.

CDL - Local Route Truck Driver NuCO2 drivers deliver bulk CO2, hi-pressure cylinders and other products to our customers using Class B straight trucks with a tanker on the back. Applicants should have the following Qualification: CDL Class A or B with NO airbrake restructions. HAZMAT and TANKER endorsements required. A min. of 1 year verifiable driving exp. in Class A or B truck. Exp with pressurized systems preferred. H.S. diploma or GED. Salary: Competitive Hourly Wage. Please email resumes to

SERVER/WAIT STAFF needed to work part time with Seniors in upscale retirement community. Please apply within at The Wellington, 12525 N. Pennsylvania, OKC.

Or apply at

FMC Technologies Fluid Control Group has immediate openings in its domestic Integrated Service Business.

Customer Service Assistant Bachelor’s degree in business related field preferred. Customer Service Assistant will take customer calls, greet customers, data entry on part and service orders, help with part inventory audits, and perform other clerical duties. This position will be based in our Oklahoma City, OK service facility. Candidate must possess: Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, work well in team environment, effective organization and multi tasking skills, and ability to work effectively in an environment with changing priorities. Strong computer skills a must. If you possess the required qualifications and have the desire, initiative, and the ability to help lead our efforts, please send your resume and salary history to: FMC Technologies, Inc. Attn: Human Resources 2825 W Washington St, Stephenville, TX 76401 Fax: 254-965-8256; email: Equal Opportunity Employer, M/F/D/V. Drug Screening/ Drug Testing Employer.

CDL Driver Roofing distributor seeks motivated Class A driver w/clean driving record and references. $15 hr. Send resume online to: or apply in person at 711 Ann Arbor, OKC, OK. EOE Drug Free Workplace

Class B Driversneeded for Local Route Deliveries Please call 943-3304

DRIVER/ WAREHOUSE Tulco Oils, Inc. is seeking an experienced, dependable, and safe driver. Class A or B CDL w/X endorsement required. Starting pay: $12.00/hour. Mon-Fri Apply at: 1000 S. High Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 405-323-1186 DRIVERS WANTED Retirees Welcome. Call Mon-Sat. 9-5. 517-2211 EOE LONG HAUL DRIVER w/CDL NEEDED PART TIME CALL MIKE 527-9549 Motor Coach Drivers needed FT & PT. Great job for retired & semi-retired persons. Applicants should apply in person at Red Carpet Charters, 6800 Camille St., OKC, OK. A valid CDL, people friendly attitude and willingess to work flexible hours are a must. EOE

OTR Owner Operators with or without 53' Reefer. Percentage pay. 2 years OTR exp. and good driving record. 580-310-2757

OWNER OPERATORS or LEASE PURCHASE (1) Peterbilt 387 Left DEDICATED LANE- Thru Home Often - Calif to Indy. FSC up to $2.25/gal. Drop & Hook. O/O's also.

800-782-6038 x26 OWNER OPERATORS $2000 BONUS SLEEP at HOME DEDICATED ROUND TRIPS OK CITY & TULSA / DALLAS 214-728-4046 Owner Operator needs Experienced Flat Bed Over the Road Driver call 405-387-5704 or »» 630-0436 »»

Route Driver & Night Shuttle Driver Must have CDL Class A, T endorsement, Mgmt in the grocery / logistics industry preferred. Clean driving record, & background. $44-$55K yr. Please send resume to Stable family owned business seeks Driver. Must be able to lift 50 lbs, work in weather year round, and perform some bending and climbing tasks. Benefits include: Health, Dental, 401K, and profit sharing. Apply in person to Phillip or David @ 900 SW 6th St., OKC. M-F, 9am-3pm Stable Shawnee based company seeks Class A Truck Driver w/ Hazmat. For information call Bud at 405-273-5735 or send resume to PO Box 218, Shawnee, OK 74802. TOWING OPERATOR for large & small tow trucks. CDL a must. Experience a plus. Apply 2800 SE 29th, ask for Frank.

Van Driver 24 y/o, with good driving record. Benefits, Health, and 401K Email resume to or fax to 405-946-1882 We are a local fuel delivery company looking for professional part and full time DRIVERS in the Oklahoma City area. Requirements are a Class A CDL with Tanker and Hazmat endorsements. You must be at least 25 years old with a clean driving record and have 3 years or 200,000 miles of driving experience. 6 months experience pulling a fuel tanker preferred. Check out the following benefits you can have. ß $50,000 plus a year ß 4 or 5-day work week (12-hour days) ß Health care program ß 401K with 50% match ß Great equipment ß Uniforms ß Bonus incentives ß Sick pay ß Vacation pay ß Sign on bonus for experienced fuel haulers (up to $2000) ß Opportunity for advancement Please call 405-512-6817 M-F, 10AM-3PM, for an application.

ADMINISTRATOR Assisted living community in OKC area is seeking a licensed administrator. Must have experience as an administrator for assisted living or nursing home. Management skills required. Some medical background is a plus. Mail Resume to: The Oklahoman, Box #1899, P.O. Box 25125, Oklahoma City, 73125 APT Make Ready/Painter Experienced, full-time, Apply at 3016 SW 89th St »»»»»»»»»»»» Auto Body Detailer Able to clean & detail vehicles for delivery. Color, sand and polish painted vehicles. Auto Body Technician Apply in person only at Eskridge Collision @ 12401 N Sant Fe COOK/SERVER Local middle/high school is seeking cooks/servers. 30hrs/week. Benefits. (405) 947-6272

»»»»»»» COOK New Horizons Child Development seeking COOK, FULL TIME, to join our team. Apply at 7901 NW 85th Terr. Call 621-9070. EOE.

Maintenance Person Candidate for this position must possess some mechanical aptitude and have a valid DL. Maintenance experience (HVAC, plumbing, electrical & automotive) is not required, but preferred. $12-$15/per hour + benefits depending on experience. Apply in person at American Cleaners 2707 S Broadway Edmond, M-F, 10a-5:30p Maintenance helper needed, FT/PT, must be experienced, dependable and hard working. Email resume to melindam MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR FULL TIME Experience required Apply: 3016 SW 89th

Manufacturing Jobs! 1st shifts, 2nd shifts, and 4 day work weeks are available. $8-10 per hr Must be able to lift 20-40lbs. For more info please call or apply. Phone: 286-9414 Fax: 286-9415 2601 NW Expwy Ste 110E

WAREHOUSE/ CDL DRIVER with Hazmat endorsement preferred. Oilfield chemical manufacturing. Health ins., 401K, other benefits. Starting pay $12-$14/hr depending on exp. Tuttle area. Contact office, 392-3505 Warehouse Associate Making car battery cables and harness sets, must be able to lift 50+ and read tape measure, able to stand all day, HS diploma/GED preferred, willing to take drug test. Spectro Wire & Cable, 2204 Pole Rd, Moore, OK Wholesale Position No experience needed! Fun wholesale company, Must enjoy loud music. 18-20 people needed ASAP. 405-767-9718, WINDOW INSTALLER Must have window installing exper. Clean B/G, D/T and MVR $12 Apply in person or send resume to: NORTH OFFICE: 1117 NW 63rd Street Phone: 943.2600 Fax: 879.9665 SOUTH OFFICE: 4407 South Walker Phone: 609.2888 Fax: 601.1401

»»»»»»» Counter Sales Round Up Cleaners mornings or afternoons, paid vacation & holidays, $8/hour. Apply within @ 3700 NW 206th or call 627-1598 DAY MAIDS Individuals to clean office buildings during the daytime M-F. Paid holidays. Apply between 3pm-6pm M-F at 1024 N. Tulsa Ave. OKC Deli/C-Store-Looking for mature, experienced individual Serious inquiries only Lazy need not apply 887-6568 leave msg Delivery Driver Clean MVR required. Great benefits. Apply in person M-F, 11-Noon 330 NE 36th Street Direct Care Staff PT/On Call staff needed for juvenile detention center in Norman. 21 Yrs Old, HS Diploma/GED, clean OSBI req’d. EOE. Call 405-447-4499 for info. DOG GROOMER, FT experienced. Busy SS shop, scissor expertise required. Call 405-636-4393 Dry Cleaning Pant Presser Experienced - Full time. Apply at Swiss Cleaners 3737 NW 50th Farm Help must be exper'd w/handling T.B. Horses 405-942-5330 FEMALE OR MALE TANK BLDRS Gen labor, no exp req., out of state trips req expenses pd, DL req, Chandler base women encouragd to apply 405.240.5342 650.6146 eoe HOUSE CLEANING PT NO Weekends. Good Pay $9-11 + mi. Must have car w/ins. EOE Call 749-0136 aft 9am HOUSE KEEPERS GREAT PAY & BENEFITS Hometown Special Care EOE 4001 Classen #202 Fax 405-456-6955

Nationally owned Dental Lab looking for someone with good computer and phone skills that is a problem solver and not afraid of change. This person will need knowledge of payroll, timekeeping, human resources, account payable and account receivable, collection, inventory and ordering. The candidate must be a team player and have an excellent work history. If you are looking for a career with good pay and benefits bring resume and list of references to 3824 N. Macarthur Blvd. M-F 9 am to 4 pm Property Manager exper. a must. Email resume to: ok.apartments2 or fax to 405-787-2437 RECEIVERS & STOCKERS $10 & $9/hr. 2nd shift, 3pm-midnight, some OT. Cln bckgrnd & drg scrn. Fast paced. Go to then call 405-842-4091 for interview. SEAMSTRESS NEEDED GENO'S FURS OKC Experienced seamstress needed to do fur alterations & repairs. No fur experience necessary, will train. Competitive pay, paid vacation & bonuses. Upscale & friendly work environment. Full time, immed. employment available apply in person Geno's Furs, Northpark Mall NW 122 & N May Ave. OKC Please ask for Gene or Ashlie Atkinson SOCIAL / ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR Beautiful Assisted Living Community is looking for an outgoing, energetic; individual that is organized and dedicated to working with senior citizens. Experience required. Excellent working conditions & compensation Call 495-6870

GOING PAPERLESS! Need dependable full-time/temporary candidates to prep files and remove staples. Mon-Fri/Day Shift $7.25 per hour. EEO Mail resumes to: HR Dept, PO Box 24000 OKC, OK 73124 Or call for appointment 405-218-5622 AMERICAN CLEANERS is looking to hire PT pickup & delivery drivers of its expanding restoration division. Candidates must be very service oriented, have good driving record & pass preemployment physical and drug test. Apply at 2 NW 11th St. OKC, 73103 Looking for high energy self starter in a fun working environment. Sales experience a plus Apply in person at 927 SE 59 OKC, & 10004 NE 23rd & Post, Nicoma Park. SUPER PAWN, INC. Immediate Openings » Clerical » Refrigerator/ Warehouse » Fork lift Call for appt @ 787-7600. Must pass OSBI. SW OKC Rental Co Hiring for the following jobs: Rental Agent» Receptionist Make Ready » Remodel Mowing » Cleanout Apply 2545 SW 59 M-F 9-6 AMERICAN CLEANERS Hiring FT Customer Service Reps. Starting pay $8.50 per hour. Apply at 13901 N May Avenue. Immediate help needed in OKC drapery work room. Full time, Mon-Fri, Several positions available. 942-5613 Experienced Gutter Installers needed. Must have good driving record. Call Mon-Fri 9-5. 990-0523 Ask for Scott

LABORER-FULL TIME Must have valid drivers license. Heavy lifting required. For outdoor swimming pool construction. $8.50 hr. Must apply in person. 525 W. Memorial (E of Western)

Courtyard by Marriott »»»»»»»»»»»»

Human Resources Admin Applicants must be organized with experience in the following: Kronos, Microsoft Office, filing, benefits administration and record keeping. Position works as admin for Area Director of HR and General Manager. Accounting experience is preferred as position helps with those duties. $11 per hour. Email resume to Night Auditor & Front Desk Clerk Experience Needed Apply within at Ramada 7400 S. May Ave., OKC

Job Wanted


CNA/CHHA Exp. Caregiver with 8 yrs exp. will take care of you or your loved one. Great ref. Can do work hourly or 24 hour care if needed. Also will do light housekeeping. 405-641-6399 I will do 24 hr Live-In Care, Monday-Friday. 427-7094 or 314-1837

Hiring Bonus for all CLEET certified officers! Securitas Security is NOW HIRING for FT & PT Unarmed Security officers in the OKC area. We offer Great pay/ benefits. Uniforms are provided. Apply online Select OKC Branch EOE M/F/D/V

Now Hiring! Security Officers Unarmed Full-Time Prior security, military police, career military, law enforcement or corrections experience is a plus! Apply in person at: 909 S Meridian Suite 600 OKC, OK 73108 Ph: 405-947-0415 For a complete listing of the basic qualifications for these positions visit: EOE • M/F/D/V • DFWP

Case Manager Part-time, On-call. BA/BS in Social Work + 1 yr exp EOE CMA 7-3 Shift Apply in person at Sommerset Assisted Living. 1601 SW 119th St. OKC

COLLECTORS, POSTERS & SCHEDULERS NEEDED Fun atmosphere, full time, benefits, and advancement opportunity. Call or email Stacy Frakes today at 405-751-7131 DENTAL ASSISTANT Needed full time M-F for Endodontic Associates. Experience preferred. Excellent benefits. Fax resume 405-749-5900 Dental Assistant Needed Experience and certificates required. Fax resume to 672-7758 or call 672-6817. DENTAL ASSISTANT Some experience preferred, must have certification. Fax resume to: 405-670-2003

DENTAL ASST EXPERIENCED. Full Office. NW OKC Call 850-0532 Dental Hygienist Needed Experience preferred but all applicants will be considered. Benefits & excellent pay. Fax resume to 672-7758 or call 672-6817. Doctor's Assistant Will train. FT. Apply Mon-Tues only 11-1 @ 8501 S Pennsylvania. Fax resume to 681-0903

Front Desk Dental Ofc, P/T Experience preferred. Fax resume to 946-6812. Front Desk Receptionist FULL TIME. Must have experience. Send resume to: MDFP, 1212 S Douglas, MWC 73130. Front Office Position Busy cardiology practice. MISYS exp. Detail oriented & exc customer service. M-F 8am-5pm. Exc benefits. Fax resume to: 231-8884 FT-MEDICAL RECORD/BILLING ASST. Home Health exp. pref./ med. terminology req., detail/task oriented. PT/FT Behavioral Health RN - 1yr Exp req'd Fax:735-6701, email dcs@comfortlivinghome

Licensed Clinical Social Worker for Cornerstone Sourcing Please Fax resumes to 866-742-5519 or E-mail edaniels@

LPN Admin. Asst. #20 » NORTHWEST OKC LPN Weekend/ Eves #22 » NW OKC, S OKC GREAT PAY & BENEFITS EOE Hometown Home Health 4001 N Classen, Ste 202 Fax 405-456-6955

LPN OR RN PART TIME FOR BUSY OB-GYN Non smoking office. Fax cover & resume to: 405-366-8993

LPNs LPNs Home Health Care Co. Benefits, Benefits, BENEFITS ¡ INSURANCE Fax resume to: 722-4397 or 606-3031.

LPNs Private Duty - Metro Nights and weekends PT/FT caring for younger adults and pediatrics. Vent exp a plus. $15.00$16.00 hr weekly pay. Apply in person at PNC, 1240 NW 115th St. MA/Receptionist LOVE your job! Experienced MA/receptionist for upscale NW OKC clinic. Great cust. service a must. PTO, 401K, holidays. No nights/wkends. Pay commens. w/exp. Email resume to Nicci@ ideal.healthirst. MA for very busy Internal Medicine Department. Data entry, medical terminology, & cardiac experience a plus. Must have excellent communication skills. Send us your resume. Email: Mail: PMG/Attn: Human Resources/MA 3433 NW 56th #400 Oklahoma City, OK 73112 Fax: (405) 945-3150

Medical Front Office Personnel needed for fast paced specialty practice. Must have experience. Medical coding a plus. Fax resume to 405-752-4242 Mobile Phlebotomist Boyce & Bynum Pathology Laboratory is expanding services to the Oklahoma City area. We are looking for several Mobile Phlebotomists who want to be a part of this exciting time of growth! Requires driving to assigned client locations to perform blood draws. Prior phlebotomy experience is required, as well as valid drivers license and auto insurance. Email resume to or fax to 573-886-4521. Visit our website at for more information and an application. OPTICIAN/OPTOMETRIC ASSISTANT - Full time position. Friendly, energetic, outgoing. Competitive pay/benefits. Experience a plus. Fax resume to CVC at 330-1192. Edmond.

OPTICIAN for Edmond Optical. Experience required. Pay BOE. Call 204-6644, fax 752-1692, email theeyecarecenter

OPTOMETRY OFFICE Needs Assistant &/or Optician. NW OKC. Fax resume to 751-7229 Paramedic/EMT/Monitor Tech for busy Nuclear Medicine Department, needs to have experience in interpreting EKG’s and recognizing Cardiac dysrhythmia's, treadmill experience is a plus. Mail: PMG/Attn: Human Resources/TR 3433 NW 56th #400 Oklahoma City, OK 73112 Fax: (405) 945-3150

PHARMACY TECHNICIAN We are looking for RX Techs (certification not req) to work in Clinical Intervention Center. CIC is a non-dispensing, closed door operation. Qualifying individuals must have strong medication knowledge w/good computer skills. Phone etiquette is a must. Min of 1 yr recent exp in Pharmacy setting (Third Party billing exp preferred). Please Fax resume to 405-962-1864, Attn: Michelle

Physical Therapist & Assistant Part Time / Full Time EOE Great Pay & Benefits: Express Therapy Services 4001 N. Classen #202 Fax 405-456-6955 Ref #ETS 085 086 PT/A hr@expresstherapy

RN Surgery FT days M-F Current OK RN lic & CPR, prefer OR experience. North facility

RN Surgery Per Diem, North & South facilities, prefer OR exp. current RN OK lic. & CPR

Physical Therapist Per Diem Acute Care Days & Hours vary Current OK PT lic and CPR

Surgical Orderly/ Scrub FT M-F, does not req scrub exp.

Nurse Tech Per Diem M-F for North Facility

PreCert/ Coder/Biller Busy multi-physician office is seeking experienced, self motivated, dependable individual to be responsible for coding charges, precerting procedures, charge entry and account review. Candidate must be proficient in coding techniques and medical office processes. Experience REQUIRED. Fax resume to 713-4353 M/F EOE

RN MDS Coordinator Parcway Post Acute Recovery Center Mon-Fri, 8:00am til 5:00 pm. Experience Required. Benefits available. Great work environment, new EMR that intergrates with MDS 3.0, to simplfy MDS completion. Email or Fax Resume to:, 405-946-1882

Therapist – FT MSW, or related field Licensed or eligible Bi-Lingual pref. EOE

THERAPISTS LPC or LCSW needed for therapeutic foster care/ outpatient. Must be licensed or under supervision. Full/Part time. Send resume to SWFC, Attn: TB, 4801 N Classen, Suite 135, OKC, 73118, 848-0011.

Visiting Angels Immediate Openings For •Certified Home Health Aides & •24 hr Live-In Caregivers Caring for Seniors PT/FT Flexible Shifts To Apply Call 577-1910.

X-RAY Tech AART Registered. Exp. Preferred 8-5 M-F. E-mail to: clinic_administrator@

Housekeeping Need 1 FT, 2pm – 10:30pm, Exp. preferred

Floor Tech FT M-F experience req.

Cook/ Dietary Aide FT, 11am-7pm, Days vary, cooking exp req'd Resume to Fax 405-619-4403 HR Dept 8100 S Walker, Bldg B, OKC, OK 73139 Part time Front Office Dental Business Assistant in Midwest City area. Knowledge of Dental insurance processing and general Dentistry office experience. Please send resume to Professional Dental Services, Inc. PO Box 50303, Midwest City, Ok 73140. Call 405-769-4445

» WAKE UP » This Is A Great Job Use Your HTS skills and creativity for care of clients with disabilities. Various shifts in OKC. Driver’s License/ Insurance Required 3000 United Founders Blvd. Suite 221, OKC EOE 405-879-9720 EOE National medical billing co. recruiting experienced Medical Business Office Staff. Paid holidays, paid vacation & insurance available. Bilingual skills a plus. EOE employer. Fax resume 405-749-4561 Long-term care facility looking for CMAs and CNAs and PRN RNs for wknds. Apply in person at WOLFE LIVING CENTER 18501 NE 63rd St, Harrah, OK 454-1400

Sales FAA Credit Union Where your career can soar! Full time Human Resource Assistant/ Specialist $13hr + DOE. Service oriented professional with strong organizational skills. Excel experience preferred. Generalist role and will provide back-up to payroll on ADP. Previous HR experience and/or a HR degree preferred. Full time Indirect Lending Buyer Dealer Rep position $12/hr +DOE. Duties include buying indirect loans from dealers, assisting with loan paperwork and meeting with Dealers. Auto loan experience required. Indirect lending experience preferred. Hours 8:30 to 5:00 pm. Saturday work days required with a day off during the week. Great place to work with good benefits package. Apply in person at 10201 S Western Ave, OKC OK. EOE/AA

Amazing, Fun Work! Interview for home position. Phone & internet a must. $600 + weekly. 405-225-7941

CASHIER & STOCKERS PART TIME. $8.50 hr Evenings 5-9:30 must have good references, be mature, reliable, & customer friendly w/neat appearance. Must be 21 or older. No felonies. Apply in person Byron's Liquor Warehouse 2322 N Broadway

Child Care Assistant Francis Tuttle Technology Center Job Closing Date: 9/13/10. Max of 29hrs/wk. Application and extended job description available by applying in person, 8:30am - 4:00pm Mon.-Fri., Francis Tuttle Human Resources, Rockwell Campus, Bldg. #2; 12777 N. Rockwell, OKC, OK 73142 OR by visiting our website at discover/jobs Only candidates of interest will be contacted. EOE Veterinary Technician/ Receptionist Experience preferred NW OKC Call 843-5572

Assistant Teacher – FT AA in ECE or rel. field Bilingual preferred Fax (405) 702-9432 EOE

CHILD CARE DIRECTOR $1500 SIGN ON BONUS!! Learning Care Group is seeking Directors for our OK City schools! Must have OK Director’s Credential and 2 yr management exp. Resumes to: rmoss@ call: 405-471-2520. EOE

REGULATORY COORDINATOR Medical research facility needing Regulatory/ IRB coordinator. Must be able to work with a sense of urgency and be comfortable with meeting strict deadlines. History of working with Regulatory agencies desirable. Excellent written and verbal communication skills, highly organized and ability to prioritize needed. If you are looking for a fast paced environment, with competitive pay, excellent benefits with a growing organization then please apply. Send Cover letter and Resume to 405-235-9919

Oklahoma City Campus has an excellent opportunity for a Part Time Accountant. This position is responsible for maintaining , tracking and reporting student accounts and campus financial activity. In addition, this position ensures compliance with regulatory agencies in the area of student payments, Title IV funds, and refunds, and monitors the collection efforts of the campus to ensure objectives are being met.

THERAPISTS LPC or LCSW needed for therapeutic foster care/ outpatient. Must be licensed or under supervision. Full/Part time. Send resume to SWFC, Attn: TB, 4801 N Classen, Suite 135, OKC, 73118, 848-0011.

This position requires an associate degree plus 3-5 years of experience in the accounting arena. In addition, the position requires personal computer skills in the Microsoft Office applications. Excellent spelling and grammar skills with the ability to communicate in a courteous, tactful and concise manner, is essential.

HOUSEPARENTS Autry Technology St. Joseph’s Indian School in Center

Chamberlain, South Dakota seeks Houseparents for their residential program to create a family oriented environment & care for children in campus homes. BS/BA or experience preferred. Salary, Insurance & Generous Vacation! Call 800.568.4434 E-mail Website EOE

LINGUIST NEEDED IN Arabic/Hausa/Igbo/ Dari/Farsi/Somali/ Pashtu/Urdu/Yoruba) Get a great full-time job! Good pay, full benefits, 30 days vacation/yr, reg. raises. Ages 17-34 must be HS senior or Grads. Call: 1-800-492-4841

MANAGERS & SERVICE WRITERS needed for auto repair center with positive attitudes and the desire to succeed. Salary, IRA, health Insurance, paid vacation. 405-808-9865

Project Supervisor Warehouse Specialist Bonham Technologies, Inc. is looking for Project Supervisor / Warehouse Specialist for a Re-warehousing Services Project for the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) at Tinker AFB. Experience in military and/or defense related logistics, supply, warehousing and utilization of the Distribution Standard System (DSS) are required. Candidates will be required to pass a background check, drug screen, obtain a security clearance and a DoD CAC Card as a condition of employment. Please submit your resumes and apply online at: BTI is an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer REGULATORY AFFAIRS SPECIALIST COR Clinical Research 1211 N. Shartel, Suite 802 OKC OK 73103 405-272-8481

Diesel Technology Instructor needed for instruction, operation, and general development of the Diesel Technology program. Bachelor's degree in area of specialization preferred. Minimum of 3 years of experience in diesel mechanic field. Master ASE certified in Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks preferred. Eligible for Vocational Provision I certification as specified by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education. Please send resume/ applications to Assistant Superintendent, Autry Technology Center, 1201 W. Willow, Enid, OK 73703 or email Application is available at EOE Southerland, Inc. IS NOW HIRING FOR

GENERAL MANUFACTURING Good benefits & vacation. Apply in person Must have 2 forms of identification 7900 SW 34th St Okla City 73179

Accountant/CPA Established CPA firm seeking experienced CPA to join our team of professionals. 3 + years of public accounting experience required. Collaborative working environment, excellent opportunities and salary and benefits package. Submit resume & references to: or fax to 405-947-7007. Accounting InfoSync Services provides outsourced accounting services to multi unit restaurant companies. We are seeking degreed accountants for controller (5-10yrs), GL (3-5 yrs) & revenue (0-3yrs) positions. BS Degree in Accounting. Fax # 405-858-9157 or email

Accountant, PT

If you know someone who meets these qualifications and may be interested in this opportunity, please forward your resume to david.gordon@

Evening Director of Education Oklahoma City Campus has an excellent opportunity for an Evening Director of Education. This position is responsible for faculty leadership initiatives and an implementation of trade programs and activities that assure quality academic standards. Some of the specific responsibilities include: Monitor classroom activities; Insures accuracy and currency of syllabi, Develop and implement strategies that improve retention, Implements expanded initiatives to recognize successful student academic achievement. This position requires a Masters Degree in related field and 5 years of experience in Education administration in areas such as curriculum development; educational effectiveness assessment and improvement; and faculty development and performance appraisals. Experience in any of the following fields is a plus: HVAC, Electrical, Computer Technology, Criminal Justice, Paralegal or Information Systems Security. A Doctorate Degree is a plus. The position requires personal computer skills (Microsoft Office, inclusive of Word, Excel, and Outlook). Excellent spelling and grammar skills with the ability to communicate in a courteous, tactful and concise manner, is essential. If you know someone who meets these qualifications and may be interested in this opportunity, please forward the resume to: david.gordon@

CLINICAL DIRECTOR – Stillwater, Oklahoma Status: Full time Wages: Depends on experience and licensure, full benefits package Hours: M-F, 8:30-6pm; occasional evenings. Requirements: Master’s level degree and LCSW or LPC or LADC licensure. Experience a plus. Minimum of 2 years or more in a leadership/supervision capacity. Must have good computer skills and be proficient in Word and Excel.This position requires a Master’s Degree and current Oklahoma licensure as a LCSW or LPC or LADC. This opportunity is especially suited for applicants with ability to supervise and train staff, interns and volunteers while treating adult clients following clinical best practices and human services ethics. The person in this position must be proficient in clinical oversight of charting and record-keeping procedures; substance abuse and mental health groups; family and individual therapy; intern/staff supervision; and collaboration/outreach with allied agencies. Clinical Director must have the ability to carry a caseload while supervising the curriculum and therapeutic quality of service provision and documentation. How to Apply: Send resume with cover letter and 3 employment references to Attn: Closing Date: until filled

ART TEACHER Certified Substitute OKMULGEE HIGH SCHOOL is in need of a certified art teacher to substitute for an extended period of time. Send resume and certification to: Jeremy Ramsey, Board of Education, PO Box 1346, Okmulgee, OK, 74447, (fax: 758-2096) or call (918) 758-2075, ext 120. BIOLOGY I/BOTANY-ZOO TEACHERS-OKMULGEE HIGH SCHOOL is accepting applications for quality classroom teachers with solid curricular rigor and effective student management. Send resume and certification to: Jeremy Ramsey, Board of Education, PO Box 1346, Okmulgee, OK, 74447, (fax: 758-2096) or call (918) 758-2075, ext 120. NOBLE SCHOOLS seeks Special Ed. Teacher Asst./Para with ASL skills preferred. Apply online: or

219 Residential & Commercial Security Consultant: One of the nation's largest loss prevention and life safety providers is currently interviewing for Residential & Commercial Consultants. First year potential Income range is $50k-100k per year. Must be able to pass Back ground and drug screen. 2-5 years industry experience and currently hold required OK lic's. Med/Den/Vis, 401k, Car/cell allowance. Paid training. Contact: email resume to james fax 405-946-5219 OK Lic. - 621

Tronox Raw Material Supply & Logistics Specialist This position requires a bachelor’s degree and relevant work experience in logistics and/or material planning. Experience in international trade, bulk ocean freight, contract management, analysis, performance reporting and financial forecasting is highly desirable. Experience with standard business productivity and communication applications such as MS Office is required. Experience with enterprise resource planning applications such as SAP or Oracle is preferred. Ability to work in a team environment, effectively communicate and solve problems is a must. Duties and responsibilities may include, but are not limited to: •Development and execution of raw material supply plans. •Managing effective communications and transactions between Tronox operations, suppliers and logistic service providers. •Processing and maintaining commercial documents such as purchase orders, payments, shipping documents, etc. •Meeting financial objectives by optimizing inventory levels and effective negotiation of inbound freight rates. •Resolving supply disruption issues and improving business processes. Interested applicants should submit resumes to

Oil and Gas Accountant with JIB experience wanted. Exciting opportunity to work with a growing international exploration and production company in Istanbul, Turkey. 3+ years experience in JIB required and an accounting degree strongly desired. Knowledge of WellPoint Ideas a plus. One year commitment desired. Housing allowance provided. Competitive benefit & salary package. EOE. Submit resumes to

Sales Representatives T-Mobile is looking for Full and Part-Time Sales Representatives. Candidates who exhibit leadership and management skills will have the potential for rapid advancement. Now you can be a part of the growing TMobile team in the fastpaced wireless industry. Earn an hourly rate + commission. Candidates must have an outgoing personality, be self-motivated and excel in customer service. Sales experience is a plus but not necessary. Send resume with references to: This location is operated by Simply Wireless.


Area Sales Store Manager position. Retail experience preferred. E-mail resume:

$1700/WEEK LICENSED LIFE AGENTS Mortgage Protection Leads 1-800-318-9787 X4733 Admin Support Coordinator Req'd strong computer, organizational and interpersonal skills. Email resume to Agape' Roofing now hiring experienced Sales Persons. Will meet or beat current employer commission structure. All leads are selfgenerated. Please call: Tulsa, 918-742-4273 OKC, 405-842-4273 A local contracting company is currently hiring salespeople. Looking for self motivated, hardworking individuals with a positive attitude. Some leads provided but must also generate new ones. Salary + commission. Outside sales experience preferred but will train right candidate. Call 604-0645 to schedule interview or fax resume 601-3752. AMAZING, FUN WORK! Interview for home position. Phone and internet a must. $600-$900 wkly. 225-7761 AMERICAN QUALITY » EXTERIORS » Direct Sales realistic $60,000-80,000 first yr M-F, no weekends, base + comm, insurance, paid holidays, vacation, and retirement. Call Dan at 722-3639. Bilingual Sales Person Spanish/English needed. Salary + commission and benefits. Apply in person Best Buy Here Pay Here 431 SW 29th Street

Do you earn $100K/yr? Do you work from home? Do you want to? Call Mike, 405-802-0140 ESTIMATOR/SALES REP $100k+ per yr, Base+ Commissions Sales exp preferred but will train Ted 405.445.7221 x110

Don’t Prejudge This A Career In the Cemetery Industry!! •Everyone needs our products •Realistically $700$1,500 per Week •Complete Benefits Package •Strong 401k Plan •Incentives/Bonuses Monthly •Management Opportunities •Life Insurance License Preferred but Not Required •No Experience Necessary - We Train •World-Wide Industry Leader We Have Several Beautiful Memorial Parks and Funeral Homes in the Oklahoma City Area Providing a Perfect Environment to Begin A Career That Will Impact Families Lives For Years To Come. Now, Why Would You Not Sit Down For Thirty Minutes and Talk To Me? Call 405-672-5885 or Fax 405-672-1417 Call Monday only

If you're a career-minded individual yearning to be part of a winning team, I want to talk with you. We offer: • Four-day work week • Top Incentives • $3,000 Monthly Training Incentive available • Management Opportunities • Many FIRST Year Representatives Earn $55K-$60K Overnight travel required (Mon.- Thurs.) For more info and/or interview please call Tony Cutsforth (866) 326-4185

SALES COUNTER & OUTSIDE EXPER req'd HVY truck parts incl suspension & spgs. Immed F/T Great pay/benes, altern. Sat's req'd, Shop est 30 yrs, COME ENJOY COLO. WE NEED POSITIVE PEOPLE NOW! email: sprgman@ fax 719-5285773 Mark 719-528-8418 Sales Managers / Sales Team for a nationwide company (405) 735-9057 CapitalRestorationOK@

Salespeople Needed Door to Door Salespeople. Door to door sales for cable t.v. needs dependable people with reliable vehicle for a sales crew. 5-7 days a week. Flexible hours. Strictly commission. Apply 9-12 thru Tuesday. 2236 NW 10th St. OKC, OK 73107 #121


Floor Covering Sales Person - Outside Sales, for builders & multi-family properties. Carpet exp. a plus. Call Fri&Mon between 11am & 1pm Only, 685-9787. Manager Trainee for major manufactured home company. Sales experience helpful but not required. Paid company training. Excellent salary, 401K & benefits. Relocation may be necessary. Solitaire Homes. Fax resume to 405-631-7819

for lawn mower equipment & parts needed for Oklahoma and Arkansas. Please send resume to 423 E. Jefferson Blvd, Dallas, Tx. 75203. Fax 214-946-6259 or email to: kerry.malkerson@

SALES REP’S Earn $2000 Commission per week PLUS Residuals. Highly successful Nat’l Co. Will Train! First call 800-306-5975 and listen to our 9 min. company overview. Then Call Tom MacAdams @ 800-825-0481 SALES REPS Our service costs our customers no money out of pocket!!! Realistic $50k-$75k or more. Call Bryan 412-1136 Small Family owned roofing co. in search of highly motivated Sales Associates Sales experience is a plus, but willing to train. Part time or full time. Must have reliable transportation. Call Mac, James or Tim 886-6901

Sr. Market Sales $1650+ weekly potential. Leads, training, support provided. No license req. In-home sales exp. a+ Call 800-860-8275, ext. 410

ALLIANCE STEEL, INC is taking applications and accepting resumes for Detailers. Candidates must have advanced mathematical skills, knowledge of steel building detailing and assembly. AutoCAD experience is required. We offer a competitive compensation package. Applications are accepted Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. We are located at 3333 S. Council Road-Oklahoma City, OK 73147 405-745-7500. Resumes can be faxed to 405-261-0690 or email to EOE Auto Body Detailer Able to clean & detail vehicles for delivery. Color, sand and polish painted vehicles. Auto Body Technician Apply in person only at Eskridge Collision @ 12401 N Santa Fe

AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIANS Now Hiring ‚ 203-0596 FIRESTONE AUTO TECH Exp. Needed, ASE, Great Schedule, F/T, busy shop, Goodyear Auto Service 405-887-5597

Building Engineer Large comm real estate co seeks engineer for corporate office bldg. Must be mechanically inclined, HVAC license & boilers license pref. Will interact w/ public, tenants & property mgrs. Salary is $35-40k depending on experience. Fax resumes to 236-1849

Carpenter Immediate position available skilled in woodworking and door hardware. Call 405-606-6170 Apply within at 24 NE 53rd St. OKC, OK 73105 CNC MACHINISTS FANUC EXPERIENCE Innovative Products, Inc Fax: 405-440-0015 or email Commercial Electricians & Apprentices Minimum 2 years comm'l. Experience. 40 Hours Week + OT. Health, Dental, 401k, & Vac Pay. Drug Screen Test. »» 405-359-9190 »» Concrete Finishers, Laborers & Form Carpenters Cantera Concrete is currently taking applications for experienced Concrete Finishers, Laborers and Form Carpenters. Some travel may be required. Excellent compensation/benefits package and professional work environment. For more information please apply in person or fax resume: Cantera Concrete Company 3941 N Stiles Ave OKC, OK 73105 Fax: 405-525-9005 “Cantera Concrete is an E-Verify Company”

Roofers w/commercial experience needed. Clean background a plus but not required. Competitive pay plus benefits. Call HR Dept. 405-6701429 or send info to

Apt. Complex Hiring 1) Lic. HVAC Tech & 1) Maint.Tech w/plumbing exp. Call 405-213-3274 or fax 405-751-8498

PIEDMONT OPEN SAT 2-4 & SUN 2-5. Model home. New hms on 1/2 ac lots. Info also available for new hms in other additions. From NW Expwy & Sara Rd go 4.5 mi N Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494

SERVICE MANAGER For diesel truck shop. Must have own tools. $45k salary + Bonuses. 10 years recent exp min. Call 405-417-6104. Technicians & Licensed UST Installers Petroleum equipment service company is seeking qualified skilled technicians as well as licensed UST installers. Hourly pay up to $27.00 an hr. Plus great benefits including. medical, dental 401K and more! 918-271-2927 918-271-2729

4.7 acres, 2005 home with 30x50 shed wired with 220 and a 3/4 acre pond stocked. $232,000 call 405-301-3605 1N to 10A, E. of OKC, pay out dn. before 1st pmt. starts, many are M/H ready over 400 choices, lg trees, some with ponds, TERMS Milburn o/a 275-1695

Autry Technology Center

Construction Forman & Concrete Form Setters/Finishers with Exp in Comm'l Construction needed for OKC area. Must have ID, will check Background & Drug Test. EEO & Benefits. 918.277.1468 or bids@ magnumconstruction. com Diesel/Truck Mechanic Must have own tools. Good pay & benefits. CDL a plus. 947-1742


ELECTRICAL TECHNICIAN Gas Processing equip mfg. To do instrument panel fabrication & power wiring. Req. knowledge of 3-phase power, electronic logic, & NEC. Competitive pay & benefits E mail or fax resumes to: or

(405) 672-2701 Forklift Operator/ Material Handler Roofing distributor seeks motivated and exp. forklift operator & material handler. $10-11 DOE. Send resume online to: or apply in person at 711 Ann Arbor, OKC, OK. EOE Drug Free Workplace FORKLIFT OPERATORS 1st & 2nd shift opportunities. Exp. w/ stand up, sit down equip. Ready for a new career? Apply on-line at today, then call 405-842-0999 to set up an interview. Frame Carpenters with Experience. Hand tools & transportation is a must. Call 410-5042. GRINDERS/HELPERS $10-$13/hr 3rd shift TTH, Great oppty to work f/ a stable mg co. 5 yrs. verifiable work history. Cln bkgrnd/drug screen then call for interview 405-842-0999

HVAC Journeyman & Apprentices needed for new residential installation. Benefits offered. Must be drug free. Call 405-737-7263 Industrial Maintenance Repair and maintain industrial machinery. $16/hr email: JIFFY LUBE is now hiring EXPERIENCED QUICK LUBE MANAGERS for OKC & Norman locations. Competitive Salary & Monthly Bonus Program available. Apply at 10900 N. May, 2400 N. Meridian or 7412 S. Pennsylvania or call 405-921-7515

Mechanic/Technician Immediate Opening New GM Store. Pay based on experience. 405-379-5424 Mechanical Assemblers Opportunities to build oilfield pumps, compressors & various types of equipment. Previous mechanical exp will be considered. $10-$16/hr DOE. This is a job where your prior skills are needed. Go to then call us at 405-842-0999 to start Interview. Do it Today!

Journeyman & Apprentice Electricians Full time for local established co. Competitive pay & benefits. Apply at 4736 Enterprise Drive or

Mechanical Assembler 30 Open Positions Clean BG & Drug screen Apply online: Call for appt 405-842-0999

»»»»»»»»»»»» Journeyman Apprentice Electricians needed for commercial work. Please call 409-1046

MECHANIC for large OKC utility contractor. Excellent pay & Benefits. Send resume to: P.O. Box 54487, OKC, OK 73154.

LINE CLEARING FOREMEN, TRIMMERS, GROUNDPERSONS (Midwest City, OK area) Wolf Tree Co. seeking applicants for utility line clearing operations. Full Time, Excellent pay, full benefits available/ insurance right away. Climbing experience, line clearance certification very valuable. Must Have CDL for Foremen position. Drug Screen & E-Verify SS# Verification required, EOE. Call: Mike Struble, (901) 491-0283, Fax to: (870) 731-5326 Lube Tech/General Srvc Experience required. Apply within at 15220 N May Ave. 216-3737 Maintenance Technicians $18/hr. Temp to hire. HS/GED &/or 2 yr degree mechanical electrical. Read blue prints, exp troubleshooting complex mechanical systems and components. then call 405-842-0999 » Maintenance Tech» needed with HVAC, plumbing, electric, experience for NW Apt. Community. Call 495-2483.

» MECHANIC » UNITED RENTALS Moore, OK Seeking tech w/ knowledge of hydraulic, electrical, mechanical, diesel. Experience on scissor, boom, forklifts a plus. HS dip or equiv, valid DL; 3-5 yrs exp, competitive wages, benefits; REQ #AW9530, efax 888-897-4078, EOE PAINTER Experienced automotive/ heavy equipment painter needed. Must have 5 years experience. Drug test and background check required for employment. Benefits include paid holidays, vacation, 401K & health ins. Call 405-495-9797.

PEST CONTROL TECH Experience required good pay, good benefits, co. vehicle. Metro area. Nonsmoking environment. Call 8-5 M-F 359-9690

Bachelor's degree in area of specialization preferred. Minimum of 3 years of experience in diesel mechanic field. Master ASE certified in Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks preferred. Eligible for Vocational Provision I certification as specified by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education. Please send resume/ applications to Assistant Superintendent, Autry Technology Center, 1201 W. Willow, Enid, OK 73703 or email Application is available at EOE

HEALTH INSURANCE $10 hour + bonuses professionals only, Edmond area. »»» 340-4440»»» TELEMARKETERS Needed for mortgage broker firm. Experience preferred. Call Rita at 841-7700 Telemarketing/Sales Pro $500 setting bonus $9.50-$35/Hr 9-3:30 paid weekly 1.866.652.7760 ext 4020 Vietnam Veterans of America now hiring at home Experienced Telemarketers to solicit usable tax deductible household donations. Call 680-9111 or apply at Payless Thrift Store 4640 S. Penn, OKC.

2000 ft 2 story 2.5A U-fix 39K cash » 417-2176 CLOSE IN NOBLE 5 wooded acres, $173.71 per month. 226-2015co 3.5A Nice 4bd, 3ba, 2car Wash sch • 417-2176

Come grow with us! Chappell Supply has immediate openings for 2 Service Technicians for in-house and field work on pressure washers and equipment. Clean driving record, drug testing and background check is company policy. M-F, excellent benefits package. Apply in person at 412 N Rockwell, email resume to resumes@ or fax to 405-495-9830. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE

AMERICAN QUALITY EXTERIORS Tired of not being treated fairly? Not earning your potential? We are a top 500 home improvement company seeking FT Siding Crews. Year round work. Excellent pay. Call Jason 722-6215. Immediate Opening Department of Transportation looking for full time Fleet Specialist (auto and diesel mechanic). CDL required within 5 months of employment. Position is located in Buffalo, OK. Apply online at 580-735-2561 Equal Employer Opportunity

102.56 acres of vacant land close to Council and SW 55th. Sale to take place on 9/30/2010 at 10:00 AM at 120 North Robinson, Suite 1920, Oklahoma City, OK. For bid package and more info please contact Mike Hunter at 405-235-3040 or mjhunter@ FOR SALE BY OWNER: 4008 acres all in one parcel. Approx. 10 mi SW of Sayre, OK. Hay stack Creek and other creeks run through the property. Big trees, good hunting, good cow operation, corrals, ponds. $695 per acre. 806-248-7224 or 806-676-6503 or night 806-354-0253

4005 Corbett • 473-3247

ATTENTION! $179,000 3bd 2.5ba Home for $110,000 Patrick@Allied 740-6616

OWNER FINANCING $2000 down. no credit ck 321 E Fairchild 2/1 $49,000 »» 410-8840 »»

Financing Lease Purchase Homes 2, 3, 4 bedroom, All Areas, Ready for move in. Call 973-4322 for info or visit 3bd brk, 1.5 b, ch&a, 2car gar/opnr. Fenced, new carpet, paint, appls & ctr tops $89,000. 364-0356 3201 Red Rock Dr, Moore The Falls 2bed 2ba 1866 $188,500 Call401.0551 EXECUTIVE HOME Gated community Owner Financing 405-641-0124

2 bed, 2 bath, 2 car Garden Home in Gated secure community. 405-788-4209

1340 SE 41 Everything New! Com. to buyer's $59,500. 245-4008 Extra cute 2bd 1.5ba, ch/a, 2-car gar, only $51,500 Fidelity 692-1661

Financing Lease Purchase Homes 2, 3, 4 bedroom, All Areas, Ready for move in. Call 973-4322 for info or visit

5215 HART DR NE 5Ac 5Bd, 3K Ba, 2 Liv, 1 Din, 2 Car, New Roof & Gutters. Lots of Updates Pipe & Cable Fence $375K Leon 373-4820 Overland Ex Realty, Inc PRICE REDUCED! Stunning hm in Windmill Park walk to tennis ct or park 4/3/3 w/circle dr, formal din. Approx 2365' $253,900. Cindy Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 GREAT COUNTRY HOME 6735 Mustang Rd NE 3Bd, 4Ba, Game Rm + office 30x50 Shop on 9+ AC. More Land Available $675K Leon 373-4820 Overland Exp Realty Seller pay 3% buyers closing! Brick 3bd 2ba ch/a-frpl-outbldg-2 car. Upgrades! Call! 670-1411 or 640-8550 Malone’s Prop

Family Home

Church with offices and Sunday School rms beautiful 3450 SW 29th. 525-6671

Price Reduced $5000 Extra sharp 2bd 1.5ba 2-car, ch/a, new roof & siding, only $54,900 Fidelity 692-1661


10AM, 9/18: The Ventress Ranch, Lexington, OK. 376+ Acres, 4000 SF Executive Home, Pool, 3000 SF Deck & Cabana, 36x72 Shop, Pasture, Meadows, Woods! No Minimums - No Reserves! Adjoins Wildlife Refuge! Viewings Sept 4, 5, 6, 11 & 12, 10AM 5PM. JB Robison Auctioneers 918-256-5524

Homes For Sale


FSBO 6213 NW 31, 3/2/2 new decor PC sch, 1700' mol, 118K, may carry w/good ref, 787-7666

BANK OWNED 2/2/2 shop encl patio, 1826sf, .68 ac $115.9KArlene CB 414-8753 BANK OWNED 5 or 6/3.5/3 4585sf, 1.68 acres. Nice! $324.9KArlene CB 414-8753

We'll PAY to have YOUR Home moved to any one of Our parks. Conditions apply Call 326-5728 for Details Want FREE lot rent? Call for more info. Conditions apply 405-326-5728

$5,000 Opening Bid Tues. Sept. 21st 6:30 pm 725 Musgrave Blvd. OKC Open Houses: Sept. 12th & 19th 918/639-7653 Bid Loud Auctions Keller Williams Realty

OPEN SA SU 2-5 TUTTLE 6904 Lewis Ln » 3/2/3 on 3/4Acre (N of Hwy 37 on Morgan Rd) $160,000 Contact 405-639-8679 Rural Blanchard - 1920's 2-story, 4 bed, 4 ba, 1.7 ac, barn, $275K 485-3200

Don’t Make A $10,000 Mistake! Come see us at the State Fair, Gate 9! Sept 16-26 New Homes Starting at $29,995. Mention this ad for special promotion! Maxey's Homes 631-3600 Special Program Own Land/ Family Land use land to get new home. Quick & E-Z Program. We do it all for you. 1000 furniture package with purchase 888-878-2971 405-204-4163 Repo or New Land/Home Packages set up on 1 to 5 acres. Quick & E-Z. Call for Details. 888-878-2971 405-635-4338 3bd 2ba DW on acreage w/pond. Less than $500 mo, WAC 631-3609 3/2 Bath set up in quiet park. Ready to move in. 405-631-7600 405-602-4526 DW on Acreage, 4 Bed/ 2Bath, 2350 sq ft, 2 car garage ¡ 405-412-6236

Repo 10 acres 2200 sf, E of City. 301-2454/517-5000 Repos 3x2 starting $19,900 Del. 301-2454/517-5000 2200 sf 4x2, Newcastle 301-2454/517-5000

9420 NE 46 » 417-2176 OP SU 2-4 8012 Heather Glen, New Construction Elite Realty Team PRICE SLASHED BY THOUSANDS! 3 bd + office, just blks from Surrey Hills golf course & pool. 2ba, 2car approx 1879' priced @ $154,885 Cindy Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494 Sharp Spacious 2-story 4bd, great area, basement, new carpet, fresh paint ch/a Seller will pay closing $99,750. Fidelity RE 692-1661, 417-1963 Financing Lease Purchase Homes 2, 3, 4 bedroom, All Areas, Ready for move in. Call 973-4322 for info or visit OWNER FINANCING $2000 down No Credit Ck 2133 Cashion 2/1 $58,000 ¡¡ 410-8840 ¡¡ 2506 NW 20 Renov 4/2K /2, 4621 NW 33 Terr Renov 4/2K /2 503-5057 8432 NW 85th, complete remodel, 3/2/2, 2153 sf, $134,950 924-0213 ATTENTION! $185,000 3bd 2ba Home for $119,950 Patrick@Allied 740-6616 SU 2-4 3020 FAIRFIELD Immaculate Dollhouse Elite Realty Team 1449 NW 99 (417-2176)

SU 2-4 624 McConnell Great Floor Plan Elite Realty Team

PIEDMONT OPEN SAT 2-4 & SUN 2-5. Model home. New hms on 1/2 ac lots. Info also available for new hms in other additions. From NW Expwy & Sara Rd go 4.5 mi N Cleaton & Assoc 373-2494

Hunting Property

Large Family Home Wellston - 35 min from OKC PRICE REDUCED! Vintage 2 story rock house on SH-66B. MUST SEE. 4bed, 2.5ba, 4 Car Garage, 2,800 MOL Traditional full basement, inground pool, 2 +ac., $185,000. (405)356-2979

COLORADO LAND 5 acres in Southern mountains. Fishing, camping, hunting, skiing, $99 down, $149/month. Call 772-324-8913


40-160 ac Auction 9/18 Marble City, deer, turkey! 972-567-5249

Manager Special! Get it while its hot!! let us help you with your mobile home moving costs. Yukon Schools call for details 821-0297/495-1463 BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL! Free month's rent in. No application fee. wac Yukon schools 3bd/2 bath. All electric. Going fast. Call 787-0136 or 495.1463

LOCAL INVESTOR I Buy Houses Cash Fix -up - Foreclosures Tax Liens-Divorce Moving out State 405-464-1175 Heard of a SHORT SALE? SELL YOUR HOUSE TODAY! Foreclosure/behind Pymts 340-9879/ I BUY & SELL HOUSES 27 YRS EXP 650-7667 HOMESOFOKCINC.COM

4/2 Bath set up w/2.5 Acres. Call for Details 888-878-2971 405-413-7257


Farms, Ranches For Sale, Okla. 308

Receiver’s Sale

Financing Lease Purchase Homes 2, 3, 4 bedroom, All Areas, Ready for move in. Call 973-4322 for info or visit

6A Mustang 29K cash Great buy 417-2176


Installers $1,000 bonus incentive!!! We need 20 techs in the OKC area. No DUI, felonies, or violent misdemeanors. Preferred to have a minimum six months DTV exp. Call 1-888-679-0244; (no dash in the email)

needed. Apply in Person: Fairfax Apts 7801 NE 10th, MWC

Diesel Technology Instructor needed for instruction, operation, and general development of the Diesel Technology program.

BUILDING SITES PIEDMONT 3/4 and 1 Acre Lots, Close In-Good Streets Leon 373-4820 Overland Ex Realty


Heat & Air Tech

masons & mason tenders Masons & Mason Tenders - min. 2-yr. commercial exp. - references req. 405-826-8770, 918-261-0016

Sod Farm 137 acres between OKC and Yukon. Rock home 3bd, 3000sf, total elec irrigation well w/1/2 mi. 4" plastic pipe. Barns w/13,500 sf coverage w/12,000 sf cemented floors, $685,000. 405-463-0127

Tenkiller Lake, 7 acres, close to Pine Cove Marina. Water, elect., gated. $39,500 Will finance Owner, 918-640-8556

Commercial RE Business Property For Sale For Sale or Lease 4000 N. Stiles, 2,300sf Off, 1800sf WH+1300sf small WH 405-820-7710

Established Business For Sale ESTABLISHED RESTAURANT SEALED BID AUCTION SAT SEPT 25 • 10AM 2500sf. SE Of Norman Owner Retiring. By appt. Percy Moreu Land & Auction 405-226-2015 Owner of well established western Oklahoma contract manufacturer wishes to retire. $4.5 million annual revenue, $700K profit. » 918-748-7995 » Franchise Donut Shop Price Reduced, Busy Location, New Equip. 474-3435

Investment Property For Sale REDUCED TO SELL! Cash Flow Rental Prop. Handyman Specials Owner financing avail. 1224 NE 19th $28,000 2118 N Prospect $28,000 740 NE 36th $28,500 5021 Fairmont $59,500 All Prices Negotiable Kruger Investment Jim 235-9332/812-1657

Business Property For Rent New bldg, I-35 frontage, shop, ofc, kitchen, bath, heat/air, $1000, 412-7665

Industrial Property For Rent

Land Auctions NW Oklahoma Live water,good Hunting, tracts of 952 acres, 480 acres 160 acres & 40 acres 580-994-6004 Smith & Co. Auction & Realty, Inc.

DO NOT Call Unless… Foreclosure/Behind Paymt Overleveraged/Repairs Call/Web


Warehouse/Office I-40 & Meridian, 2200-4819sf, 946-2516

Office Space For Rent

GREAT Space OFFICE Convenient NW Locations: I-40 & Meridian NW Expressway & May Britton/Lake Hefner Parkway 200-6000sf 946-2516

1, 2 & 3-Room Suites $150 & up ¡ 50th & N. Santa Fe area 235-8080

OVERHEAD DOORS 525-6671 3410 SW 29th 1,080sf $350 3414 SW 29th 1,200sf $425 3426 SW 29th 1,080sf $390 3518 Newcastle 1,200sf$435 3520 Newcastle1,280sf $390 1800 sf, whse & office, heat & air, 12x12 O/H doors, paved parking. Nicoma Park, 1 yr lease + dep. $675/mo 630-0394

**ALL BILLS PAID** $149 1ST Mo. on 1 beds 946-0588 2 Beds, too DREXEL ON THE PARK Furnished/Unfurnished Bills Paid » Wkly/Monthly Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest 943-1818 $199 MOVE IN SPECIAL 2BED Townhomes $599 Windsor Village 943-9665 Totally furnished, util. incl. Singles, 1 & 2 Bdrm suites 405-881-1446 Bills pd clean quiet furn eff/1bd $100/wk&up 10& Penn 751-7238/640-9413 $99 Move-In Special 1bd 1ba $295-350, stove, fridge, very clean 625-5200



1134 West Main 6000sf warehouse space avail downtown, overhead doors $2000mo $1000dp 409-7989

2528 NW 12th 1bd 1ba K off Special 900sf, $400mo $200dp 409-7989 no sec8

$399 TOTAL MOVE-IN Lease by 9/25/10 405-842-1438

No Deposit, No App Fee. Large 2 & 3bds, PC Schls, W/D hk, A/C 722-0787 800 N. Meridian: 1bd, all bills paid & weekly rates available. 946-9506 Mesta Park 804 NW 21 2bd 1ba 1000sf $600/mo $400dp 409-7608 no sec8

2720 SW 74th unit 18, extra sharp 2bd townhouse, ch/a, built in appliances, washer/dryer hookups, patio area, only $550 Fidelity RE 692-1661 8012 NW 7th Pl Unit 324 extra sharp 1bd, 1.5ba, 1-car garage w/opener, new wood floor in living room, ch/a, $500 Fidelity RE 692-1661 NW 40th & Penn-2 bed, 2 bath condo, gated, $850 month + $800 deposit. Call Paula, Metro Brokers @ 410-6728 Quail Springs Condos 1 bd, 1 ba, w/d, fp, fridge c. fans, d/w, mwv, cvd prk, sec gates, pool, wtr, $600, Brenda 722-3882 Grand Pointe Condo 2 story remod, 3 bd, 3 ba, 2 car, DR/LR w/FP, w/d, gated, pool, tennis crt $1300 mo » 842-9699

3245 NW 50th #244 2 bed 2 bath $550 mo TMS Prop 348-0720 Gated NANTUCKET Condos All appls. 2bd 2ba $700 mo » 488-4951

Efficiency/1 bed apts. All bills paid, $599/mo + $200 dep. 887-3232 No credit check 1 bed, all bills paid, $550. 1 bed, independent living w/ meals, $900. VA & Section 8 ok. 205-2343

Spring Special LARGE TOWNHOMES & APARTMENTS • Washer, Dryers, pools • PC Schools, fireplaces

Williamsburg 7301 NW 23rd

787-1620 Washer/Dryer hookups » Free Basic Cable » Large 1, 2 & 3 beds Housing welcome PC Schools Foxcroft Apts 6810 NW 16th 787-6655 Briargate 1718 N Indiana K Off Move in Special! 800sf 1bd 1ba, cha, all elec, wood floor, $450mo, $200 dep. No sec 8 409-7608

3925 SE 14 Pl 3/1.5/2 $695 3117 Overland 3/1.5/2$695 2000 Ina Mae 4bd $595 4032 Thomas 3bed $495 4324 SE 38 3bd $450 Others Free List 605-5477

2616AshebriarLn4/3/2 $1900 1928 NW 173 4/2/2 $1299 722 Littler 3/1 $750 2712SummrstTrl3/2/2$1000 Express Realty 844-6101 HOMES FOR LEASE www.executivehome 3-4BRs $1000-$3000 Welcome Home 877-884-7434

2 Bed $525


2bd 1ba newly remodeled, 6308 NW 38, $450. 359-8558 or 740-8195

$201 Total Move-In Cost Energy Eff., $301 move in/1 bd, $401 move in/2 bd. $1 First Week Rent Weekly Avail: Effic $115 1bd $125, 2bd $165 Disability & Social Security recipients welcome 616 SW 59th, between Western&Walker634-4798 Drug free environment Not all bills paid

$199 To Move In Se Habla Espanol Carriage Square Apts 634-6380 $99 SPECIAL Lg 1bdr, stove, refrig., clean, walk to shops. $325 mo. 632-9849 Furnished/Unfurnished Bills Paid » Wkly/Monthly Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest 943-1818 $99 Move In Special!!! Lg 1 and 2 Bdr, $325 to $395 mo. 632-9849

2 bed, ch&a, stove & refrig, no pets/no smoking $500/mo. 386-3362

2 bd 1 ba duplex $475 mo $300 dep. 220 Windsor Way. 405-582-2057

3615 NW 51st Amazing Duplex close to Baptist/ Deaconess, 1300sf 2bd 2bath 2car gar fireplace $900mo $900dp Must see! No pets 409-7608 no sec 8 New Luxury Duplex 13516 Brandon Place 3/2/2, fp, Deer Creek Schls, near Mercy. Model open 10-4 842-7300

San Tee Apts. 1 bed $325/mo $85/deposit Plus elec 685-2909 9a-5p 523 SW 26th Garage Apt 1bed 1bath Upstairs $325mo $175dp 409-7989

2 bed unfurnished, bills paid, no pets, $550 + deposit. 232-9704

Furn 1BD most bills Paid + EMSA, no sec 8 and no pets, 524-2730

2810 Dorchester Dr Apt 5 spacious 2bd 1.5ba, large living area, ch/a, completely remodeled, $575 mo Fidelity RE 692-1661


The Plaza 1740 NW 17th K Off Special 1bd, 1ba 750sf, wood floors, all elec, $450 mo, $200dp. No sec8 409-7608

Yukon Rent Specials 1 bd From $359 2 bd From $459 3 bd From $559 For info & specials 354-5855


2317N Hammond3/1/1$650 336 NW 88 3/2/2 $595 220 NW 89 3/1.5/1 $595 3728 NW 29 2bd $395 Others Free List 605-5477

New Rivendell Exec Home 408-4168 Luxury indoor pool & spa Fully equip'd media & wrkout rooms $5400/mo

3 bed, 2 bath, 2c gar, Duplex in PCN area, quiet neighborhood, $750+deposit, Call Keith 405-413-2555 2 bd, 1 ba, 26th & Portland, W/D hkup, fncd, no sec. 8, carport, $450 1st/ last mo + dep 601-7762.

Lrg 4 bd, 1K ba, lrg open living, dining, kitch, lrg fncd bkyd, CH/A, enclosed frnt porch, crprt, $785mo + $600dep. Appt call 830-3091/830-5793

924 NW 109th K off move in special. 3bd 2ba 2car 1300sf $850/mo $800dp 409-7608 no sec8

203 E Rickenbacker3bd$495 3404WillowCreek2/1/1$450 Others Free List 605-5477

3420 NW 26th, 3/1/1, CH/A, W/D hkup $775mo $580dep. 701-1722

3bd 2ba, nice, Sec 8 ok 228 Windsor Way ch&a w/d hkup $550, 436-4648

709 NW 25th, lrg 2bd 1ba, ch&a, nice, w/d hkup, $500, 436-4648

EXECUTIVE HOME Gated community 405-641-0124 2617 SW 103 3/2/2 $895 2002 Fox 3/1.5/2 ch/a $795 Others Free List 605-5477 Almost new 3/2/2, Avail Oct. 1. I-240 & Sunnylane $795+ dep 863-2999

1 bed in rear, $425 + dep 1819K NW 38th wtr/gas pd. 943-8999 2528 NW 40 2bd 1.5 bath $575mo »» 748-8520 For 3bd homes & apartments, go to 1540 NW 48th 2 bd 1 ba, ch&a, w/d hkup, $675mo $400/dep.850-9795

HOMES FOR LEASE www.executivehome 3-4BRs $1000-$3000 Welcome Home 877-884-7434

Block 42 in downtown OKC 2/2/2 $2200 month CALL 405-231-2119 Welcome Home Sales & Management Services

2530 NW 11th, 1bed 1ba stove fridge fresh paint& crpt $475 mo 618-7338 3410 Cameron Ct. All appls, No pets. $650 mo J Watson Rlty, 755-2510

12721BrandonPl3/2/2 $995 11220 Windmill 3/2/2$1295 9701 Devore 3/2/2 $950 1744 Carlisle Rd 2/1/1$725 Express Realty 844-6101

7108 Danner 4/2.5/2$995 2617 SW 103 3/2/2 $895 1120 Straka 3/2/2 $795 5321 Blackwelder 3bd $650 2712 SW 53 3bd ch/a $650 3029 S Madole 3bd $650 1026 Straka 3bd $595 3120 Parkview 2bd $450 2805 SW 33 2bd $450 3220 Goff 2bd $395 3744 SW 41 2bed $395 3816 SW 41 2bed $395 612 SW 44 2bed $395 Others Free List 605-5477

CasitaBlanca Contemporary Condo 2618 NW 50 2bd 2ba 2car $1250mo $1000 dep 1300 sf Stainless Appls, California Closets much more 409-7608

7401 NW 6 Terr, 3 bd, 1.75 bath, den/fireplace $690/mo Coming Soon • 408-5836 •

Quiet Casady!

TOP LOCATION! Pd. wtr/garb. Near malls. Try Plaza East•341-4813 SENIOR LIVING 55+ 1 BED APTS. 348-4065

Houses for rent

Hemingway -Gated, 2 bd, 2 ba, (1st Floor), W/D, F/P, Appls, pool, covered parking $725 mo. 210-5803

NW 50th and Portland, Remodel, from $525/mo. »» 405-692-5584 »» Efficiency/1 bed apts. All bills paid, $599/mo + $200 dep. 887-3232 No credit check

Furnished/Unfurnished Bills Paid » Wkly/Monthly Wes Chase Apts, Elk Horn Apts, Hillcrest 943-1818

40 acre ranch with 4 stall horse barn & riding arena 4/3/3, 3650 sq/ft $4000 a month. CALL 405-231-2119 Welcome Home Sales & Management Services 900 NE 81 4/2.5/1 $795 509 N Kelham 4/2/1 $695 3328 NE 14 3 bed $495 1718 E Madison 2bd $450 Others Free List 605-5477 5609 NE Grand Blvd. 3bd 1.5 bath, double car garage $750/mo 408-5836

1418 NW 49th, 2 bed, 1 bath, 1 car, appls, w/d hookup, ch&a 570-5865 900 N. Warren, 2 bed, Move-In Ready $500mo 405-240-7076 2/1/1 Wash/Dryer hkups $525 + deposit , MG Realty ¡ 831-0207

709 SE 61 3 bed $595 1724 SE 51 3 bed $595 1521 SE 45 4 bed $595 6321 Johnmeter 3bd$495 1122 SE 21 2 bed $450 Others Free List 605-5477 HOMES FOR LEASE www.executivehome 3-4BRs $1000-$3000 Welcome Home 877-884-7434 6100 S. Cox, completely remodeled 3bd, new roof, new siding, new carpet, fresh paint, only $475 Fidelity RE 692-1661

OKC SW 1 bed, stove & fridge, no pets, bills paid, $450mo + dep. 232-9704

229 NE 16th 4bd 2ba immaculate, min. from Bricktown, 436-4648

2 bedroom 334 SE 42nd $450 per month. Call 820-4507

Nice Efficiency $345 plus electric 1608 NW 16th 232-9101

2016 Hardin Ave, 4 bed, 1 ba, $750 mo, $500 dep, no sec 8, 405-476-3643

$350mo »» $200dep 6 bedroom, 701 SE 20, 405-412-6881

2705 SW 60th Place. 3bed 2bath 1 car garage, $750mo $550 deposit. section 8 ok. 314-8541


2100 Sq Ft Office/ Warehouse 4309 SW 119th Fully insulated, 130k BTU Hi Eff Heater, 3 phase electric, ADA bathroom, 14' overhead door and walkthru 825/month WWS Development, LLC 405-692-6123

Condominiums, Townhouses For Rent 441


Warehouse Space For Rent

Antiques, Art, Collectibles 501

Estate & Business Liquidation Appraisals, & more.

Rent Houses for Military Personnel Available SW OKC, Moore & Del City. Call 519-5511


Section 8 only, 2 bed, 1 bath, appliances, fenced, $500. 685-8240

843-1651 or 842-7200

Large 3 bed, 2bath $625mo. $250dep. 2bd $500mo $250 dep. 631-8039 1bd 1ba duplex, new paint & carpet. Lg deck & yard. Quiet. $300mo 596-8410

Bridgecreek, 2bd/2ba, 1 acre. Mobile Home $500mo +dep. 392-4717

Website/Email: dianelees@

1900's 8 Piece French Bedroom Exec cond-all match & orig finish. Owned 4 decades. Pics on tinyurl/ $3600 or w/chase $4500. 6992655

Cedar Creek addition K off first months rent 3/2/2 $1095 a month Gated community. CALL 405-231-2119 Welcome Home Sales & Management Services HOMES FOR LEASE www.executivehome 3-4BRs $1000-$3000 Welcome Home 877-884-7434

HOMES FOR LEASE www.executivehome 3-4BRs $1000-$3000 Welcome Home 877-884-7434 WHY RENT WHEN YOU CAN OWN? Easy financing with no credit needed. Yukon schls

405-815-7245 Open Plan-Cath Ceiling 3b/2b/2c, fp, ch&a $850 + dep. 760-9950

2 bd 1 ba, w/appls incl. W&D, Edmond Schools, storage shed, No pets. 348-6240 or 623-1181 $ FREE RENT 1ST MO $ 2BR $395+, 3BR $495+, MWC NO PETS 427-0627

Mustang/Edmond Efficiency/studios, all bills paid + 3 meals w/laundry & housekeeping, $899/month.

• Laminate Flooring 2100 sq ft, 25 year warr, 95¢/sq ft • Prefinished oak, Hardwood, 2400 sq ft. 30 year warranty $2/sq ft. • 405-632-0499 Roofing Special 417-3707 30-yr laminate shingles #2 New shipment $50/square 30 yr laminate $65/square 15# felt paper roll $10 12x20 storage building double doors, with loft and shingled roof. $2000. OBO Call 918-647-4070 40,000ft of 2 3/8 structual tubing, OKC & El Reno, $1.05 per foot. Jaguar Pipe 630-9089 •Solid Brazilian Cherry• • Hardwood Flooring • (2600sf) Beautiful, never used $2.50/sf 632-0499 Sheet Metal, 10'x3' $18, Mon-Sat, 405-390-2077 or 405-659-3054 White Whirlpool Washer & Dryer, Exc Cond. $195/pr OBO 794-6308, 919-0284

» State Fair Special » Washers/Dryers $65 up fridge 125up stove 100up 3436 SW 29th 549-7004 Daryl's Appliance: W&D $75&up5yr warr. Ref/ Stoves $125&up1yr warr M-F9-6Sat11-5 632-8954

10704 Greystone. Great 2bd 1K ba 2liv new paint dbl drv $700+d 216-5833

Chicco Infant Travel System w/stroller, carseat & seat base. Comes w/ additional base for 2nd car $200 OBO. Orig. over $400 Call 470-6062

Washer & Dryer, Extra Large Cap., Exc Cond. $225 »»» 248-4070 W & D $79 & up. Refrig $99 & up. Stoves $99. warranties 405-641-5693 Washer $100; Dryer $100; looks good runs good 745-3972 after 6pm BlowoutSale!All app xtra clean 1yr wnty 732-8503 Maytag Neptune Dryer, $200, 733-0599 after 4 pm

Ventress Ranch Auction Selling 376+ Acre Ranch, Executive Home, No Reserves! 16550 180th Street, Lexington, OK. Also Selling 9/18 Trucks, Trailers, Tractor, Equipment, Antiques, Collectibles, Glass, China, Silver, Chests, Persian Rugs, Doll Collection. Selling 9/19 Guns, WWII Library & Items, Large Nazi Collection - Daggers, Swords, Helmets, Patches, Badges & More! Coins & Stamps! 100's of Photo's at! JB Robison 918-256-5524 PUBLIC AUCTION 80 Acres Major County, OK Land Canton Lake & Wildlife Hunting area Sat, Sept 18, 2010, 10 am Surface rights in N/2 NW/4 Sec 34-T20N-R14WIM Seller - Mr & Mrs Keith Welch Auctioneers/Real Estate Broker/MSA Jerry Evans & Assoc. 580-886-3494 Livingston’s Auction Every Saturday 6:00 PM 1304B Cornell Pkwy 858-1914 590-2777

Ice Cream Waffle Cone Kits: Twin cooking grills; 32 bags of waffle cone mix; 18 boxes of cone sleeves; 2 cone racks; assorted accessories Special Kit Price $950 405-396-2903 or Screen Printing Equipment. Jennings Cap press 4 heads w/flash $1000. 4 color/4 station Nation press w/flash $900. Number press $600. 580-504-9580 Gondola Shelves, shopping carts, 2 cash register stands, 2 door comm. safe, etc. 834-1665 Scotsman cube ice maker, w/ storage, 110volt $1000 426-0123 Rest equip-100s -chairs, tables, refrig, grills, fryers, hoods. 417-5310. ‘ We Buy & Sell Used ‘ ‘ Restaurant Equip. ‘ Great Prices!¡760-8132 200 gal. spray rig, 300' hose, new Honda motor, $1500 615-4412 for info.

Highest CASH paid for old coin collections silver dollars & gold 620-7375

Heavy Equip. Hauling Dozers, trackhoes, tractors & more. 833-6437

1982 Case 2090 2wd, 110 PTO hrs, pwr dsl tractor w/ loader, cab, a/c, good cond Central New Holland OKC 495-6151 Edmond 341-7829


Tractor 2007, Kubota 4x4, 105 HP,cab, loader w/ bucket and grapple, spike, only 427 Hours, power shift forward and reverse, like new. $39,500. 580-464-3427 1998 Great Plains 24' Grain Drill w/Fert 7.5 DD w/hyd marker. Always shedded. $13000. 405-368-7528

65 cloth stackable chairs, exc cond, $40 each. obo. $69 new at Office Depot, 503-6056 Dining tbl, wood w/ 4 chairs $75. Recliner $55. TV stand $25. Milk jug $10 209-8799 799-0895 Queen size bed with mattress, $100, Red sofa, $100 405-640-8426

'96 JD 2150, 46 hp diesel, 3 pt w/ 6' Rhino brush hog $6950; 3 pt HD Gopher machine, like new $1295 794-8289

Sleeper Sofa, brown, twin ($750 new) 59"w/ 37"d/39"h, used 3 times, $195 cash. AM 755-2678

2008 Kubota model 2320 diesel, 4WD hydrostatic, 115hrs some equip., exc cnd. $9000 405-427-0778

Pulaski Queen bedset w/ Lady Amer. pillowtop $1250 obo 570-4550

John Deere 8350 seed/ fert. drill 16-8 DD with press wheels, Nice! $2400 405-818-6484

Complete oak bed, bxsprgs & matt, shams & bedcover $200 670-6389

450 JD Drill, 20 hole, fertilizer used very little, A1 shape! $9000. C: 580-661-1251

Coffee table & end table, dark wood, exc condition, $125, 330-8713

'97 GP 24'nt drill w/liq fert, markers, new coulters & disk, 7.5" spacing $29,500 405-262-0669 24' Bumper Trailer, 6000 lb axles, dovetail with ramps, $2,250, 314-9528

FENCE SALE 6 ft Chain link $73.00 Wood Fence $22.95 ACME FENCE OKC 232-6361 800-894-5006 FENCE SALE 6 ft Chain link $73.00 Wood Fence $22.95 ACME FENCE OKC 232-6361 800-894-5006 5' 11K gauge wire $72; 1X4 dog ear cedar $31.50; 6'x8' Cedar Panels $21.50; 769-2311

Twin Matching Bookcases, 6' h/ 2' w/11"deep, $135 cash. AM 755-2678 Matt Sets: Twin $75, Qn $150; Lift bed $400; SxS Refrig $350 606-2450 Sofa-mauve/light green/beige, like new, $100 740-5184

3 wheel mobility scooter, $475; electric wheelchair $475; vehicle lift $375; » 405-488-7017 »

Buy & Sell Pre-Owned Rolexes & fine watches 789-2824 / 800-348-2824

Seasoned & Green Oak. Delivered & stacked 596-0348

Peaches & Pears Will deliver. 970-9465747, Choc/Harrah Ok

FURNITURE POOL TABLE(NEW) COUCHES LOVE SEAT BED FRAME MATTRESS 60'LED FLATSCREEN DRESSER 2 NIGHTSTANDS LAMPS PLAYSTATION 3 40' LED FLATSCREEN PARADAGIM SOUND SYSTEM BLU RAY PLAYER AND SO MUCH MORE EVERYTHING MUST GO!!! $50-$3500 each or NEGOTIABLE BEATRICE TREMEROLI 619-207-9695 3 Lay-Z-Boy recliner $50, 2 rocker/recliner $75ea. Glasstop coffee table $50. Twin sleeper sofa $100. Cement mixer $100 691-6316 Antique bdrm set $3500 obo; Navy couch & loveseat $500; Dining tbl & hutch $1500; Washer & Dryer $75 ea; Bdrm suite $400 789-4961 6 PC Queen Bedroom Set Solid oak in very good condition. Call for details. $975 405-4715377 or 847-970-8692 Couch & loveseat; full & queen bedroom set; bunk bed; dining set; full queen & king mattress sets. $90-$400 397-1801

END OF SEASON SALE JD 160 38'' deck, 5sp 17 hp Kaw. $550. Case 224 40'' cut, 14hp Kohler, Hydrostat $650. JD F510 17hp Kaw, outfront mower deck 500 hrs $875. JD LT160 16HP Koh. Hydrostat, 42'' deck, $900. JD Bunker Rake 1200 series $950firm. For appt 641-9932 TRACTOR, HUSKEE, 50'' cut, 25 horse, Briggs & Stratton, 5 yrs old, 105 hrs used, great shape. $950. 405-203-4873 TB mwr $150 Arc welder $200 TB HD line trimmer $290 more info 751-1553

Ammco drum rotor lathe, bench, tooling thru 1ton. $2675. Three steel work benches $75ea. Hunter computer balancer $1200. (405) 226-9404 210-7122 2-Ton traveling hoyst, 50 ft of track, 28 ft wide $6500, 5' power rolls, $3950. 20'' beveling machine $3000, like new 405-222-8287 ASPHALT PAVER LEBOY 700 New paint & screed very clean $11,000 OBO 204-7994 Lan-Air waste oil heater, 150k BTU, nvr used complete, $4,200 823-2917

I NEED Cornerstone 5 (5.4 lb Glypos.) 260 gal shuttles for sale (while supplies last) fob Drummond, OK. $13.3 per gal Ernie 580-493-2212 Propane Tanks - Rebuilt 500 gallon - $500; 250 gallon - $350; Warranty. Other sizes & conditions available. (405) 375-4189 1030 Trencher, Tailgate & L-bed for '08 Ford Super Duty, 6x10 enclosed trailer, riding mower, push mower, 3 whlchair lifts $100-$3000 ¡ 922-7236 Hoveround MPV Power chair $650. might trade for old Motorcycle, lawn tractor or go cart or etc. 206-3636 Smoker New Braunfels $125, Weber Genesis silver, $50, 733-0599 aftr 4

OU-TX TICKETS! TOP DOLLAR PAID!! 405-364-7524 Any ticket, Anywhere, 405-364-7500 » Package Deal Only» 2 east side chair back OU tickets for last 5 games + 4 Texas tickets, $1200. 341-6116 REMAINING HOME OU GAMES, 3 TICKETS, SECTION 16, ROW 36, SEATS 5-7. $1250. (405) 395-4580 613-4656 4 OU/TX TECH Tickets 4 on isle, Sec 8 Row 49 seat 23-26 $450. total Peter 940-902-0046

3 tiger stripe yearling heifers & 7 cross bred heifers $700 826-2879 20 big nice blk cows, all preg tested and aged. $1000 405-401-9587 3yr grey Brahman bull; 6yr Herford cow $1450, $950 (405)226-0333/820-0515 45 Goats, boers, pygmie, dairy, butcher goats, $50-$150, 642-5967. Nice Heifers, 6 Black, 5 Red, Home Raised $450ea ¡ 405-308-7370 (20) 3-4 yr Angus cows, calving in fall to Angus bulls, wt. 1200, 642-6156 (10) 4-5 yr Angus cows, calving in early fall to Angus bulls-1200lb 642-6156

OU rest of season on the 50-really, row 69. $1500/pair obo. 708-2100

1966 Gibson B-25 guitar, $1750; Epiphone Mandolin and banjo $500. 405-207-6334

7x12, 76"x16', 20' car hauler, 6x10 enclosed, 7x12 concession trlr, never used Nice $1250-$8500 922-7236

Kimball Upright Piano $700 Call 405-863-0579

16' car hauler, 25/16 ball brakes both axles new tires, ramps & lights, $1600. 889-3367

Violin $145. Viola, Trumpet, $199ea. All mint. By music tchr. 225-744-4224

5x8, 5x10, 6x12 w/ gates, like new 16ft tandem $650-$950 Cash 670-1850


18X21 carport $695, 18x31 RV cov $1770, 20x21 garage $3560 installed. Weldup Bldgs: 30x40x12 $13,600 30x50x12 $15,900 40x60x12 $23,400 596-3344 Morgan Storage Bldg. 8X10 Metal, Peak roof Must move yourself. $900. O.B.O. 405-256-6837

10x16 Portable Building Last One. Financing/Free Delivery Call Morgan 405-632-2337 14x24 Barns 2 Left Must Sell! DEL & FIN Call 405-632-2337


OU FOOTBALL SINGLE GAME AND SEASONS TICKETS 405-801-2871 405-919-3480 405-210-3323

OU Tickets All Sports & Concerts » Local & Nationwide» 405-295-2222

American Bulldog, 2M 1F 13wks 100% Johnson $350 ¡ 405-517-8759 » Aussie's » all colors, mini & toy's, $200-$400, 405-650-4671 AUSSIE MINI, 6 weeks old. Registered. shots, wormed, small. champion bloodlines $300ea ’’ 279-3268 Australian Shepherds AKC, ASCA pups, S/W, POP, 4 mos., guaranteed. $300-400. 405-413-0675 Australian Shepherds, blue merle, rd merle, s/w, 9 wks, $150. 405568-9357, 405-257-3160


3 Buildings Full - Good Used Office Furniture. 510 W. Reno 236-3166

American Bulldog Pup 1F 12 wk champ bldline, NKC reg., $200, 940-902-7401

18' car hauler, steel floor brakes, new tires, dovetail $2075 405-834-9094 GMC PU Trailer w/tool box, good tires, 8' head ache rack $400 528-7291

Ragdoll Kittens, 4 M, 3 F, 14 wks, POP $225 ea. Beautiful! 405-227-9701 Siamese Kittens - Reg., POP, Seal, 5 months, 1st shots $250 405-632-7585

8 head Black Angus, 2 pair with big calves, 3 bred, 1 bull. pairs are express cattle, all $6750 cash 405-201-6766 60 Red Angus heifersverified age source tags, all shots, gentle, broke to cake, 580-365-4411

Boxer Pups AKC 7-wks brindles & whites 1-yr health guarantee for pics go to www.superior $300-$400 call CD 405-202-8962 BOXERS, 1 M, 1F, 6 months old, all shots & worming, $150. 245-8862

Bull Mastiff AKC, champion bloodline, 12 weeks, $500. 580-492-4900 Email: BULL TERRIER, AKC, Beautiful Puppies 9 wks, 1 Female, white, s/w $1000 580-492-5218 or 580-647-7061

Blue Heeler & Red Heeler Pups, 8 weeks, stocky build, working parents. $100 ea. cash 224-6903 Blue Heeler Puppies, 8 wks, s/w, POP $85 ea. ’ 405-221-1986

Boston Terrier Puppies AKC, 8 wks, 1st S/W, blk & wht, gd markings, $250 cash. 405-665-2744

Dogue de Bordeaux Puppies Sire / Dam AKC Ch's, Dam Nationally ranked 2yrs, Multi CH Titled, Therapy dog, CGC, First female to place in Group with 2 Group placements, Pups are outstanding Quality from European Lines, Pet and Show prospects available ready for homes in 2wks. $600 Pet /$2500 Show phone 249-9392 or 326-6469 , email

English Bulldog Puppies, AKC, 9wks $1250-$1500 (918)407-5220/407-5221

BULL TERRIER pure bred female, 1yr, $400. 405376-4896 or 243-8909

ENGLISH BULLDOG PUPS AKC, $900 918-798-7835 www.deputybowsers

Cavalier King Charles ACA, shots and wormed, $200. 918-426-5181

Chihuahua, Tiny Toys, 6 weeks, 2 M 1 F $100-$150 405-447-3729 Chihuahua, AKC/ACA, 3F/3M, 8 wks-6 mo, s/w $150-$250 ’ 627-0419

Chihuahua M, F, fixed. Siamese Cats, M, F, adults, FREE. 524-1599 CHIHUAHUA PUPPIES 1m/3f b&w 8wks, not toy $125 CASH 733-9470 CHIHUAHUAS 7 wks, CUTE TINY TEACUPS $200 Cash »» 205-4265 » » CHIHUAHUA»» 6 weeks, S/W $100 ea. Cash ’ 306-7083

English Bulldogs AKC Born 8/4/10 6 males & 4 females. Taking deposits now. $1200. 405-579-1598 English Bulldog, AKC , Puppies Cute & , Cuddly , $1000 405-368-7211

BOXER AKC PUPS, $300 CASH. Meeker, 405-279-2340

Dachshund Mini, AKC, » M/F, B/T, Dapple » $150-$200, 405-881-5562

Boxer CKC Puppies Flashy Fawn/Brindle $400-$450. 580-591-6334

DACHSHUND Mini, AKC, Tiny, B/T Dapple, F $125, M $100. 405-872-7430

FRENCH (or) ENGLISH BULLDOGS Puppies (11 wks) M / F's Adults 6 mo-5 yr ~ $400 And Up (580) 471-0625 French Bulldogs, AKC registered, 5F, 2M, moving-must sell! Males proven & DNA certified. 2F coming in season. $7000/all obo. 580-465-1082 French Mastiff pups CKC Reg. 4M 1F 9wks $500-$800 call/text 918-519-6080

Min Pin, pups, choc, bnt ACA, s/w, $150-$200 obo each, 570-7203.

Poodles, mini & toy, 1M, 2F, extra cute, guar, $125-$200. 405-380-5859

Lab AA, 6 weeks, field trial quality, yellow & black, M&F, s/w/dc, reg, $200, 405-222-1510.

Min Pin Pups full blood & mix, $25-$150. 200-2002

Poodles, reg., toys, parti colored, extra cute, 4M, s/w, $200. 485-2869

Lab Mix 2 yr old male Great with kids, friendly and lovable, quiet. Free to Good Home. Call 255-8914 or 401-2092.

Old English Sheep Puppies, AKC, 3 Months, 1 Female $300, 7 Males $250-$300 580-923-7455 or 580-273-6575

Poodles, Toy, ACA/CKC, 1st shots/wormed, 3 F blk, 2 M blk, 1 M choc. $300-$400 580-492-4110, Elgin, OK

Papillons, ACA, M & F, 14 weeks $125-$175 ’ 405-872-7243 ’

Puggles-6wks, adorable, great w/kids, shots & womred $100. 887-0625.

Pekingese, ACA, M & F 14 weeks, Petite $150$400 ’ 405-872-7243 ’

PUGS AKC CUTE BLK M & F 8wks s/w $350. 405-819-9449

Pit Bull, pure bred, Colby Champion Bloodline 1, BRINDLE Fml left! $200 »» 580-237-1961

RAT TERRIER UKC, 3yr, spayed/neutered. $50 ea. 376-4896 or 243-8909

LAB, AKC, BLACK 3F 7 wks » Hlth. guar. $100EA 570-5768

Lab puppies AKC, 8 avail. 6F 2M, POP, 7 wks,shots $175 »» 405-514-1620 LAB Puppies, (7) black, ready to go, 6.5 wks old $40 ea. 405-823-0385 LABRADOODLE 8mo-2yr Obedience Trained $500 each 806-674-6068 or 405-301-7777 Labradoodles, rare colors, home raised. Refs offered $200-$450 306-2878 Labrador Retrievers AKC, 1 Yellow F, 1 Black M, 3 Black F, 11 weeks, shts, wrmed, dew claws, POP, $200. 580-467-7877 Labs AKC Reg 7Wks, 2White M/F, 1Yell M, 1Black M. DClaw/ Wormed/Shots. $350. 405-213-5276 Labs Chocolate AKC 2F, 2M, 7 wks. Shots & Wormed. Parents proven hunters $200 580-421-3214 Maltese, ACA, 8 weeks, 1F, 1M, s/w, POP, $375, 405-387-4511, 990-3678. Maltese, AKC 3 M, Very small, 43 champions in bldln $200ea. 627-0419 Maltese-2M AKC Pups $175ea /trade for housecleaning 405-990-5137

Golden Ret. ACA, 7M, 4F, 6 wks, Gorgeous, hlth guar $200 570-5768

English Bulldogs Puppies AKC, 8 wks, vet ck'd, home raised. $1250 Cash or Credit Card. 532-5747, 520-0914

English Mastiff Puppies 3 Females; 1 brindle & 2 apricot, s/w. AKC Reg. $800. Call 580-216-0105 or go to


German Shepherd AKC Pups 9 wks POP S/W 4f 1m $300. 405-317-4522 Call or text

German Shep Pups AKC, 3M, 3F, 8 wks, S/W, $275. 275-3310 550-9305

COCKER PUPS: AKC M-Sable. F-Partichoco/white/black. $200. 405-880-7969

Boston Terrier ACA 9 week, 2M, S/W, $150. 405-585-3545

German Shepherd Pups AKC Champion Import Bloodline 3 blk & tn or 2 Solid blk F and 1 Solid Blk M www.gravittgsd. com $350 or AFTER 4PM weekdays 405-651-0233

English Bulldog AKC 2males 2females 8wks old Check website for pics & info www. $1200 - $2000. 405-651-9226

ENGLISH BULLDOG, AKC Female, brindle, 1 yr old $1100 ’ 918-650-8972

Dachshund, 1.5 yr old, blue dapple, Free to good home. 474-7844

German Shepherd AKC pups & teenagers, Champion Heidelberg's, $850 ‘ 918-261-4729

German Shepherd, AKC, 2M teenagers, all s/w, $450, 405-433-2438.

English Bulldogs 2 females, 18 mths old, Current S/W, Housebroken & Crate Trained, Will Meet $600. each 918-208-7138

Poodle, toy, CKC, M, tri color-8 wks, gorgeoussmart, $350, 250-8269

LAB PUPPIES, AKC Rare Silvers $400 ea. 3 M, 3 F s/w/dc » 405-517-7911

English Bulldogs, AKC, 7 wks $1050 316-409-7646

Chiweenie Puppies, 9 wks old, 3M, 2 white, 1 blk & white, $50 ea. 2 F, 1 white, 1 tan $75 ea. 405-672-5071

CORGI AKC PUPPIES VETraised chipped $300 405-567-4693, 567-7221

6 males 3 females Czech import puppies Whelped 6/11/2010 already tested very high drive litter.lines to Ursus Von Batu,Ghandi Von Arlett Bandit Van Gogh Afra vom Stoppenberger Land. Pups can be viewd at puppies come with health and temperment guarantee. $1500. call David @ 405-474-8200

German Shepherd 5 M, 2 F, full blood, 7 weeks, 1st s/w, pop, $250. 405769-2905, 405-464-9137

Cavalier King Charles, 7 wks, 1F, Blenhem, 2 M tri, $300, 405-201-3544

Miniature Pinscher puppies 7 wk. old Miniature Pinschers. Full breed/ with shots & papers. $350 720-217-7342

German Shepherds

German Shepherd Dispersal: AKC German lines, obedience trained at rescue prices $200 806-674-6068 or 405-301-7777

Bull Terrier AKC, 1 brindle M, 1 brindle F, 1 red/white F, 2-3 yrs old, $800 each. 381-3676

CHIHUAHUA MALES Papers, $175 ea. other puppies $250-$450 Visa/MC 381-3740

BLOODHOUND AKC PUPPIES Vet checked, shots/ wormed. Health guaranteed.You will NOT be disappointed. More info please call. $425. -$475. 405-413-0480

Doberman Pinscher 7 wk old pups. Reg. S/ W/T/D 3 red 1 blk/tan. $300. 405-769-7511

Boxers blk/fwn $300-$800. 694-7495

Beagle Adults, 3 males, 4 females, $150-$250 405-382-2188

Border Collie Pups ABCA B/W, Tri Working Stock S/W $200. 405-414-1318 34, 3 and 4 year old, Top of the Line, Big Black Pairs. Very gentle, easy to handle. Calves 400 lbs and down, breeding back now. $1475 per pair, 405-919-3306

Boxer Puppies Flashy fawn boxer pups 5f &1m $225. 789-2183

Chihuahua CKC, teacup, choc, 7 weeks, 1 F, 2 M, $350-$400. 250-8269

BICHON FRISE, AKC, 10wks, 1M 3F, Fantastic Pups $250-300 214-7857

Norweigian Forest Cat, 2 yrs, spayed, shots, very loving, $25 ’ 722-9384.

BOXER PUPPIES AKC Males & females. flashy brindle, playful! $350. Tom, phone or text. 249-1085

Aust Shepherd Mini's 2 16 wk blu mrle M blu i's $325. 405-398-4762

Bernese Mountain Puppies AKC, S/W, $400. Will meet 918-426-5181

4mo old kittens, Tabby/Tort, 1 orange M, wrmd/spyd/neut/rabies vac. $20 405-514-5554

Dachshunds ACA Reg. 8-9 wks. S/W $120. 580-330 0661

16ft bumper pull W&W cattle trailer, metal top. $1500 273-1664

Maltese ACA, M 15 weeks, $150 ’ 405-872-7243 ’ Maltese K /Shih-Poo K , can email pic, home raised $200 s/w 306-2878

Golden Retriever Puppies, AKC reg., adorable, very social, vaccinated, wormed, excellent quality, No Breeders. $300. ’ 226-4852 ’ Golden Retrievers 48 avail. Sooner Golden Ret. Rescue $150-$275 ’ 405-749-5700 GREAT DANE Puppies, AKC, fawns & blks, big babies $400 » 549-6425

Great Danes AKC 7 puppies 2F 5M. $550-$650. (405)602-4061 Havanese, AKC adorable, rare choc., small, $400-$600 773-9530 Italian Greyhound, 6 AKC pups. Cuties! $100-$225. 392-3467, 408-8724 Jack Russell Pups JRTC Reg. wormed & Vaccinated, Parents on premises $125 each. (405) 520-3663 520-1491

Maltese Puppies 1M 1F 9wks old, home raised, adorable $200$300. 580-928-5403 or Maltese Puppies 1M $200, 1F $350. 8 weeks, ACA reg. shots, d/c, home raised 206-5110 Maltese Puppies, m/f, 10 wks, potty trained, $325, 239-440-8167 MALTESE PUPPIES UKC 7wks 2F 1M Yukon $300. 405-248-8694

MINIATURE BULL TERRIER PUPPIES Here are some beautiful and Lovely Mini Bull Terrier puppies ready for their forever homes. They are all home bred/raised and are well socialized. We breed for healthy puppies with great temperaments. They are family raised, vet checked, have had all of their puppy shots and have been dewormed. They would be a loving addition to any family. $800. Call 405708-4790 or email me at

Pit Bull ADBA Puppies ADBA pit bull puppies for sale.Two males and one female. $300. Kenny at (580)458-7658, or Pit Bulls, 4M, Blk/White 6 wks, $60, POP, 405-537-5508

Poms ACA M&F 12wks4mos Choc, Blue, Black $250-$400 405-872-7243

Rottweiler Pups, 17 wks, champ bldlns, German, AKC, POP, socialized, perfect markings, 2M very large, $600-$800 Call 256-0271 » Michelle. Rottweiler Pups, 5m, 3f, 6wks, German, s/w/t, pop, $250, 405-202-6870 SCHNAUZER, ACA PUPS 8 wks, Healthy Toddlers, 5F, blk, 1M blk, 2M silver » $200ea » 626-8812 »

POMERANIANS ACA Reg. 2mo old 2m 1f . $400 each 405-207-1558 Pomeranian, AKC/CKC Partis »» $250-$650 405-609-9241

Schnauzers, mini, beautiful pups, guar, 2M, $125-$150. 405-380-5859 Schnauzers. To good home, 4 yrs old, Cute Blk Female, $50. 366-7723 Schnauzers Mini AKC 3M 2F, ears done, s/w, all clrs $250-$400 627-0419 Schnoodles Xtra-curly Xtra -spoiled home raised refs offered $200 s/w 306-2878 Sharpei AKC Puppies AKC reg, Chp blood lines 4 M brush coat chc, blk, blue & lilac ready to go. $200. 405-373-3769; 405 590-3572 Shih Tzu, 7 wks, CUTE & CUDDLY, 2 F, tri color & brown/blk, POP $150 Cash Only 664-5849 Shih Tzu, ACA puppies, raised with children, 3F, 1M, s/w, $250, »» 405-368-4235 »» ShihTzu 5 wks & spoiled $175 parent on premises 202-6289 » 733-3551

Shih Tzu AKC registered. teacups, 8 weeks 2 Male, 4 Female, shots/wormed $350-$450. 613-5816

Schnauzer Mini AKC Blk, S&P, T/DC/S/W/ 4 M, 5 F, 8 wks. $275. Cash 405-352-5089

Shih Tzu Pups Adorable 3M, 3F Colors 2Choc, 4Tri Color,Very Lovable. Born 7-21-10 AKC Reg $200-$500 405-321-4704 or 405-301-1711. Email

Schnauzers, Mini, AKC, s/w/t/dc 2 M 1 F $200$300 salt & pepper 405-226-5444, 627-5739

Shih Tzu puppies, 8 wks, 1M, 1F, s/w/dc, $150$275, 405-820-3522,

TOY FOX TERRIERS ALL AGES $100-$500ea » 823-7848 » VIZSLA, AKC, 7 wks, 4M $400; 3F $500 Great companions, S/W, health guarantee. 580-574-6075 Westies ACA reg. 3F 4M $350 ea., S/W care pkg 405-406-7710

WANTED: Deer hunting lease within 30 minutes of metro OKC, 476-8673.


Alpaca Herd Reduction Sale Bred female alpacas ARI Registered and microchipped due to have cria soon. Several to choose from. $2,000 each or package deals available 405-615-6879 405-401-0046

Westies AKC Pups 8 wks. 2 f/1m, s/w, home raised, dad show dog $350 580-490-1352

Cute Baby Pot Belly Pigs 10 wks. white & spotted, $50 ea. 918-3999366 918-372-4451

Wire Fox Terrier Puppies AKC 7 wks Shots 4M 3F $400. 580-483-2006

» POT BELLY PIGS » Tiny babies blk, blk/wht & white $100ea 823-7848

» Round bales » net wrap, varieties, 405-615-5617

Yorkie-Parti In Norman, family raised 6 month male ACA $500. (918) 408-1002

Large Round Bales $35 ea. Edmond area. (405)406-3503/341-2392 Pearl millet & grass hay exc quality net wrapped $40. Luther » 760-6019

ROPING Kingfisher RUC Arena, Sept. 18th, 2010, 6 PM. #9 & #11 (405)699-2078/368-8924

Well bred red leopard 2yo Appaloosa filly $750 580-788-2694 Yorkie Poos. Cute, tiny males. Original. $175ea. 580-583-2696

Miniature Horse Walker $1200, 405-670-2320

Yorkie Puppies 10 week old females s/w vet checked p.o.p. $400. 405-207-3489 Pauls Valley

AMHA Miniature Horses show or pet quality $300 and up 405-670-2320 Palamino Gelding, broke, $600 405-401-9587.

Yorkie Pups AKC, 8 week old Males, will be small, $300 cash. 224-6903

Yorkies 2M toy & small, cute, guaranteed, $275$300. 405-380-8469. YORKIES AKC, 8 wks, Adorable, tiny/regular $250-$450; can send pics s/w/dc 580-504-9580

Catalina Sailboat 1980 25 ft. $5600 Mark 405-590-4471

'05 Titan Pro Street, side winder, 1850cc, S&S mtr, 700 mi, $14k, 487-6708 2004 VW Power Trike, seats 4, 1600cc motor, big Harley gas tanks and Harley front end, $6500. 427-9867 '03 Yam V-Max, 8800 mi. charcoal, VGC, Trade for Truck or $7500¡922-7236 2003 Honda VTX 1800, loaded, exc cond, all the extras! $6500 obo, 830-6578.

Precor 9.23 Treadmill Excellent condition. Like new! Auto adjust resistance and incline. Programmable. $1,100. Call 408-5691 or 408-3805.

2002 Sportster XLS Sport, Rare, Showroom New, Original Owner $5700. 405-721-0179 '99 Titan Road Runner 1500 70cc, nice custom, 12k mi, $8000, 487-6708 YAMAHA TTR/R90, with extras, great cond, $700 405-615-4412

Golf Car Center Yamaha, E-Z-GO New/Used 2622221 Okc, 866-323-2221 CLUB CAR 4 seater fully loaded New batts. Exc cond $2800 641-9932 Club car loaded, all new! Exc cond. call for details $2500 »» 206-8945

2009 Schwinn Scooter 150CC , 300 miles almost new $1675 640-1292• 640-8115

Several large Roosters & Hens $8.00 ea; 6 BB red bantum hens & 1 rooster $75 ‘ 405-240-3346

Hunting/Fishing Leases 607.0 LONE STAR HUNTING SERVICES Quail • Chuker • Turkey Hunt OK/TEX. Book your hunts now Season Starts Oct 14 806-779-0181 620-655-2890 DEER HUNTING Looking for 5 members to join 12,000 acre ranch for deer season. One hr west of OKC on Canadian River. 405-830-2079 Deer Hunting Leases Northern Hughes County Seeded plots & easy access. Plentiful deer population 405-257-3602 9800 Acre Quail Lease WE DO HAVE BIRDS! Hemphill County, TX $2/acre, 3 TX Antelope Hunts 806-886-8533 Cancellation Deer Hunts WOK, 12K acres, 3 days, all seasons, 15 yrs exp. Ref. Available 405-823-7235 DEER• Wild hogs, Bear. with cabin, remote Mt land SE OK 405-454-2149

Bunny rabbits, all ages various breeds, Flemish NZ $20-$30 » 823-7848 »

500 ACRES ELLIS COUNTRY 580-445-6403

2005 TrailCruiser 5th whl by Trail Lite. 26', slps 6, 12' slide. Xtra storage, Exc cond $10,500 771-3838 08 Sierra 32' T.T. Frt kit, k bed, 2 super slides, used 3 wks. $29,000. 580-265-4827

POINTERS Male, Classy 15wk $350, 10mo Fml by Super Express Upgrade X CHKI Cool Blaze $350, son of Ch. Millers White Powder $850 • 918-374-2566 Benelli 12 gauge auto competition model, very good cond. $900, new diamond plate deluxe 2 compartment dog box, $400, 580-284-8141 308 Lever action Marlon Express 6x18x50 bushnel scope. $600 w/scope, $500 w/out. 270 model 710 Remington w/scope $300 863-3415 English Pointer puppies litter registered. 2 males $250. 2 females $275. s/w/dc. 580-564-4975 or 405-517-8329 For Sale German Shorthair Pointers. 2 males, 3 females, 10 weeks old, great bloodlines. $400, 405-306-1578 Sig P229, 40 S&W $790. Kimber pro-carry SS 45 ACP $839. Win super X-2 LNIB $825. AR15 loaded $975. Curtis, 795-7175 WE BUY GUNS Mustang Pawn & Gun Over 1,000 New/Used Guns Tue-Sat 9-6 376-GUNS TAURUS 357 REVOLVER 2'' barrel, CC. $375. Rossi 38 Special. NIB $200 »» 887-4790 »» Rem 700 BDL 7mm Mag 3x9 Burris Scp New Cond-in boxes $725. 405-808-5930 Boykin Spaniel 3 M, 3 F, B.S.S. AKC, $300. Great Pedigree, Great Hunters, 405-590-3846 For health reasons I am selling 11 English Pointers ages 1-7 $250-$700 281-6279 DPMS LR 308 quad rail Rock River trigger, never been fired. Extra mags. $1250 » 405-850-8671

Price reduced-Restored 1983 Airstream 34' $11,750. Must see to appreciate 580-471-7799

DEER HUNTING LEASES 405-247-9797, 405-2471340, 405-247-1341

20' Camper, with accessories, needs a little work $550. 405-826-4200

Cat & Coon Hound Pups (4) 1st shots, exc bloodline, $100. 431-9662

95 Coachman Class C 28' fully loaded generator 32K mi $15,900 833-1955

Hoyt Viper Compound Bow, 55# draw, adj lngth $350 obo 262-4118, 826-3477

1996 Golden Falcon 34-ft TT, 7200 NW 10th lot #2, $14,000 787-1030

Bow Hunters for a hunt in Beaver, OK 405-665-5032

'09 Luxury by Design 33' Like new • 732-3638

OKC'S AUTHORIZED SIG SAUER DEALER In Stock Now Mosquito 22LR $299. All New P238 .380 ACP P250 9MM, 40 S&W $499 RIFLES, All Models In Stock or Available. Call for Appointment 826-6868 767-3334


SHARPE'S ELECTRIC & Heat & Air » 341-8488» RAY'S ELECTRIC »»» 820-7466 »»»

Excavating, Backhoe, Tractor Work

GUNS Rem 1187 excellent cond LH $500, Antique Rem Dbl S/S $200.00, Hoyt LH bow complete with case and target $300, Colt 22 pistol $225. OBO 405-246-8211

Tractor Work, drainage problems solved, roads blt, leveling. 306-9496 2 Dogs, Midwest City/Nicoma Park area. Call to identify, 769-2134 Dachshund/Beagle, Br, M, found near 89th & Western 217-246-0142 Schnauzer Mix? Black, w/rabies tag, NW 31st Bethany 787-9576 to ID Camera in case found in MWC, 405-209-7206 Small brown dog near NW 31st & Portland. Call to identify, 627-5302.

Fence Repair & Replacement Free Est. 15 yrs exp. 410-2671 Business for sale, established three years. Will teach and stay for 30 days. Nets $80K. $3,800 down call Jerry 1-800-731-1951 JAN-PRO, the #1 fastest growing franchise in the world for 3yrs in a row, per Entrepeneur Magazine. Start your own business as low as $950dn 606-3300

BLACK PUPPY at Sonic in Coalgate Okla. call to ID 405-830-5554 SHELTIE MALE vic of Oaktree Golf/country call to ID 642-0011 Found Boston Terrier near NW Expwy & Portland 405-620-7375

Amazing work from home opportunity. Get paid daily. Nation wide service provider. 1-877-828-1824 For Lease Operating Restaurant w/all equip & fixtures, NW. 640-7209.


FOUND F blk lab red collar. F tan & white dog 9/5 Hefner 405-476-6192

Buying oil & gas properties, any status, pay top $$$, »» 800-880-8004 »» BANKRUPTCY Individual Chapter 7 $700.00 + COSTS. Full Legal Services Barry Simms (405) 850-5775 Probate-Trusts

Divorce $99 474-2375

» $30 Off Any Repair » True Tech Home Service. Guaranteed Best Deal. Call 562-5421. Lic #4935 AIRE-MEN HEAT/COOL $69 SC BBB accredited Co. Free Est. All makes/models OK76029 996-7779

Appliance Repairs

AAA Appliance Repair » Honest» Dependable» Affordable» 420-6137 AAA Appliance Repair » Repair» Dependable» Affordable » 528-1263

‘ APPLIANCE REPAIR ‘ Since 1982 405-834-5517


Conceal/Carry Class $35 Gun, ammo, range provided. 405-818-7904

Call 1-800-771-9795. Learn about a Co. that goes beyond all others to help you succeed!

Hot Tub 5 person! Floor Model DEL & FIN Call 405-632-8864

ROUTE FOR SALE 200 accounts x $2 per day = $12,000 a month 3 hours a day - 5 days a week. Less than $40,000 - all or part. 803-327-5050

Quality House Cleaning great rates, 15 years experience & references »» 6 8 4 - 6 2 9 2 »» EXECUCLEAN Affordable floor/carpet maint. strip & wax free est 973-6882 DIRT & GRIME? Don't Have The Time?Call A Fresh Start 326-4332

Clock & Watch Repair Grandfather Clock House calls 25yr exp grtd 691-8552

Garage Doors & Openers Sales & Service 794-1718

5'' & 6'' Alum. Seamless Over 20yrs Exper! Free Estimates 405-905-1008 Gutters, Siding & Roofs Insured 405-759-3000

Painting, drywall repairs, wood replacement, fence repairs & installation other repairs. 229-9691 B & L Handyman & Remodeling. We do it all give us a call. Int/ext, ins (405) 826-3220. Mr. Fixit Handyman Service. We do it all for less. Free est. Bond. Ins. Visa/MC 603-6104

Computer Services

Retired Contractor Repairs, remodels, paints, 25 yr exp, free est 314-3621

On-Site PC Maintenance $30 1ST HR » $25 AFTER 405-794-0998


ALL TYPES & SIZES, free est, ins, 314-5344,


Brick Restoration and Repairs. All types of Masonry. 405-589-2770

J&D Carpet, 5 Areas Steam-Cleaned $60, Free Deep Scrub, 732-1126. Carpet Clean $10rm Repr Stretch Install 882-4592

Marvin’s Custom Concrete All kinds of work, Free est, Lic, Bonded, 605-0180 or 885-4059 Drives, foundations, patios, lic, bond, ins, free estimates,769-3094

Drywall Ceiling & Wall Doctor Roofing & Remodeling ‚ Acoustic popcorn removal ‚ Drywall repair ‚ Custom hand trowel finishes & spray finishes ‚ Interior/Exterior painting ‚ Powerwashing ‚ Flooring, carpet, tile, wood ‚ Granite counter tops Call Jeff for free estimate at 405-408-5453 Patch Master Complete, fast, repair, ins 408-7513

» $30 Off Any Repair » True Tech Home Service Call 562-5421, Lic #98814 Backhoe work, sewer line replacement, septic systems, tractor, bobcat, 794-6535. Repair Masters Svc 20% disc/CCs acptd 302-4929

PROFESSIONAL REMODELING GET IT DONE RIGHT! Foundations through Roof Services Serving OKC for 37 years


REPAIR & NEW FENCES 36 yrs experience, 631-1925

PETE'S HAULING, Free Est, Edmond, N Metro, 340-7669 ABOVE ALL & BEYOND Trash Removal 886-2669

Patios, driveways, floors Licensed, bonded »» 473-2600 »»

M Yorkie mix, blonde lost W. Nichols Hills area. Reward 842-5552

Bob White Quail (25) $4-$5 each. 405-816-5561

Tuffsteel carports 20x20 $1595; Patio Covers, Free Est. 799-4026, 694-6109

Driveways, patios, and steps, no job too small or large. Lic & bon 424-5105

$500 REWARD Lost 1 yr, 80 #, f/m, b&t, Germ Shep. Okarche area 405-263-7729

Flight conditioned Quail $4ea 918-967-5164 or 918-617-2446

Carport, Patio, Awning

Sunshine Cleaning Service ins/bond 793-1630, 625-3930

White Great Pyrenees mix? vic. of Airport Rd & Council. To ID 623-0163


Black Jenni, with spotted jenni baby $300 405-208-0780 Race/Barrel Prospects (2) yearling (1) 2yo geld's 496-1495

Yorkies, ACA, 3 Female, home raised $450 ea. S. of Norman, 527-2606

2010 G3 Jon Boat 25HP Yamaha, Minkota 40lb thrust trolling motor, Fishmark 380 depth finder, new battery, less than 2 tanks of gas used. boat is 14'10'' long asking $6500 580-399-6529

2005 Harley Davidson RS VRA. 7200 miles, Rhinehart custom pipes, Perfect Cond. Like New. $8,990 Call 570-9893

OK’s largest sel. of used Golf cars 800-276-0571

Yorkie AKC, 12-16 wks, 4 F, 4 M, nice, small, $300$400 cash, 405-640-0920

Yorkie babies AKC/Purse Size! Ch. bldlns. Vet ckd. hlth grtd $700 285-8987

2 man BB 10' 3.5 HP Evinrude, TM, Batt, lights, anchor, Oar, Ext trailer for ponds. new crpt, tires, spare, Buddy hubs. mint cond. $1500. Edm 330-2550

Repair Masters Svc 20% disc/CCs acptd 302-4929


Yorkie, AKC/CKC Tiny Toys $475-$700 405-609-9241

YORKIE AKC F, 8 wks, will be small, adorable, s/w, $650. 485-2869

2007 Honda VTX 1300R Metallic Silver, Garage Kept, Low Miles- 3652mi -Extras - Excellent Condition! $6250. Call Derek 213-5057

Vitamaster treadmill like new, folds up for storage. $200 670-6389

Yorki-Poo, Adorable, TINY!! $195-$250, Visa/MC, 405-826-4557

Yorkie AKC, 5 M, 11 & 13 weeks, vet checked, $220-$270, 399-3843

Hunting Lease-Woods county, 1280 acres. Call Jim @ 580-234-7000

Weatherby MK V Lazermark .270 WBY NEVER FIRED. Oakleaf Lazermark stock. 3x9 Leupold Vari XIIc scope, never used. Rifle is in excellent condition. Can e-mail pictures. $1600. John 405-802-5975



Silkie Terriers AKC, 2F $275 1M $200; 8wks, s/w, 405-379-3553

Deer• Dove • Duck • Goose. Harrah, Purcell Clayton, 405-454-2149

Business Opportunity


Siberian Husky All White 45 lb 1 year female obedience trained Needs larger yard or another dog Spayed CKC purebred, blue eyes. Norman North $160 Tom work# M-F 7AM-4PM 521-2526 / wknd/after 5PM 329-3291 or

Yorkies tiny, cute males & females $300-$350 580-583-2696

Hunting/Fishing Leases 607.0


Sib. Husky, AKC 8F/6M. All colors UTD. $200-$450 Pet Only 866-957-5572 lm



Shih Tzu Puppies, 5K wks, M's $100; F's $125 full blood 405-207-8301

GARY'S ROOFING LLC. Locally owned/operated 22yrs of experience in the state of Oklahoma. Call 789-7663 for your free roof inspection!! Mayfield Roofing» Ins. claims» Lowest price possible. 405-474-0161 Need a Roof? We can help! Call ProActive Roofing 886-6901 ROOFING - Estimate by phone. Call 694-1209 ROOFING, PAINTING, FREE EST! 812-1916.

D&D TILE & REMODEL Afford. & Prof. 971-4492 25yrs exp. No job too small!

Black Hawk Top Soil, del sand/gravel, 255-0275

All Pro Tree Service, Senior discount. Specializing in dead, dangerous tree removal. 924-1430 License Trimming & Removal Free Estimate 787-9799 CAPITAL TREE SERVICE Dangerous removals & tree trimming 243-4720

Phoenix Landscaping stone patios, tree removal, planting & more! free est. Sergio 405212-0475, 802-7511

Woodchucks' Tree Serv. Guar. lowest price. Ins. removal & trim 881-6559

All Areas Lawn & Tractor Mow: big/small 348-4469

Prof tree util serv. K for seniors. Ins. proof of ins. stump service. 314-1313

All Areas Lawn & Tractor Mow: big/small 348-4469 Hauling & yard work, reasonable prices, 201-0955.

Top Quality Painting- 1/2 Price 24 yr exp 882-3255 M & M SERVICES - Interior & Exterior Painting, 751-4094 Jim's Painting/Remodeling int/ext, insured. 366-0722

» $30 Off Any Repair » True Tech Home Service. Guaranteed Best Deal. Call 562-5421. Lic #44583

BUDDY'S PLUMBING, INC, Do it all, water, sewer, gas, Ok Lic #3887, 405-528-7733.

Rose Electric LLC Resid. Service Calls 703-4556

HOPE PLUMBING drain cleaning and all plumbing svcs, 201-4417.

EASON ELECTRIC JOE EASON, #92004, »» 405-677-8600 »»

» $30 Off Any Repair » True Tech Home Service Call 562-5421, Lic #98814

» GENE’S TREE SERVICE» Insured-Free Est. 682-2100. L & R Tree Serv, Low Prices, Insured, Free Est, 946-3369.

Look at OKC  

Look at OKC

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