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Spring Newsletter 2018 “In Reflection…”

Table of Contents 1. Introduction & Table of Contents 2. Course Reflections Part 1 3. Course Reflections Part 2


4. Community Service Reflection

Our chapter has accomplished an incredible

5. Preparing Future Generations Reflection

number of feats

6. Fundraising Reflections

throughout this school

7. Leadership Development Reflection

year, and as it begins to

8. Scrapbooking Reflections

draw draws too a close now is the perfect time to reflect back on what we have accomplished...

9. Agricultural Advocacy Reflections 10. Alumni Support Reflections 11.Retiring Officer Reflections Part 1 12. Retiring Officer Reflections Part 2 1

Course Reflections 1 Overview In our agriculture department we offer an incredibly wide variety of classes which people can use to help gain the skills that they believe will be beneficial to their future. Starting from the basic principles of agriculture in the Introduction to AFNR Course their 1st year, all the way up to the complex nature of biotechnology their final year, the journey these students go through is incredible. A handful of students from these courses were asked to reflect on the skills they learned and how it will impact their capacity for future success.

Animal Science “The Animal Science course has given me the opportunity to learn about nurturing almost any form of livestock, as well as how to care for them through fulfilling certain needs. These skills and techniques will prepare me for Veterinary school, and hopefully a future career in the Veterinary Sciences.” – Emma Shuey, Class of 2020

Plant Science “Attending the Toigo Tomato Farm field trip during my time as a plant science student was a fascinating experience. Seeing all of the successfully grown plants was both inspiring and noteworthy” - Dylan Short, Class of 2018

Agricultural Construction “The Agricultural Construction course helped me to learn new skills such as electrical wiring, wood cutting, and accurate measuring. Not only will these skills be beneficial in a construction related career, but I can also use them to maintain and improve my home.” – Tyler Heckert, Class of 2019 2

Course Reflections 2 Introduction to Agriculture “This class is an extremely important starting point in my FFA journey. The basic skills we acquire such as DNA extraction, or soil measurements are both relevant and interesting. I hope to continue building up these skills in future courses.” - Macy Grove, Class of 2021

Leadership “The leadership course helped me to improve my public speaking skills through mock interviews and speeches. I also heightened my ability to convey my ideas to others, which will be beneficial in any future career” – Krista Armour, Class of 2018

Food Science “The Food Science course has taught me a numerous amount of skills which I can use to benefit my future. I learned how to keep an organized lab note book, and binder to easily find notes and records I have previously completed. In terms of food related skills I learned how to better clean foods, preserve them, and numerous other skills which will help me make my food last longer.”- Megan Say, Class of 2019

Plant & Animal Biotechnology “Participating in the Biotechnology class has given me access to advanced skills and techniques which allow me to view and manipulate the genetic background of living beings. These skills will allow me to be successful in any advanced college course.”- Nina Vietze, Class of 2018 3

Community Service Reflections “Over this past year our chapter has served the community in numerous incredible ways. It has been my pleasure to inform every member of the events we are doing, because community service is an act which is not only a prerequisite for degrees, awards, and college, but it’s also a valuable hobby. Serving as the Community Service Chair, has provided me with valuable leadership experiences which will certainly be beneficial to my future”- Anne

Puchalsky, Community Service Chair, Class of 2019.

Highway Clean up At the beginning of the year our chapter decided to adopt a section of a local road through the PA Adopt A Highway organization. A mile long stretch of welltraveled road going through new Kingstown is now ours to take care of. Member spent an hour in the sweltering heat this past September to help to keep PA beautiful! We will be holding this event again later this year for all who may be interested.

Crocheting Communities Together A brand-new event was hosted by Cumberland Valley FFA this year, which we dubbed Crocheting Communities Together. Members from chapters across The CumberlandDauphin-Perry Area were invited to our high school to help create mattresses for the homeless. These were no ordinary mattresses, but instead they were unique in the fact that we created them out of cut and crocheted plastic bags! So not only did we help the homeless by crafting them a comfortable place to sleep, but we also recycled hundreds of plastic bags which would have ended up in landfills. We can’t wait to see what fun community service event the Cumberland-Dauphin-Perry Area decided to execute next year!

Meal Packing A long-held tradition of the Cumberland Valley FFA Chapter is the annual Meal Packing event. Each year over thirty members of our chapter travel to the Land O’ Lakes plant in Carlisle and form an assembly line which we use to pack the meals. In total, we pack over 1,000 Meals which are sent to starving families around the globe. This is a collaboration event between our chapter who prepare the meals, Stop Hunger Now who sends out our meals, and Land O’ Lakes who provide us with their facilities to pack the meals in. We would like to thank all our willing partners for their continuous help in making this event a success each and every year! 4

Preparing Future Generations Reflection “Being a Chairwoman this year has taught me the importance of commitment to my chapter, which I acted upon through my attendance at all major chapter functions. I have attended every chapter and committee meeting this year, and because of it I feel like my involvement to this chapter has grown stronger. Not only has this position helped to increase my involvement, but it has also provided me with the knowledge and skills I need to properly run a meeting in any future leadership position.” – Ashley

Crawford, Outreach Chair, Class of 2020 Monroe Agriculture Club It is important for kids to be exposed to the incredible opportunities available to them in agriculture from a very young age. As such, every year our chapter collaborates with the Monroe Township elementary school to hold an after school club every Tuesday in April. Each week we talk to them about a different aspect of agriculture, and get them excited about FFA. Our second meeting of this year was based on animal science; the students pieced together the life cycle of a chicken, and the product cycle of milk. It is our hope that this club will have a positive impact on their perception of agriculture, and persuade them to consider joining FFA in the future!

Middle School Agriculture Club Similar in nature to the fore mentioned Monroe Agriculture Club for elementary students, the Middle School Agriculture Club is an incredible way for students to stay involved with both FFA and Agriculture during their middle school years. Each meeting is focused around one particular area of agriculture. For example, in December students learned how to arrange pine branches, pine cones, and decorations together in order to create a mini Christmas tree! Once again it is our hope that these clubs provide its attendants with a “taste of FFA” which will encourage them to join our organization as they come to high school in the following years. 5

Fundraising Reflections “Through serving in a leadership capacity this past year, I have been able to realize the importance of my own voice and opinions within this chapter. I was able to realize that though participating in meetings, and committees I can not only voice my opinion, but influence the way our chapter is run. In the future I hope to utilize these skills for the betterment of our FFA chapter�- Courtney Davis, Finance Chair, Class of 2019

Fundraising Totals There is an incredible amount of opportunities available to students in the FFA, unfortunately there is no such thing as a free lunch. Thankfully the Fundraising committee is always hard at work to continue finding new and creative ways to raise money for our chapter. In fact, due to their efforts no member of our chapter has had to pay full price for a trip this year! Our first and biggest fundraiser of the year took place in the fall, it was the Fruit, Butter-Braid and Candle sale. Members were tasked with trying to sell as much as they could to raise both money for the chapter as well as their FFA account. In total our chapter raised over 10,000 dollars with just this one fundraiser! Our next fundraiser, the Sub Fundraiser with R&K Subs, took place in January. We sold an incredibly impressive total of 1,400 subs and pretzel sandwiches! Our final fundraiser of the year was the Pie Fundraiser where members sold various fruit pies, and whoopee pies to members of the community. With this final fundraiser, we earned an additional 3,000 dollars for our chapter! 6

Leadership Development Reflections “Being a Committee Chair has taught me how to communicate better with not only the officer team but with my friends. I also have learned a lot about time management and leadership skills that are needed to serve as a leader for the FFA chapter. Most importantly though being a Committee Chair has taught me how to get through struggles that may occur throughout the year and even life.”- Amanda Hamilton, Leadership Chair,

Class of 2021 ACES


One of the most popular FFA events of the entire year is ACES (Agricultural Cooperation Establishes Success), which is a state-wide leadership conference hosted by the PA FFA State Association. Attendees rotate through various workshops which teach them valuable skills relating to leadership, respect, parliamentary procedure, manners, and so much more! Not only did the students get to learn about these amazing topics, but they also got to eat several delicious meals served by Sheraton Staff, attend a crazy dance party, and to top it all off – brain storm new and exciting ways they can help better their community! If you have never attended before, it is an amazing experience filled with fun and numerous opportunities to help you further your leadership skills.

Another incredible leadership conference, SLLC (State Legislative Leadership Conference) took place in March of this year. This conference is similar in nature to that of the ACES Conference in which attending members are given the opportunity to improve their leadership capacity through various workshops. However, unlike its predecessor this conference hones in and focuses on teaching the proper use of parliamentary procedure as it pertains to the legislative system. Members take part In a mock version of the house and senate as they attempt to pass a certain set of bills. We also completed a community service activity at a local fire house, and had breakfast with members of our senate and house of representatives! 7

Chapter Scrapbooking Reflections “Serving as the chair of a committee has enhanced my capacity for leadership through hands on experience as I supported the Public Relations committee. It is my hope that the work I have accomplished will be looked back upon by members in the future as they page through the 2017, & 2018 scrapbooks.” – Michaela Rabert, Public

Relations Chair, Class of 2018.

Scrapbook Overview Each year, very FFA Chapter in the National Organization is tasked with creating a chapter scrapbook. This scrapbook is meant to cover every event in our Program of Activities, service to our community, and outstanding achievements earned by chapter members. The duty of recording our chapter’s activities falls upon the Reporter and the Public Relations Committee. Thanks to the hard work, and support of these groups each month, our scrapbook this year will have over 150 pages filling 2 entire scrapbooks! Last year the Cumberland Valley FFA Chapter Scrapbook placed 3rd in the state, and we hope that our scrapbooks will take 1st this year! Results will be announced at Pennsylvania FFA State Convention this June. 8

Agricultural Advocacy Reflections “Efficiently managing my time allowed me to produce advertisements, and other documents of a high quality. These resources could be used to further advocate for agriculture within my school and community, as we spread the truth about agriculture to all generations. This experience has provided me with the capacity for leadership that I need to join future leadership teams.” – Veronica

Kiner, Chapter Recruitment Chair, Class of 2020.

Meat In the Middle Unfortunately, due to false media portrayals by various Animal Rights Groups, the layman has gained a very negative outlook towards animal agriculture. It was the intent to change this outlook that the chapter recruitment committee set out to create an event which they could use to advocate for positive animal agriculture. From this goal, the event know is Meat in the Middle was created. After receiving several grants from various organizations, we were able to hire one of the Peterson Farm Brothers, to come to Cumberland Valley and advocate for us. In total over 250 people attended from over 7 FFA Chapters, as well as plenty of students from our high school courses. We hope that the message we spread through this event is the beginning of better relations between animal agriculturists, as well as animal rights groups. 9

Alumni Support Reflections Overview Upon graduation FFA members still can serve our association. One such opportunity is to become a member of our Alumni Association! Each month members of the alumni meet up to discuss the state of their organization, and upcoming events. Members of the Alumni help our chapter in numerous ways through providing funding for scholarship opportunities, banquet awards, and housing for national convention. They also devote their time at events such as Shippensburg Fair, Toy Show, and Tree Lot.

Tree Lot As previously mentioned one such event that the Alumni plays a huge roll in, is the CV FFA Alumni Tree Lot. Running through the end of November to the end of December, the Tree lot sells Douglas Fir and Frasier Fir trees which cater to all tastes in trees. We also sell different accessories such as tree bags, stands, nutrients, and wreaths! Members of our chapter help customers to pick out trees, trim them down to size, clean up the branches, and drill a hole in the trunk for a stand. Through our participation in this event we can learn useful skills in both business and public speaking as we try to convince potential to buy our product. These skills can be passively applied to almost any future job or profession and as such our acquisition of them is invaluable. This event would not be possible without the numerous alumnus who provide their own time, and resources to supervise us in this endeavor.

Interested in Joining? If you are a graduating CV FFA Senior and are interested in joining our alumni program there will be a stand up at banquet with all required information! Meetings are held once a month and attendance is highly encouraged but not required. Upon signing up you will receive email notifications regarding upcoming events as well as said meetings. We hope you consider joining our program! 10

Retiring Officer Reflections 1 Prelude to Final Reflections This past May, seven individuals left Cumberland Valley High school with the knowledge that they were chosen to represent our chapter the following school year. That August these individuals reunited to strengthen their leadership skills, and prepare themselves to serve the chapter. Each month these individuals have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that events run smoothly, funds are raised, outside relations are maintained, records are kept, and so much more. As their time as an officer team grows ever nearer to a close, they would like to reflect on their experiences so that others may see what they have learned. “Serving as the Chapter President has been challenging but also rewarding. It has been one of the best experiences of my life, and the lessons and skills I have learned will benefit me for the rest of my life.” - Killiann George, Chapter President, Class of 2018 “Serving as an officer for these past two years has been an experience which will last a lifetime. Due to the impact this experience has had on my own life I highly encourage any member to apply for next year’s team.”- Terrin Brammer, Chapter Vice President, Class of 2019 “Being an officer has been an exciting and new experience which I cannot recommend any more than I already have. Despite the challenges that come along with applying for an officer position, choosing to do so is an experience which I would never take back.” - Matthew Bird, Chapter Treasurer, Class of 2020 “Over the past two years I have had the pleasure of serving as the chapter secretary. The skills I have gained through this experience have taught me the importance of note taking and how keeping records can benefit your organization. This will prove invaluable to me as I enter my next course of study in life.” - Megan Copeland, Chapter Secretary, Class of 2018 11

Retiring Officer Reflections 2 “The two most important lessons I have learned from being an FFA Officer is firstly Time Management, because knowing what's going on could make or break the events you have planned events. The lesson I have learned while serving in a leadership position is that everyone has a story, some are happy and some are sad, but what we do here in the FFA can make our story have meaning”- Ben Miskin, Chapter Sentinel, Class of 2019 “In the past year as the 2017-2018 Chaplain I was able to help the chapter plan new and exciting Community Service Events which make CVFFA better known throughout the community. By taking the initiative to create new service events I was able to exhibit my drive and passion for the FFA this past year.”- Rudy Shadle,

Chapter Chaplain, Class of 2018 “Serving as an officer for these past two years has provided me with so many incredible skills, which will benefit my future. Serving as Treasurer provided me with the ability to effectively integrate and execute fundraisers, and serving as Reporter has allowed me to effectively arrange the thoughts and feelings of others into a newsletter which you the reader can enjoy! While it is not without sadness that I prepare to retire I hope to carry on my legacy by training next years Reporter.” -

Gabriel Hartman, Chapter Reporter, Class of 2018 Final Statement Just as crops must wither to provide nutrients for new plants to grow, so must our officer team retire to make way for a new generation of agriculturists. If you are even slightly interested in applying for a leadership position within the chapter, whether it be an Officer position or Committee Chair position, it is highly encouraged that you see Ms. Romberger or Mrs. Weyer for an application packet. The packet should have a link to the online application which you must turn in by May 3rd, and handwritten applications will not be accepted. Best of luck to all applicants, and I am glad that this chapter will be left in such capable hands. 12

2018 CV FFA Spring Reflections Newsletter  
2018 CV FFA Spring Reflections Newsletter