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Bruce Rioux 85 Mary Carroll Street Auburn, Maine 207 713-4400

Hello, I have had the good fortune to have worked with Darla Farmer for the past 18 months. Darla was hired as the manager for our team of advertising designers for all Sun Media newspaper publications that included the Sun Journal. The Sun Media design staff created and prepared for publication hundreds of advertisements per week, all with very short deadlines. There were eight ad designers under Darla's supervision to handle this workload. Upon arriving at Sun Media, Darla brought with her the knowledge of great ad design coupled with the ability to apply multiple software systems that were constantly being upgraded. I was most impressed by Darla's tremendous work ethic and her 'lead by example' style of leadership. She was always the first of her design team to arrive in the morning and the last to leave in the evening. In the time she worked at Sun Media, she gained the respect of every member of her staff as well as the account representatives and managers who were responsible for advertising sales. Darla completely understood the relationship between our accounts and the impact that ad design had on the success of the clients' ad campaigns. Darla consistently worked with her staff to build their skills to produce good advertising designs. Due to the acquisition of several weekly newspaper publications Sun Media ownership decided to 'outsource' all advertising design to an outside firm rather than add additional staff and computer platforms to accommodate an ever increasing workload. This resulted in the elimination of several positions that included Darla and her team. If I were to acquire or manage a company that required design and production expertise, Darla would be the first person I would hire. With Darla's expert guidance and wonderful work ethic, I would rest assured that my company was providing our customers with excellent design products. Sincerely, Bruce Rioux Major Accounts Manager Sun Journal Lewiston, Maine

Recommendation for Darla Farmer  

Recommendation from Bruce Rioux, Major Accounts Manager, Sun Media Group

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