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Editorial Jasmien

Editorial Wim Even today attacks as 9/11 could happen. Terrorism can never be eliminated, although we can try to prepare ourselves on it. We are very vulnerable for reign of terror. Not only far-right muslims are a threat to us, but also people with a psychopatical character, like Breivik, could be a danger for our society. I think that attacks like 9/11 could be easily prevented. If they had more safety measures at the airports, the terrorists wouldn’t be able to capture the planes. If the pilot had a weapon and handcuffs it would have been easy to interrupt their actions. We cannot stop bombings although there are a lot of ways to prevent such attacks. Also Belgium, the capital of Europe, is a possible target for terrorists and that’s why we have to take measures! If we do not undertake any actions it will not take long untill we are the victims of an attack. There has always been and will always be terrorism, but we can do whatever it takes to prevent this!

Most people believe that clothes are an illustration of the way you are, or think, or in which social class you belong. I think that is definitely true. Who does never look when someone passes by wearing an expensive coat or shiny shoes? A person is also very recognisable when he or she wears a typical style. It gives him or her a place in the community. Think of dreads for reggae, black clothes for emo and fake glasses for nerds. In a certain way, it makes people feel good about theirselves, even it their outfit says ‘hey, I am the one you do not want to mess with’. Yes, clothes, hairstyles and accessories are a good way to express yourself – I also have a dread, a symbol for an opinion I share with a friend. And if you don’t belong in one of the groups, you prove you are an assertive person, who can stand on its own. But is it fair to judge a person by his clothes? Maybe there’s a reason why that one girl only wears trousers, or why that Huyge W. man has a worn jersey. It’s a good way to give your point of view without saying anything, but we need to be careful. You can’t judge a book by its cover. Muhammad J.

Table Of Content  Editorial Jasmien & Wim  Table of Content  World Trade Center – Ramon Yanou  The Death Of Osama Bin Laden – Clerinx Aron  The most impressive monuments of the United States of America – Heymans Annelien  In the spotlight – Van de Voorde Laura  With a conspicious touch – Wyn Evelyne  Jokes  Horoscope  Belgian television would be nothing without series from the USA – Storms Lio  A voice to struggle – De Vocht Maïté  Happily ever after – Muhammad Jasmien  Famous British television, known worldwide – Vanhoutte Laura  One hell of a concert - Saey Erik  The Olympic Games – Lodewyckx Thomas  Stunning facts – Huyge Wim  Rough, rougher, roughest – Op de Beeck Jente

There were more than 2500 victims that World Trade Center

were found on the unwanted battlefield.

We start our journey in the biggest city of the Many firemen became victims, but they USA, New York City. Once we arrive there, became heroes as well. They succeeded to we continue to Lower Manhattan. The WTC

save lots of people out of the towers. Even

towers, formerly known as the highest

when the buildings fell to the ground, they

buildings in the world, were located there.

persevered to search for possible survivors.

David Rockefeller came up with this great

It’s incredible!

idea about the nineties. He wanted to smarten up this side of NYC by constructing two towers, used as trade centers. Unfortunately New York wasn’t refrained from disasters. That’s what the Americans and other people all over the world realized at 11 September 2001.

Each and every victim is commemorated by a lot of people. Especially at 11 September 2011 the victims got a lot of attention and homage. This last decade was the decade of Nine Eleven. Nine eleven has still got a drastic impact. The contemporary victims are especially firemen who had inhaled

At this historical day something

many dangerous and toxic gases during

unimaginably horrible happened. On this

their rescue efforts. Already more than 1500

Tuesday morning the New Yorkers were

people died after the attacks. Nowadays

awakened by the sound of explosions.

they’ve got breathing problems and blood Terrorist attacks on the twin towers were the diseases. They can develop even worse cause. A plane flew throughout the buildings diseases like cancer. at high speed. Later, another plane followed. After about two hours the northern tower and southern tower collapsed.

(source: ?hero=Firemen_schr_NL_07_ul) After the attacks, the site was called Ground

Al-Qaida, an Islamist terrorist movement, was responsible for the disaster. To combat terrorism, the defensive systems have changed a lot. The government has to avoid catastrophes like that, avoid terrorism, avoid thousands of innocent victims.

Zero. To prove that the victims still get a lot of attention and homage, architects have designed a beautiful memorial. The memorial has got waterfalls, museums and walls, engraved with the victim's names in bronze letters. Because of the memorial, the Americans can deal with the grief process

better. Also the thousands of

gases and they have to give the workers the

commemorations on 11 September 2011,

right equipment to do their job. Only by

the decade of nine eleven, meant a lot to

taking decisions which are in favor of the

many people in the USA and the rest of the

people and by helping each other out of


horrible situations, we can act the right way. These are important things that have to be

I hope a similar attack won’t happen again in improved! the future and the defensive systems will be improved. Also the government needs to do a better job in such dramatic situations. They have to warn the people for dangerous

Ramon Y.

The Death of Osama Bin Laden

On 11 september 2001 two airplanes flew into the WTC-towers in New York. Another airplane crashed into the pentagon. All of them were hijacked by Islamic terrorists, under the command of Osama Bin Laden. This attack is considered to be one of the biggest ever. Since 9/11, America had been chasing Bin Laden On the second may of 2011 the Navy SEALs killed Osama Bin Laden. The Navy SEALs are highly classified soldiers, trained to become the best. There's not a lot of information available about their avtiviteit, operations or recruitment. We know that it's origin can be found in 1980, in Iran. The US wanted a new Counter-terrorist team so they instructed a man named Marcinko with the assignment. Marcinko called his new team SEAL Team Six. He chose every single member himself. Within months the team was ready for its first mission.

there might have been spies of Al-Qaeda. To get to Abbottabad they had to avoid several radars, so they built helicopters that repelled the rays. The helicopters were also as noiseless as possible. SEAL Team Six flew above Abbottabad about 1:30 am. The whole SEAL team had been practicing for over 3 months on the mission, so once they landed they knew their way inside the house. Overpowering Bin Laden wasn't a very large deal because he didn't resist. The Death of Osama Bin Laden was a true turning point for the citizens of the VS. Also the NAVO and the Europian Union were very excited about it. His ellimination was, and still is, seen as a big victory in the war on terror. However, some worldleaders were worried because they thought Al-Qaeda would take revenge. Luckily no revenge has been taken yet.

The execution of Osama Bin Laden, the leader of Al-Qaeda, hasn't been an easy task. Nevertheless the Navy SEALs mannaged to succeed. Almost everyonr find The government of The United States of the death of Bin Laden a good thing. America was fully convinced that Osama Bin Although some persons think the SEALs Laden was hiding in a Pakistani town called shouldn't have killed him, because they are Abbottabad. Getting there would be a very afraid of revenge. difficult quest. They couldn't tell the Pakistani government about their mission because

The most impressive monuments of the United States of America In 1492, a new country was discovered by Christopher Columbus. The USA is known by almost everyone. This notorious country is popular for its several soaps, music, amusement parks, movie stars,… . But not only these commercial things are typical for the United States of America. I'm thinking about the history of different monuments like the Statue of Liberty, the White House and many others. The historical background of these monuments is important to understand why they are so massive and impressive.

President Franklin Roosevelt decided to bring the 17 buildings – in which the department of the war was placed- together. It’s a concept of engineers officers and it consists of sand and grit, coming from the Potomac river. It was built in 1943 and the total cost of this project was $83 million. The Pentagon is the principal seat of the ministry of defense. It consists of three military departments : the army, the navy, the air force and fourteen military organizations. It is the biggest office building of the world. The pentagon shape is very efficient: in barely 7 minutes you can run from one side to the other side.

The Statue of Liberty The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom The White House and democracy. The French people provided In 1791, George Washington chose this this image to the people of the United States place as new location for the house of the in 1886. It represents the Independence of president. One year later, the Irish architect America. Frédéric Bartholdi is the French James Hoban designed this impressive sculptor of this grandiose image, which is masterwork, also called ‘the Executive located in New York. The Statue of Liberty is House’. John Adams and his wife were the a sculpture of Lady Liberty. Her crown first residents, though the building was not indicates the seven continents and the completed. For more than 200 years it has seven seas. After the unfortunate attack of been the official residence of the President. 9/11, visitors were no longer allowed to visit The house survived a fire in 1814 when the the crown of this monument. But since 2009, British people were trying to abolish this everyone is happy that it is accessible again. monument. James Monroe gave the Liberty’s right hand holds a torch and she instructions to reconstruct it. Theodore holds a tablet in her left hand that reads July Roosevelt gave instructions to build the 4, 1776. The sculpture is 93 meters high and West Wing. The East Wing was also it contains 354 steps. renovated in 1942. There are 132 rooms inside and every chamber has its specific Pentagon

theme. Most of them have a historical style,

decorated with antique furniture, porcelain and silverware. It’s a public place in which you can enjoy a free tour.

These monuments are the most attractive tourist attractions in the USA. People from every corner in the world want to check these impressive monuments. The stories behind all these constructions are even more spectacular than the overwhelming impression itself. America wrote a large chapter in the history books...

Heymans A.

In the Spotlights Everyone knows the famous American Movie Awards. They are so successful because people want to see their favourite actors compete against each other. They also like the excitement about the whole show: who is going to be the winner?

till 1940 newspapers got the list of winners of that night, so they could put them in their evening edition, immediately after the show. Everything went fine until the Los Angeles Times published the winners in its newspaper before the show ended. After this incident The Academy wanted a new method. So the following year there was a

There are a lot of movie awards in America. The most famous of them all are probably the Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars. The formal ceremony of this award show, when the actors get their prizes, is the most renowned award ceremony in the whole world. Besides that, it is also the oldest award ceremony of the world. The Oscars also have some equivalents: the Grammy Awards for music, the Emmy Awards for television and the Tony Awards for theatre. The term Oscar originated by coincidence. The little statuettes, given to the actors, reminded Margaret Herrick (Academy member) of her uncle Oscar. Her comment stuck immediately and since then, everybody refers to the little statues as Oscars. The first Oscar ceremony was held in 1929 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. It was an attempt to help Hollywood to a better image. Few people came to this ceremony and most of the winners did not show up to come and get their prize. They were announced three months earlier, but that immediately changed in the second edition. From 1929

sealed-envelope including the names of the winners. Up till now this method is still being used. Hollywood stars arrive in stretched limos and are awaited by a crowd of paparazzi, trying to make the best picture. Celebrities are welcomed and show off on a red carpet. Movie stars attach a lot of importance to their image so they spend a lot of time on clothes and hairstyle. For a lot of fashion designers, the Oscar ceremony offers the ideal platform to launch their new designs. That way, they can build their brand and become the talk of the town. That is why many fashion designers lend their clothes to the most famous actors. Oscar ceremonies still draw huge crowds: a lot of people try to catch a glimpse of their favourite Hollywood celebrity. Recent winners include Natalie Portman, Colin Firth, Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock. Emmy awards are American prizes that are handed out to actors to reward their outstanding television performances. The first Emmy was awarded in 1949. It is a symbol of great recognition by more than 12 000 members of the American Television

Academy. Contrary to the Oscars, not only actors and directors can win awards. Companies like Sony and Dolby received prizes for technical breakthroughs.

Although American movie awards are events that are already very old, their popularity still grows. So the plan to improve Hollywood’s image has really worked out better than expected.

Van de Voorde L.

with a conspicuous touch

uniqueness. Think about ‘Monki’, this brand is not very

We all want to create our personal style, a

known in Belgium,

style that makes us different, a style that

but very popular in the UK. They created a

makes us believe that we deserve our place whole ‘Monki World’ on their website, with videos of creatives on earth. Nowadays everyone is busy searching the deeper meaning of live and

(including fashion bloggers), inspiring music

finding out who he or she is. And a lot of

for those who like it and they have their own

them out their personality in their own

fashion magazine. In this way, they send out

innovative style, which usually includes their a special message to their customers. clothing style and music taste. But not only clothing can be inspiring, also music can give you a lot of energy thanks to In our environment we have the choice to do whatever we want; we can choose a bald head or a mohawk haircut, we can wear a skinny jeans or a mini-skirt. This freedom ensures that our streets are filled up with people in different colors and with different coifs. What people do with their freedom is very diverse.

One example of people who are obsessed with fashion are the ‘fashion bloggers’, these people have their own website on which they post their fashion experience and personal clothing habitats. A very famous UK blogger is Susie Bubble; her enthusiasm splashes from the articles and photos she posts. And Mademoiselle Robot is one of my absolute favorites to when it comes to the latest newsflashes in the fashion industry. But also British brands meddle in this quest for

its extraordinary sound. A beautiful example is ‘Indie music’, it is a music style with a very special individual undertone. This style developed out of an aversion against commercial music. ‘Indie music’ is a form of ‘Alternative music’ that also contains ‘Postrock’. The name ‘Indie’ comes from the English word ‘independent’ and stands for the liberated character of this style. This music is not something you hear on the radio every day, it arose out of experiment and is not as famous as the commercial and usual songs we all know. Although this style is growing every single day, more bands start composing songs in this genre. Some British examples and especially my most prefered bands in this genre are ‘Katerwaul’ and ‘Scanners’. ‘Katerwaul’ is a very small and unknown band which is growing to its peak and leaves beautiful songs on its way to the top. ‘Scanners’ is also an emerging

band in this alternative line, this four-headed band got the chance to perform at several festivals and is sure of continuing. Apart from ‘Alternative music’, also dubstep is differentiating from usual music styles, especially from the typical ‘electromusic’. This style has its origin in the UK and became very famous in a short time. Dubstep is hot and DJ’s make people flock at parties weekend after weekend, while playing these songs. Even artists who became famous in another style try to mix their personal genre with a dubstep melody. Typical for this music are the striking high speed bass lines, which have something in common with those of ‘drum&bass’. Some famous UK arists, which made this genre very popular, are ‘Flux Pavillion’, ‘Katy B’ and ‘Nero’.‘Flux Pavillion’ is an artist we all know from the latest edition of Schoolrock where he was very beloved by the public. ‘Katy B’ is one of the women who made dubstep more than some bass tones in her own sexy way. And also ‘Nero’ is a DJ duo that made dubstep compete with the big artists by composing songs like ‘Promises’ and ‘Innocence’.

Styling, writing, making music,… creative people will always be a part of our society. And so are the

Jokes 9. Therefore, you will no longer be allowed 1. Muppet joke: to own or carry anything more dangerous Q: Why did the Muppet go to hospital? A: He than a vegetable peeler. A permit will be tried to Kermit suicide! required if you wish to carry a vegetable peeler in public. 2. Arsenal joke: Q: Why doesn’t ‘Arsenals Defence’ work as 10. An Englishman was recently asked a password? A: It’s too weak! about the differences between English and American people. 3. only in america... can a pizza get to your He said there were three: 1. We speak English and you don`t. house faster than an ambulance. 2. When we hold a World Championship for a particular sport, we invite teams from other 4. only in america... are there handicap countries. parkingplaces in front of a skating rink. 3. When you meet the Head of State in England, you only have to go down on one 5. An English man a Scottish man and an knee. Irish man all entered a 26 mile long swimming race. After 12 miles the Scottish man gets tired and drops out. Then after 16 miles the English mand gets tired and drops out. After 25 miles the Irish mand decides he can't finish the race so he turns around and swims back to the start. 6. Bin laden joke Before the Navy Seals got Bin Laden, the Irish SAS stormed a department store in Dublin. They recieved information that Summer bed linen was on the 2nd floor. 7.Most Wanted list An elementary school class goes on a field trip to the police station. The Officer points to the 10 MOST WANTED list and tells them that these are the most wanted fugitives in the USA. Little Boy says " He is the MOST WANTED in the USA?!" Officer says "Yes." Little Boy asks "Why didn't you keep him when you took his picture?" 8. July 4th will no longer be celebrated as a holiday. November 2nd will be a new national holiday, but to be celebrated only in England. It will be called "Come-Uppance Day."

Aries You have been really stressed lately. Remember that relaxing from time to time is important too. So why don’t you go on holiday to New York or London for example?

money or go into a business for yourself. Real estate may be a subject you also find particularly interesting.

Capricorn You may find yourself having to choose between Taurus your responsibilities and the things you love. You You haven’t seen your best friend for months. are a sort of wheeler-dealer with a special knack Why don’t you just visit him? Try to have fun and for knowing how to put people, ideas and things go out playing soccer or American football. On together profitably. that way your friendship can blossom again. Aquarius Gemini This is a good time to examine and think about You can’t deal with the fact that your boyfriend what is important and of lasting value. You could broke up with you. Now you hate everything and find yourself volunteering and helping out poor everyone. The bad London weather, your people in LA suburbs. This will make you feel friends, your parents, why don’t you take a break good and it will energize you. and go to sunny Miami with your little sister so you can surf, tan and exchange the last gossips Pisces with your sister. Put your mind to work and take care of any Cancer details that you may have, for mental discipline Your health is letting you down lately. Why don’t should come easily. Problems and obstacles that you just stay at home with a hot cup of tea and have previously been a problem, now find easy stay inside. It will make you feel a lot better and solutions. you will have a lot more energy. You will make new friends in San Francisco over the weekend. Leo Try to stay in touch with your family even if they live far away. You can always mail or phone to America. That doesn’t ask a lot of energy. Only a little bit of your valuable time. Virgo You never get out of bed in time when you are facing a long and cold day. Try to let the day start nicely. With a full English breakfast in view you will probably stand up immediately. Libra What kind of philistine are you? You never visited a museum, you never saw the Big Ben... Try to do something about that. Why don’t you plan a day trip to Stonehenge so you can discover a fantastic part of history? Scorpio You really have to think about your future. Are you going to stay in your own country and stay unknown? Or are you going to move to America, live the American dream and become famous? Sagittarius This afternoon there are shopping needs. Look carefully at some of the advertisements near the front of the London stores in Oxford Street; you may gain some ideas of ways in which to earn

Belgian television would be nothing

other studios in America, but this one is the

without series from the USA

most popular and known all over the whole

Television is something very important in the world. As I said, series from the USA are USA, most of the families in the USA have a very popular in Belgium. We watch a lot of television or even have two televisions. Most series from the USA, like Gossip Girl. But of the series we watch are made in the USA, also a lot crime dramas, like CSI or the in studios like Universal Studios.

Mentalist. The talk shows they have, like Oprah and Dr Phill, are also on our

In the USA, you can choose between cable

televisions, but they are not so popular as in

television or satellite. With the satellite

the USA and on an hour when almost

system, you put a satellite on your rooftop;

nobody is at home to watch television.

cable television is the same thing as we use, but it has a limited numbers of stations. But

The comedy shows are also pretty famous in

both systems are very popular over there.

Belgium like Friends. For the children we

They have every kind of television shows in

also have the whole Disney Channel, with

the USA like comedy, drama, crime drama’s, Suite Life on Deck, Shake it up, Hannah talkshows, etc..

Montana and many more.

The three biggest stations in the USA are

It’s clear, Belgian television would be nothing

ABC (American Broadcasting Company),

without the series from the USA. Now they

CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System an

just have to buy the shows, otherwise they

NBC (National Broadcasting Company).

had to make a whole other thing or a show

Besides these stations you also have the

based on a known show. So America is very

sports stations like ESPN. Or lifetime, the

known for their television. Almost all the

station with all the women shows, it’s like our series they have made are broadcast all Vijftv with series like Army Wives, But you’ve over the whole world. And a lot of people in also got the TV stations for comedy like TBS Belgium are glad that happened, because with Family Guy, The Big Bang Theory,

some series are awesome!

Scooby Doo, .. or drama like TNT with

Storms L.

Risoly and Isles, Bones, Saving Grace,...

America is known for their biggest studio: Universal Studios, where they make almost every movie we watch , like Johnny English, Little Fockers, Dracula,... There are also

A voice to struggle

of her, which is very brave. He helps her day

We all know that a singing contest like

after day in order to make her life a little bit

“American Idol” brings a new opportunity for more bearable. For instance he intensively people with a talent for singing. But is talent assists her while she is learning to walk and the only thing that decides winning? Are

speak again. Chris Medina decided to

there any other factors that determine the

participate in American Idol to bring her

final decision? How do the judges rate the

some more happiness. Although he didn’t

candidate? All those questions about how to win, he got known enough to produce his own song (“What are words”). Another obtain a finalist with a great voice. example is Neal E. Boyd who sings Opera. Before you may go to the final battle, you have to pass many stages. Primarily you have to pass the first auditions. The people who have potential pass, the other ones are eliminated. After this obstacle weeks of practice start (usually in another part of the world). This week is a heavy week for the future singers. After they have accomplished this fase they should practice for the semifinals (on the stage). From then on, they are judged by the audience. The biggest step is the final. The two finalists have a singingbattle and should give the best of themselves. The winner wins the competition and wins a reward (e.g. a record contract or money) .In such competition some candidates have an impressive life story. Those stories sometimes provoke emotional reactions from the audience and the jury and also give a personal touch to the singer. An example is Chris Medina; he was an engaged man whose fiancée got in a car accident. Since then she suffers from a

In his childhood he grew up poor with his mother and his brother. He didn’t see his mother a lot due to her work but she kept the family together. He wants to make her proud and show his mother that all her sacrifices weren’t a waste. He won the competition. Those are two examples that give you a lot of respect.Now, the question is: can everybody win? Of course the answer is no. Then, who are the exceptions? Certainly you should have a great voice and have the talent to use it in order to pass the first selection. Besides that, you should have enough money and a large network in order to organize your own publicity so the public will vote for you. Otherwise you should be VERY talented and have a story like Chris or Neal to persuade everyone that you have the right to win.As a conclusion we can say that everyone with a great singing talent can win. You should be very talented but besides that you should or be rich or have a great story that people can remember.

traumatic brain injury. Now Chris keeps on paying attention to his wife and taking care

De vocht M.

Happily ever after nce upon a time, the world of the animated cartoon didn’t

who never made stickmen in the corner of their pages and then flipped these pages which resulted in a little cartoon?1

even exist. But in the beginning of the 20th century, this world changed. These movies became spectacularly popular and found their way into the history of movie. But the last couple of years, everything is changing again. Due to the rise of complicated and outstanding technologies, animated cartoons are pushed aside and replaced by computer animated or 3-dimentional movies. Will these rather ‘ordinary’ animated movies survive?

When we talk about animated movies, Walt Disney Productions movies are definitely some of the most popular movies. As the name says, this company was founded by Roy O. Disney and his brother Walt, an American film producer, director, voice actor and many other occupations in the movie and newspaper industry. After a tough childhood, being an ambulance driver during World War I and some failed jobs as a newspaper cartoonist, he landed back in Kansas City. While Walt was doing some

Most people would answer ‘in the early 1900s’ if you asked them when the first animated cartoon was created. But in fact, animated cartoons were already made a long time before. About 4000 years ago, Egyptians already drew pictures on vases and –more importantly- on the walls of their pyramids and temples. Even though the murals aren’t their spitting image, these precursors of cartoons had the same function as the animated cartoons these days: to take a message or tell a story using a sequence of images. Before today’s modern techniques came up, people already had some ways to make moving cartoons. A lot of inventions testify this amazing creativity of the people of that time. Zoetropes, magic lanterns and thaumatropes are just a few examples. And

editing and drawing for a few small newspapers, days, months, years passed by and in 1923, he and his brother finally started their own company. In this little fantasy world, they created their own animation figures such as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, the famous Mickey Mouse and the Silly Symphonies collection2. Although these cartoons were really successful, Disney wanted more. In 1937 a long awaited dream came finally true: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs became the first animated feature film in America. After that, the world of the animation movies increased spectacularly fast, especially 1

Wikipedia, ‘History of animation’, the internet, consulted on 26 September 2011. 2 A series of animated short subjects without continuing characters. Although Donald Duck and Pluto were separated from Silly Symphonies to have their own cartoon series.

those from Walt Disney Productions.

empathy, so it is more interesting to watc h. People nowadays get bored really fast,

A lot of fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty,

because of the normal and daily presence of

Cinderella and The Little Mermaid were

technology. These days, film producers

animated into film, but also many other

rarely make a simple animated movie

novels and lovely, perfect stories with happy anymore. And what is next? 4-dimentional? endings. What makes a Disney movie that attractive? As mentioned before, a happy

It is very obvious that originally animated

ending is a must with these stories, because movies are no longer the most important the vast majority of viewers are children.

type of movies, but at the moment, there

Nice, well-chosen colours and characters

isn’t a chance yet that they will

with typical, recognisable characteristics are permanently fade away. Although, if required. Also a typical aspect of Disney

technology keeps growing as fast as it

movies are the musical songs. They give a

currently does, computer animated

bonus to all of it and besides, an extremely

movies sadly will take the place of these

clear moral. Think of ‘Can You Feel The

‘beauties’. Or

Love Tonight’ from Disney’s Lion King. Or

happily ever after?

‘Colours Of The Wind’ from Pocahontas. All

Muhammad J.

these songs have a loud and clear message, completely dominated by doing the right thing.

The last couple of years, the nice visual effects to create a wonderful movie were made with highly technological computer programs. Along with that, other programs allow the creation of computer animation movies and 3-dimentional movies3. A few examples are Madagaskar, Up in the Air and The Smurfs 3D. If you look to the richly filled cinemas, these kind of movies are really more popular than the originally animated cartoons. It gives the viewer a greater 3

A 3-dimentional movie is –as the word says- a movie consisting of three dimensions. You wear 3D glasses to watch them.

will they however live

Famous British television, known worldwide Also with ‘Allo’Allo laughing is guaranteed! ‘Allo ‘Allo is a series about the owner of a We all know British television, but why is it

picturesque café, Renée Artois, and his wife

so popular?

Edith. The story is set in a little town in

Lots of British channels and series are also

France, Nouvion.The quiet life of Renée is

well-known in our regions. There are lots of

turned upside-down due to the outbreak of

British channels like for example channel 4,

World War II. But he tries to continue his old

channel 5, BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC world, ITV,

life, to appease the Germans with the

… These channels also broadcast in our

occasional free drink and free "services" of

area. So when you feel like watching some

his waitresses in exchange for poorly

good television, just turn your television on

available items such as paraffin, sugar and

and switch to a British televisionstation.

butter. He tips the colonel and the sergeant off and tells them that in the nearby in the

We all like to laugh in life and from time to

castle there’s a famous painting, The Fallen

time we want to see television that makes

Madonna With The Big Boobies painted by

you laugh. That is why almost everybody

Van Clomp.

likes to see humoristic programs and this is the English specialty.

British television is mostly filled with humor.

Here are some examples of British series:

Think about Fawlty towers, ‘Allo ‘Allo, Monty

Fawlty Towers is a very funny, English

Python, ... But they can also make good

program. It is set in a family hotel on the

costume-dramas like for example Downtown

south coast in Torquay (Devon). The hotel is Abbey, A Christmas Carol, Jane Eyre, … called Fawlty Towers, and is run by Basil

Downtown abbey is produced by the British

Fawlty and his wife Sybil (played by John

media company Carnival Films for ITV

Cleese and Prunella Scales). Further regular Network. It takes place in the fictitious characters in the series are the maid Polly

Downtown Abbey and follows the lives of the

Sherman, the Spanish jack-of-all Manuel

aristocratic Crawley family and their servants

and the cook Terry. There are also some

in the early reign of King George V. The

guests who are permanently staying in the

series takes place during the last two years

hotel: the old ladies Miss Tibbs and Miss

before the First World War in 1914, starting

Gatsby and the inimitable and slightly senile with the news that the Titanic sank. Major Gowen. Watching this series, you can’t stop laughing! The British sure know

The most viewed kids’programmes in the UK

how to make people laugh!

are The Muppet Show, Danger Mouse, Bagpuss, Teletubbies ... The Muppets are a

creation of Jim Henson. Jim Henson came

These were a few examples of famous

up with the idea of making this muppets and British series. They’re all prove that British created them,but it was Don Sahlin who

television is indeed very popular and well-

fulfilled them. In this televisionserie, the

known. In brief, there are lots of programs,

Muppets have their own theater where they

for young and old, men and women, ... So to

perform en where they have guest-

answer the question why British television is

performances. The whole show is presented so popular, it’s because of its variety and by Kermit the Frog and critisised by the

because they also broadcoast in other

elders, Statler en Waldorf. Danger Mouse is European countries, like for instance about a Mouse, who is a secret agent, more Belgium and the Netherlands. specifically the greatest secret agent in the world. Danger Mouse has also a trusty sidekick, Penfold. Together they do their best to save the planet from all the evil. So to resume, there are lots of programs, also for the little ones.

Vanhoutte L.

at JFK Stadium. All of these incredible One hell of a concert

artists weren't paid at all to perform at Live Aid. This is something really unique and one

Live Aid

of the many reasons of Live Aid's fame up until now. All the memorable moments Live

13 July 1985, the event Bob Geldof an

Aid delivered us must also be noted as one

Midge Ure organised to help the current

of those reasons.

Ethiopian famine out of our world was finally realized. Live Aid was held at the John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia and in

The event provided us with many

Wembley Stadium in London. All around the memorable moments. In Wembley Stadium globe, concerts were beingorganised

Bono, the lead singer of U2, jumped off-

inspired by those two. On this day, history

stage into the crowd and started dancing

was written. This was one of the largest

with a girl. Later on, the young girl revealed

television and radio broadcasted events of

the truth about the dancing-incident. She

all time. An estimated audience of nearly 1,9 was being crushed by people that were billion people watched the live broadcast.

pushing forward. Bono saw this and

Throughout the concerts, viewers were

gestured the security guards to help her.

asked to donate money to Live Aid. It is

When they didn't respond Bono went down

estimated by the media that around £150

there to do the job himself. He actually

million was donated that day.

saved her life. After U2's performance at Live Aid they rapidly became more and more

It may be clear that Live Aid was a huge and popular. The band is now one of most successful event. People didn't just watch

important bands of last century.

the series of concerts for charity. Bob Geldof had made a line-up no one in the eighties

If you want to relive the whole Live Aid

wanted to miss. When the first concert at

experience, you can buy the official Live Aid

Wembley Stadium ended, the next one in


John F. Kennedy Stadium started. Both of them together lasted for more than 16 hours, with awesome artists like U2, Queen, David

Bowie, Phil Collins, Elton John, etc. in

On 2 July 2005 nearly 3 billion people came

Wembley Stadium, followed by Bryan

together to fight against extreme poverty.

Adams, Santana, The Dire Straits,

Live 8, once more organized, by Bob Geldof

Live 8

Madonna, Mick Jagger, The Pretenders, etc. and Midge Ure. Under the slogan 'Make

Poverty History' they held 10 simultaneous

on Live 8 as it was back in the day with Live

concerts all around the world. They were


timed to precede the G8 conference and summit in Schotland. The performance of

Some say Live Aid was more memorable,

1000 musicians was broadcasted on 182

some say Live 8. We've got to face it that

television networks and 2000 radio

both the events were memorable in their

networks. On 7 July 2005 the G8 leaders

own ways.

decided to double the aid of poor people by 2010 (from US$25 to US$50 billion). Geldof's and Ure's goal was reached.

The media referred to Live 8 as 'Live Aid 2' which was denied by Geldof and Ure. Geldof and Ure had explicitly said they didn't think of Live 8 as the same as Live Aid.

The concerts took place in all of the G8 countries. Lots of famous bands and singers performed at the 10 concerts. For example Green Day, Coldplay, Dido, U2, Robbie Williams, etc. .

On 2 July, the same day as the Live 8 concerts, a protest march was held in Edinburgh, the nearest large city to the G8 conference. This protest was organised by the Make Poverty History coalition and was planned long before the announcement of Live 8.

Geldof says that the Live 8 concerts were a success, but they aren't as memorable as Live Aid because of the London Bombings a couple of days later. The attention of the people was diverted and was not as focused

Saey E.

The Olympic Games

ceremony will take place there. When I was in London last year I saw they were building

When I was a little child, I dreamed of

this new stadium.

winning a golden medal on the Olympic Games. That is the reasen why I will tell you a little bit more about the Olympic Games that will take place in London. The Games will start the 27th of July and they will end the 12th August of 2012. I would prefer to see one of the sport events live, but I think that is really impossible because most of the tickets of the greatest sport event of the world are already sold out.

The logo of the Olympic Games is a symbol that presents the year 2012 in bright colors. The standard colours are green, magenta, orange and blue. In the 0 of 2012 you can see the Olympic rings. For the Paralympics they use a little different logo but based on the same idea. The mascots of these Olympic Games are Wenlock and Mandeville. They are animation figures made of two drops of

At the Olympic Games there will be 302 different sport events of 26 different sports. There is one new sport event: boxing for women. In the 26 different sports there are a couple of less popular sports events like canoeing, BMX cycling, shooting sport, water polo and some others. The sport

steel. For the second time the same mascots are used for the Olympic Games and the Paralympics. The medals of the Olympic Games are really wanted by the sporters : the medals are 7mm thick and weight 375-400g. They are designed by David Watkins.

events that I really love are athletics, in particular the 100 meter sprint for men with Usain Bolt, but also road cycling with Phillipe Gilbert as one of the favorites, basketball with the American 'Dream' team and swimming with 1 of the greatest athletes ever Michael Phelps. The 26 different sports will take place in 28 different stadiums. As you can notice there are more stadiums than there are different sports events. The reason is that for the football event more than one stadium is needed. The Olympic Stadium is

The 2012 summer Paralympic Games will be the 14th Paralympics and they also will take place in London between 29 August and 9 September 2012. The Paralympics are sport events for athletes with a disability. There are 503 different sport events in 21 different sports, at which they can also win golden medals. They have invented the Paralympics because everyone who has an Olympic Dream has the right to realize it, even people with disabilities.

the most important stadium of all, because the opening ceremony and the end

Personally I really look forward to next

summer: I hope it will be one of the greatest Olympic Games ever. It can be realized if all participants remember the famous slogan of the Olympic Games: “Participating is more important than winning�.

Lodewyckx T.

Stunning facts The reason why I have chosen this topic is because winning a World Championship was also a dream of me once. I’ve played

Thereafter England made another goal and won the game with a score of 4-2. 400 millions of people enjoyed the game on television over the whole world.

soccer for over 10 years now and I still love playing it. England has only won the World Cup once. Why can't they win ever since? Were the players of 1966 better than those of today or are the opposing teams' qualities better than back then. Let's find out...

Nowadays, England has got very famous and good players in their team. John Terry who is the captain, Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard, Wayne Rooney and even Romelu Lukaku are some good players. Lukaku has not often played yet , but the chance was

In 1966 only 70 teams participated on the preliminary rounds. One of the best teams of this moment, Portugal, couldn’t even get through those preliminary rounds. The two finalists were England and West-Germany. The referee was Gottfried Dienst from Switzerland. England had some good players like Bobby Moore who was the captain of the team and keeper Gordon Banks. Geoff Hurst was the right flank and made a hattrick in the final. This team was well-organised and bound to eachother. Bobby Moore won the toss and kicked off. After 19 minutes it was 1-1. In the second half England and West-Germany made a goal, so it was 2-2. In the extra time the crowd went wild. The 3-2 for England wasn’t

tiny that he would play with those amazing players. Maybe with some luck he can manage to get in the basic setup. Why can’t England win the World Championship anymore? They have got better players than in 1966. The skills of the players are better, the crowd is more supportive than ever,... The problem is that the players haven’t got the right mentality to win the WC anymore. In 1966 the players gave everything for their country. They played with a heart for football and for their people. Today the players are all busy with their appearance and being a celebrity. I have even seen youngsters thinking they were stars and being the best of the team but in fact they weren’t that good at all!

really clear. The ball bounced right on or just over the line but the referee counted it. Even today such things happens and we shouldn’t blame the referees for it, but FIFA should examine the images on television. If FIFA would do so, the games would be more fair and there would not be any discussion.

As I said, it is not that the qualities of the players are less good than those from 1966. The problem is situated within the players of today. If they loved their country and had passion for what they do, it would help a lot.

When we look at Spain, they have got so

If we only just look at these two pictures we

much talent! When I see those guys fighting can see the difference in mentality. The for every ball, helping their teammates when players of 1966 (picture at the left) have they need it, I am touched. I recognise

charisma and self-confidence. The players

myself in the players who do everything to

of today are presented as gods.

win a game. I don't play football for the respect or for being famous, I play it because I love the game and I love my club.

I strongly believe that England can win another WC, at least if they stop acting like the best and be modest. The capacities are present, but they have to show the world what they are worth!

Huyge W.

Rough, rougher, roughest

beautiful to watch, but it is very effective. Because it’s so effective, a lot of faults are

I chose to write about soccer for a few reasons. It is one of the most popular sports in the world and a lot of people play soccer. I play soccer myself and I really like it. The fact that I play it and that soccer is extremely popular made me write an article about soccer.

committed. Luckily for the game, the referees let a lot of these faults happen. But they aren’t always clean: once an attacker was tackled and he broke his leg. The referee let the game continue and didn’t even give a yellow card. A red card and a very long suspension is what you get for such a tackle in Belgium. The roughness is

Cuju was the very earliest form of the game. It was played in the third and second century

one of the main reasons why the Premier League is known all over the world.

before Christ in China, according to FIFA. Cuju totally differs from the way we know and play soccer nowadays. In 200 BC, the sport wasn’t as popular as it is now. The main reason why we still know it, is because of a lot changes through time. There were minor adjustments every now and then and it slowly evolved into the form we currently

The FA cup is another reason. It is the oldest knock-out competition in the world. It is not another name for the Premier League, but only the best teams of national soccer competition can win it. FA cup winners are potential Champions League winners and these winners are known all over the world.

know it in. The most recent adjustments

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world

were made in 1886, when a document with

and England has helped it grow. The FA cup

all the rules was made. So it is rather difficult is the oldest knock-out competition and the to say who invented it and in which period of Premier League is the roughest league on time that it was invented. Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool are just a few teams of the Premier League. There is a total of twenty different soccer clubs in the Premier League. It is a very

earth. These two competitions take place in England, so England helped soccer to get known all over the world. Without these famous leagues, it wouldn’t be the sport as we know it today.

popular and well-known league because there are several typical things about it. The way they play is one of them. Their style is defined as Kick ‘n Rush: the defenders kick the ball as far away as they can and the attackers must then rush after it. It's not very

Op de Beeck J.

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