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Tantra and lasting longer Tantra was originally “the Middle path” in Buddhism,one that advocates working through and with the body to reach ecstatic states (like enlightenment), rather than denying the body and attempting to overcome it. Tantric practices around meditation and sexuality were introduced in the West in the 1960s and 70s as part of the sacred sexuality movement. As part of the counter-cultural movement, Tantra helped to legitimate sex and liberate it from the conservative morality of the time. As Tantra has spread throughout the West, it has changed and now many people teach it and practice it, and often do so differently. But essentially, Tantra is a way of being in the sexual flow. Not fighting it, not taking over sex with roughness, techniques, and too much direction, but being present and abandoned to state of pleasure. It is about surrender. Tantra considers that we all have erotic energy coiled like a serpent at the base of our spine (kundalini), and when we become aroused, it moves up to our genitals. With practice, breath and movement, it can move higher into our chakras and throughout our bodies creating full body orgasms and even transcendent states. One of the best and most accessible books on Tantra with helpful practical exercises is Urban Tantra, by Barbara Carrellas. One of Tantra’s contributions to male sexual issues like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation is that its practices have contributed to somatic awareness, or the awareness we have as humans about our own bodies' sensations, about how we actually feel in ourselves, about what our bodies are communicating. This really can be the key to sexual mastery, as so much about modern sexuality takes us out of our bodies. Along the way, it turns out that it really helped fix erectile problems and premature ejaculation (Lasting longer in bed). By tuning into the body, by mindfully self-pleasuring, not only were men and women experiencing more, but also blockages were being removed. There are lots of Tantra courses around, and it’s worth investigating. I always include it as part of my practice, and there are Tantric techniques in the products I recommend to help you be still, present, and have control over your sexual energy.

Tantra and lasting longer