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Look for simple answers first When seeking Ed treatment there is a tendency towards the complex, a certain drive for the grand cure, often within a small personal drama. Impotence is not pleasant. It’s embarrassing. It’s easy to assume that the solution must be involved. However, most of the time, it’s simple. Most of the time, it isn’t about what number you are age-wise, what daddy said to you when you were four, or anything else. In fact, most often, it’s just blood flow and lifestyle. Working at a desk job for years and years or even just watching lots of television or playing video games (or watching porn) is not what nature and evolution intended for our bodies. We humans are meant to be active, moving, hunting and fighting. Sure, we can function otherwise, and we have evolved some pretty clever brains to do so. But in terms of our health and physiology, the sedentary lifestyle is not consistent with homo sapien health. So the first thing I will tell you if you have difficulties with erections is to think of yourself as a homo sapien. You are a mammal. You may be called George and have a particular history personally or healthwise which you think might relate to your ed, but at the end of the day, before you are anything else, you are just human. Humans are made to procreate, and often, so as to ensure the survival of the species. Homo sapiens are built to move, run, hunt, cook, be in nature, in touch with they natural rhythms and so on. Men are genetically programmed to run around with erections depositing their seed into nubile women for this reason. Homo sapiens are not meant to sit at desk jobs, typing away, then go home to sit in front of the television watching the Biggest Loser. Sitting compresses blood vessels that carry blood to your penis. Over time, more sitting and less movement leads to muscular and arterial constriction.

It always amazes my clients when after a session of bodywork massaging the abdomen, lower back, and adductors, that suddenly they are capable of strong erections. Yoga and pilates are great, too. How many men have been put on drugs for something that they might take care of easily, at home, with some simple strategies. Strange as it may sound to many, your penis is actually connected to the entire rest of your body, and doesn’t function independently of everything else! Of course, it’s important to go to a doctor first to make sure you are not missing something (like Diabetes, which contributes to ed, or like a contraindicated medication). However, failing any identifiable physical causes, really and truly, some massage and movement is a good likely solution to getting back on track. I recommend an excellent at home program for having erections on demand too, on my website!

Look for simple answers first