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It’s all about pleasure! As a sexologist, I often help men overcome erectile issues as well as premature ejaculation. Often, these two problems go together. The truth is, there are a great many causes of both issues, which I go over in great detail on my website. In most cases, however, the number one problem is how out of touch a guy is with his arousal cycle. Yes, it’s important to be healthy, to have normal blood pressure and not smoke, and it’s important to have resolved any feelings of shame that might be reflected in the body’s refusal to become erect, or the body’s sudden and uncontrollable urge to ejaculate too fast (I actually talk about this on my site, how shame is linked to sexual performance). However, the number one way to last longer in bed is to learn to slow down, and understand how a penis becomes erect, the mechanism of ejaculation, the muscles involved, and to slowly, with pleasurable practice, retrain the neurological system so that it can perform in the way you want. It’s not rocket science, but it is work. This is why my mantra is: it’s all about pleasure. Masturbation can fix your problems, if done correctly. Learning how to squeeze your pelvic floor can fix your problems. Breathing properly can also help. Slowly building up arousal, and slowly feeling your way through the stages, and stopping at the right point – all helpful ways to achieve long-lasting, super-hard pleasure. Giving men this kind of correct information, which so flies in the face of what the medical industry would have us believe, is why I’m in the business of therapeutic work, and it’s why I’ve created a site to promote the very best products for helping men sort themselves out privately, at home.

It’s all about pleasure!