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Year: 2011

Portfolio Term Reflection Math’s Reflection English Reflection U.O.I Reflection Specialist Reflection

By Mike Battye

Term Reflection This Term lots of things has happened including District Athletics, House Cross Country, Hoop Time, Meeting Morris Gleitzman and many more stuff. District Athletics was very good I was in High Jump, 200m, 100m and 4x100m. For the High Jump I jumped 1m40cm and I came second. For the 200m I was in the 1st heat and I cam 3rd even though I had hurt m leg. In the 100m I got 4th in the 1st heat. Finally In the 4x100m it was a tight race we were winning by the time I handed over the batten, but when Andrey ran he got over taken by 4 people and by the time he passed the batten to James we were 5th. This term we did Hoop time. I made it in the All Star team along with Jai, Joel, Trent, Yianni, Peter, Jake and myself. We played against 5 teams and we owned them all. We even smashed in the finals. So that means that we go through to represent BGS in the regional finals. This Term we had House Cross Country, It was the same course as last year so I didn’t need to worry about not knowing were to go. When we started the race I sprinted to get out of the pack so I wouldn’t be held up. When I reached the oval I got overtaken by James Whatmough, And he lead until we reached heartbreak hill. That’s when I overtook him. I lead the whole way and I came first. I beat Toby time. So I am the record holder for year 6 and equal record holder for year 5. Finally House Public Speaking has started. We have been making a 3 minute speech to read out to the class. I did mine on Michael Jordan (MJ) and I got through to the next round because I read the best speech in the whole of Battye House in My grade. That meant that I had to read out my speech in front of the whole Battye house. I versed Joel Laycock. I am not sure I got through but I hope I will. This term has been a real blast I hope that next term will be even better.

Specialist Along side the maths and the English we have been doing French, Library, Science, Music, Art and sport. In French this term we have been have been making are own eco friendly dream house that is good for the environment I chose to draw my dream house so If I want something in my house I can just draw it on. In Library this Term we have just been reading and learning how to use Citace. Citace is basically a program used for making a bibliography I have found this pretty easy. In science this term we have been doing stuff on the GBR. We have done 2 assignments and two tests. The assignment has been on the Great Barrier Reef and an animal that lives in the GBR. In Music this Term we have been looking into a man called Qustav Holst He is a man who created the very famous pieces called the planets. In Art this Term we have been doing drawing are favourite video games and then colouring it in with oil pastels. Finally in Sport we have been doing Rugby and lacrosse Rugby has been SO FUN we have been doing actual rugby games and learning how to play the game. So overall this Term has been a Blast.

Reflection on English This term has been really fun we have been focusing on grammar and our writing skills. In grammar we have been editing and proof reading, we have been given pieces of work that has got a mistake on every line and we had to fix that mistake. In Writing we have been writing stories and working on text responses for the first time. For the Text response we had to read a short statement that a guy called Usher has written and we had write a draft about it. We were doing this because in the later future we will have to write lots of Text responses. Finally in the last couple of weeks in English we have just been having a bt of fun and performing plays that we have been editing. So English this term has been a breeze so I’m happy.

Reflection on Maths This Term in Maths we have been looking at showing remainders as decimals and going over the 4 four operations. Showing reminders as decimals has been pretty easy but at the start I did not get it and I was getting everything wrong. But after the test Mr Kemperman explained everything and I understood it. So soon is going to set a test that just has showing remainders as decimals. So I am hoping that I will go well because I have practised and practised. Finally we have been going over the 4 operations because over the next couple of years we will be working on long division and complicated times and substation. Maths this term has been ok but i hope next term that the work will settle down.

Reflection on U.O.I This Term in U.O.I we have been focusing on theatre and the different forms of expression that theatre can show and how they can show that particular expression. We have also started on working on our Exhibition. We have watched a couple of movies for our PYP just to see how people show expression if they wear a mask. I was fascinated to learn that they show expression with there hands and there body. Also we have presented a slide show on a different expression. What we had to do was make a face and put music that is the same to that particular face for instance if you took a picture of an angry face you would put heavy metal music on or loud music. For the exhibition we have been looking into famous people and what they have done to are community the reason we have been looking at this is because then we can get heads tart for the exhibition.

Term 1 goals

PYP Additude I have displayed a lot of PYP attitudes this Term but the one thing I have displayed most of all has been a Risk-Taker I have been a risk-taker because I am not afraid to try new things because I have my friends around me to encourage me in my endeavours. So this is why I like to try different things because I like to take risks and not do the same old boring stuff because well it’s boring.


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