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The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Reading Response. The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle is a classic adventure book by Avi. Would you do what your told even if your master is evil? Charlotte Doyle is a gentlewomen that is a goody goody and without thinking do what she is told. Are you a Charlotte? But Charlotte isn't always like that and you will see when you read the paragraph below this. o(^0^)o 13 year old Charlotte Doyle is stuck on an evil ship full of evil people in an evil, evil world. But strange things happen on that ship like ice-cream raining from the sky!!!!!!! Awesomeness! Just kidding, but real strange things happen like when sailors hear the name Seahawk they turn tails between their legs and walk away. Some other strange things are when she sees a carved face staring at her with big yellow eyes. Her personality might change on through the book, yours might too. She will have to make tough decisions like becoming a crew member taking ownership of a dagger and many others. Would you trust the so called gentle captain or the roughhousing sailors? Which would you befriend? Read and see what Charlotte has to go through. Would you want

to be her? You might change your answer at the end of this book. I never can tell with you. Some major problems in the book are when Charlotte is stuck on a ship she does not want to be on, Charlottes parents burnt her journal, the captain is dead and they need a captain. The first two Charlotte couldn't do anything about so I thought they were pretty big problems. Charlotte was made captain in the end so that was kind of a problem. The main girly girl character was Charlotte. She was at first a naive girl but towards the middle of her journey she changed to become a member of the crew because she thought she was responsible for Zachariah's death. Captain was the meanest brutal captain. Captain whipped people, murdered people and worst of all, he hit people with spoons!!! He didn't hit people with spoons, but he did hit and bite. Zachariah was Charlotte's best friend and the crews. He was the only black man on the ship, but that didn't stop him from doing the best he could. He was also the cook of the ship too.

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle is a great book for people who like gruesome story's and people who sail around the world. It is also great for people who have evil people in their life. I have a connection about being in a place I don't want to be in. Sometimes I really don't want to be at home without any friends. Sometimes I don't want

to be in school on a rainy day because I am grumpy, but usually. I really enjoy school because it's fun.

Charlotte Doyle  

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