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Dear Fellow Kindred, Here is all the information I could gather for you on the state of immortal affairs in Columbus. Unfortunately I wasnt able to dig up much. Apparently the Camarilla has a holding there, though its not extensive by any means. The Prince is an 8th Gen Toreador named Jennovese Nadeau. Born in the French Canadian frontier sometime in the 1790's, her sire was a respected elder among the Camarilla in Chicago. She became Prince of Columbus 35 years ago when the Camarilla first put their footholds in the city. It is whispered she tends to lean towards favortism in decision making. In fact, the most recent speculation I was able to dig up, suggested the reason your would-be employer was able to do so well, was because of a fascination that she secretly holds for him. Again, these are just rumors, however, take them for what they are. She is said to be a very beautiful woman in appearance. She has several financial holdings, especially in the downtown area, and owns the Leveque Tower, a major landmark in the city. She is well liked by the mortals of the area, and donates millions to the city every year for sporting events, festivals and the likes. I found out a few things about the Sheriff of Columbus as well. His name is David Taylor a 9th Gen Ventrue. He represents his clans holdings in the city, as well as being the keeper of the peace and traditions of the Camarilla. He claims domain to a large portion of the city's North Side. Not much is known about his age. He comes from England but its not known where or when he came over to the United States. His serious nature puts him at odds with the Prince

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often, but his personal belief of chain of command prevents him from acting most of the time. (Id keep an eye out for this guy. Mr. Claremont is known to be a...sensitive issue to him). ...Ah yes. Tyrell Claremont. He's the one offering you this deal, I take it? I did a little searching around on him as well. Rumors vary, but heres what seems to be standard. He was embraced by a Sabbat war pack in Detroit while in the midst of a major drug deal for his gang back in Columbus sometime in the mid 90's. He spent at least 15 years with the pack smashing Camarilla heads from Detroit to the West Coast. In 2010 his pack was involved in a Lupine attack that killed everyone involved. He was thought to have suffered Final Death. He resurfaced as the leader of his old gang from his mortal days about a year ago. He claims affiliation to neither the Sabbat or the Camarilla, but doesnt like being called an "Anarch". Since then he has restructured his mortal crew from being an unruly street gang to a fully functioning criminal organization. Through drug sales and other illegal activities, he has managed to amass some nice resources. However the other Kindred in the city are starting to take notice. Id imagine thats the reason hes seeking to employ you. My only suggestion to you is to watch your back. This could be a golden ticket or just a ticket to an early grave. The type you dont return from, you know? Use what little info i have provided here for you to your advantage. It may not be much, but it pays to know something, I like to say. And as always, thank you for your business. Yours Truly, The Nosferatu Information Service

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Familial Blood City name: Columbus, Ohio

Mortal population: 2.000,0000

Vampire population: ???

Describe your city's look: Modern Looking Downtown and Upscale north side with neighborhoods in decay on the south and west side.

Major landmarks: LeVeque Tower AKA The Citadel Nationwide Arena Franklin Park Conservatory Scioto River

Retail shops: Easton Town Center Polaris Mall

Prince info: Jennovese Nadeau- Toreador 8th Gen

Prince's havens: Leveque Tower, Victorian Village

Camarilla leaders and clans: Jennovese Nadeau- Prince David Taylor- 10th Gen Ventrue-Sheriff- Dublin and Upper Arlington are his domain Unknown

Camarilla goals and plots: Unknown

Sabbat leaders and clans: None Known

Anarch leaders and clans: Tyrell Claremont- Bruja 10th GEN- Leader of Claremont Crime Family; -doesnt consider himself an Anarch, but is viewed as such

Anarch goals and plots: Take over Columbus as a base of operations for a massive criminal empire

Notable independents and/or neutrals: Mathius Connolly- 7th Gen Malkavian, originally from Ireland he has lived in Columbus for the last 115 years. Print to PDF without this message by purchasing novaPDF (

His age is unknown. He resides in Columbus's Olde Towne East.

Mayor/influenced by: Jennovese

Police chief/influenced by: Downtown and Short North- Jennovese Southfield Area- Tyrell North Columbus-David

Newspapers/influenced by: David Taylor

TV stations/influenced by: David Taylor

Elysium: Arena District- The Crown Plaza Hotel in particular

The rack: Short North

Other hunting grounds: The Ohio State University

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Your Payment of $5000.00 from Mr. Claremont has been recieved. Theres also a plane ticket waiting for you at the airport. Upon landing at Columbus International Airport, you will be picked up by a man named Deion in a silver Cadillac. He will then drive you to the meeting place in Franklin Park.

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Familial Blood Intro  
Familial Blood Intro  

Introduction for players playing Vampire: The Masquerade. It is for the Familial Blood Chronicle.