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to the second issue of the new Darkfaery Subculture Magazine. We've worked very hard over the last two years to make this magazine and it's crew the wonderful treat that it is. We couldn't do it without a select few individuals that mean the world to us. We'd like to thank the following people for their encouragement and support.

Darkfaery Girls: TristaLou, Pandy, Creeperella, Shadowleaf, Maven, Kattastrophe, Anabelle, Fickabounce, and Mistress Eve.


Boys: James, Rayne, Alice, Maczs, Devon, and Steve. Photogra-

phers : Martin Cole, Allin KHG, and Barry Lenard, TwoHare Media.

Staff Writ-

ers: Jonathan Rex Myrick and Raymond Martin. Artists: Felix Matos for painting us a logo and giving it to us at the appropriate time. Local Authors: Steve Wedel, Dennis MacDonald, and Jackson Compton for sharing their books in our contests and spreading the word.

Christophe for just being awesome. Assistant Editor and Hijinks: The Amazing BZ. Conventions: Soonercon, Sci-fi Horror Weekend, and Underground Horror Fest for bringing us in as sponsors and giving us group rates. We'd also like to thank all the local businesses that put up with our large crew, fans, and anyone we may have forgotten to include in this. We hope to make 2010 just as fun as 2009, see you guys IRL. Until Next... Duvy & Z

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Darkfaery Subculture Magazine has been a hub since 1992 for those who seek something outside of the mainstream to exercise their talents. We don‟t believe that someone has to have a degree or be trained like a monkey to perform a task. We like merits. If you think you can do it, we‟d like to see you try your hand at it.

DARKF AE RY S UB CU LT URE These things consist of: MAGAZINE is where you want to be.  Light copy editing, news gatherTo apply you can e-mail us here, ing and posting,  Collecting new release, or where  information ever you see our profiles or online  Assisting with a variety of editoaccounts. In the subject line, specify rial tasks daily the title of the job you are interested  Basic HTML in. You‟re welcome to apply for as  knowledge many positions as you like.  Page layout & advertising/ promotional design We offer plenty of opportunities for If you would like to apply to be a  Online design open minds in a competitive Darkfaery Girl or Boy please e-mail  Create new pages/sections but non-corporate environment. The DARKF AE RY S UB CU LT URE You do not have to meet any expecta-  Create online banners & images MAGAZINE staff work hard tions to be a Darkfaery Girl or Boy; at creating magazines that cater to the we accept all shapes, colors, sizes, Unfortunately, we cannot offer modmost devoted fan bases from around and types. You must be able to attend eling positions to anyone under 18 but the events dressed in costume, monthly if you are a parent or guardian of an world. meet-ups, be comfortable with your- alternative/gothic/rock child and wish self and with meeting people, and to start your kid as a model we will Our compensation and benefits pack- most of all you must represent consider it as long as you can be there age for full-time volunteers DARKF AE RY S UB CU LT URE with them at all times. Minors may include: MAGAZINE. You will not be al- only attend all age‟s events and we  Entertainment promos and Gift lowed to get in free as one of our staff will need the permission of a parent and then do whatever you want or or guardian. We ARE NOT a Packs BABYSITTING service.  Concert tickets and passes to shamelessly use us for promotion. You will have to help us. Be sure events, free or at a discount We offer unpaid internships to stu Booth space, free or at a discount before you apply, you will become a dents who are looking to gain college  Free Web space and e-mail @ part of our family and we will expect credit or to fulfill course requirements,, or you to show. through experience. We can give you as much time as you need from 5 to  Free promotion for your personal For our younger fans: We completely 40 hours a week. It‟s all up to you. projects including space in the appreciate you wanting to work at DARKF AE RY S UB CU LT URE magazine. MAGAZINE even though you may We treat our staff like people. We not have graduated high school. We consider ourselves to be a rather large really are looking for candidates at dysfunctional family. We openly en- least 18 years of age, but we undercourage our volunteers to contribute stand that you can‟t get experience their input into how we can make our unless someone is willing to give you magazine and websites the best that it a chance. can be. If you want to get into magazine publishing, journalism, graphic design, advertising sales, marketing, circulation, web design and production and/ or customer service, but want to work in an open environment without sacrificing your individual identity, then


Darkfaery Subculture Magazine

Under 18 we will allow you to help with ONLINE/WEB PRODUCTION, AD VE RT ISI NG /M AR K ET ING, ART/PRODUCTION, and EDITORIAL.

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Runa--Elhaz, reversed. The Elk rune. Need for communications with the higher self and spirit world. Need for protective beings, especially in animal totem or Valkyrie form.

My name is raVen, and I hail from the cascadian mountains of portlandia, oregon. It is an honor to play with you in the Dark Faery Subculture Magazine world, and I hope to be present in forthcoming issues! I have been practicing tarot, psychic skills, plant/animal/ elemental spirit medicine and shadow arts for as long as I can remember~~and love to find fun ways to share the magickal worldview with others. As far as tarot goes, I envision a council of elders from the Ancient Tribes, and ask to receive guidance from them for whoever I am working with. I use a variety of decks representing each “tribe� in my readings. My favorites to use are the Lord of the Rings deck (Elvish/Celtic), Medicine Card deck (Native American), Mana deck(Hawaiian/Huna) and the Runes (Norse/Heathen). The layout this month reflects these decks.



This reading speaks to the querant that is experiencing persistent difficulties with love. It seems to say that before this question of Love is resolved, the querant needs to do some housekeeping! The reading asks us to look at our blockages associated with receiving, being in the flow of nature, being joyful and of being creative. It suggests that there may be a serious need to ask for some assistance in clearing old wounds and parasitic energies If you would like a personal reading, or are interested in that may be residing in the sacral or heart areas of the any of my other magickal musings, please contact me at querant, energies that may be preventing the querant from this experience of Love. The reading suggests a few things when going about this-Many Blessings, ~raVen

~Be persistent, do not give up, the resistance being felt is real and intense, yet with effort, CAN be cleared.


~Find a supportive other or others who can help explore and process old wounding/spirit attachments in the lower chakras. Energy workers, 'shamanic' practitioners or other alternative healers could be helpful. Look for Five of Wands: Stiff opposition, and the need for greater those who respect your experience and who you feel safe determination to overcome it. Competing forces, block- being vulnerable with. ages, pressure. ~Deepen or create a connection with your higher self, Otter (Woman Medicine): Otter teaches us about bal- animal totems and/or guardian spirits. Call upon them anced feminine energy--in both males and females. It for protection and guidance during the process of this asks us to look at our ability to receive and be creative, house clearing. The Valkyries are very helpful in going whether ourselves or something we need to release from up against intense resistance or energies. our field is blocking our ability to do so. Otter represents the side of ourselves that creates a space for others In essence, the reading indicates that the querant may to enter our lives without preconceptions or suspi- need a good old fashioned exorcism of old and unhelpful is sister or brotherhood, content to enjoy and energies from his/her being to be able to move on. Fine share the good fortune of others. those who can understand this concept, and allow them to support you in releasing what is preventing you from Ti (Ti Leaf Plant): Purification/Exorcism. Purify words, experiencing Love. This is an encouraging reading, altactions, foods, energy system, body and consciousness. hough a bit forward and strong. Release blocked energy through letting go of grief through tears, regrets and resentments through forGood Luck, and may the Valkyries be with you! giveness of self and others.

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NEW RELEASES: Hard Edged & Beautiful Analog Electronic… 01. Nitzer Ebb - "Industrial Complex" (release 22.1.2010) 02. Ionic Vision - "Complete Isolation" (release 22.1.2010) 03. Pulcher Femina - "Darkness Prevails" (release 22.1.2010) 04. Nachtmahr - "Mädchen in Uniform" EP (release 29.1.2010) 05. Engelsstaub - "Ignis Fatuus: Irrlichter" (22.1.2010) coming soon: Rome - "L'Assassin" MCD (release 29.1.2010) Santa Hates You - "Crucifix Powerbomb" (release 19.2.2010) Destroid - "Silent World" EP (release 19.2.2010) Hioctan - "Under Control" (release 26.2.2010) CeDigest - "Walking in the flesh" (release 26.2.2010) In Strict Confidence - "La Parade Monstrueuse" (release 26.2.2010) Psychborg Corp - "The Mechanical Renaissance" (release 26.2.2010) Courtesy of PROMOFABRIK NACHTMAHR marches again with "Mädchen in Uniform"

The Belgian duo, NTRSN (pronounced as “intrusion”) deliver old-school electronic sounds that only can be heard by utilizing 100% analog equipment, and still deliver a sound that is current, modern… almost futuristic. Supported by Maurizo Fasolo (Pankow) and Peter Van Bogaert (Liquid-G), this release offers the hard cutting edge alongside the beautiful melodic. NTRSN inspired by bands like Cabaret Voltaire, Front 242, SPK, are fanatical synth-enthusiasts, with a passion for analog systems, machines and visual presentation. Pieter David, is known from his with the bands Carbon Twelve, DKW, Minimalistix and Code by Code. In 2005 Pieter began working with Bram Declercq, who works in the Photography industry, brought NTRSN into its present form; more than just music, they offer an audio-visual experience to their live audiences.

Don‟t you want them too, these girls in uniform? With their wellbehaved partings, their dutifully buttoned shirts and their shiny leather boots? Chins erect and chests held high, NITZER EBB return with new album after 15 years! they stand in rank and file, awaiting Nitzer Ebb‟s extraordinary sense for melody and atmosphere has further instructions often been from NACHTdecently demonstrated in MAHR high command... the past. Using the entire With his brand new EP “Mädchen in Uniform” General Thomas range of their musical Rainer dedicates a long overdue monument to the uniformed spectrum and unleashing ladies of this world. And while the musical side harshly breaks all emotions, „I‟m Unrank with the back catalogue, the visual and conceptual side redone“ is a vivid example tain their dominant militaristic approach. of their variety. At the other end of the tremes, „Kiss Kiss Bang Bang“ or „I Don‟t Know You“ bridge to the late 80s with their harsh and staccato-like EBM-drive.


Darkfaery Subculture Magazine

Without any doubt, Nitzer Ebb achieved to retain the diversity of After a long period of silence, Pulcher Femina returns with all their past works and to create a modern contemporary sound Darkness Prevails. on the basis of a summary of each era of the band‟s history. By that they have fulfilled all their personal demands and respected Featuring 13 their roots entirely. new tracks created and performed in Roberto Conforti‟s unmistakable and unique sound, ENGELSSTAUB releases famous second album it will certainly be hailed as A milestone of dark rohis greatest mantic, folk-influenced work to date. music is now being rereleased. Regarding With their album „Ignis Darkness PreFatuus: Irrlichter“ Gervails, Conforti man band ENsays, "Often, GELSSTAUB created a this is how I fascinating piece of dark perceive the world around me. In the absence of light, darkness music. prevails. An age isn't called 'dark' because the light fails to shine, it's because people refuse to see it. But beneath the anger, there's Based on trance-like the sorrow, and beneath the sorrow, there's love. In these songs, percussion basements, you may find words of anger, of sorrow, and of love. It depends beautiful and softly on how much light you are missing.” “My intention with Darkplugged acoustic guitars ness Prevails is to give you food for your 'inside' when it's needcreate impressive folk ed." melodies. Medieval flutes and the male-female vocal dualism rise a sacred lure comparable to DEAD CAN DANCE. The decent use of synthesizers on top of the neofolk rhythmic pattern spreads a fragile Have a new release coming up that you‟d like to see here? Send charme like DEATH IN JUNE. it with a photo to Skillfully the music flows between apocalyptic folk, neoclassic and fascinating eternal and modern arrangements. Fascinating, beautiful romantic, hypnotic, fragile and far away from being a commercial sell-out, there is just one question to ask: Why did we have to wait such an incredibly long time until the re-release of that magnificent milestone?

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Strange powers, gangas, humble heroes, tough heroines, and powerful enemies bent on destroying the world. After I read Joss Ware’s ‘Beyond the Night’ I knew I was going to have some questions for her. This isn’t your typical post-apocalyptical horror romance; in fact I think it’s the first of its kind. If you haven’t already done so, go out and grab a copy, it’s a great read that will have you waiting for the next book, and that’s the ‘truuuuth’.

Joss: Yes, indeed, there will be at least three more books, hopefully more. I‟m currently working on the fourth, which will likely be released in early 2011, then the fifth and sixth in the year or so following. Duvy: I liked the way you revealed parts of the plot, for instance the use of slang and how it changed over time, how did you come up with that? What was the process for that?

Duvy: So, why Vegas and how did NV Joss: Some of those things just sort of become Envy? happened. I‟m not sure of any other way to describe it. The slang word „wixy‟ just Joss: I don‟t really have an answer for popped in my head one day, and then I “why Vegas” except that it seemed like it had to figure out where it would have would be very ironic for such a bastion of come from…and the idea just presented pleasure and hedonism to become the itself. cradle of human life—the place where the I wanted to give the reader a good feel for human race concentrates, struggles to how things evolved after the Change, but survive. at the same time, I didn‟t want the reader They renamed the city New Vegas, short- or the characters to have to actually live ened it to N. V….and voila! It became En- through it…so Lou‟s journal became a tool vy. That was simply an accidental thing, to do that. There will be similar elements in after I‟d decided to name the place New each of the other books, Vegas. :) giving new readers in particular the answers to some Duvy: How did Lou Waxnicki introduce of the basic questions they himself into your world? Did he arrive might have about how we unexpectedly or was he a catalyst? as a race picked ourselves up and tried to rebuild our Joss: From the very beginning of the con- world. cept for the series, I knew I wanted/ needed to have a couple of computer ge- Duvy: If you could niuses who could be utilized to help figure choose who would play out what happened. Twin brothers, who the parts of the charachave a little friendly competition between ters in a movie or televithemselves as to who‟s the better hacker/ sion adaptation, who programmer, etc., made it even more fun. would you choose and Thus, Lou and Theo were born…and Lou which characters? decided he was going to be the one who kept a journal. Joss: Interesting question! I haven‟t given it much Duvy: I have only read Beyond the thought so far, but I will tell Night, but I am looking forward to the you that when I picture Sinext two books, will we get a further mon, I think of Johnny Depp when he was look into the stories of Lou and Theo in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Waxnicki? Quent would be either Simon Baker or the guy who played Smith Jared in Sex Joss: Lou and Theo are both in all of the and the City (can never think of his books, and Theo has a difficult time in Em- name!). brace the Night Eternal. (And Abandon the Elliott would be Kyle Chandler. Night ends just as badly for him as well. I don‟t have any other casting thoughts at Poor guy.) However, I‟m currently working this time…but now you‟ve got me thinking! on the 4th Envy book, and Theo and Lou will figure very largely in that particular Duvy: Turning away from the books for book, rather than being peripheral charac- a second, I’d like to ask some questers. tions about you and your fans. You have several appearances coming up, Duvy: There are five heroes and only do you enjoy making appearances? Do three books, are there going to be more the fans respond well? books set in Envy?

Joss: I love to do appearances. I love meeting people who like to talk books, share thoughts about them, and of course ones who‟ve read my work. I‟m one of those odd people who actually like to speak in public (I used to be in sales), and so any opportunity I have to do workshops or speaking engagements, I‟m usually up for it. I‟ve spoken at writers‟ conferences, libraries, schools, and other events, and have enjoyed every minute of it. Duvy: Do you just do signings or have you been on any panels? Joss: Usually every time I do a signing, I talk for a bit and answer questions. I‟ve been on panels, and I‟ve also done quite a few talks on my own about being a writer. I also do a couple of workshops for writers as well. Duvy: You used to work in sales and marketing, do you find writing more pleasurable, or do you long for the good old days of 9 to 5? Joss: I think I have the best job in the world, even when the deadline is approaching! I do not for one minute miss the commute to the office or the structure of a 9-5 job. :) Duvy: You put out three books back to back, did you write on all three at once or was it a progression of one at a time? Joss: I wrote them one at a time, back to back. I am a very linear person and have to write the scenes in the order that they appear. Very rarely do I write out of order, and usually if I do, it‟s just a snatch of conversation I don‟t want to forget. So writing the three books, because, while each of them is a story unto itself, they are also part of a whole arc of the mystery of what happened and why. There are also character arcs and stories that begin in the first book and continue in the second, to be completed in the third…so I had to write it in order. Thank you so much for having me here at Darkfaery Subculture! I‟m so glad you enjoyed the book!

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Cleavage is a way for women to celebrate everything they are without compromising their identity," - Boobzilla.

The Freaky Girls your Mama warned you about! The original creator and ringleader is the force that By Robbin Marx Move aside burlesque troupes, there's a new girly show in town...

The Carnival of Cleavage is a fascinating performance troupe that has taken Oklahoma underground by storm, setting the watermark for true Vaudevillian entertainment in this day and age. Their mission as a burlesque and Vaudeville inspired Sideshow is to seek out and embrace female empowerment; and through performances to release their inhibitions and allow their creativity and natural beauty to shine.

defeated duct tape, the pain proof, The Amazing Boobzilla. The Amazing Boobzilla is a true inheritor of the traditional sideshow learning her trades under carnies from a memory's forgotten past. Her signature routine requires using her incredible 38 NN bust in one of the most unique strong woman routines in the history of sideshow. She has accomplished lifting chairs, cinderblocks and even a midget using only her massive mammaries.

The evocative, magical, sadistic minx, Darkkitty performs sights and illusions that baffle the mind and keep you on the edge of your seat. Mentored by Bizzaro the Optical Illusionist, Darkkitty performs a number of dazzling feats of prestidigitation. Though she is relatively new to sideshow performance, Darkkitty wasted no time in making a big impresDespite their name, breasts are not the main attrac- sion on her fans with exotic acts such as Razor blade tion. consumption. "It takes more than cleavage to make a woman," - These two women have the ability to make you Boobzilla. scream with delight meanwhile leaving you wanting more. When attending one of their shows, be preThe Amazing Boobzilla and the Sadistic Minx Dark- pared to bring a loud voice and plenty of kitty are the primary cast members that bring jaw-'re going to need them. dropping sideshow stunts and illusions to the stage that provide both magic and mayhem on top of a They have recently embarked on series of monthly good laugh. Occasionally they feature other guest variety shows which have their own unique theme performers such as belly dancers, sideshow perform- and guest performers. It's their mission with these ers, or burlesque entertainers. Though regardless of shows to bring the best in local and regional enterthe number of acts they have on stage, the audience tainers which might otherwise go unnoticed or beis guaranteed to have a phenomenal time. come lost in the shuffle. “There are several factors that make our shows unique and thrilling. The constant effort to bring physical comedy, the art of tease, and our courage to display ourselves on stage genuinely enjoying the show,” - Darkkitty.

More information about these lovely women and when you can see them perform can be found on their website or their Myspace page carnivalofcleavage

“Women take on so many roles in life...too many at times where we lose ourselves. The Carnival of

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Photography and Body painting by: Bryan Crump -TristaLou

bit, eventually I upgraded to the Canon 20D. I now have two of those cameras, a holga, Canon AE-1 and a few other toys. I plan on upgrading to the Canon 5D Mark II, getting a Nikon or possibly a Hasselblad camera. If I can raise funds for the Hasselblad, I will be able to create some truly phenomenal art.

TristaLou: How long have you been into photography? TristaLou: Do you remember your first picture you took that you were truly proud Bryan Crump: I have been into photography of? roughly since 2004 professionally, but have been taking pictures a lot longer than that. Bryan Crump: Every year, I end up with several images that stand out in the crowd, but TristaLou: Do you remember the moment or my first picture, is harder to pick out as I don't time that you realized that you had a want to have any just love for photography and wanted to pursue it one favorite. That makes it hard when picking as a career? images for business cards and fliers. The Mermaid picture is popular but Bryan Crump: Well the reason I got into pho- I have several projects tography was actually from an artists coming up that will put all my older stuff in perspective. Doing my art and the body paint- the Archives. ing, I got tired of working on projects and putting in elaborate detail, color TristaLou: I know that it might be hard to do, and time and getting but can you describe to me what you back photos feel your style is? that did not do justice. So Bryan Crump: I I started purhave several styles, suing photogI have the hyper raphy realism that I have myself. I have been had the pleasperfecting, a carure of worktoon sort of style ing wit h like oil paintings, I many great am working photographers towards a high though, but fashion kind of with some of look with a fantasy my own proflair. jects I liked having more (NOTE: The control over Crump Effect, a the imagery technique that is and end prodbeing developed for uct. the images and photography by TristaLou: Bryan Crump to How did you get started after that realization? give them a hyper realistic effect and eventually a 3D look without the use of 3D glasses. Bryan Crump: I had mentioned something to Giving his photography and art a surrealism my parents and one Christmas they got me an and unique look that catches the eye even with Olympus camera that I shot with for a little a subtle glance.)


Darkfaery Subculture Magazine

TristaLou: Is there anything or anyone that you draw your inspiration from? Bryan Crump: I draw inspiration from everything really, people, places, things, and everyday events. Emotion and feeling play a part too. I try to see the character with each model to bring out their personality more in the photos. Actors and Actresses are able to bring out several aspects, characters and personalities. TristaLou: Besides photography, what else do you have talents in? Bryan Crump: I sculpt, paint, draw, b uild, work on making movies and I am most known for body painting in addition to my photography. I have also done promotions for a lot various clients and events. TristaLou: You work a lot with Nicole Moan, who makes wonderful ceramic corsets, you two seem to make a good team, how did this come about? Bryan Crump: Several years ago I met Nicole at the IAO when she was helping with the Biting the Apple event. I was submitting my

closest friends and I think we work together as a team very well. It seems like every time we work together on a shoot, we almost always get fantastic images. Nicole and her husband Jason, along with the rest of their family art artists and they know how important a team can be on large projects. some things would be nearly impossible by ones self, but when you have the right team, the sky is the limit. We don't always agree, but are pretty good at communication and respect each others opinions, projects, and ideas.

I will be painting with designs inspired by previous body paintings and future ones as well. There is a lot more going into it, but that is all I am sharing for now. I want the rest to be a TristaLou: You just had a big trip to Califor- surprise. I am also working nia for some shoots, How did that on some movie shorts as a prelude to larger go? films. Bryan Crump: It was a crazy busy trip, we did For MORE info and art: lots of networking, lots of photo shoots and got a lot of work done. I actually scheduled more shoots than I should, but wanted to get as much out of the trip as possible. Next time, I will set aside more time for networking with galleries and potential clients as well as fellow artists. TristaLou: Are there any highlights from the trip that you'd like to share?

art and talking to them about doing body painting for the event. I worked with her on a few projects before she went to London and I moved to Houston. A few years later I moved back and we met up again and started teaming up on projects.

Bryan Crump: We had a great art show in Lancaster at the Art Lofts of Lancaster, it is a new artists loft and gallery that just opened. We also had some fun shoots at Malibu Beach and Santa Monica. TristaLou: Do you have any other big projects in mind that you will be working on in the future?

Bryan Crump: I have several projects in the works, some are still in the developmental TristaLou: How do you like working with phase so keeping them under wraps, but I am her? working on some new sculptures that I will be painting as well. Also Bryan Crump: Nicole has become one of my doing body castings that

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Informatik is a very general term. What can you disclose about the meaning of the bandname? Hello Tyler, hello Da5id! Nice that you took some time to answer our questions. Informat- DD: To be honest Matthew and I made up the ik‟s history began in 1994. What can you tell band name completely unaware of its meaning us about the birth of this band? in other languages. We just thought it sounded like an interesting word. DD: The original lineup was Matt Crofoot and myself. We sort of met serendipitously and What is the connection between Informatik as began writing music together immediately. bandname and your music? Although we both had similar musical goals we had very dissimilar skill sets and methods. The DD: Not much really. We only became aware results were far greater than the sum of its of the meaning after the fact. I suppose from a parts. purely revisionist stand point one could say that we named the band Informatik because our It took until 1997 to release the first album. Do music is created with the aid of computers. you remember why it took such a long time and what you felt when you had the first CD in You call your music "electronic arena rock". your hands? What do you think what the rockmusic end of Informatik looks like and what is the electro? DD: Actually, the 8 track self-released version How do you manage to fuse those styles to of Direct Memory Access came out in 1995. I one? remember quite well what it was like holding the fruit of labor for the very first time. The TN: To me there's really no distinction...our feeling was quite indescribable. Needless to say music is designed to convey an emotion and a we were elated, yet at the same time uncertain message, the sounds and tools we use to get of where this would take us. I suppose deep there are more or less uninmportant. We have a inside we knew it was the beginning of some- sonic idea in mind when we begin writing a thing big. song, so we just do whatever it takes to realize that idea. Sometimes a more traditional "rock" What is the difference between your debut al- sound is necessary to get the point across, and b u m „ D i r e c t M e m o r y A c c e s s ” a n d other times the main riff might come from a “DirectMemoryAccess v2.0”, that has been synthesizer. The most important thing is makreleased two years later? ing the connection between us and the listener. DD: When Metropolis signed us, they wanted to release DMA as a full length so they asked to us to add two more tracks. We wrote Human Nature and completed the track Violation which was cut from the original EP because I was not 100% satisfied with it at the time. Other than those two tracks, the only difference is that we added a video for At Your Command on the data portion of the CD. Your released the albums Syntax, Nymphomatik, RE:VISION and Beyond after the first two. Can you tell us one sentence to each? TN: Syntax was the album that launched us to the club scene with some of our first dance hits, however it's a somewhat uneven album to listen to. Nymphomatik was more of a sexually themed concept album, aimed purely at the dancefloor. Re:Vision was sort of a split album, with some new songs and some reworked versions of material from earlier albums. Beyond is our first shift away from club music and into a more moody downtempo sound, definitely my personal favorite of all of our recordings.


Mentallo & The Fixer, Decoded Feedback, and Pulse Legion. Tyler's band, Battery Cage, has changed drastically over the years, starting as a techno-industrial sledgehammer for those suffering from ADHD to their modern incarnation as a Conceptual Space Rock band. A great example is A Young Person's Guide To Heartbreak, a very ambitious and conceptual work that is completely lost on your average listener due partially to the fact that there are a few missing tracks on the full length that are on the Single. The work as it should have been laid out would span over 90 minutes. No one really has the time or attention to devote to serious listening nowadays. People are used to encapsulating the experience of an entire album by purchasing a single track from iTunes. You describe Informatik to be a emotional electronics. What emotions do you like to write about? DD: Love and loss. Hope and fear. The basics really. In general, I just write about what I'm feeling at the given time although I have written using past and fictional perspectives. How would you interprete Informatik‟s recent „emotional electronics“ album „Arena“ in regards of „Aristotle‟s Rhetorics on Emotions“?

You both work in your projects “din_fiv” and “Battery Cage”. How can you describe the project of the other member – tyler about da5id‟s „din_fiv“ and vice versa?

TN: I'm not familiar with the reference, but I think the album speaks directly to the listener...emotion is the universal human expression. I can only say that we intended to make a record that could appeal to anyone, regardless of TN: Well, din_fiv started out as a much harsher their nationality or native language. The goal is EBM type of project with the 'Infinity' album, to bypass the mind and connect directly to the with a couple of club hits that would appeal to heart, the emotional core of the listener. anyone that likes Leather Strip, or mid-period Skinny Puppy. I like the record, but the second If Informatik was a cake, what ingredients din_fiv album 'Escape To Reality' was really a should be used for it? quantum leap ahead on every level. In many ways, it's really the missing link between our DD: All vegan ingredients. albums 'Syntax' and 'Nymphomatik'. The songwriting and lyrical content is really miles ahead You name influences from IRIS or Depeche of anything else that was being released in that Mode. What impact did those bands have on time period (1999 - 2000), and I always your music. Are there any other influences bethought that it should have been considered side them? another classic album in the futurepop genre, alongside VNV and Apop's offerings from that TN: When you make dark electronic rock mutime. sic, it's always difficult for people to remove you from the shadow of Depeche Mode. I DD: Din_fiv (pronounced DIN-5) is a purely would say that the influence of Iris and electronic side project where I can say anything Depeche Mode is simply that we like their I want both musically and lyrically. It's defi- songs, I admire their songwriting ability...but I nitely influenced by the dark electro sounds of wouldn't call Informatik "another Depeche

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Mode clone", either. We're quite good friends with Iris, so it's important that we don't just copy what they do. We have our own style that we apply to the broader framework of electronic music that helps us stand apart. I think life itself is the influence that plays the biggest role in shaping our musical directions. The seemingly mundane interactions we all experience on a daily basis, those are a much richer source of inspiration than any musical source. The music that we listen to for pleasure has very little bearing on the songs that we write, I can assure you. In your press info one can read „Provocateurs of the consensual illusion“. What can you tell us about that claim? DD: At the center of our ethos is the notion that "reality" is entirely subjective. We reject the legitimacy of the constructed world around us. Instead we choose to create our own meanings. Your new album is titled „Arena“. What is the album about? DD: It's about dancing to the rhythm of your own heartbeat.

force a particular shape onto a song, or analyze things too much, the essence of the song is often lost. I find that the best results are achieved simply by letting the emotional force of the universe push itself through me. Usually I just need to get my 'self' out of the way! It's an interesting paradox, one that I think many artists face...the most effortless work usually realizes the greatest results...the more labored the work, the more likely it is that the end result will be less satisfying. Of course, not all of the results will be appropriate for what is considered the 'Informatik sound', but the important thing is to keep the activity of creation flowing as much as possible, to always be open to what the universe has to offer.

TN: While we were working on 'Arena', we thought it would be a good idea to have an audience driven "remix contest", where we could allow people a chance to remix some of our songs. We made two songs from 'Beyond' available, "My True Love" and "Temporary", and told the participants that whoever won the contest would appear on 'Arena'. So, the two bands Pulse State and The Synthetic Dream Foundation were the winners, and their mixes appear on the album. The rest of the participants had their remixes released as a free digital album, available from our website. The 'Stadium' and 'Arena' mixes were simply in keeping with the idea of our music as "electronic arena rock", and were attached to older material that was reworked into our curThe Track „The World Belongs To Us“ is a rent sound, indicating that the sound has been live-track that have been recorded in Budokan. amplified to it's maximum threshold. What is Budokan and what can you tell us about the gig? „ Don’t Be Afraid“ has been remixed by Claire Voyant, an Electro-Alternative Band from CalDD: That song is in fact a studio track. We call ifornia. How did the remix come into life? it the "Live at Budokan" because that is the sound we were try to create. That is the sound TN: Claire Voyant are friends of ours, we realof days gone past when albums were recorded ly love their music. The song "Don't Be Afraid" in front of large audiences at famous locations. was originally written for 'Beyond', and we It's our attempt at ironic nostalgia. thought it would be very interesting for Claire Voyant to remix that particular song, and see „It Was Like I Was Dreaming“ is a very inter- how they could blend it with their particular esting song too. What dreams do you personal- style of music. While we had totally different ly have? expectations of the result, we are really happy with the version that they returned to us. I'm TN: The interesting aspect of the song is that it looking forward to returning the favor for them revolves around the idea of dreams being a as well! gateway to an alternate reality, that you're peering into another possible version of your own How does it feel to have Informatik play live in existence. I like this idea very much! Europe for the very first time?

„The End“ is the last track on the album DD: I think I speak for both of us when I say TN: For me, it's a statement of our intent to „Arena“. What do you feel when the last tune we are extremely excited. It is something that reach the maximum possible stage, on our own has faded away – is it meant to be the final we've wanted to do for such a very long time. terms. song of the project? Do you have any detailed plans for your future Can we call it a concept album? TN: "The End" was written during the 'Beyond' as collaborative project? sessions, but it didn't seem to fit that records DD: Not really. It's more of a musical collage. overall vibe. For me, the title "The End" is TN: We plan to start working on the followup more of an indication that we are finished with to 'Arena' as soon as we're back from our EuroTN: I agree, it was never intended to be a tradi- making "industrial" style music, and are mov- pean tour. I already have some ideas about the tional concept album. I wouldn't add remixes ing in a different direction these days. It was musical direction, but it's too early to really from outside parties to a concept album, for basically the product of jamming in the studio, comment. I won't really know what to expect example. and it was a lot of fun to make, but it's probably until we're in the studio again. I can only say not a style that we would do again. It is defi- that I expect more emotion, more dynamics, What is the title „Come together“ all about? nitely NOT the last song from Informatik! I more organics, and better songs! In the meanthink it just has a sort of epic quality that made while, I have a number of other projects that DD: It is completely sexual and literal. There is it the perfect choice as the closing track on I'm working on, I stay pretty busy all the time. nothing metaphorical about that song. 'Arena'. Many thanks. We want to use the opportunity What advantage do you think you take from the What can you tell us about the remixes and to wish you all the best and Good Luck for all „Use of the Subconscious“, the emotion, for names of that versions: „Stadium Mix“, „The your future career! your music? Synthetic Dream Foundation Mix“, „More Cowbell Mix“, „Pulse State Mix“ und „Arena TN: My goal in the studio is to avoid letting the Mix“? by PromoFabrik ( conscious mind direct my activity. If I try to

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Mesh - Interview Promofabrik Hello Richard, thanks for taking some time to answer a few questions about Mesh and your recently released new album “A Perfect Solution”. Richard: No problem. In case that there really are people out there who don‟t know you, please shortly introduce the Band. Richard: Well, we are a kind of “two piece” band from Bristol / UK. It‟s me, Richard Silverthorn and Mark Hockings. Basically we are both kind of programmers but I think over the last few years I‟ve taken the role of being the more kind of musician in the studio and Mark is the songwriter. How did you get the idea for your band name “Mesh” and what does it mean? Richard: „laughs‟ unfortunately it‟s a very boring answer. We‟ve been in bands before Mesh and we both experienced problems of coming up with names. You spend more time trying to think of a decent name or something that doesn‟t sound like something else – you can spend far too much time on it. So when we sat down and said we want to come up with a band name, Mark just said “Mesh” and we just said “Yep, that‟s fine”. There‟s no kind of real meaning. It was literally one of these words that we just liked. We didn‟t want a band with a “the” to start so it just needed to be a very short word. But “Mesh” does mean anything, doesn‟t it? Richard: Yeah, like a net or kind of network. The name is fitting to you then with this meaning.. Richard: Right, yeah. People have said, in Mesh are all those different noises and all is interlinked. I mean, it was never intended to be like that but it‟s a quite good analogy, yeah. It‟s quite a good word.

really honest, if somebody had said that somebody has going to leave the band I think I would have chosen Neil. At the end he didn‟t seem very happy in his role really. The way we worked was like I said before: I tended to do the music and Mark was doing the lyrics but Neil‟s involvement in the band was more of the business side. He‟d be the organiser and take the phone calls and organise the money and things like that. I think it was really difficult for him. When we were going out doing live-shows I think he felt slightly alienated. He was standing there playing music that he didn‟t have much involvement in, so he just decided he wanted to leave. He had enough of the whole music thing and he wanted to kind of just settle down and have a normal life. I mean, both Mark and I are married and have children and a family. And well, we‟ve been in a band and I think Neil struggled with that so he needed to distance himself from the band and create a normal life. And now he has settled down and become a father. But it was a shock. I mean we were really expecting it but we weren‟t expecting it when he did it. Because we just put out an album, we‟ve done our first part of the European tour and then he decided to leave and we still had like festivals and another part of the tour. It did leave us with a big problem but we got through it.

else we had to struggle with. Right from the beginning he has always done the artwork for us. So with this new album we had to find somebody who understood what we were trying to achieve with it. I think we did it in the end. The artwork is very very Mesh-like and I‟m pleased we managed to do that using somebody else. Your new album “A Perfect Solution” obviously discusses broken relationships. Is it all about

love relationships or do you also process the departure of Neil Taylor?

Richard: „laughs‟ Oh dear, what should I say. The way Mark writes – which I think is very very clever – is he leaves it open for people to interpret it in different ways. I think that‟s the beauty of his songwriting. People can relate to it and they see it in one way and probably the In October 2006 Neil Taylor left the band for true meaning is completely different to how personal reasons. How did you experience this Neil Taylor also was in charge of the artwork, they see it. That‟s why we never really let out situation? right? what the songs are about. But yeah, there are certain elements of the kind of departure of Richard: It came as a bit of a shock but if I was Richard: Yeah, he was. And that‟s something Neil. Mark just generally writes from experi-


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ences and things he sees, not necessarily all his People now think that we‟ve changed but we personal experiences, otherwise he‟d be a very haven‟t really. We‟re just kind of mixing it depressed man I think. differently now. It‟s the same with playing live. I mean before we were hiding behind the keyWith the Single „Only Better” and the new boards, perhaps we weren‟t really confident in album you show a harder and darker side of ourselves. Now we decided that we can do all you. “Shattered Glass”, f.e. is heavy on the this quite well so let‟s just do it. I started playguitars. Would you say that you have newly- ing a guitar live and we have a live drummer discovered yourselves? and things like that. It does upset a lot of kind of purists out there, people who really love Richard: I‟ve been asked this question quite a electronic music who are saying “Oh, you started turning into a rock-band”. But we haven‟t really at all.

In „Everything I Made” you are very critical of yourself. Do you sing about your own experiences or the ones of another one?

Richard: It‟s quite funny actually. Usually the title of the album is literally the very last thing we come up with when we do an album. We‟ve become notorious, we were leaving it far too late and the record company was really annoyed with us because we haven‟t come up with the title. This time we actually came up with it quite early which is really unusual for us. I think that helped us shaping the album. We came up with this phrase “A Perfect Solution” so we knew where we wanted to take the album. I think the title sums up what is in all relationships. Weather they‟re good or bad, some people have massive arguments and fall out with each other but that might be what keeps them together in a way. And that might be the perfect solution. Specifically when you listen to the track “Who Says”, the one we‟ve done with Julia, it kind of sums up the whole album to me. We all get each other and kind of annoy each other but that‟s what make things work sometimes. Perhaps that is the perfect solution. We love each other because of this reason so it was just a good title.

Do you regret many things in your life? And if you had the chance to go back in time, would you change something or would you say that everything in life has its sense?

Mark: It‟s almost a self-critical song. It‟s about letting people down and not maybe fulfilling the things that you could have done and the things that maybe fulfilling your potential as a person and the things you do within your relationships with people. That one was almost quite easy to write in a way because that‟s a little bit of me. I think I‟m one of those people that feel like letting a lot of people down sometimes. I‟m very involved in certain parts – my work and the things I do. When you‟re preoccupied with things other than family, friends What is behind the and stuff that you‟re putting not much time into title „A Perfect you feel like letting people down a lot. That Solution“? comes out in that song.

lot lately but I think we feel more confident than we ever have before. When we started a lot of people said we sound like somebody or we sound like this or that band. But over the years I think you discover your own sound. And the whole thing with guitars is quite funny because we‟ve always used guitars and also real drums right from the very beginning but I think we disguised them and maybe mixed them quietly and things like that. Over the years I think we became more confident that it sounds ok playing guitars and different instruments so why shouldn‟t we push them a little bit more to the foreground.

Mark: Sometimes I think you kind of look at some of the things that you do and you think “I could have done something different; I could have been somewhere else”. But when I look back at the threads of what has happened I‟m in the best place I could be really. I think it‟s two thoughts. I‟m happy with where I am and I can‟t imagine being happier but in the same breath you think you could have done something different. When I was younger and left school I did a lot of things because I almost couldn‟t be bothered to do anything else but in the same aspect if I haven‟t done those things I wouldn‟t be where I am now. I‟ve always kind of worked hard. Sometimes you make decisions because you‟re frightened of doing something else. A lot of people do this. I don‟t think anyone can truly sit down and say “I wish I‟d never done anything else other than what I did”. That‟s quite unusual; I think most people would be lying. Sometimes I wish I‟d maybe gone into science or lived abroad but when you‟re look at where you are and are glad that things went how they did, it‟s a really difficult question. Yes and no „laughs‟. „Only Better” addresses in a quite sarcastic way to someone who is gone. What can you tell us about this song? Mark: That one is kind of difficult. It‟s a not really long song. There are only a few lines in it. I suppose it‟s about looking at someone who is about to leave you in a way and you can‟t understand how somebody could invest that much time and that much of their life in something and just walk away from it. I‟ve been in a similar kind of relationship to that but I was on the other side of it. I put a lot of time into a

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relationship and then you just walk away and draw a line under it. The whole life is almost like a road, it‟s just suddenly blocked off and I think that‟s really where that came from. The weakness that you feel is almost like a sense of loss and the complete change of your life which can happen just over night. It‟s not as anyone‟s died or anything but you almost have to start your life all over again. The song was written from the point of view I wasn‟t on. Maybe it was just kind of revisiting something in the distant past and writing it down. It‟s been a while since I‟ve written these. It‟s good because I have to sing it in the next three weeks. It‟s quite difficult to remember your own lyrics sometimes. I need to remember what they‟re about. In „Who Says” you work for the first time together with a guest vocalist. Did this idea (to get a guest vocalist) developed from the main topic “broken relationships”? Richard: Actually the way it came about was that I‟ve written a piece of music for “Who Says” which I gave to Mark and he came back with this song and sang it in the studio. Because he kept repeating the same line I had this idea. I said that this could be really good; it could almost be like an argument, one person saying one thing and another person saying the same thing. I said it would be quite interesting to get somebody else to sing this second part rather than Mark singing the whole song. We‟ve known Julia for a long time and she became a good friend of ours. So I rang her up and said “We‟re in a real hurry for this, could you possibly, if I send you the track, just sing it, record it in the studio and send your part back again?” She did it. Within almost two days she recorded it in a studio in Germany, sent it back via the Internet and I dropped it straight in the track. And it was really cool. It works quite well, sounding like two people talking to each other. Mark, where do you get the inspiration from for your songs; Are only your personal experiences in these songs or also the ones of other persons? Mark: Not really. I think you just follow a lead sometimes. It can be anything. There are several different things involved in it. I tend to just


listen to the music and that can be something that is done or something that I just play around with. Then kind of words and phrases pop out and then you go back and try to find out what it is that‟s coming out of it. It‟s very odd. Sometimes you got no idea really. But that‟s the way I write. People write differently and I tend to just feel what comes out with the music. Then all of the sudden you got an idea of where it‟s going. It kind of has a life of its own. The song writes itself sometimes. It just comes from somewhere. It sounds strange but it is like that. That‟s my kind of talent and that‟s what I bring into the mix. I can make songs write themselves.

had the choice and could look what each label can offer us. And we had signed by Sony, but we were realising that it‟s really not about the money or the label. It‟s about the people you work with and their dedication and belief in what you‟re doing. So when we talked with a lot of these people they didn‟t really come up with that. When we spoke to Stefan he was completely upset. He followed our career, knew everything about us and he really admired what we‟ve done considering we had normal jobs as well. He said “For a band coming to this level without doing it full-time is amazing.” He was just very honest and a breath of fresh air for us. Based on that we wanted to work with him. Stefan is a very Since this year you made a contract with Stef- clever man when it comes to this scene and an Herwig and his label Dependent. How did it this whole music business. come to this change? Since you created your own label in the beginRichard: We were in a position where we had ning, you had quite a few label-changes. Why? signed with Sony Columbia. After making And do you now have the feeling that you fi“We Collide” our contract ran out. We decided nally found a long-lasting home with Dependwe didn‟t want to sign a record contract again. ent? I said to Mark that the best thing would be if Richard: I‟d like to think so, yes. In the beginning you‟re like any band just desperate to get a CD out. We started our own label and put it out ourselves. When we suddenly realised that it‟s too much work to do it alone, “Memento Materia” came along and offered us a contract in Sweden. After 4 years we started to thinking that we need a bigger label. That‟s how we came to “Sony Columbia”. For a band like us in this scene it‟s kind of unbelievable to manage a deal with a Major Record label. But that was a contract for two albums. And after the two albums we decided to move on and make something different again. So here we are now with Dependent. We‟ve gone a full circle, from an independent small label to a Major and then back to a small one again. But we feel comfortable in this. I like it when we can ring up Stefan and talk we‟d just take our time, write a good album about things. With Sony you couldn‟t just talk and then find a label later. That‟s what we did. to anybody, you‟re just not important. Stefan is We wrote an album together without a label or almost like a Partner, it‟s nice to work on such anybody‟s money and then near the comple- a level. tion of the album we asked our manager to find someone to release this. Four or five label real- Making the new album without any label you ly wanted to sign us and put the album out. It surely felt quite free to do what you want. was quite a good position for us, because we

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Richard: Yes, definitely. To be honest we have been quite lucky in the past that most of our labels really haven‟t interfered that much. Possibly at the end they had ideas about changing little things like making it more radiofriendly and things like that. But with this album we had complete creative freedom and we did whatever we wanted to do. By the time any label has heard it, it was pretty much finished. And it feels closer to me then any other album we‟ve done before this one. As you say yourself, you were influenced by the early ElectroBands like Depeche Mode or Nitzer Ebb. What impressed you the most about these bands; by what did you get inspired? Richard: I think it was just possibly their purpose to that all and the fact that it was just so new back then. I remember being into music, just kind of normal bands but made me really listen to music was f.e. Gary Newman. It was so different to anything I‟d ever heard, using Synthesizers in that way. And it was the same with all the other bands that came up in that period of time like Depeche Mode or Yazoo. Yazoo had a massive influence on me, because it was the first time that electronic music had a soul. All that what came about in that time was just so refreshing. I was so bored of hearing guitar bands and when electronic music took off it was the thing that really caught my ears. Especially the non-commercial bands like DAF, Fad Gadget, Portion Control and all these slightly weird bands. The official mesh fanclub homepage has a great feature – the fans can submit their questions to you. How important is this close contact to the fans for you? Richard: Massively. Over the years we‟ve gained a really good loyal audience. When we travel around and do shows we see a lot of the same people following us around. It‟s just brilliant, I love it. I love the whole kind of interactiveness of it all and meeting people after shows. They share they appreciation and it‟s great, especially the shows as well. I like trying to get the audience in. We‟ve got a few ideas this time with the video, trying to get the audience more involved in it. You have to look

questions. They write you every day and expect a reply every day. And then comes a point where you think that it‟s not “one on one” and you can‟t do this all the time, otherwise I‟d be going mad and never have any time for myself. I do my best to answer anybody but if they keep asking every day it almost becomes a bit of a chore but I try my best because I‟m such a nice person „laughs‟. Thinking back to the beginnings of Mesh and comparing the former mesh with today; how would you describe your after those people because they put you where development? What experiences did you you are and they gave us the opportunity to do make? what we‟re doing. They‟re really nice people. Richard: I think playing live is a big experiDo you get many questions? ence. Every time you do a tour you grow in confidence and know what you‟re doing. I Richard: Through the whole interactive net of think as people we‟ve just become aware of MySpace and things like that we‟ve got a lot everything. You‟re very naïve when you start. of questions, yes. But MySpace is definitely You try and do anything and listen to everythe most important one. That is very busy. body. Over the years you learn just to go with Most days when I log on there‟s quite a few your heart – do what you want to do and what things I got to answer and change and get back you think is right and hope that people like it. to people about. I think it‟s a great medium for That‟s the position we are in now. For this talking to people. People look at things like reason I like this album more than anything MySpace more than they do at the official else because we‟ve done it ourselves. We homepage just because they can be involved in haven‟t followed a trend and we haven‟t really it. They can look on people‟s comments and tried to copy anybody. We just do our own can comment themselves. That‟s great. thing and I think that‟s what every band should do, especially in this scene. There‟s so many What was the craziest or funniest question you bands I listen to and when I get CD‟s sent to got? me they‟re all sounding the same. They are all trying to do this future-pop stuff and are beginRichard: Well, I don‟t want to give too much ning to sound exactly like each other. So stop about, but.. „laughs‟ unbelievably we‟ve had listening to it, do your own thing and hope that three people contact us just recently. They people like it. That‟s what we tried all along. I were such big fans and they wanted to propose think we haven‟t really changed. We‟ve just their girlfriends at the concert. That never hap- always been Mesh. pened at all. And we‟ve got three completely different people asking at the same time. We On your upcoming tour “Informatik” will supdo get awesome strange things. port you. How did it come to this cooperation? What was the most annoying and what the Richard: We were looking for somebody quite most intimate one? interesting to take on tour. So many bands end up using the same bands as support. We‟re just Richard: You do get propositions from girls had to do it a little bit different. In the past we trying to chat you up, really weird. Annoying - brought over people that the german audience that‟s very difficult. People obviously see you haven‟t already seen, f.e. we had Iris, a band in a different way. Sometimes you get people from America which I‟ve been following for asking you a question, so you answer them but years. We‟re always looking for something it almost opens a floodgate for hundreds of interesting to put on the show. And Informatik

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approached us. They‟re involved with Metropolis Records, which is our American Label as well. I really liked it. It was different and nobody hasn‟t really seen them in Germany; so it was really of interest for the tour. That‟s how it came about. We have never met them. We are first going to meet them in Germany next week. It‟ll be interesting; we will see what they‟re like. What can we expect from the upcoming tour; do you plan something special? Richard: Yes, we‟ve been working on something and we‟re hoping and praying that it‟s all going to work because it is getting so complicated and technical now. We were one of the first bands that start using video on a big scale. We‟ve been doing it for such a long time now. We decided to do something else because all the other bands are doing this. The technology is cheaper so we came up with a new idea for the upcoming tour which involves multiple screens in different places. It‟s very complicated but we managed to get it working. We haven‟t actually tested it which is really funny but we‟re confident that it‟s all going to work. Hopefully it‟s going to be a little bit interactive. At the end of the last week we came up with the idea of taking pictures of everybody coming in. We will go backstage with the camera, download all those pictures and drop them into a folder. All these pictures will become part of the show in the background. People will be really surprised when they see pictures of themselves on the video screen behind us. We plan something similar for this tour as well. We are excited to play the new songs and we‟ve also redone some of the older stuff. It should be really, really cool.

mark; you almost don‟t want to get rid of it. Oktober/November 2009 It‟s very strange, perhaps I‟m going mad. It‟s Interview & Text: Astrid Kerber just one of those things I always done and I can‟t even imagine going on stage without it. I think it is a “character-switching-thing” Mark: Yes, you‟re right. It‟s like an Alter-Ego. Do you already have any plans for the future?

Richard: Not really. You tend to just think of a couple of weeks ahead rather than the big picture of years. None of us is getting any younger. We were completely concentrating on this album and now the album is out so we‟re looking forward to the release. Now the next concentration is onto the tour. After that we will Mark, since the beginning we never see you start thinking about what‟s coming next. We without your trademark, your cap. Doesn‟t it were talking about Singles; there is plenty that get too hot with it on stage? we‟re getting on with but I can‟t think far enough ahead. It‟s just thinking about the imMark: Yeah, it‟s bad, but it is too late now to mediate things to be honest. change. I have to do it forever now. But, yes, sometimes, in Spain particularly; and Greece is not great, there‟s no air condition. But it‟s Thanks for the Interview, good luck for the quite good in Germany in the winter. I think tour and hopefully everything works. I‟ll be alright „laughs‟. I think it started when we used to go to Sweden and Norway. It was Richard: Thank you very much. freezing cold. Mark: I hope so. Thank you very much. I‟ll have a selection of warm headgears for the tour this time so that will be fun. MESH @ MySpace: And what is behind it? You never put it down, not for photos or on live-shows. MESH @ www: Mark: I don‟t know really. Obviously I don‟t do that when I‟m at home. It‟s just something that I‟m doing in the band and I don‟t know why. I think it‟s like an “image-thing”, a trade- by PromoFabrik ( –


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presence known to the rest of the world!” May 22 was chosen as the date for “Goth Day” following BBC 6 Music in the UK announcing that it was looking at various musical subcultures, Goth being one of them, over the weekend of May 22 2009. In the space of a week, DJ Cruel Britannia and DJ Martin Oldgoth decided that it should be celebrated properly, and “Goth Day” was born! “Various members of the scene came up with ideas to celebrate what being “Goth” was to them, including dressing a little more “Goth” for work, contacting local radio stations to get Goth songs played, making “Goth Day” cakes, changing their avatar on social networking sites and forums to the “official” Goth Day smiley etc. Basically it was a day to have fun and show the world that they were proud to be “Goth”.” Says DJ Martin Oldgoth. “Goth Day” 2010 is only a few months away, and preparations are already underway to make it bigger and better this year. Plans include getting clubs and promoters across the world involved to make their usual club night more of an event, including raising money for charities or local good causes! Following on from the successes of last years “Goth Day”, DJ Cruel Britannia and DJ Martin Oldgoth have “Goth Day” even has its own website, again joined forces to celebrate all things Goth on Saturday, where there is a host of reMay 22 2010. sources, such as downloadable posters, smileys and radio adverts, as well as a forum to post your views and more ““Goth Day” is a day to celebrate all things Goth” says DJ importantly what you are doing for Goth Day. The website Cruel Britannia. “It is a day where the scene gets to cele- will be updated with events and news as it comes in, so brate in its own right and gets the opportunity to make its keep checking back for more information.

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Q&A: John Philbin (Chuck) -Jonathan Rex Myrick

him in Gland Pipe line. He‟s great, Jarred Hamilton, Jerry Cole, those guys are heroes.

JM- Do you surf around the world? JM-Twenty years of Return of the Living Dead anniversary is that exciting? JP- Yeah I surf all around the world. John Philbin- Yeah! Time flies; its surreal be- JM- What‟s your favorite spot? cause how many people ask questions about a movie made twenty-five years ago that I can JP- My favorite spot in the whole barely remember, me want to see the movie world is Gland Java. again. JM- Better than Sydney?

JM- When you do movies that, twenty-five years ago, how often do you work with the JP- Yes, way better than Sydney. same people down the road? JM- Where all do you give lessons JP- I‟ve worked with Jimmy a few times, at? which is always great to work with. JP- Malibu. I live in L.A. And I teach JM- Other than Return of the Living Dead in Malibu. I also teach in Mexico and what other films have you been in? Hawaii. JP- Children of the Corn was my first movie Point Break; big action film and then Tombstone big western, but some people like Martians Go Home. There‟s a cult surf film I did called North Shore. Some people like The New Kids a redneck thing by Sean Cunningham filmed in Florida but I like Point Break, Northshore and Tombstone.

Return of the L 20 Year Reunion at Weeken

Except for John Philbin (looking at John and laughing) .He‟s very serious and very mature, JM- Awesome. Do you give lessons to every- that‟s why I have to watch myself around him body? because he gets angry and tells me to calm down (we all laugh) JP- Anybody, Everybody. JM- What other films have you been in and do you still do films?

Q&A: Brian Peck (Scuz)

JM- What was it like to work with actors like -Jonathan Rex Myrick Patrick Swayze? JP- I worked with him in two movies Grand USA and Point Break, Both times he impressed me with what a hard worker he is. He‟s a hardcore 100% all the time guy. Rest In Peace, I love him and his whole family. His memorial is tomorrow and my heart goes out to them. Great Guy, I loved working with him. He was an animal. Amazing actor, amazing guy. He took me sky diving, I took him surfing. It was great.

JM- It‟s been 25 years since Return of the Living Dead has been released. What‟s it like being back around the cast after so long.

Brian Peck- In the last five years we've actually got to see each other a fair amount. Couple different reunions/events and on the special edition DVD that came out not to long ago, in which we got together for interviews for the DVD commentary. So the last five years has JM- So you‟re a surfer outside the movie sce- kind of been cool because we've all kid of reunited and got to know each other again. ne? JP- Yeah I teach surfing now. I did a couple surf films and I got the job of teaching other actors who had to look like they could surf. It‟s a good job. JM- What‟s been your favorite surfer person you ever went to hit waves with? JP- Jerry Lopez JM- Awesome. JP- He was in Northshore. I‟ve surfed with


BP- I did a movie before Return of the Living Dead called The Last American Virgin which also has its own devoted cult following. You know those teen sex comedies from early eighties. Came out same time as Porky‟s, Fast Times at Rigemont High, etc. I played a nerd in that movie. So, totally different character than Scuz. I went from nerd to punk rocker. A lot of people know both movies and they don't realize I'm the same guy. I've done Good never remember my credits (both laugh)

I wrote and directed a little horror film for kids called The Willies which I did back in the 90's and came out on DVD recently. It‟s a movie that I rarely have a chance to talk about or even think about and last month Horror Hound JM- Cool Magazine came out with an article called The 20 Most Essential Horror Anthology Films of BP- Previous two we did a big event in Holly- All Time. The Willies was actually number 18. wood with the American Cinemattack at the Egyptian theatre where the majority of the cast JM- Nice, Congrats! was all there and the director and Bill Stroud our productions. That was the first time a lot of BP- I only know about it because a friend of us has seen each other in 20 years since we mine called me and told me. I was pleasantly made the movie. So that was pretty cool. In the surprised and honored that my silly little movlast five years we've seen a bit of each other; ie that I wrote back that is apparently one of fortunately we realize that we actually all liked the 20 most Essential Horror Anthologies‟. each other. We're all sort of immature goof Who knew? I had no idea. balls so we just goof around and have fun.

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from Gossip Girl. Really great cast. JM- You've pretty much been a nerd, punk rocker, family, producing and acting.

Living Dead: t Sci-Fi Horror nd JM- So with all the horror films out whom have like a following; are y'all going to try to do like a every 5 year base and bring it back? BP- Well, yeah. I don't know. There are no specific plans. All of us are still pretty busy doing different things in different areas. I've actually been producing for the last 5-6 years. JM- Stepping to the other side... BP- Yeah I've been on the other side producing stuff. I'll take the moment to plug my new movie which is called Bitch Slap. Comes out January 8. It‟s kind of a throwback to hot chicks with guns who beat the crap out each other explosion movies. Kind of Faster Pussycat Russ Myers sort of thing (JM-laughs) I have beautiful actresses Zoe Bell (Grind House) which is our stunt coordinator. She put together what will probably be the greatest chick fight in history. (JM- alright) So look up JM- Any other movies you produce and direct? BP-Yeah ironically the couple more recent films I produced were more family films. I produced a movie called The Outlaw Trail: The treasure of Butch Cassidy. It was a family adventure movie about some kids looking for Butch Cassidy‟s gold brought back from Bolivia. I was actually one of the actors in that film. I played one of the dumb bad guys that were after the kids. Kind of a Goonies type adventure. (JM that was a great movie) Produced a film that came out last year called Forever Strong. True story about a high school rugby league; Remember the Titans type movie. Sean Aston, Shawn Ferris, Blake Lively

on the Villon on The Tick, the new Felix the Cat, cartoon series that I did many many episodes of but I've never heard of again so I don't know what happened to them. They paid me so I don't care (laughs). So I've done a lot of that kind of thing. I was a regular on nickelodeon series for 4 years All that. Also did voice over for Nickelodeon announcements.

BP- I've done a lot of weird stuff. There‟s a period in time where I wore a lot of prosthetics. I was in Star Trek Five: The Final Frontier and I had a 4 ½ hour make up job. I've done a few things where the encased me in JM- On producing wise you've done family, rubber. Last year I did 4 episodes in the very true story, horror...what is your favorite thing short lived Caveman TV series based on the to produce? Geico commercial. BP-I like movies in general. Any project that JM- What was that like doing that? has a great story I'm interested in doing. I had just as much fun producing the family film as I BP- It had been really long time since I had did Bitch Slap which is violent R rated not done work in heavy prosthetics, and when I family friendly type. As long as it‟s a cool was younger I use to think it was kind of cool story and a fun movie I as a producer can get it because I was into makeup affects and stuff; either way. As a film goes I'm a long time horso I liked being made up. I decided now that ror sci-fi fan. I'm a bonefied geek. I use to go I'm older its really uncomfortable and not my to these conventions all the time when I was a favorite thing anymore (both laugh) although I kid. was happy for the job. I was like wow this is really a pain in the butt sitting 3 ½ hours get- JM- So what do you think of the remakes like ting rubber glued to your face and having to Jason, Halloween, etc.... wear it for 12 hours. One of the first episodes of Caveman I worked on I think I was getting BP- I'm not one of those people who literally into makeup around 5:30 am and wrapping up are like “oh my god I can‟t believe they are at 1:30 am. That was a very long day; long wig remaking that”. When I hear they are remaking and the beard. the wig almost bugged me more it I go 'well I hope its good'. If it‟s good I'll than the makeup. Kept getting in my mouth. enjoy it and be happy they remade it, with that It‟s not fun to eat wearing prosthetics being said the majority of them are not very good. JM- (laughing) What‟s it like going from movies to TV series? JM- If they do a remake of Return of the Living Dead will we see any original cast in BP- There not that different honestly. It‟s one there? thing if it‟s a really, really big budget movie because I've worked on a couple of those; but BP- That‟s up to whoever remakes Return of most of the stuff I've worked on have been the Living Dead. I think it would be fun to more independent type films. have us pop up in cameos. On one hand it doesn't sound like a great idea to remake it (JM JM- So you have produced and acted. What is - laughs) but a big part of me would be really your bigger goal, to continue acting or become curious to see what it would be like. a producer? JM- I mean they've done Texas Chainsaw BP- I've defiantly transitioned more into be- Massacre, will get hind the scene position producing and that there....When you do a true story compared to kind of stuff. The acting thing was always my written story what is the difference. Is it harder goal when I was younger. It‟s something I've for a true story? always enjoyed doing. I'm still more than happy to act if people ask me to (JM-laughs) but BP- It‟s a little bit of a difference with a true I've also done a lot of voice over work over the story (JM- you have boundaries and stuff) you years. Cartoon series, video games... (JM-what have responsibility to keep the story real. The are some of them out there)...Oh gosh, I‟m so film I did; Forever Strong was a true story terrible because I don't play video games so about this coach Larry Galloway based in Salt I've never seen any of the ones I've done Lake City, Utah. All the characters were based (laughs). I did 3 Die Hards, Planet of the Apes on real people. The only difference is we tool a (all the characters), Jack & Dexter; which was story that took place in 20 years and rammed it a popular video game, did a couple of those, into one season. some boxing game. The cartoon series, I was

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Q&A: Allan Trautman aka “Tarman”

JM- What‟s it like to go from Return of the to put Puppet Up Uncensored on the road and Living Dead to Jim Henson Puppet (both get it out to everybody in the rest of the counlaugh) bit difference there. try.

AT- Bit difference but its all performance. It‟s JM- Right on! Is that going to be like a imall acting work. Really from our point it‟s all prove at comedy clubs or conventions? Jonathan Myrick- Going on 25 years of Return easy. The style is a little different and the AT- Well we of the Living Dead? dialog changes (JM d o n 't k n o w. They're looking Allan Trautman- 25 years I can‟t believe it. I laughs) at theatre. You had really black hair then (both laugh) JM- So going back to know it‟s all in Return of the Living very, very early JM- Is this the first time all of you have got Dead filmed back in planning stages together since then? the 80‟s, here we are in but we're keep2009.Whats the film ing our fingers AT- We got together to record some commencrossed. tary for the 25th anniversary DVD which is out industries difference? now. We did that 2 or 3 years ago, and I think Is it better, is it trickithere was one other convention we did a few er? years back but it doesn‟t happen often. AT- Wow! It‟s different now; I mean the JM- Well thank you and we hope to see you whole business has changed in the last 25 soon. JM- What‟s next? AT- A bunch of us will be in Orlando next years. Back then monopolized by a few large month (November) for Zonacon but not quite media calumets the way it is now. There was sure what is coming up after that without look- actually a lot more back then. Now a days; 1. Because of the economy, 2. A lot of production ing at my calendar. outside of California so the production around JM- What other stuff have you been in that you here (meaning California) where I live just not as much work around basically. Things are would like to put out there? tougher for everybody with the economy. The entertainment industry is feeling the pinch just AT- I did the TV series Dinosaurs. as much as everyone else. I‟ve done a lot of work with Jim Hanson ComJM- Do you do pany as a puppeteer anything outside over the years in of California or which I'm still proare all your film ducing things with work done inside Hanson. Right now California? we have a new web series out called SimAT- Most of it is eon Undercover Dedone in Califortective Squad or nia. I did a couSUDS for short. Its ple of Muppet undercover monkey TV Movies in detectives. It‟s out on Vancouver, BritI think We ish Columbia; do a monthly puppet which is beautiful, I did a movie called Cats & improve show in Hollywood live on stage (that‟s a lot of fun) Puppet up Uncensored (JM Dogs there too. Really enjoyed that. Haven't done too much work outside of that. -cool) Jonathan Rex Myrick

There‟s a children series on TBS weekday JM- Alright Mr. Trautman what is the next mornings. I directed a few episodes of that. A thing we can see you coming out in? lot of fun stuff out there. AT- Well like I said there‟s SUDS that are just premiering now so they are going to start rolling those episodes out. After that we're hoping


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Jonathan Rex Myrick

may and we had our other bass player and weeks. (JM- Awesome) It was like a walk in drummer. It didn‟t really go as well. deal…Those first guys blew. We got needed people to play, they showed up and played. JM- Where is Illysium based out of? They were pretty good towards the end…then they decided wanted to play with someone else CS- We‟re based out of College Station. and left.

Jonathan Myrick- How long has Illysium been JM- Where does Illysium perform at? a band? Clint Settles- Illysium has been around a little CS- Houston, Harker Heights, we‟re coming in over a year now. We have new guys as our to Waco more, Austin,….Were a central Texas bass player and drummer has been with us for band. about 2 months. JM- Do you want to stay central Texas or carry JM- Is this a band that has been started before this into a career and move out into the nation? that is being mastered or is this something that CS- We‟ll play anywhere they want to pay us just got started?

JM- Did you and your brother decide on Illysium or was it a band decision? CS- It was a full band… JM- For the people who doesn‟t know Illysium describe the music to the nation.

CS- Oh man dude me and my brother (singer) have been doing this about 12 years trying to make it happen.

CS- I think we‟ve got one song for everybody; I don‟t care what you listen to. There will be one that you will like. If you like alternative we have “Day by Day”, “Break Away”. If you like the real hardcore we go as far as “World Damnation”.

JM- What gave yal the influence and push to make Illysium?

JM- As a band do you set as whole and write or individually then come together?

CS- Typically like all these songs I write CS- We just sat down one day and we them at the house and bring them in and had all these songs and was like let‟s like here are the basics. Then if a member just start playing live. Kind of boring throws something in and I like it then I‟m out here in the garage, let‟s do somelike “hell yeah, that‟s bad ass,” which has thing on stage. We got out there and happened. It‟s not like I have to write it at had all these people in our face and we home, I just prefer to write at home behad a real good time .All these people cause if you‟re in the band room and eveout there (makes grunting sound) all rybody‟s in there kind of hard. sweating and wanting to mosh. Adrenaline starts pumping, you never want to let it go. to come. At least cover the gas and we‟ll be JM- Who writes the lyrics? there. JM- Nice…So when you practice do you make CS- Mainly my brother Chad (singer).”World it like a live show or is it laid back? JM- Biggest musical influence for you? Damnation” I wrote lyrics on.I f anyone had a CS- We try t make it as live as possible, other- CS- Defiantly was Metallica back in the good idea we‟ll fun with it. wise it‟s not fun.(JM- right) If you‟re not day….I got to say now days I‟m way into JM- Being a Texas based band and all the tragmoshing around and swinging your hair or edy happening in Killeen, what is Illysiums whatever then its non fun. JM- As a full band with 2 new members is this feelings with the soldiers and everything that‟s something you see for the future or is there still going on? JM- So what you decide to play guitar and changes to make? your brother sing? CS- I just cant believe that here we are largest CS- I sure hope they stay around. We don‟t military base in United States and people are CS- Well its real hard to keep a singer… like replacing members. walking in and CAPPING people! He kills 7 singers are assholes! (both laugh) We were like “you know what screw it just start singing”. JM- You‟re on your second formation of Illysi- people and injured 23 before they get him. I Took a little while but it gets better and better. um. How hard is it to replace a member much mean come on dude its our largest military base, why didn‟t somebody him! Probably end We just hope we can keep excelling over time. less 2? up writing a song about it. JM- Is this Illysiums first trip to Waco? CS- These 2 was way easier than the first 2.the To contact or check out Illysium go to first guys took 8 months to learn the songs. It CS- Actually 2nd.Last we came was back in took this drummer and bass player about 2

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Final Fantasy 13 Lightning Farron - The Main Character of FF13 By James L J Smith Final Fantasy 13 Lightning is the main character from the latest game in the highly-popular series. After debuting at the E3 entertainment show back in 2006, the anticipation for the game has steadily risen, and fans have demanded more information about the main character in Final Fantasy 13 - Lightning Farron. Growing up, Final Fantasy 13 Lightning's parents both died, leaving her to fend for herself as an orphan. She changed her name to Lightning to try and adopt a new identity, and to leave her previous miserable life behind. She is the leader of a rebel faction, who's main goal is to destroy the evil government that currently rules her homeland. Despite being a female, she is an extremely tough main character, and is a great fighter as well as a strong magic user. Her weapon of choice is the Blaze Edge - a cross between a gun and a sword; similar to that of Squall Lionheart in FF8. Upon this weapon is the engraving "White Flash. Call upon my name". The origin of this is unknown at the present time, nor the meaning. The game's developers (Square Enix) have compared her to Cloud Strife (from FF7), and say that she's their idea of a female Cloud. Final Fantasy 13 Lightning is the first ever female main character in a Final Fantasy game, and it reflects the critic's thoughts that the series could do with a few new fresh ideas. She has long, brown hair and deep blue eyes, and is one of the most graphically detailed characters in any video game ever made. Square Enix have said that they expect the gamer to feel like they have a connection with Lightning, due to the superb voice acting in the game, the emotional storyline, and the life-like graphics.

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to that. It‟s great to branch out and meet new people. We played our show tonight here in Waco and like I said from the stage “we‟ve been to a lot of towns a lot of cool people”. Like tonight was just a cool night all the way Jonathan Rex Myrick around. People like yourself been just real Jonathan Myrick- How long has Spiral Trance friendly to us helping out. It‟s a trip being out on the road. been a band?

Spiral Trance lead singer/ rhythm guitar Paullie

Paullie- As a band total about 10 years. With JM- Spiral Trance- hobby or career? this lineup about 4. Paullie- It‟s like a lot JM- Based out of Milwaukee, where does of bands, we started out in the basement. Spiral Trance go? Got to the point after Paullie- We travel the country the country as awhile it‟s like what much as possible. We‟ve been as far west as do we want to do? Do we want to stay in Hollywood as well as all over the east coast. the basement, do we JM- How long has Spiral Trance been travel- want to take it further. So we just ing? pushed as hard as we could and we are. Paullie- About 4 years. JM- How has the road affected Spiral Paullie- We‟re on Rat Pack Records which is Trance as a band? out of the east coast. We did a showcase for them last September down in Florida. We Paullie- Defiantly played a few songs for them and they asked us close fit. We all get to be on a compilation (new release). They put along, we all have a one song on there and it did pretty well. After good time every that we worked out the contract and here we time. Its like anything else, you have are. your moments. We JM- The tour that you‟re on, what does it ex- all leave out in a RV….it‟s like being tent to? in a big relationship, if Paullie- Started in anyone has a Illinois all the way problem we through Texas. (St. hatch it get it Louis, Oklahoma, out of the way Memphis, Cincinand roll on to nati, Indiana, Texnext town and do it all over again. as)

JM- Your cd is out on Rat Pack Records. Is this first cd? Paullie- Yeah first one. JM- How long do you expect to take it out on tour? How long till next release? Paullie- One of the goals is to get next cd out by next Christmas. The first single off the disk

JM- Is Spiral Trance on a label?

JM- What‟s it like to go from a local town band to touring the nation? Paullie- It‟s crazy! A lot of people thinks its glamorous, but it‟s a lot of work and we‟re use


JM- Who formed the band? Paullie- I formed the band with my drummer. Matt is our third guitarist and Andy is our third bassist. Nothing against any of the other guys who were in Spiral Trance, it just got to a point where they weren‟t ready to step it up. We have always been about hard work and doing things ourselves.

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is called “The Me You See”. We just shot a music video for it and trying to release it by December. JM- MTV, VH1? Paullie- They are working on getting it on MTV, Fuse, etc right now. We‟ll see what happens. JM- Any big concerts Spiral Trance plans on

jumping on like Ozzfest, or a festival? Paullie- Not yet. We‟re still proving ourselves to our label. They have those connections but we‟re hoping by next year we can work with a couple of the other artist on the label and do some shows with them.

Paullie- Kind of working on something like that and hoping by next fall. We know a few bands out that way and whatever happens happens. Timing has to be right for something like that.

people get it? Paullie- ITunes, Rhapsody,, a few stores on the east coast. Just hooked up with a distributer in Japan that bought cd to distribute in Japan. That‟s cool for us.

JM- Describe Spiral Trance style for those whom doesn‟t know. JM- Does Spiral trance set down as a band and write?

JM- Single out “The Me You See” has that hit the radio stations yet?

PaullieI have the ability to record Paullie- Not yet. It‟s going at home so I to happen right after the bring a lot of video drops. We‟ll have ideas to the some updates on out our band that sight as well as Rat Pack way. Just Records sight. kind of throw it up in the air. If they dig it cool, if not cool. If it‟s cool everyone puts their flavor on it and help it along and shape it into what it To reach Sp iral Trance go to becomes like what you hear at or ratshows and on cd. Everybody in the band can write. JM- As the singer do you write the lyrics or does everyone pitch in? Paullie- Yea that‟s the one thing I don‟t really loosen up on. I take all the lyrics. For me personally its harder for me to have stuff written for me and try to sing. Because I‟m playing rhythm guitar I can‟t really feel like singing about flowers and shit when my hands are going billion miles a hour (both laugh) Paullie- Its all rooted in hard rock. We‟ve got our classic metal influences like Slayer, Pantera, Sepultura. Love all that shit. Big fans of new school shit too. Machinehead, Messhuggah ,just big big music fans. Defiantly something in there for hard rock music lovers and metal fans old and new.

Keep an eye out for these guys…they have the talent to make it and should be around for a long time. Make sure to check out the single “The Me You See” and pick up the cd All In Do Time. Video to drop soon and Spiral Trance will be on the way to take over.

JM- What motivates you to write? Personal standpoint, world happenings?

Paullie- All kinds of shit. Life‟s experiences, things like that. I try and stay pretty objective about things.try not to pigeon hole myself into any style. Like “oh this is popular right now, I‟ve got to write something like this”. Just kind of off the top of my head, what feels JM- So now that Spiral Trance has toured the right. US any plans for Europe? JM- CD out All In Do Time…….how can

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Dexter - TristaLou Tonight's the night........ Well Actually it's not anymore. I am writing this on a Sunday and Dexter Season 4 is now over. I am very sad and will be missing my Sunday nights watching Dexter. Dexters' season 4 started in September and ran until the first part of December and it was a surprising season filled with twists and turns you would not believe. If you are anything like me and saw the 3 seasons ahead of this one you would not have thought the writers would be able to pull off topping the ones before, but they did. You start out the season with Dexter now being a dad and having to adapt to this whole new married life with a family. He was having a very hard time with this and you could see that our neat little monster was not so neat anymore. He was getting sloppy and hurried. With him being sloppy he almost lost a body that he cleverly hid in a punching bag and killed an innocent man. Killing the innocent man really upset him. If he would have just slowed down and was as precise as Harry's code has taught him to be then he might have avoided this incident. But this is just a side note to the roller coaster season. Returning to the cast is Keith Carradine as Frank Lundy. He returns to Miami in search of a killer that he has spent most of his life pursuing, a killer that he has dubbed as the Trinity Killer, played by John Lithgow. He gives the killer this name because he believes the killer kills in three's. The first is a woman in the bathtub that he cuts her inner thigh and leaves the victim to bleed out in a bathtub filled with water and her own blood. Next he seeks out a mother and talks her into jumping off a building to her death in order to protect her family from him. Then last is the bludgeoning victim. He is usually a father and a hammer is used to


bludgeon him with. This however is not all of the victims. Near the end of the season it is revealed that the killing actually starts with a 10 year old boy who is taken and drugged. He then drops the drugged boy into wet cement to suffocate him. All killings represent someone in the Trinity Killers life. The Trinity Killers real name is revealed as Arthur Mitchell. The first woman killed is Arthur's sister who was killed in the tub with the broken glass from the shower door when she was startled by Arthur. The next woman he makes jump represents his mother who committed suicide. She had been so upset over her daughters death and the growing conflict between the father and son that she had chose to take her own life. The

father represents his own who Arthur himself had killed after he could no longer take being blamed for the sister and mothers death. Lastly or rather firstly in the true order is the young boy who represents the death of Arthur's innocence. Dexter finds himself so intrigued in Arthur when he finds out his identity. Arthur is also married and has a family, but yet is a serial killer. Dexter finds himself wanting to learn from Arthur and how he can pull off being a serial killer and family man. Eventually he learns that he does not want to be like Arthur. Arthur turns out to be a mean hearted and abusive father who only uses his family for cover. Dexter realizes they are not the same at all. He realizes that he needs his family. He actually CARES for his family. Dexter has went so

Darkfaery Subculture Magazine

long believing that he can not ever have "feelings" never "care" for anyone, but now has the revelation that he does in fact have these emotions. He eventually catches up with Arthur but also gets himself too close and Arthur finds out Dexter's identity. Arthur warns Dexter to stay away, but Dexter can not let him get away. He gets Arthur before Arthur has the chance to get away and kills him with the hammer that Arthur used on the father victim. The killing almost ends on a solice note, making you almost feel sorry for the Trinity Killer. This however is short lived when an excited Dexter comes home ready to start his life anew and embrace his family rather than use them for cover like the Trinity Killer had done. He comes home and calls Rita only to hear her phone ringing from her purse on the counter and realizes something is wro ng. Cries echo through the empty house and he follows them to the bathroom and finds Rita dead in the bathtub and Harrison in a pool of her blood on the floor. He sees a flash of himself in Harrison of him in a pool of his mothers blood. This had been the beginning of Dexter's dark side. Will Harrison be born into Darkness as well???? Is this really the end of Rita?? So many new questions for the next season. This season literally left me feeling like I had lost someone myself. I admit that I cried seeing Harrison in the blood and Rita who's life was taken. I was even affected the next day, I was actually depressed the whole day. I have grown to love these characters and this show. I can't wait to see what they have in store for next season and I wonder if they can even come close to topping this season. TristaLou is a stay at home mother. Promotional Director for Darkfaery Subculture magazine and runs the Darkfaery Girls. She is also a paranormal investigator and researcher for a local OKC team.

OKSU: Oklahoma Studies of the Unexplained - TristaLou So I was unsure of what to write about, but I have come to conclusion that an introduction to James and I (Trista) might be a good starting article. OKSU consists of just James and I. We might bring in people from time to time to join us, but for the most part it will always just be us. We have been investigating since 2007 when we had joined a local OKC team. We stayed with them until sometime in '09 and now we continue to investigate on our own. We want to investigate all of the unknown things in Oklahoma, we don't just stop with the paranormal. We want to find evidence to all the myths and legends that surround Oklahoma. From ghosts to Bigfoot we want to do it all. We will be writing an article for each of the Darkfaery Magazines and in these articles you can expect to find outcomes to our investigations, history's, myths and legends, and I might even decide to do reviews on books and shows that focus on these kind of subjects. James is the one who focuses on more of the cryptoid realm. He has always been interested in all the different creatures that are said to be lurking. He was born in New Mexico and lived there till he was in the 7th grade when he moved to Oklahoma. Being from New Mexico James is no stranger to the unexplained. As a child he had seen a furry creature that had gotten into his room and went into his attack. This creature was not like any

of the other creatures he had on the verge of heat seen around. He still doesn't exhaustion leaving know what it could have been, only my sister and I but he has always wondered to go see the old what it was. He has also seen home. While we and heard many other things walked we felt noththere that he could not explain ing out of the ordiand now wants to find answers nary, no voices or to his many questions. anything, but there I am more interested in the parawe had caught a normal realm. I grew up watchvoice that said "Go ing all the Unsolved Mysteries Johnny, hide" in a type shows with my mother and whisper. At first our favorite parts were always when I heard it I the hauntings. My mom would thought it was talktell me stories of a friend who ing to my sister, her had a trumpet that could call the nickname was Johndead when it was played. He ny, but later I was also had a picture of a grave that reminded by a friend had a shadow on it in the form that "Johnny" was of a soldier at attention. These slang for Confederstories peaked my interest, but it wasn't till '07 ate. After hearing this I was hooked and since just before joining the OKC team I had went then I have wanted to find out more. How is it to Honey Springs Battlefield with my family that a voice can come from no where? I just could not understand and I still really don't. One thing about this paranormal realm is that nothing will ever truly be answered until we take our last breath. For More Info: http:// oksuok

and I had taken my new voice recorder eager to see what I could find. On one of the trails that lead to an old home I had captured an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), a voice that was not there at the time, but when I got home and played back the audio I could here it. I know it could not have been anyone living. The park that day was pretty empty, no one, but my foolish family wanted to tackle the park in the Oklahoma heat, and by the time we made it to this last trail everyone was

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than the “Tinker Bell� image of Faeries today. Creeperella: What is your all time favorite These Faeries were scary, sexy and dangerous. story about faeries? Why? Not at all like the little winged nymphs in Disney movies! Kenny Klein: I am haunted by Queen Mab, the Faerie Queen, who has been written about by Creeperella: What first got you interested in I also looked at the Grimms' stories, and the Shakespeare, William Kotzwinkle and Neil Faeries? enormous amount of Faerie lore collected in Gaiman, to name just a few. She is a constant presence in my life. Ravens Kenny Klein: It's been a lifelong follow me around and wolves interest. More of a fascination, perand coyotes make sounds at haps. Okay, an obsession. As a teen me and then look at me like growing up in New York, I became they can't figure out why I acutely aware of a certain eerie presdon't understand what they're ence in the forests along the Hudson saying. I know that when I say River. This is the same area where this I sound like a deranged Washington Irving set stories like lunatic or a fiddler who works The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and at renaissance faires, but it's Rip Van Winkle, a locale with a hisreally true. tory of strange magical energies. At about the same time I had begun studying British mythology and folkI've also had a lifelong obseslore, and gaining a knowledge of sion with the Welsh folklore Faerie beliefs. I was a budding musiof The Mabinogion. Of course cian and I was fascinated with Engthere are a lot of ravens and lish and Scottish ballads. It was easy wolves in there, too. to equate the magical energies I felt in those forests with the Faerie beCreeperella: If you could travliefs I was becoming familiar with. el away with a faery, would you? Creeperella: You really seemed to have done a lot of research for this book, it is very in depth. How long Kenny Klein: I have to say did it take you to compile all this that if Bleudwedd just hapinformation and where are some of pened to leave a trail of nine the places you went to for your studkinds of flower petals up to ies? my door, I'd be pretty tempted, despite all the warnings I myself may have written into Kenny Klein: Again the book reflects Through The Faerie Glass. a lifetime of study. I got my college What can I say? I have a soft degree in Folklore, and never spot for Underworld hippie stopped learning and collecting. I girls. And yes, she might have also made a career out of singing some antlered forest spirit creepy folk songs and ballads. chuck a spear at me when winter approaches, but wouldn't it be worth all of that? RelationSo my starting point was music. I was always Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The Welsh col- ships between Faeries and mortals are seldom drawn to the traditional folk music of Britain lection of myths and legends called The Ma- long lived. and Ireland that spoke of Faeries and enchant- binogion was a huge source of information and ed beings. A century or so ago a man named inspiration for me. And to get a world view I Francis James Child collected and annotated made contact with folklorists in Iceland and Creeperella: What made you want to remind hundreds of folk songs dealing with Faeries, Estonia. Those tales have a raw, gritty edge, people of this darker side of the fae? ghosts, and spirits, so I began there. I was very very different from the tales we're used to interested in the very different way that Fae- hearing in the U.S. ries are portrayed in these centuries old ballads Kenny Klein: Actually I was at a festival a few

Through the Faerie Glass: A Look at the Realm of Unseen and Enchanted Beings


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years back doing a lecture on Faerie Lore in British folk music. At the end of the lecture a young woman came up to me and commented that I seemed to know a lot more about the dark side of Faerie than anyone she'd spoken to before, and asked if I'd thought about writing a book on the subject. So I did. I'd worked up the lecture because working as a musician at renaissance faires and cons, I see a lot of flower fairies and Tinker Bells. I just wanted to give the dark Faeries equal time. Creeperella: Do you plan to write any more books like this in the future? Kenny Klein: I am currently working on a book that looks more deeply into the dark lore behind the Grimms' tales. I got the idea while writing Through The Faerie Glass. There's a couple of places where I referenced Grimms' tales because people know them well, and I feel that a lot of older Faerie lore has crept into stories like Snow White and Cinderella. The research I did made me want to dig deeper. There's a lot of creepy stuff lurking in the closets of those sweet, innocent looking Fairy Tale girls! Kenny Klein is a well known musician, author, and lecturer in the Pagan community. Kenny has recorded many CDs geared toward Pagan and Renaissance Festival audiences; He is the author of The Flowering Rod, Men, Sex and Spirituality, (Immanion, 2009), a book about men's Wicca, and Through the Faerie Glass: A Look at the Realm of Unseen and Enchanted Beings (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2010). Kenny has been a presenter and musical performer at dozens of festivals, including Pagan Spirit Gathering, Free Spirit Gathering, Heartland festival, Starwood, PantheaCon, Ancient Ways, Florida Pagan Fest, and many others. Visit Kenny's website at http:// and at Book: Through The Faerie Glass: A Look At The Realm Of Unseen And Enchanted Beings Author: Kenny Klein ISBN: 0738718831 ISBN-13: 9780738718835, 978-0738718835

Binding: Paperback Publishing Date: 2010-02-01 Publisher: Llewellyn Publications Number of Pages: 312 Language: English

---Creeperella Photo Credit: Melchiori


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METAL WEEKEND AT BIG alive with a great mix of alternative Down to mix with fan favorites GetDADDY’ S NOV 13 and 14 to hardcore. Vocalist AJ exploded ting Drunk on Blood along with new PART 1 The music in Waco is more of a rock-screamo-emo mix. Well all that changed for at least one weekend at Big Daddy’s. November 13 and 14 presented Waco with music and scenery that is rarely seen in Waco. On Friday 13th Bay of Pigs, Illysium, and Anesthesia came in and destroyed along with special guest Primer to close out the show. Bay of Pigs; southern stoner rock, opened up the show which set the crowd in a good drinking mood. Mixing great classic covers of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath with fan favorites Purple Skies and Redneck set the night off to a great start. Shaggy’s harmonic vocals put a great balance over the smoothness of James bass and Chad’s lead as the southern beats of Jason kept it all going. Illysium took stage next with a 80’s metal sound. This through the crowd for a loop but never the less had a good response. With brothers Clint (guitars) and Chad (vocals) veterans of the band bringing in two youngsters whom proved well. Illysium had a great grove and kept the fans of all sorts with all eyes and ears on them. From the alternative sounds Day by Day to the metal of World Damnation it all worked. So for a band based in redneck country known as Aggie land (Bryan College Station) they stay true to their metal roots.

with Mudvayne style vocals as James (bass player of Bay Pigs) James through in some classic leads joined by alternative bass from Billy and speed metal drums of Johnny. Defiantly a influential band of all sorts but dynamic as one. Being true metal fans of course there was a mosh; well Big Daddy’s put a stop to that so in retrospect when the mosh was stopped the band and the crowd all sat down and still metaled out. PART II NOV 14 November 14th presented even a heavier show with a rowdy crowd that packed the place. The line up was huge with National Act Spiral Trance; from Milwaukee, local guys Pressure Blind, 100 Proof Hatred, and Ology. The showcase proved well packing Big Daddy’s full of metal heads. Though just inking a deal with Rat Pack Records, Spiral Trance joined the bill late so took the opening slot. Most defiantly more of the alternative sound of the night still didn’t stop metal fans from liking them. The crowd accepted the talent on stage and with a killer performance Spiral Trance was liked on in Texas. Look for Spiral Trance single “the me you see” and video as well both do for release by the end of December.

songs served metal fans with a delightful treat. Look for 100 Proof Hatred new cd do out early 2010. Ology took stage to close out the show. Knowing they had a hell of follow up to do going on after 100 Proof Hatred. A lot of problems going through Ology with in the week of the show including member changes with little time to prep them for a hour show. But though the band is young they have faced this before and stood tall and proud. With Grady on bass and Anthony on rhythm guitar (whom only had 3 days to practice). Ology fans were in for a surprise as original rhythm Ramon showed up for the show setting all problems to the side to split the show with Anthony. Ology put together a great mix of songs including new improved versions of Blood Symphony and Never Change. To show how much the fans love them Michael stepped back from the mic as the crowd sang the Corse of To You. Waco defiantly got a great taste of metal that weekend. Gave them a fresh taste of bands and scenery to spice up the mix. With a great turn out I’m sure metal will corrupt Waco once again. -Jonathan Rex Myrick

100 Proof Hatred; a hardcore Texas metal band from Fort Worth, is when the crowd really went crazy. Donavan’s heavy vocals was like hearing a ice cream truck to metal fans…..all came running to the Anesthesia kept the metal stage. Covering great bands like


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Sci-fi Horror Weekend October 2nd and 3rd at the Tulsa Convention Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma Sci-fi Horror Weekend kicked off Halloween in the right direction. Hosting a convention full of venues such as Darkfaery Subculture, Ill-Willed Productions, Bad Granny’s Art, The S p oo k y Boutique as well as action figurines dealers, artist of all sorts. From clothing and drawings,, to paintings and tattoo artist, comic book collectors, movie collectors, personal novelties. All that fit in was there. To top the convention off actors/actresses from Nightmare on Elm Street series made appearances along with the cast of Return of the Living Dead whom were celebrating the 25th reunion DVD. Also to close out the weekend Darkfaery Subculture Magazine crew put on a special rendition of Rocky Horror Picture Show as they acted the parts while the movie played in the back ground. It was defiantly worth an in person experience. Can’t wait to see what next year brings! -Jonathan Rex Myrick

Through The Faerie Glass A Look at the Realm of Unseen and Enchanted Beings

Kenny Klein's approach to the subject of Fae folk is both refreshing and enlightening. He sorts through many religious texts, folk stories, and folk songs to find the story buried inside of them all. We are painted a new and frightening picture of the faery world and it's inhabitants. The premise is well thought out, well researched, and presented in a way that is logical and easy to understand.The beautiful people of the Fae have a decidely sinister and secretive side all through human history that Through the Faerie Glass takes the time to decode and present for us in one book. A perfect read for you "DarkFaeries" out there. -Creeperella

or 'here be dragons.' She uses tones of darkness and light to paint a PreRaphaelite portrait of grim fairytales and ghost stories told from the perspective of a feral child. Of note are the tracks 'R.I.P.,' 'Firebird,' and 'Sleeping Beauty.' Her musical influences notwithstanding she balances elements of electronica, darkwave and downtempo with an effortlessness which is to be admired. The vox element of her album is equally haunting, fragile, and seductive. If you have ever had a lover's quarrel with the modern age, prefer tea and antique lace to Starbuck's and the GAP, or Grim's tales to their watered down animated descendants; then I can easily recommend this intriguing look behind the veil and into a world that still seeps into the neglected and derelict recesses of the imagination if you dare to look hard enough.

In an age where urban -Raymond Martin sprawl has a strangle hold on all of nature, and the light of progress and civilization has seemingly put to rest the superstitions of our ancestors. Lady Haidee would remind us all that there are still reasons to be wary of the dark. Her concept album 'Feral' brings to mind the primordial forests residing on the edge of the map, 'hic sunt dracones'

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Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr Seth never expected he would want to settle down with anyone—but that was before Aislinn. She is everything he'd ever dreamed of, and he wants to be with her forever. Forever takes on new meaning, though, when your girlfriend is an immortal faery queen.

Fallen by Lauren Kate

Captivate by Carrie Jones

There's something achingly familiar about Daniel Grigori. Mysterious and aloof, he captures Luce Price's attention from the moment she sees him on her first day at the Sword & Cross boarding school in sultry Savannah, Georgia. He's the one bright spot in a place where cell phones are forbidden, the other students are all screwups, and security cameras watch every move.

Zara and her friends knew they hadn't solved the pixie problem for good. Far from it. The king's needs grow deeper every day he's stuck in captivity, while his control over his people gets weaker. It's made him vulnerable. And now there's a new king in town.

Aislinn never expected to rule the very creatures who'd always terrified her—but that was before Keenan. He stole her mortality to make her a monarch, and now she Even though Daniel wants nothing to do faces challenges and enticements beyond with Luce--and goes out of his way to any she'd ever imagined. make that very clear--she can't let it go. Drawn to him like a moth to a flame, she In Melissa Marr's third mesmerizing tale of has to find out what Daniel is so desperate Faerie, Seth and Aislinn struggle to stay to keep secret . . . even if it kills her. true to themselves and each other in a milieu of shadowy rules and shifting alle- Dangerously exciting and darkly romantic, giances, where old friends become new Fallen is a page turning thriller and the ultienemies and one wrong move could mate love story. plunge the Earth into chaos.

About the Author Melissa Marr is the author of the New York Times bestseller Wicked Lovely and Ink Exchange. She has a collection of weaknesses that includes tide pools, folklore, deserts, tattoos, and new experiences.

About the Author Lauren Kate recently finished her M.A. in Creative Writing at UC Davis, where she also teaches. She lives and writes in an old farm house in Winters, California. Her first novel, The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove goes on sale one month before Fallen.

A turf war is imminent, since the new pixie king, Astley, is moving in quickly. Nick nearly killed him in the woods on day one, but Zara came to his rescue. Astley swears that he and Zara are destined to be together, that he's one of the good guys. Nick isn't buying it, though Zara isn't as sure -- despite herself, she wants to trust the new king. But it's a lot more than her relationship with Nick that is at stake. It's her life -- and his.

About the Author Carrie Jones is an award-winning author who recently graduated from Vermont College's MFA program. In addition to penning Need, she is the author of the YA novels Girl, Hero; Love (and Other Uses for Duct Tape); and Tips on Having a Gay (Ex)Boyfriend, which was nominated for a YALSA Quick Pick and won the Maine Literary Award as well as the Independent Book Publisher Award (the IPPY) . Her upcoming picture book Moe Berg, the Spy who Played Baseball (from David Godine) is being illustrated by Barry Moser. Carrie lives in Ellsworth, Maine.

Reading level: Young Adult Hardcover: 400 pages Reading level: Young Adult Publisher: HarperCollins; 1ST edition (April Hardcover: 464 pages 21, 2009) Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Language: English Readers (December 8, 2009) ISBN-10: 006121471X Language: English Reading level: Young Adult ISBN-13: 978-0061214721 ISBN-10: 0385738935 Hardcover: 288 pages ISBN-13: 978-0385738934 Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children's Books (January 5, 2010) Language: English ISBN-10: 1599903423 ISBN-13: 978-1599903422


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Beyond the Night by Joss Ware A man with no future . .. When Dr. Elliott Drake wakes from a mysterious fifty-year sleep, the world as he knew it is gone. Cities are now desolate, and civilization is controlled by deadly immortals. Stranger still is Elliott's extraordinary new "gift"—he has the power to heal, but it comes with fatal consequences. A woman with a past . . .

Language: English ISBN-10: 0061734012 ISBN-13: 978-0061734014

Abandon the Night by Joss Ware

Embrace the Night Eternal by Joss Ware

From the raging fires, five men emerge with extraordinary new powers. They are humankind's last hope . . . but they cannot survive this dark, ravaged world

Everything they knew is gone. alone . . . From the raging fires, five men emerge with extraordinary new powers. They must learn how to survive this dark, ravaged world . . . but they cannot do it alone.

Jade barely escaped the immortals and is now hell-bent on revenge. She trusts no one . . . until Elliott. His piercing gaze and tempting touch shatter her defenses, but the handsome doctor seems to have dangerous secrets of his own. Is it safe to trust him with her heart?

Simon Japp will never forget his violent past. But when civilization is all but destroyed, he sees his chance for redemption. Blessed with a strange "gift," he's determined to help the resistance against the Strangers, the mysterious force that stalks them at every turn. He can't afford to get distracted, even by the stunning, If they are to survive in this dark new soft-spoken woman fighting by his side . . . world, Jade and Elliott must work together Sage Corrigan has learned to be careful to fight the forces that take them beyond where she places her trust. But she sees danger. something good in Simon, even if he can't see it in himself. Posing as lovers to infilBeyond desire. trate a group key to their fight, they find that their staged affection soon develops into a desire that will leave them fighting for their lives in the night eternal . . . Joss Ware has a degree in English and an MBA from the University of Michigan. After Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages more than fifteen years in sales and mar- Publisher: Avon; Original edition (February keting, she owned her own business and 9, 2010) worked in a variety of roles for two startup Language: English companies. She's traveled to London, Par- ISBN-10: 0061734020 is, and Tahiti, and currently resides with ISBN-13: 978-0061734021 her family near Ann Arbor, where she writes full-time.

About the Author

Quentin Fielding had everything. Money. Power. Women. But now that civilization is all but annihilated, Quent wants only one thing: revenge. Harnessing a strange new "gift," he embarks on a deadly mission to find the man responsible for the chaos and destruction, the man he should have killed years ago: his father. Only one thing stands in his way—a mysterious, arrowwielding beauty . . . ZoË Kapoor is on her own quest for vengeance, searching for the monstrous fiends who murdered her family. Soon she and Quent join together, journeying through the ruins of the world they once knew as a desperate desire builds between them. Drawing closer to an enemy they never imagined, ZoË and Quent must abandon all fear, abandon all regret, abandon the night . . . Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages Publisher: Avon; Original edition (March 9, 2010) Language: English ISBN-10: 0061734039 ISBN-13: 978-0061734038

Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages Publisher: Avon; Original edition (January 12, 2010)

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