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1 The Magician and his Brother “Alright stand up, stand up! Come see Os Biggs, the magician of the west!” Apollo Biggs yelled throughout the streets of Candleview, Kansas. It was mid May 1972 and Candleview was having the hottest day recorded. On the news, the weather man had reported dark clouds from Colorado, but no one listened. The sky was cloudless and the sun beat down on people like a fry pan. “Os and Apollo, quit playing around and go home!” yelled their father. Oswald’s father, Mayor Biggs, always expects greatness from his children. Os, you will one day be mayor and follow my footsteps is what he always tells Oswald and Apollo at night. Though 14 year old Oswald and Apollo never want to be politics, they just shake their heads in agreement. “Apollo we need to tell dad that we don’t want to be in politics.” Oswald said to his brother. “I want to, but ever since mom died I don’t want to cause him anymore pain.” Apollo replied while shaking his head. “Well I’ve been working on a new card trick and I’ve fooled Mary Anne during school.” Oswald said, changing the subject. “I wish that we could go to a place where people wouldn’t care what we do.” “Let’s go home; I want to show you my card trick in the tree house.” Oswald said to Apollo.

Walking home, the two brothers waved to Ms. Gredman, an elderly woman who they delivered the newspaper to. As Oswald and Apollo entered their backyard, the sky had begun turning dark and clouds popped up. When the brothers got into their tree house, Apollo sat on a small plastic red chair in the corner while Oswald showed him his trick. “You see, all I do I have one card under the Joker and I-” Thunder boomed in the sky, lightning crackled, and the dark clouds started forming funnel clouds. “I think we’d better go inside...” Oswald said as he started walking to the ladder. “No, it’s just a little rain. Keep showing me how to do the card trick.” Apollo said while Oswald turned back. Just as Oswald started showing Apollo the card trick again, Apollo yelled to get down as he saw a tornado hitting downtown Candleview. The sound of wind and branches braking filled the air as Oswald and Apollo lay down on their stomachs. There was a cracking sound from below and Oswald knew what was happening. The branch holding up the tree house started breaking! Just as he heard it, the branch broke. The bird chirped and the sun shown as Oswald and Apollo got up from the wreckage of the tree house. “What? Where are we?” Apollo said while helping Oswald out of the wreckage. The land was filled with green grass, small houses about the size of Oswald, and rivers. “Hello?” Oswald called out as he got out of the wreckage.

Someone small stood at the feet of Oswald as he looked around. The little man was about a foot and a half tall, was chubby, and had blonde hair and green eyes. “Welcome to the Land of Nether!” he said with a high squeaky voice. “You are in Munchkin Country, the home of the rebellion.” “There’s no such thing as the Land of Nether.” Oswald replied. “Why of course! Come look and see our great country.” The Munchkin replied. Right when he said that, an entire civilization of Munchkins came out of hiding. All were the same height and they all had green eyes and blonde hair! “Don’t talk to them Niggle!” I deep, yet squeaky voice said. Out of the crowd, a Munchkin with a black beard and a green suite with a green top hat came to us. “Do you really think they are spies from the Emerald City Zorog?” the Munchkin name Niggle replied. “As the general for the Munchkin Army, I am supposed to protect the people of Munchkin Country.” Zorog said. “Well I am the King of Munchkin Country and I trust these two kids.” Niggle replied. “What are your names and where are you from?” Zorog asked Oswald and Apollo. “I’m Oswald but people usually call me Os, and this is my brother Apollo. We’re from Candleview, Kansas.” Oswald replied. “Welcome Oz and Apollo!” Niggle said happily.

“It’s Os not Oz.” Apollo said. “Do not correct King Niggle of Munchkin Country!” Zorog yelled to Oswald. “Alright, call me Oz it doesn’t matter.” Oswald said. “Let’s welcome our guest to a feast! Long live Apollo and Oz!” King Niggle yelled as the Munchkins cheered.

The Brother's of Oz Chapter 1  
The Brother's of Oz Chapter 1  

The first chapter in the Brother's of Oz