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Time Trial #20 started today so you have just under two weeks to submit your time before the deadline.

What is Vinylmaster? 1. Each month we (Vinylmaster team) will give a small variation of car or theme for you to work with. 2. Each and every entrant must be willing and able to send via gift the completed car if requested at any time by a member of Vinylmaster team (cars will be viewed and returned promptly), this is for evidence of being designer of car (locked SF/AH designs cannot be gifted, so if you can't gift you will be removed from that Months competition). 3. All entrants will be put to Public Poll (obviously no voting for your own designs). 4. Entrants must follow rules of AH (no nudes, spamming). Replica work must be accompanied with source image/or link for comparison- additional image allowed for this purpose). 5. Deadlines will be prompt (clearly stated at start of new competition, unless otherwise stated). 6. Polls will only be opened for public voting when entrant thread is closed. 7. Max image size 1280 x 720 (standard in-game size). 8. Max images = 3 (Unless showing source pictures for replica work or on request of Vinylmaster team). 9. There are no restrictions with who can enter, this is an open competition regardless of post count or duration of time registered at Forza Motorsport UK, any skill level can enter.

The prizes:1. There will be a small entrance prize to all competitors in the way of 100 v-cash. 2. 3rd place prize winner will receive 300 v-cash 3. 2nd place prize winner will receive 600 v-cash 4. 1st place prize winner will receive 1000 v-cash + spot on front page to showcase design (subject to moderation team assisting Vinylmaster team).

June 6th - July 6th Theme: - Formula One through the ages. Restrictions: - Replica paint scheme or homage to any Formula One livery, past or present. Here are a few work in progress shots:



Photomode Competition #31 Car – Aston Martin Track - Ladera Special Rules – Colour shots only

The winner of this was Salmonboy with this photo:

In second place was Spacejock with this photo:

And taking joint third spots were McFlynn and Lorddalron with these photos:

Photomode Competition #32 Car - Any Track - Any Special Rules - None Voting for this competition is currently ongoing in the Photomode Competition sub-forum within the Competitions section of the site so please head on over and cast your vote.

Photomode Competition #33 Car - Any Track - Any Special Rules – Multiple cars Deadline - Date, 12 midnight

Review by: TfR Guru Car by: Concept tuning Make and Model: Citroen c4 Class: E275 Stats lowdown: Cost of car: 21,000 Cost of Tune: 5,000 Cost of Paint: 5,000 Cost of build: 55,130 Total cost: 86,130 Hello everyone and welcome to my latest review. It’s been a while since I have bought a concept tuning release but after seeing the latest offering I decided that I had to give it a go. The car is non aero and something I can’t remember seeing a full release of since forza 3 was released.

I have chosen 4 tracks for this review: Ladera short, Camino short, Iberian short and Tsubuka short. These short tracks are a mix of technical turns and full throttle sweeping bends. So in a class dominated by golf’s and Fiesta’s how will this Front wheel drive car fare. First up is Ladera short. I set it to 8 laps and set off. The CPU keeps with me through the first part of the lap due to the fwd system bogging me off the line. I use laps 2-4 to find my rhythm and hook the car up. The tricky left, right, left section shows this car has undeniable grip and by feathering the throttle I can get great speed out of it and floor the car through to the final bend. My best lap is a 38.423 which would place me around the 500th on the leaderboards. Next up is a track I hate Camino short. Again I set up an 8 lap race and set off. The non aero set up means this is a proper driver’s car and it feels lovely getting the back end out and loose around turn 1. I push the car very hard seeing how far it can be pushed. I notice how stable the car is despite its non aero. I manage a best lap of 49.733 good enough for about 650 th on the boards. So two top 1000 times from a fwd French car. Have Concept tuned a marvel here... Next up is a lovely track in the form of Iberian short. This track is forever growing on me and I love taking cars here to see just how good they are. I know form my Camino excursion just how hard this car can be pushed. I find a key place in this track is the turn separating the short and full tracks. I find this car can be pushed very hard through this section and responds very well to it being pushed. My best lap is a 47.633 which would place me around 450 th on the boards. So that just leaves me with the final track Tsubuka short. I’m not that sure how this car will do around here with its slow bends and short straights in doesn’t let the effect of no aero take

where I switched to thinking I was doing the full circuit (we have all done it) I have a sedate lap of 48.219 which would effect. I set off none the less anticipating what times I can do. Bar one lap

place me around 600th had it been a Pb. So all laps in the top 1000 show this car is very consistent around the short to medium tracks

but lacks that killer edge.

Being no aero the car has a good top speed and this will be seen in online lobbies against most non golf’s. The acceleration is also very good and the car has great pull in 2nd and 3rd. Overall the car is very good acceleration once it’s moving and has a good but not great top end.

As always with a concept tuned paint its first class. Its smooth understated logo’s shine on the white background and the carbon roof is incredibly well done and detailed. For me this is my favourite Concept tuned paint and has pushed the barrier even higher in

they can do in 1000 layers and Concept has two of the best in the business in Spanners and Salmonboy. what they can do. Painters in this game amaze me with what

I managed to get some online racing done once the servers had come back online. The best thing I saw throughout the down time was a guy seriously asking for a free car pack code as it was an inconvenience to him that they had gone down. Some people amaze me. Race one saw me attack Iberian full. I know how the car responds through the first half and I know that I will have to thread the throttle through the last few bends. I have to deal with what sounds like a 5 year old in a range rover smashing people in every direction. Me and Golf make a break towards the end of lap 2 and pull away from the field. I am pushing the car harder then ever trying to force the golf into a mistake. He does and I move through into first place and take the win much to the annoyance of second place. The next track is Ladera full. My favourite track and I’m confident that as long as the idiot stops playing bumper cars I can take another win. I start at the back so the FWD disadvantage means I don’t get hit off the line. I set down into the flow and start the mission of 5 cars in 4 laps. I hook the tricky left hander up onto the straight and fly past 5th and with a sneaky move into the last bend end lap 1 in fourth. Captain Bumper car is at it again this time taking out the guy in first causing a lovely, comical argument between the two. Whilst they exchange various forms of language I am promoted up to second and within striking distance of the leader. We match each others laps and I end up in a contempt 2nd place with a lap just 0.004 slower then the winner.

Overall I like this car. The FWD makes it different and the fact that I haven’t seen this car released before means that it’s unique. As I’ve said the paint is first class and will stand out in a lobby. The car is good and very fun to drive. The back end comes loose but is controllable and just adds to the fun. My only criticism is that it lacks that killer edge that I have experienced in a few cars recently. It doesn’t have that ‘this will be my main car in this class’ feel which is a shame as its very capable. I will recommend this car but make sure it’s not your only E class car.

Example times:

• • • •

Ladera short: 38.423 Camino short: 49.773 Iberian short: 47.633 Tsubuka short: 48.219

Good Points (max 3) Acceleration Fun to drive Bad Points (max 3) Lacks killer edge Loose rear end will catch beginner drivers out If you liked this car try these: Overclocked prelude, Chop shop Lexus, Slo poke Toyota Yaris Thanks for reading TfR Guru

Not sure where to spend you hard earned credits? Well here is a quick low down of how fast a selection of cars from the tuning market place can be driven around Nurburgring GP Short. I run each car in a 5 lap race around Nurburgring GP Short, with simulation damage on. Why did I choose this track? Well I think this is a good track to gauge how good a car will be for use in the online public hoppers as it has a couple of long straights mixed together by tight flowing corners. With this mix of track the car has to be well ballanced to deal with the left right turns. Good acceleration and top end speed for coming out of the tight corners to take full advantage of the straights and good breaks to deal with the opening hairpin right. In my opinion a car with this sort of setup will do very well on a load of different tracks, which is good news for public hoppers. For the upto date leaderboard pop along to the Tuning Marketplace section of the website.

The Rules DEADLINE 8th July 2010 The car will be the Peugeot 206 For this challenge the car must be kept FWD Contestants will have a budget of 50000 Cr. (including cost of car) to upgrade and tune their car to it's best. Any manufacturer discounts will not be allowed on parts full prices apply (this makes it fair for all) All entrants must spend at least 2000 Cr. on adjustable parts (springs, differential etc. tyres not included), for their final build Contestants will have a maximum of 2 weeks to sign up and build their car before it is sent for its laps. Please not once you have submitted your car thats it. Testing will be performed by me. I run with only braking line on. The Car will be tested on the Road Atlanta club and will be subject to 2 runs consisting of 6 laps each This round will be judged purely on how fast you can crawl (fastest time wins) This challenge is aimed at beginners and individuals so please no tuning garages Once everyones' entry has been submitted feel free to comment on your cars, this is designed to

help people improve your tuning skills so help each other out! Also talk freely beforehand if you're not afraid to give something away Contestants will be assigned a number which must be CLEARLY DISPLAYED on their car, please make sure this is very clearly visable it makes everything much easier, other than that custom paints are allowed. Your number can be found next to your GT in the applicant list below rules may be subject to change, however do not worry this will only occur to close loop-holes or cover unforseen circumstances.

Prizes This competition will see prizes being handed out to all contestants who submit a car. *Prize list to be confirmed* Mini challenge: I will give any contestant a bonus 200,000 who maximises the p.i of a class i.e B500 and paints the car with a livery that could be released.

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Joke of the week To all those women who watch the football and shout "pass it to Frank" or "bring Joe Cole on"; fuck off. You didn't see me at Sex And The City 2 shouting "fuck her up the arse".

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