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Bioactive collagen Due to its unique capabilities, collagen creates a protein net on the skin, the skin does not lose moisture and cells become firm and energized. They begin to produce their own collagen. The skin becomes more smooth and delicate, its flexibility and tension improves. It regains its firmness, elasticity and healthy appearance much faster. It smooths wrinkles, slows down the ageing process. In the collagen formation process besides protein we obtain chains of peptides and free amino acids. The main function of peptides is to facilitate “communication” between cells and to stimulate natural physiological processes in the skin. Moreover, polypeptides reinforce the protective film of the skin, preventing the influence of harmful factors. Amino acids have the capability for retaining moisture, they are the NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) component, which is the natural moisturizing factor of the skin. They moisturize, increasing the hygroscopic effect of other NMF components. They soften the skin and make it more flexible. Collagen is the most important protein to the human body. It represents 30% of the total protein mass in the human body and is responsible for the flexibility, firmness, proper moisture level of the skin and the continuous renewal of its cells. With age, the body loses its capability to regenerate collagen which effects we observe by watching our skin condition grow worse. One of the methods for slowing/preventing skin ageing caused by the decreased production of collagen is to supply it from the outside. Attempts at initial synthetic collagen usage and bovine collagen application did not produce the desired effect in cosmetics and implantology. This is mainly because the biologically active collagen in amino acid chains identical to humans has not been acquired so far. The discovery of the method of obtaining fish collagen, which maintains the structure of the triple helix - specific to the proteins of living 8

organisms - has become one of the most interesting discoveries in biochemistry in the twentieth century. According to many, it is probably one of the greatest discoveries of worldwide cosmetology and biotechnology of proteins. As a result, this work has appeared on the market a unique preparation proteins showing a strong corrective skin properties, which successfully used is by a huge consumer base in many countries of the world. It is one of the few preparations that directly deals the causes of skin ageing (collagen deficiency) as opposed to the thousands of other cosmetics that instead deal with the consequences.

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