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Visual Structures Drawings and paintings Typography Photography and Film

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Visual Structures Project’s subject is “Paper relief- structures inspired by nature”. The white relief shows the transition between the whole and pieces which I found in both: human body cells (micro) and the shore of Croatia (macro). The black one is a variation inspired by the first. Reliefs are made of white and black paper, foam, glue and needles. 3 by 18 by 27 cm.

Sketches Croatian shore

Human skin cell

White relief

Black relief


Drawings and paintings Messy hair 100 by 70 cm, acrylic paint, fineliner, watercolour, marker.


Saint Old 100 by 70 cm, acrylic paint.

Drawings and paintings Portrait of an old man 100 by 70 cm, acrylic paint, marker, fineliner.

Roman Woman 70 by 50 cm, acrylic paint.


Drawings and paintings Marocco 70 by 50 cm, watercolours.


Castle 70 by 50 cm, watercolours

Drawings and paintings Statue of Liberty 70 by 50 cm, Pencil and yellow crayoon.

Beggar Banquet fineliner, markers.


Drawings and paintings Lake 70 by 50 cm, fineliner.


Drawings and paintings

Polish Mansion 70 by 50 cm, fineliner.


Typography Different kids of signatures



Typography Circular by Dariusz Jasak Circular is a modular display font based on simple geometrical shapes (straight lines and circles).


Typography Circular by Dariusz Jasak

Circular poster Circular Animation:


Typography Sense is fictional science magazine made by me for people who wanted to have their writing work printed. Rear side of the magazine includes the names of all the authors of the articles inside.



These are the cocepts for the cover of “Tradition mit Vision” car magazine which I made during my internship in Offenstein Werbeagentur in Munich, Germany. The magazine is about many car brands what had to be reflected on the cover. The other idea was that although the magazine is very modern, the company also remembers it’s roots laying in tradition.


Photography and Film For making photos and videos I often use the name of my site: Dariusz po drugiej stronie Lustra. Usually I take photos and make films documentating events such as parties or festivals. I worked with my university, clubs in Warsaw and private clients. This work comes from

“Przetwory Festival”

wchich gathers artists and people interested in art or design. Movie and photos were meant to show the work of PJIIT’s Interior Design at the Festival. Video:


Photography and Film This work comes from

“Arena Design”

which is a festival in Poznań for people connected with Interior Design. PJIIT was present also there.


Video made by me and “Ignacy Fotografuje”:

Photography and Film

A movie made for university. We were making it in small groups. Everyone had to make he’s own version based on the same material. Editing: Dariusz Jasak Directed by: Dariiusz Jasak, Ignacy Śmigielski, Director of Photography:

Dariusz Jasak, Ignacy Śmigielski, Script by: Dariusz Jasak, Ignacy, Agata Walerowicz, Lucas Stapf, Paula Marton, Łukasz Nieciecki, Adam Dąbrowski, Maciej Jankowski.



Photography and Film

Smoking Kills


Photography and Film





Photography and Film Photos i took for a polish-english DJ Adam Zasada at SlowMotion party as Dariusz po drugiej stronie Lustra. Photos were published as an official event coverage in here: a.637078083020527.1073741837.431723890222615&type=3



Thank you for your time

Dariusz Jasak

Dariusz Jasak portfolio  
Dariusz Jasak portfolio