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Horse Protection Society Activities report for 2013 m .

Horse Protection Society non-governmental organisation aiming to promote equine welfare and education on equine care, humane handling and equine behaviour. We also provide direct help to horses in need.

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Table of Contents Introduction ............................................... 4 Ourwork ................................................... 6 Major events ............................................. 10 Financial rep ort for 2013 .......................... 16 Thanks ...................................................... 18

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2013 year started quietly. During the year, HPS had faced with an extreme and painful challenge.

It was Nemenčinė horse story. This story shocked not only HPS, but also the entire society. Much of the year was dedicated to deal with consequences of Nemenčinė horse story and act quickly. Also, as in previous years, HPS cooperated actively with the media in disseminating information about horses' welfare.

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Since 2008 HPS has become a member of International animal rights organisation "World Society for Protecting Animals (WSPA)" and an associate member of the international unit of British animal rights charity "Royal Society for Preventing Cruelty against Animal (RSPCA)".

HPSvision: - Growers, breeders, trainers, riders and horse owners responsible attitude towards horses' welfare; - Competent and experienced veterinarians, farrieries, nutrition specialists, diagnostic specialists; - Conscious and informed animal welfare society, in which any animal cruelty case is a criminal offense; - Effectively applied animal welfare legislation.

HPS mission:

- Giving breeders, owners, athletes of horses an incentive to be interested in horse breeding, care, and training and put it into practice; - Conscious, responsible and careful attitude towards formation ofhorses' welfare; - Raising awareness of the society by the media and other means.

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In February HPS attended the most popular winter event in Lithuania the Derby in Sartai. HPS told to visitors about the race horse welfare and treatment problems in Lithuania, presented HPS activities, organisation's short and long-term goals, and distributed the information leaflets to a large number of visitors. In March HPS attended the annual Folk Fair "Kaziukas" which was held in the capital of Lithuania. HPS shared experience in dealing with horses misdeeds questions, told about the organization's activities and encouraged people to respond actively to animal rights disorderly situations in their immediate environment. Also, HPS distributed the information leaflets of HPS goals.

In April HPS found out about a large number of neglected and starving horses in Nemenčinė area. HPS received a complaint and responded immediately. HPS volunteers, State F ood and Veterinary Service and journalists went to the place in Nemenčinė and found a very bad situation. -• More than 120 horses have been abandoned. Horses were very weak; many of them could not stand on their feet. They were hungry, wild, felt a cold and were attacked of parasites. Also, there were found several pregnant mares. They were soon to have foals. HPS' members, firefighters, joumalists, veterinarians involved in horse rescue operations. Unfortunately, 10 horse'slife could not be saved. Finally, 120 horses were brought away from the farm to the stud called "Sartai" and 5 the weakest horses were left for HPS temporary care. Those horses were taken by a farmer Edita. Fight for horses' life ran at around one month. It was hard to stand on their feet for horses. They were very weak, and at any moment could die because of the starvation and infectious diseases. Horses were needed for massages, special feed, treatment and ongoing veterinary attention. This intense period demanded a lot of energy, human and financial resources

However, dedication and love to horses of HPS' volunteers, veterinarians and a farmer Edita made a good results. The time passed and horses' condition became stable. Finally, horses be gan to recover rapidly. All of us had a joy to see that efforts produced results. Horses regained strength and became a real beauty, healthy and happy. They showed a friendliness, interest in people, actively exploration the territory and every day brought much joy. In November, horses were safely transported to the stud "Sartai" and connected to their herd. So, by the end of November HPS has focused on rescue horses' care.

In De cem ber HPS celebrated International Day of the Horse. HPS organised a flash mob dancing in the snow. The performance was held in Vilnius old town. During the performance a dance team and HPS volunteers were dancing opposite St. Catherine's church. There was a way to pay attention on horse welfare problems in Lithuania and surveyed the situation to the passers-by. Also, HPS distributed the information leaflets of HPS activities and goals.

Annual financial report In comes (total: 47773.34 Lt)

2% from Personai Income Tax

21801.19 Lt

Funds donated by individuals

25578.15 Lt


394.0 Lt



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Horses care, treatment, medications, fodder, stall rent

21323.89 Lt

Horses transportation

3666.1 Lt

Pasture equipment

2140.1 Lt



Equipment rent, transport costs

929.53 Lt

Administrative expenses

218.93 Lt


272.9 Lt


18188.72 Lt

T h a n k s

HPS thanks sincerely to all the people who actively look for ways to help the horses. We are especially grateful to all the people who contributed to neglected equines in NemenÄ?inÄ—. Those people were volunteers, firefighters, veterinarians, joumalists, Lithuanian Stud Farms. Especially we are thankful to the farmer Edita who sheltered 5 horses. She helped HPS to take care of horses. All of us together have managed to save more than 100 horses from the painful outcome.

This story encouraged HPS to seek the goals and moving forwardrapidly. HPS is the only organization in Lithuania which fights for the rights of horses. Dear friends, you have proved to us that we are required to provide the information about neglected and abused equines. We promise to respond to new situations and provide all the possible assistance to the horses in need, spread educational information of the humane care of horses. HPS promise to continue a growth each year.

Horse protection society Code No. 300890925 .Account No.: LT1 37300010102182823 E-mail: Tel.: 8 687 44 936

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Horse Protection Society annual review 2013  
Horse Protection Society annual review 2013