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What? Geometry of Integration and Differentiation in Plant Stem

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Geometrical arrangement and close packed integration produces a complex structure which is strong but flexible and capable of differential movement These changes cause deformations which is how the plant achieves movement like bending towards light or around an obstacle

Introduction Emergence is a scientific mode in which natural systems can be explored and explained in a contemporary context.

Da Vinci’s Flying Machine Source: Author

Corbusier’s Car Source:

The analysis of emergence in architecture can roughly be divided into three parts: • • •

Emergence and Morphogenesis Data Genes and Speciation Behavior, Material and Environment

Emergence and Morphogenesis It makes little sense to characterize emergence as either solely abstract or purely a means of production; in emergence, the two are inextricably intertwined.

• As used in the sciences, the term refers to the ‘emergence’ of forms and behavior from the complex systems of the natural world. • The mathematical models can be used for generating designs, evolving forms and structures in morphogenetic processes within our computational environments. •

Morphogenetic strategies for design are not truly evolutionary unless they do not incorporate duplications of physical modeling, nor can we develop systems that utilize emergence without the inclusion of the self-organizing material effects of form finding and the work logic of production.

Data, Genes and Speciation • The evolutionary technique here is the development of a population of forms from which the fittest is evolved. • Complex forms and systems emerge in nature from evolutionary processes, and their properties are developed incrementally through the processes that work upon successive versions of the genome and the phenome.

Behavior, Material and Environment • In natural systems, most sensing, decision making and reactions are entirely local and global behavior is the product of local actions, with a high degree of functionality in the material itself. • All natural material systems involve movement, often without muscles, to achieve adaptation and responsiveness • The search for manufacturing and construction solutions for the complex geometry of contemporary architecture • • • •

light of complex geometry: dome of the German Reischstag, the roof of the Sony Centre in Berlin Great Court of the British Museum in London

Need Identification

Why is the topic important? Emergence is a consolidation of a paradigm shift that began more than 80 years ago, a profound change that has blurred the boundaries between once quite separate sciences, and which has changed industry. It has made potent changes to the technological world, changes that demand a new way of thinking about architecture and substantial changes in the way we produce it. Study of emergent systems in nature and their emulation can no doubt produce intelligent and responsive built environment. With cities ever swelling with population, natural habitats getting disturbed hence and an ever increasing demand of sustainable architecture, Emergence seems the only way out.

Why is this research worth doing?

• Through this research, I want to understand the theories and models of morphogenetic evolutionary designs, natural and artificial. • To put forward the revolutionary concept of emergence in an environment of increasing monotony in terms of ideas, innovations and techniques concerned with architecture and hence opening a brand new dimension of architecture with a totally new set of ideas and corresponding built architecture and new ways of dealing with problems of construction and manufacturing processes. • To make concerned people aware of new fundamental research work that’s going on in the field of morphogenetic design strategies and hence proposing a case for the future of designing and built architecture. • To give a solid technological ground to the new ideas and concepts in built architecture that were earlier thought to be wonderful yet impossible to build. • To underline the importance of understanding the natural systems and processes.

Limitations The following limitations are expected: • As the topic is a technical one so it might become difficult for non technical people to comprehend. • The implementation of the theories of emergence and evolutionary designs is yet to be done on ground. This might give an impression that the topic is too far from reality. • Not much works or research data is available on emergent architecture which can benefit the research directly.

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