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A Career Change at 40? /arts-and-entertainment/a-career-change-at-40 Oct 18, 2016 31 views Written by Dario Rafael Meleiro

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If you're thinking of a career change at 40? In this article I give some advice in looking into more detail at the motives that can lead you to make this decision, and how can you approach this endeavor in a smart practical way. Most of us at age 40 have questioned a lot of things, but a career change? let’s be honest , everyone has had their moments in the workplace , and every profession has it shares of undesirable activities , but when does it reach that limit where you say I had enough? In which occasions you can say is justified? First of all, if the stress in your actual career is taking its toll on your health I would suggest you get out of there fast!! It's turned to a survival issue. Another situation that should make you consider a career change is if your actual profession is jeopardizing your most important relationships. And last but not least, you!! You’re "the most important element in this equation". You and only you! Have to wake up every day to do what you do!! A signal of alarm is when you just can't get out of bed, thinking of a thousand excuses to stay home and not go to work, and you've been feeling this way for a long time. It's time for a change!! Let’s contemplate on several things before you actually make the decision to do so. 1. Your Career Change Motives at 40: Do an honest introspection with yourself in why you want to make a


career change, make sure you’re not confusing an actual bad work environment (toxic boss and coworkers, Excessive competitiveness, etc.)With exercising your profession and losing the passion for it, this can be a common mistake. you can actually love what you do and what your profession is all about , but carrying it out in a heavy environment work place can take all the enjoyment out of it , I experienced this myself and in this case my advice is to change jobs. 2. Loosing Passion for what you do; simply we can all compare our career with a sentimental relationship, at first the fire is strong but it can start fading away, we all have experienced this in all areas of our lives, it’s something very human. It has to do with a sense of lack of progression or growth, falling into the routine, and as a consequence boredom takes over. Renewal is the key in this case. Take some time to think which are areas of your profession you have not explored yet? You can also venture into fields closely related to your profession. Try to remember the best moments you experienced doing what you do, what thoughts an inner feelings did you have? What made you say "I love what I do” summon your vocation. 3. Simply you never liked your profession: But never had the guts to do something about it, or just simply you came to realize it now that it’s always been this way!! and if this is the case, congratulations my friend you still have one half of your life to do something about it, so get on the boat, and start taking action right away . How can we accomplish such a feat? Take into consideration that most of us this age have some type of obligations we can’t allow ourselves to not attend, children schooling, bills to pay, mortgage, etc. So making this change can't be done in a violent manner. To make this transition will take time and planning. Is the desire to change your career based in exploring other more interesting fields of labor than your own? Does it take a whole new education? How much and how long will it take you to get this education? Can you do it in your spare time?? These are important questions you need to seriously answer before you take that first step. My advice to you is to explore all of the online options you have, it’s an enormous resource to solve all kinds of problems, from getting an online education to evenstarting an online business.My final word to you is to take courage , you have accumulated a whole lot of experience which will be an advantage to you in this endeavor, so go for it my friend " a Career Change at 40? " it's totally at your reach.


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