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December 10th 2012 REFERENCE LETTER

To whom it may concern. I had the chance to meet Dario De Vita after hiring him as collaborator at my firm in Naples. Dario has shown himself as a valid co-worker since the very first moment and within few time I had the opportunity to appreciate his management and organizational skills. Therefore, from 2007 to 2009, we build up a strong and productive professional relationship. Firstly, he worked as an urban furniture graphic and project assistant, during the Consorzio Borgo Orefici contest (October 2007, Naples), by showing excellent fast-learning and specializing skills both in the threedimensional representation of his works and, generally, in the graphic field. Thence, I often took advantage of his support, by trusting his deep competence in this sector and his IT and software knowledge. After many collaborations, I had the chance to appreciate Dario's flexibility and adaptability, his being fit for team works or solo performances, his ability to face very different tasks by always keeping a wide overview on the whole design and technical process. In particular, during the “New Station Vesuvio Est” contest (April 2009), Dario worked in collaboration with the Dutch firm Nio Achitecten, by coordinating and strengthening all the project details. During the same contest, he managed to control all the dimensional restrictions and legislation aspects with meticulous care and naturalness. He has often suggested, on his own initiative, specific and effective solutions; meanwhile, he has demonstrated to be open to any constructive criticism and willing to improve himself. His enthusiasm for both architectonic and urban design, his attention to social issues and the human side of things, his knowledge of technological design along with his solving problems skills – thanks to a creative and practical approach – highlight his full competence in architectonic field. According to my own experience, I therefore consider Dario De Vita as one of the best associates I ever had and

I recommend


for any

technical, social, normative, design


managerial work.

For any question, please feel free to contact me.

Sincerely, Matteo Belfiore

Matteo Belfiore

PhD, Licensed Architect

PhD, Visiting Researcher - University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Engineering - Department of Architecture, Kuma Kengo Lab 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8654, Japan TEL FAX: 03-5841-0597 MOBILE: 080-3244-9782 EMAIL: MBA Matteo Belfiore Architect - Via Matteo Renato Imbriani 31, 80136 Napoli, Italy - Mob_(0039).349.0700142 - -

References letter Matteo Belfiore- en  

A references letter from Matteo Belfiore to Dario De Vita

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