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he wind and sea were the fiercest adversaries for Gianluca Genoni in his attempt to break a new freediving record.

The next day however, a light north wind had calmed the water, so the organizational and dive support machine went into action.

The date scheduled for the attempt was September 27, but unfortunately the rough seas, pushed by the Sirocco winds blowing hard across all of Liguria, prevented Genoni even from getting out of port.

At 9:20 in the morning, the boats of the Rapallo Abyss team support divers set off from the docks in Rapallo’s port followed by numerous boats provided by the city’s Italian Naval League to carry the press

Leafing through the pages of the Magazine, it is easy to see just how far Mares has come over the years. News from all over the world and the widest variety of initiatives carried out in the most diverse fields tell us of the extent to which our company has grown internationally. Credit for this success and a special thank you go to all our “Mares people”, both locally and across the globe. Thank you for your dedication, your knowledge and your passion. We wish you all a very happy, healthy Christmas and New Year. Happy reading!

DID YOU KNOW? RGBM Mares-Wienke Algorithm


In 2004, Mares significantly increased diving safety margins by introducing, the RGBM Mares-Wienke Algorithm. Dr Bruce Wienke, one of the leading authorities in the study of decompression theory, cooperated with Mares in the evolution of the RGBM (Reduced Gradient Bubbles Model). This advanced algorithm compensated for the possible existence of microbubbles in order to reduce their formation . The cutting-edge RGBM Mares-Wienke algorithm was the most evolved on the market. It was the first to introduce Deep Stops (decompression stops) at greater depths, reducing the formation of microbubbles without compromising dive times. The RGBM Mares-Wienke algorithm was used for the first time on M1, Airlab and Nemo dive computers.


and Genoni’s fans to the dive site outside the Gulf of Rapallo, approximately two miles from the coast over a seabed about 200 m deep. Gianluca Genoni arrived on location in the company of Rapallo’s Harbor Master with a determination that radiated from his laser focus on the task at hand. After just 15 minutes the site was ready to go, and the support divers were already in the water, ready to descend before him and wait for him to pass by, ready to intervene in the event of any problem. The deepest diver, Giorgio Canepa, owner of Diving Abyss in Rapallo, descending to a record depth of -160 m to await Genoni’s arrival at the plate. He took a good 110 minutes to ascend from the depths. Genoni however started the countdown and descended at 10:45, and resurfaced victorious after just 3’41” thanks to the power and speed of the underwater scooter he used in this attempt. His swift ascent was made possible thanks to a special inflatable BC perfected by Mares, the leading company in diving equipment that has its offices right in Rapallo, and which developed this special equipment specifically for Genoni in his quest for record-setting performance. “I’d like to thank everyone who has worked with me for years and followed my slightly crazy exploits. Without my sponsors and my support divers, this feat would never have been possible. I’m the athlete who performs the feat, but I couldn’t do it alone, so I’d like to thank again everyone who has been by my side and helped in this new record: it was one of the most beautiful and most thrilling dives of my career,” said the athlete, a bit worn out but very happy. And we at Mares are really proud of him too. Congrats Gianluca!



An ABYSS 52, CARBON 52, MATRIX COMPUTER and Gianluca Genoni, all at 162m!

Elena, Lorenzo, Giorgio and Edo


n his incredible achievement, Gianluca was supported by safety diving team including Elena, Giorgio, Edo and Lorenzo, all divers of the Abyss Diving Center located in Rapallo Italy.

equipment to ensure a safe dive for the support team and Gianluca. Mares provided the Abyss and Carbon 2nd stages combined with the new high performance MR52 first stage regulators and the Matrix watch computer. The equipment delivered on all accounts, allowing the divers to reach and maintain these very deep depths while ensuring a maximum level of safety and performance. In the attached photos you can clearly see the equipment used by the Abyss DC Team. Listed below, respectively, is the operational depth and mixtures of oxygen and helium used during the assistance to the record of Gianluca.

The demanding depths and conditions required high performance and reliable


Elena: -90m, 14/50 Lorenzo: -110m, 11/56 Edo: -135m, 14/60 Giorgio: -160m, 8/70

No matter how deep you dive... Mares is always with you!




ear Partners, as we announced at the annual distributor meeting in June; we’d like to officially inform you that Gianni Garofalo, VP Diving Products, has decided to retire effective September 30th. This will conclude almost years 40 of employment at Mares. While we are very sorry to see him go, we understand Gianni’s desire to spend more time with his family and dedicate himself to a multitude of personal interests, among which we are sure, diving will be involved. We all know how creative an active Gianni can be, always looking for some “good ideas”. It would be most surprising to see him sitting with idle hands. In fact, Gianni will continue to work in a freelance capacity, including his cooperation with Mares on a few projects.

the first underwater ecg world test

of his inventions, diving equipment has become safer and easier to use, opening the underwater world to millions. Gianni Garofalo, now 70 years young, has been diving for over 50 years. Of these years, 20 were as an instructor. He has been one of the fortunate to turn his diving hobby into his life’s work. A resident of Rapallo Italy, home of Mares global headquarters, he is happily married with three sons, all divers. He began his career as a teacher of technology, mechanics, mathematics, and physics in his hometown of Turin Italy. Always active in scuba diving and in constant contact with Mares staff, Gianni was offered a position as R&D Manager in 1973 and has

Although the majority of you know Gianni by now; we would like to affectionately run through Gianni’s notable career, as his professional life truly represents an important part of Mares’ history. Over the course of his long career at Mares, Gianni has changed and helped to evolve the world of scuba diving with his innovative ideas and designs. With the support of the Mares Research and Development department, Gianni has designed hundreds of new dive products. As an inventor, Gianni ‘s impressive body of work holds close to 70 patents, including the world’s only 6 window mask and the first fin comprised of thermoplastic. As a result 4 · PARTNERMAGAZINE

In 1974, Gianni Garofalo took part in the first underwater ecg world test. This medical experiment took place in the waters surrounding the Portofino’s Promontory, at a depth of -52 mt.


Gianni also set an industry standard when he redesigned the new line of first stage regulators –including the As head of R&D, Gianni designed the first MR12, MR16, and MR22 - and headoptical system for masks, patented the ABS ed the H.U.B. (Human Underwater (Adjustable Buckle System), and invented Breathing) design team to create the channel thrust fin. He was involved in the world’s first integrated diving the first industrial application of Liquid Sili- system. In addition the new highcone Technology in 1982, as it was applied ly innovative Instinct second stage to a Mares mask. In addition, he made is based on one of his patents. diving gear more user-friendly by improv- Among his published patents ing on the Vortex Assist Design in regula- it is also worth mentioning the tors, creating the first flow control system Airtrim, as well as the X-Stream for high pressure first stage regulators. fin, the Cyrano gun, and the latHe developed the “failsafe” 1st stage seat est Liquidskin Technology. made from a ruby gemstone. The Mares R&D department, under Gianni’s direction, earned many awards and achievements including the coveted Golden Compass Award for their work on the Lirica mask and the Red Dot Design Award for the X-Stream Fin and Instinct 12S regulator. been holding the position of Vice President of Diving products for 20 years.

Gianni also received the SSI (Scuba Schools International) Platinum Pro 5000 award in 1994, an honor bestowed upon the who’s who of the diving world -- the most renowned scientists, manufacturers, instructors, retailers and resort operators.

diving on the European CE Standards Commission. In addition, he has been a consultant for numerous Navy´s and government agencies.

We are proud and honored to have had a person like Gianni Garofalo on our Team, as a strong and fair manager, mentor, leader, and last but not least, colleague and friend. We are grateful for his dedication, knowledge, and passion he always demonstrated in his job. Thanks to GiGianni has devoted his life to scuba diving. anni, Mares has become one of the most sucHe has been the president of the Association cessful diving companies in the world. of Diving Operators (ASSOSUB) for 10 years, and served as the Italian delegate for scuba Again, thank you Gianni!



ur goal is to always improve and ensure the best service possible.

In 2012 we created our EDU project (European Distribution Unit) specifically to achieve these objectives. This EDU team is a dedicated customer service department responsible for working directly with our newly implemented EDU countries such as Belgium, Holland, Croatia, Slovenia, France, Spain, and the UK. Beginning October 1st they settled next to our domestic customer service team for Italy, and the Trade Export team... We are very confident by having the competence of nearly all our European customer service teams consolidated in our office; we will significantly optimize our processes and service all around Europe.


From left to right: FABIANA CICOGNA

Customer Service SPAIN & PORTUGAL


Customer Service EDU


Customer Service FRANCE




Customer Service FRANCE




his year’s Distributor Meeting took place in Italy, in the beautiful area of Alghero, Sardinia, from June 24th through June 29th. Sardinia is one of the most fascinating islands in Europe, celebrated worldwide for its wonderful sea. The meeting was hosted at the charming El Faro hotel, a characteristic Mediterranean structure that stands on a promontory surrounded by the sea and lush vegetation. It’s the perfect place to combine work and pleasure.

Used as a sort of Mares “base” in the water, the caique contributed to the relaxed atmosphere of the meeting days, marked by wonderful meals onboard as well as unforgettable diving sessions. Dives to Nereo’s cave as well as to the Ghost’s Cave were enormously popular among our partners and Mares staff. A special thank you goes to Gaddo Risso and his team for their continuous support to our group and for making the meeting’s side-line activities so charming.

positive momentum of the 52 stage regulators (Carbon 52, Abyss 52) with their double DFC concept, focusing on strong marketing initiatives (ADV, promotional and technical videos).

Worldwide success continues also for the Instinct 12S, the small, lightweight regulator that recently won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. After the X-stream fin, for two years in a row this prestigious organization chose a Mares product in its The program of this most recent Distribu- search among 1600 companies in 57 counIn addition to the hotel’s superb services, tor Meeting featured two days of Product & tries (read more about it on page 28 of this our group also had the chance to get a real Marketing presentations, giving our part- magazine). taste of “life on board”. Anchored in front of ners the opportunity to learn about the latthe hotel was a beautiful 26 m wooden cai- est product innovations and get updates on As for the MR52, stratque owned by Capo Galera Diving Centre, the Company’s strategies and goals for the egy is to consolidate this reg’s success with who provided it to us for the entire period. new season. a strong e-marketing This wonderful diving centre is one of the best in the Mediterranean area and an of- Starting with Mares Hi-Tech, let’s go through campaign. ficial new Mares partner. the main innovations in the product lines. Among Octopuses, the MV octopus has been restyled, and Regulators now features a new Regulators again confirm exhaust tube that altheir position as one of lows for lower exhalaMares’ strongest prod- tion effort, and a new exhaust valve for better performance in strong uct lines. currents. The main strategy is to extend the 6 · PARTNERMAGAZINE


BCDs As far as BCDs are concerned, the line has been expanded with the addition four new BCs, two ergo and two AT vests. Hybrid Pure is a new back-mounted style BC based on the Hybrid concept. Its compact size when stored and its light weight make it ideal for travelling. Prime is a new standard BC, upgradeable to full-featured weight integration and MRS Plus ready. Streamlined, comfortable and stylish, this BC is the perfect entry level vest. In addition to the models described above, Mares is also launching Air Trim versions both of the Hybrid and the Prestige. This patented Mares system makes it possible to inflate and deflate the BCD independent of the diver’s position in water. Both BCs maintain their Ergo version features but improve on comfort and buoyancy control. The Prestige AT comes with an appealing new look. It is sturdy, with an excellent lift capacity that improves performance. Instruments In the computer category we have a brand new product (Puck Pro), an existing product with a revamped display and brand new electronics (Nemo Wide), and firmware upgrades on our top-of-the-line Icon HD Net Ready and Matrix. Puck Pro is a natural evolution of the immensely successful Puck, with a larger dis7 · PARTNERMAGAZINE

play in a more compact case. This was achieved by moving the single button from the top to the side, and combined with the new Mares computer display layout organized in three distinct rows, it offers superior readability, especially in this class of computers. With its multigas capability there is very little this gem of diving electronics cannot do!

Nemo Wide maintains all its widely acclaimed features such as a large display and 4-button user interface, but gets a new high-performance core coupled with a display featuring the new Mares three-row layout. The result is a computer without any real competition. Having sold nearly ten thousand Matrix dive watch computers, we have accumulated sufficient experience with the behaviour of the rechargeable battery to warrant a change in the limits at which we provide the two warning levels. With firmware update 1.1, available to all existing customers, the first warning (which allows diving but reminds the user that charging the watch might not be a bad idea) appears with 15% residual battery charge instead of 25%. And the second warning (which prevents the Matrix from functioning as a dive computer) kicks in at 10% instead of 15%. The result of this is, as real life experience in Sardinia showed, that 10 hours of diving during a period of ten days are possible on a single charge. The 10% limit which prevents Matrix from functioning as a dive computer is determined by the following logic: a 1-hour dive started at the limit (11%) will result in the diver exiting the water at approx 6% charge.


Matrix at this point will not allow any more diving before being charged, and the 6% will allow it to function as a surface monitor (keeping track of tissue desaturation) for more than 24 hours, which is enough to desaturate the tissues completely (in other words, the desaturation and no-fly time will count down to zero before the battery dies, and thus there is no remaining information which might be lost by running out of battery completely). For the Icon HD we have introduced firmware upgrade 3.06, which implements a number of small improvements to the user interface. The big news for Icon HD however is firmware 4.0, which will bring a third layout of the display along the lines of what has already been done for Puck Pro, Nemo Wide and Matrix. This is expected to be released during the Summer of 2013. DiversDiary on the Mac gets real time decompression calculation and, as of December 2012, Italian and Spanish as additional languages. Neoprene

We also have some news for the world of PC and Mac: Dive Organizer gets a new graphical representation of tissue loading in the various compartments used in the algorithm, which shows how close or far from a decompression situation one is and, in case of a decompression dive, how close one might be from requiring the next level of deco stop. This tool is very helpful in teaching and training, to show the effects of a certain dive profile on the perception of safety that a diver might have. It is unique and exclusive, at least for the time being, to Mares and Dive Organizer.


In the neoprene category, a new semi-dry suit expands the Flexa suits family. The new Flexa Therm, Man and She Dives versions, immediately catch the eye thanks to their attractive new look. In 100% ultrastretch for greater comfort, these suits feature a few “goodies”, such as a zip pocket with an inner D-ring on the right leg, very handy, and a new Masterseal T-Zip that’s dry, comfortable and flexible. We can’t fail to mention the new concept behind the 5-mm hood that features a special system with internal holes in the ear area to help equalization and provide perfect air release. The hood is also provid-

ed with an external hook in order to attach it to the pocket D-ring. The Flexa Therm, with its 6.5 mm thickness and the new 6.5 mm boots really provides the best thermal protection. This suit will replace the Isotherm.


Fins and masks Products in this category are the most representative in diving. Particular attention was paid to completing both lines and enriching them with a wider colour range. Speaking of fins, product presentation started with a restyle of a fin which made history at Mares: the Avanti Quattro. The new version, named Avanti Quattro +, maintains the famous features of its predecessor with some additional innovations. First of all, a new hi-flex material which enhances responsiveness and performance. Then, greater comfort delivered by the Mares patented bungee straps, standard on this new version. The bungee’s extension makes it easier to don and doff the fin.

The new Avanti Quattro Plus is restyled with a more modern and stylish look and comes in 6 colours, including the new colour white.

The white, white/pink, and all black versions have been a big hit with consumers. The fin is now available in size XS.

In addition, the award-winning X-Stream fin is now available in 3 new colour options.

There are new colour options for masks and snorkels too: white/blue, white/pink, and white/black on the X-Vu Liquidskin; all white on the Essence LS; and the new option of black on existing masks to meet market demand (Pure Vision, Vento). Additionally, Mares presented a special make-up dedicated to the Asian market. The X-Vu LS and the i3 Sunrise boast a new concept and some special ergonomics on skirt and nose: a wider skirt, shorter distance between lenses and face ring, and a smaller nose pocket with less volume.



Accessories The 2013 accessories product line is brimming with news. Starting with bags, the well-proven Cruise line has had a complete overhaul, introducing new models characterized by high quality, PVC-free materials, a modern look, and light weight. The untiring research into materials and attention to detail resulted in a line of bags that features exceptional sturdiness, comfort, and functionality. Because they are so light weight (up to 30% weight reduction) these bags are ideal for air travel (Cruise Back Pack Pro, Cruise Roller, Cruise Back Pack Dry, Cruise X-Strap) . Cruise bags come with dedicated hang tags that explain all the features.

The torch collection is now complete with the introduction of the new Eos 5 and Eos 2C. Both compact and lightweight, they can be used for all diving needs. Made in anticorrosion anodized aluminium and featuring a double sealing O-ring to prevent leakage, they are conceived for intensive use. The rotating rubber switch makes it easy to use them even when wearing gloves. Both torches use alkaline batteries.

Mares Cruise line’s common key features include the ultralight buckles, the black stitching, the Mares micro-injected zipper pullers, as well as the honeycomb soft surface material and the wide wheel placement. With respect to the previous collection,


weight is reduced by 20-30% while maintaining the same high internal volume. Storage needs are fulfilled by the new folding concept (Cruise Roller, Cruise X-Strap). The collection is quite broad and includes all-purpose bags such as Cruise Office, Cruise Journey.

Eos 5 in particular features a high power mono-LED with wide, high light intensity to illuminate a wide spectrum during the dive (14 cm Hot Spot – 12,500 Lux). This torch can reach a max operating depth of 120 m/400f and has 14-16 hours of burn time. On the other hand, despite its small size, Eos 2C features more than 17,000 Lux! It also can reach a max depth of 120 m and is easy to store, even in small pockets.


Mares Spearfishing

The Mares Pure Instinct presentation cap- to increase air flow by 235%. Cyrano Evo HF tured everybody’s attention with the intro- mounts a 7-mm Tahitian Race shaft and the duction of the revolutionary new Cyrano Evo Vertical Spiro reel. and Evo HF pneumatic spearguns. These Other innovations include two guns represent a great improvement in the new preformed Squadthe category. In particular, the new Cyrano ra Tec suit, specially deEvo HF offers the technical features every signed for spearfishing and spearfisherman has always dreamed of. The freediving professionals. It tapered section of the outer barrel is made employs high quality neowith hydroforming technology. The shape prene with a smooth exteof the outer barrel ensures better buoyancy rior and an open-cell and tracking with excellent stability when interior to guarantee greater comfort, extreme elasticity, great thermal capacity, and resistance to compression. A chest pad and an outer lining in the gun loading area make the suit more resistant to wear.

firing. The raised sight and the 11-mm internal barrel shifted upward off-axis guarantee a natural and instinctive aim. It comes with a new preformed handle which features the line release high on the handle on the right side and the power adjusting system on the left side. The distance between the trigger and the handle can be adjusted to personal preference. The new EVO piston provides greater speed and ease in loading the gun. The trigger mechanism is also new, featuring an increased lever arm, a dedicated spring and two lateral holes on the inner barrel. Together, these features provide much greater sensitivity and soft touch. The hole of the power adjusting system is enlarged to 9-mm 11 · PARTNERMAGAZINE

The green camouflage line has also been expanded, featuring new thicknesses in the jackets and pants. A special makeup for the USA was also presented, with a blue option for the Instinct Camo, rashguard, socks, and Amara gloves. The Blue Line also includes the Tana mask, the Dual snorkel, and the Razor Pro fins.


Diving Center Line

Mares’ attention to the special requirements of diving centres has led to a further extension of the BCD line, introducing the new Rover Pro BC, made of durable Cordura 1000. The new side panel configuration allows the BCD to be rapidly upgraded to fullfeatured weight integration. MRS plus ready. It also features a full-size backpack with handle and high lift capacity. Moreover, a dedicated Mask & snorkel set is offered at a very competitive price. The set comes in 3 colour combinations and includes spare parts. As far as fins are concerned, the Avanti Tre full-foot fin has a revised foot pocket to guarantee advanced comfort even after intensive use. We would like to highlight the good performance and the light weight of this fin, which turns out to be perfect for DC use.



Aquazone Line The success of the Mares snorkeling product line is thanks to its being a complete, first-class product line designed to meet the needs of surface water users, yet it also offers products that are in many cases also suitable for scuba diving. For 2013, the focus is on fine-tuning the collection with minor line and product adjustments. Nevertheless, there are two main new entries that further expand the Aquazone collection. First, we have the introduction of a new fullfoot fin, the Mares Manta, which features two side channels to increase the channel thrust and a shorter blade for compact packaging. Colour options for this fin are yellow and blue.

The Helix snorkel is a new entry in the Junior category. It features a dry top and an easy exhale valve. There is also a brand new packaging system for masks, combos and sets. The new Hybrid system is perfect for masks and combos. It is a combination of box and cardboard, in which the mask box is reusable. With respect to the previous clamshell version, cost is reduced here by 40%. Speaking of the mask box, we have to highlight the fact that it has been overhauled with an exclusive new design. The new movable hanger is very useful for displaying the mask on a vertical exhibitor. Stackable. Also worthy of mention is the new travel bag sold with the Volo One Marea and the Pirate Allegra Sets. It not only makes an excellent product display (it features its own sliding card), but it can also be used to store the equipment, keeping the mask separate from the rest, thanks to a special compartment.



Marketing Presentation The 2012-2013 Mares ADV campaign will once again focus on product technology. The product’s image is big, in the foreground. Many international magazines followed our concept using a black background for their ADV. Now Mares’ aim is to set a new trend, changing from black to white. The next ADV campaign will focus on: Instinct 12S, Matrix, Flexa Therm, Hybrid Pure, Puck Pro, Avanti Quattro Plus, the Torches line, White Pack, X-Vu LS, Prestige AT, and the Bags Family. Like last year, all ADVs can be customized with the text and features most relevant to your own market. Pages are provided in A4 format and in English. The same features characterize the Mares Pure Instinct ADV Campaign, with focus on: Viper Pro, Cyrano Evo and Evo HF, and the Torches. Videos were a key part of the Marketing presentation. Further to the success of last year, Mares is shooting more than 30 new sales videos. These are short productions where product features are described and explained like they are on the sales floor level. Videos are accessible from the website, YouTube, YouTube Mares Channel, Facebook, and the Media Database.

As far as communication is concerned, Mares is investing more and more in web marketing. From the mobile web application for smartphones, to Facebook and the FanActivator application, all of these tools grow Mares’ direct contact base. The latest results on the recent Emarsys system on Mares’ products and news Newsletter system were also presented. has grown by 60% in the last 5 months This unified, dedicated communication worldwide! 14 · PARTNERMAGAZINE




very year at the Distributor Meeting, we organize a team building exercise in order to create a fun interlude in the working schedule, with the goal of helping to foster a healthy and above all FAIR competition, as you can see from the photos we’re publishing... Mares, just add FAIR PLAY!



Subsidiary meeting 2012 Capo Galera, Alghero, July 2012


apo Galera Diving Center was the location of the latest Subsidiary Meeting which took place in Sardinia from 1st-4th July. Capo Galera is one of the best DC in the Mediterranean area, and a new Mares Partner ( The structure is

located on a promontory in the center of the Gulf of Alghero. Surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation, the DC can accommodate more than 30 people in rooms and bungalows overlooking the sea and immersed in the Mediterranean maquis. In a simple but cozy atmosphere, Gaddo Risso and his Team made everyone feel at home and welcome.



We would like to share some nice pictures with you. They show our bold and fearless partners competing in the first edition of the Mares Folk Cooking Contest! The challenge was to prepare a dish featuring cuisine that typically represents the countries of our Team members: France (Hors d’oeuvre), Italy (First course), UK/ US/DE (Second course), Spain (Desert). A discerning panel of judges had the task to taste the dishes from each team and announce

the uncontestable victor. Criteria for judging were taste, originality and presentation. As you can see, the competition resulted in a lot of food and... a lot of fun!!



DEMA SHOW 2012 Las Vegas, 14-17 November


he 36th edition of the DEMA show, a trade-only show open to diving industry professionals only, was held at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV from November 14th to 17th.

of the show, especially all of the white-white products, Instinct 52 regulator, Matrix computer, Puck Pro, to name a few.

The new version of the More than 8,300 dive professionals from Nemo Wide computer was around the world attended the show and well received. over 600 exhibitors showcased their products and services at this year’s show.  The legendary restyled Avanti Quattro + had all of the dealers excited, along with the The Mares Booth was located on a main new color combinations of X-VU Liquid Skin island near the entrance to the convention masks, Ergo snorkels and Essence Liquid hall, and easily recognized by the Mares Skin mask in white.  Just Add Water logo prominently seen above the booth. With a key location and Mares Special thanks go to the Mares International great products the booth was non-stop busy Team for their support of  the Mares U.S.A. throughout all 4 days of the event.  Dealers Team in once again  making  the DEMA show both current and new were excited to see a success! the Mares collection and place orders for the upcoming season.  Again this year our booth attracted many visitors and confirmed Mares as one of the leading brand Many of the new Mares products were the talk names for water sports on an international level. 18 · PARTNERMAGAZINE


Coastal clean-up in the Philippines


e’re always glad to report of some nice initiatives carried out by our partners.

We’d like to share some nice pics with you. They are sent in by Dynamic Sports Corporation, our exclusive distributor for the Philippines. Dynanic is very active in the environment protection and often organizes events to cleanup beaches and ocean portions in the area. These admirable initiatives are meant to preserve the integrity of special spots where nature is the true star. And if the care for the environment combines with some good fun, what else can you ask for? Well done guys!





he 5th annual Manta Fest Photo Festival takes place annually in the beautiful waters of Yap. Yap is the small South Pacific Island famous for its population of resident Manta Rays. Every year, this event attracts many internationally recognized underwater photographers who come to the island not only to enjoy the good competition, but also to share the fun and magic of one of the most beautiful diving spots in the world. The Manta Fest is organized by the Manta Ray Bay Resort and Yap Divers diving center. Mares is proud to announce, both recently joined our Mares family as a new partner. Bill Acker, Manta Fest organizer / presenter and his team supported the participants throughout the event. In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere; Bill presented awards and prizes to the top photographers of this year’s event. 20 · PARTNERMAGAZINE


This was no easy task, as there were many outstanding photo submissions in the different categories. The winner in the “Best of Show” category

presented a picture taken at a shark feed dive on the Philippine Sea reef. The prize was a sixteen-day live-aboard voyage on a luxury vessel sailing the South Pacific Seas. We’re happy to report that the contest’s

first prizes in the “Digital SLR “ and “Point & Shoot” categories were two new Mares Icon HD air-integrated dive computers, presented by Mares’ VP Sales & Marketing, Stefan Michl.

The Manta Fest Photo Festival will take place again next year August 24th to September 8th. Don’t miss it! For further information:

About Yap Divers... Mantas, picking off the small parasites they get when feeding in open waters. A terrific experience. More info on:


ap Divers is the island’s largest, fullservice dedicated, dive facility and, we’re proud to announce, a new Mares partner! It is part of the Manta Ray Bay Resort, truly one of the finest dive resorts in the spectacular diving region of Micronesia. Rated by PADI a Gold Palm 5 star Resort, this dive center offers a full range of instruction


available, from Open Water through Divemaster, as well as a number of specialty dive certifications for those who want to expand their formal dive training. It is also the only place in the world where you can do the PADI certified Manta Ray Awareness Course during which you can get in touch with Manta Reys from a very short distance. Yap Divers, infact, is specialized in finding Mantas’ “cleaning stations”, coral formations elevated from the channel bottom (on an average depth of 10 - 20 meters) where small Wrasse and other fishes specialize in grooming the


Mares Wanted: athletic, adventurous MermaidS!


eaStar Discovery is proud to present the unique and adventurous model contest “SeaStar Discovery Girl 2013”. Charm, beauty, athletic, adventurous, with the love of water, describe this contestant. The new “SeaStar Discovery Girl” will be crowned at the Boot Show 2013. In the meantime the candidates had been tested in nationwide qualifications, ending with 4 final girls facing a full week of action and adventure in Thailand. There, they proved themselves in photo shoots on and under water. Mares, the designated official diving equipment outfitter,

equipped each candidate with premium gear, ensuring they enjoy their first strokes under water. It‘s very important, especially for beginners, to dive with the highest quality and safe equipment. There is no doubt, Mares ensured this with their high quality products, guaranteeing each candidate a comfortable and safe exploration of the underwater world. 22 · PARTNERMAGAZINE


The semifinal took place at the Monte Mare Rheinbach, where the candidates begun their PADI diving certification in preparation for the final in Thailand. With these basics, and the best Mares equipment; diving was comfortable and easy for the girls. However, this was not the case for the battle and title “SeaStar Girl”. From our side, we can’t wait to welcome the new “Sea-Star girl” into our Mares world. The contest winner will be awarded, among other things, a complete top of the line Mares diving equipment package. Mares, Just Add Water! For more info: The four finalists



Eric Hutcheson comes full circle at Silver Glen Springs, Florida


orld-renowned underwater cave explorer and cartographer Eric Hutcheson is back. As you may remember, in Partner Magazine #16 we announced a renewed partnership between Mares and Eric. This long lasting relationship was interrupted in 1999 by a terrible motorcycle accident which crushed Eric’s jaw and facial bones, thus keeping him from diving. Now that Eric has recovered, he’s back to work with renewed energy and a main goal: to spread the word about preserving the Florida aquifer. “It’s important people know it’s not just a blob of water pouring out to nothing … It’s several different regions with scientific significance… towards saving water for the future” says Eric interviewed by a national newspaper about his new endeavor at the Silver Glen Springs System, FL.

Eric attaches his side mount tanks as he prepares for his dive.

Eric Hutcheson takes notes as he explores the cave system at Silver Glen Springs looking for changes to the system and underground ecology. Eric was the first person to map the system more than 20 years ago as part of a team that was the first to explore the system. 24 · PARTNERMAGAZINE


Hutcheson started mapping this underwater cave system more than 20 years ago, when his career began. Now he’s back to where he started, embarking on a twoyear project for the Florida Forestry whose aim is to measure changes occurring in the spring and caves since their first mapping in the ‘90s.

Eric explores the bottom of the natural well, packed with hundreds of striped basses.

Eric is also looking to create media projects, as he did in the past, collecting data and educating the public about springs and caves. Looking forward to hear more from Eric Hutcheson, we’d like to share these terrific pictures with you and wish Eric success in his future endeavors.



MARES TOUR 2012 Mares Italia has promoted an intriguing initiative this year. It’s Mares Tour 2012, a series of on-theroad events which, beginning in January 2012, led Mares around Italy stopping in a good 14 cities. The initiative wrapped up this past October.

Some ad hoc “Pro Shop Days” were also organized in collaboration with the various authorized Mares dealers, in which customers had the chance to take a dive and try out the latest Mares arrivals for themselves accompanied by our technicians, who were on hand to give them with all the technical information they needed.

On each stop on the tour, Mares technical staff presented the full range of products for 2012, focusing on the newest arrivals and offering up interesting technical details.

The test bench for the regulators was especially popular, along with the pressurized bell in which the operation of Mares dive computers was demonstrated in actual simulated dives.


Mares Tour 2012 was an important initiative, both in terms of providing support to divers at every experience level, helping them select the ideal equipment for them, and also in terms of real technical support.


Mares ‘Xmas edition


special edition for a special moment of the year!

We combine our latest development and technologies to a high performance regulator – Instinct 52. Next to it we let you enjoy our newest computer model – Puck Pro. Not only color makes the difference! For just a limited period of time, we will launch two of Mares’ most innovative products, the Instinct 52 regulator and the Puck Pro wrist computer. Both will be in a very special “White Xmas make-up”. These festive products are offered in the European countries, South Africa and USA. Hurry up! The Mares Special Edition comes in a limited number of pieces.

In December we are thrilled to welcome our 30,000th FB fans! We’d like to throw out a big thank you to all our fans! Help us spread the word and grow our fan base... follow us, you’re only a click away! We are really grateful for “Liking” MARES and our facebook page!



Mares Instinct 12S regulator: “a good idea with good design solutions”


or the second year running, Mares wins the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award.

reduced weight relieve the jaw muscles. The shorter hose significantly reduces the risk of entanglement when diving inside a wreck. Additionally, the ergonomics of the purge Internationally acknowledged and renown, Red Dot Award is based on the concept that button have been improved”. “…a brilliant idea, whether simple or complex, manifest with good design as a product Statement by the Jury: “...By breaking with the traditional design of standard regulathat could one day be made available in the tors, this product has significantly optimised market , has real value...” (Prof. Dr P.Zec, initiator of the Red Dot Design Award). its performance and safety...” The aim of the Red Dot is to award excellent products that combine good ideas with good design solutions. The Mares Instinct 12S regulator wins this prestigious award, in the category Outdoor, Leisure and Sport. We report the winning product’s description as published on the Red Dot Yearbook and Exhibition: “...The development of the Instinct 12S regulator, designed to be “remarkably more comfortable”, focused particularly on the second stage, which the diver holds with his mouth. Volume distribution and the layout of the components are aligned to the facial contour, thus moving the centre of gravity significantly closer to the diver. The hose runs closer to the head and is, therefore, considerably shorter. The optimized centre of gravity and


Winning a Red Dot Award communicates to the public at large that your company leads in the development of innovative products and new design. In addition, this prize provides great press coverage and, in general, good brand visibility. As winners we can take advantage of some dedicated communication tools which we’d like to remind you of as they can be used in our day-to-day communication strategy. • The Red Dot Label. The red dot label has established itself as a global mark of quality. Only winners of the award can use the label for the whole lifecycle of the awardwinning product (ADV campaigns, magazines, stamps, websites etc.).

• Red Dot Yearbook, a good marketing tool, which contains detailed information about the winning product (pictures, characteristics, company details, etc). The Yearbook not only offers a comprehensive overview of current innovations and trends but it is also a concrete guide to companies, journalists, designers and people all over the world in their day-to-day work. • Exhibition at the Red Dot Museum –Essen, Germany - a showcase of the best in contemporary product design. • Online Exhibition. One of the most important design research websites around, the official red dot website ensures connection to millions of designers, design studios, companies and customers. The winning concept will be presented to the global audience on the Red Dot website for at least one year. We’d like to thank our Mares Design as well as R&D Teams for their dedication and efforts in creating such an extraordinary product. It is a great opportunity for Mares to strenghthen its position in the diving market as a leading brand name for technical innovation and design quality.


2013 Advertising & Promotional material


ares is proud to present the new line of advertising and promotional materials for 2013. They are helpful “working tools” that will make it easier to set up your events and promote Mares more efficiently at every opportunity. We’ll start with the new Mares Gazebo (also available with the Head Swimming brand), a vital tool for putting together a Mares event in a flash. The technical specs are as follows: · Gazebo 3x3 m · Accordion-fold style and suitable for outdoor use, it is incredibly easy and intuitive to set up, and the materials are waterproof and will last a long time. · With an aluminium frame and two side panels, it comes with a bag for easy transport. Excellent for any event or to enhance your space. · With white cover. Code: 449932 Mares, Mares Pure Instinct, Mares Aquazone e Mares Diving Center. Code: 459094 Head. We’re also pleased to present: • Mares fin USB key 8 GB USB stick. X-stream shape. Comes with lanyard and tin box. The perfect Mares give-away! Code: 449314

• Mares Pen book 156 x 213 mm Spiral Pen-Book with pocket for convenient storage, including pen. Code: 449313 • Mares Mobile phone pockets It offers exceptional style and protection for your phone when you’re on the go. It comes with a hook to attach it to a Mares lanyard. Code: 449316 29 · PARTNERMAGAZINE

• Mares Sweets Candy customized with Mares logo. It makes a perfect welcome item for your offices and a nice give-away for events and fairs. Code: 449933


Jody Lot and Mares, together on the podium at the last Spearfishing World Championship Spain, July 2012


n 8th July Portuguese athlete Jody Lot was awarded the gold medal at the Spearfishing World Championship, which took place July 5th through the 8th in Vigo, Spain.

In a short period of time, this incredible athlete gave us great satisfaction, ranking First place at the Euro/African Spearfishing Championship in 2011, and then claiming the gold medal at the recent World Championship. After the success of Joseba Kerejeta, the 2008 World Champion, Mares adds another excellent champion to its Team. Proudly, we feel we can claim a little bit of the glory as well. As stated by Jody Lot himself, much of the credit for this victory goes to the Mares equipment used during the competition. In fact, the diving conditions and type of spearfishing which characterized the competition‘s site, lended perfectly to Jody’s selection of Mares equipment. Among the products used, was the Extrem 70 suit, perfect for the site’s water temperature; the Dual snorkel which provides effortless breathing and comfort even when diving for extended periods; the


Phantom Speed speargun providing perfect stability and aim. Finally, the Razor Carbon fins were the icing on the cake of this flagship equipment, providing power, agility and elasticity.

We would like to thank Jody for his dedication and hard work in preparing for the competition. Thanks to Jody, Mares is once again confirmed one of the best producers of spearfishing and freediving equipment. Another Target Hit!


Christian Redl sets a new world record at 5160 Mt Gokyo lakes, Himalaya, 17 October 2012

Thirty minutes later, the immersion tests began. The dives were medically monitored by Dr. Heiko Renner. And he was right in his estimation: after the second dive attempt, headaches and undercooling forced us to be careful. The longest dive lasted at least over 2 minutes. And this means: WORLD RECORD!!! In the past, scientists argued that this task would have been impossible…”. Well, Christian did it. Congratulations!


new endeavor and achievement for extreme freediver Christian Redl. Already a world record holder for diving under ice at a depth of -61 mt; Christian tests his limits once again and breaks a new record by freediving at 5160 mt! The challenge, named Gokyo Project, took place in the Himalaya Mountains, Nepal, in the area of the six Gokyo Lakes. These lakes, sacred to both Hindu and Buddhist philosophies, are the world’s highest freshwater lake system. The record attempt took

place in the most severe weather conditions, where extremely cold water temperature combined with the altitude made the attempt life-threatening. In fact, when the air is so thin, the blood thickens, cutting off the supply to the body’s vital functions. Christian Redl tells about it: “After a short, very cold night in the tent, close to lake No. 5 (right below 5.000 mt), we climbed up to lake No. 6 on Wednesday, October 17th. After 2 hours’climbing, we reached this wonderful lake at over 5.160 meters ! First, the required ceremony (the Gokyo lakes are sacred) at 11 am, then we started with our preparations for the world record attempt. 31 · PARTNERMAGAZINE


Roberto Singia brings home a string of successes in underwater target shooting in underwater target shooting. He placed a good 17 times during his sporting career, which began in 1998, and nine of those were of the most precious of metals, a career enhanced even further by two Italian records that place him at the very top of this particular classification. He has been on the Italian Team many times as well, and especially significant are the international competitions, because he always medalled when the Italian jersey was on his shoulders.


n the twentieth anniversary of the discipline of Underwater Target Shooting, the Italian Sports Fishing and Diving Federation (F.I.P.S.A.S.) has published the HONOR ROLL for this sport, an active part of CMAS. Officially imported to Italy in the early ‘80s, Underwater Target Shooting has been a FIPSAS competitive sport since 1993, holding Underwater Target Shooting qualifiers every year across the country. The best athletes earn entry to the final, which determines the Italian Champion in the three different disciplines: precision free shooting, the biathlon, and the company relay, which today uses only standard equipment.


Achieving good results in all three disciplines isn’t easy, and is in itself a good reason to boast, but what makes the Mares team even more proud is seeing its own athlete, Roberto Singia, hold on to the record for medals won in the Italian Championship finals during his active time

He is a three-time winner of the Bronze medal for Sports Merit from CONI, and also worthy of note is a much esteemed recognition from Panathlon International, which in 2006 awarded him the Fair Play award in the gesture category for having self-reported an irregularity during the Italian Championship final, denying himself the title of Italian team Vice Champion. In the 2012 Italian Championships, Roberto won the Italian Companies Cup, ranked second in the Relay, third in the Biathlon, and first in the FIPSAS Gran Trofeo. Congratulations!


Susi Navarro Benidorm (Alicante), 15 September 2012


nother success for Susi Navarro winning, for the 8th time, the Spanish Championship of photography in Apnea 2012, cat. Female, taking place in Benidorm (Alicante) on 15th September 2012.

her artistic expression in the images she captures. Susi started participating in the Caza Underwater Photography Contests (underwater photo safari) as a freediving athlete as well as a photographer 15 years ago. Since then she’s won 14 championships in Catalonia, 7 national contests, and in 2008 she ranked 1st place in the World Cup in Ventotene, Italy, in the category of underwater photography - apnea. Susi also worked as a photoreporter for several official events and contests, such as the Grand Trophy Villacarlos of spearfishing,

as well authoring and being published in many magazines. While congratulating Susi on her current success, we’d like to wish her the best results in the future.

We’re so proud to have Susi on our Mares Team! She’s not only a great athlete but also a skilled underwater photographer, demonstrated by her continuous success in photography contests. Since childhood, Susi has been passionate about everything encompassing the sea. Susi found the perfect balance between her love for sports – swimming, apnea, diving – and Art. Susi is an artist with a degree in art history. When she discovered underwater cameras, she was then able to combine her passion for the sea and art through underwater photography. Susi always tries to convey 33 · PARTNERMAGAZINE


Daring photographer dives with blue sharks 4


wiss photographer Franco Banfi is considered one of the best photographers of present times. Franco has been cooperating with Mares since 2008. Franco most recently sent in these beautiful images, which we are pleased to share with you. As you can see in these shots; Franco goes for a challenge and swims with the amazing Blue Sharks! The photo shoot location was near the Atlantic Island of Pico, in the Azores, Portugal. The diver and photographer weave around these mesmerizing creatures to capture these fantastic images. Mares the ultimate adventure dive buddy!






PROFO N tirer le p DEURS Un p h o Une ren rtrait des requ otographe tess co in in splendid ntre avec de gr s bleus au larg ois est parti ed es que fa o scinants s poissons auss es Açores. ager au mil i . quins et ieu des releur

tirer portrait. A l’heure le les atta où ques de squ les fon plus par t de plu aler s en de Franco d’elles, la démarc Banfi dét lisé en onne. Spé he photog ciaraphie rine, le sous-m Sui atrempette sse de 53 ans avec les a fait au larg requin e lantique. des Açores, dan s bleus s l’Atdans cet «Il y en a bea comme te zone où la ucoup nce à se plongé plique e dévelo le Tessin pper, exment à ois . Co certain s endroit ntraireoù on ver s colorés ra de beaux en Asie, poisso mais pet ns voir de gros ani its, là, on peu maux, raies et comme t des req des uins.» Pour app rocher la sale ces bes rép tioles à dents de utation – le film «L la es tir en édi mer», qui vie nt tion Blu ans apr -ray tren de sorès y est pou sa première pro te-sept r beauco ject ion, graphe up emmenai –, le photopoisson dans une t avec lui du attirait cage. «L les ’odeur leur don requins, ma is nio lève le plo ns rien à ma nous ne nger, repas les ngeur. Nous ne hab vou l’homm ituer à être nou lions e. qu’ils nou S’ils savaient rris par que s voyaien laient t arrive , dès ma ment aur nger, leur comr, ils alait été mo portelait aus difié.» si Banfi et de la sécurité Il en alde des deu graphe x autres Franco s «Si on qui l’accompag photocomme nce à les naient. cela peu t nourrir aliment provoquer une , aire et dev frénésie enir risq ué.» Jusqu’ à4 Pouvan mètres de lon t atteind g tres, le requin re jusqu’à 4 mè ble taqué l’ho u a rarem mme. ent atconsid éré com Il n’est donc pas contra me dan irem représent ent aux cin gereux, q esp ant le plu s de dan èces ger >>


T 2012

pour l’êt re hum fraient actuellem ain et qui déque (vo rapide, ir encadr ent la chroni les req requin uins ble beaux blanc, é). Soit le gra us ani le nd requin nois. Et, maux, estime sont de océani requin-tigre, le Tes que, le si sa dém le quin-m militan gra arteau arche n’e site, et le req nd reledogu st pas déplore il ne peut s’em e. Pou uin-bo r la pêcher r ule Tessin s’est déj de leurs aile pêche des req à uins pou rons. «Il animaux frotté à certain ois, qui par r s son million un requin dans d’autres s de ces s simple t massacrés prendre océ res me ans te un des pet quin et , ites par nt pour corps, la pruden reties de déplore toujou ce leu est r le pho rs tograp sont des de mise. «Ce C’est abs he. pré urd dateur des ani du requin e. La place s et ma soulign ux sauvages, portante est très ime-t dans l’éq dant, je -il. Cepen- millions de requ bre des uilipas qu’ ne considère tués chaque annins sont nombre océans. De le monde ée ils son uses esp selon le dans t danger sont me èces WWF. eux que aussi nac ce qui avancé les dispar ées et, si elest par . Il fau fois t simple con sci aura un aissent, cela l’écosy me ent que stème.» impact sur tou comme , si un nt être plusde un our 73millio Selon le WW t s d’aille req uin , trouve nsd’ind F, tués cha urs, se face à ividuss que ann reune situ norme, ont ée dans atio il le monde inatten peut réagir de n hors Des ani . due et atta ma ma bas e, quer. Ma nière Pour l’ho ux à respec les req is, à la ter uin mme qui friands quins, de la via s ne son t pas côt oie le nde hum Le pho maux est respect envers les reaine.» ces ani bien atte tographe a tou ne les avo très important jou . ment. «Jention à son com rs fait sés, mê ns ni touchés «Nous n’a por me si nou i pas ni caresteque-tparfois il. Je doi eu peur, exp s nous retr somme liavouer s tout d’eux. Cet ouvés tout prè s de même qu’ s ments fort il y a eu cer compor animal mérite de l’un tain te correc qu’on se entrez dan s. Comme lors s moC’était tement que vou ma ma avec lui. nombre s l’eau et qu’il s niè merci de ya ux me lais re de lui dir plus dés requins. Le mo déjà de pho ser agréab to et le prendr e le pour ment le lorsqu’ e en toire.» nager dans il fallait moi éta son Le reto it teau. Vou ter seigneu urner sur mérite r des océ rile babien cela enlevez s êtes à la sur ans . face, vou votre équ voir ce ● SÉBAST L’effet qui se pas ipement sans s d’optiqu saIEN JOS vous.» est sais se sebastien e T issa Pour le au-dessous de .jost@lem photo qui nt sur cette quand plonge on ur, c’e fait para le requ st au même est ître in bleu nibien plus veau que grand qu’i l n’es ATTAQ animaux ces Si on réellem t UE Après qu’il ent. telles de y a le des atta moins ques mo surfeurs co r­ Austral à La Réu de risq ie, puis relâ nion et à nour mmence ues . ché. En en plus ma les requins son «Surto Aus l­aimés. d’espèc ut t toujour requin rir les e protég tralie, c’est le stat Sur l’île prélève quand s français ée du me blanc qui on est ut les e, des gra pourrait bouledo nts de requins attaque plusieu peut prs, cela être levé nd requin tren noncen gue s de req rs, ­tigres t la . Certains uins ont et la nuit de s ont été aut les req car chez eu ovoquer oris doublé dé­ d’h te ans, c’est par près des sédentarisatio mardi à uin s en n de req ce que umains mercred és. Dans cimens côtes, où vont et uins le ont été nou i, qui viendeux spé nombre ils trou une fré x rriture nagent dans les capturé été prél vent de nen t ­ ou qui s. Le prem océans evé alor fois nou en abondance la Et d’u n surfent s que l’au ier a ; ils rris alimen nésie les défens a fortement plo nge tre a été aug fitent des par des plongeu sont par­ ler ur à eurs des taire» pucé rs ou ils que ceu squales menté. l’autre. déchets pro­ ristique x­ci tue de rappe­ Si spécialis personn s. Selon des restaurants nt en mo te de la est seu on es par certains plongée Franco Ban tou l, ils sous­ma fi, spécialiste ­ que les méd an, soit nettem yenne dix vous tou rine s, si élép ent use rnent aut Cela peu hants (60 s (100 personn moins es) ou les t être ass our sans arrêt. 0 personn nant.» es). ● Avec leu ez impression r silhoue leur sup tte effilée, erbe cou leur et leur nag e


Requin s­tigres

capturés à La

Réunio n






Sur de nombreu plages, des pan ses metten neaux t en la présenc garde contre e de requ ins.

16 AOÛ




About Franco Banfi Let’s learn something more about this versatile photographer. Here’s a short biography taken from Franco’s official website ( cus, GEO Italy, Il Subacqueo, l’Illustré, Mare, Marine Diver, Mondo Sommerso, National Geographic Italy, Nature Best Photography, Nautica, Ocean Realm, Ocean Geographic, Panorama Travel, Plongée, Schweizer Familie, Skipper, Sport Diver, Tauchen, Terra, Terre Sauvage, Unterwasser). His images have also been featured in magazines such as BBC Wildlife, GEO, National Geographic, Stern, Scuba Diving, and in countless publications worldwide.


won the Gold Award at the Celebrate the sea photo competition.

He started diving in 1981, and from there on he dived and travelled the world, documenting wildlife and human relationship with nature in environments from the Equator to the Poles.

Franco is also the co-author and photographer of several books about the sea and his images have appeared in many books, advertisements, filmstrips, greeting cards, posters, calendars and other vehicles.

ranco Banfi is one of the most appreciated photojournalist specialized in underwater subjects and stories.

He documented many species: in 2002 the Crocodylus porosus (salt water crocodile) in Papua New Guinea; in 2005 Somniosus microcephalus (Greenland sharks) in Arctic and Hydrurga leptonyx (leopard seals) in Antarctic; in 2006 the Sardine run and the Galeocerdo cuvier (tiger sharks) in South Africa, just to name some. As some other professional photographers, he believes that the formula of success in photography isn’t only due to the cleverness in shooting unusual subjects or common subjects from a different point of view. A large part of the success results part from science, part from expedition skills and part by human relations skills. With the help of his partner and model Sabrina, he recently succeeded in illustrating relevant interactions between people and underwater animals. Franco is an award-winning photographer (World Champion in Underwater Photography in Cuba, 1992) and he regularly takes part at international photo-competitions as BBC Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year, the Travel Photographer of the Year, Glanzlichter Project Natur & fotografie, etc. He received top honours from the photocompetitions Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Nature’s Best, BBC Photo Competition, to name the most famous. In 2007 he


He continues to pursue stories that both will increase awareness about the sea and will celebrate the majestic beauty of the underwater world. His works had been published in dozens of magazines around the world (Airone, Animan, Aqva, BBC Wildlife, Dive, Diver, Fo-


SCUBALAB’S GEAR OF THE YEAR 2012: IN SEARCH OF THE PERFECT DIVING EQUIPMENT! ear Partners, we’re proud to report the excellent reviews we got from US Scuba Diving Magazine in the fins and computers categories.

Best Ge ar of the Ye


Top Co ld-WaT

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of the Year / Belize By liveaBoard

gear year

ar / 20

er SiTeS / se








pa ge 17


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cold WaterdIves

tHe top > regulaWetsuIts > bc > compu tors > fIns s ters of 2012

pa ge 30

pa ge 49

Wre the righck diving t grand C Way in ayman pa ge 40 What it ’s to dive like w Hungry ith Bears pa ge 24

b er 20 12

Before coming up with the winning fin, the Testers Team evaluated 7 new or neverbefore-reviewed full foot fins, according the the following criteria: • EASE OF DONNING THE FIN is rated both in and out of the water. • ADJUSTABILITY OF BUCKLES AND STRAPS is scored by evaluating effectiveness, accessibility and ease of use.


tHe bIg W Inner?

ec em

Coming back to the fins category (full foot) the Mares Wave fin earned both the “2012 Testers’ Choice” and the “2012 Best Buy” awards!

Sc u b

b er /d

When Jon Brumm, ScubaLab director, during an interview was asked the reason why it is so important that ScubaLab tests dive gear, he replied “Because here at ScubaLab, being active divers ourselves, we happen to feel that good-breathing regs, and BCs that are stable at depth, and fins that will get you through a current without shredding your leg muscles, and dive computers that are easy to use and easy to understand, are all pretty darn important. .. Scuba diving’s a great sport, but when we giant-stride into that ocean out there, we’re entering an inherently hostile environment. Our comfort, our safety, and the degree to which we enjoy ourselves while at depth is heavily dependent on the gear we’ve strapped to ourselves. Remember, we’re talking “life support equipment” here...” (

sea Her o of tHe year: W Ho Is

n o v em

There’s no need to remind you how significant it is to be awarded by the Scubalab’s Testers Team. Scubalab invests a lot of time - and a lot of money - to test diving products by different brands in the same category. Their aim is, infact, to do what divers would do if they could: i.e. to compare (use) more products before they buy the ideal one. Their reviews help divers to become informed consumers of dive gear and, at the same time, give scubadiving producers an interesting feedback on their products in terms of efficiency and performance.

• FIT AND COMFORT OF FOOT POCKETS are rated, as is the overall feel of the fin on the diver’s foot.  • SURFACE PROPULSION is scored when divers are kicking on the surface in a facedown position. • STABILITY is checked by noting wobble, side-toside slicing, and whether the fin blades have a tendency to hit each other during the diver’s kick cycle.

scu ba d ivin g


novemB ScUbadiving er/deCem .co Ber 20 m 12 U.S. $4 .99

pa ge 42 diSpla y UnTil

• POWER VERSUS STRESS is the relationship of the power produced during the kick cycle relative to the amount of effort that’s required to produce that power. • EASE AND EFFICIENCY OF KICKING STYLES is scored after swimming underwater using the flutter kick, frog kick and dolphin kick. • ACCELERATION is scored during an underwater swim and reflects how the fin responds to power kicking. • MANEUVERABILITY is rated by evaluating the ease of getting in and out of tight places - backing up, changing or reversing directions - using small fin movements.


• EASE OF REMOVING THE FIN is evaluated by testing the ease of using the buckle and strap system, the ability to hold onto the fin without losing it, etc. • PRICE Test divers rated each fin in each category above using a scale from 5 (excellent performance) to 1 (poor performance). The Mares Wave paddle fin turned up to be the favourite one and here’s the review: “...This kicker turned in some of the best overall in-water performance scores, earning the highest scores for acceleration. Test divers liked the fin’s exceptional maneuverability and noted its ability to negotiate turns with minimal foot action .. the Wave delivered the best overall performance …”


In the Scubalab’s 2012 dive computers testing (August 2012), two Mares Models took away the Testers’ Choice prize in their categories.

In the Wrist-Mount Computers segment, the Scubalab Testers Choice goes to the new version of the Icon, the Mares Icon HD/AI.

The review states about the Icon: “In a class all its own, this impressive data cruncher hit the scene a couple of years ago, bowling everybody over with its big, bright full-color LCD and smartphone-style menu. Improvements to this latest model include an upgraded system that adds options to dive modes and expanding functions to its already excellent compass. But the big news is the addition of hoseless air integration...” and again “...the color coding for bar-graphing tissue loading, deco time and ascent rate is unmatched. And the blinking red banner for too-fast ascents really gets your attention... Programmingwise, this DC is so intuitive that you can set all parameters simply by following the screen prompts... The Icon HD/AI, now with hoseless air integration, was the unanimous favorite wrist-mount DC with test divers, who didn’t hesitate a moment before picking it as the Testers’ Choice...”

It also comes with the bar-none best compass in its category. Another unique feature is the Ice (in case of emergency) function, which shows personal info - from contact numbers to insurance policies to allergies.The Matrix is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, so you have to remember to plug it in once in a while. However, it does offer an “Off” mode to conserve battery power. ...The Matrix is a wristwatch dive computer on steroids. It’s easy to read and program, and full of advanced features. Test divers unanimously picked it as Testers’ Choice in this category…” In the Wristwatch-style Not bad. Computers category, the Mares… just add water! Matrix stole the show: “With so many features packed Read more on: into such a compact unit, the matrix is a wonder. Offering wellmarked buttons and an intuitive menu, it ranked the easiest DC to program in this category. The model provides excellent screen readability with its reverse color band highlighting no deco data, and it has a very usable tissue loading bar graph and a cool graphic dive-profile alternate screen.



Dear Friends, FINALLY, here we are together again! 2012 is nearly over, and exciting new challenges await us in 2013. Mares Lab Team



he Calendar of on-line e-learning technical courses is continuing to evolve. As you already know, the seminars available to users on line are: the Basic seminar and the Computer seminar. For years the Mares Lab program has conducted cutting-edge technical diving courses, pairing the important practical aspects with the equally essential theoretical portion: the Educational Section. Remember that the Basic course does NOT authorize attendees to perform any maintenance, but does authorize them to enroll in subsequent levels in the Mares Lab program to become future technicians. Beginning in 2013, the Basic seminar will only be conducted through the on-line e-learning program. And so, we’re inviting all Master technicians who haven’t yet trained to take note of the dates listed below to comply with HQ directives. Let us know as soon as possible!

Advanced programs.

• 29/31 january, HQ Rapallo (Advanced - Expert MASTER Update & @learning)

TOMà GIANNI q+ 39 0185 201385 E

• 12/14 february, location TBA (Advanced - Expert MASTER Update & @learning)

Sessarego Alessandro q +39 0185 201493 E

• 5/7 MARCH, location TBA (Advanced - Expert MASTER Update & @learning)

The e-learning Basic Technical Seminar has now been translated into 7 languages, and the number of distributors and branches using this important new tool continues to grow as it is revised and updated.

The sole purpose of these on-line courses is to provide those who have already achieved or will in future achieve the corresponding practical technical levels of Master-Expert-Advanced with all the supporting technical material they need: ITM, BTM, Maintenance manuals, Replacement parts lists, new technical videos, etc. In other words, a technical “tank” that is always up to date that you can check at any time.

• 8/10 October, HQ Rapallo (Advanced - Expert MASTER Update & @learning) • 12/14 November, location TBA (Advanced - Expert MASTER Update & @learning) • 3/5 DECEMBER, HQ Rapallo (Advanced - Expert MASTER Update & @learning)


Thanks to the enormous positive feedback we’ve gotten from participants, we can now see how the Mares Lab course is without a doubt the most professional in the sector, and this only motivates us even more to ensure respect for the quality standards, a vital premise for Mares Technical Support. At the same time, HQ is working on implementing on-line Master-Expert-




The replacement parts catalog and the 2013 Mares Lab catalog have had some products added:

2013 Window sticker

Exclusive sticker for all Authorized Service Centers (EXPERT). Can also be used for authorized DCs by removing the words “AUTH. SERVICE DEALER” from the top.

44201047 5 pieces Nemo Standardized Gasket Kit

After countless tests, here is the gasket that can be used on all Nemo watches: Nemo Steel, Nemo Titanium, Nemo Excel and Nemo Apneist.

New 50 mm ventral buckles kit created to replace the former 47201166 buckles, which are not compatible M-F 50 Ventral Buckles Kit with the current ones, when replacements are needed.

40200146 Buckles and strap GR/WH assembled

Complete buckles that will pair with the 415337, usable on She Dives versions.

Thanks to all the efforts of the Master technicians, professional training continues for Mares Lab partners. Below are a few photos from the most recent events held in Las Vegas:

Send us photos from your technical courses - we’ll publish them in the next issue! 39 · PARTNERMAGAZINE

• Can the Dive Organizer program run on Windows 8? Dive Organizer 2.12 will run without problem on Windows 8. Before the release of this version, you can easily resolve issues connecting to your computer by checking the articles published here: • According to most recent instructions, what is the total intermediate pressure reached in all first stages with the CWD kit assembled (dry & oil)? 8.8 – 9.4 bar 128 – 136 psi • In the event that an MR52 first stage is converted from INT to DIN, using the special DIN connector #416809, is it necessary to keep the Yoke Spacer (ref. 37, drawing E 117 chart 40)? Yes, it is! With the MR22 first stage however, it’s not required when converting from INT to DIN.



Duesseldorf, Germany

The world’s biggest water sports trade show will open its doors January 19th through Jan 27th. The Mares booth will wait for visitors at Hall 3, stand E54, with a complete range of fantastic new products as well as with a special area dedicated to Mares diving centers. Extreme freediver and world record holder Christian Redl will also join our Mares group during the days of the fair. What are you waiting for? Come and visit us at the next Boot 2013!

Does anybody remember her? Famous actress Claudia Cardinale is starring on the cover of a popular Italian diving magazine holding an harpoon and wearing a mask, both by Mares!

   

Editors: Mares Team Chief editor: Paola Olivari - Mares Team Contact: E q+39 0185 201320 Graphic Design: Elisabetta Grondona


Mares Partner Magazine N17  

Mares Partner Magazine N17

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