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The steering wheel of a formula one car acts as the driver’s command centre. He uses it to steer, operate the clutch and change gear, as well as controlling numerous electronic functions by means of various buttons and switches. A carbon-fiber shell with a lid forms the basis. The holes for the switches and buttons are drilled into the lid before the foam for the steering wheel grip is applied, which is in turn wrapped in carbon fiber. During the finishing process, various coverings are used. Depending on driver preference, the grip can be lined with leather or even with silicon mass moulded to the shape of the driver’s hands. Now the buttons and switches are mounted and wired up to the circuit board before the display is connected as well. Since 2008 the circuit board and the display have been part of the SECU (Standard Electric Control Unit) and are available from the FIA as standardized components. Before the steering wheel is deployed on the track, it is thoroughly checked on a test rig. Once the tests have been successfully completed, the buttons and switches are glued onto the reverse of the frame- and the 1.8kg high- tech component is ready for action.

NFL HELMET: To create a NFL helmet are made from polycarbonate, which is a hard , durable plastic. plastic pellets are sectioned into a machine that melts and molds them into a dome shape.A machine (robot) drills up to nine holes in the shell (helmet). The holes are then used to attach a liner face guard and various pieces of hardware. The robot works far more quickly than a human. It performs all the drilling in just thirty seconds. This is the ultimate in computerized precision. The outside of the helmet shell is roughed up with an orbital sander this preps it for priming and painting a high-grade brand of automotive paint is used. It takes three coats to make sure that the paint job is rugged enough to survive go on a gridiron. The helmets skewer in the open-air for up to eighteen hours, during this time a chemical reaction hardens the paint to a glossy finish. Not every helmet is painted. Some teams prefer tinted plastic; it all depends on the look the team is going for. After the shell has been produced vinyl foam padding is installed. An NFL helmet from each production run undergoes an impact test. A face guard is made of plastic coated steel and is custom produced at a separate factory.


The 99g Adizero Prime SP sprint spikes (above) are 62 per cent lighter than the Beijing 2008 Demolisher spikes and have been developed with input from American Tyson Gay and British heptathlete Jessica Ennis. The Adizero features a 1.3mm carbon plate whichis 50% thinner than its nearest rival that uses carbon nanotube technology to miminize energy loss. When creating the adizero prime SP spikes they star with a lining layer, which is made from ultrasuede. Ultrasuede is a synthetic suede cloth and is the worlds first ultra-microfiber. Ultrasuede is resistant to stains and discolouration. Features: • Lightest commercial sprint spike ever created • SPRINTWEB upper- an entirely welded composite membrane laminate to enhance comfort and keep the foot stable during take off ans sprinting • SPRINTFRAME platformJust 1.3mm to keep you closer to the ground and improve stability • 6 integrated nanoceramic compression pins • Bonded linings for a stitch free upper • Weight 99 grams (UK 8)



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