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By Jesse and Colton

Jonas wasn’t excited about the ceremony, where he and the other twelves would find out what they would do for the rest of their lives.

His number wasn’t called, and he got very scared!

Then he found out he was skipped on purpose, because they had a special job for him.

Training was awful because he was given all of the memories, good and bad, of the world that had happened before.

Jonas could watch anything because he was the Receiver. He watched his father perform a release of a new twin and found out what it really means to be released. Then he found out that his baby stepbrother Gabriel would also be released. He had to do something!

Jonas took Gabriel and left the community, hoping to escape to beyond where they may find other communities and be safe.

The Giver  
The Giver  

A comic rendition of the Lois Lowry novel, created by two second grade students.