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The Lawyer’s News Brief

May 2014

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The Most Influential Lawyers on Earth

Time Magazine has released its Time 100, its annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Of the 100 people chronicled, 14 lawyers have made the list. Some notable names include California governor Jerry Brown, former first lady Hilary Clinton, Fox News pundit Megyn Kelly, Charlie Rose and Columbia Law School graduate Mary Jo White. For the complete list of Time 100 lawyers, click here: The American Bar Association Lays Down Rules Regarding Social Media

As social media continues to permeate all facets of society, the American Bar Association’s ethics committee has issued new guidelines concerning those who practice law. While lawyers “may review a juror’s internet presence”, they may not “send an access request to a juror’s social media.” This translates to no “friend requests” on Facebook or “follows” on Twitter, for instance. Violating these new standards may result in disbarment or public reproval. For more information on the new guidelines, visit:

Ravel: A New Way to Conduct Legal Research

Daniel Lewis and Nicolas Reed, two Stanford Law School grads, had grown tired of reading stacks of texts whenever they had to research a case. So, they came up with a different way to research. Reed and Lewis created Ravel, a software program that creates a visual map of cases relevant to your case study. Similar to a mind map, cases with high relevancy will appear in large circles, with lines connecting them to other cases which share relevance. Ravel is in beta testing mode, with 15 large firms currently using the program. For more information on Ravel, go to:

What are “Sovereign Citizens”?

Sovereign citizens have been causing quite the headache in an already clogged legal system with pseudo legalese, tons of paperwork and disregard for even the most menial of requests. Estimated to be a group of at least 300,000, sovereign citizens believe that an “illegitimate, usurper federal government has taken over,” and they are not regulated to such things as taxes and basic laws. Often in court sovereign citizens, also known as “organic citizens”, will quote the Bible, maritime law and the Uniform Commercial Code. For more information on sovereign citizens, go to:

The Lawyer's Newsbrief: May-June '14  

The Lawyer's Newsbrief: May-June '14

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