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B ell a on the beach Written by

El l ie P ort er

Illustrated by H e at h e r ROBBI N S

All rights reserved. Š Beautifully Bound, 2012

B ell a on the beach Written by

El l ie P ort er

Illustrated by H e at h e r ROBBI N S

Bella-dog is on the beach, her favourite place to be. Sniffing around the pebbles and swimming in the sea.

She likes to run across the shore, jumping through the waves. Picking up the seaweed, and exploring all the caves.

Bella-dog is full of fun. She really wants to play.

The beach is so exciting; she could run around all day.

She wants a friend to play with; it’s Bella’s only wish. She spotted right beside her a yellow spiked starfish. “Hello,” said Bella, with a sniff. “Will you play with me?”

The starfish flipped and splashed away, saying, Just leave me be.

Investigating the beach with a wag in her tail, Lapping water from a rock pool, she found a sea snail.

“Come run with me, come chase with me!” Bella, barking, begs.

“I’d like to,” said the sea snail. “But I don’t have any legs!”

Just then a seagull landed right on Bella’s head. “I can’t play with you, Bella, but this girl might instead.”

Bella bounded up to her; she said “Don’t you know me? I’m the famous pirate girl – I am Captain Chloe.”

“Come sit in my pirate ship, specially made of sand. I will be the captain, so come on and take my hand.”

“Aye, aye” Bella dog barked, whipping her wagging tail. “All aboard!” bellowed Chloe. “We’re ready to set sail.”

“I want an adventure sailing across the wild seas.

Look out for desert islands, with beaches and palm trees.�

They came across mermaids, who cheered and waved as they passed.

“Ahoy, I see a blue whale!” cried Bella from the mast.

They fought with fearsome pirates and had to walk the plank. But finally they won and watched as the bad ship sank.

Chloe spied a distant island, through her telescope. “Quick, Bella, drop the anchor, attached to that long rope.�

The pair jumped into the sea and caused a great big


Frightening a seahorse, who swam away in a flash.

Then some friendly sea turtles pulled them to the shore. Bella asked, shaking dry: “Who’s been here before?”

“There’s buried treasure!” squealed Chloe. “It says so on this map.” Start digging, Bella-dog, but be careful of a trap.”

Bella-dog dug deeply; she didn’t stop for rest,

Until she had discovered an old oak treasure chest.

“Wait! I hear a voice,” said Chloe. “It sounds like my mum. It must be dinner time; thank you for sharing my fun.”

“But Chloe! Wait the treasure! Not yet, you can’t go home.” Bella took a look inside and found a ...

doggie bone!

“You can keep it,” Chloe said, wearing her biggest smile. “And don’t worry; I’ll only be gone a little while.”

“Then Bella-doggie, I will return, so we can play Pirate ships and treasure hunts all again another day.�

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Bella on the Beach  

A Beautifully Bound book

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