Daria! (2020)

Page 96

Short Documentary / 16 min. / Colombia

A Short Documentary by Alberto Galán


arginalized Nation is a tribute to Colombian presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galán, 30 years after his assassination, and it seeks to give voice to the vulnerable communities that he fought to dignify and empower. In one of the region’s most affected by the armed conflict in Colombia, a group of rural people made a peace agreement that few saw possible. These villagers show us how, despite having to endure a war for six decades, Colombian's resilience remains strong. Through nonviolence, this group was able to achieve a peace agreement (exemplary for the country) that few know of. Thirty years ago, in a context of growing violence against rural areas, Luis Carlos Galán saw the multiple expressions of leadership in these populations as a source of inspiration and motivation. He advocated ending all kinds of inequality in the country and guaranteeing dignity to each Colombian citizen. His solution to generate more opportunities by giving vulnerable populations their power back was to rely on the democratic system. Most of the country saw in him a hope for a better future. Unfortunately, he was murdered in 1989.

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Just like him, thousands of politicians and social leaders have been murdered since, and it still happens today. This documentary aims to show international audiences an introduction to the complexity of the war and to start a larger conversation about Colombia’s potential for progress. What can we learn about Galán's message and the initiatives of all these social leaders? What is their legacy? How can the country move forward?