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| 2017

Student Exchange to France During Week 8, Elyse Kerr, Kate Morris, Penny Mitchell and Michelle Bruce will depart for a whole nine weeks in France and take part in the Darfield-Lannion annual exchange programme. Lannion is a small town in Brittany, France. Every year, each school sends up to six students who get to live and study on the other side of the world and experience full language immersion. It is a challenging and at times difficult experience but also a once-ina-life-time opportunity for these lucky teenagers. The students and Mme Juhel will leave on Sunday 19 March, stay four nights in Paris and then travel to Brittany. Mme Juhel will stay with the students for the first week to help the transition into their new family and school environment before coming back to Darfield and leaving them in the care of the Lycee Felix Le Dantec for the next eight weeks. On their return, our students will travel with the students who hosted them who will in turn stay with us for two months. Lannion is perceived as a small town in France but its population is around 60 000 inhabitants. The school teaches only Years 11–13 and they have 2000 students. So quite a different world for our young DHS students!

Visit from Wenjiang No.2 Middle School Teachers We recently had the pleasure of hosting six teachers and their interpreter from one of our partner schools in China. They spent four days at Darfield High School on a professional development programme which included observing classes, learning about particular aspects of the education system in New Zealand, and interacting with some of our students, and a local host family. All of the group really enjoyed themselves and asked lots of questions. Our cultural ambassadors hosted the teachers for lunch and had the chance to learn more about Wenjiang No.2 Middle School. Their school has about 4,500 students who study in classes from 7.30 am until sometimes 8.30 pm, even on Saturdays! It's located in the Sichuan province, home of the famous panda research

Malvern A & P Show Saturday 25 March

centre. The cultural ambassadors also learned a few Mandarin phrases, and enjoyed some Chinese food. At the end of the visit, Darfield High School formally signed an MOU agreement with Wenjiang No.2 Middle School. Along with this visit, it is an important step towards strengthening the relationship between our two schools. Future plans include students and staff visits, using technology to facilitate interaction between students, as well as long term students studying at Darfield High School. A big thank you to all of our staff and students who helped us host these teachers, as well as the Blackburn family for welcoming them to their house.

Art and Photography wanted!

Section 18: Open Art

Section 16: Photography

Conditions of entry:

Note: This section is for amateur photographers only Entry fee: Members $1.00 Non-members $2.00 Prizes: First $5.00, Second $3.00, Third $2.00 Please include on the reverse side of the exhibit: Class number, name and telephone number.

• • •

for amateurs only all entries to include name on the reverse side or base The work must be the bona fide work of the entrant on his/ her own • No articles previously entered are eligible Entries for this area may not be eligible for any class in handcraft Under 18 Years Class 18005 Painting—any medium Class 18006 Drawing—any medium Class 18007 Mixed media and Collage Class 18008 Artful Construction (eg recycled creation and Lego)

Junior Section (under 16 Years) Class 16009 People Class 16010 Landscape/Coastal Class 16011 Transport/Machinery Class 16012 Animals Class 16013 My favourite photo (any subject, other than Landscape or Portrait)

Entries to be at Sheffield School by Monday 20 March or let Mrs Carey (or your art teacher) know you would like to enter these categories. No exhibits are to be removed from the show—these will be returned to you in the week following the show with prizes.


2 MARCH 2017

Principal’s Comments The start of the year is a good time to be thinking about the end of the year. More specifically, what you would like to have achieved by the end of the year. Setting such goals is an important part in engaging our brain to see a desired future state and, hence, fuel the effort and persistence to get there. When we celebrate success at the end of a year, a competition, or exam, it is our human tendency to attribute the success to the ‘talent’ of the individual. It has been suggested that a reason we like to attribute this high achievement to natural talent rather than consistent effort is that it lets us off the hook of doing the same ourselves. If we attribute a person’s skills and achievement to something we don’t have (their ‘natural talent’) then we don’t feel any expectation that we could do the same ourselves. Whereas, if we recognised the effort to achieve the goal then we also see that it is something we too could do—if we put in the work.


Piper Benbow Tessa Bellamy Oscar Gosling Jacob Horrey Jasmine Inch MacKenzie Scannell

Congratulations to the following students who have earned five Deans Awards. They are presented with a certificate in assembly and receive a $10 voucher.

Liberty Smith Kieran McKay Sarah Kellock Leah Hamilton-Cross Paula Smith Alex Gerritsen

Talent can be defined as how easy an individual finds it to learn a particular new skill. The more talented the more quickly they will pick up the skill. This does not mean that those less talented can’t develop to an equally high level—it just takes them longer. We all have natural talents that never develop because we don’t put in the effort to turn them into skills and the effort to turn these skills into high achievement. My observation from my 25 years working in education is that the successful students are almost always the ones who work hard, who persevere, who have a goals and work hard to achieve them. When we see someone recognised for doing well, we are seeing a moment at the end of many moments of consistent effort. We can support our children to be more perseverant by making sure we are praising their effort. When your child says, “I can’t do it,” tell them, “Not yet”. Rather than letting them give up, help them see that good learning happens when we don’t get it right first time. Many of our most ‘talented’ students have only occasionally experienced failure. This means that when the going gets tough they are unsure how to respond. Rather than persevere, they may actively avoid the challenge. “Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries.” James A. Michener James Morris


Around School

Congratulations! You two have won an Around School Prize. See Mrs Watson on Monday.

Congratulations Ethan Rose: placed second in the Under 15 New Zealand Mountain Bike Championships held in Wanaka at the end of February. Well done, Ethan!


Above: Jack McConnell, Elyse Kerr, George Gibb, Olivia Lemon, Niamh Rayne, Emma Kellock, Jodie Rollings, Adrian Nolan, Caleb Banks, Kate Sutton, Courtney Newell, Ester Blain, George Brown, Katie Sharp, Natasha Young

Above: Samuel Roper, Joe Manifold, Fergus Thomas, Sean Pennells, Brogan Baldwin, Abigail Cider, Caitlin Soal, Georgia Cottrell, Rachael Phillipson, Harriet Watson, Sophie Bucknell Left: Tane Nikora, Tim Mathers, Fin Davidson, Vincent Li Creagh, Isaac Proud, Tom Gullery, Matt Hadler, Rahul Chandra, Courtney O'Callaghan, Jade Collier, Lily Barrett-Power Caitlin Aubrey, Anna Hefferon, Alyssa Cruickshank, Georgia Watson, Georgia Burrows, Eloise Dance, Michael Hughes, Finn McGregor, Jess Osborne, Chelsea Wilson Danielle Cooper, Pippa Foster, Amy Bruce, Stephanee Lomas, Caitlin Fraser, Leigh Walters, Tessa Mitchell, Georgia Shinn, Maddie O'Callaghan

Above: Julia Trushin, Adriana Cornelissen, Lucy Learned, Zara MacDonald, Chloe McCaughan, Brittany Hewitt, Renee Cullen, Aeryn McMillan, Laura Brown, Abbey Lee Dunlop, Shae Read, Mikaela Curtin, George Thompson James Miekle, Isaac Newbigging, Jeroen Breunisse, Jehosua Muizneiks, Bronte Thomas, Andrew Coppard, Grace Manera, Jayden Hann, Ged Roessink, Grace Earle, Daniel Felipe, Jaymee Burrows, Poppy Lloyd, Imogen Groom, Ella Reeves, Holly Gibson, Bridget Leach, Dylan Hyde, Kerryn Tomlinson, Cole Spinks, Teri Jackson, Sam King, Hunter Benbow


2 MARCH 2017


Academic Colours NCEA Level 3—Subject Endorsements Ryo Nishimura: Excellence in Japanese Koharu Iwa: Excellence in Japanese Samara Crosby: Merit in Art and Classics Samuel Dorsey: Merit in History and Home Economics

Mariah Glasson: Merit in Home Economics Lucy Wilson: Merit in Classics Karta Hewitt: Merit in Statistics Luke McKay: Merit in Biology, Statistics and Physical Education Kellen Patfield: Merit in Statistics Olivia Shinn: Merit in Home Economics Fern Stuart: Merit in Home Economics Aidan Tuhill: Merit in Art Chloe Walker: Merit in Home Economics

NCEA Level 3—Endorsed with Merit Kristen Blaber-Hunt Alice Bradley Selina Dixon Kyla Higgins Liam Hindle Kaitlin Feast Grace Lemon Brittany Muiznieks Jasmine Nash Alexis Sutherland Madeleine Tasker Emily de Rooy NCEA Level 3—Endorsed with Excellence Kathryn Barnhill Johanna Basevi Chloe Fraser Emma Grigg Michael Ridgen Edward Searle Courtney Townsend Ellen Walters NCEA Level 2—Subject Endorsements Momo Kawakami: Excellence in Japanese Cameron Ellis: Merit in Geography Matthew Grigg: Merit in Physical Education Grace Hodgman: Merit in Art Brett Langlands: Merit in Commerce Laura McLean: Merit in Home Economics Christopher Moffat: Merit in Mathematics Hibiki Shimizu: Merit in Japanese Sacha Smith: Merit in Art Iva Vukovic: Merit in Art, English and History Chelsea Wilson: Merit in Geography Thomas Wilson: Merit in Music NCEA Level 2—endorsed with Merit Caitlin Aubrey Lily Barrett-Power Amy Bruce Georgia Burrows ISSUE 2 / DHS DISPATCH

Rahul Chandra Jade Collier Danielle Cooper Alyssa Cruickshank Eloise Dance Findlay Davidson Hamish Evans Pippa Foster Caitlin Fraser Caitlin Frazer Hannah Glassey Tom Gullery Matthew Hadler Anna Hefferon Michael Hughes Holly Kimber Kelly Leonard Vincent Li Creagh Stephanee Lomas Finn McGregor Hannah Marchant Timothy Mathers Tessa Mitchell Tane Nikora Courtney O’Callaghan Madison O’Callaghan Jessica Osborne Isaac Proud Georgia Shinn Leigh Walters Georgia Watson NCEA Level 2 – endorsed with Excellence Brogan Baldwin Sophie Bucknell Abigail Cider Georgia Cottrell Joseph Manifold Sean Pennells Rachael Phillipson Samuel Roper Caitlin Soal Fergus Thomas Harriet Watson NCEA Level 1—Subject Endorsements Campbell Bryant: Merit in Mathematics Samantha Gordon: Merit in Mathematics Alexa Lalor: Merit in English Harry Pooler: Merit in Physical Education Kerryn Tomlinson: Merit in Physical Education

Alex Warrington: Merit in Physical Education

Laura Wong: Merit in History NCEA Level 1 – endorsed with Merit Riley Bell-Taylor Hunter Benbow

Jeroen Breunisse Laura Brown Jaymee Burrows Andrew Coppard Adriana Cornelissen Renee Cullen Micaela Curtin Abbey-Lee Dunlop Grace Earle Daniel Felipe Sam Francis Dylan Freller Holly Gibson Imogen Groom Jayden Hann Brittany Hewitt Teri Jackson Samuel King Bridget Leach Lucy Learned Poppy Lloyd Chloe McCaughan Zara MacDonald Aeryn McMillan-Da Via Grace Manera James Muckle Jehosua Muiznieks Isaac Newbigging Shae Read Ella Reeves Ged Roessink Jacob Spence Cole Spinks Bronte Thomas Georgia Thompson Julia Trushin Amelia Williams NCEA Level 1—endorsed with Excellence Caleb Banks Esther Blain George Brown George Gibb Emma Kellock Elyse Kerr Olivia Lemon Jack McConnell Courtney Newell Adrian Nolan Niamh Rayne Jodie Rollings Katie Sharp Natasha Young New Zealand Scholarship Edward Searle: Outstanding Scholarship in Geography


Where there are tourists and whales and data and hot pools By Brooke Robinson

On Thursday 23 February, Miss Petersen and Mr Quinn’s Year 11 Geography classes headed off on our field trip with our first stop in Kaikoura. Time passed quickly and before we knew it we arrived at the Kaikoura Top 10 Holiday Park, where we were split into our cabins before our guest speaker, Lisa from Whale Watch arrived, to give us some valuable information for our achievement standard. Afterwards, we all went for a walk to the township where we had some time to have a look around before our jam-packed afternoon. At about 3.30 pm, we made our way to Whale Watching while the other five students went to kayak in the bay. We were surprised to hear that the two sailings earlier in the day had seen some whales. Mr Quinn had told us that in previous years they didn’t see many whales, if any. Full of excitement, we boarded the bus to the marina. The excitement wore off quickly for some who weren’t fans of the choppy waters. Within the first hour of the trip we had seen three whales, which was very exciting as a large number of us hadn't seen one before. Unfortunately for some, the total six whales seen on the trip was a blur with a large portion of us being sick. Dinner that night was at the Whaler which I think was cheaper than Mr Quinn had first anticipated. The evening was spent how we wanted, with some people going to the playground and others having an early night. Before we knew it, there was a loud knock on our doors—it was morning. We packed up and had a quick breakfast before boarding the bus for Hanmer Springs. The original plan was to take the inland route which would get us to Hanmer by 11.30 am for our first of two data collections; however we soon realised this wasn’t going to happen. What was meant to take us an hour and a half took us three hours


because of a large number of roadworks along the way. Upon arrival at the Forestry Camp we dumped our bags and quickly went back into Hanmer for our data collection. The data collection was a very important part of the trip because, as part of our achievement standard about the Alpine Pacific Triangle, we had to survey some people in Hanmer trying to form understandings of what people are attracted to about Hanmer Springs and what types of things they do while they visit. We each had questions we were going to ask some people who were around the town and had predictions on what we thought we were going to find out. After we’d finished the data collection we went back to the Forest Camp where we had an afternoon of team activities organised for us. There was a mix of thinking and practical activities that were aimed to form stronger connections between students. After this, we had another speaker—this time it was Shane, who was the marketing manager for the Hanmer Springs Hot Pools. Like Lisa, he gave us some useful information for assessment and gave us an insight of the types of things required to run the hot pools. After the talk, we had a few hours to ourselves, with some going to the pools, some playing mini golf, some wandering around the town, and a very courageous student who went bungy jumping. Later in the evening we had someone from the Forest Camp talk to us about how they run things and what types of things they do to protect the environment around them. From her speech we learnt that the girls showers had a five-minute timer on them which was a bit worrying for some. After our fish and chip dinner, there was meant to be a talent quest; however no one was willing to perform. Instead, the evening was spent how we wanted with a full camp curfew of 10 pm. This wasn’t hard for some of us who

were knackered from the full-on days we’d experienced so far. A small sleep-in (of half an hour) was given to us on our final morning. A quick breakfast, pack and tidy up were in order before we went back into Hanmer for our final data collection. Unfortunately, some students were made to make the three kilometre walk in because of bad behaviour the night before. So for the lucky few of us that took the bus, we had some extra free time before the data collection. We soon discovered that the markets were on which drew more people into the town. This was good for us as we had more people to survey and gather information from for our standard. After the final data been collected, we boarded the bus to head back home. The bus ride seemed to take a short time and before we knew it we were back. On behalf of all the students who went on this trip, I would like to say a huge thank you to Mr Quinn, Miss Petersen and Karen Day for the effort they put in organising the trip and also for putting up with us for the three days. Also, thank you to Mandy who drove us all around through the duration of the trip. I’m sure she was sick of the noise and the interesting music choices we all made. Although I have taken Geography for only a small amount of time so far, I would strongly encourage people to take it. From what I have learnt so far, it’s absolutely worth it and I hope there are more fun and exciting times to come.

2 MARCH 2017





Gus Thomas Head Boy

Rachael Phillipson Head Girl

Tom Gullery

Caitlin Soal Head of Sport

Tim Mathers Deputy Head Boy

Leigh Walters Head of Culture

Madison O’Callaghan Deputy Head Girl

Danielle Cooper

Pippa Foster

Jade Collier

Georgia Cottrell

Chelsea Wilson

Tessa Mitchell

Georgi Pander

Stephanee Lomas

Abbie Cider

Isaac Proud

Eloise Dance

Harriet Watson

Rosa Millar

Georgie Watson

Sean Pennells

Georgia Shinn

2 MARCH 2017

Epic Weekend for Kylie and Oliver On Thursday 9 February, I headed over to the West Coast to participate in the epic world-renowned event called the Coast to Coast. Held every February, the racecourse starts on the West Coast, at Kumara Beach, and traverses the width of the South Island, crossing the main divide and finishing on the East Coast. Of the two-day event, the first day was a three kilometre run, 55 km bike and finishing with a 33 km run. Day Two began with a 15 km bike, then a 67 km paddle and a 70 km bike. With the amazing help, support and training from Mr Mac, who taught me many different things along the way and joined me on a lot of my training, the race was slightly easier. I had paddled the river twice with him and also did a bit of biking and running with him, which meant I had different people

to train with. He taught me many different skills through his knowledge of previously competing in the event. It was super helpful to have someone to give you some hints and tips about the course. I finished second in my category with a time of 18 hours and 44 minutes. Oliver Hamilton also travelled over on the Friday to compete in the mountain run which is the 33 km run over Goat Pass. Oliver suffered some very extreme cramp but he didn't let that stop him and he pushed all the way to the end to get to the finish line. Oliver placed fourth in the school category and completed the Mountain Run in seven hours and eight minutes. Kylie Schnell

Above left: Kylie wth her mum and sister at the end of the race in New Brighton. Middle: Kylie on the Waimakariri River kayak section. Bottom left: Oliver Hamilton. Below: Oliver on Goat Pass, the mountain run section. Below right: Kylie at the finish line.



Canteen Price List Chicken Topper


Chicken Wrap


Cheese Toasty Bun


Hot Butter Chicken Wrap


Mrs Mac's Pies


Hot Chips




Hot Dog (Small)


Hot Dog (Large)




Salad Wrap




Mini Donuts


Donut (Large)




Cookie Time


Juicy (Small)


Juicy (Large)




Hot Chocolate (Winter Only)


Soup (Winter Only)



Respect for each other

• Use good manners—please and thank you. Use appropriate language • Be patient; respect each other’s place in the line > No queue jumping > Don’t give money to others in the queue to get things for you > Give others space—no pushing • Come in the entry door and go out the exit door. Keep clear of the exit • Don’t hassle others for money

Respect for self

• Eat lots of healthy food—fruit, wraps • Eat high sugar and high fat foods in small amounts—lollies, chips, pies • Count your change before you leave

School rules

• No credit may be given to students • Lollies will only be sold during the last 20 minutes of lunchtime

20 km past a stopped school bus! The speed limit when passing a bus that has stopped to let students on or off is 20 km/h. This rule applies to traffic on both sides of the road. The faster you go, the bigger the fine!

What's it worth? A few extra minutes? A fine? A life?


2 MARCH 2017

Attitude Presentations Last Wednesday, as part of our Health programme, students were involved in a wellreceived one-hour presentation delivered by Phil Baker, from Attitude. Attitude is the youth education division of The Parenting Place and it is dedicated to equipping teenagers with the information and skills they need to negotiate the adolescent years and build meaningful lives. They understand that the medium is the message so, not only are their presentation techniques excellent, but the presenters themselves are selected for their ability to connect with young people. Topics covered with each year group were:

Free Health Clinic for students Public Health Nurse: Pa m Eaden

Years 7 and 8: Friendship Factor This presentation majors on social skills and building healthy, safe friendships with peers in an increasingly digital context.

sexual health. This is a drop-in service or you can make an

Year 9: Hauora

to refer to the Public Health Nursing service on

This takes the holistic (physical, mental/ emotional, social, spiritual) approach to health and explains it in an inspiring and informative way, encouraging teenagers to get the most out of being at high school by being healthy and happy. Year 10: Sex with Attitude This topic looks at safe sex from an emotional and physical point of view, talking about important issues such as consent and what a healthy relationship should look like. Years 11–13: Attitude This takes the concept of mental resilience and unpacks the idea that it is our response to our circumstances, rather than circumstances themselves, that determines how much we enjoy our lives. If you would like any more information, please email me on or visit or Jayne Mallinder

Pam Eaden, our Public Health Nurse, is available every second Monday during lunchtime in the Counsellor's Office, commencing Monday 6 March. Pam is available to discuss confidentially any health concerns, physical, mental and appointment with Ms Mallinder or Mrs Townsend. Parents with concerns regarding their child's health are able

Friday 7 April Shave for a Cure 2017 is a great event taking place at Darfield High School this year. The shave raises money for the Leukaemia and Blood Cancer Foundation. The Shave team at Darfield High School is looking to raise over $5,000 so that we can make a difference to the lives affected by cancers. Each day, six Kiwis are diagnosed with a blood cancer so every bit of money that is raised is important as it all helps to lower that number. The school Shave is happening on Friday 7 April.

If you are not able to take part in the Shave, then we really would love it if you could donate some money to one of your friends, or family, or to the school directly. Donations can be made online—just go to the Shave for a Cure website and search ‘Darfield High Shave Crew’ in the school’s section and our name should pop up! If any Students or Parents would like to join the Darfield High School Shave Crew or if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Mr Adams, or any member of the Shave team, which is made up of Rosa Millar, Georgia Shinn, Abigail Cider and Sean Pennells.

Bronte Thomas Bronte has been selected to be an Ambassador for the Forward Foundation which is a foundation that promotes women in sport. She is promoting women to become involved in Ki o Rahi. ISSUE 2 / DHS DISPATCH


Date Printed: 2 March 2017

Year 13 Outdoor Ed

Casey Binser Loop


2 MARCH 2017


On Saturday 11 February, we set off on the first tramp for 2017 Outdoor Ed class with everyone in high spirits looking forward to what the three-day tramp had in store for us. We had to drive through the Coast to Coast competitors, which was pretty amazing to see, as we carried on through to the start of our tramp at Andrew’s Shelter. The tramp began swiftly—the only reason for this was that if you stopped walking, you would have a storm of sandflies on your body! The day was very sunny without a cloud in the sky. It was truly an amazing day to go for a tramp in the outback. We walked for about seven kilometres and made base camp at Hallelujah Flats. We had a front seat view of the flats out in front with a mountain filling the sky at the back. The second day was all smooth sailing; with James and Georgi as DJs we had music ranging from Country (all that James had) to Pop and Rock. We had lunch at the site of the burnt down Casey Hut. My lunch consisted of pasta, tuna and a seasoning of sandflies… “Time to strike back.”- (James Thornley). That second day we walked 17 kilometres and our feet were well worn in! Base camp was beside a river which we all fell into and cooled off our sweaty bodies. This was definitely the most refreshing—near to freezing—bath I have ever had. We all basically fell asleep that night…all those that had ear plugs anyway, as Caitlin was roaring up a snoring storm in her tent. The trek home had varying scenery throughout the walk, ranging from short beech trees to massive black beech trees; it was definitely the best walk of the three for taking photos. As we topped the hill, we all felt a sense of relief as we saw the familiar shape of the Waimakariri River in front of us. Overall, it was a magnificent tramp and had such beautiful scenery, I would not hesitate to do it again. Isaac Proud


© Geographx Crown Copyright Reserved 13 © CNES 2004-2010 / Spot Image

Swimming Sports

Records and… Name


New Record

Previous Record

Tom Freeman 12 Year Boys

50 m Butterfly Medley

42.19 1.32.04

47.94 1.37.09

Chloe Newbigging 12 Year Girls

25 m Breaststroke 50 m Butterfly 50 m Backstroke (equalled) Medley

20.08 37.97 38.56 1.26.50

22.10 41.93 38.56 1.27.00

Ethan Taylor Intermediate Boys

50 m Butterfly Medley

34.81 1.15.19

38.47 1.25.00


2 MARCH 2017

…Champions Age



Boys 10 Years

Jack Slater

Reuben Bromley

Girls 10 Years

Lilly Gilbertson

Jessica Langridge

Boys 11 Years

Ben Smith

Samuel McCallion

Girls 11 Years

Charlotte Roberts

Lily Champion-Smith/Rozena Sutton/ Jessica Laing/Rory Perrin

Boys 12 Years

Tom Freeman

Jack Kennedy

Girls 12 Years

Chloe Newbigging

Tess Jenkins

Junior Boys

Henry Pearce

Ethan Rose

Junior Girls

Lucy Mitchell

Caitlin Knowles

Intermediate Boys

Ethan Taylor

Aidan McCallion

Intermediate Girls

Laura Ashworth

Jenny Walter

Senior Boys

Hunter Benbow Jacob Spence

Jeroen Breunisse

Senior Girls

Jade Collier

Eloise Dance







Individual Senior Boys 11-13 Years

Isaac Proud Jeroen Breunisse Sam King

38.19 38.22 41.00

Senior Girls 11-13 Years

Jade Collier/ Harriet Watson Kylie Schnell

46.43 47.37

Intermediate Boys Years 9 and 10

Ethan Rose Tyler Tapa-Wither Lewis Morrison

25.00 31.00 31.34

Intermediate Girls Years 9 and 10

Caitlin Rayne Zahara Sutton Maddie Anthony

31.49 32.07 32.22

Junior Boys Years 7 and 8

Callum Summerfield Oliver Blackburn Dylan Butler

25.35 25.41 25.54

Junior Girls Years 7 and 8

Holly Curtis Lexie Sinclair Rozena Sutton

27.27 28.00 30.51


Kikorangi Tawera Rawhiti Waimakariri 1st





2 MARCH 2017

Teams Senior Boys Years 11–13

Rhys Clatworthy/Ben Millar/Ethan Taylor Jackson Proud/Sam Rowlands/Callum Murdoch Mitchell Longdin/Lachie Summerfield/Ryan Hughes

27.00 28.00 30.00

Senior Girls Years 11–13

Georgia Allison/Abi Tuhill/Nicole Grigg Jade Collier/Chelsea Wilson/Caitlin Fraser Amy Bruce/Leigh Walters/Brogan Baldwin

32.00 36.00 36.10

Mixed Years 11–13

Jade Collier/Nathaniel Dysart/James Doherty Eloise Dance/Georgie Watson/Matt Grigg Jessica Osborne/James Thornley/Georgia Cottrell

27.00 30.00 30.10

Intermediate Boys Years 9 and 10

Harry Williamson/Josh May/Kegan Pitkethley George McIntosh/Jesse Gray/George Ridgen Harry Williamson/Caleb Curtin/Angus Whitaker

21.27 25.35 25.52

Intermediate Girls Years 9 and 10

Jenny Walter/Stef McKenzie/Brianna Longdin Jenny Walter/Saskia Jansen/Rozlyn Doherty Isabella Kennedy/Emily Waters

31.00 31.20 34.00

Mixed Years 9 and 10

Mitchell Calcott/Caitlin Knowles/Lucy Mitchell


Junior Boys Years 9 and 10

Johnny Millar/Jonty Kupe/Ethan Longdin Gabe Wild/Jack Robertson/Jackson Hill Jess Ford/Brody Simpson/Todd Thomas

24.31 24.46 25.35

Junior Girls Years 7 and 8

Emma Wason/Monique Weber/Mari Henderson Coco Edwards/Chloe Cameron/Mikayla Wycliffe Millie Adams/Amelia Ridgen/Molly Mannering

27.59 28.58

Mixed Years 7 and 8

Tom Freeman/Mya Moore/Anna McKenzie Kelly Rod/Cameron Agnew/Michael Marvin Miela Paul/Louis Ridgen/Abbi Wilson

21.24 31.45 36.38



Left: Kathryn Hadler, Georgia Allison, Georgia Thompson, and Gus Thompson

Canterbury Interschools Champions! On Wednesday 22 February, three DHS Showjumping teams competed in the Canterbury Interschools Championships. With 16 schools represented across Canterbury, over 30 teams and over 130 riders, it was a huge event, made even more impressive by the superb job of the organisers. The weather was perfect but the grounds were a little slippery, resulting in many combinations losing their footing. All of the teams did the school proud and there were some outstanding individual performances. Team A's (Georgia Thompson, Gus Thompson, Georgia Allison and Katherine Hadler) consistent performance meant that we were at the top of the leader board after


two rounds, and were overall winners by over 20 points, taking the title ‘Canterbury Interschools Champions 2017’. Well done team! Georgia Thompson also won an award for her exceptional sportsmanship and fair play. Gus Thompson and Katherine Hadler both had a superb day, winning both of their Showjumping classes, with Katherine also placing third in her Showhunter round. Georgia Allison placed 6th and 9th in her Showjumping round, and did an outstanding Showhunter round to come 1st. Georgia Thomson had a super last round, placing fourth and clinching Team A’s overall placing, as well as gaining a 5th in the Showhunter.

Caitlin Rayne placed 5th in the Showhunter, and Sonatine Mangels placed 3rd in Showhunter, after completing two superb clear rounds on her borrowed mount. Sonatine did exceptionally well as she is a German-exchange student who had ridden her mount only three times before the competition. Congratulations to all of our riders in all three teams. We had some young inexperienced combinations who represented our school superbly. I certainly felt like a proud mum, and it was the icing on the cake to bring home the cup. A big thanks also to Sarah Kennedy who was our ‘official’ photographer for the day. Mrs Nicky Voss

2 MARCH 2017

Clockwise from top right: Alex Gerritsen; Niamh Rayne; Jodie Rollings; Gus and Georgia Thompson; Jodie Rollings; Georgia Allison and Sonatine Mangels; Georgia Allison; Watching the presentation

Latest News: The Canterbury Area Trials were held during last weekend and a team has been selected to represent Canterbury at the New Zealand Championships in April. Congratulations to Niamh Rayne, Sophie Jarvis, Charlotte Thomas, and Katherine Hadler (reserve).



School and Community Notices TERM ONE WEEK SIX Monday 6 March •

Year 12 Outdoor Ed Camp (to 7th)

Tuesday 7 March • Year 9 Camps to Craigieburn •

Canterbury Secondary Schools Athletics

Saturday 11 March • Canterbury Seconday Schools Athletics Finals Day WEEK SEVEN Monday 13 March • Year 9 Camps to Craigieburn Tuesday 14 March • 13 AGR Careers Day •


School Uniform If you need to buy or sell good conditioned second hand Darfield High School Uniform then let Polkadotcom make it easy for you. We can take orders and sell on behalf, taking the hassle out of school uniform. Dont hesitate to contact us.

Board of Trustees Meeting, 7.00 pm

Wednesday 15 March • Massey University Visit, Pd 5 WEEK EIGHT Monday 20 March • Staff Only Day Tuesday 21 March • PTSA Meeting, 7.30 pm Wednesday 22 March • Report Evening Thursday 23 March • Ki O Rahi Tournament •


Saturday 24 March • Malvern A&P Show Sunday 25 March • Year 13 History Trip to Arrowtown

If you have changed addresses or phone numbers, please tell the Student Administrator, Mrs Hill. Ph 3188 411

Payments for Activities and School Fees Bank Account: All payments to school (school fees, activity fees, NCEA fees, etc) can be made by direct credit to the following bank account: Darfield High School, ASB Bank Limited, Riccarton, 12-3147-0207317-00 Please include the student’s name and the reason for the payment, eg Camp Fees.

Visitors to the School If you are visiting our school during the school day please visit reception on arrival at our campus. Our friendly office staff will then assist you from there.



School Uniforms We have a small range of uniform items in stock at school. Fittings are by appointment only. It is preferable parents refrain from coming to reception for uniform items from 8–9.30 am as this is a very busy time. For purchases, please contact Sue or Elaine in Admin. Out of stock items will not be replaced; we are discontinuing the Uniform Shop at school. Please ring to check we have the item you require. All Darfield High School uniform items are for sale at The Warehouse, Rolleston. The Warehouse is also offering layby with a 20% deposit and three months to pay. This offers the additional advantage that if, in the intervening months, your student has grown, you can change the size at no extra cost.

Uniform Reminders: Blazers: Blazers are to be worn on Tuesdays. Parents, please remind your students to bring their blazers on Tuesdays for Assemblies. Ties: During the winter terms, Terms 2 and 3, students are required to wear a school tie with their uniform. These are available from both Darfield High School and The Warehouse. Sports Socks: If your student is playing a winter sport in the following codes, they will need a pair of Darfield High School socks: Rugby and Hockey. These are available from the school office only. Hats: Students are permitted to wear a plain navy beanie or the DHS beanie with crest. This is for outdoor wear only. Jackets for cooler weather: Students are permitted to wear either a plain navy or plain black jacket with their uniform to keep warm on cooler days. Jackets and DHS scarves are for outdoor wear. Socks: Ensure that your child is wearing the correct socks to school. For both girls and boys, knee-high black socks are required. Jewellery: The only jewellery permitted is a wristwatch and one gold or silver stud in each ear. No other jewellery is to be worn.


Lost Property: Many uniform items have been found around the school. Please name all items of your student's clothing and check that they have not lost anything. Lost Property will now be stored in the Uniform Shop. Students can access it by seeing Sue at the office or by visiting the shop when it is open.

We are having a Sale!

The following items have been discounted for sale from the DHS Uniform Shop. Stock for sale is in particular sizes as detailed below. Other items are available at the regular price. Most of our uniform supply has moved to The Warehouse in Rolleston. We do, however, still have stocks of some uniform items for sale here at school. If you would like to purchase items from the Uniform Shop, please contact the Uniform Co-ordinator, on 3188 411, to make an appointment for a fitting. We no longer hold a second-hand uniform database. Item



Sale Price








M, L, XL,




Short Sleeved Blouse





Gym Dress





Gym Dress





School Shorts





School Shorts






64 J8





76, 84, 96, 100, 108, 112




Long Sleeved Shirt





Short Sleeved Shirt





Trousers Wool Mix

64, 68




Trousers Wool Mix

72, 76, 80, 84, 88, 92, 96, 100, 104, 108, 112




Shorts Wool Mix Tailored





Shorts Wool Mix Tailored





School Shorts Summer





Sports Tee





Sports Shorts





Knit Jersey





Knit Jersey








Girls Uniform

Boys Uniform

Unisex Uniform Items

Bucket Hat Anorak

J8, J10









Unisex Optional Sportswear Trackpants

J8, J10





M, L, XL




Fleece Sweat Top

J8, J10




Fleece Sweat Top

XS, S, M, L, XL




Uniform Shop Hours for Students Monday: 11.00 –11.25 am Thursday: 11.00 –11.25 am 2 MARCH 2017

WANTED Managers/Drivers for Girls Basketball

If you are in Years 11–13 and would like to be a World Vision Youth Leader in school this year, please see Mrs Watson next week.

The school has a lot of determined girls who would like to play but only one coach. The coach is looking for managers/ drivers for the team who can drive the teams to their games on a Friday night.

Leadership Conference: Wed 29 March

Lost Property

Year 9 and/or 10 Years 11, 12 and 13

There is a large number of unclaimed items from last year. Please can you get your students to come and take a look if they know something has been misplaced. Parents: you are most welcome to come and check the clothing and items at Student Administration.

If you can help, please contact Shawn: The season starts in Term 2. The team is really hoping to have a driver by then so we can compete in all the games.

Year 13 Mufti Guidelines

Key considerations:

Appropriate mufti is:

Clean, tidy and in good condition

Modest (ie all clothing should cover from shoulder to mid-thigh – no midriff showing)

• •

The desire for a high standard of dress through providing guidelines for an appropriate standard of dress Year 13 demonstrating leadership in action and appearance Allowing some choice in recognition of senior role in school

The normal day wear for Year 13 students is either school uniform or very tidy mufti. Year 13 students are the student leaders in the school and their standard of dress should be equivalent to the formality of the normal school uniform. It is expected that students who represent the school at formal events will wear a school blazer or a formal black blazer.

7.30 pm Darfield High School Staffroom

All Welcome Remember: If your student is not at school, or arrives late, please phone the school to explain the absence

DHS DISPATCH welcomes any news or photographs you have from events our students have attended outside of school. We love to hear about and share successes and interesting stories. Please email: Black and white paper copies are available from reception or Student Administration.

Jewellery (no visible piercings, except in ears) and make-up should not be excessive

Colour and back copies can be ordered by emailing the above address. Please enquire for cost.

Appropriate to situations (eg, for health and safety reasons, covered footwear is to be worn in Science Labs, Food and Nutrition Room, and Design Technology Rooms)

Advertising: If you would like to advertise in our newsletter, please email for more information.

Any words, logos or images must be appropriate for school situation, eg no alcohol or drug connotations or offensive language

Shorts or trousers with zip fly

Skirts or dresses

Collared shirt or blouse

Blazer, jersey, cardigan, jacket


Rain jacket

T-Shirts or singlets

Tie for formal occasions, eg Prizegiving, Assemblies during Terms 2 and 3

Hoodies or sweatshirts

Extreme hair styles


Tuesday 21 March 2017

Boys should be clean shaven

Students should bring a change of clothes when required for sports activities

PTSA Annual General Meeting

Very Tidy Mufti:

Darfield High School

Not permitted: •

Sportswear: sports shoes, track pants, sports shorts, rugby jerseys

If unsure if an item is permitted, please check with the school in advance of wearing an item to school.

7 McLaughlins Road PO Box 5 Darfield 7541 New Zealand Phone: +64 3 318 8411 Fax: +64 3 318 8543 Copyright: You are welcome to reproduce material from the newsletter after gaining permission from the school. All reproduced material must be appropriately acknowledged. Photos of school events can be found on our website and may be downloaded for personal use only. There is a download icon at the right of each photo.

2 MARCH 2017

Sunday 5 March 11am till 3 pm Well, its that time of year again where Leeston displays its best to the rest of the country. This will be the 7th year that the High Street of Leeston will be closed off to accommodate all the stalls.

Come along and celebrate Children’s Day—a FREE community event at the green space, corner of New Brighton Road and Locksley Ave. Pack a picnic lunch and bring along friends and family.

Saturday 8 April 10.00 am

Over 40 fun-filled activities that are all FREE. So come along and join in on all the excitement. Check out the be there website for more information

Free entry Over 120 stalls!

GROUP FITNESS WITH JO "Fitter, Healthier and Happier"

The Leeston Fete is growing from strength to strength in both popularity and people wanting to sell and display their goods. Filled with activities, tastes and sights that will entertain all family members. Last year exceeded all expectations with several thousand people turning up to enjoy a day out in the beautiful rural township.

Come along and enjoy a great day out!

Eight-week Health and Fitness Programme in Darfield Starts 16 February–13 April Three fitness sessions per week–Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays Fitness testing, nutritional tips and motivation. Workout in a fun, friendly atmosphere with like minded people.

Forward Foundation Girls Rugby We are looking for girls to join our Rugby team. We play on Wednesday afternoons in terms 2 and 3. We are a mix of girls from all different schools. So if your school does not offer a girls rugby team then come play for US @ Forward Foundation. If you are interested in finding out some more information please contact Kathryn Hunter on or phone 0211836694. Winners of the Oamaru SI Festival & 2 place in the Secondary School Girls Competition.

For further details go to FB: @groupfitnesswithjo

Greendale Golf Club Special New Subscription for Juniors Greendale Golf Club is keen to support young people who like to play golf and has made a new membership category for learner golfers. This new category will cost $100 per year for golfers under 16 years old, with the right/opportunity for a parent/ caregiver to play at no cost. Instead of just being the driver, the parent/caregiver can also play! In addition, for the first three people from Darfield High School to take up this offer, the club will provide a course of three professional lessons, free of charge, from a qualified coaching professional. For further information, ring Kath on 03 327 8861 or speak to Karen Armstrong at school.

All results from Athletics Sports Day will be in the next newsletter. See the gallery on our school website for photos from recent events. ISSUE 2 / DHS DISPATCH


Enjoy a day in the country exploring the private Middle Rock Farm, on the terraces of the Rakaia River.




With formed shingle 4WD tracks ranging in distance from 6km to 20km there is something for all ages and levels of fitness. This is a recreational event where participants can bike, run or walk. Start anytime between 10am and 2pm, participants must be off the track by 4.00pm. BBQ and refreshments will be for sale. Register on the day, cash only. Please leave your dogs at home as this is a working farm. Held wet or fine. Address: 7 McLaughlins Road

PO Box 5


Darfield 7541


New Zealand


Phone: +64 3 318 8411 Fax: +64 3 318 8543 24

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