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| 2016

New Sports Equipment from the Athlete's Foot

Thank you to everyone who has purchased their school shoes from The Athlete's Foot and nominated Darfield High School for the School Rewards Programme. Because of this, students were presented this week with a fabulous sports pack by Simon Rells, from the Athlete's Foot, Christchurch. Included were basketballs, a soccer goal, Asics duffle bags, and table tennis sets—all will be very much appreciated by our students. At left is the Year 13 PE class with some of the items following the presentation to Mr Morris by Simon. The Athlete's Foot is also running a competition with team or class footware as the prize. All you need to do is get your team together and make a short video of support for our NZ Athletes and then upload it to the Athlete's Foot Facebook page.

Charlie McCaughan We would like to acknowledgement of the passing of Charlie McCaughan who taught here from 1960–1977 as a woodwork teacher. Charlie, who was 97 years old, was a devoted husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather. He is remembered as a former teacher at Darfield High School and an active member of the Ex-Students’ Association. His great-grandchildren currently attend our school. He maintained a keen interest in the school and was a regular visitor. He will be missed by many in our local community. Our thoughts are with the McCaughan family at this sad time. Above: Charlie (front row) at the Darfield High School's 65th Jubilee held at the beginning of this year

Staff News Welcome to Hayley Woolf I grew up in the farming community of Wairau Valley. I moved to Christchurch to study at Canterbury University, focusing on Animal Biology. After a couple of years working in fine dining, I completed my Teacher's Training and am pleased to be working at Darfield High School with the Senior Biology, and both junior and senior General Science classes. Farewell to Vanessa Kidd We farewelled Miss Kidd near the end of Term 2 as she took a position at Riccarton High School. Vanessa taught Social Studies, but was also our Careers and Employment Skills teacher and did a wonderful job making sure our senior students were aware of all options available to them, helping them with their CVs, and setting up the Careers Expos and Interview days.


5 AUGUST 2016

These students receive a certificate and a $10 voucher


Jenny Walter Saskia Jansen Rozlyn Doherty Annalise Selfe Jessica Galletly Ella Roessink Jesse Smith Matthew Young Cameron Murdoch Brie Edwards Georgia Walker Casey Roessink John Ray Guerzon Monique St Clair-Newman Grace Moana

Around School

Principal’s Comments “Cultures grow on the vine of tradition.” Jonah Goldburg Traditions can be seen as a part of our culture that links us with the past. Traditional events, such as the school Formal and Prizegiving, are an important part of our school calendar. Traditions can give us a sense of belonging by making us part of a bigger history. At Prizegiving, the head students lead the school in “Three cheers for the Dux”. This is a somewhat old fashioned tradition but, when done well and with warmth, provides a nice way for students to recognise the success of one of their peers. This achievement is then recorded on the honours board along with previous recipients dating back to the 1950s. The original house system in the school was abandoned about twenty years ago. It seems that, although it had a long history in the school, the staff and students had lost interest in it. Cultural momentum means that sometimes we continue to do things well after their value has gone. It can be hard to change or remove favourite traditions; however, sometime this is what is needed. The lesson perhaps is that, unless traditions are regularly reinvigorated, they do tend to fade away. A house system was re-introduced with new names and new enthusiasm six years ago and included a range of traditional and new events.

“Tradition is a guide and not a jailer.” W Somerset Maugham The newer traditions, like tabloid sports and house singing, have become popular events. School singing used to a regular event and there are still copies of the Darfield High School song book around. The new house singing competition has given school singing a new life and produced many memorable moments since its rebirth. The school uniform is a tradition that people in most continental European countries find quite quaint. It is a tradition that, at times, causes angst and controversy. Despite this, there is still strong support for having a uniform. Perhaps it is what we know and what we remember from our time at school that keeps it well embedded in the culture of most schools. It is the people in the school community who are the living memory that transmits the culture and traditions of the school through time. “Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.” Gustav Mahler James Morris

Waltzing Round the Gym

Spotted taking a break from referreeing games at the Malvern Winter Tournament. Congratulations, you two have won an Around School prize. See Mrs Watson before the end of this week.

ISSUE 8 / DHS Dispatch

Senior students learn dance moves in the Gym at lunchtime in preparation for the Formal that was held on Saturday night. See Page 18 and our Website Gallery for all the glitz and glamour of the School's big night. The theme this year was The Great Gatsby so the Formal Committee have been busy planning and decorating to make it a great success.


Drama Trip:Frankenstein

40 Hour Famine It is still not too late to return your books and any late money that has come in. Drop them off at the Student Admin Office. Thank you to everyone who returned them and also to those who made the big effort to raise money. Once again, our school has done very well and together we raised $6976.00!

The NCEA Drama students were amazed by the performance of Free Theatre's Frankenstein when they visited the Arts Centre on 28 June. The piece was performed as a Political/Absurdist piece that brought the mind of Dr Frankenstein to life and explored some of his 'experiments'. The students had their minds opened to a whole new form of theatre and way of approaching devising.

Commerce Market Day

Alex Hitchmough, School Partnership Manager from World Vision, will be visiting us and we will celebrate our collectors during an assembly later in the term.

DHS DISPATCH welcomes any news or photographs you have from events our students have attended outside of school. We love to hear about and share successes and interesting stories. Please email: Black and white paper copies are available from reception or Student Administration. Colour and back copies can be ordered by emailing the above address. Please enquire for cost. Advertising: If you would like to advertise in our newsletter, please email for more information. 7 McLaughlins Road PO Box 5 Darfield 7541 New Zealand Phone: +64 3 318 8411 Fax: +64 3 318 8543 Copyright: You are welcome to reproduce material from the newsletter after gaining permission from the school. All reproduced material must be appropriately acknowledged.

This symbol means there is an album on our website relating to this article. Photos may be downloaded for personal use only. There is a download icon at the right of each photo.


NZ Playhouse Visit The Senior Drama students were fortunate to have the NZ Playhouse return to DHS at the end of Term 2. They performed Shakespeare: As you Write It—a show where they introduced the students to some Shakespearean techniques and then used the students' suggestions to improvise a performance. Based on the students' suggestions, the actors improvised an Elizabethan version of Jurassic Park. which was creative and energised. The students came away with some valuable knowledge about Shakespeare and his plays, and thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

Stage Challenge Update: The organisers of Stage Challenge did not give out the awards correctly on the evening and we have been notified that our Darfield students have won more awards than were announced on the night. The extra awards are: •

Award of Excellence for Performance Skill

Award of Excellence for Choreography

Award of Excellence for Concept

Award of Excellence for Drama

Congratulations to all those who took part in Stage Challenge this year!

5 AUGUST 2016

Music Workshop

Have you met our new Robots?

Last Thursday morning, some jazz musicians from the University of Canterbury School of Music presented a workshop and original composition entitled Our Letters Home. Students from Years 9–13 attended.

A huge thank you to Dave Galletly, from Scott Service International, specialising in automation and robotics, for doing the background work to enable Darfield High School to have five new Lego Mindset kits, valued at over $800 each.

The group started off by playing a piece composed by Uma Zakaria, written in response to the Christchurch earthquakes. He incorporated the voices of Christchurch musicians who were absent during the time of the earthquakes. We were then given some questions to help us work out how to develop any composition ideas we had, followed by the chance for us to ask them questions about their music. Ellen Walters

Left: Ms Blakemore's puppy which is in the process of being programmed to pick up his bone. Below: Finn Davidson, Tom Gullery, and Matt Hadler build a working crane.

The Robots are an exciting way for students to learn robotics and computer programming at all levels, and we will be integrating their use into the curriculum. We will also be participating in the RoboCup Competition that runs annually in Christchurch. To get things started, we are running a competition to name our five Robots and students can participate by filling in the Google Survey that has been emailed to them. We will announce winners and award prizes in assembly. This is a very exciting opportunity for Darfield High School students to be engaged in new technologies. We are very grateful to Scott Services Limited and to Dave for helping to make this happen.

Year 7 Science: Study of Cells

Models by Ainsley Worling (left) and Holly M (above). Posters (far left) by Cedar Scott and (below) by Daniel Holland.

Nerve Cell

Nerve cells or neurons are made to carry 'messages' through an electrochemical process. Neurons are surrounded by a membrane which is basically the skin of the cell. In the cell, there is something called the nucleus and the nucleus is pretty much the brain of the cell, because it contains genes, and genes are basically your blueprint. Neurons have specialised parts called axons and dendrites. Dendrites bring electrical signals and axons take the signal away. The myelin sheath is a protective layer or covering that surrounds the fibres called axons. The main purpose of the myelin sheath is to increase the speed at which messages move along the cell. The schwann cell produces myelin, which the myelin sheath is made of. The synapse is the small gap at the junction between two cells, that allows the electrochemical message to pass another cell. Cedar Scott

ISSUE 8 / DHS Dispatch


After a month of practic e, the whole school celebrated the last day of the Term by coming together in the hall to showcase their Houses. One of the biggest events on the school calendar, there is a lot of friendly banter and House chanting between songs. This year, groups chose a song relating to an environmental issue and then the House Leaders gave their explanation. Judges, Mr Morris and Mrs Cullen-Reid, had a difficult task but commended each House on different aspects of their performance, from presentation to choreography but, as Mr Morris stated ultimately it is a 'singing competition' and green House, Waimakariri, had the edge over everyone else! Well done, Waimak! More photos can be found on our Gallery on the website.


5 AUGUST 2016

ISSUE 8 / DHS Dispatch


Enterprise in Action Enterprise in Action is a weekend where 80 students doing the Young Enterprise Scheme in New Zealand are chosen to attend a packed three days, full of challenges and workshops about World Enterprise and Business skills. The weekend took place at Massey Business School, at the Albany Campus. On 1 July, I headed to Christchurch Airport to fly to Auckland, where I met the four other students also selected from the Canterbury Region and we all then got on the plane and started our journey. There, we met the other 40 students who had flown in from the rest of New Zealand. After a long bus ride, we arrived at the amazing University where we met our teams and Host Companies. I was in the Chartered Accountants group. There were other host companies there, such as Air New Zealand and Microsoft.

modified crops in America. That day, my team and I went to the chartered accountant headquarters to begin the next challenge. At 7 pm, we returned to the Massey Campus to present our last business pitch. On Monday, we had the prizegiving and a farewell breakfast; then we all said our goodbyes and headed to the Airport. This experience has benefited me in so many ways, as I now know much more about the business industry and enterprise. I met so many great people and have made many contacts for the future. I would advise students in the future to take Business Studies and join the Young Enterprise scheme as it's an experience I will never forget. Fern Stuart

We had an official opening ceremony that night, then departed to our host families for the night. The next morning, the first challenge issued was The World Trade and Enterprise Challenge, where our goal was to invent a way to get more nutrition in an existing New Zealand product. We had five hours to do this and make a business pitch and plan. That night, all teams re-grouped in the lecture theatre to present their pitch to the panel of judges. The same night, we were then issued the next challenge, which was to invent an alternative to genetically

Darfield High School Volunteer Army: 2.0 After the success we had from our volunteering at the Plunket Rooms a month ago, we decided to continue helping the community with our Darfield High School Volunteer Army. On the first Tuesday of the holidays, nine of us got up bright and early to help tidy up our school.

We then moved on to sweeping the stones back onto the playground. Whilst we did this, Ellen and Mr Adams started painting the new blackboard that will soon be outside of the library for everyone to decorate. We all then finished with some yummy baking, kindly supplied by the school.

We started off tidying up the litter around the school, which doesn’t sound like much fun, but, with the awesome group of people who turned up, it was! With Mr Adams as our judge, we unanimously decided that the winning piece of rubbish, appearing the most around the school, were the mandarin peels. We would all really appreciate it if everyone could take a moment to decide where to put their rubbish, because it was really eyeopening for us to see how much litter we have around our school. If you all take just a second to put your rubbish in the bin, it will make our school a much cleaner place!

I would like to personally thank everyone who turned up to help clean up the school and Mr Adams for helping us to organise our second DHS Volunteer Army event. At the moment, we are hoping to do a different event each month. This month, we are organising the SPCA Cupcake day so if anyone is a keen baker and would be interested, we would love your help! If anyone has any ideas for what we can do next, or knows of someone who could benefit from our help, please talk to, or email, me or Maddy O’Callaghan.


House Points Update House Singing results: 1st: Waimakariri 3rd: Tawera

2nd: Rawhiti 4th: Kikorangi

Total House points so far:





Hannah Marchant

5 AUGUST 2016

Commerce Update: livia ern and O ng with F ti e i e T m le r b e "Aft ustaina ut their s o b is a th rn t a to le I though starters, a Kouka fire vative ide r and inno ve le c m a e was try th . 't wait to n d ul o c I and e of dried dles mad un b tea e tl lit The and used e fronds e tr und e g ro a a b r cab n fo ell and bur w t me h ti lig a s t bag oa s. I use tw e ut dling in in m k 5 e 4with som lit re fi to get my d they've econes an in p r o out for / d an be looking ll I' ll. e worked w ets." local mark these at P M

Ti Kouka Designs


Amy Ad

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who completed our marketing survey. This has really helped us understand our customers and better provide for you.

"I think the prod uct was success ful. The firelight are eas ers y to use and convenie nt to qu ickly ge your fire t lit. I wou ld be interest ed in pu rchasing again."

Since our last update, we have traded successfully at the Rolleston Envirotown Market and Riccarton Markets and, at the start of August, we are making a presentation to the Sheffield Gardening Club. Our next selling opportunity will be at the Darfield Farmers' Market on Saturday 20 August. If you would like to pre-order our firestarters and collect from the market, please choose this as your preferred collection order on our online form (see below).

Laura Gallac her, DHS T eache r

If you haven’t purchased a pack of firestarters yet, or would like to re-order, please use our online order form or, if you would prefer, email us at Our firestarters will be available only until early September, so get your order in and don’t miss out. Thanks again for supporting us and helping us complete our course requirements for 13 Business Studies. We welcome any feedback you have. Olivia McEwan and Fern Stuart Online order form link

g roducin ls on p ir g e s v n io ha ratulat duct. I rter "Cong ful pro s s sta e e c ir c su r of F e b itate a very m u ot hes dan n e l s il a w h c and pur s out! om you y supply run r f s k sily pac en m and ea e ock wh iv t t s c e e r rom to eff home f o clean, g e r in ' n y r u e Th ret n in n and on rs into actio d ou e r o t s roa nture y he fire with your ve t k r o " w k ful. ood luc uccess time. G o be quite s et deserv e Guy


ISSUE 8 / DHS Dispatch

"I have tried the fire starters and they are a ve ry effective way of starting a fire. Only one is required al on g with some light wood andTthī e sustained burn time ensuKreŌ sU yoK ur A fire catches well D S evE ery Itim GN e. S I certainly need so me more!" Judi

th Tatom Canterbury YE

S Co-ordinator

With C omplim e





Olivia M Fern S cEwan tu Ti.Kouk art a.Desig n@g




International News It has been a busy start to Term Three for the International Department. On Tuesday 26 July, we welcomed 11 students and their teacher, Mr Yamazaki, from Keiai High School in Chiba, Japan. During their three weeks with us, they will enjoy learning English in ESOL class, spending time in classes with their Kiwi buddies, and visiting popular tourist destinations.

West Coast Wonderland A great trip always ends with happiness and also with awesome friendships.

This term, we are also hosting five Korean students for seven weeks. They are part of a group of 150 Korean students who have won scholarships to study in rural Canterbury, Marlborough, and Waikato, under the Free Trade Agreement between New Zealand and South Korea. The students all come from a rural area in Korea and many are from fruit farms, so they are enjoying experiencing Darfield and the surrounding area. They are all staying with local host families, and will also take part in an overnight trip with the other students in Canterbury halfway through their programme. As well as the five Korean students, we have also welcomed one Thai, one German, and six Japanese students, with three Japanese and one German student coming later in the term. We also look forward to welcoming the Akitakata group of 22 students who will be visiting us for one week in midAugust. A big thank you to all of our Kiwi students, teachers, host families, and the wider community who help us to warmly welcome visiting tour groups and international students. In the school holidays, we also had a very enjoyable trip to the West Coast. You may have seen the video on our Facebook or Youtube page, and our Chinese student, Gary, has also written a trip report (right). Nicola Hely International Director


A great trip always ends with happiness and also with awesome friendships. It was truly my pleasure to go with such an amazing group of friends and teachers to the West Coast. To be honest, I didn’t join in too many International activities this year. That means I didn’t know all the International students very well. But, after the journey to the West Coast, I realised one very important thing. It is that: “There are a lot of ways to make friends, but the best way is learning

to respect others and give others their own space sometimes.” The trip was to Hokitika and Franz Josef which are the most beautiful sightseeing points on the West Coast of New Zealand. The day we left for the Coast, the weather was very nice with great sunshine, but with a little bit of a cold wind on the Coast and in Darfield as well. But for us, the trip was only about laughing and having fun. For me, the West Coast is a familiar place because it was my third time going to the Coast. But I thought this was the

5 AUGUST 2016

best time I have ever spent there, as I went with friends and didn’t sleep all the way over. On the way to the Hokitika, we stopped at Arthur's Pass coffee shop for a short time to have morning tea. The food and the coffee was great—it filled our tummies, and we shared the home-made cookies. The temperature was about -3 degrees, which was really cold for us walking outside, but we still enjoyed the time there. I think we felt warm as we became good friends.

ISSUE 8 / DHS Dispatch

After morning tea, we continued on our journey to Hokitika. On the way there, all the boys joined in a game to help us with our vocabulary. The time went faster than we expected. We arrived at our first tourist spot, Hokitika Beach. We took a few photos beside the driftwood sign that spelt 'HOKITIKA' —that was really cool. After enjoying the sunshine and beach, we got ready to head to Franz Josef, which has a real New Zealand Glacier. After checking in to our accommodation, we went for a trip to Lake Matheson. We walked through the bush and

crossed little bridges. On the way, we took a lot of pictures and joked around. When we arrived at the lake, the view was really great. The lake looked just like a mirror with the reflection of the sun, trees and mountains shining on it. It was beautiful. All the students and teachers enjoyed the moment. For me I can say this short walk was good for our health. I would like to say thank you to Nicola and Sarah for taking us to this special place on our first day of the trip.


We went back to our backpackers and had dinner. Then we played some fun games. My favourite was called 'Moon Face'. This game was about manners, which I didn’t use, so it taught me a good lesson!! On the second day of the trip, because of the wet weather, we missed the chance to see the glacier. But instead we went to one of the tourist shops and learnt about West Coast Greenstone, or Pounamu, which was very interesting. We learnt where and how to find Greenstone and, also, we watched them carve jewellery and other souvenirs. After we returned to our accommodation, we prepared Japanese Curry together for dinner, which was very successful and enjoyed by all. Then we went for a short walk through the bush to see the glow worms. That was really amazing! The little insects were just like the stars in the sky. We all showed our respect to


those little creatures and enjoyed in silence the happiness they gave us.

for a long time after we got back to our accommodation.

After the glow worms, we headed back to the beach. The beach at night isn’t really too dark because the little houses nearby had lights on. The teachers decided to light a fire on the beach, so we walked around the beach looking for driftwood and soon had plenty of wood for a great fire. Once the fire was going, we toasted marshmallows on long sticks. They were yummy, but for us the best part of this activity was definitely the challenge of toasting them to perfection. I could see this was the most popular part of this fantastic trip.

On our last day, we had lunch in town, then we drove to the Hokitika Gorge and walked down to the swing bridge. The view was amazing and the water was like blue glass. It was the most beautiful thing to see. We left the gorge and travelled back over the Pass until we arrived at the car park at Castle Hill. There we walked up the track to the top of the boulders where the movie Lord Of The Rings was filmed.

After the beach and fire, it was already late, but for us young ones it wasn't time to sleep yet! We still had plenty of energy, playing Chess and chatting with each other

Yes, it was a really good trip with heaps of fun and views and friends. And for many of us, it was one of the best memories of our time in New Zealand this year. And we all are much closer friends because of this trip! Wei 'Gary' Jingyan

5 AUGUST 2016

Around School

ISSUE 8 / DHS Dispatch



5 AUGUST 2016

2016 Examination Timetable Date / Time Wed 9 9.30 am Nov

Level 1

Thur 10 Nov

9.30 am


Mon 14 Nov

9.30 am


Classical Studies

2.00 pm

Agricultural and Horticultural Science Economics Physics Geography Dance # Mathematics

Agricultural and Horticultural Science Physics Economics Dance # Geography

2.00 pm

Level 2

Level 3

Scholarship Drama +

NO EXAMINATIONS THIS AFTERNOON Spanish * Earth and Space Science Canterbury Anniversary Day




Tues 15 Nov Wed 16 Nov Thur 17 Nov

9.30 am 2.00 pm 9.30 am 2.00 pm 9.30 am 2.00 pm


Fri 18 Nov

9.30 am


Agricultural and Horticultural Science Making Music *

History Chemistry

Latin Physics Geography Dance # Spanish

Economics French * + Japanese * + Physics Statistics Biology


Spanish * +



2.00 pm


Mon 21 Nov Tues 22 Nov

9.30 am 2.00 pm 9.30 am 2.00 pm

Home Economics Chemistry Accounting Te Reo M훮ori

Chemistry Home Economics Art History Accounting

Home Economics Chemistry Classical Studies English

Geography Te Reo M훮ori * + Chinese * +

Wed 23 Nov

9.30 am



Art History / Calculus

2.00 pm

Chinese * / German *


Music Studies

Agricultural and Horticultural Science Samoan * +/ Te Reo Rangatira * + Art History


Thur 24 Nov

9.30 am


2.00 pm

Spanish *

Fri 25 Nov

9.30 am

Business Studies

2.00 pm

Music *

Mon 28 Nov

9.30 am 2.00 pm

Health French *

Tues 29 Nov

9.30 am 2.00 pm

Wed 30 Nov

9.30 am

Statistics Samoan * / Te Reo Rangatira * Business Studies

Business Studies



Earth and Space Science

French * Health

Health French *


Latin Media Studies

Media Studies Chinese * / German *

Chinese * / German * Media Studies

Classical Studies

Social Studies

Thur 1 Dec

9.30 am 2.00 pm

Japanese * Classical Studies

Te Reo M훮ori Japanese *

Samoan * / Te Reo Rangatira * Earth and Space Science Japanese * Te Reo M훮ori


2.00 pm

Samoan * / Te Reo Rangatira * Social Studies

Friday 2 Dec

9.30 am


2.00 pm

Art History

Education for Sustainability Drama


Music *

German * + Media Studies

Drama Social Studies


Morning Exams start at 9.30 am. Afternoon exams start at 2.00 pm * Listening required

ISSUE 8 / DHS Dispatch

# Viewing required

+ Speech Recording required


Secondary Schools' Netball Tournament

Hockey Senior Boys Hockey won 6–0 against Shirley Boys High 2nd XI Senior Boys Hockey lost 1–0 against CBHS Headmaster's Team Year 7/8 Hockey lost to Cathedral College 2–1

Netball Senior A Girls lost 13–37 against Avonside Senior A Netball lost 21–32 against Lincoln

Football Years 9/10 Girls' Football won 4-1 against St Margaret's

Aerobics Champion Recently, I competed at the Regional NZCAF Aerobics event. I placed first in my grade of Senior Open Novice, so now I get to compete in the NZCAF Nationals in September. This is my third Regionals in a row that I have placed first in. My routine is two minutes long and involves aspects of dance, gymnastics, and pure strength. We are judged on technical, the execution of skills, artistic, performance skills and quality, and aerobic—which is your height of jumps, travelling hip levels, and how easy you make it look. I want to thank my coach Emily Lawn, (below) who also placed first, and has recently qualified to compete in World Champs in October. I wouldn't be the athlete I am today without her.

On Monday 11 July, the South Island Secondary Schools' Netball Tournament began. We, 'The Darfield High Junior Blue Netball Team', had to get up early in the morning to get to school by 8.00 am, to leave as a team in the school van. When we arrived at Hagley Park, we set up camp and started to warm up. Our first game was at 10.30 am against Menzies. We won this game 27–21. After this, Annalise (our water girl) went beyond her duties and got the whole team frozen Cokes from McDonalds! The next game was at 12.30 pm against Kavanagh. We fought hard, but lost 32–29. The last game of the day we played at 2.30 against Papanui. We finished the day on a high and won 30–17. On the next day of tournament, we had to be at school at 7.45 am! Nearly everyone in the van arrived with a hot chocolate to help wake us up, then it was off to Hagley again. After a good warm up, we played Blue Mountains at 9.30 am. We won 30–12. What a fantastic way to start the day! Our next game was at 11.30 am against Geraldine, which we won 31-22. After this, we had a long break, so we all went to Riccarton Mall to chill and relax. After a visit to the Yoghurt store, McDonalds and Kmart, it was back to the netball courts for the QUARTER FINALS at 3.00 pm! We played against Buller and won 31–23, which meant SEMI-FINALS HERE WE COME! On the way back to the van, we got Subway to refuel for the next day's semi-final game. Last day of the Netball Tournament and what a morning! The sunrise was as beautiful

as anything. Our team started to warm up, and prepare for the next two games. As there were many injuries, tape was needed everywhere. Today was the day we really needed to focus, because these games were going to determine our final placings. We played our best throughout the whole tournament and we had heaps of encouragement from the supporters off court. Our last game against Hillview was very hard and very competitive. We put 110% into all games and, after the last game, I think we were happy with our placing which was 4th overall out of 24 teams, and that we all gelled as a team. Our goal was to be in the top eight and we got in the top four, so we were all stoked about that! After our last game, the whole team went bowling, and to Timezone. After that, we went went out for dinner at La Porchetta, and then went our separate ways. Overall Conclusion: Overall, I think our whole team did amazingly well at this tournament and we all got to know each other a little more and have new friendships. We are all so so proud of how we played and how we mixed as a team. We trained so hard to get to where we are and I would like to thank Baillie Graham (Coach) who was putting her own time, sweat and tears into trying to make us the best possible team. Thank you everyone for your support— we had a blast and have memories that will never be forgotten. Aleisha Knowles and Maddie Beardsmore

Grace Lemon


5 AUGUST 2016

What are YOU good at? 1st XV Southern Tour On Wednesday 29 June, the 1st XV rugby team travelled down to Timaru and then on to Dunedin on its annual Southern Tour. The two-game tour consisted of matches against teams from Timaru and King's Boys' High Schools and was a great opportunity for the boys to travel and experience some different rugby cultures. The results for this year’s trip were a solid showing against Timaru, resulting in a close 15–12 loss, and a great all round team performance against King's, seeing an excellent 25–5 win.

The Timaru game was also an opportunity for the Darfield boys to take on a former team mate, Harry Bampton, who moved to Timaru with his family at the end of Term One. Unfortunately, on this occasion, Harry was at his brilliant best and made a couple of crucial turnovers that led to tries for Timaru. For Darfield, the front row forwards (Daniel Felipe, Ged Roessink and Michael Campbell), all had outstanding games, while Devon Crequer put in another fine performance in the backs. Going into the King's game, the lads were very motivated to put in a big performance and that they did! After being penalised several times early, the Darfield team

continued to build pressure that saw a number of fine tries being scored, the best of these to fullback, Ant Searle, who beat five defenders to dash 60 metres and score in the corner. After two typically tough games of school-boy rugby, the lads were taken to Moana Aquatic Complex for a pool recovery session before jumping back on the road for the long journey home. The 1st XV’s final match this year will be against the touring Adams' Grammar School, from the UK. This promises to be a great chance for the team to finish the year on a high and a game the team is very much looking forward to. Jared Bell

Call in at the Student Admin Office to get your entry form for the Darfield High School

Talent Quest. Return your form and $2 entry fee by 16 August.

ISSUE 8 / DHS Dispatch



FORMAL On Saturday night, Darfield High School held the 'Great Gatsby' themed Formal. The Committee spent many hours transforming the hall, which looked amazing! Thank you to DJ Singhstar, the PTSA for the wonderful supper, Mr Adams for all his efforts behind the scenes, Mr Gough for his assistance, and to all the students and staff who braved the cold and had a blast!


5 AUGUST 2016

ISSUE 8 / DHS Dispatch


NZIA Warren Trust Awards Ad HOME Magazine Full Page 225x297mm

The 2016 Warren Trust Awards for Architectural Writing ——————— The New Zealand Institute of Architects invites entries into its annual essay writing competition. Awards will be made in two categories: Open (architecture practitioners, tertiary students and members of the public); and Secondary School students.

Essay Topic

Write about a journey you have made to an architectural site – it could be a new building or an old one, a town or a city or even a ruin. Explain why you went and describe what you found, and what it means to you. Word Limits

Open: 1500 Secondary School: 800 Entry Criteria

An essay must address the set topic, must be wholly the work of the person submitting it, and must not have been published previously. Submissions

Send your entry as a Word document to


Open category winner: $1500 Secondary School category winner: $1000 Highly Commended: $500* *up to three Highly Commended Awards will be made Judging Panel

John Walsh (Communications Manager, New Zealand Institute of Architects); Nicola Legat (Publisher, Massey University Press); Jeremy Hansen (Editor, Home NZ)

Entry Deadline

Monday 3 October 2016

Entrants will retain copyright in their submitted essays. However, by entering the competition entrants agree to grant the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) licence to publish their essays in its print and online publications. Winning and highly commended essays may also be published in selected other outlets, in which case authors will be acknowledged as prize-winners in the 2016 Warren Trust Awards for Architectural Writing. The NZIA has the right of first publication of essays entered into the competition.


5 AUGUST 2016

School and Community Notices Proposal for Big Day Out 2016

Purpose: • To celebrate and recognise students who are meeting school expectations. •

To motivate students to improve.

Selection: Five students from each year level selected by random draw from 'eligible' students. Drawn last week of Term 3 for a trip in Week 2 of Term 4. To be eligible for entry to Big Day Out: •

No detentions or referrals (including part-referrals) in Term 3.

Fewer than 5% unexplained absences in Term 3.

All attitude grades in Term 3 reports at 'usually' or 'always'.

TERM THREE WEEK THREE Monday 8 August • House Quiz • Malvern Winter Tournament Tuesday 9 August • Canterbury SS Ski and Snowboard Championships • Malvern Winter Tournament • BOT Meeting, 7.00 pm Wednesday 10 August • Southern Jam (to 13th) Thursday 11 August • House Quiz • Class Production Drama, 7.30 pm Friday 12 August • Year 12 Rural College Practical Day • House Quiz

Plus an additional entry for:

Saturday 13 August • Year 13 Tramp (to 16th)

Any Principal's Award in 2016.


School Service (as recorded in Reports—Term 2 Junior, Term 3 Senior).

School Representative (as recorded in Reports—Term 2 Junior, Term 3 Senior).

Tuesday 16 August • ICAS Maths Competition • Art Exhibition (to 22nd) • PTSA Meeting, 7.45 pm

Maximum one entry for each category above. Students will get an additional entry only if eligibility criteria (above) are met.

Wednesday 17 August • NCEA Credit Cards Issued • CPIT Course Planning, P5 Friday 19 August • Year 11 Rural College Practical Day WEEK FIVE

Term Dates 2016 Term 3: •

Monday 25 July to Friday 23 September

Term 4: •

Monday 10 October to Friday 16 December

24 October: Labour Day

10 November: Staff Only Day

11 November: Canterbury Anniversary Show Day

Monday 22 August • Talent Quest Heats (to 26th) • Canterbury SS Duathlon Championships at Ruapuna Tuesday 23 August • Royal NZ Ballet Workshop Thursday 25 August • Canterbury PS Winter Tournament • Year 12 Alpine Trip (to 27th) Friday 26 August • Year 11 Rural College Practical Day • Scholarship Applications Close Saturday 27 August • Canterbury SS One Day Equestrian Championships WEEK SIX


Monday 29 August • Winter Tournament Week • CHOGM in Wellington Thursday 1 September • Senior Reports Sent Friday 2 September • Year 12 Rural College Practical Day • Newsletter

ISSUE 8 / DHS Dispatch


School Uniforms We have a small range of uniform items in stock at school. Fittings are by appointment only. It is preferable parents refrain from coming to reception for uniform items from 8–9.30 am as this is a very busy time. For purchases, please contact Sue or Elaine in Admin. Out of stock items will not be replaced; we are discontinuing the Uniform Shop at school. Please ring to check we have the item you require. All Darfield High School uniform items are for sale at The Warehouse, Rolleston.

Uniform Reminders:

Ties During the winter terms, Terms 2 and 3, students are required to wear a school tie with their uniform. These are available from both Darfield High School and The Warehouse. Sports Socks If your student is playing a winter sport in the following codes, they will need a pair of Darfield High School socks: Rugby and Hockey. These are available from the school office only. Hats Students are permitted to wear a plain navy beanie or the DHS beanie with crest. This is for outdoor wear only. Jackets for cooler weather: Students are permitted to wear either a plain navy or plain black jacket with their uniform to keep warm on cooler days. Jackets and DHS scarves are for outdoor wear. Socks: Ensure that your child is wearing the correct socks to school. For both girls and boys, knee-high black socks are required. Jewellery: The only jewellery permitted is a wristwatch and one gold or silver stud in each ear. No other jewellery is to be worn. Blazers: Blazers are to be worn on Tuesdays. Parents, please remind your students to bring their blazers on Tuesdays for Assemblies. Lost Property: Many uniform items have been found around the school. Please name all items of your student's clothing and check that they have not lost anything. Lost Property will now be stored in the Uniform Shop. Students can access it by seeing Sue at the office or by visiting the shop when it is open.

Uniform Shop Hours for Students Monday: 11.00 –11.25 am Thursday: 11.00 –11.25 am Second Hand Uniforms Wanted There is a great demand for clean and tidy second hand uniforms. If you have items you would like to sell or donate, please email, or with details: sizes, items, girl’s or boy’s, price, and your contact details. This information will be added to our database and if someone is looking for an item, we will pass on your contact details. Note: we do not keep second hand uniform at school.


Wanted: DHS require about six–ten 60 litre metal oil/ fuel drums in reasonable order, for use in the Boiler House. We are happy to collect if required. Please leave contact details with the school office, 3188 411, attention Ross Meder, and I will get back to you.

Maths Tuition . + _ x .

Private maths tutoring available after school for students up to Year 11. Experienced maths tutor, only five minutes walk from school. Includes support with exam revision. For more details, please contact Kelly Maude on 3187969 or


A Japanese martial art that teaches principles to deal with aggression without fighting. Monday and Thursday: 6.30–8:00 pm Ph. 03 318 3113,

Contact Between Home and School We have found that up-to-date information is vital in case of an emergency but also for general day to day contact. Have you changed your address recently? Changed cell phones? Place of work? Or would you like to update/change the emergency contact for your student? Also the second parent address for reports being sent. If any of the above changes apply, please advise Jill, Student Administrator, by: phoning 318 8411/ext 3; emailing or write it down and ask your student to deliver it to the Student Office

Public Health Nurse: Pam Eden is here at school every Monday during lunchtime, in the Counsellors' Office. She provides for all students a brief drop-in clinic. She will be available to discuss confidentially any health concerns, physical, mental, and sexual health, emotional safety and well being. You can make an appointment with Mrs Townsend or Mrs Mallinder.

5 AUGUST 2016

Down by the Liffey Gallery

Lincoln’s Community Art Gallery, 1 James Street, Lincoln


17 Aug - 28 Aug

Darfield High Open toSchool’s Public:Year 13 Visual Art students, display their work as part of a two-week show at the gallery

Wedto- Public: Sun, 10 Wed am - 4pm Open - Sun, 10 am - 4pm

ISSUE 8 / DHS Dispatch


FREE The Street Talk defensive driving course teaches you driving safety skills. It’s a fun and interactive programme that aims to help you to better understand and cope with risks when you’re driving and improve your driving. Most important of all be a safer driver.

Sport and Recreation

This course helps you develop: • • • • • •

advanced driving skills better control hazard identification the ability to make the right decisions the ability to manage risk prepares you for the restricted and full licence tests.


Try out over 20 different sport and recreation activities for free!

Entertainment Books The 2016 Christchurch, Canterbury and Nelson Entertainment Book is now available at Darfield High School. It is also available as an App which can be downloaded onto your smart phone. The Entertainment Book costs $65, of which $13 comes straight back to the school. The book is chock full of vouchers offering a load of discounted goods and services.

Archery Basketball Bouncy Castles Fitness Classes Football Girl Guides

Green Prescription Highland Dancing High Ropes Hula Hooping Inflatable Golf Library Activities

Pedalmania Rumpus Room Scouts Skateboarding Softball Sport Canterbury



Spin Table Tennis Tennis Wheelchair Sports Yoga Zumba

Pick up your Have a Go Day Passport from Selwyn Libraries, Lincoln Event Centre, Rolleston Community Centre or Council offices in Rolleston. *Postponement date: Sunday 21 August

growing strong communities

**If you sign up to volunteer for a club


If you wish to purchase one, simply go to the Darfield High School website and follow the link, or contact Jan Stark at Many thanks for your support. Jan Stark Staff representative on the Darfield High School PTSA


5 AUGUST 2016

ISSUE 8 / DHS Dispatch


Selwyn Launch Group

Social Afternoon Saturday 13 August, 1-3pm Rolleston Community Centre A fun afternoon for young adults with disabilities featuring make-overs, hair & make-up, sports activities and afternoon tea. Gold coin entry. RSVP by 5 August – phone 021 232 8069 or email Proudly supported by

growing strong communities



5 AUGUST 2016

Kirwee Players production of

Book, Music and Lyrics by Lionel Bart Director: Phil Dean Musical Director: Darren Weber Choreographer: Anna Randall Orchestral arrangements by William David Brohn By Arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty. Ltd, exclusive representative of Cameron Mackintosh and the Southbrook Group.

11-14 August & 17-20 August KIRWEE COMMUNITY HALL Tickets at or Darfield Pharmacy from 1st July 2016 For further information visit our Kirwee Players Facebook page or phone Janet (03) 3188167 or Courtney 0274867773

Down by the Liffey Gallery

Lincoln’s Community Art Gallery, 1 James Street, Lincoln


Darfield High School Year 13 students Visual Art display their work as part of a two week show at the gallery

17 AUG - 28 AUG

Open Wed - Sun, 10 am - 4pm

Address: 7 McLaughlins Road

PO Box 5


Darfield 7541


New Zealand

ISSUE 8 / DHS Dispatch

Phone: +64 3 318 8411 Fax: +64 3 318 8543 28

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Darfield High School 9 August Newsletter