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Staff Only Day Monday 14 March

Welcome to our new students from Brazil


Oscar Gosling



Olly Blackburn

Manaia Davies


Charlotte Moana

Duncan Riddle


Daniel Holland

Cameron Newell


Blake O’Donnell

Alex Hunt


Jack Kennedy

Jessica Bassett


Leah Hamilton-Cross

Becky Bruce


Jordan Atutolu

Callum Watson


Niamh Guy

Reuben Boyes


Lucy Mitchell


Caitlin Hool

Callum Jones

Hi, I'm Leticia, I'm 16 and I'm from Recife, Brazil. Recife is so different to Darfield and this is an incredible experience. I really like to draw and I hope to explore that here at Darfield High School while improving my English and making new friends.


Rozlyn Doherty

Hayley Murray Georgia Walker


Rebecca Inch

Emily White


Ben Francis

Caden Dixon

Hello, my name is Amanda. I'm 16 years old and I'm from Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Brazil. I like playing volleyball and soccer too, but I don't play very well. I want to learn more English and to make new friends. I'm looking forward to having fun and new experiences here.


Devon Read

Annalise Selfe


Shayden Monk

Blake Stevenson


Michelle Bruce

Aleisha Knowles


Kate Morris

Georgia Allison


Maddie Beardsmore

Jackson Smith


Caleb Longdin

Tom Welch Sam Marsh

Above: Leticia, Amanda, Mayara, Stefan, Eva and Julia

Hello! My name is Mayara. I'm 16 years old. I'm from Brazil, and my hobby is listening to music. I like to walk, play volleyball and go to church. I want to improve my English and learn more about the culture here.


Hi, my name is Stefany and I'm 17 years old. I'm from Brazil and live in Recife—a big city. I like to play volleyball, listen to music, and hang out. I'm looking forward to improving my English, and making new friends.


Natasha Young


George Brown


Mitchell Baird

Taylor Parker


Abbie Cider

Brogan Baldwin

Hello, my name is Eva, and I'm 15 years old. My hobby is reading, I love adventure and romance books. I'm looking forward to improving my English and making more friends.


Tom Gullery

Cameron Ellis


Gus Thomas

Sydney Riley

Hi, my name is Julia and I'm 15 years old. I'm from Belém de São Francisco - a small city in Brazil. My favourite hobby is playing handball, but I believe this is not played here. I love listening to music. I'm looking forward to improving my English, making new friends and learning about a new culture.


Toshi Pander

Madison O’Callaghan


Alice Bradley

Sam Dalley


Michael Campbell

Esther Basevi


Michael Ridgen

Head Students: Eddie Searle and Lexi Sutherland Malvern Community Rep: Bailey Campbell

Parking Outside School Parents are asked to observe the ‘No Parking Zone’ between the School’s front gate and the bus bay. To keep our students safe, we need this area clear before and after school. There are signs indicating the restrictions. Opposite the school on McLaughlins Road, car parks are marked out and broken yellow lines are painted outside residents' driveways. Please ensure you park within the allocated spaces and not in front of residents’ driveways. Your co-operation in this matter is appreciated. There is usually plenty of space around the bend towards Bangor Road or south-west on McLaughlins Road.


7 March 2016

These students receive a certificate and a $10 voucher


Rebecca Inch

Crystal Van Duinen Issy Kennedy

William Davidson Sophie Palmer Emily White

DHS DISPATCH welcomes any news or photographs you have from events our students have attended outside of school. We love to hear about and share successes and interesting stories. Please email: Black and white paper copies are available from reception or Student Administration. Colour and back copies can be ordered by emailing the above address. Please enquire for cost. Advertising: If you would like to advertise in our newsletter, please email for more information. 7 McLaughlins Road PO Box 5 Darfield 7541 New Zealand Phone: +64 3 318 8411 Fax: +64 3 318 8543 Copyright: You are welcome to reproduce material from the newsletter after gaining permission from the school. All reproduced material must be appropriately acknowledged.

Principal’s Comments and Awards On Saturday 27 February, nearly 200 exstudents and staff gathered to celebrate the school’s 65th Jubilee. Secondary school is such a formative experience for most people that it is not surprising many are drawn back to reminisce about their time at Darfield High School. It seems to take about a 25-year break however, until this call is strong enough to get along to a Jubilee, with the youngest exstudents being from the early 1980s. Thank you to the organising committee for their work in planning the successful celebrations. Attendees at the Jubilee were impressed with our current students who did a fine job as guides for school tours, musicians in the Jazz Band, speaker at the church service, and supporting the caterers at the dinner. Athletics was held on a cool day last Tuesday. Luckily, the drizzle stayed away and the day got warmer as it progressed. Thank you to the large team of staff who organise and run this event. In order to support higher levels of performance in athletics, the PE department has been supported by parents and other staff to offer training at lunchtimes and after school. This has been popular with students. Thank you to Mr Dickens and the PE staff, Ms Hely, and Mr Murdoch for your support and coaching skills. This work was evident on the day with several records being broken.

Athletics Sports is the last major school sporting event of Term 1 before winter sports get underway. Thank you to Mrs Armstrong in her role as Sports Co-ordinator. Due to unexpected illness, we are currently seeking a teacher or tutor for our Engineering (metal work) classes so, if you know somebody who could be available short or long term, then please get in contact with me. We have 846 students at Darfield High School this year. This is about 50 additional students from last year. The process to build additional classrooms is underway, with the architect for the project soon to be appointed. In the meantime, rooming is tight at the school, with classes and teachers moving between rooms more often than we would like. The school’s long term strategic goals are published elsewhere in this newsletter. These goals were developed by the Board of Trustees following a process of feedback and consultation. The goals provide a focus for the school’s ‘direction of travel’ over the next few years. Annual strategies are developed from these goals in order to work toward achieving them. Annual goals will be available on the school website. James Morris

Around School

Seen at Athletics Day—proud House supporters! Congratulations, you have all won an Around School prize. See Mrs Watson on Wednesday or Thursday .

This symbol means there is an album on our website relating to this article. Photos may be downloaded for personal use only. There is a download icon at the right of each photo. Issue 2 / DHS Dispatch


Strategic Goals 2016–2020 Goal 1: Student and Staff Wellbeing

To enhance systems and implement programmes to support student and staff well-being

Areas of focus

Measurable Outcomes

Health and safety systems

School systems meet the requirements of legislation and good practice

Student and staff mental health

Greater than 80% respond positively to indicator questions in the staff and student surveys

Staff communication and decision processes

Greater than 80% respond positively to specific questions in the staff survey

Goal 2: Middle school (Years 7-10)

To investigate and develop curriculum and pastoral systems in order to support greater coherence of learning in Years 7-10.

Areas of focus

Measurable Outcomes

Curriculum and pastoral structures

Current structures reviewed Proposed changes to structures implemented

Digital citizenship

Agreed digital citizenship teaching and support structures in place and in use

Systems to monitor achievement of groups (e.g. cohorts, priority learners)

Co-ordinated system of monitoring and reporting of the achievement of groups of students in place

Career and course guidance

Survey indicates that 80% of students and parents feel they have the support they need to make good course choices

Goal 3: Staff capability

To develop staff capability to meet the needs of changes in teaching and learning approaches

Areas of focus

Measurable Outcomes

NZ Curriculum ‘Key Competency’ of Using Language, Symbols and Texts

Higher levels of achievement in assessments clearly linked to use of language, symbols and texts

Integration of ICT tools to enhance learning

Staff and student surveys indicate >90% confidence in use of ICT in class

Teacher PD

Average of 80% positive responses in PD section of Teacher Survey

Goal 4: Infrastructure

To develop the school's infrastructure to meet the needs of an increasing roll and changes in teaching and learning approaches

Areas of focus

Measurable Outcomes

10 year property plan and 5 year agreement

Property plans approved by MOE. Work undertaken as per agreement

ICT Network

80% positive feedback in staff and student surveys to specific network questions Network fully operational for at least 95% of school days

Review of Student Management System

Review completed and new system implemented if required


7 March 2016

Strategic Goals 2016–2020 Goal 5: Community networks

To enhance the way in which the school works with local schools and communities in order to better support student learning

Areas of focus

Measurable Outcomes

IES with Malvern Cluster of Schools

Cluster goals are achieved

Communication with community

Surveys show high community awareness of school strengths and opportunities

Engagement with Maori community

Surveys show at least 80% of families with students who have Maori ethnicity believe that their child is able to achieve ‘success as Maori’ at DHS

Strengthening and extending relationships with business community

TBC once baseline information is available

Goal 6: Student Achievement

To have students achieving to their potential

Areas of focus

Measurable Outcomes


NCEA achievement profiles comparable or better than schools with similar demographic >50% Merit and Ex at Level 1 >45% Merit and Ex at Level 2

University Entrance

>70% of participation students attain UE

Literacy and Numeracy

80% of students in Year 7-10 show at or above expected progress in ‘scale score’

National Standards

To be confirmed

Goal 7: International programme

To increase the numbers of fee-paying international students

Areas of focus

Measurable Outcomes

Increase number of international students

35 equivalent full time students per annum

Diversify international student country of origin

50% of students from countries other than Japan

Diversify student recruitment sources

20 active recruitment sources

ESOL Programme

Student language progress of an average of (TBC) achievement levels per annum according to (to be confirmed) assessment.

Goal 8: Governance

BOT members develop the skills to effectively fulfil their role

Areas of focus

Measurable Outcomes

Develop expertise in school governance

BOT members attend STA conference once every three years At least one BOT member attends each STA course Student trustee attends annual training opportunities

Review of policies

All policy areas have been reviewed

Issue 2 / DHS Dispatch


Academic Colours 2015 NCEA Level 1—Subject Endorsements William Benbow: Merit in Mathematics Christopher Moffat: Merit in Digital Technologies and Merit in Business Studies Taylor Strowger: Merit in Mathematics Maddison McMillan-Da Via: Merit in History Cameron Ellis: Merit in Mathematics Olivia Brackmann: Merit in History Caitlin Aubrey: Merit in Mathematics Billie Jo Greening: Merit in Art Chaedyn Bellam: Merit in Mathematics Sydney Riley: Merit in Mathematics Hibiki Shimizu: Excellence in Japanese Yusaku Matsumoto: Excellence in Japanese Momo Kawakami: Excellence in Japanese NCEA Level 1— endorsed with Merit

Finn Davidson Eloise Dance Amy Bruce Alyssa Cruickshank Hamish Evans Pippa Foster Madison O’Callaghan Iva Vukovic Akalanka Ekanayake Tessa Mitchell Hannah Marchant Tom Gullery Tom Wilson Georgia Burrows Lily Barrett-Power Georgia Cottrell Jade Collier


Caitlin Frazer Matthew Hadler Vincent Li Creagh Grace Hodgman Hannah Glassey Michael Hughes Georgia Shinn Shanya Johnston-Kroll Tane Nikora Chelsea Wilson Kelly Leonard Adam Walker Sacha Smith Timothy Mathers Brett Langlands Anna Hefferon Matthew Grigg Finn McGregor Isaac Proud Devin Benbow Cassidy Judd Holly Kimber Gareth Kirton Hayley Fraser NCEA Level 1—endorsed with Excellence

Leigh Walters Abigail Cider Sophie Bucknell Caitlin Soal Rachael Phillipson Harriet Watson Georgia Watson Joseph Manifold Stephanee Lomas

Caitlin Fraser Samuel Roper Fergus Thomas James Thornley Brogan Baldwin Danielle Cooper Sean Pennells NCEA Level 2—Subject Endorsements Regan Cornelissen: Merit in Art Eamon McKay: Merit in History Rebecca Fickling: Merit in Digital Technologies Jackson Pitkethley: Merit in Art Samuel Dorsey: Merit in History India Perrie: Merit in Art Liam Hindle: Merit in Art Alice Bradley: Merit in Art Chloe Walker: Merit in Art Renee Robson: Merit in Home Economics Emma Harding: Merit in Physical Education Breanna Hale: Merit in Mathematics Lucy Wilson: Merit in English Chontelle Radford: Merit in Mathematics Mikayla Mills: Merit in Home Economics Charlotte Carter: Merit in History Bailey Campbell: Merit in Drama Ryo Nishimura: Excellence in Japanese Koharu Iwai: Excellence in Japanese Hitomi Kaneko: Excellence in Art NCEA Level 2—endorsed with Merit

Kaitlin Feast Samara Crosby Brittany Muiznieks Kellen Patfield

7 March 2016

Luke McKay Kristen Blaber-Hunt Aidan Tuhill Selina Dixon Chloe Fraser Kyla Higgins Karta Hewitt Jasmine Nash NCEA Level 2—endorsed with Excellence

Emma Grigg Ellen Walters Courtney Townsend Emily de Rooy Madeleine Tasker Alexis Sutherland Michael Ridgen Edward Searle Lilian Stott Kathryn Barnhill NCEA Level 3—Subject Endorsements Liam Bragan: Merit Geography and Merit in Statistics and Modelling Nicole Frazer: Merit in Statistics and Modelling Michael Millar: Merit in Statistics and Modelling Amber Pont: Merit in Home Economics Tayla James: Merit in Statistics and Modelling and Merit in Home Economics Emma Forbes: Merit in Statistics and Modelling Yusaku Kimura: Excellence in Japanese Takaaki Kuwashiro: Excellence in Japanese Annabelle Johnston: Excellence in Art Honoka Ishida: Excellence in Japanese Chisano Tsugehara: Excellence in Japanese Hanako Nakagawa: Excellence in Japanese NCEA Level 3—Endorsed with Merit

Madison Coleman Matthew King Savannah Sayer Thomas Rowlands Shannon Griffiths

Issue 2 / DHS Dispatch

Emelia Todd-Lister Brittany Hodgman Brie Gullery Sarah Baker Julia Anderson Francesca Dela Cruz Georgina Brown NCEA Level 3 – endorsed with Excellence

George Watson James Cider Ella Pearce Lois Freemantle Tim Logan Nicole Hamilton-Cross Ciara Rayne

Congratulations to two of our students who were awarded a New Zealand Scholarship:ealand Scholarship Sarah Baker: Scholarship in Media Studies George Watson: Scholarship in Biology

Above: Ellen Walters and Edward Searle achieved top in Level 1 and Level 2 NCEA


Darfield High School Jubilee: Celebrating 65 Years! "...One thing is certain , however, that schools will not be like those of a generation ago. We , as a school , must work hard to keep our school community informed as we move into the inevitable changes ahead ." R Ryburn, Principal School Yearbook, 1981

Sixty-five years ago, in February 1951, 44 students began their High School tuition at Darfield— and now, the school roll for 2016 is approximately 850 students. And so, on Saturday 27 February 2016, the Ex-Student/Staff/Committee folk from over those years celebrated the 65th Jubilee of our school. The day began with tours around the school and then we gathered at the Darfield Recreation Centre for a ‘cuppa and a natter’ while the High School Jazz Band entertained us superbly. At 7.00 pm, we had a formal dinner with an address from the Ex-Students Association acknowledging ex-students and staff from the various years since 1951. At the dinner interval, the Patron of the Ex-students' Association, Charlie McCaughan, cut the Jubilee cake and Diane Woodward, Secretary of the Association for many many years, was accorded ‘Life Membership.’


James Morris, current Principal, gave us an entertaining and informative address on the growth of the school since 1951, covering all manner of aspects, from buildings and programmes, to student numbers and staffing. The evening finished with a dance and further ‘nattering’ where the school legends and myths and truths of our days at Darfield High School were mulled over, elaborated on, and retold over again. The 65th Jubilee raised $1410.00 to go towards the school's Memorial to the earthquakes of 4 September 2010 and 22 February 2011. It was a great day renewing acquaintances with school mates and reliving what we all agree were the best days of our lives—so much so, we think we’ll do it all again for the 70th Jubilee in 2021. Lindsay Johnston

7 March 2016

Find the album on our Gallery at

Issue 2 / DHS Dispatch


Hands on at Otago 2015 I was just one of 357 Years 12 and 13 students from all over New Zealand attending Hands On at Otago over a week during January. It is fair to say I was a little intimidated walking in at first, but warm smiles and charming chit chat quickly relaxed me, and friendships that I will value for life began to form. The students attending the week-long course were split into two of the University’s residential Halls; I and 116 other Humanity and Business students were to live in Studholme College, whilst 240 Science students were situated across the road in Arana College. The variety of courses to participate in over the course of the week was endless, with options such as law, education, tourism, physical education, computer science, Nano chemistry, marine biology, political studies and performing arts, to name just a few. A diverse community was formed and a great atmosphere was created. I was lucky enough to be selected to participate in the performing arts course, which consisted of three hours of singing, dancing, and acting each morning while we worked towards performing a musical theatre number for the rest of the students of Hands On. Another cool aspect of the course was, that, in the afternoon, students were encouraged to step outside their comfort

zones and do two-hour long ‘snack’ sessions of other courses they may not have chosen for themselves. I was arranged to participate in physiology, taxonomy, and Pacific studies, all three of which were challenging and intriguing in their own ways. But that wasn’t the end of the challenges: there was a variety of activities to get involved in over the week, including a super hero dance evening, a quiz night, amazing race, and a sports evening, as well as more intellectually challenging events, like attending a lecture presented by the Vice Chancellor of Otago University, and informative activities, like tours of the accommodation options at the University and an evening talking to liaison officers about courses we are looking to attend the next year. My experience at Hands on at Otago is one I will always think fondly of, and is an experience I would highly recommend to everyone, girls, guys, Years 12 and 13, and specifically those wanting to further determine or begin to decide what to do with their lives post school. I would like to thank Mr Baars and the Malvern Lions for helping me make this happen, and Otago University for the awesome experience. Grace Lemon

Malvern A&P Show Saturday 26 March Easter Saturday

The Art Shed showcases school art and other sections students can enter. This wonderful competition has been going on for decades and young and old look forward to visiting this shed. Students love to see their work on display. There are fabulous prizes and the School Art Cup up for grabs! Please have entries delivered to the Sheffield School by Monday 21 March or telephone Michelle Webster on 03 318 3063 or 027 788 6543 There are sections to suit everyone, from Pet Agricultural Animals, Pet Dogs (including Best Dressed Dog!), Wool, Garden Vegetables, Cooking, Homecraft, Flowers, and Photography. Go to to find the full schedule and entry conditions. For further information on entering any class, please telephone Rebecca Stewart on 03 3183 105

Above: a few of last year's entries by our students


7 March 2016

Young Enterprise e-Day Last week, I had the pleasure of taking students to the Young Enterprise e-Day at Canterbury University. The Young Enterprise Scheme is for Year 13 students to set up and run their own business for the period of a year. They must open a business bank account, register their business, design, market and sell a product, complete company reports, including financial documents, and pay tax. They can gain up to 14 NCEA Level 3 credits in Business Studies through two assessments. There were over 200 students at the event from schools all over the Canterbury region. They participated in team challenges and learnt about the programme for the year. In the afternoon, they worked on their lean canvas business models before presenting them to professionals in a speed monitoring session to get advice on their business idea. The students will now begin to form their business and develop their business idea. They will also enter in the regional and national Young Enterprise competitions where there is over $25,000 in prize money and scholarships. Bronwen Hoy

Here are what two students had to say about their experience yesterday… Going to the YES e-Day was an amazing experience. Being able to take the first steps into Fern's and my business venture was amazing. It was a good opportunity, as we got to pitch our ideas to mentors and hear their advice on what we could do with our product and what we could do to improve our product. By being a part of the YES e-Day, I have already learnt so much more and I can't wait for what the rest of the year brings. Olivia McEwan At the regional e-Day for YES at UC, I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people and talk to mentors about Olivia's and my business concept. I was given some great advice and learned many new skills. I am really looking forward to contributing to the Young Enterprise scheme this year. This new group has opened many doors for our business ideas. It was amazing to see so many people with the same drive as me and Olivia. At the end, we pitched our ideas to many business owners who have succeeded in entrepreneurship. They then gave us advice and potentially new ways to grow our own business. Overall it was a great experience. Fern Stuart

Stage Challenge Fundraiser The Stage Challenge crew this year are running various fundraisers to raise the money we need to get us to the dance and performing arts competition this year. We are pleased to say that we have teamed up with Phoenix Trading and are offering their beautiful range of cards and stationery to the staff and parents of the school. If you are interested in looking into, or purchasing, any item from the vast range, then please do not hesitate to come into the school office and have a look at the magazines available and order online, or through the order forms which will be with the magazines. We are running this fundraiser between 7 and 23 March, all orders must be in before 23 March. orders will be completed and returned to the school to be picked up after 10-14 days. For more information, to view the products and to order, visit: tiffanyingram We thank you for your support. Stage Challenge Fundraising Team

Reader -Writer Morning Tea

Ex-Student Updates:

Well Done, Thomas Meder! Thomas has just completed his Masters at Auckland University, after completing Bachelor of Physical Education (Otago), and a Post Grad Diploma at Auckland University. His field of work was in Clinical Exercise Physiology looking at the role of high intensity exercise for cardio-respiratory fitness in patients with Coronary Artery Disease. He now has a MSc (Auckland University) in Clinical Exercise Physiology. His parents, Ross and Lynn, are very proud of his achievements.

Issue 2 / DHS Dispatch

Anonymous Appreciation Appeal Tuesday 8 March to Friday 18 March Make someone SMILE!

A gathering of some of our wonderful team of Reader-Writer volunteers took place on Wednesday 24 February. Hosted here at the school to kick start the year, nearly two dozen assembled to enjoy a morning coffee and sweet treat and catch up with each other before we begin another year of assessments. This was a great opportunity to welcome a couple of new faces to our team, exchange knowledge and experience, and reconnect with friends. Assessments are due to begin in the next couple of weeks. Apologies—I forgot to take a photo— but it's a good excuse to organise another " thank you" morning tea again soon! Elaine Guy


What Would Life Be Like As A Refugee Last week, as part of their Social Studies' section on Refugees, Mrs Holland's class went out onto the field to make their own dwellings from bamboo and newspaper. Luckily, it was a sunny day as the task was considerably more difficult than first anticipated. Reflecting on their experience afterwards, the groups were asked to note important concepts they had learnt from this activity: •

Using your surroundings and finding what you can around you would give extra benefit and strength to your shelter.

Tying string to something to make it a triangle can support a good hut. This gives a big space to sleep or sit in, and is easy to undo and move; refugees are always on the move.

An advantage to surviving longer, would be to build a successful shelter.

One important idea that we learned during this activity was to make a stable base. This is important because if the base is not stable the hut will not hold up or go through a storm.

Asked how they could apply what they had learnt in their own life, they said: •


If we ever get lost in an area we are unfamiliar with

If we become refugees

Year 7 Camps

During Weeks 6 and 7, Year 7 will be involved in their Outdoor Education programme. The classes will be away from school on the following days: •

7-9 March: 7SJ + 7HB

9-11 March: 7JR + 1/3 of 7KK

14-16 March: 7LW + 1/3 of 7KK

16-18 March: 7CC + 1/3 of 7KK

In the next newsletter, we will have coverage of the fun activities they experience.

Today Kikorangi House staff held a morning tea with a blue theme to raise funds to go towards the Plunket appeal. Together we raised over $90

Darfield First XI Cricket

Afterwards, some wondered: •

How do refugees survive?

Could they possibly make a better shelter?

Would our shelter actually work?

Why we don't take care of refugees and do refugees use the Salvation Army?

Why do refugees come only from destruction?

What would it feel like for yourself or someone you know going from a house and warm clothes to nothing?

Do refugees find happiness, and if some countries don’t allow refugees in their country?


A massive effort was shown by Devon Crequer who gained 120 runs in a recent game against Lincoln. Unfortunately, Darfield lost the game but they will compete against Lincoln again in three weeks at the Big Bash Tournament, along with Ellesmere. Devon plays for both Darfield High and Greendale. Toby Gross also did exceptionally well in the same game with 89 runs.

7 March 2016

Each day, six Kiwis are diagnosed with a blood cancer, so every bit of money that is raised is important as it all helps to lower that number, with the end goal being none. The school Shave is currently scheduled for Thursday 14 April which, conveniently, is the second-to-last day of Term 1, so there will be plenty of time to grow back some of your hair before Term 2 begins. If you are not able to take part in the Shave, then we really would love it if you could

donate some money to one of your friends, or to the school directly. Donations can be made online—just go to the Shave For a Cure website and search ‘Darfield’ in the schools section and our name should pop up! Permission slips are still available from the student office for anyone keen to sign up! If anyone has any questions about the Shave, then please contact any member of the Shave team: Eddie Searle, Brittany Muiznieks, Olivia Shinn and Courtney Townsend.

Above left: Lisa Smith, New Image Hair Studio, tidies Ben Francis's newly shaved hair during last year's Shave for a Cure

Shave for a Cure is happening at the end of this term and, once again, Darfield is taking part in this fabulous event. The event raises money for the Leukemia and Blood Cancer Foundation and this year, the team at Darfield is looking to raise over $5000 so that we can make a difference to the lives affected by these cancers.

Canterbury Interschools Showjumping After a drizzly start to the morning, the day cleared but the rings were quite slippery resulting in several horses slipping. This was a huge competition involving 29 school teams, each with four riders. The Darfield teams certainly did themselves proud, and their team camaraderie was impressive. Georgia Allison was super in the Show Hunter taking out 6th in the Equitation class out of approximately 116 riders, and also taking out the Year 10 Show Hunter class, with Gus Thompson taking 5th place. Rosa Buist-Brown had a super Show Hunter round, coming 3rd in the Year 9 class. Katherine Hadler did an amazing job for her first Show Hunter competition and after a very stylish round, came 6th in the Year 9 class.

Issue 2 / DHS Dispatch

Results: Darfield HS Blue – 12th Gus Thompson Georgia Thompson Rosa Buist-Brown Katherine Hadler Darfield HS Maroon – 15th Georgia Shinn Niamh Rayne Caitlin Rayne Georgia Allison Show Hunter Equitation class: Georgia Allison 6th Year 9 Show Hunter: Rosa Buist-Brown— 3rd Katherine Hadler—6th Year 10 Show Hunter: Georgia Allison—1st Gus Thompson—5th


Swimming Champions AGE



Under 13 Boys

Jack Kennedy

Tom Freeman

Under 13 Girls

Erin Hammond

Chloe Newbigging

Junior Boys Ethan Taylor Junior Girls


Laura Ashworth

Aidan McCallion / George Ridgen / Harry Williamson / Caleb Curtin Abi Tuhill

Intermediate Boys Harry Bampton

Hunter Benbow

Intermediate Girls Amber Hammond / Christal Dudley

Maddie Beardsmore

Senior Boys

Aidan Tuhill

Gus Thomas

Senior Girls

Holly Kimber

Eloise Dance

7 March 2016

Swimming Records NAME



Ethan Taylor

Junior Boys 50 m Butterfly Junior Boys Medley

40.80 1.29.81

: 36.09| 1.21.37

Erin Hammond

Under 13 Girls 50 m Freestyle Under 13 Girls 50 m Backstroke Under 13 Girls Medley

35.19 42.47 1.32.91

32.13 38.56 1.27.03

Amber Hammond Intermediate Girls 50 m Butterfly



Hunter Benbow

Intermediate Boys 50 m Butterfly



Aidan Tuhill

Senior Boys 50 m Breaststroke



Holly Kimber

Senior Girls 100 m Backstroke

Senior Girls 50 m Butterfly

1.31.57 1.30.51 41.25


Find the album on our Gallery at

Issue 2 / DHS Dispatch


Triathlon Results Individuals YEARS 11-13 BOYS 1

Matthew Grigg



Harry Bampton



Jeroen Breunisse



Jessica Osborne



Lillian Stott



Jade Collier


YEARS 9 AND 10 BOYS (Provisional result only) 1

Jackson Proud


Caleb Longdin


Lewis Morrison


Caitlin Rayne



Paige Hunter



Maddie Anthony



Ethan Rose



Tom Freeman



Ben Bampton





Holly Curtis



Hannah King



Rozena Sutton


7 March 2016

Find the album on our Gallery at

Issue 2 / DHS Dispatch


Sports Teams 2015 Below are a list of sports teams and events that students can take part in throughout the year. If you would like to know more, please email the contact person. Netball Years 7 and 8 Canterbury Primary Schools Hagley Park Term 2 to beginning Term 3 Netball: Senior A, B and C and Year 9 Canterbury Secondary Schools Competition Wednesdays, Terms 2 and 3 Basketball Junior Girls Years 7 and 8 Canterbury Secondary Schools Friday night competition. Training lunchtime Terms 2 and 3 at various schools Basketball Senior Girls Canterbury Secondary Schools Friday night competition South Island Championships Summer training and pre-season sessions training twice a week 2016 possible U20 competition (Saturday) Basketball Intermediate Girls Canterbury Secondary Schools Friday night competition. Training lunchtimes Terms 2 and 3 Basketball Senior Boys Canterbury Secondary Schools’ Competition Friday nights Terms 2 and 3, plus practice Basketball Junior Boys Canterbury Secondary Schools Competition Friday nights Terms 2 and 3 plus practice Triathlon and Duathlon DHS Championships Canterbury Secondary Schools Champs Term 1 Rugby Years 7 & 8 Canterbury Primary Schools- Hagley Park Term 2 to beginning Term 3 Rugby Years 9 & 10 Canterbury Secondary Schools Competition Wednesdays Term 2 to beginning Term 3 Rugby 1st XV Brockbank Graves Trophy Competition, College Day, Quad Tournament and a tour to Timaru and Dunedin.


Terms 1 and 2 Term 1 training Rugby Under 15 South Island Co-ed Schools Under 15 Tournament Term 3 Gymnastics Start of Term 1 No competition Terms 1, 2 and 3 Gymnastics All disciplines Hockey Years 7 & 8 Canterbury Primary Schools at Hagley Park Term 2 and beginning of Term 3 Hockey Girls Either Hockey Canterbury Competitions or Canterbury Secondary Competitions Monday/Wednesday/Friday Terms 2 and 3 Touch Canterbury Secondary Schools Competition Wednesdays Term 1 Tennis Canterbury Secondary Schools Competition Wednesdays Term 1 Athletics Canterbury Secondary Schools Athletic Championships Term 1 Training on Tuesdays after school. Swimming Canterbury Secondary Schools Swimming Championships Term 1 Cross Country Road Race Canterbury Secondary Schools Cross Country and Road Race Champs Term 2 Kiorahi Canterbury High Schools at Hagley Park or Christchurch Polytech Terms 1 and 3 One-day tournament Canterbury Secondary Schools Gymnastics Champs Term 2

Cycling Years 7–13 Each Wednesday at Halswell Terms 2 and 3 Cricket Years 7–13 Various Tournaments around Canterbury Terms 1 and 4 Mountain Bike Riding National and South Island events Events throughout the year Target Shooting Darfield and Hororata Shooting Clubs Local and New Zealand Secondary Schools events Terms 2 and 3 Claybird Shooting Local, South Island and New Zealand Secondary Schools events Terms 2 and 3 Volleyball Senior Girls Canterbury Secondary Schools Competition Mondays after school Most games at Pioneer Stadium Competition Terms 1 and 4 (only four weeks in Term 4). Training Terms 1, 3, and 4 Volleyball Junior Girls Canterbury Secondary Schools—play on Mondays after school. Most games at Pioneer Stadium. Competition Terms 1 and 4. Training Terms 1, 3 and 4. Football Years 7 and 8 Canterbury Primary Schools at Hagley Park Term 2 and beginning of Term 3 Football Senior Boys Canterbury Secondary Schools Competition Wednesdays Terms 2 and 3 Football Junior Boys Canterbury Secondary Schools Competition Wednesdays Terms 2 and 3 Skiing Canterbury Primary / Sec ski and snowboard champs Term 3 (10 weeks) Moto-Cross

7 March 2016

2016 Coast to Coast: Harriet's Epic Event On 12–13 February 2016, I rose to the challenge and completed the mountain race from Kumara to New Brighton, teamed up with my Dad. Firstly, I ran 3km from Kumara Beach, then biked 55km and then crossed the Main Divide during the 33km mountain run section. After a great night’s sleep at Klondyke Corner, we biked 15km to Mt White for the kayak section through the Waimak Gorge. After completing my favourite leg, the 67km paddle section, I then biked into town on the 70km final leg.

I encourage other students to find out about the race and take on the challenge. It was a huge weekend, it was both mentally and physically really hard, but hugely satisfying. I was so lucky to have been able to share this experience with my Dad in tandem! My mum, George and Kylie were the best support crew and I really can’t wait for next years’ race! Harriet Watson

My six-month training programme paid off; I had to train six days a week most weeks. My training included running, biking, kayaking and strength work. I am extremely keen to do the event again and will be on the start line again in 2017.

Athletics Day Snaps

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School and Community Notices Term Dates 2016 Term 1: •

Monday 1 February to Friday 15 April

14 March: Staff Only Day

25 March: Good Friday

28 March: Easter Monday

29 March: Easter Tuesday (School Holiday)

Term 2: •

Monday 2 May to Friday 8 July

25 April: ANZAC Day

6 June: Queen’s Birthday

Term 3: •

Monday 25 July to Friday 23 September

Term 4: •

Monday 10 October to Friday 16 December

24 October: Labour Day

10 November: Staff Only Day

11 November: Canterbury Anniversary Show Day

Contact Between Home and School We have found that up-to-date information is vital in case of an emergency but also for general day to day contact. Have you changed your address recently? Changed cell phones? Place of work? Or would you like to update/change the emergency contact for your student? Also the second parent address for reports being sent. If any of the above changes apply, please advise Jill, Student Administrator, by: phoning 318 8411/ext 3; emailing or write it down and ask your student to deliver it to the Student Office


Tuesday 15 March You are invited to attend the AGM of the Darfield High School Parent Teacher Student Association on Tuesday 15 March. It will be held in the School Staffroom, beginning at 7.30 pm. You are very welcome to attend the AGM and/or the usual meeting which will follow immediately after. Any concerns or questions, please contact Jan Stark:


TERM ONE WEEK SIX Monday 7 March • Year 7 Camps • Biology River Trip Tuesday 8 March • Year 12 Outdoor Ed, pm • BOT Meeting, 7.00pm Sunday 13 March • Year 13 History Trip to Arrowtown (to 15th) WEEK SEVEN Monday 14 March • Year 7 Camps • Staff Only Day Tuesday 15 March • Canterbury Athletics Prelims • PTSA Meeting, 7.45 pm Wednesday 16 March • Massey University Presentation to Year 13s, P5 Thursday 17 March • Setagaya Gakuen Visitors Arrive (to 24th) • World Vision Leadership Day Friday 18 March • Year 12 Rural College Practical Day Saturday 19 March • Canterbury Athletics Finals Sunday 20 March • Year 12 Geography Trip to Mt Cook (to 22nd) WEEK EIGHT Monday 21 March • Year 9 Camps (to 24th) • Malvern Swimming Sports Tuesday 22 March • Year 12 Outdoor Ed, pm Wednesday 23 March • Parent Teacher Interviews • Year 12 Science Trip, am • CPIT Presentation to Seniors, P5 Thursday 24 March • Newsletter # 3 Friday 25 March • Good Friday Monday 28 March • Easter Monday Tuesday 29 March • Easter Tuesday

7 March 2016

To Parents of Year 7 Students

School Uniforms We have a range of uniform items in stock for sale at school. Fittings are by appointment only. It is preferable parents refrain from coming to reception for uniform items from 8–9.30 am as this is a very busy time. For purchases, please contact Sue or Elaine in Admin. Out of stock items will not be replaced; we are discontinuing the Uniform Shop at school. Please ring to check we have the item you require in stock. All Darfield High School uniform items are for sale at The Warehouse, Rolleston.

Free Dental Care for Children One of our Community Dental Service preventative mobiles will be visiting the school soon for a short visit. •

We will be aiming to see Year 7 children enrolled with the Community Dental Service that are due a dental check-up due to delayed visits to some primary schools during 2015. We will not be seeing all children at this visit and will return to your school later this year.

The dental therapist will not only be checking the children's teeth but will also Xray, clean and apply protective treatments, including fluoride, if required.

I your child requires further dental care such as fillings, they will bring home a 'Care Plan" which will explain what dental care and appointment times are required.

When you receive the 'Care Plan", please contact our call centre as soon as possible as you will need to arrange a time to bring your child to one of our Community Clinics for this dental care.

There is a great demand for clean and tidy second hand uniforms. If you have items you would like to sell or donate, please email, or sue@darfield. with details: sizes, items, girl’s or boy’s, price, and your contact details. This information will be added to our database and if someone is looking for an item, we will pass on your contact details.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you do not wish your child to have any of this care, you can talk to the staff in the mobile or phone/email our call centre.

If you wish to be present at your child's check up, this will need to take place at our Community Clinic, so please phone to make an appointment.

Note: we do not keep second hand uniform at school.

If your child is not seen at this visit, the mobile is planned to return for a longer visit in Term 4 when the majority of the children are due for their annual check-up.

Please contact our Call Centre if you want further information on the Community Dental Service

If you have second hand uniform for sale and would like details of it to be added, or updated, on our database, please email or Please note, we do not keep second hand uniform at school.

Uniform Shop Hours for Students Monday: 11.00 –11.25am Thursday: 11.00 –11.25am Second Hand Uniforms Wanted

Impending Depot Road Closure In order to complete structural strengthening to the View Hill Stream Bridge, Depot Road, between Woodstock Road and Harman Gorge Road, will be closed for approximately 10 days. A sealed detour road will be in place for the general travelling public, however locals are able to use local roads should they wish. The detour is via Harman Gorge Rd and Woodstock Rd. At present, the Waimakariri District Council is waiting for a confirmed date for the work to commence— but have an indicative date of 14 March. Please be aware this work could possibly affect school bus routes, along with any traffic to and from our school.

To contact our Call Centre, phone 0800 846 983 or email

Our Street Talk Defensive Driving Course is NZTA approved. By completing this course, you can reduce your Driver’s Licence by six months (instead of waiting 18 months from when you sit your restricted licence, you can complete your Full Licence in 12 months). The cost of this course is $170. Enrol at March Courses: Dates: Monday 14th–Thursday 17th; Monday 21st–Thursday 24th 3.15pm at Christchurch Girls High April Courses: Monday 4th–Wednesday 6th; Monday 11th–Wednesday 13th 6.00–8.00pm at Upper Riccarton War Memorial Library

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Malvern Aprons & Tea Towels

Malvern Hockey Association Registrations If you are interested in playing hockey this season, and you were unable to make it to registration day, you can also do this online at and follow the link, or email In 2016 we are aiming to have the following: •

Men's Team 1

Men's Team 2 (moving up from Youth Boys)

Women's Team

Youth Girls Team

Junior Girls Team

Junior Boys Team

Minis - non-competitive skills

Additional teams will be registered if we have more players. Please register now so that we can sort teams, coaches and managers.


Aprons - $ 20 Tea Towels - $10

Available from Mason Drapery, Darfield A Springfield School Fundraiser – ph 027-438-3921

7 March 2016


•  IsIsyour ontheir theirLearner Learner Licence? yourson sonor ordaughter daughter on Licence? and • Have theytheir heldLearner for their Learner for atmonths? least three  Have they held Licence for Licence at least three and months? Do they attend a Selwyn District Secondary School? •

Do they attend a Selwyn District Secondary School?

If you answered “yes” to all of the above, then they, along with you – their parent/ caregiver, are eligible to attend Leading Learners, hosted by Selwyn District Council. The next course is on Tuesday, 26 April 2016 starting"Yes" at 8.30am finishing atthen 1.00pm. If you answered to all and of the above, they, along with

you - their parent/cargiver, are eligible to attend Leading Learners,

The course has proven successful with Learners and parents alike, because it teaches them by Selwyn District Council. the next on course is onroad Tuesday 26 stopping practical skillshosted that other programmes don’t, such as driving different surfaces, distances, hazards, distraction and reinforces the 120 hours of driving practice April, starting atand 8.30peer ampressure, and finishing at 1.00 pm. recommended for learner drivers, to prepare them for getting their restricted licence and driving alone. The course has proven successful with Learners and parents alike,

because it teaches them practical skills that other programmes don't, such as driving on different road surfaces, stopping distances, The Learner must: hazards, distraction and peer pressure, and reinforces the 120 hours  attend a secondary school or be home schooled in Selwyn district. of driving practice recommended for learner drivers, to prepare  have a current New Zealand Learner Driver Licence that they have held for at least three forhave getting restricted licence and experience. driving alone. monthsthem and/or donetheir 40 hours of practical driving Conditions of Entry

be accompanied by a parent or caregiver for the whole day.

Conditions of Entry

The parent or caregiver must provide a car to be used by the learner for the event. The car must must: be one thatThe theLearner Learner has driven before and have a current registration and warrant of fitness, be roadworthy at the time of the event and correctly displaying “L” plates.

attend a secondary school or be home schooled in Selwyn

This course is heavily subsidised by NZTA and Selwyn District Council enabling us to charge only district $20 for both learner and parent/caregiver. There are limited places on the course left. For more information register, please contact Ngaire Tinning on (03) 3472901 • Haveorato current New Zealand Learner Driver Licence that they or e-mail by Friday, 15 April 2016.

have held for at least three months and/or have done 40 hours of practical driving experience

be accompanied by a parent or caregiver for the whole day

The parent or caregiver must provide a car to be used by the learner for the event. The car must be one that the Learner has driven before and have a current registration and warrant of fitness, be roadworthy at the time of the event and correctly displaying 'L' plates. This course is heavily subsidised by NZTA and Selwyn District Council enabling us to charge only $20 for both learner and parent/ caregiver. There are limited places on the course left.

Learn to Sew

For more information, or to register, please contact Ngaire Tinning on 03 347 2901 or email by Friday 15 April.

Are you looking to learn something different? Sewing classes are now taking enrolments. This is a fun, friendly approach to teaching sewing skills, while creating a garment or sewing project of your choice. There is no limit to what you can create! All you need is fabric, a pattern (or use one of Sew Know How’s many patterns) and be ready to have fun. Sewing machines and all things sewing are provided. Classes available for school aged kids, 8-17yrs and adults. Join the resurgence of this stylish art and let’s get sewing. Fashion is in your hands Contact Shona for all enquiries 0221 764382, 347 8487 and

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Tuesdays 3.30–5.00 pm Gym 2 Darfield High School Email 23

Darfield High School


BUGSY MALONE Music and Lyrics by Paul Williams Book by Alan Parker

10 - 13 MAY Performances: School Hall Tuesday 10 May - 7.30 pm Wednesday 11 May Matinee: 10 am Thursday 12 May - 7.30 pm Friday 13 May - 7.30 pm

Ticket Prices: Adult $15 Student $12 Children (10 and under) $5 Family (2 Adults, 2 Children) $40

Tickets available at: or from the School office. Door sales available Address: 7 McLaughlins Road

PO Box 5


Darfield 7541


New Zealand

Phone: +64 3 318 8411 Fax: +64 3 318 8543

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