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| 2016

Support for Students This year at Darfield, the Head Prefects (Emily de Rooy, Luke Mckay, Lexi Sutherland, Eddie Searle, Ellen Walters and Grace Lemon) have been working on ideas around how we can enhance and improve your experience at Darfield.

Friday 27 May

Thank you to the Malvern Lions who came in, volunteering their time and resources to cook a huge amount of fries and hotdogs for students and staff. on Held theseveral Quadtimes during the school year, the Lions group fundraise for the Young Achievers' Big Day Out. Our next Lions Fries Day is Friday 1 July, so bring along your gold coins and support this great cause.






tomato sauce

Around School

One of the key areas that we think we need to target to improve the culture of the school is your wellbeing. We decided to try and improve the wellbeing of the students because if you are experiencing difficulties at school, it's likely that you are not going to want to immerse yourself in the life of the school, which is a shame, because we believe that everybody should feel like Darfield is a second home to them! So, to help improve your wellbeing, we have set up an email address with the purpose of giving all the students in the school the opportunity to contact a Prefect and seek advice about any issues that you may be facing. When you send an email, it will be received by a member of the senior leadership team and then forwarded on to the appropriate prefect who will get in touch with you. The email is titled studentsupport@ Using this email, you could ask the prefects about how to cope with a large workload at school, you could ask about bullying and how to deal with it, or you could simply ask to meet up and have a chat about school life in general. It's a really simple way to find

out some useful information or to deal with some issues that you are facing. We were all your age once, so it's quite likely that the student prefects have been through some of the issues that you guys face at school. This is key, as it means that we can share what worked for us and what didn’t. Now, if you would prefer a completely anonymous way of reporting bullying or any other issue, there is the 0800PUPILS phoneline which is available to all students. The phoneline is operated by Crimestoppers NZ so it is certainly another good option for dealing with issues in the school or community. So once again the email is nz. We hope that your Darfield days are as enjoyable as can be but if they aren't we are here and happy to help. The Head Students at Darfield High School can also be contacted directly if you have things that you would like to discuss with them. For example, if you have a great idea about sport then you can email Grace Lemon as Head of Sport at Headofsport@darfield. Or to contact Ellen Walters about cultural ideas, email Headofculture@darfield. Our Head Boy and Girl can be contacted via email at: and

Student Volunteer Army Erlier this week, four Year 10 students (Caleb Longdin, Savarnnah Taylor, Maddie Beardsmore, and Jemma Dalley) went on the second day of a four-day workshop run by the SVA (Student Volunteer Army). On this day, they were at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, clearing out the takahe enclosure and planting grasses. There were 40–50 students there from other schools. Thank you to Maddie's mum for the photos

Commerce Cookie Day! Congratulations - you have won an Around School prize. See Mrs Watson next week to collect. 2

10 June 2016

These students receive a certificate and a $10 voucher

AL’S AWAR NCIP DS PRI Ben Francis Reuben Davis Jessica Bassett Teresa Barnhill Carwyn Chaffey Amanda Jane-Jones Emma Daniel-Wilson Angelo Barrimond Campbell Barrett Matthew Cooper Will Davidson Rhys Hawkins Harley Gray DHS DISPATCH welcomes any news or photographs you have from events our students have attended outside of school. We love to hear about and share successes and interesting stories.

Principal’s Comments Earning a qualification is one of the key reasons for coming to school. Being able to demonstrate knowledge and skills through qualifications such as NCEA is an important step on the pathway to higher level courses and employment. Perhaps more significant, however, are the other skills that the school can help develop. Employers I have spoken to have commented on some essential skills they would like employees to front up with. Too often, however, they are frustrated at the difficulty of finding people with these skills. They would like to employ people who: •

Turn up to work each day on time

Please email:

Follow instructions (eg safety rules)

Are able to problem solve

Black and white paper copies are available from reception or Student Administration. Colour and back copies can be ordered by emailing the above address. Please enquire for cost.

Are prepared and able to learn new skills

Can work positively with others

Advertising: If you would like to advertise in our newsletter, please email for more information. 7 McLaughlins Road PO Box 5 Darfield 7541 New Zealand

This list encompasses many of the essential skills that are described in the NZ Curriculum as the ‘Key Competencies’: “The development of the competencies is both an end in itself and the means by which other ends are achieved.”

The ‘Managing Self’ competency is about being resourceful, reliable and resilient. It is associated with self-motivation and with students seeing themselves as capable learners. They know when to lead, when to follow and how to act independently. This competency is reported in each school report as “working to best of ability” and “coming to class on time and with the correct equipment”. The ‘Relating to Others’ competency is about interacting effectively with others and includes the ability to listen, negotiate and share. This competency is reported in each school report as “allows others to learn without disruption”, “treats others with respect”, and “participates and contributes”. The expectations and culture of the school are designed to support and reinforce these skills. So teachers will nag students about bringing the right gear; follow up when homework is not done; set up group activities; and do reminders and, sometimes, punishments when a student is not respectful. All of this helps to reinforce the skills needed to be successful throughout life. James Morris Phone: +64 3 318 8411 Fax: +64 3 318 8543 Copyright: You are welcome to reproduce material from the newsletter after gaining permission from the school. All reproduced material must be appropriately acknowledged. This symbol means there is an album on our website relating to this article. Photos may be downloaded for personal use only. There is a download icon at the right of each photo.

Issue 6 / DHS Dispatch


Stage Challenge 2016 by Kyla Higgins

Voice the Roar! On 18 May, a large crew of Darfield students took part in Stage Challenge, an event where each school comes up with a concept which raises awareness of problems in the world. The concept is portrayed through dance and acting. Our aim was to raise awareness about poaching, as it has become a prominent problem recently. The student leaders were inspired by Cecil, the lion, who was unfortunately killed by a game hunter in 2015. Because that story had gained so much media attention, we thought that the audience would be able to relate to our concept. We started planning our performance around the end of 2015 and the choreographers (Maddie Tasker, Chloe Walker, Alexis Sutherland, Grace Lemon, Emily de Rooy and Kyla Higgins) started creating the dances. We wanted to mimic some of the movements that the different animals make, to add to


the performance and to really capture the setting. Fundraising, costuming, makeup and organising began to take place and before we knew it, our performance was coming to life. The students had to go through an audition and casting process so that everything was fair and equal and so we could fit the right people to each role. Once we had picked our dancers, we taught them the routines that we had come up with and we slowly polished and made corrections to the dances. There were practices almost every lunch time for the different groups and a lot of hard work went into these practices. We created a general animal kingdom of Zebras, Flamingos, Monkeys and Elephants. We also had two main leads who were Lions: one mother and one cub (Kelly Leonard and Alex McGregor) to symbolise our inspiration. Our performance tells the story of a happy animal kingdom, until a group of poachers interfere and cause a disturbance. The

animals and poachers have a battle, where the mother lion is killed and other animals are injured or killed by the poachers. We also created a high society and a protesters' group to show how both those groups have effects on this issue: high society buying and wearing fur coats and not thinking about what happens behind the scenes, and how protesters or animal conservationists raise awareness about these issues and really do make you think about what you're buying or supporting. The performance ends with ultimate tragedy. The lion cub is surrounded by poachers and the lead poacher throws a net over her head. We wanted to end our performance with tragedy to shock the audience and to make them realise that humans are very unforgiving. We wanted the audience to really take into account how this needs to change. We cannot keep killing animals which are endangered, especially poaching for

10 June 2016

‘trophies’, as it is pointless. It ultimately will disturb the circle of life if we carry on. The animals don't have a voice to tell us to stop, so the Darfield High School Stage Challenge family had a voice for them and we hope we made the audience think differently. Our performance landed us three awards: Excellence in Costuming, Excellence in Soundtrack, and the School Community Award. We also won a prize for being the best ‘chanters’. Darfield may be small, but we are loud! We are so proud of these awards based on all the hard work behind them!

Issue 6 / DHS Dispatch

As well as the performance, the day was a really great experience. Although it was an early start, the energy was high. Photos, games, banter, chanting and loads of dancing all kept the day interesting. As well as student leaders, we had help throughout the day from a few teachers and volunteers, which was awesome. Most of all, we have to give a big thankyou to Ms Blakemore! We wouldn't have been able to do any of this without her. She came to practices, sorted all the finer details out and really helped us to be the best Stage Challenge family that we could be!

It was an amazing day overall and so much effort was put into our performance behind the scenes and from the dancers. The student leaders are so proud of every single person involved in the process and honestly couldn't be happier with how the performance ended up. We were so grateful for all the Darfield supporters who cheered us on throughout the journey. We are proud to be part of the 2016 Stage Challenge and for the leavers of 2016, the fun experience will be sorely missed. But we will always remember to Voice The Roar!


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FRIDAY10 JUNE (40 hour famine weekend)

7.00 – 9.00 PM DHS SCHOOL HALL TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE from the school office with permission slips : $5.00 DRINKS, SWEETS AND GLOWSTICKS AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE enquiries: email 6

10 June 2016

Famine Weekend Begins Tonight! Tonight we kick off the World Vision 40 Hour Famine Weekend with our annual School Disco. This is for all students, not just those taking part in the Famine. DJ Singhstar will be entertaining non-stop and we are really grateful to him once again for offering his services—anyone who has been to one of his Discos will know it is full-on fun! There will be drinks, chocolate bars and glow sticks for sale. Students need permission from parents to attend and they need to be picked up from the school hall by 9.15 pm tonight. To all of those doing the Famine this weekend, whether it be living in a box,

THE 2016 40 HOUR FAMINE: WHAT'S DIFFERENT? This year, we will be supporting children and families affected by conflict in Syria. Through no fault of their own, thousands of children have had to leave their homes and find safety in a refugee camp in a foreign country. They left friends, family, school and all their favourite things behind. That's why the money raised in 2016 will be used to fund World Vision's child-friendly spaces in Jordan, a country next to Syria that is now home to thousands of refugees. These spaces restore hope, encourage community, and enable kids to be kids again. These are safe and welcoming places where they can play again with other children, do fun things like art and sport but, most importantly, can start to attend school again. This will ensure they are better equipped to one day rebuild their country. World Vision will provide teachers and counsellors who can help kids talk about some of the hard things they experienced and help them to feel safe and loved.

eating only rice, or doing the Backpack Challenge, we wish you well and would love to see photos of your experiences. Famine sponsor books and money are due back at the school office as soon as possible after the weekend. Even if you didn't end up taking part, we need the sponsor books back as they are all numbered and need to be accounted for. The due date for all money to be paid is Thursday 30 June. Please come and see Mrs Watson in the office if there are any issues with this.


Smokefree Rock Quest was once again a blast. We rocked up to The Aurora Centre on 21 May to gain some experience and share our original piece to the audience and judges. Luckily, we were able to watch many other bands before we were due on stage. There were 40 bands from a range of Canterbury schools, competing for 12 places in the regional final. We have to say that there is some massive talent in Christchurch right now! While we did not make it through to the finals, it is always a great chance to support other young musicians, and perform on a stage with great equipment. We would recommend any budding musicians to sign up next year for this musical opportunity, whether competitively or just for some fun! After all, what is there to lose? Lilian Stott and Selina Dixon

In 2016, the 40 Hour Famine challenges you to live out of your backpack for an entire weekend, the same way thousands of refugee children have had to. At a moment's notice, many children have had to pack their lives into a backpack. You will be using only what you can fit inside: all the clothes and bedding you need to keep warm and dry, the food you need, an adequate water supply, something to remember home by, and maybe something to keep you entertained. You may want to live in a cardboard box or sleep on the floor for the weekend and do away with electricity. How about getting together in a group and sharing what you have? Sounds like a challenge? You bet!

Year 12 Interview Day Tuesday 28 June Most of Year 12 have now finished writing their CVs in preparation for Interview Day coming up on Tuesday 28 June. All Year 12 students will come to school that day appropriately dressed for a formal job interview. The students will be in and out of lessons during the morning, in order to attend two interviews, one in school and one in the village. All interviews are being conducted by local employers, who will be giving written feedback to the students so that they can get the most out of this experience. All students will be back in lessons as usual by the end of Period Three.

School Photographs

Students were issued with an envelope with school photograph information. The completed order form, with payment included, needs to be sent back to school. While there will be form class and individual photo examples on the order form, Sporting and Cultural photos will be available to view on our website. All photo orders must be on the order form sent home with students. Email with enquiries.

Issue 6 / DHS Dispatch


Snaps from Hanako

Le Concours Cuisine des Ecoles

Hanako Wilson is presently in Japan, having won a scholarship to attend school at Yubetsu Junior High

On Thursday 26 May, two teams from Darfield High School competed in the Concours Cuisine des Ecoles (French cooking competition for schools), which is a contest run by Alliance Française in Christchurch. The competition took place at Burnside High School and was a great opportunity for students studying the French language to interact whilst learning about the culture.

l, incipa the Pr o with Shuto k d a n n a a H ipal Princ Deputy


Each competing team had two hours to produce a main dish and a dessert. We had to base our menus around a French autumn theme and all recipes had to be written in French. Darfield’s teams consisted of Kathryn Barnhill, Akalanka Ekanayake, Eloise Dance and Harriet Watson (Team 1), as well as Alyssa Cruickshank, Toni Forsythe-Walton, Jayden Hann and me, who made up Team 2.

Once we had begun cooking, we could communicate only in French, which was an exciting challenge that proved to be more difficult than we had anticipated. At the end of our allocated cooking time, we had to plate up and present our meals to three French judges. Team 1 cooked a Ratatouille served with chicken, followed by an apple tart with salted caramel for dessert, whereas Team 2 cooked a Tarte Spirale (vegetable tart) followed by a walnut and caramel tart. Though both teams put in a great effort, we unfortunately couldn’t come away with first place (which went to Cashmere High School). However, we all had a great time and were happy for the opportunity to learn more about the French culture. We can definitely be proud of our efforts! Elyse Kerr

ko in trod

ucing herself in Ja panese

ame her n s wrote o k y clas a h n p Ha alligra C n i ji n Kan



Earlier this week, staff and students were able to put all the procedures into place from those practice fire drills, as the alarm went off for real and two fire appliances turned up. Luckily, a smoky oven in the Food Technology room was under control in no time and students were soon back in class.

House Singing

Practices have begun for the Houses' big end-of-term finale, House Singing! Last week, during assembly, House Leaders announced their songs for the competition: Tawera: The Big Red Taxi Waimakariri: Radioactive Rawhiti: Heal the World Kikorangi: Slice of Heaven


10 June 2016

Two and a half weeks ago, I had the privilege of going to Rarotonga. While I was there, I was honoured to find out that someone was excited to have me teach Hip Hop at her Dance School. For two days, I taught kids of all ages Hip Hop. I was also very excited to find out that the Rarotongan News had come to interview me and a few days later had an article in the News about the so-called 'New Zealand Dancing Sensation'. I had an amazing time and would go back in a heartbeat. Manaia Davies, 8JR

Manaia 'NZ Hip Hop Sensation' Manaia gained a lot of confidence at a young age and began to perform for dance shows and competitions. “I love dancing! It’s another language to speak. Instead of talking you can just dance and the emotions just come out and I think that is really special,” she said.

these she incorporates in to most of her dance shows. She said her role model is her mum because she always motivates and pushes her to do her best. “Even when I doubt myself and think I can’t do it, she is always encouraging me and telling me that I can,” Manaia said.

Manaia was just 10 years old when her jazz and contemporary dance teacher asked her to begin teaching hip-hop dance lessons. She now teaches three different classes a week, five-eight, eight-twelve and a class for any age. She also choreographs her own moves.

“I also look up to three-time world hip-hop dance champion Parris Goebel from New Zealand. I have met her a few times and she is so inspiring. Her moves are really simple, but it’s the way she portrays it and expresses her dancing that is captivating.”

“With all my classes, I try to make it for all ages, because I want to give everybody an opportunity. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, if you love dance then don’t let any barrier stop you.”

Rarotonga’s hip hop manager, Areora, said it was awesome to have Manaia here, especially for the children. Manaia plans to open her own dance school to share her love and passion for dancing with everyone.

Manaia also enjoys singing and acting and

“I really want to develop myself more and

Issue 6 / DHS Dispatch

then give what I know to everybody else, so that when I go, it is left with everyone else in the world,” she said. My mum always tells me that an opportunity is a chance that you may never get again, so I try and take every opportunity possible. “It usually makes me better in some way. It doesn’t have to be in dance, it could be in life, but every opportunity has influenced my life somehow.” Excerpt from the Cook Island News, Tuesday 2 June, 2016


Biology Trip to Kaikoura On Sunday 15 May, the Year 13 Biology class, led by Mr Baars and Dr McKenzie, set out for Kaikoura to do some biological investigating. The trip was based around Achievement Standard 91601— Carry out a practical investigation in a biological context. Now, obviously, the thought that we had to plan, test, plan again, test again, record results and start writing a report all in three days was slightly daunting (especially given that Mr Baars said that university students would get a whole year to do this); however, we all still piled into the vans with smiles on our faces and headed on up for what would be a very enjoyable time. Our first port of call in Kaikoura was the local aquarium. This was where hadhave our first look at some of the organisms that we would be able to study, which was awesome, although not quite as awesome as seeing an octopus try to climb out of its tank and squirt water everywhere. Following our trip to the aquarium, we headed out to the tip of the headland and had some lunch. It was after lunch that the real work began! Upon arrival at the Environmental Research Centre, we unpacked all our stuff and were given a thorough introduction to the task that lay ahead. We then gathered the organisms that we wanted to study from the rocky shore opposite the research centre. All sorts of snails, shellfish and crabs were gently collected, placed in containers and whisked away to the lab. Once organism collection was done, we were all able to do some initial testing and research to figure out how the chosen organisms react to different changes in their environment. For example, Michael noticed that the crab he wanted to study preferred to shelter under large rocks rather than small ones. Once we had finished having a look at how our organisms behaved, we began to plan our initial practical method. Methods needed to be simple enough to follow, but thorough


By Eddie Searle

enough so that our test would produce valid and reliable results. It was quite easy coming up with the basic steps for the method, but writing how variables and other factors would be controlled was certainly a challenge. Following the method write-up, we had some dinner and dessert, created by the head chefs, Dr McKenzie and Mr Baars. I'm pretty sure that at some point during that afternoon, Dr McKenzie and Maddie Tasker went diving in the waters around Kaikoura, which would have been pretty awesome! Day Two was all about getting results. Practicals were running throughout the day and when people weren’t carrying out their practical they were most likely researching or writing up their report. So, although, there weren't really any adventurous activities to do, it still was a very productive day. That evening, everyone had the opportunity to present their findings to the rest of the class. This was a great opportunity as it allowed us to be questioned by the two teachers and our classmates about potential weaknesses that we would need to address in one way or another. Following the seminars, we safely returned our little experimental subjects to the rocky shore that they came from. Only a few people stayed up late into the night to continue their experiments, which was apparently a great contrast to last year's trip where people were working at three or four in the morning to gather results; this earnt our class the title of ‘hard workers’ which made us all very proud. Day Three was all about tidying up and getting home—whilst allowing a little time to see some ‘fubsy wubsy seals’ which were very adorable. Overall the trip was great— regardless of the grade we get for the internal, I'm sure that all of the class will have many fond memories of our time in Kaikoura and our last days with Mr Baars as our Biology teacher.

10 June 2016

Chess Club

The 0800PUPILS Phone Line Brought to you by The Student Communication and Safe Practices Charitable Trust

If you see any Darfield High School Students involved in bullying or crime then ring

The Chess Club meets every Monday at lunchtime. Students can bring their lunch and have a couple of games in the warmth of E8.


Eight players will be going to a competition at Halswell School on Thursday 16 June. The club currently consists of around 10 members. Everyone is welcome— come along and learn how to play Chess!

Callers Are

Totally Anonymous

The 0800PUPILS phone number has been made available to students, parents and the Darfield High School Community through a partnership with Crimestoppers NZ trust. You can call this number if you see or hear of bullying or crime happening in our community by students from Darfield High School. Calls are taken by trained Crimestoppers staff.

Ski registrations for Wednesday afternoon skiing, at Porters Ski Area during Term Three, are now closed. There will be an information evening for parents 15 June, 3.30 pm in the Library.

Fees and Financial Assistance for NZQF Qualifications Students must pay their fees to have their results recorded on their Record of Achievement, and to receive certificates. There are separate fee structures for domestic students and international students. Financial assistance is available for domestic students to help with the payment of entry fees. Financial assistance is not available to international fee-paying students. Entry fees are paid to the school. How do I apply for financial assistance? To get financial assistance, you need to fill in a Financial Assistance form and give it to your school. You can get this form from the school office, or by emailing, or the NZQA website at www.nzqa, Application forms are available online or from the school offices.

Can I get help to pay? Financial Assistance can be applied for if your family cannot afford to pay the fees. Who can apply for financial assistance? To be eligible to apply, you must be the fee-payer and meet at least one of the following criteria: •

be currently receiving a Work and Income or Study Link benefit, or have a current Community Services Card (benefit based applications)

are not currently receiving a benefit or do not have a current Community Services Card, but do have a joint family income that would entitle you to receive a Community Services Card (income-based applications)

have two or more children who are candidates, irrespective of family income, and the total fees you would have to pay would otherwise be more than the $200 multiple candidate maximum (multiple candidate applications)

How much does it cost? Domestic student entry for all NCEA standards $76.70 Domestic student entry for a Scholarship subject $30.00 International student entry to NCEA standards $383.30 International student entry to Scholarship $102.20

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10 June 2016

Reflections I was really happy that the Kiwi students were listening to our performance . Wearing clothes from different cultures gave me special feelings. My mates and I were nervous before we danced , but people’s reaction exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed the day because it was easy to study about our cultures, but I started to feel sad too because I missed my home country. The International Day was one of the best days that I have had in New Zealand . At the end of the day, I was tired but happy. Making origami , I saw Kiwi students thinking and smiling. There were a lot of very friendly people who were interested and talked with us. I had a lot of fun. I loved the atmosphere of the day. There was a good feeling at this stand. People enjoyed putting on the costumes. Everybody was singing and dancing, so it was very funny to see a lot of people , who come from different parts of the world gathered around singing the same song.

Our French Exchange Two years of planning and we were finally on our way to France. Accompanied by Ms Elliot, we started our 30-hour voyage to Paris. Once we arrived, we found our apartment which was right in the middle of the enormous city. After three days of being typical tourists and navigating the Metro, we headed off to Lannion, which was to be our home for eight weeks. Arriving at the train station, we were greeted by one of last year's exchange students. It was awesome to see a familiar face in such a foreign environment. After walking through the town, we reached our new school which consisted of four large concrete buildings, each with at least four storeys. Call it daunting! After meeting our homestays it finally started to sink in…we were going to live in France for two months. And what an amazing two months they were! Aside from the language, the main difference for us was school. For starters, at Félix Le Dantec there are only Years 11–13, but there are over 2000 students! It started at 8 am and could go as late as 5.30 pm. There are no uniforms and lunch is all provided in a massive cafeteria! If you don’t have a class and the teacher can't come, or does not show up, the class is cancelled and you can do whatever you want for the time of that class,

including going into the town which was about a 10-minute walk! The local people are all very friendly and helpful. They were willing to help us in any way possible, and it surprised me at the amount of English everyone knew. If we were ever stuck, everyone would use their limited English to help us; it made us feel so welcome in the town, especially when we were contacted by the Ouest-France newspaper for an interview! In a cafe a few days after the article was published, the lady behind the counter was so excited to tell her husband that she had served us! It was such an amazing feeling! Some of the highlights from this trip were definitely meeting and making lots of new friends, strengthening our relationships with the students from last year, and just getting to experience a whole new way of life, learning a new culture, and improving our French speaking. We would do it again in a heartbeat and we highly recommend it to anyone taking French; it's an experience you really don’t want to miss. If you have any questions we are more than happy to share more of our experience. Harriet Watson and Eloise Dance

It was really good because the Kiwis and the International students could try new things. This day was great because we made new friends and had a lot of fun . This day became good memories, so I want this day to come again. We made a lot of friends and the Kiwi students were asking us to take photos with them. I liked the attention from the Kiwi students to our culture.

Issue 6 / DHS Dispatch


Queen Charlotte Tramp

Year 13 Outdoor Ed

For the second Year 13 Outdoor Ed trip, we travelled to the Malborough Sounds to endure and conquer the Queen Charlotte Track. This track was more challenging than we had expected, but it proved to be a good experience. We left Darfield after school on Friday 27 May and started our two-part journey; it took us approximately three hours to travel from Darfield to Kaikoura, where we would spend our first night, before completing the journey to the start of the track midday on Saturday. We piled out of the van into the pouring rain to begin the 50 km walk. The track was very wet, making the clay extremely slippery. This caused a few issues for some of us. After about four hours of walking, we reached our first campsite for the trip. We then set up camp and started cooking up a feed, keeping a watch that the cheeky wekas didn't steal any of our gear. Our second day was our longest; we needed to do nine hours of walking to get to our next campsite. This was an extremely hard day, but the group did really well to tough it out and arrive at the camp on time, even though we lost a group member for a short time as they had walked down the wrong track. Fortunately, they were reunited with the group shortly after and we arrived at the very accommodating Mistletoe Bay Campsite. After completing the monstrous tramp on the third day, with another four hours' walking, we had to wait two and a half hours for the van to get to us. After sitting round watching the seagulls, the glorious white van appeared from around the corner; we piled into the seats and began the six-hour drive home, with a short stop in Blenheim to grab Burger King for dinner. We arrived back in Darfield at 10 pm.

Cookie Market The first Year 10 Commerce Cookie market was a huge a success, it attracted a good proportion of the school and the staff and students were


treated to 15 different cookie stalls to try. The students had to research, finance, promote and sell a cookie with similar ingredients and find a way to make their cookie different and unique from their competitors. Some of the favourites

included ice cream cookie sandwiches, Oreo cookies hidden inside a chocolate chip cookie and shortbread cookies. We look forward to seeing you at the second cookie market in Term 4.

10 June 2016

1st XV Rugby Update After a tough first four weeks of term which have seen over 30 boys represent the school in four fixtures, the 1st XV Rugby team have earned themselves a well-deserved rest.

Basketball Junior Boys vs St Thomas: win 80–6 Senior Girls vs Rangi Ruru: 45–15

Hockey Years 7 & 8 Hockey vs St Martins B: win 3–1 Senior Boys Hockey vs Burnside 2nd XI: win 6–0 Girls Hockey vs Burnside: win 17–0

Netball Senior A vs Rangi Ruru: loss 23–19 Years 7 & 8 Netball A vs Ellesmere A: win 24–21 B vs Our Lady of Victories: win 33–13

Rugby Years 9 & 10 Rugby vs Linwood High School: win 33–29 vs Kaiapoi High School: win 68–0

Junior Quad Tournament

Two weeks ago, the team travelled to Westport for Round 3 of the Brockbank Graves Trophy Tournament, where they needed a win to secure their maiden trophy title. Standing in their way, though, was an undefeated Buller team and, while at times it looked doubtful whether this would happen, in the end the team managed to get the win—much to the delight of everyone involved. However, it took until the last play of the game and a try to Captain, Ben Millar, for the result to be assured. After a promising start where the Darfield team were first to score, they then found themselves trailing 14–10 for most of the second half and, with time almost up, it was then that the brave Buller defence finally cracked. The standout player in this game was the young Darfield hooker, Jed Roessink, who was signaled out by the opposition coaches as being a real talent.

Results Summary: Darfield HS versus Buller HS Scoreboard 17-14 Tries: Ben Millar x 2. Conversion: Devon Crequer x 2, Penalty goal: Devon Crequer MVP points: 3 Jed Roessink, 2 Jack Devlin, 1 Devon Crequer.

After a couple weeks off, the team now look ahead to the annual Quad Tournament at Mt Hutt, where they will look to defend the title they won at this event the last time it was held two years ago. Following this, the team will travel to Timaru and Dunedin for their annual interschool fixtures with Timaru and King's Boys' High Schools, before hosting Adams Grammar School, who are visiting from the UK at the start of Term Three.

Years 9 & 10: second overall Rugby 26–31 vs Ellesmere College 38–14 vs Mt Hutt College 55–5 vs Geraldine High School Football 1–1 vs Ellesmere College 4–2 vs Mount Hutt College 6–1 vs Geraldine High School Netball 21–36 vs Ellesmere College 24–25 vs Mt Hutt College 16–43 vs Geraldine High School

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DARFIELD HIGH SCHOOL FORMAL 2016 THEME: Great Gatsby WHEN: 6 August 8pm ~ 11.30pm WHERE: DHS Hall TICKETS: $50 on sale 4 - 5 July

Senior Formal

Our annual Formal will be held on Saturday 6 August. This event is a highlight of the school year for senior students. We expect that all students and their partners will behave responsibly before, during and after the Formal. Our annual Formal will be held on Saturday 6 August. This event is a highlight of the school year for senior students. We expect that all students and their partners will behave responsibly before, during and after the Formal. Use of Alcohol In recognition of past practice, here parents of some students have hosted pre-Formal functions, normally the Principal and Board of Trustees have granted an exemption to the clause in the school’s Alcohol Policy which states that “Students are not to consume alcohol prior to attending a school function”. It must be noted, however, that the exception is granted only under the following circumstances: •

The pre-formal meal must be hosted and supervised by a student’s parent/ caregiver.

Liquor may only be served to minors (ie children under the age of 18 years) by their own parents.

Only one normal-sized glass of wine or beer may be drunk by any one student and must be served by that student’s parents or legal guardian, for under 18 year olds.


We expect that most young people will not drink alcohol, in which case their hosts should serve non-alcoholic beverages to them.

The designated driver of a vehicle taking students to and/ or from the Formal must have no alcohol at all.

A pre-formal function should include substantial food.

Attendees may be breath tested on entry to the Formal. In the past some hosts have encountered difficulties with students arriving at functions with additional alcohol. It is preferable therefore that parents/caregivers hosting pre-Formal functions supply the food, juice and one normal-sized glass of wine or beer that students are permitted.

Remember the ‘good host’ responsibility— provide plenty of food! Other students’ parents enjoy attending events such as this as well. Responsibility for Student Behaviour and Welfare The school’s expectation is that all students will behave responsibly before, during and after the Formal.

Tickets on sale Monday 4 July–Wednesday 6 July

The school accepts responsibility for students’ behaviour and welfare on their arrival at the Formal venue. Responsible supervision and security will be exercised for the duration of the Formal. On leaving the venue, caregivers assume responsibility for their children’s behaviour and welfare. Since the lowering of the drinking age, there has been much media attention on binge drinking by young people. Our community is not exempt from this. Often after the Formal, students wish to get together. Small get-togethers in parents’ homes of groups of friends are the safest and most enjoyable way for students to host such events. This needs to be discussed by families before the evening itself. Outside partners for the Formal must be approved by the school. We hope this guidance will be received in the spirit in which it is given—to ensure a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable evening that the school and families can be proud of. There will be Formal Dance Lessons at Lunchtimes in the Gym in Term 3, Weeks 1 & 2.

10 June 2016

1 May 2016 The Secondary School Principals Canterbury INFORMATION FOR PARENTS/CAREGIVERS - AFTER-BALL PARTIES AND THE LAW In June last year I wrote to all the Secondary School Principals in Canterbury in relation to “After Ball” parties. A decision from the Courts only a few months ago now gives a much clearer indication as to what constitutes the offence of “Use of Unlicensed Premises as a Place of Resort for the Consumption of Alcohol”. The maximum fine is $20,000. 

People who organise, manage, sell tickets, charge an entry fee, provide security etc. are breaking the law unless they obtain a special licence to sell and supply alcohol.1

It is not possible however to get a Special Licence for BYO alcohol.2

People attending such events are generally also committing an offence3.

The police position is clear – organised after ball parties involving the consumption of alcohol and a charge of any sort are illegal irrespective of the age of the attendees. 

Minors must have express consent of parents/legal guardians to consume alcohol. Notes with “To whom it may concern” do not meet those requirements4.

Please send this letter and its attachment to all your parents and caregivers and any pupils who may be considering getting involved with this activity. Yours faithfully,

G J Spite Senior Sergeant

1 2 3 4

Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, s235 Oddballs Adventure Tours Co Ltd v Ferguson, HC Christchurch CIV-2008-409-2032 Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act2012, s236 Sale and Supply of Alcohol 2012, s241

Alcohol Harm Reduction Unit | Canterbury District | NZ Police Christchurch Central Police Station | 68 St Asaph Street | PO Box 2109 | Christchurch Issue 6 / DHS Dispatch


School and Community Notices Maths Tuition . + _ x .

Private maths tutoring available after school for students up to Year 11. Experienced maths tutor, only five minutes walk from school.


Includes support with exam revision.

Monday 13 June

For more details, please contact Kelly Maude on 3187969 or

Year 12 Outdoor Ed (all day)

ICAS Writing Competition


A Japanese martial art that teaches principles to deal with aggression without fighting. Monday and Thursday: 6.30–8:00 pm Ph. 03 318 3113,

Term Dates 2016

Tuesday 14 June •

House Singing

Canterbury SS Gymnastics Championships

BOT Meeting, 7.00 pm

Wednesday 15 June •

ICAS Spelling Competition

Chamber Music Competitions (to 17th)

Senior Quad Tournament

Canterbury PS Artistic Gymnastics

Friday 17 June

Term 2:

Year 11 Rural College Practical Day

Senior Progress Reports Sent

Year 9 Japanese Trivia Night

Monday 2 May to Friday 8 July

Term 3: •

Monday 25 July to Friday 23 September

Term 4:

Sunday 19 June •

Sport Canterbury Mud run


Monday 10 October to Friday 16 December

24 October: Labour Day

Canterbury PS Rythmic Gymnastics

10 November: Staff Only Day

Year 12 Outdoor Ed (all day)

11 November: Canterbury Anniversary Show Day

Tuesday 21 June

Contact Between Home and School We have found that up-to-date information is vital in case of an emergency but also for general day to day contact. Have you changed your address recently? Changed cell phones? Place of work? Or would you like to update/change the emergency contact for your student? Also the second parent address for reports being sent. If any of the above changes apply, please advise Jill, Student Administrator, by: phoning 318 8411/ext 3; emailing or write it down and ask your student to deliver it to the Student Office

Monday 20 June


PTSA Meeting, 7.45 pm

Wednesday 22 June •

Canterbury PS Cross Country Championships

Year 13 Scholarship Talk, P5

Friday 24 June •

Year 13 Geography Trip to Queenstown (to 27th)

Year 10 Japanese Afternoon

WEEK NINE Monday 27 June •

ICAS Spelling Competition

Canterbury SS Aerobic Championships

Year 12 Physics Radioactivity Day at UC

Tuesday28 June



House Singing, 10.45 am

Year 12 Interview Day

Wednesday 29 June •

1st XV Rugby Southern Tour (to 1st July)

Credit Cards Issued

UC Arts Visit, P5

10 June 2016

School Uniforms We have a small range of uniform items in stock at school. Fittings are by appointment only. It is preferable parents refrain from coming to reception for uniform items from 8–9.30 am as this is a very busy time. For purchases, please contact Sue or Elaine in Admin. Out of stock items will not be replaced; we are discontinuing the Uniform Shop at school. Please ring to check we have the item you require. All Darfield High School uniform items are for sale at The Warehouse, Rolleston.

Uniform Reminders:

Ties During the winter terms, Terms 2 and 3, students are required to wear a school tie with their uniform. These are available from both Darfield High School and The Warehouse.


School Uniform If you need to buy or sell good conditioned second hand Darfield High School Uniform then let Polkadotcom make it easy for you. We can take orders and sell on behalf, taking the hassle out of school uniform. Dont hesitate to contact us.

Sports Socks If your student is playing a winter sport in the following codes, they will need a pair of Darfield High School socks: Rugby and Hockey. These are available from the school office only. Hats Students are permitted to wear a plain navy beanie or the DHS beanie with crest. This is for outdoor wear only. Jackets for cooler weather: Students are permitted to wear either a plain navy or plain black jacket with their uniform to keep warm on cooler days. Jackets and DHS scarves are for outdoor wear. Socks: Ensure that your child is wearing the correct socks to school. For both girls and boys, knee-high black socks are required. Jewellery: The only jewellery permitted is a wristwatch and one gold or silver stud in each ear. No other jewellery is to be worn. Blazers: Blazers are to be worn on Tuesdays. Parents, please remind your students to bring their blazers on Tuesdays for Assemblies. Lost Property: Many uniform items have been found around the school. Please name all items of your student's clothing and check that they have not lost anything. Lost Property will now be stored in the Uniform Shop. Students can access it by seeing Sue at the office or by visiting the shop when it is open.

Friday 1 July Lunchtime on the Quad

Uniform Shop Hours for Students Monday: 11.00 –11.25 am Thursday: 11.00 –11.25 am Second Hand Uniforms Wanted There is a great demand for clean and tidy second hand uniforms. If you have items you would like to sell or donate, please email, or with details: sizes, items, girl’s or boy’s, price, and your contact details. This information will be added to our database and if someone is looking for an item, we will pass on your contact details. Note: we do not keep second hand uniform at school.

Issue 6 / DHS Dispatch





tomato sauce


DARFIELD HIGH SCHOOL Years 7 to 13 Cleaner

The school has a vacancy for a Cleaner. Part time hours are available during term time. Up to seven days work maybe required during school holidays. Applications close Monday 20 June 2016 Application Pack from: Human Resources Co-ordinator Darfield High School PO Box 5 Darfield Tel: 03 318-8411 email:

Darfield High School Board of Trustees Election Declaration of Parent and Staff Election Results Parent Representatives At the close of nominations, as the number of valid nominations was fewer than the number of vacancies required to be filled, I hereby declare the following duly elected: Toni Bellamy Anne Hann Sue Robinson Marcus Waters Staff Representative Votes Scott Jermyn 46 Amy Tangney 20 Invalid votes 1 I hereby declare Scott Jermyn duly elected. Trudy McKay Returning Officer

The Darfield PTSA is looking for a new Logo!

Oral Tapestries Evening Thursday 30 June 7.00 pm All Welcome


Grab your sketch books and colouring pencils and have a go! The PTSA are looking for a logo that represents the link between the school students, teachers and parents. Designs can be digital or on paper. Hand them in to Mrs Stark by 21 June.

Entertainment Books The 2016 Christchurch, Canterbury and Nelson Entertainment Book is now available at Darfield High School. It is also available as an App which can be downloaded onto your smart phone. The Entertainment Book costs $65, of which $13 comes straight back to the school. The book is chock full of vouchers offering a load of discounted goods and services. If you wish to purchase one, simply go to the Darfield High School website and follow the link, or contact Jan Stark at Many thanks for your support. Jan Stark Staff representative on the Darfield High School PTSA


Year 9 – Year 13 Dental Information If your child is in Years 9 – 13 and has not been seen by a dentist in the past 12months, you can elect to use our practice.

(Children in year 7 & 8 are still under the primary school dental service seen in the dental van at school)

From year 9 until they turn 18years old, your child is still entitled to their free dental care, this is provided at private practices and not at school. It is very important that your child is registered with a dental practice to ensure that your child does not miss the opportunity to their entitled dental care. Dental care includes - 1 general exam per year Amalgam fillings - Provided at no cost under the dental system - If you wish for your child to have composite filling (white material) this is a private fee.

General extractions - Provided at no cost under the dental system - Extractions needed for orthodontic treatment is not provided under the school system and incurs a private fee.

We would like to make sure that every child has the opportunity to dental care. If you would like to register your child at Darfield Dental, please call or email our practice. Please provide name, DOB, address and NHI number (National Health Index) this can be obtained by checking your child’s plunket book or calling your GP. Please call/email the practice if you have any queries Ph. 03 3188392

10 June 2016

What’s on at Ara To learn more about any of the events listed here, visit or call us on 0800 24 24 76.

Open Day Thursday 16 June 2pm – 5pm

Music Arts for a Day 9am - 4pm › Thursday 19 May › Thursday 2 June

Industry Expo & Open Day Thursday 25 August 2pm – 5pm

› Thursday 16 June › Thursday 4 August


› Thursday 18 August

New Zealand Broadcasting School Information Evenings

Learn what it is really like to be an Airline Pilot

› Thursday 1 September › Thursday 15 September

› Thursday 16 June 5pm › Monday 27 June 7pm

16:00 – 21:00 25 AUG 2016

AIR NEW ZEALAND AVIATION INSTITUTE 7 Rennie Drive, Mangere, Auckland.

16:00 – 21:00 1 SEPT 2016

AIR NEW ZEALAND AVIATION INSTITUTE 125 Orchard Road, Christchurch Airport






› Thursday 14 July 7pm J007505 Pilot Open Day A3 Poster FinalArt.indd 1

Issue 6 / DHS Dispatch

20/05/16 1:26 PM



University of Otago

Information Evening Wednesday 22 June | 6.30pm - 8:45pm Silks Lounge | Addington Events Centre Otago Overview What the University of Otago can offer you Accommodation Presentation about Residential College life Study Options Presentations about subjects, degrees and HSFY Information Evening Enquiries: Schools’ Liaison | (04) 460 9805 | 0800 80 80 98 | | txt 866 |


BEYOND THE UNIFORM Is a career in the New Zealand Defence Force for you? It can be a big step to apply to join the New Zealand Defence Force. Come along to our free session and talk face to face with a Defence Careers expert and other women. This is your chance to ask the questions you really want to know in a comfortable, low key environment. Feel free to bring a friend, advisor or family member. Where? CHRISTCHURCH HMNZS Pegasus, 419 Montreal Street When? Wednesday 15 June

Womens’ Force Info: 6–7pm Womens’ Force Fit: 7–8pm

If you can’t make this information session and want to know more about women in the defence force, including the answers to many popular questions – visit our new web section: Call or email us to register your interest: or call 0800 1 Force Christchurch Defence Recruiting

Junior Club Committee Presents 8th Annual

THINKING ABOUT A CAREER IN THE NZ DEFENCE FORCE? Come along to our free sessions and find out more about careers in the NZ Army, Navy and Air Force.

FORCE INFO Hear from our Defence Career experts and ask questions.


Burnside Rugby Clubrooms Friday 1st July

July 6.45pm

We will guide you through what to expect at your initial fitness test, and how to get Force Fit. Remember to bring your workout gear if you would like to participate. These sessions are open to everyone – parents, caregivers, friends and teachers are welcome too! CHRISTCHURCH Where? HMNZS Pegasus, 419 Montreal Street When? Tuesday 12 April, Tuesday 24 May & Tuesday 13 September Force Info: 6–7pm, Force Fit: 7–8pm

Max 6 members per team Entry: $5.00 per contestant Team Registration please email:

Call or email us to register your interest: or call 0800 1 Force Christchurch Defence Recruiting

Darron Stackhouse Please submit team registration with contact name & details, team name, number of contestants


10 June 2016




Exciting new singing and acting group for young people! ‘Young Performers’ is open to young people from 8 to 15 years. Students will learn singing, acting and movement from experienced performer and Primary School trained teacher Belinda Cullen-Reid. Young Performers meet weekly in Darfield on Tuesdays from 4.30-5.30pm during term time. For further information and to enroll please go to https://

Snowboards for Sale


The value of the boards have been assessed by Gnomes Ski shop. The white one is $100 and the other is $50 Phone Elly 027 7273 543



Issue 6 / DHS Dispatch


Secondary School Creative Competition


Operation Neptune

In 2016 the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) is celebrating our 75th anniversary as the independent maritime arm of the New Zealand Defence Force. During this year, we would like to engage with secondary school pupils, teachers, and wider communities throughout New Zealand through a competition that engages the creative energy of pupils and aligns with educational outcomes including the NCEA syllabus. We would like the competition to draw in the widest possible range of creative talent. This is a unique opportunity for students to develop a creative proposal, developing a project that aligns with their strengths and areas of interests.

Themes “Our Navy: courage, commitment, comradeship” “Our Navy: our roots, our story, our mission” Concept

Prizes YEARS 10–11

YEARS 12–13


Competition applicants are to submit a proposal using a template (provided by the Navy) to describe their proposal and the medium in which they propose to work, and how this supports the competition theme.

WINNER: contribution towards tertiary study of $3000

From these proposals, six finalists will be selected to bring their proposal to fruition.

RUNNER UP: contribution towards tertiary study of $1500

These finalists will be given free travel to visit the Naval Base and meet naval people, as well as a contribution towards the cost of developing their proposal.

WINNER: Apple Macbook Air



The Street Talk defensive driving course teaches you driving safety skills. It’s a fun and interactive programme that aims to help you to better understand and cope with risks when you’re driving and improve your driving. Most important of all be a safer driver. This course helps you develop: • • • • • •

advanced driving skills better control hazard identification the ability to make the right decisions the ability to manage risk prepares you for the restricted and full licence tests.

MTGOWNS ph 021 1841966

MTGOWNS is a new business located in Leeston township. We sell and hire Ball gowns, bridesmaid and Wedding dresses. We have lots of different styles and colours available.

Friday 24 June

Submission of proposals

Friday 29 July

Finalists (6) will be notified

Our ball gowns and bridesmaid dresses range from $20$70 and we have brand new and second hand dresses.

Friday 30 September

Final works to be submitted

Our Wedding dresses are from $100-$200.

Sunday 20 November

Prizegiving, part of the Navy’s International Naval Review

We are now hiring out dresses. Ball gowns and Bridesmaid dresses we are charging $30 with a $40 bond. These are for hire for three days. Our Wedding dresses are also available for hire at $100 with a $50 bond. We also hire for three days but can hire out for longer if required. We are open by appointment only but are available evenings, weekends as well as during the day.

For further information, please contact the Navy:

Address: 7 McLaughlins Road

PO Box 5


Darfield 7541


New Zealand

Issue 6 / DHS Dispatch

Phone: +64 3 318 8411 Fax: +64 3 318 8543 24

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Darfield High School 10 June Newsletter