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Wisdom through learning : Akona to matauranga kia mĹ?hio

8 MARCH 2018


Saving Lives at Darfield High School

Practical Farming Skills - Rural College

Principal’s Comments We all want our children to be happy at school and schools play a significant role in supporting the well-being of our children. Our Health and PE programmes are an obvious and important aspect of this. These programmes cover aspects of both physical and mental wellbeing. Students experience these as part of their class programmes and also school-wide activities such as the recent Attitude speakers. Student well-being is one of our strategic goals. This year strategies include supporting a student wellbeing committee, emphasising the pastoral role of form teachers, additional guidance counsellor time, and emphasising the digital citizenship agreement.

One key factor in supporting student mental wellbeing depends on students feeling part of a school community that they feel connected to. Connection with the school is strengthened by feeling listened to, contributing and participating in school activities, and having friends and positive working relationships with the adults at school. As well as being fun, the House competitions help engender a greater sense of belonging. As well as promoting physical health, participating in sports teams can build positive links with others in the school. Activities such as school camps enable students to have shared experiences that can work to build greater camaraderie.

DHS CROSS COUNTRY CHANGE OF DATE Please note that the DHS Cross Country date has changed. New date is

Wednesday 4 April This event is held at the Darfield Domain

James Morris

Breakfast with the Mayor On Tuesday 20 February, the Selwyn Head Prefects were invited out to breakfast with the Selwyn Mayor, Sam Broughton. We all met over at Robert Harris Cafe in Rolleston at 7.30 am, and introduced ourselves. The Lincoln Head Prefects are Gabriel Clarke and Petra Campbell, and the Ellesmere Head Prefects are Iain Wright and Fylgia Romero. It was great to meet these awesome people; we found that we actually had a lot in common with each other, which is a great start to a year of working together.

A huge thanks to Sam for taking us all out to breakfast so that we could all meet. We are really looking forward to forming bonds with both Lincoln and Ellesmere, which makes for

an exciting year ahead!

Katie Sharp and George Brown

We ordered some breakfast which was generously paid for by Sam, and then we sat down and we all told stories about ourselves and where we came from. After our stories, we shared some quotes/ one-liners that we like to live by. Mine are ‘everything happens for a reason’ and ‘treat others how you would like to be treated’, and George’s was ‘life is good’. It was really cool to listen to Sam; he had lots of valuable information for us about leadership, as well as some inspiration.


8 MARCH 2018

University Presentation Visits

Youth Advisory Group

Our Year 13 students will have the opportunity to meet with a range of University Liaison Officers during the term. This is an opportunity for them to hear about what each has to offer, including course details and campus information to help them make their decisions for next year. On 21 February, Ara Institute of Canterbury came along and talked about the range of courses they offer: from certificates to diplomas to Bachelors and beyond. We had a classroom filled with Years 12 and 13 students asking some great questions about pathways and what it will take for them to access the courses they are interested in. Course fees, student loans, fees free, student support and campus accommodation were also on the list of topics. Check out the school calendar for who's next.

In early February, I flew to Wellington for the first meeting of the Minister of Education's Youth Advisory Group. I had an amazing time over the two days getting to know the 11 other members from all over NZ. We discussed a wide range of topics, such as over-assessment, mental health, careers and pathways, student engagement, and digital assessment. We got to share our experiences, opinions and ideas on these topics with several key people, including the Minister of Education, Chris Hipkins. I felt like our voices were truly being heard and listened to, and I'm excited to see what changes we can inspire as the year progresses.

Tēnā koutou DHS community. My name is Andrea Jacobs. My family and I have lived and travelled all over New Zealand; in the past five years, we've lived in Twizel, Mapua and Rolleston. We now call Greendale home and are all loving the rural lifestyle. I've had a number of vocations over the years; a highlight was working in adventure tourism in NZ and Europe from 1997, before switching to teaching in 2008. This year, I am part-time in the Social Sciences department, teaching two Year 9 classes.

Kate Morris


to Jason and Amy on the birth of

Baby Dickens Born 20 February

Tena koutou katoa. Nga mihi mahana. Ko wai au? My name is Morehu Solomon. My tribal affiliations are Ngati Kahungunu, Ngati Porou, Raukawa and Te Arawa. I have recently moved to Christchurch after living in Kawerau ( Bay of Plenty). I have been involved with drama and theatre education over the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. I worked with the Court Theatre last year as the Maori and Pasifika producer, a position I absolutely enjoyed. Teaching is my passion, particularly in supporting young rakatahi in the Darfield community. I enjoy tennis, sailing and the outdoors. I look forward to teaching my Drama students at Darfield High school. Ka nui te mihi. Naku noa na.

Prodigy MX Academy Training With Cody Cooper and Scotty Barr-Smith Recently, DHS students Tyler Wiremu and Jesse Willis took part in the Prodigy MX Academy training, which has been started by Dion Wiremu and caters from beginners to advance riders. The training involves one-on-one advice and group sessions explaining body position and technique for racing performance.

Tyler Wiremu training for corner speed


Jesse Willis with Cody Cooper ​


2017 Academic

The following students, who gained subject and/or certificate endorsements in NCEA 2017, were recognised in a special assembly on 13 February 2018.


NZ Scholarship results were released later - Abi Cider gained an Outstanding NZ Scholarship in Biology. We congratulate all these students.

NCEA Level 3 – Subject Endorsements Devin Benbow: Merit in Home Economics; Rahul Chandra: Merit in Japanese; Hamish Evans: Merit in Mechanical Engineering; Isaac Proud: Merit in Statistics; Anna Hefferon: Excellence in Art; Grace Hodgman: Excellence in Art; Vincent Li Creagh: Excellence in Classics; Bilguun Norjinkhan: Excellence in Japanese; NCEA Level 3 – endorsed with Merit Lily Barrett-Power, Amy Bruce, Georgia Burrows, Jade Collier, Eloise Dance, Findlay Davidson, Pippa Foster, Caitlin Frazer, Tom Gullery, Madison O'Callaghan, Sean Pennells, Fergus Thomas, Iva Vukovic, Leigh Walters, Georgia Watson.

NCEA Level 2 – endorsed with Merit

NCEA Level 1 – endorsed with Merit

Caleb Banks, Hunter Benbow, George Brown, Laura Brown, Jaymee Burrows, Ashley Coleman, Renee Cullen, Abbey-Lee Dunlop, Daniel Felipe, Holly Gibson, Imogen Groom, Ethan Haines, Teri Jackson, Emma Kellock, Samuel King, Bridget Leach, Lucy Learned, Poppy Lloyd, Zara MacDonald, Aeryn McMillan-Da Via, Jehosua Muiznieks, Adrian Nolan, Shae Read, Ella Reeves, Ged Roessink, Jodie Rollings, Katie Sharp, Ethan Spence, Kate Sutton, Bronte Thomas, Julia Trushin, Laura Wong, Natasha Young.

Cassandra Aubrey, Maddison Beardsmore, Jennifer Bell, Sam Clarke, Ashleigh Cridge, Jack Curle, Jemma Dalley, Ellouise Day, Hannah Forrester-Rolton, Kilita Fouchee, Bridget Freer, Mereana Gilmour, Lucy Glassey, Laura Gough, Cassandra Hart, Cameron Hendriks, Ryan Hughes, Mikayla Jarvis, Emily Klaassens, Aleisha Knowles, Elizabeth Laws, Rachel McLean, Benjamin Millar, Georgia Mitchell, Penelope Mitchell, Callum Murdoch, Reilly Neal, Kelsey Parsons, Jackson Proud, Lexie Purvis, Samuel Ridgen, Chantelle Rod, Cleo Searle, Jesse Smith, Jessica St ClairNewman, Ethan Taylor, Angel TaylorTraves, Abby Thornley, Aaliyah Van der Heyden,

NCEA Level 2 – endorsed with Excellence Esther Blain, Adriana Cornelissen, George Gibb, Elyse Kerr, Olivia Lemon, Jack McConnell, Courtney Newell, Niamh Rayne.

NCEA Level 3 – endorsed with Excellence Abigail Cider, Georgia Cottrell, Caitlin Fraser, Stephanee Lomas, Joseph Manifold, Rachael Phillipson, Samuel Roper, Georgia Shinn, Caitlin Soal, Harriet Watson. NCEA Level 2 – Subject Endorsements Kyla Benbow: Merit in Statistics; Brittney Blackburn: Merit in Home Economics; Hanel Blom: Merit in Biology; Emma Boyes: Merit in Commerce; Jeroen Breunisse: Merit in Physical Education;

NCEA Level 1 – Subject Endorsements Thomas Grafton: Merit in Mathematics; Ella Harper: Merit in Commerce; Jack Hedley: Merit in Mathematics; Jak Phillipson: Merit in Mathematics;

NCEA Level 1 – endorsed with Excellence Georgia Allison, Madeleine Berge, Corien Blom, Michelle Bruce, Daniel Conway, Sara Dorsey, Nicole Grigg, Sarah Kellock, Saskia Kremers, Eboni Lawrence, Anna Lovelock, Edward Manson, Alex McGregor, Kieran McKay, Kate Morris, Emma Pennells, Brooke Robinson, Aiko Sakurai, Beowulf Scott, Zoe Spinks, Brooke Steele, Alexander Stiles, Abigail Tuhill, Hanako Wilson.

Jenna Pont: Merit in Mathematics; Lachlan Summerfield: Merit in Physical Education; Emma Van der Wilt: Merit in Mathematics, Merit in Physical Education;

Cameron Brunton: Merit in Commerce; Caitlin Chambers: Merit in Commerce; Micaela Curtin: Merit in Physical Education; Viktoria Derik-Westaway: Merit in Commerce; Joseph Devlin: Merit in Physical Education; Grace Earle: Merit in Physical Education; Chloe McCaughan: Merit in Art; Cole Spinks: Merit in Physical Education; Kerryn Tomlinson: Merit in Physical Education; Brittany Hewitt: Excellence in Art; Harry Pooler: Excellence in Design and Visual Communication;


8 MARCH 2018

Monday 26 February 2018

New study shows when ‘broken hearts’ are most deadly A University of Otago, Christchurch summer student has identified the days when patients are most vulnerable to dying suddenly from a ‘broken heart’. Broken heart syndrome or stress cardiomyopathy is an increasingly common condition that may mimic symptoms of coronary heart disease. The Canterbury and Kaikoura earthquakes resulted in clusters of patients presented with the disorder – giving researchers a unique chance to study it. Researcher student George Watson, a second-year medical student, interviewed 11 people who had suffered ‘broken heart syndrome’ after the earthquakes. He found that while patients feel worst on the first day the syndrome hits, they were more likely to die from arrhythmia on the following two days. George says these ‘most fatal’ days were often when patients reported feeling better and were when their blood tests were returning back to normal. Canterbury DHB cardiologist Paul Bridgman was one of Watson’s supervisors on the 10-week Summer Studentship project. He says the findings provide scientific evidence on a condition that has become more common in the past decade. In Canterbury, there has been a 10 percent increase in patients in last 10 years, or about one patient a week now. Paul says most patients in hospital survive the condition, but not everyone. Patients in the community not receiving medical care are also of concern.

From left, Researcher student George Watson and Canterbury DHB Cardiologist Paul Bridgman

Medical student George Watson. Behind him is an echocardiogram image of a ‘broken heart’

Article supplied by The Canterbury DHB. George Watson is an ex-student of Darfield High School



Progress on the 'F Block'

Board Games with the Youth Group Workers

Lunch time activities 6

8 MARCH 2018

2018 PREFECTS George Brown Head Boy

Caleb Banks Deputy Head Boy

Katie Sharp Head Girl

Adriana Cornelissen Head of Wellbeing

Isaac Newbigging Head of Sport

Niamh Rayne Deputy Head Girl

Jodie Rollings Head of Culture

Adrian Nolan

Bronte Thomas

Cameron Brunton

Courtney Newell

Elyse Kerr

Emma Kellock

Esther Blain

George Gibb

Grace Earle

Harry Pooler

Hunter Benbow

Imogen Groom

Jack McConnell

Jacob Spence

Julia Trushin

Natasha Young


Olivia Lemon

Teri Jackson

Zara MacDonald





Champion Runner-Up

10 years – Boys 10 years – Girls 11 years – Boys 11 years – Girls 12 years – Boys 12 years – Girls Junior Boys Junior Girls Intermediate Boys Intermediate Girls Senior Boys Senior Girls

Barnaby Maude Kimberly Harris Jack Slater Holly Smith Ben Smith Charlise Miller Angus Marsh Chloe Newbigging Ethan Taylor Lucy Mitchell Hunter Benbow Micaela Curtin

Etienne Bourhill Kayla Holland Reuben Bromley Katie Doncliff Harrison Beresford Charlotte Roberts Callum Summerfield Isabella Kennedy Harry Williamson Laura Ashworth George Brown Niamh Rayne

8 MARCH 2018

record breakers



New Record


Ben Smith Charlise Miller Charlise Miller Charlise Miller Charlise Miller Angus Marsh Chloe Newbigging Chloe Newbigging Chloe Newbigging Ethan Taylor Ethan Taylor Ethan Taylor Ethan Taylor Ethan Taylor

Under 13 Boys Medley Under 13 Girls 50 m Butterfly Under 13 Girls 50 m Backstroke Under 13 Girls 50 m Breaststroke Under 13 Girls Medley Junior Boys 100 m Freestyle Junior Girls 50 m Butterfly Junior Girls 50 m Backstroke Junior Girls Medley Intermediate Boys 50 m Backstroke Intermediate Boys 50 m Breaststroke Intermediate Boys 50 m Butterfly Intermediate Boys 100 m Backstroke Intermediate Boys Medley

1.28.91 37.31 35.59 40.28 1.21.31 1.36.31 37.12 36.78 1.21.63 33.34 36.07 31.99 1.12.56 1.11.41

1.32.04 37.97 38.56 43.54 1.26.50 1.43.46 38.80 42.06 1.26.81 35.22 36.75 34.81 1.17.20 1.15.19




8 MARCH 2018

The weather played its part in this year's Athletics day, resulting in a great day for all. The Years 7 and 8 students took part in a modified athletics, which included speed ladder, broad jump relay and novelty races. They also competed in the traditional House relays.

Athletics Results will be published in the next Dispatch



DHS 2018


The following students have been selected to compete in the Canterbury Secondary Schools Triathlon Championships, in Sumner. We wish them luck.

Harry Williamson, Josh May, Kegan Pitkethley, Emily Waters, Rosa Dunnlogan and Issy Kennedy.



Senior Boys Years 11-13

Senior Boys Years 11-13

1 Sam King


1 Cole Spinks/Xavier Holland/Harry Pooler


2 Jeroen Breunisse


2 Angus Whitaker/George McIntosh/Caleb Curtin


3 George Brown


3 Josh May/Harry Williamson/Kegan Pitkethley


Senior Girls Years 11-13

Senior Girls Years 11-13

1 Caitlin Rayne


1 Paige Hunter/Saskia Jansen/Jenny Walter

2 Niamh Rayne


2 Brianna Longdin/Rozlyn Doherty/Stefanie McKenzie


3 Laura Gough


3 Olivia Lemon/Kerryn Tomlinson/Kate Sutton


Intermediate Boys Years 9 & 10

Mixed Years 11-13

1 Angus McPherson


1 Caleb Banks/Bronte Thomas/Hunter Benbow

2 Matt Ashworth


3 Tyler Tapa-Wither


Intermediate Girls Years 9 & 10



Intermediate Boys Years 9 & 10 1 Johnny Millar/Izak Derik-Westaway/Angus Marsh


2 Jack Robertson/Sam Robinson/Brody Simpson


1 Lexie Sinclair


2 Hannah King


Intermediate Girls Years 9 & 10

3 Zahara Sutton


1 Issy Kennedy/Rosa Dunnlogan/Emily Waters


2 Anna McKenzie/Tess Jenkins/Mya Moore


Junior Boys Years 7 & 8

3 Georgie Sarginson/Lucy Mitchell/Georgia Alfeld


1 Dylan Butler


2 Ben Smith


Mixed Years 9 & 10

3 Charlie Blackburn


1 Caitlin Knowles/Luke Henderson


Junior Boys Years 7 & 8

Junior Girls Years 7 & 8

1 Aydan Scotland/Oliver Flower/Louis Aitken


1 Holly Smith


2 Charlise Miller


2 Aden Warrington/Jordan Yaxley/Reuben Bromley


3 Kiana Buechele


3 Louis Ridgen/Lucas Hickey/Sam McCallion


Junior Girls Years 7 & 8 1 Sophie Hurndell/Kaitlyn Murray/Jessica Langridge


2 Lily Gilbertson/Blakely Bruce-Sheppard/MacKenzie Butler 31.34 3 Charlotte O’Reilly/Jaida Banks/Neve Molloy


Mixed Years 7 & 8


1 Emma Cunningham/Brooke Summerfield/Austin Taylor


2 Gabrielle Jones/Donovan Hunter/Jayde Wills


8 MARCH 2018

Points To Date


38 32 32 ISSUE 02 / DHS DISPATCH

House Points

When a student begins at Darfield High School, they become a member of one of the four Houses. Each House is run by a Staff Leader and a House Leader, a Year 13 student who liaises with the students. The House system is designed to encourage a positive atmosphere at Darfield High School and to enhance participation in events and relationships among students. Students participate in various events, covering sporting, cultural and academic activities, to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to contribute. Placing in specific events and participation in events are both rewarded, provided that students are honouring the spirit of the event.


Remington Evans and amazing Crayfish

Year 13 History Trip to Akaroa On 2 March, the Year 13 History Class had the privilege of going to Akaroa for the day to learn about the history of Ngai Tahu and Ngati Toa. Upon arrival, we were greeted by one of the Akaroa Area School students and had a lovely morning tea. Afterwards, we went to Red House Bay/Takapuneke and learnt about the history of the Elizabeth incident and how the trading went, and we saw evidence of a hangi that took place in the 1800s. We went on a walk afterwards to the Britomark Memorial and learnt about the history that took place and the moment that the South Island became a British colony. This

was followed by a trip to the Akaroa Museum where we watched a mini-documentary about how Akaroa was established. Lunch was provided by the Akaroa students and was absolutely delicious, complete with fresh crayfish and paua plucked from Akaroa Harbour! This was followed by our trip to the Onawe Peninsula. Here we learnt how Te Rauparaha travelled down from the North Island and brought 70 waka to the peninsula, where he killed Ngai Tahu people; some reports estimate around 600 Ngai Tahu died. Afterwards, we stopped off at Little River for an ice cream before heading home.

On behalf of the Year 13 History class, I would like to thank Mrs Lee and Mr Adams for taking time out to come on the trip with us and hopefully enjoying it as much as we did! I would also like to thank Mr Brittenden and the Year 13 History class of Akaroa Area School for not only providing lunch for us but also for coming on the trip and telling us new information about the history.

Remington Evans

Year 13 Group photo Students walking up Onawe Peninsula.


8 MARCH 2018

Japan Day is a festival. which is really fun. There were many displays, for example, you could try the Ninja experience, wear a kimono, play Japanese Matsuri game. It was a lot of much fun. There were a lot of food stalls. I ate Karaage don, cotton candy (watagashi) and matcha frappuccino. I did the performances. I was so nervous, because I was absent at practice time. But my friends told me "Good luck". They were encouraging. I think my performances were very good.

Rira Takahashi We saw a lot of people wearing costumes and I thought it was very cool. We also got to buy Japanese foods, like takoyaki, fried squid. The Japanese Day participated at the Calligraphy presentation and they did an awesome performance.

Ashley Macanang Our calligraphy performance showed off our skills and I was able to perform well. I have good memories of Japan Day.

Keigoro Kameyama I helped their volunteers to collecting rubbish. I had Takoyaki, ramen, matcha frappuccino and fruit punch: the best one was the takoyaki. Although we were very busy, it was a lot of fun.

Chihiro Ogino I wrote koega which means "voice". I was so glad that the performance was good. Japan Day was a lot of fun and an unforgettable memory for me. I want to go again next year, it was a very great day.

Mai Takata

What the students said about Japan Day

Many people came to learn and experience Japanese culture. There were many activities, including Origami, green tea ceremony, sumo tournament and Japanese drums. A dance group taught NZ people how to do traditional Japanese summer dance. Japan Day is a great time for people to learn about the Japanese culture through food, music and dance.

I wrote calligraphy about Japanese famous song, and I did a dance. I missed a little of the dance, but it was fun. I wore Yukata: Japanese clothes. It was good because I can't wear them often. I had many interesting experiences. I want to participate again.

Iwase Saho Japan Day was really fun.

Celestianne Liwag Many people said "Good job" to us. I was so happy to hear that.

Hanako Wilson

Mizuki Hayashi

At the event, a lot of Japanese food was available, as well as games that are commonly found at Japanese festivals. Performances were available to watch at three different stages, an inside and outside stage, where many big acts took place, and lastly a stage upstairs which was specifically for traditional tea ceremony demonstrations. Darfield High School did a calligraphy performance on the inside stage while also doing a traditional summer dance.

We did a calligraphy performance based around a song, based on an old Japanese story. The main theme for the performance was summer. There were many stalls with Japanese food, snacks, games and many other performances like sumo, Japanese drums and a tea ceremony.

Kieran McKay

Lexie Purvis I tried dumplings for the first time. I really liked them. We went with the school and we performed in the calligraphy performance. It went pretty well. I had mini melts (ice cream) Hi-chews, ramun (a drink like lemonade) they were all delicious.

Georgia Walker


Hokkaido Yubetsu Scholarship application is available. Due Friday 16 March For information contact Sumi Hayakawa-Buist 15

Well Done Darfield! Altogether, 63 people came along to give blood at the Darfield mobile on Tuesday 13 February. Eight of those 63 people were unable to give blood for various reasons. This is a 13% deferral rate which is low for a mobile that includes the public and a secondary school. We collected 55 units. 1 donation = 1 unit. This is 15 over our target for the Darfield mobile. Since the start of 2014, 55 units is the highest number of units we have collected at a Darfield mobile. Thirty people were brand new donors – most of these being students and staff from Darfield High School. Once again, a big thank you to everyone who donated – we really appreciate your support!

Atawhai Te Hau

New Zealand Blood Service


8 MARCH 2018

Thank you to the following students and staff who gave blood in the recent mobile blood clinic: McKenzie Alfeld, Georgia Allison, Matthew Bell, Hunter Benbow, Khale Bond-Ruscoe, Patricia Evans, Daniel Felipe, Toni ForsytheWalton, James Grafton, Thomas Grafton, Cassandra Hart, Tiaan Johns, Emma Kellock, Eboni Lawrence, Lucy Learned, Poppy Lloyd, Grace Manera, Courtney Newell, Jessica Prior, Jackson Proud, Lexie Purvis, Samuel Ridgen, Katie Sharp, Jacob Spence, Kerry Sullivan, Kate Sutton, Savarnnah Taylor, Augusta Thompson, Abby Thornley, Giorgia Van Der Wilt, Thomas Welch and Natasha Young.

Attitude Presentations

As part of our Health programme, students were involved in one-hour presentations delivered by the Attitude organisation. The presentation topics covered different subjects, such as "Who am I?" - Identity/ choices, Hauora - Wellbeing, Hardwired - Drugs and Alcohol, The Pits - Mental Health.



OPEN: The school Library is open all school hours including interval and lunchtime. ISSUE: You can borrow up to five books for four weeks as a student of DHS. CONTACT: As a student or a parent, if you have any queries, then talk to the librarians or email: or

18 Visit the school's library website for reading and research resources, e-books and audio books, useful databases and more!

8 MARCH 2018

h s i l g n E 9 r Yea The Colour Of My Summer The rocks were black and a strong purple with grey spots. I felt the current of the tide making me feel weightless as if I was floating in space. I can taste the perfect mix of oxygen and nitrogen with a little hint of salt. I can smell the mustardy stench of my ancient mask. I felt the trickle of water slowly coming in my wetsuit as if I was in a room slowly filling up with water. The colour of my summer was a soft black.

Will Reynolds

The Sunset I opened the back door and my eyes were drawn to this scatter across the sky of what looked like candy floss. The orange and pink perfectly combined into a beautiful ombre across the sky. The colours flooded across the sky like a flowing river of beauty. I could have sworn I was in a dream and I was waiting to be pinched.

The sun was fading behind the houses in the distance, but the sky stayed in this beauty. I could feel the wind on the back of my legs, but I wasn't going anywhere. The shadow of the outstanding palm trees made this even more surreal. I know that the patches of blue scattered across the sky would soon no longer be patches.

I just lay there on the ground mesmerised by what was happening in the sky above me. I never wanted this moment to end.

The sky slowly began to return to its original colour. I was sad to see this beautiful canvas of ombre going back into a plain black sky. This would have to have been one of the best sunsets I had seen and I couldn’t wait to watch another one.

Rhiannon Alexander-Lamb

The Sunset My summer is yellow Yellow like a Frangipani flower lying on the sand of Fiji, The warm welcoming sand clings to my hands leaving grains of golden happiness scrambled over my body,

Streaks of flaming orange and red light up the sky. The yellow was so bright you couldn’t deny the fact that when you closed your eyes the colours reflected a burning desire. But when you took a second glance you really saw the colours dance. The elegance of every change reminded me of the sea waves.

Jessica Townsend

A gentle scent of salt water travels with the soft wind, sounds of happiness fill the humid air combining with the clattering of leaves and the crash of waves on the sand.

Tess Jenkins

Sunset Time frozen. Bursting colour exploding through the whole sky. The sun, a fiery orb, looks like it’s gradually receding into the waters below, leaving bulging, radiant colours streaked across the sky. Time frozen. The luminous sky a range of fluorescent oranges, reds and pinks. Clouds like puffy, pink marshmallows vastly spread as Slowly the sun floats even further below the water.

My Sunset I watch the sun’s haze in the evening sky. Wisping and waving through a maze of clouds, each being taken over and slowly transforming its blank slate to a perfect golden, all just to be put to absolute darkness as the night is just round the corner.

Declan Kenure


Time frozen. The last of the sun lingered on the horizon Holding on to the last of its life. In just moments the sky changed from Brightness to darkness. Time frozen.

Mya Moore


DHS Canteen


Item Description


Pies Burgers / Rolls

C10 Meals

Cold Food





Hash Brown


$ 1.00

Garlic Bread


$ 1.80

Cheesy Garlic Bread


$ 2.00



$ 2.80

Mac & Cheese Topper


$ 3.20

Benedict English Muffin


$ 3.80

Butter Chicken Wrap


$ 4.00

Big Ben XXL Pie


$ 4.00

Hot Dog


$ 3.00

Cheese Burger


$ 3.50

Hunger Buster Roll


$ 4.00

BBQ Beef and Bacon Burger


$ 4.50

Riblett Roll


$ 4.60

Chicken Burger


$ 5.00

Pasta Napolita


$ 3.00

Macaroni & Cheese


$ 3.50

Butter Chicken on Rice


$ 3.50

Sushi Piece (home made)


$ 1.00

Sushi Rice Balls


$ 2.00

Crispy Chicken Roll


$ 3.00

Veggie Pocket


$ 3.00

Sushi Sandwich


$ 3.50

Pita Pit Small


$ 6.00

Mrs Higgins Brownie Bites 30g


$ 1.90

Doritos and Bluebird Chips


$ 2.00



$ 2.00

Fruit and Jelly Cups


$ 2.00

Muffin / Scone Flat Texan


Choc Mousse


We are open at interval and lunch times providing a variety of nourishing and delicious lunches for the students and staff. If you have a student with dietary requirements, please feel free to contact the school to discuss this.

We encourage the students to order their lunches at interval so they don't miss out at lunchtime. We have eftpos available. No credit will be given.

Canteen Staff; Lynn Meder and Chrissie Fairbrass

Canteen Rules Respect For Each Other •

Use good manners - please and thank you. Use appropriate language.

Be patient; respect each other's place in the line.

$ 2.50

No queue jumping.


$ 2.50

Goofy Slices



Don't give money to others in the queue to get things for you.

Trident Noodles


$ 3.60

Give others space - no pushing.

Chocolate Brownie Mrs Higgins 80g


$ 3.80

Mrs Higgins Cookie LARGE


$ 3.80

Come in the entry door and go out the exit door. Keep clear of the exit.

Anchor Blue Top


$ 2.30

Don't hassle others for money.



$ 2.40

Cappuccino / Hot Chocolate


Welcome to DHS Canteen.


$ 2.50

Pump Water


$ 2.70

Pump Water


$ 3.40

Eat lots of healthy food - fruit, wraps etc.

Up and Go


$ 2.90

Count your change before you leave.

Primo (All Flavours)


$ 3.50

Keri Juices (Plain)


$ 3.80

Pumped Water


$ 5.00

Lipton Iced Tea


$ 5.40

Paddle Pop Icy Twist


$ 2.50

Paddle Pop Rainbow / Choc


$ 3.00

Respect For Self

School Rules •

No credit may be given to students.

8 MARCH 2018





The Creyke Road Social Studies trip was a great experience for all Year 9 classes. Students were put into four different categories: bird feeding, weeding, possum trapping and watering the plants. We then headed up to the native plant plot on Creyke Road, where previous and current Outdoor Ed classes have established and maintained the plot over the last 12 years.

The bird feeding group helped put new sugar water into the bird feeders made by Year 13s in 2017. This encourages the birds to stop and rest before their long flight to the Alps. This is an important process as the native birds are needed to pollinate the native mistletoe trees up in the Southern Alps.

The possum trapping group got to see a trap and feel some possum fur. The trap works so that the possum puts his nose in and a needle spikes them. The other traps just clamp on to their legs and don’t let go; these are called snares. Possums threaten the native birds' habitat by eating the trees; also stoats and ferrets eat the birds eggs and the birds so it's important to keep the plot safe from predators.

The watering group didn’t need to do any watering due to the large amount of rain over the past few weeks. They helped out with the weeding by pulling the large weeds around the new plants so the plants get the right amount of water and don’t get smothered by the weeds. Otherwise, the weeds take all of the water meant for the trees. This was helpful for the maintenance as the sprayers can’t spray really close to the small, recently planted plants.

A big thanks to Mr Dickens and his Year 13 Outdoor Ed class for inviting us along to experience the awesome things they are doing to help our local environment. Also a huge thank you to Mr Rabbidge at Torlesse Travel for providing free buses to the site and back which meant there was no charge for the Year 9 students. It was neat to see sustainable education in practice.

Hayden De Burger

Remington Evans showing students how to set a snare.

Creyke Road Trip

Students weeding and learning about the bird feeders


8 MARCH 2018

Check out the new DHS

eers Carwebpage


Tü Toka Tü Ariki


Uruora Junior Assistant Tutor Amokapua Assistant Tutor Pükenga Senior Tutor Ahorei Head Tutor

AI !



e. ying and d.

Registration forms have been emailed Closing 15 March

"Ko Au, Ko Koe, Ko Tätou"


.nal ure all

"I am you - and we are us".

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kau angi

Me te Hokinga a Wairua POST REGISTRATIONS TO: a Matua Wira Villiamu Tü Toka Tü Ariki PO Box: 10-339Eru a Koro Tewe Philipstown, Ch-Ch 8145 Me Nga Rau or email Katoa Kua Wheturangitia REGISTRATIONS "TAU TE$40.00 WAIRUA"

Me te Hokinga a Wairua There is a small fee to enter. a Matua Wira Villiamu a Koro Tewe Eru Me Nga Rau Katoa UNLOCK Kua Wheturangitia YOUR TRUE "TAU TE WAIRUA" POTENTIAL



Due by Ratu 27th Poutü-te-Rangi

by Tü Ariki a SAP

$40 PER PARTICIPANT If whanau would Estate like to pay by Te Awhitu

Internet Banking contact Tü Toka Tü Ariki 29th Poutü-te-Rangi - 2nd Paenga-whäwhä 2018 An Invitation is extended for at the above email address ASAP

$40 PER10 PARTICIPANT Tane (boys) years and older to:

Te Awhitu Estate 29th Poutü-te-Rangi - 2nd Paenga-whäwhä 2018


"Wananga Taiaha"


Easter Weekend 29 Poutū-te Rangi - 2nd Paenga - whā whā 2018 29 March - 2nd April 2018


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Tau Mutu Te Awhitu Estate for more information please email Jane Huggins at ISSUE 02 / DHS DISPATCH

Understand your true capabilities Identify your strongest skills See where you can improve Track performance as you move through school

ICAS is the most comprehensive annual, international benchmark of learning progress—it puts powerful knowledge in your hands. ICAS does not assess how well you remember what you have been taught; it assesses the higher order thinking skills needed for success in English, Mathematics, Science, Writing, Spelling and Digital Technologies.




ICAS Science Writing Spelling English Mathematics Digital Technologies WÄNANGA TAIAHA WANANGA TAIAHA


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Rural College Practical Day

On Friday 2 March, the Rural College Year 11 classes held their first Practical Day for the year. This was held on the bottom field at DHS where intensive training was given in small groups. This is not possible to accomplish in large classes, so students were out of their normal classes for three out of the five periods. Correct active riding techniques on the Quad Bike were one of the main targets before students progress to more advanced riding off-site. Mr MacDonald took small groups in the finer points of hi-tensile fence knot tying, while Mr Cattell covered Fence Battening and Electric fence layouts. Students made excellent progress and teachers noted that this was one of the more promising groups of students, in both attitude and skill level. We were most fortunate with the weather as rain held off until 3.10 pm. Students will now practise and develop these same skills in a farming situation on 6 April.


8 MARCH 2018



Year 12 Outdoor Education Kayak Safety Training


8 MARCH 2018

Learning Centre Students in the pool



School and Community Notices TERM ONE 2018 WEEK SEVEN

TUESDAY 13 APRIL • Canterbury SS Athletics Champs • BOT Meeting 7 pm

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MONDAY 19 MARCH • Summer Tournament Week Starts TUESDAY 20 MARCH • PTSA Meeting 7.30 pm THURSDAY 22 MARCH • Parent Teacher Interviews - Start 3.30 pm FRIDAY 23 MARCH • Country Schools Music Festival WEEK NINE

WEDNESDAY 28 MARCH Canterbury SS Swimming Champs FRIDAY 30 MARCH • Good Friday Holiday WEEK TEN

MONDAY 2 APRIL • Easter Monday Holiday TUESDAY 3 APRIL • Easter Tuesday Holiday WEDNESDAY 4 APRIL • DHS Cross Country THURSDAY 5 APRIL • Canterbury SS Senior Tennis Champs DHS DISPATCH welcomes any news or photographs you have from events our students have attended outside of school. We love to hear about and share successes and interesting stories. If you would like to advertise in our newsletter, please email ruth@ for more information. Copies of DHS DISPATCH: Black and white paper copies are available from reception or Student Administration. Colour and back copies can be ordered by emailing Please enquire for cost. Address: Darfield High School 7 McLaughlins Road PO Box 5 Darfield 7541 New Zealand




+64 3 318 8411


+64 3 318 8543

Copyright: You are welcome to reproduce material from the newsletter after gaining permission from the school. All reproduced material must be appropriately acknowledged. Photos of school events can be found on our website and may be downloaded for personal use only. There is a download icon at the right of each photo.


Contact Details If you have changed any contact details: addresses, phone numbers or your email address, please tell the Student Administrator Mrs Hill.

Visitors To The School If you are visiting our school during the school day please visit reception on arrival at our campus. Our friendly office staff will then assist you from there.

Lost Property There is a large number of unclaimed items from last year. Please can you get your students to come and take a look if they know something has been misplaced. Parents: you are most welcome to come and check the clothing and items at Student Administration.

Activities & School Fee Payments All payments to the school (school fees, activity fees, NCEA fees, etc) can be made by direct credit to the following bank account. Please include the student’s name and the reason for the payment, eg Camp Fees.

Darfield High School, ASB Bank Limited Riccarton, 12-3147-0207317-00

Uniform Shop Hours For Students Mondays: 11.00 - 11.25 am and Thursdays: 11.00 - 11.25 am

Absences Please remember if your student is not at school, or arrives late, to phone the school to explain the absence. Please phone Mrs Davies on (03) 3188 411 Ext 2 or you can email

Assembly Days Tuesdays are usually Assembly days and you need to remember to wear your blazer. 8 MARCH 2018

Tae Kwon Do Interested in

Tuesdays 3.30 - 5.00 in Gym 2 First two training sessions are free, Then the cost is $2 per session Any questions, please contact Sumi Hayakawa-Buist

Street Talk Defensive Driving Courses March 2018 Cost $175 - which includes driving session. NB Anyone with demerit points can complete. If you miss a session you have the flexibility to catch up this session at another course To Enroll: Text:

027229 8018

Email: Held at: Rewi Alley Riccarton 6-8pm - Mon 5, Wed 7, Mon 12 and Wed 14 St Bede’s College Mondays 3-5pm Brodie 3 - Mon 12-19-26 & 9 April Christchurch Girls’ High 3.20-5.20pm T101 - Mon 12, Thur 15, Mon 19 and Thur 22 Lincoln High School 3.15-5.15pm F5 - Tues 20 (1.30pm), Thur 22, Tues 27 and Thur 29 St Margaret’s College 4-6pm WS113 - Tues 20-27, 3-10 April

South Malvern Netball South Malvern Netball Clubs Registrations and Subs Due on 25 March

Club day is on the 7th April 12 pm at Glentunnel School Registration forms available at the Glentunnel store, Hororata Garage or by emailing:

Completed registration forms need to be emailed to: ISSUE 02 / DHS DISPATCH




Music on the Green Sunday 11 March, 4.30–7pm, Westview Park Artists including Mariah Turnbull, Ashy Batchelor, The Reconstruction, Ruby Fusion. For more details see

Free Health Clinic For Students Public Health Nurse: Pam Eaden

Pam Eaden, our Public Health Nurse, is available every second Monday during lunchtime in the Counsellor's Office. Pam is available to discuss confidentially any health concerns, physical, mental and sexual health. This is a drop-in service or you can make an appointment with Ms Mallinder or Mrs Townsend. Parents with concerns regarding their child's health are able to refer to the Public Health Nursing service on: ISSUE 02 / DHS DISPATCH


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to spend on our school's science or tech equipment.





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to spend on our school's science or tech equipment.

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Last chance to register for netball with Darfield Netball Club Registrations needed by 5 pm on Sunday 11 March Form and details can be found on the website:

Malvern A&P Show Saturday 24 March 2018

Are You Musical? Want to form a band or solo/duos for RockQuest or enter Play It Strange song-writing competition? Please see Mr Teasdale (Music department) for more info


8 MARCH 2018



Keren Ericksen, studied Fashion Design and Technology. Teaching it in a number of schools. She is now offering sewing lessons locally, based at Glentunnel Primary. Providing a more Organic & Relaxed environment for those interested in learning, useful & creative Sewing Skills within small workshops.


Creative Sparks Teen Class

Thursdays - Ages 10 -16

4pm - 6pm

Thursdays - Adults 17 up 7.30 - 9.30pm From Beginners level on-wards Runs through School Terms

Come and learn the basics of landscape painting.

(Bring Own Sewing Machine)

$20 Per 2 hour lesson Contact Keren on 0210467473 or email:

Classes take place every Monday from 5.30 - 7.00pm. ONLY two spaces left!


$20 per session

- Basic Pattern Comprehension: (How to follow & adjust patterns). - Fabric knowledge and application.

(all materials provided)

- Developing skills & confidence with Sewing Machines & Overlocking Machines.

ADVANCED: - Applying Design adaptions to a pattern (To better fit your personal Style/Shape) - Applying appropriate Fabrics to chosen patterns. - Knowledge on how to complement personal body shape.

Free Dental Examinations for Year 9-13 in 2018 If your child has started Year 9 this year or has not been seen by a dentist in the past 12mths and is between Years 9-13, you can elect us to use our practice. Darfield dental will be available for free dental examinations on specific days in the month of March for Year 9 - 13 students. The days chosen are restricted due to the busy school calendar as well as our own schedule. If your child will be starting Year 9 in 2018, please contact our practice to advise us of their details. Your child will not receive a dental appointment, if they are not registered with us. Please contact the surgery to arrange an appointment. Thank you. Darfield Dental: Phone (03) 318 8392

Address: 7 McLaughlins Road

PO Box 5


Darfield 7541


New Zealand


Phone: +64 3 318 8411 Fax: +64 3 318 8543 32

02 Dispatch 8 March 2018  
02 Dispatch 8 March 2018  

Darfield High School Dispatch Newsletter.