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Who are we?

Dare to Learn have been prepared an unique way to get more knowledge about knowing a new language and we also teach how overcome illiteracy And we want you to help us doing the change that you want to see in our World. What are you waiting for? We have "The best way to make you succeed"

Dare to Learn Salvadorean Organization

Join us Dare to Learn Organization.

“The Best Way of Teaching to Make you Succeed�

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Just Dare!

Dare to Learn Organization.


We are interested in adult people alphabetization and the level of English in Salvadorean Teenagers.

We are an organization that eradicates illiteracy in adults who did not have access to basic education and promote the practice of the English language in the youth of El Salvador through our commitment and teamwork obtaining therefore new learning. Mision To serve as a entrepreneurial instrument to join the knowledge and resources of the members, in order to provide quality learning to satisfy their needs in the area of academic English and illiteracy

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