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Dare To Be Magazine April 2018 4 What Does Bold Mean To You? A Note from The Editor

6 Bold Finds Under $60 Affordable Fashion and Interior Decor

26 Peace & Self-love With Ana Alic Actor, Stylist, Fashion Blogger

30 12 Interview with Second Hand Rose Fiercely Bold Fashion Blogger

14 Embracing Difference With Fab Four Fashion

I Said What I Said Lol By Jody Anderson

32 Being Fearless with Chelsea of Chelssology Model & Travel Blogger

On the cover via Instagram account @feeeeya (Left) Image Via VISCO

36 Finding Your Authentic Self with Ana Simone Fitness & Fashion Blogger

40 Bold DIY Projects Get Creative!

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Being bold can mean a number of things. It depends on where you came from and what your experiences are – so the definition is rather relative. To me, being bold is about being fearless and unapologetic about who you are, what makes you happy, and to fiercely love yourself and your body in all its forms. As Winter melts and Spring takes its place, I wanted this Issue to inspire a new era. Who do you look to for inspiration on being your authentic self? For me, it’s the women featured on this page. From inspiring social movements to boldly speaking on women empowerment and other important social issues, these women represent the type of women I aspire to embody. It’s all about fearlessly embracing colour, philosophies, the style that you may talk yourself out of having. I hope the narratives of the bold women in this issue, style inspiration, and décor inspire you to step into your own power in every aspect of your life. Enjoy and thank you for reading. From,

Abby Walker

Founder of Dare To Be Magazine

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Images Via Babasouk


Bold 1.

Home Accessories Under $60






4. $13










1. 2 Modern Tempaper Removable Wallpaper, 2. Trouva Battery Powered Lamp 3. Trouva Neon Light, 4. World Market Wall Hook, 5. Amazon NuLoom Rug, 6. Nordstrom Rack Yellow Pillow & Bed Bath and Beyond Textured Pillow, 7. Trouva Succulent Plant Pot, 8. Puji Accent Table

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6. 5.












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9. $33

Images Via Pinterest

1.H&M Mirror, 2. Wayfair Accent Table, 3. Kirklands Ceramic Pot, 4. Burke Decor York Wallcoverings White Wallpaper, 5. Designers Guild DIANTHUS PINK NO. 132 PAINT, 6. Lamps Plus Glass Table Lamp, 7. Burke DĂŠcor York Wallcoverings White Wallpaper, 8. Wallart-Direct Framed Wall Art, 9. Nordstom Rack 8 Oak Lane Gray Bedding, 10. Deny Designs Decor

Images Via laybabylay Page 9

1. Zanui Dining Chair, 2. Trouva East End Prints Floral Wall Art, 3. Etsy Red Home Decor, 4. Zanui Accent Table , 5. Domino Olli Ella Basket , 6. (Right To Left) Kohls Rizzy Home Oblong Throw Pillow, Pier 1 Imports Striped Throw Pillow

Images Via My Scandinavian Home Page 10








$10 $10


$32 $39



Images Via The Wishing Trees

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Second Hand Rose

1. Have you always embraced your body? First of all, my body is my body and that’s always how I’ve viewed it. I often remind myself that my body doesn’t belong to anybody else. I don’t owe anyone any explanations on what I do with it or how I carry myself. I haven’t always embraced my body but I try my best to treat it with respect. I’m a big supporter in the phrase ‘fake it until you make it’, so I try to speak and think about myself in a positive way, even if that’s not exactly how I’m feeling that day. Embracing your body is a journey and for me that journey varies by the day. Some days it’s an uphill battle and other days it just comes naturally. 2. Being confident 7 days a week isn’t always easy. In your opinion, what is the hardest part of Selflove? For me the hardest part of self-love is accepting my off days. I feel like a failure whenever I think negatively about my body, which is ridiculous. I’m only human and humans are flawed (and that’s ok). I’m still learning how to accept my flaws. My top three tips to move towards being more confident are: 1) try to focus on what makes you unique 2) try to stop comparing yourself to other people (not everything is a competition) and 3) learn to accept that every single body is different and it’s what is inside that truly counts. Our bodies are truly our vessles as cliche as it may sound. If you’re accepting of others, that’s all that

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really matters. 3. If you can be BFFs with any celebrity, who would you choose? Definitely Rihanna! I absolutely adore everything she does from her music, to her makeup line to her personal style. She couldn’t care less about what people think of her and that’s something that I try to emulate. She has a wicked sense of humour and looks to be the life of the party everywhere she goes. I feel as though we would get along famously. 4. What is an outfit in your closet that makes you feel the most confident?

I bought a sheer black skater dress with a slip from Torrid earlier this year that I absolutely adore. It’s the perfect mix of sexy and edgy; it makes me feel so glamorous. I love wearing it in casual settings because it’s so unexpected. 5.What advice would you give your 19-year-old self? It sounds cliche, but comparison will kill you. Focus on your unique traits and stop trying to fit in with everyone else.

Who is Second Hand Rose? She loves trends and textures, but hates colour. So what does that mean? Chic black outfits with a pop of vibrant lipstick! Rosie is a body positive blogger from Ottawa, Ontario that features fierce must-have plus size fashion. Connect with Rosie on Intsagram & Twitter @rosiexwaugh

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Fab Four Fashion Page 14

Who are they? Fab Four Fashion is a group of fashion bloggers who began as a group of friends that varied in shape, size, and height. Seeing the beauty in one another and having a passion for fashion, the women decided to join forces. The four have been recognized on Cityline, Buzzfeed, Bustle, and Elle Canada to name a few. Their blog features absolutely stunning and incredibly flattering outfits on all four of the women that are just inspiring to any women struggling with confidence. They advocate for being comfortable in your own skin, self-love, and body positivity of course. All four of these women are definitely role models in their own rights.

Gail is a digital influencer that advocates for a range of issues including female empowerment. She wears her gorgeous petite, but voluptuous figure with the utmost grace and confidence. Gail has even been featured in a number of projects as a plus size model for well-known companies like Lane Bryant. As an influencer, she rocks self-proclaimed girly preppy style flawlessly.

Judy is a beauty and cuisine guru, with killer sense of style. As a fashion blogger and style influencer, she is defiantly a triple threat. In all she does, Judy advocates for body positivity and self-love. Sharing one fierce and sexy outfit combo after another, Judy is definitely curvy girl goals.

Nancy juggles her life as a busy wife, mom, and working professional in Toronto. On top of a packed schedule, Nancy manages to dress as if being a fashion blogger were her full-time. She is a tall glass of champagne, she says, measuring up to 5’11 or 6’2 if you include her magnificent mane. She would describe her style as fun, vibrant and full of experimentation.

Leslie is what one of her work colleagues calls of ‘delicate’ frame. She wears her tall, but slender build with the utmost fierceness. Like many women, she dresses to suit her mood. Mostly, her style is edgy, funky, and a little electric, she describes. She really likes to have fun with what she wears and tries not to take herself too seriously. Page 15

1.Have you always embraced your body?

shape and expressing myself through fashion.

Nope, not at all. In my teenage years it was hard for me to accept my curvy body especially because most of my friends had a beautiful but slim build. Even though we were all in that tomboy phase, I did notice a difference between us.

2. Being confident 7 days a week isn’t always easy. In your opinion, what is the hardest part of your self-love?

My mom was always there to encourage me. As a child, she would remind me of how perfect my body was the way it naturally is. It took me awhile to accept. What really helped me was when I decided to stop comparing myself to others. I transformed what I had at one point, considered a negative into a positive. By exploring my fashionsense, I began to find nice pieces that complimented by body well. I really started to become confident in my

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The hardest part of selflove is when I have an off-day and it feels like nothing fits me, or when I’m just doubting myself. These things have worked for me so far: changing my mind space and doing something positive or good for yourself; reading the encouraging messages I get from my followers; and definitely appreciating what I have. 3.If you could be BFFs with any celebrity, who would you choose? Omg I would definitely choose the Queen Bey first because I love everything Beyonce from her amazing

work ethic, to her drive to succeed, and her ability to always stay in the forefront of… well, everything, which amazes me. Nobody does it like she does and I’m pretty sure I can learn a thing or two from her. I would also choose Tracee Ellis Ross because I am totally in love with her style and I think she is authentic. And if I could have a third one it would be Oprah. 4.What outfit in your closet makes you feel the most confident? Any of my midi bodycon dresses are a success! 5.What advice would you give your 19-yearold self? Do you for you . Put your happiness and sanity first. Stop trying to please everybody. Trust yourself more and live your life to the fullest .

Judy Page 17

1. Have you always embraced your body? I have never hated my body as a whole, but boy-oh-boy I have had a love/hate relationship with certain parts of it, over the years! But, I think the key to realizing selflove for me was finally recognizing that it’s truly a journey, not a destination. I hate to admit it, because I would love to say that I’m that woman that was always confident and fully intrinsically motivated and self-accepting, but over the years, as people have complimented one part of my body or another (especially parts that I have not loved), I’ve grown to recognize how fabulous those parts of me are. Now, please, let us not get it twisted: I would not have minded if God gave me a full size A cup, a higher, rounder booty, knees that don’t “knock” as I walk, perfect eye sight and a smooth stretch-markfree booty, but He didn’t. Instead, he gave me strength of character, long legs, tiger stripes, and eyes that allow me to experience the world in a singularly unique way. 2. Being confident 7 days a week isn’t always easy. In your opinion, what is the hardest part of Self-love? For me, the toughest part of selflove is feeling like I always have to be in love with myself (i.e. “feeling myself”), well shoots – I ain’t, that doesn’t have to mean that I don’t love me! We seem to understand this concept when it comes to our loved ones, but not when it comes to ourselves. Tell me, are you head over heels in love with your hubby when he forgets your birthday?

Page 18

You loving your mom when she asks you “why are you still single?” No, you’re not! But you still love them, right? I can tell you right now that I am not confident 7 days a week. Sometimes I have feelings of “I’m way too skinny to look feminine”, or “I hate my knock-knees” or I just don’t feel good about me. There are just some days where I feel tired, sometimes defeated, and quite frankly just blah! (Yup, that is the technical term). And honestly, what I do is to just go with it. Allow myself to feel the “blah”…but only briefly, not to wallow in it for days. It happens. Some of the things I do to get myself out of this mood and bring back my confidence once I’m done wallowing are: 1) Surround myself with people that love me. Could be a good chat with my friends, or whooping it up with my dad – he’s a joker. 2) Dressing up: Yes, I’m a grown woman that still plays dress up. I find doing a mini fashion show with my sister, trying on outfits that just make me look fab, can go a long way to cheering me up. This also forces me to see myself looking great. Hard to feel so bad about my body when it’s looking so fab!! 3) Listening to good music: Now what qualifies as good music here is whatever you can listen to that you can sing along with and is upbeat. I find grooving to some good tunes always lifts my spirit and energizes me. Which inevitably changes my

mood and how I view myself. 3. If you could be BFFs with any celebrity, who would you choose? Hands down I would choose Tracee Ellis Ross! I love her and from my stalking of her on the Gram, she seems like such a fun loving, funny and positive person to hang out with. So T-Murda, whenever you’re ready to roll out, I’m here for you boo! 4. What outfit in your closet makes you feel the most confident? Anything that allows me to stand out from the crowd and express my personal style. So that would probably be a bold head-to-toe printed piece. For example my African print pants suit. 5. What advice would you give your 19-year-old self? Follow your dreams...not your parent’s dreams for you. That being said, make sure you have a solid plan B so you will always be financially secure regardless of what direction your life takes.

Leslie Page 19

1.Have you always embraced your body?


I have not always loved my body. I was always tall with the matching big feet! By always, I mean from elementary school. I was called the giraffe, a giant and Le Plus Haut (translation: The Tallest – my fellow Haitians will understand). I was called these things in school and sometimes even by “authority figures” and by extended family members as well. My support system taught me to be tough and not to let the name calling bother me. But, it didn’t change the fact that it stung every time.

Page 20

Since my mom is 5’2 ft, I clearly got my height from my 6’3 ft daddy! Even though my mom was always loving and supportive, she couldn’t fully understand my struggle so I found inspiration in another amazing woman. My favourite teacher growing up was also tall and had the best clap back game ever! One of those stuck with me for years. Every time she was told “My goodness, you grow like a bad weed.” (Which happened often) Her response was “Yes, and manure stays close to the ground.” My height allowed me to do things that I loved. I enjoyed being part of the basketball teams, where we had great trips and met even greater people. I also did some (small scale) modeling which made me feel all Naomi Cambpell.

I eventually came to the realization that being a statuesque woman totally rocks! I realized that my body was mine and feeling bad about it would not change it. Yes, I command attention when I walk into a room, and that is ok! I just flash a million dollar smile and go on with my life! You see, no matter what package you come in, agonizing over things that you cannot change is simply unhealthy. Instead of trying to change our bodies, let’s try to change the mindset that leads us to believe that our bodies need to be changed in the first place. Let’s just be healthy, be the best us, and be happy in the skin that we’re in. 2. What are your top 3 tips to move towards being more confident? Self-love is often sabotaged when there is lack of representation around you and when you compare yourself to others. Also, not being able to have access to the fashion that you like can also affect the way you see yourself. Tip 1: Surround yourself with images of bomb women that look like you. Instagram has been a great platform to connect with like minded people. They can provide inspiration and resources that can uplift your spirits. Tip 2: Find the resources that will allow you to express yourself in ways

that make you happy. For me, it was fashion. Getting shoes that fit, shoes that I actually liked, was so uplifting! Also, finding cool clothes that fit my tall frame changed the way that I saw myself. And no, this is not being vain. The way that you see your exterior can have a direct impact on how you feel inside. Tip 3: As a mom of a daughter, I recognized that her little eyes are watching my every move. I want to be the one that she looks to when she wants to understand confidence and selflove. Knowing that I influence her, gives me further motivation to stay on top of my game! 3. If you could be BFFs with any celebrity, who would you choose? I picture myself having brunch with Tracee Ellis Ross and Yvonne Orji. Both comediennes are strong women, unapologetically black and seem like so much fun to hang out with! 4. What outfit in your closet makes you feel the most confident? I own this uber sexy Jackie O dress from Black Halo. I have worn this dress for some major meetings and knew that I was going to kill it the minute I stepped out of the house wearing it. 5. What advice would you give your 19-year-old self? Wear the heels baby!! You’re already tall, adding 3-4 more inches will make no difference. Own your height and let them stare!

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1. Have you always embraced your body? I definitely did not always approve of my body. It was certainly a process. I read a brilliant piece by African American writer TaNehisi Coates for The Atlantic where the opening line of the article critiquing the biopic on Nina Simone: “when I was a kid, I knew what the worst parts of me were – my hair and my mouth. My hair was nappy. My lips were big.” I felt the exact same way. But, I would also add thighs and a rear end that were and still aren’t a runway model size. Even though my sister Leslie and I were blessed to have been raised by parents who loved, nurtured and supported us I still had my struggles with being confident. My daily dose of media consumption meant that I often felt inadequate, frustrated and always feeling like I was on the outside looking in when it came to fashion and Eurocentric standards of beauty. So, as a child and adolescent I knew that my physical characteristics were not seen as “in”, “hip” or “cool”.

Page 22


To combat my feelings of not being good enough, I threw myself into sports (I loved track and field hockey) … and especially into school. I am so grateful for the love, support and encouragement from my parents that taught me to focus more on my inner development rather than what I looked like on the outside. In our home, the talk around the dinner table was not “are you going to university” but rather “what are you going to study WHEN you go to university.” 2. What are your top 3 tips to move towards being more confident? The hardest thing about maintaining self-love is having that constant bombardment from mainstream media which dictates what is considered “beautiful”. It’s hard for a young girl to know that the way those models on TV look is not something you could ever attain. The main tip I would stress is to not compare yourself to others in any way because comparison is the thief of joy. Focus on the things you love about your body. Maybe its

your hair or legs or your hips. Dress those parts of you that you love. You should also focus on things you do well. For me it was sports and school. For you that might be drawing or singing or photography. Whatever your hobby is, focus on the things you love, excel at, and makes you feel like a million bucks! 3. If you could be BFFs with any celebrity, who would you choose? My celeb BFF would be Tracee Ellis Ross. She seems like so much fun! She and I could head out to Trap Karaoke and partay 4. What outfit in your closet makes you feel the most confident? My bodycon dress! Any time I put one on I feel like I can take on the world. 5. What advice would you give your 19-year-old self? I wrote this before, but it bears repeating: comparison is the thief of joy. I would tell my younger self to focus on the things they love and excel in and to be willing to look at themselves in a different light.

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Images Via Sarah Louise Johnson


Bold Fashion Finds Under $60


Smashbox Eye Shadow Palette, $28

Sunglass Spot Wayfarer Style Sunglasses, $6.50


Steve Madden Studded Hat, $19



Velour Lashes False Eyelash $17

BBrow Bar Paraben Free Makeup $31

7 BBrow Bar Paraben Free Nail Polish $31


With Chic Chunky Heel Bootie $44

Page 25

Peace & self-love with

Ana Alic


1. Have you always been secure in your uniqueness? It has been a very long journey to get to this point of self-confidence. I really believe we are always growing and expanding our self worth.

Growing up I was the shy weird kid with the crippling acne and braces for 6 years…yes, 6 years! Thank goodness I didn’t grow up in a digital age, that gave me room to discover who I was on my own terms and grow into my uniqueness and beauty. Curiosity and compassion are beautiful steps to being secure in yourself. There was definitely a shift in my late 20s that taught me the importance of uniqueness. I remember feeling unhappy with my life and I didn’t know why. I tried the meditation, the yoga, every self-help book made. I also watched this documentary by Louise Hay called You Can Heal Your Life (And I still value these things today).

Finally, through the tears and all the crystals I figured it out: your thoughts are so powerful and you gotta just love the heck out of your uniqueness. Because the thing is: this world is so beautiful and there is so much here to explore and the best way to do it, the way that will bring you the most joy is to be you, in all your messiness and breakups and rock bottoms and failures...Because the gold of who you really are is in all of that! 2.Do You have a quote that really inspires you? A quote I keep going back to is: “those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety”, which comes from A Course in Miracles. I think this is a beautiful reminder of patience. When we hold a vision for our life, but we should let things fall into place in their own time. I am a Gemini and my mind is always working and wanting to create things - like right now! It is so important to stay true to yourself and your vision Page 27

Curiosity and compassion are beautiful steps to becoming more secure in yourself

Ana is a stylist, actor, and blogger from Toronto. She is most passionate about wellness, travel, film making, astrology and the environment. She says she is most inspired by nature in which she always is seeking to create a sustainable heart.

Page 28

and ride it out regardless of what is happening around you. I think that really speaks to faith and faith in yourself. 3. Are there any challenges you’ve overcome so far in your journey? As a woman forging my own path and carving out a life that I love, there have been many challenges. Overcoming self-doubt and overcoming my limiting beliefs is challenging. I have also learned to embrace the challenge of pursuing an acting career and giving up on a secure lifestyle. My romantic life has been my greatest teacher, I think we all have an area of our life that challenges us the most because it is what we were meant to figure out and it is what pushes us the most to grow. We pay attention to the things our heart craves and for me that has been love. My recent breakup has been my greatest challenge and greatest teacher. After the breakup, I quickly picked myself up and healed my heart through some serious self-reflection. I learned that we attract mirrors of ourselves and even though I had done years of work on my romantic limiting beliefs there was still a part of me that didn’t believe I was worthy of love. I made purpose out of this pain. I learned that our selfworth is responsible for everything we attract. Raise your worth and it will raise your life! A creative dream was born and I am about to launch my new company called Topanga Moon. It is a moon ritual box and community, teaching sacred rituals for high vibing! I believe using rituals and the cosmos are a fun and beautiful way to heal emotional wounds and manifest our desires. The brand will be launching in April at 4. What is your philosophy on

being creative and following your dreams? There is this theme that has been floating around my life this year and it’s become my mantra: be yourself! I think it is easy and dangerous to compare yourself to other people and the most important thing is to keep your authenticness. My favourite stories are the ones of people who have created their dream life in their own way, going against any societal pressures. One of my favourite podcasts and mentors is Rich Roll, he became an ultra endurance athlete and completely changed his life. He went through 9 years of a financial collapse with his family but held true to his vision and just followed his joy. I would say find the thing you love and do that no matter what, you will be presented with tests and dark nights but I promise there is a golden life at the end, if you seek out joy. And finally nature heals, when in doubt seek out the beauty of nature - it has always healed my soul. 5. If you could have brunch with any group of women, who would you invite? I would probably want to do a weekend cabin getaway that including brunch to really get to know the women. I would have Oprah there because she is the wisest woman on the planet and I could listen to her for hours. I would also have Nikki Reed because she is a huge inspiration for me in terms of how I want to live my life: a conscious company, a beautiful acting career and an environmentalist. I would definitely have Jennifer Lawrence there because she would be so much fun to have a cocktail with, she is hilarious and so authentic. And finally I would have one of my best friends Katie Boland (she’s an unreal actress btw!) there because she is like my soul sister and I just love having experiences with her! Page 29



here is an unapologetic wave that has washed over women recently. It has many identities on social media: “Did I stutter”, “sorry not sorry”, “I said what I said” and the 2018 version: “No more putting lol at the end of my statements in 2k18. I said what I said.” (@xKayy_Jolie) The motto is a symbol of resistance against vulnerability, ownership of our own narratives and a successful endeavor to banish the dark cloud that’s been cast over women. We stopped caring what other people thought or felt about our behaviors. We stopped holding ourselves back and that’s a feeling to celebrate, to rub in people’s faces and to hold our heads back while laughing loudly.

Image via Traits pour traits

Being unapologetic isn’t a game. It requires you to acknowledge what you can and cannot tolerate on your journey to creating your positive space. For example, I consider it bold when I ask for more workload at work or deciding to give my professor honest feedback, or even when I call out a loved one’s toxic behavior. I’ve been reprimanded for speaking my truth in many forms. The responses aren’t always ideal but I’m aware that speaking my truth doesn’t come without social sacrifice. That’s the price of being unapologetic. Too many times I’ve been told to calm down during a passionate discussion where I spewed intellectual word lava too hot for my male or white counterparts to handle. Facial expressions of shock and embarrassment during these encounters warned me to settle down. I always felt that at this point they’re more focused on my demeanor than my words. Turns out I wasn’t alone in my experiences, Jully Black experienced the same thing. She was accused by Jeanne Beker of attacking her during a Canada Read’s debate *eye roll*. When Black responded to this accusation in an article, she says it became clear that, black women “are forced to silence ourselves before white women, who weaponize their fragility by defaulting to victim mode when faced with a black woman carrying knowledge and understanding.” This is a common tactic to undermine our truth. Speaking our truth on any topic is so important, especially with our sexuality. My shameless self first manifested when my father sat me down as a teenager to talk about boys. He said, “They

only want one thing” and mentally, I responded, “But I want that one thing too.” It seemed the idea of women only being interested in sex was a mythical notion. I never said this to him out loud but I was vocal about it everywhere else. Men don’t respond well to females’ loose inhibitions. And of course they wouldn’t, since it threatens the grip of our dainty vaginas on their generously large penises (myth btw). Our sexual casualness is either seen as unnatural or a catalyst for whatever negative consequences comes our way (usually at their hands). When I first gained a sense of unapologetic-ness, I didn’t let the terms “slut” and “whore” define me. I decided anyone who dared to categorize me wasn’t a person to be around. I was horny and eager to test my sexual boundaries, and I continue to do so in safe places. By safe place I mean; with people I trust, with people who respect me and in places I physically feel safe. With these people I express concerns, curiosities and debunk myths. In exchange, I gain orgasms and insight. I’ve learned to embrace my curiosity and release it in the social mediasphere in writing, through Instagram stories and with polls that lead to indepth discussions in my DMs. We already know we shouldn’t apologize for who we are but it’s a struggle to truly envelop ourselves in that mentality. Especially when you have phrases like, “a key that can open many locks is a master key, but a lock that can be opened by many keys is a crappy lock,” to dehumanize women whose sexuality is limitless. It’s a way for authority figures to value women by the elasticity of their vagina and impose restrictive boundaries on us. But the thing about boundaries are: “they don’t merely manage our unruly wants but can choke them off until each of us is a law-abiding, cold-blooded carapace, or a liar” according to Kate Bolick. I cannot tolerate lies, especially to the self. It’s a selfish habit I indulge in to cleanse my conscience and my space. Being in an environment where I can be my purest self is what matters to me most. I didn’t realize this until I really started to embrace my purest sexuality. The only way to be unapologetic, is to do so to serve your own sanity. By: Jody Anderson (@meshisland)

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Page 32

Being Fearless with

Chelsea of Chelssology Chelsea is writer/model from Toronto, Ontario. She first created her blog back in 2015 as a way to express herself on a creative platform and to share her travel experiences, discourse and inspiration. Her blog hopes to motivate its audience to experience life outside of your comfort zone. She truly believes that our journey is measured by experiences. She is certainly bold. For more on her adventures follow heron Instagram @chelssology

Page 33

1. Describe your boldest moment. Were you always so confident in your own skin? My boldest moment was definitely moving away from home. I did it in baby steps. First, I moved away for school to London, Ontario which was 2.5 hours from my hometown. During my third year, I studied abroad in the Netherlands and explored Europe. Following university, I moved across the world to South Korea. It definitely takes self confidence to move away from home because you’re being 100% dependent on yourself. You have to be comfortable in your skin to survive on your own. If you don’t like yourself, no one else will. It’s definitely a journey to Self-love. It took me a while to get to this point, and I still have a long way to go. 2. What is the greatest challenge about embracing your uniqueness? I think embracing your uniqueness is important because it sets you apart from the rest of the world. People are so quick to clump everyone together especially in the blogging world. People will fall in love with the little things about you that make you different. We need to start celebrating our differences, rather than trying to change them to conform. I guess that is the biggest challenge about celebrating my uniqueness - someone always tries to alienate my differences. For me, I embrace my uniqueness by sharing my perspectives as a young quirky curly haired black girl, travelling and experiencing life. If you’re really invested and love your one part of your body - embrace it! And that goes with anything in life. 3. How do you handle adversity? How does it shape your hustle? Once you run a few laps around this track we call life, you may lose your

Page 34

breath and feel like you’re going to pass out. But at the end of the day, you have built your stamina. The next run will be smoother. I apply this philosophy to the things that challenge me in my life. I try to focus on the positive and it definitely makes me more of a hustler because tough times gives me motivation to both be and do better. It can only go up from here! 4. If you had an alter ego, what would her name be? Who would be her celeb BFF? I honestly don’t have an alter ego because, well, I am my alter ego. I always surprise myself. My celebrity BFFs would definitely be Kehlani and Zoe Kravitz. They are my spirit animals! 6. Tell us more about you! Things people should know about me: 1)I am a proud Jamaican 2) I HATE milk (and yes...I eat my cereal dry) 3)I’ve traveled to 16 countries in counting, 4) my life goal is to live in every continent 5) writing is my passion! 7. What’s the story behind starting your blog? I started my blog one lonely night while traveling London, England. After my friends had left for Paris, leaving me solo dolo in a foreign city for a few days I decided to get to work. My thoughts and excitement for my upcoming move to South Korea inspired me to start this blog and share my thoughts, pictures and videos of my experiences. It’s hands down the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. My blog, that is.



pl ll e w ill fa




t he l it t l e thi ng

about you th

nt u d iffer e e yo mak at


Page 35

Simon is a fabulous blogger/ stylist based out of Toronto, Ontario. She is passionate about fitness and fashion, which makes a great combo. You can check out her latest outfits and adventures on Instagram @ anasimonesworld

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Finding Your Authentic Self With

ANA SIMONE You’re planning to have Plastic Surgery done on your breasts. What was your journey on making that decision? In high school, I was very athletic. I was insecure about my muscles, because most guys liked skinny girls. When I moved on my own for college I gained 40-50 pounds, I felt uncomfortable again. I trained and healthily lost all that weight in 3 months. Now, I feel like I have a great body! I workout 5 times a week. Working out and being healthy, I saw that I have a curvy shape – but I realized that something was missing. I thought: ‘huh, I want my boobs done’. But at the beginning, I only wanted them done because I thought guys liked girls with an hourglass figure. I thought it was fine to go in with that way of thinking, until I met a woman that changed my mind completely. A lot of my friends

and co-workers have had cosmetic surgery done. One of the eldest women at my work place had gotten breast augmentation when she was younger. She told me: ‘if you’re going to do it, do it for yourself. There is no point putting yourself under a knife for a man or anything else’. I thought “wow, that is true. I am getting cut open. Why would I possibly be put on a death bed for a random person.” So then I thought ‘if I’m going to do it for myself, doesn’t that mean I have low self esteem?’. People tell girls that all the time. I know that I had to really think about my decision. I ended up coming across a video from on of my favourite YouTubers Patricia Bright, talking about her own cosmetic surgery journey. People were also accusing her of having low self esteem. The way she responded to the negative comments inspired me. She had

said that she believes your confidence comes from your experiences. I completely agreed. My experience was fitness which is amazing. I’m investing in myself to be my best and look my greatest. Right now, I feel comfortable and confident to go into this new journey of cosmetic surgery. I know that it’s going to make me happy. This experience is going to add to who I am. It all goes back to: who are you as a person? I’m creating a book of Simone. And this chapter fits in that book. Its a book that I’m enjoying writing on my own! Not to say I’m going to be super confident when it’s done. I will be happy they’re there. But I’ll be already confident going in. The way I dress, my lifestyle, my sexuality: my chest and legs are always exposed, especially after loosing 40 pounds. I’m proud of the way I look and I

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want to show what I worked hard for. Its more of an enhancement: I’m not taking away, just adding! I had to come to that decision by being totally comfortable in myself and knowing who I am before going into it. I am doing this for myself, not for anybody else. The only time I want people involved is when I go to get it done, I just want their support. If I come out and one side is lopsided, that’s on me. It’s easier for me to own up to my own mistakes, instead of blaming someone else for pressuring me to do the procedure. Would you consider yourself

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a confident person? To a certain extent. Everyone is insecure about something, even Beyoncé. We’re all human. For me, confidence is knowing who you are and what you like doing. It comes from the source of your personality. You have to own that source. In high school, I didn’t know who I was. I really didn’t know where my place was. I didn’t stand out, until I was on a team. When I was off the court or field, my classmates had always tended to forget about me! It was hard for me as a young girl. I had to find myself. It took a lot of putting myself in

positions and places where I wanted to see if I could vibe with different groups of people. I tried to be Arty and high fashion, but even though I have the skills – the scene wasn’t me. I was dating someone as well in those formative years. I found myself modifying my personality to his. I lost myself for a moment. I realized that living in the shadow of someone else is where women tend to lose themselves. We tend to stay there because we think it’s comfortable, but in our hearts we feel like we’re suffocating! That’s how I felt. I had to push myself out there. I’m still trying to find my

place. But I can say I have found at least 70% of it. I think that’s great, especially in your 20s. People will walk all over you if you don’t learn early on and get comfortable. The first thing people ask at a job interview is: tell me about yourself. It’s the hardest question, which is so crazy. You need to understand who you are as person. You don’t need to know everything, because I myself, am still learning new things about myself as a 26-year-old woman. Try to understand the basics of what makes up you, you. Once you’ve got the basics of your personality down, you’ll be confident about protecting

your personal brand. People need to know what makes up their DNA, own it, and be confident in it. You can’t just jump straight into confidence, it’s a process.

they were grown women. I never voiced those thoughts because I’m pretty sure if I did, my cousins would tell me I was beautiful and I was supposed to look like that at that age.

Have you always been comfortable in your own skin?

I used to think my skin was ugly too. All the pretty girls seemed to be either lighter or darker than me. I was in the middle. I saw myself in a grey area, not being exciting. I thought that’s why people would forget about me so much. It took me till recently, to be so confident in my skin colour.

I thought everything about my body was bad. When I turned 10, I started eating more but I got chubby which was great because that’s the way I was supposed to look at that age. But I had always saw my cousins and they’re so beautiful, and I would think: ‘I will never look like that’. Not realizing, that I was 10 years old at the time and

I had to accept who I was. Get comfortable in your own skin, especially if you don’t feel beautiful.

I’m creating a book of Simone Its a book that I enjoy writing on my own. this chapter just fits.

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