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12th AUGUST 2018

Apr 2013 ELEVENTH SUNDAY AFTER28TRINITY Contact us Revd Canon David Felix (Vicar): 01925 740348 / 07778 859935 Revd Gill Younger (Curate): 07517 623680 Linda Mills (Reader): 01928 717427

Lost, now found: the 13th-century Lyghfield Bible has returned to Canterbury Cathedral for the first time since the Reformation. It was bought in a London sale of rare books for ÂŁ100,000 from a private seller, with support from several funders: ÂŁ94,000 came from the National Heritage Memorial Fund

Sunday Services

Jocelyn Squires (Pastoral Worker): 01925 740372 James Baird (Trainee Reader) 07500 925055






Rev David Felix

Steve Lander

Holy Communion

James Baird

Robin Brocklehurst Denise Shenton


Rev David Felix

Myra Fye

Myra & Deryk Fye

Parish Communion

James Baird

James Baird Linda Mills

Gavin Hall (Trainee Reader) 07767 701498 gavin

Stuart Wigley (Parish Administrator) Office open Wednesday & Friday

01925 740348 The Parochial Church 1130503


Rev David Felix

Evening Prayer

James Baird

Jean Rowe

Ruth Neville

Bible Readings Morning


1 Kings 19: 4-8

1 Kings 19: 4-8

Ephesians 4: 25 to 5: 2

John 6: 35, 41-51

John 6: 35, 41-51

Sidespersons We are looking for new people to become sidespersons. The duties are not onerous & you will be asked to help only on a rota basis. A special part of being here as a sidesperson on a Sunday is to meet & greet both members of the congregation old & new. If you think you can help please have a word with Pam Taylor Floyd our Churchwarden. Assistance is available & you will have existing sidespersons to guide you in your early days.

Our New Bank Account The good news is that our new bank accounts are open with The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF Bank). You should have been contacted by now with new bank account details & hope you will continue to support the Ministry & Mission of All Saints. If you would like to become a regular by way of standing order and/or have not received a letter then please contact Jocelyn Squires or Kevin Johnson

Tea & Chat This is our initiative which aims to bring together any one who is lonely or affected by dementia, via a ‘Drop-In’ at the Lewis Carroll Centre every second Monday from 1.30pm to 3.30pm. A warm welcome assured so please spread the word. Please speak to either Rev Gill on 07517 623680 or Ellen on 01925 262916. The next get together is on Monday 13th August.

Our Churchwardens Paul Watkins, who along with Pam Taylor Floyd is one of our churchwardens, is stepping aside for the time being due to work commitments. We are happy to announce that Steve Lander was appointed Assistant Churchwarden at the last Parochial Church Council meeting.

Before you go today After our 10.30am service, coffee/tea & drinks for you & any children are available in the Lewis Carroll Centre so why not take a little time out & mingle before heading for home.

The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of All Saints Daresbury Registered Charity 1130503

Other Services There are no services at

Parish Prayers Please pray for

Milner Institute Moore until Thursday


The Mission of the Church September

In providing support to Anglicans seeking to promote reconciliation throughout the world

Parish Diary Church 14th Aug Funeral at 2pm Lewis Carroll Centre 13th Aug Tea & Chat at 1.30pm 13th Aug Ringers 14th Aug Visiting Ringers 14th Aug Standing Committee 15th Aug Crafters at 10am 15th Aug Visiting Ringers 16th Aug Group Visit at 10.30am Crafters If you like to knit, or do cross stitch, origami, crochet or any other type of handicraft then why not come along to our Crafters Group. The next meeting is on Wednesday 15th August in the Lewis Carroll Centre starting at 10am. If you would like to know a little bit more then please contact Andrea on 01925 263147

The World & Society

An end to people smuggling. The people of war torn Yemen.

The Local Community

Those who seek to bring comfort to the sick, poor & lonely.

Those who are sick at home or in hospital

Lisa Callaghan Rev Alec Brown Tom Cox

The Communion of Saints Brian McNamara Maurice Collinge Elizabeth King Doreen Mountfield

To donate today, please use this qr code. Thank you. Pastoral Care

Our Parish Visiting Team offers friendship, listening, prayer & support to the bereaved, sick or lonely. If you think we can help, please telephone the Vicar on 01925 740348/07778 859935, or Linda Mills on 07973 159928. You can also email

Prayer Chain

We pray for anyone who is in need, for those sick, weighed down with concerns or struggling with daily life. All prayers are treated in confidence, they are not circulated to the rest of the congregation. A Christian name is all that is needed. If you wish to have prayers said, please contact Jean Rowe 01928 898 160

Emergency First Aiders

The following are trained emergency first aiders:Linda Mills, Duncan Howarth, Pam Taylor Floyd, Pam Hatton, Jean Rowe, Jenny Tuckwell, David Hatton, Doug Johnson, Dawn Rossmueller, Glynis Bennion. We have a defibrillator, situated in the ‘Flower’ room off the Choir Vestry. The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of All Saints Daresbury Registered Charity 1130503

Government researches link between welfare reforms and rise in foodbank use By Madeleine Davies Church Times 10 AUGUST 2018 FOR years, the Government has rejected a link between its welfare reforms and the rise in use of foodbanks. One Secretary of State accused a provider of “scaremongering”. But two months ago, it asked the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to investigate whether a link did, after all, exist, The Guardian has revealed. The news emerged in the same week as the Trussell Trust urged the DWP to fund local authorities to provide Meeting a need: volunteers prepare food for the food and activities in the school holidays, to ensure that holiday play scheme at Ty Price, the community children did not go hungry, and to increase benefit levels centre of St Thomas’s, Overmonnow, in the for families with dependent children. diocese of Monmouth. This week, the Team Vicar, the Revd Catherine Haynes, who has a community“Although our network will be doing all they can this engagement brief, said that “hidden poverty” in the summer to help families struggling to make the money area was linked to the introduction of Universal Credit and a reduction in housing benefit. The church they have stretch to cover the essentials, no charity can was working with foodbanks to support those in need, replace people having enough money for the basics,” the and a spike had been observed after the school holidays. “They try their best to keep together during charity’s director of operations, Samantha Stapley, said on the holidays,” Miss Haynes said. The centre also Friday. stores other goods for people in need, including white The draft research proposal for the DWP, seen goods and bedding. Up to 90 children are attending the six-week scheme, supported by businesses and by The Guardian, lists a key objective of the proposed volunteers from churches near by. “If we want a fairer research as “to identify any areas of DWP policy or society, it means everyone contributing: the vision of Aneurin Bevan,” she said operational practice that may have contributed to a rise in demand for foodbank services”. The results are due to be published in October 2019, and will entail a survey of 600 foodbank managers and 500 foodbank users. Charities, including the Trussell Trust, and academic researchers have consistently cited problems with benefits — delays, changes, sanctions — as the main trigger for referrals to foodbanks although more recently “low income” has been cited. The Government has suggested that there is “no robust evidence that welfare reforms are linked to increased use of foodbanks”. A former Secretary of State, Iain Duncan Smith, accused the Trust of “scaremongering”. The Government has also accused researchers of using “self-selecting data”. A study from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, commissioned in 2014, spoke of a lack of “robust evidence”. AThis week, a spokesperson for the DWP said that it was “constantly reviewing research carried out by organisations to add to our understanding of foodbanks and will consider further research to add to our evidence base, to ensure we’re providing the best possible support for vulnerable groups.” Data published by the Trussell Trust last week records that it supplied more than 200,000 three-day emergency supplies during July and August last year, 74,011 of which went to children: an increase on previous months. Last year, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger estimated that the loss of free school meals during the holidays added between £30 and £40 a week to parents’ outgoings for one child. Among the Trust’s recommendations are that the Government place a statutory duty on local authorities to provide food and activities in the holidays, funded by the DWP. A pilot is already under way. Currently, many churches provide free food for children during the holidays, through holiday clubs

The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of All Saints Daresbury Registered Charity 1130503

Daresbury Church news sheet for 12th August 2018  
Daresbury Church news sheet for 12th August 2018