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11th March 2018

28 Apr 2013 MOTHERING SUNDAY Contact us Revd Canon David Felix (Vicar): 01925 740348 / 07778 859935 Revd Gill Younger (Curate): 01928 569319 Linda Mills (Reader): 01928 717427 Jocelyn Squires (Pastoral Worker): 01925 740372 James Baird (Trainee Reader)

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Rev David Felix

Duncan Howarth

Steve Ryder

Shirley Cann

Brenda & Stephen

Jean Rowe


Holy Communion Rev Gill Younger

07500 925055


Rev David Felix

Parish Communion Rev Gill Younger

Linda Mills

Gavin Hall (Trainee Reader) 07767 701498

Stuart Wigley (Parish Administrator) Office open Tuesday & Friday

01925 740348 The Parochial Church 1130503


Rev David Felix

Jean Rowe

Ruth Neville

Evening Prayer

Bible Readings Morning


Exodus 2: 1-10

Exodus 2: 1-10

Colossians 3: 12-17

John 10: 1-9

John 10: 1-9

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Children’s Society It's March already, the time of year when we open the house boxes, and send our donation to The Children's Society. Would box holders please hand their box to a sides person, or you can ring Myra Fye on 01925 268288, if you would like me to collect it from your home. Thank you.

Lent Lunches Our Lent Lunches have started & will continue each Wednesday at 12.30pm throughout Lent. Come along for good company, soup & cheese/biscuits in the Lewis Carroll Centre. If you can help by making soup, providing cheese etc. or being there on the day, please get in touch with Di Ross on 01925 740316. Thanks.

Easter Treats Following on from the success of the ‘Christmas Puddings’ our Crafters are producing ‘Easter Treats’. These delightful small knitted figures will be on sale shortly so please watch out for them at the back of Church or speak to Andrea. All proceeds will be going towards the ministry & upkeep of our Church.

Fairtrade Real Easter Eggs Over 80 million Easter Eggs are sold each year & not one of them mentions Jesus on the box. But one does now! The Real Easter Egg is the first & only Fairtrade chocolate Easter Egg to explain the Christian understanding of Easter on the box. It also supports charity development projects. There is a form at the back of church for you to order your eggs.

Weekly Envelopes The weekly envelopes for the coming tax year (April 2018- 2019) are ready to collect and are on the table which is by the door to the Daniell Chapel.

The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of All Saints Daresbury Registered Charity 1130503

Other Services Morning Prayer

Parish Prayers Please pray for

Milner Institute Moore Thursday 10am Parish Diary Church Lewis Carroll Centre All meetings at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated. 13th Mar Standing Committee 14th Mar Lent Lunch at 12.30pm 20th Mar School Visit at 10am 20th Mar Fellowship at 2pm 21st Mar Crafters at 10am 21st Mar Daresbury Heritage Group from 6pm to 9pm Palm Sunday Please try and join us as we meet in the Village at 10.15am on Palm Sunday, 25th March. Palm crosses will be handed out and we shall then process to the Church lead by a horse.

The Mission of the Church

In supporting mothers & families in communities that are threatened

The World & Society

Women leaders in politics, business & communities.

The Local Community

Those who belong to our Church Fellowship Group

The ill at home or in hospital

Edith Rathbone Judith Helsby

The Communion of Saints

Diane Broome

Pastoral Care

To donate today, please use this qr code. Thank you.

Our Parish Visiting Team offers friendship, listening, prayer & support to the bereaved, sick or lonely. If you think we can help, please telephone the Vicar on 01925 740348/07778 859935, or Linda Mills on 07973 159928. You can also email

Prayer Chain

We pray for anyone who is in need, for those sick, weighed down with concerns or struggling with daily life. All prayers are treated in confidence, they are not circulated to the rest of the congregation. A Christian name is all that is needed. If you wish to have prayers said, please contact Jean Rowe 01928 898 160

Emergency First Aiders

The following are trained emergency first aiders:Linda Mills, Duncan Howarth, Pam Taylor Floyd, Pam Hatton, Jean Rowe, Jenny Tuckwell, David Hatton, Doug Johnson, Dawn Rossmueller, Glynis Bennion. We have a defibrillator, situated in the ‘Flower’ room off the Choir Vestry.

The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of All Saints Daresbury Registered Charity 1130503

Priest in Kent desperate to solve puzzle of urn of ashes left anonymously in church Tim Wyatt; Church Times 9th March 2018; Photo:- MARATHON/GEOGRAPH/COMMONS

A PRIEST in Kent has spoken of her “desperation” to track down the family of a woman whose ashes were anonymously left behind in one of the churches in her benefice last year. The Revd Julie Coleman, the Priest-in-Charge of the Romney Marsh benefice, said that it was vital that whoever had left the urn of ashes in St Mary’s, in the village of St Mary-in-the-Marsh, near New The inside of St Mary’s, in St Mary in the Marsh, where an urn of Romney, came forward so that she ashes was left behind without explanation could arrange a proper burial. Ms Coleman’s churchwarden found the urn, together with a single pink carnation, in May last year, but enquiries with undertakers, the coroner, and the police have not yet revealed whom the ashes belong to. The urn is labelled with the name Louisa C. Matthews, and states that she died on 31 August 2003. But, despite her best efforts, Ms Coleman has not been able to identify anyone of that name or any surviving family. “I’m getting desperate,” she said on Tuesday. “Good endings are really important. I believe that God is a God of the living and the end, and we are called to look after all people. It’s time to put her to rest.” Ms Coleman’s best guess is that someone stumbled across the ashes when they bought a new house, and did not know what to do with them, so left them at the church. “I have got a feeling that someone has found her, and thought the place to take people who are dead is the church. Or it’s a relative who cannot afford to inter the ashes. I think they left her with us because they know we will look after her.” The church secretary, Jacqueline Alston, said that, after searching on genealogy websites, she did find someone with a very similar name to Louisa Matthews who died in Bangor, but the trail then went cold, because no Welsh undertakers had any record of her cremation. Despite putting out an appeal in the local press, no one had come forward, Ms Alston said. “Nothing has come up locally yet; so the further afield it can go the better. We would just like to be able to put her to rest in our churchyard.” Ms Coleman said that she was happy to pay for the cost of a plot and plaque, and to inter the ashes in St Mary’s churchyard, but that she could not do this without permission from whoever had left the urn last summer. “I’m going to give it to the first of April, Easter Day. If someone has not claimed her by then, I will apply for a faculty to get permission to bury her,” she said. But she was still keen to unravel the mystery first, as part of her mission as parish priest. “It couldn’t be easy to leave her there; so I want them to have peace with it as well. I think we all deserve a good ending. It’s the cure of souls. We are called to honour the legacy she left here.” Anyone with any information is asked to contact Ms Coleman by phoning 01797 362308. The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of All Saints Daresbury Registered Charity 1130503

11 03 2018  

This Sunday's news sheet.

11 03 2018  

This Sunday's news sheet.