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3rd February 2019


28 Apr 2013

Contact us Revd Canon David Felix (Vicar): 01925 740348 / 07778 859935 Revd Gill Younger (Curate): 07517 623680 Linda Mills (Reader): 01928 717427

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Gavin Hall (Reader) 07767 701498 James Baird (Reader) 07500 925055





9.00 am

Rev Gill Younger

Judith Helsby

Dianne Ross

Holy Communion

James Baird

10.30 am

Rev David Felix

Stephen Kirkbride

Myra & Deryk Fye

Parish Communion

Brenda Kirkbride Gavin Hall

Jocelyn Squires (Pastoral Worker Emeritus) 01925 740372

6.30 pm

Gavin Hall

Choral Evensong

James Baird

Andrea Evans

Ruth Neville



Stuart Wigley (Parish Administrator) Office open Tuesday & Friday

01925 740348 The Parochial Church 1130503



Ezekiel 43: 27 to 44: 4

Ezekiel 43: 27 to 44: 4

1 Corinthians 13: 1-13

Luke 2: 22-40

Luke 2: 22-40

Today We celebrate the Presentation of Christ in the Temple and the reading highlighted in bold type sets out the theme of our worship. Let us all explore choosing to love in a distinctively Christian way.

Church Cleaning We are pleased to announce that a local parishioner has volunteered to clean the Church on a weekly basis. Cover may be needed at certain times & also we shall be exploring having ‘Spring Clean’ or other seasonal initiatives to fulfil the needs of keeping such a large area, as we have, well maintained. In this respect we are grateful that some other parishioners have offered to help.

‘Your Sunday Group Needs You’ If you are interested in helping out with our Sunday group, there are jobs ranging from setting up before to cleaning up after, planning sessions, running sessions, making resources etc If you are interested then please email Claire Longstaff:

Free Mental Health First Aid Course Chapter is a mental health organization which has received funding to be able to offer the two-day Mental Health First Aid accredited course to staff and volunteers in faith organizations across West Cheshire. Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an internationally recognised training course, which teaches people how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and provide help on a first aid basis. MHFA will not teach you to be a therapist, but just like physical first aid, it will teach you to listen, reassure and respond, even in a crisis. The course is free (normally £300) but participants must agree to completing the two days Participants will receive an accredited certificate from Mental Health First Aid England enabling them to call themselves a Mental Health First Aider A £40 fee will be charged to any participant who cancels at short notice, does not turn up on the day or does not complete the course due to the value of the course The next course is on 14th & 21st February from 9am to 4.30pm at Trinity Church, Whitby Road, Ellesmere Port. If you are interested then please let Stuart in the Parish Office know & he will send you an enrolment form.

The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of All Saints Daresbury Registered Charity 1130503

Other Services Holy Communion at Milner Institute Moore

Please pray for

Parish Prayers

The Mission of the Church

The work of Bishops & clergy in tackling the issues surrounding poverty.

Thursday 7th February 10am Parish Diary Church Lewis Carroll Centre 5th Feb Deanery Committee 12.00pm 5th Feb Ministry Team 7.30pm 6th Feb Events & Marketing 8.00pm 11th Feb Tea & Chat 1.30pm Communion At Communion if you wish to be served with a gluten free wafer or non-alcoholic wine, please let one of our sidespersons know. Christian Resources Christian Resources Exhibition returns to Event City Manchester, for a two-day exhibition on 13 March 2019. The exhibition promises to "build on the experience of the past yet present fresh ideas, products and suppliers to ordained clergy, lay leaders and anyone who cares about the future of their local church." Go to the CRE website to read about the exhibitors and seminar leaders, and to book your place at the exhibition.

To donate today, please use this qr code. Thank you.

The World & Society

Wise & cautious dealings, between powerful states, focusing on peaceful outcomes.

The Local Community

Anyone who is homeless.

Those being baptized today Eliza Richards

The Communion of Saints

Remembering Margaret Cook Pastoral Care

Our Parish Visiting Team offers friendship, listening, prayer & support to the bereaved, sick or lonely. If you think we can help, please telephone the Vicar on 01925 740348/07778 859935, or Linda Mills on 07973 159928. You can also email

Prayer Chain

We pray for anyone who is in need, for those sick, weighed down with concerns or struggling with daily life. All prayers are treated in confidence, they are not circulated to the rest of the congregation. A Christian name is all that is needed. If you wish to have prayers said, please contact Jean Rowe 01928 898 160

Emergency First Aiders

The following are trained emergency first aiders:Linda Mills, Duncan Howarth, Pam Taylor Floyd, Pam Hatton, Jean Rowe, Jenny Tuckwell, David Hatton, Doug Johnson, Dawn Rossmueller, Glynis Bennion. We have a defibrillator, situated by the Lychgate entrance from the car park.

The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of All Saints Daresbury Registered Charity 1130503

Evangelism and estates to occupy General Synod at February meeting BY MADELEINE DAVIES CHURCH TIMES 01 FEBRUARY 2019


The Thy Kingdom Come beacon event at Salisbury Cathedral last year, attended by more than 1500 people. The prayer initiative is identified as a success by the Evangelism Task Group TRANSFORMING the one million who regularly attend Church of England services into “agents of mission” is crucial to the Church’s multi-million-pound evangelism push, the General Synod will hear this month. Unless worshippers gain confidence, the Church’s investment in buildings and ministry will simply stem decline, a new evangelism report states: “focused efforts will need to multiply and replicate confident disciples who are equipped and released to live out their faith in the whole of their lives”. Evangelism was the “clear theme” of the agenda for the General Synod’s meeting (Wednesday to Saturday, 20-23 February), its secretary general, William Nye, told a media briefing on Friday. Members will hear from visitors from the Anglican Communion on the topic before debating motions on evangelism and discipleship, estates evangelism, and encouraging youth evangelism. It is now more than five years since the General Synod debated “intentional evangelism” and voted to establish an Archbishops’ Task Group on Evangelism, which concluded last year. In July, the Synod ran out of time to hear its report. The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of All Saints Daresbury Registered Charity 1130503

Produced by Canon Chris Russell, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Adviser for Evangelism and Witness, and Canon Dave Male, Director of Evangelism and Discipleship, this report sets out a vision to “motivate the million . . . enabling worshippers to move from attendees, who through the narrative of continual decline can feel disheartened and unconfident, to advocates and apprentices who are outward looking and confident in their faith and church”. Confidence had been the topic “most mentioned” during the group’s work, the report says, noting a Lambeth Conference resolution that called for “a revolution in the attitude to the role of the laity which views every Christian as an agent of mission”. Also quoted is a former Archbishop of Canterbury, William Temple: “We are convinced that England will never be converted until the laity use the opportunities for evangelism daily afforded by their various professions, crafts and occupations.” The report highlights the “Talking Jesus” research presented to the Synod three years ago but does not draw attention to one of the more challenging findings: after a conversation with a Christian about his or her faith, 42 per cent of non-Christians said that they felt glad not to share that faith; and 30 per cent said that they felt more negatively about Jesus. Asked whether people had valid concerns about talking about their faith, Mr Nye suggested that confidence was the most pressing challenge for worshippers: “Amongst a good number there are a whole series of culturally inherited English reticence, English nervousness, ‘You don’t talk about politics and religion’, things like that. . . What we are trying to do is inculcate a confidence which allows people to be more invitational . . . and not feel ‘The moment I say that, I am going to be asked for my view on theories of the atonement,’ or, alternatively, ‘I am going to be asked to set myself up in an argument with Richard Dawkins.’” People felt comfortable inviting people to carol services during Advent and Christmas, he said. Asked what had changed since the Decade of Evangelism, he said: “My sense is this is something that the whole Church, almost the whole Church, has seized on. . . The Decade of Evangelism actually led to some good things, but the good things took a long time to flower. Fresh expressions and pioneer ministry those are great things, but they took a long time to come through.” Canon Male said that people could be reassured by research that had “made it very clear that people in this country are not antagonistic towards the Church”. “The good news is that some small behavioural changes for our million regular attenders could make a huge difference,” the report says. “If one additional person in 50 from our regular attenders invited someone to a church event and subsequently they started attending it would totally reverse our present decline. Nationally, the Church would grow by 16,000 people per year, offsetting the current net loss of 14,000.” Among the task group’s recommendations is that “witness is clearly identified as central to the Church’s understanding of ordained vocation and not an optional extra for some.” Training processes should “assess and identify candidates lacking demonstrable experience and competence in witness and evangelism”, it says.

The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of All Saints Daresbury Registered Charity 1130503

The report quotes Dr Michael Jinkins, President of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in the United States, on baptism: “We are soaked to the skin in the death of Christ. We trail wet footprints of the drenching wherever we go.” The report concludes: “We need to prioritise how we help people drip their wet footprints into the people and places of their lives, ‘spreading the aroma of the knowledge of Christ everywhere.’”

The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of All Saints Daresbury Registered Charity 1130503

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