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ALL SOPHIA: Hi, Claudia! How have you been since we completed our coaching sessions?




CLAUDIA: Really great! I’m reading the amazing Shonda Rhimes’ “Year of Yes,” and I keep re-reading the chapter where she said YES to her body. When Shonda couldn’t buckle herself into the plane but wouldn’t ask for a seat belt extender because she was willing to die rather than admit how big her body had gotten, I had a huge a-ha moment! I realized that I’m also not quite ready to embrace my weight. I’m willing to do the little DAREMAG.CA

Life Coach Sophia Apostol chats with fall issue contest winner, Claudia Quammie about the impact of coaching. Claudia won four transformational coaching sessions and has since started living her best life! BY SOPHIA APOSTOL

steps though, like the 5k I’ve signed up for and working up to a half marathon.

I realize I need to say yes to my awesomeness more! S: Great noticing! What’s important about this for you? C: I’m realizing how poor we

women are at embracing our awesomeness and accepting compliments. I realize I need to say yes to my awesomeness more! That’s the confidence I want—to own who I am. There’s a false humility in shying away from what I’ve accomplished, and it doesn’t bring peace, joy, or abundance into my life, rather it paralyzes me with fear and doubt. Instead, I’m going to step forward and trust that what’s best for me will show up. S: Yes! When fear is in the driver’s seat, we limit ourself to the only road we can see

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