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The Daughter of Wisdom By Luca Thompson 立

Warning: This story includes fighting, monsters, and violence. If you are not a fan of any of those things, you should burn this up and forget you ever read any of this.

I Annabeth Even before she almost burned up, Annabeth was having a rotten day. It started with the spider in her bunk. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that it had been the Stoll brothers. So right after breakfast, she marched right up to the twins and put her dagger to Conner’s neck. “Swear on the River Styx* to never play a prank like that on any other Child of Athena!” she growled through gritted teeth. “But--” he started. “Swear it. Or your brother gets it.” she said. Both grew increasingly still and silent. Gulping nervously, Travis swore on the River Styx and she pulled back her blade. “If I ever find either of the two of you messing with a child of Athena again-”, she let the threat hang in the air. With an air of satisfaction, she walked away. “Annabeth”, someone said, Chiron* trotted over, she had been at camp for 5 years but she still felt that Chiron’s hooves were a bit unnerving. “Good job. I was about to tell them off but you beat me to it”, he laughed and Annabeth straightened with pride, “But, since that technically was threatening another camper”, he continued, “You have to be punished.” Annabeth’s mood immediately dampened. Chiron saw the look on her face, “I didn’t make the rules. Why don’t you go to Grover’s survival in wilderness seminar.” Annabeth thought about pointing out the fact that he had made the rules but she decided against it. Chiron had enough problems making sure that nobody stumbled into trap that the Hephaestus Cabin had made in case the Myneads came. “Alright”, she grumbled and walked away.

II Sadie Sadie gasped in amazement as she looked down at the beautiful thing that would be her new home. Rolling hills, luscious green woods, and a big canoe lake. She spotted stables, cabins, and a big climbing wall with red stuff pouring over it. “Tomato Juice?” she asked her guide hopefully. Her guide was a nebula, a cloud nymph, who’s english name was Tara. She had changed to look like a mortal, and spotted Sadie immediately. It had helped that they lived in the same building and both went to the Brooklyn Academy for the Gifted. Slowly, they had started bonding and after three months, Tara had broken out the big news to Sadie and her father. She had simply said: “ Well, what are you waiting for? The elephants at the Bronx Zoo to grow wings and start flying? Wait 2 minutes for me to get my stuff and we’ll take my chauffeur and go to Camp Half-Blood.” Her stuff was: an I-Pod Touch, three windbreakers, 3 pairs of gloves and hats, a gun (her 11th birthday present), earphones, a sword in bracelet form, rope, a box of snacks, a notebook and a purple pen; all safe in a waterproof, ice blue and purple backpack. They had asked her chauffeur to take the two of them to 3.141 Old Farmers Road. That had been 15 minutes ago. Now, as she stared, she realized that she had been living in a world of monsters, gods, and demigods and she had called her life boring. She looked closely again at the lava wall and realized the red stuff was...... “Lava”, she yelped. “Calm down”, she said to herself, “Nothing to be afraid of.” But her heart was already wondering whether she should have just stayed home instead.

III Annabeth Annabeth was bored. She had had to sit through Grover yammering on about what you should do if you got lost in the wild. She already knew about how it felt since she had- no, she wouldn’t think about that. She had proposed that they just stop but no, Mr. D just had to be there taking a walk. Now she was at the climbing wall, ready to get Mr. D’s ‘Package’. She got on the climbing wall and started climbing. She started climbing, she worked hard, putting one foot in front of the other, one foot in front of the other, determined to reach the top. That was when she made the mistake of touching the lava. She braced herself for searing pain, but it overwhelmed her. She plummeted, her arms waving, trying to find a handhold, and she fell on to a mattress. Just then, she realized that the lava bell had rang and that she could have died. She waited for the pouring of the lava to subside and then she got up. She climbed, this time with lightning speed, avoiding the lava and making a beeline for the top. In no time, she reached the top. She grasped the package swathed in purple silk. The she cannon-balled on to the mattress.

IV Sadie Sadie arrived just in time to see a blond girl falling from the sky, whooping and cheering. She righted herself in the air and landed on the her feet in crouch position. Sadie rushed forward, “Wow, how did you do that?”, she asked in amazement. “I climbed the wall right after the lava fell”, she answered, “By the way, I’m Annabeth. I haven’t seen you before at camp. Are you new?” Sadie blushed a deep crimson, “Is it that obvious?” “Nah. I’ve been at camp for 5 years, so I know everyone around here.” “Well, we’d better get you some armor. We have Capture the Flag tonight.” “Is it safe?” she asked, although she already knew the answer. “Umm. It has weapons and fighting in it but other than that, it’s safe.” Sadie cringed. “Oh, don’t worry, We have 15 more people than the other team”, Annabeth assured her, “You’ll be safe.” The two girls started walking. “Do you have a weapon?”, Annabeth inquired. “I have a celestial bronze sword and a 38” revolver if that’s what you mean.” “Good. Then you only need armor.”, Annabeth said approvingly. “Malcolm”, Annabeth called, “A size 6 please.” Moments later, a boy with gray eyes like Annabeth’s, and messy chocolate brown hair walked out laden with a shield, a breastplate, and a shield. “Go find your guide, the cloud nymph”, directed Annabeth, “She’ll bring you to my table for dinner. Right now, you have to finish your tour.” Annabeth smiled and Sadie smiled back. “See ya”, said Sadie and she sprinted off to find Tara.

V Annabeth “Finally”, Annabeth said to herself. “Bad day huh”, someone said behind her. Annabeth whirled around to find... “Malcolm”, Annabeth exclaimed, “Why are you still here?!” “I’m here to tell you that we need you to get the cabin ready for Capture the Flag.” Malcolm said with a sly grin on his face. “Ugh. Can’t you do it today? Please?” “Alright, sis. But you owe me one.” Malcolm winked. “By the way, dinner’s in 5 minutes. Hope you get there soon. Chiron wanted to talk to you”, Malcolm grinned wickedly. “I am going to kill you soon”, Annabeth growled and she raced off to the Big House. 5 minutes later, Annabeth happily walked out of the Big House. Apparently, the girl Sadie had been claimed by Athena so now Annabeth was definitely the boss of her. Sadly, that also meant that Sadie would have to go with Annabeth and Silena Beauregard to play Capture the Flag. Silena Beauregard was the Head Counselor for the Aphrodite Cabin, Cabin 10. She was a slender, pretty girl, with long brown hair and striking blue eyes. Annabeth walked to the pavilion and found her cabin waiting for her. Then she saw Sadie walking over and Annabeth beckoned for them to sit together. After a moments hesitance, she walked over.

VI Annabeth Dinner was quiet and only lasted 10 minutes. Nothing very interesting had happened. Sadie and Annabeth had started talking... about how annoying people could be. Annabeth told Sadie about Malcolm putting toothpaste in her shirt and Sadie told Annabeth about the time her cousin had dumped her magazine that had been autographed by all her favorite singers. By then, dinner was over. “Go to Malcolm and tell him to help you with your armor. I’ll be there in a minute”, and with that she walked to her cabin to get her armor. As Annabeth walked, she mulled over the days events. The way Sadie had been, it had reminded her of when Thalia Grace and Luke Castellan had found her. Annabeth had ran away from home when she was 7 years old. She had survived on her own for a couple weeks and then Thalia and Luke had found her. She remembered Thalia walking up behind her shield, Aegis. She had held a hammer, ready to bonk someone’s head, but Luke had calmed her down. They had taken here in, become her new family, and then Thalia had been overwhelmed by a hoard of monsters and her father Zeus had turned her in to a pine tree. Now Annabeth was a demigod and she was determined to help others. She walked over to Sadie, who was trying to put on her armor while Malcolm was taunting her, helped her strap up her armor and said:“Come on, the game is about to start.” With that, she dragged Sadie off.

VII Sadie Sadie was being dragged so hard she thought that her arm would pop out of it’s socket. She was with Annabeth and a girl named Silena. Silena, she had helpfully noticed, was not being dragged by Annabeth. She heard hissing and warned the girls: “There’s something out there!” But the girls couldn’t hear her. Soon they burst in to a clearing and saw the source of the hissing sounds, a group of girls, each who’s hair was wreathed with snakes and were armed with a thursis. “Myneads! I hate those girls!” Annabeth exclaimed in a shrill voice. Then in her normal voice, she said to the group of girls: “Girls, we are here to bring you to party central.” The leader shrieked: “PARTY”, and all the others followed her example. One of the girls asked the leader: “Babette, where is Dionysus?” “Partying at the party central.” Silena cut in. The leader made a deal: “Show us party central and you can live.”

VIII Sadie The three ran off and the myneads flounced off after them. Again, Sadie was dragged off. If the myneads started to hesitate, Annabeth encouraged them. They arrived then at a small cottage and Annabeth pulled out a little controller. She pressed a button and lights started pulsing from the windows. “Get in! Party!” the Myneads shrieked and they ran in the cottage just as Annabeth pressed another button. The windows barred and the door locked, double locked, triple locked, and quadruple locked themselves and the myneads found themselves in a very locked, very Dionysus free, house. Sadie was worried that the myneads would escape but Annabeth assured her: “Don’t worry, the myneads will fade by Christmas Day.” Snow started falling lightly, covering the camp in a crisp white sheet. “It’s beautiful”, she exclaimed, and seeing her friends chattering teeth she added: “Take a jacket.” They nodded gratefully and the trio headed back to camp.

IX Annabeth Annabeth wasn’t worried when they were summoned to the Big House. But when Chiron said: “Go to the oracle,” that was when she started to panic. As she walked up the stairs to the attic, she thought about all the legends she had heard. ‘Great!’, she thought, ‘I am going to go crazy and kill myself!’ “Calm down, Annabeth”, she chided herself as she reached the attic, “You’ll be fine.” She headed over to the oracle as if in a trance. It grabbed her and hissed in a raspy voice: You will meet a son of the three, He will take you on his quest. You will go west, And meet war himself. You will see death, Freedom will be a heavy price. You will go to the lost home, But half your life will have been just lies. Annabeth staggered away and stumbled down the stairs. “Are you alright”, Sadie shot to her feet. “I’m fine”, Annabeth assured her, “I just need some rest.” She walked to her cabin, determined to rest and never think about her prophecy again.

The Daughter of Wisdom  

A short prequel to the Percy Jackson Series. Note: I don't own any of the characters.