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The Spooky Forest

Chapter 1 The forest

“Goodbye!� shouted Joseph as he waved to his customer. Joseph was a brave and wise man. He owned a flower shop and it was his shift. As Joseph prepared to go home, he thought about going through the spooky forests to get home faster.It was getting late.

When Joseph left the shop, he decided to take a little stroll in the woods.Joseph loved going on walks in this little quiet forest.He thought it was a very relaxing place.

Chapter 2 The Ghost

During the stroll, Joseph saw many fantastic animals.He saw the fat spooky owl, The slimy, gooey snake and many other animals that he had never seen before.As Joseph was staring at a small wiggly worm, He said to himself: “I wish I could live in this beautiful forest!�

Suddenly, a white, spooky and Mysterious figure that looked like a ghost appeared out of nowhere,Joseph just ignored it and thought to himself that it was a prank and moved on but as he passed through the ghost, he felt a disgusting gooey substance.Now He thought it was real.

Chapter 3 The ghostbuster Straight away, Joseph ran for his life and tried to get away from the ghost. Joseph ran and ran and he grew very tired. At one point, he thought he had lost the ghost so he found a log to rest on it. The tired wise man was so worn out and he almost fainted but suddenly, “BOO!� screamed the ghost. He had appeared out of nowhere!

Poor old Joseph was so shocked that he almost jumped out of his skin! Joseph ran as fast as a cheetah. As Joseph was running,a man with ghost busting gear sprang out of the bushes and pointed his gun at the ghost.

Chapter 4 Goodbye ghost

“Zap!” The ghost hunter zapped the ghost and the ghost dropped on the ground and shrunk. Then at one point, “poof!” the ghost had disappeared! In addition, Joseph thanked the man and the man told Joseph that he shouldn’t tell anyone about the ghost and the ghosthunter because people aren’t supposed to know that ghosts exist. Joseph happily agreed and took off. As Joseph took off, the man said to himself: “ I’m gonna get you next time Joseph!”


The spooky forest  

This is my shortstory

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