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The Mission By Leo Kwok

Chapter 1 The soldiers strapped their parachutes on as the plane bomb bay doors creaked open. The plane shuddered as the destroyed engine and wings struggled to keep them in the air. The soldier’s commander, James Carpenter, jumped off the plane first. The soldiers jumped next. One of them didn’t make it. His name was John. The plane exploded in a ball of flame just as he tried to jump. All the surviving soldiers opened their parachutes and landed heavily on the ground. They wee in a huge forest. They tried using their GPS, but the giant canopy of trees above them blocked the signal. “Return to our current mission: Locate and infiltrate Russian base, then find their war plans and bring it back to London. Clear?” James Carpenter said. “Clear!” The soldiers all said at the same time. They started moving through the forest. “How will we know where to find the base?” One of the soldiers asked. James took out a phone from his pocket. The phone was altered by the MI5 to be able to work anywhere in the world, even with the canopy of trees above them. “Why didn’t I think of this earlier?” James asked himself. He turned it on, and selected MESSAGES. He scrolled down, looking for an e-mail. “Where are you?” He muttered as he kept on scrolling down. “Aha!” James shouted. He clicked on one of the little texts on the screen. It opened up a page with The MI5 logo on top. Click Here to open GPS. It said. James clicked it, and it opened the GPS app. “The base is 1 kilometer to the north. It’s that way.” He pointed at a glittering star above them. The soldiers started running towards the star. Every once in a while, the soldiers would veer off course, so they looked up to check that they were going the right way.

Chapter 2 An hour later, they found a Russian patrol walking around chatting. The soldiers pinned four of them down as James roughly shoved what looked like their commander onto the floor. “Where is the base?” James asked calmly in Russian. The Russian on the ground started panicking. Seeing he had nowhere to go, he stated speaking Russian. “A-About 10 meters to your right. Now let me go!” “What? So close?” James asked. He turned to his right. There was nothing there. Suddenly, he saw something he didn’t see before. A thin sliver of smoke was rising from one of the trees, barely noticeable by the naked eye. He got a pair of handcuffs from his pocket and pushed the Russian against a tree. The Russian protested loudly as James handcuffed him to the tree. The other soldiers did the same. Then they ran towards the base.

Chapter 3 The soldiers stood in front of a giant metal building. The base was hidden by some kind of technology, unknown till now. They started walking slowly towards the metal building, but there were too, many guards, guard towers, cameras, guns, and shields for them to get in the base. “I’ve got a new mission for you: Destroy the weird disguising machine thing so the army can find the base and attack it.” James said. The machine wasn’t hard to find. It was the biggest structure other than the base itself. Frankie, their engineer, hacked the machine and turned it off. It would never turn on again. “This machine is 20 years in front of our countries technology! I wonder how they made this.” Frankie said. “We’re done here. Let’s contact the heli for evac.” James said.

Chapter 4 Twelve hours and a half later, they were in a metal building outside New York. “The Russian Base is now vulnerable to our air strikes now, thanks to you. You can now go home and have a rest. Today’s work was extraordinary, and you deserve to see your family. Come back tomorrow at 0700 for debriefing. Theres a plane parked outside with a pilot ready to take you to London. Goodbye.” The soldiers sighed in relief as they got on the plane home; ready to see their family.


The Mission  

Leo's short story