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My Changes In The Year By: Kathy Tse

Friday, 22 March, 13

6 month

Five years old

Friday, 22 March, 13

1 years old

7 years old

3 years old

10 years old

How have I changed? From a baby to now, I changed by growing taller, I have longer hair, I do things more independent, I won’t cry as much as before, i will start to have my own opinion of thinking, I won’t be so gullible like before like before and I won’t be as cute as before.

Friday, 22 March, 13

What are the reasons/factors for changing? The reason for changing is because, you are older than before and you will have to go through puberty, your hormones a chemical messenger will tell you to grow and to make you be more mutual. The other reason for changing is that you are not a baby and you have your own choice and perspectives of thinking of something,When you are young, most of the babies are gullible and will follow their parents or people who are older than them. Friday, 22 March, 13

My Changes in the Year  

My changes in the year