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Cody 5D

1) This photo shows a man living in a cramped place because he is poor. He only eats rice in styrofoam and he doesn’t have a toilet. I think that this belongs into LOI 1 because he is in a bad circumstance and he doesn’t have access to a larger place to live in. The government should give this man some money and a better place to live because the walls are broken, and the place is only around 28 square meter.

2) This photo shows 2 people living somewhere like Mongolia. They have a horse but they don’t have much stuff in their home. I think that they are in a good circumstance because they at least have a house and in the picture they have pans and stuff like that. I think that this is LOI 1 because they are in a good circumstance. 3) This photo shows a family in Germany with a month’s food supply. This shows that they are in a good circumstance and this should belong to LOI 3 because their parents work, so they have money and money can buy food and water for their kids. I think that there is a lot of food but if you can’t eat or drink all of it in a month, then you should keep it, not throw it away. 4) This photo shows a room that is old and has a poster of a person. The room looks very old and there are no floor tiles. I think that their circumstances isn’t good and I think that this should belong to LOI 1 because the owner of this room doesn’t have access to a better place to live and they are probably poor so they should have some money from the government.

Lines of Inquiry By Cody  

Lines of Inquiry by Cody

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