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The dimly lit lounge was chic, it was like a flash hotel. Edwin Roberts, known as Ed sat in a squashy armchair sipping a can of diet coke (as his mom had insisted) Looking at a 50 inch TV which was showing a news report. On the other side of the lounge, Ed’s mom, Gwen Roberts was reading a beauty magazine, she was so hooked that even an explosion wouldn’t draw her attention from a page full of beauty lotions. Meanwhile, Ed’s dad, Anthony Roberts, known as Tony was tapping away at his Macbook, while yelling at his secretary over the phone for not sending him a document.

The Roberts were going on a family vacation to Bali, Ed was looking forward to the sunshine and the beaches, but the business class seat was just pure rubbish for a 4 hour flight. There was coffee stains everywhere, chewing gum on the armrest, A teeny tinny 6 inch TV screen and a disgusting barrage of colors on the seat covers-which were scratched. The worst

“Wood chew like a glass of orange juice?� asked the flight attendant whose english was stilted. Ed accepted. 3 minutes later, Ed was searching out the window for any particular airplane that stood out, and of course, sipping a glass of concentrated orange juice.

Lunch was served, Ed chose a cream of corn soup and a steak with spaghetti . He regretted it instantly when he saw the stone cold ‘cream’ of ‘corn’ soup. The soup was green and cold, the corn had disintegrated into yellow flecks that looked like jabs of a highlighter. The steak was as hard as metal and the spaghetti was in a mushy pile. So mushy that it looked like mashed potatoes. Dessert was a chocolate cake that looked like hardened dog manure.

After the disappointing meal, Ed squinted at a blurry version of Madagascar 3. Halfway through the movie. The most unexpected thing happened, an explosion erupted like a volcano. It sent shockwaves rippling through the cabin. Ed was knocked off balance and his forehead hit the tiny television. The overhead lockers popped open, sending showers of luggage hurdling down at the passengers.

A seat slid out of it’s position, sending the passenger on the seat flying in the air like a bird with his arms outstretched. He flew into an open overhead compartment, his weight made the compartment plummet to the ground, squashing a woman. All the passengers took cover and braced themselves , the PA system crackled, but all that could be heard was static. A bag hit Ed on the face , giving him a bruise on the cheek.

All of a sudden, the plane leveled out. “ Phew, Ed thought, every thing is fi-” suddenly, the plane jolted forwards violently. Another explosion was heard, it sent the plane spiraling toward the ground. Glasses of wine shattered, it sent glass flying at the passengers like a hail of bullets. Jamming into the walls at the back of the cabin. “BRACE” screamed the flight attendant. Chaos was everywhere, it was so loud that Ed hadn’t noticed that the plane was nearing the sea.”WE’RE CRASHING".

The plane hit the water, water flew by the window, blood splattered on the overhead compartments. He was thrown forward onto the aisle. He groaned in agony as he landed on his left foot. Water filled the cabin. Gwen and Tony grabbed him. And carried him to an emergency exit, before realizing it was blocked. So they ran to another exit that had a raft, they jumped on, Ed fell into the sea, he clinged onto the side of the raft. A flight attendant offered him a life jacket. He grabbed it put it on, Gwen pulled him up onto the raft. Ed started screaming and insulted some luck god.

The raft ploughed onto the shore, in Darwin, Australia. Bruised and hurt, the Roberts stumbled out of the raft. TV reporters threw questions at them. Airline officials put them in a limousine, it whisked them through the streets of Darwin, dropping them at a hospital to get a body check. Ed needed a bandage around his leg.

After a ten minute lecture about how to treat Ed’s foot. The limousine dropped them at a posh hotel. The soaking family received funny looks from businessmen in suits. When they arrived in their room, Ed jumped on the Egyptian Cotton King Bed and lay down. “When I grow up, I want to be a pilot to make sure planes fly safely” he thought, He then dozed off.

Fallen Flight  

Ed is on a vacation to Bali, when his flight to Bali goes twisted

Fallen Flight  

Ed is on a vacation to Bali, when his flight to Bali goes twisted