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Behind The Door By: Alexis

Chapter 1 It

was a hot and sunny day today, it wasn’t hot or cold it was normal.I was alone at home with my little sister Lisa.I was finger- printing while Lisa was playing with her favorite toy.The door bell rang.The telephone rang.I didn’t know what to doI had only one idea, it was washing my hands as quick as possible. Before thinking what to do next I quickly washed my hands and ran to answer the telephone like a thunder and told the receiver to hang on.I quickly opened the door.Suddenly, a flash of bright light went in to our house and sucked me and my little sister in.We were very dizzy because the hole was rolling us like a ball into it.”AAAAAAAAA” I shouted.

CHAPTER 2 Then after a long while way through the wiring hole, me and sister were in an unfamiliar place that we didn’t know.We were very surprised and curious where we were. So we explored around the place.We saw mysterious things like, play worlds for kids,play grounds,game centers and more things.”WOW! what a amazing place!” I gasped.I also wanted to play on the games that were there, but my little sister Lisa stopped me because she said that,”it ca be dangerous, don’t go a head and just play, think about what will happen if we played it, cause there can be many accidents or horrible things.” she said quickly.So I thought about it for a while if we should play.

Chapter 3 And then, I got a excellent idea that won’t make us in deep trouble.Lisa and I went to one of the children’s near by asked them where we were but they didn’t answer.Suddenly, it started to rain heavily, we quickly found shelter to hide until the heavy rain stopped. Then we wanted to go and we ran through the heavy rain.Suddenly,the flash of bright light that brought us here was back again.We didn’t want to go home,we wanted to stay here.We tried to stay away from the it but it kept following us.Like a twister.

Chapter 4 At

last, we gave up and let the hole suck us in.It was fun going through the hole, however, we still wanted to have another chance to exploring that place that we were in just now again and have more fun. After a while through the hole, Lisa and I finally were home.That was a fun adventure, we hoped that we could go to a different place that we never went to and meet new friends again. All though we were back to what we are doing, all sudden the cycle started again.�Here we go again� I said.The telephone rang and the door bell.But we knew that behind the door will be the flash of bright light that will bring us to a mysterious place.So we quickly ran to open the door.We went through the whirling hole and were excited to explore more interesting places.

The End

Behind the door  

This is my short story

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