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10 Day Restorative C"rse 2 c"rse dates available:

Course 1 starts 14th May 2010 Course 2 starts 21st May 2010

The pursuit of perfection is not only one of the most rewarding aspects of our profession, but also one of the most frustrating. That does not mean we should not challenge ourselves, and for the good of our patients staff and personal sanity, strive for better! Over the last 20 years Andy and I have travelled the world in pursuit of excellence. One if the most difficult tasks is turning these individual educational building-blocks into a fortress that reflects your personal clinical prowess. This 10 day course is designed to create the foundations for successful practice. Unashamedly "hands-on", we hope to challenge your traditional approach to everyday tasks and introduce new products and techniques in a coherent fashion. This will be the 5th time Andy and Phil have ran this, their flagship course. In this ever-changing world of dentistry, Dare offers you an ever-changing interdisciplinary course, packed full of great new ideas and delivered with relentless enthusiasm.

Digital Dental Documentation Delivering predictably excellent images, both pre- and post-operatively is the key to communication and the foundation for personal professional development. This intense handson day will teach the fundamentals in dental photography, offering you a remarkable tool for clinical and financial success.

Direct Composite Restorations Using the very latest resin-bonding and incremental stratification techniques, this hands-on day is designed to clarify the the mystique surrounding dentine and enamel adhesion, and give you, the clinician, the confidence to deliver beautiful direct aesthetic restorations.

Cro# Preparations Though often taken for granted, this simple dental exercise can make all the difference between the “acceptable� and excellence. The aim of this practical day is to separate you from the maddening-crowd, and ensure your laboratory replicate your exceptional attention to detail. Some revolutionary approaches guaranteed.

B$d% Preparation and Design A thorough appreciation of fixed partial dentures is fundamental to confidently delivering your patients comprehensive treatment options. This practical preparation day will cover the very latest techniques and materials for predictable long term stability, including predictable pontic formation.

Veneers and Smile Design In no other dental discipline are our clients becoming more knowledgeable. In no other discipline is “second best� perceived so readily as failure. This hands-on day is designed to give you the tools to approach these case with confidence and skill.

Endodontics Giving you the protocols for predictable success, this full-on practical day is designed to cover the techniques for preparation and obturation of complex root canal systems.

So&-T'sue Manipulation Often described as “periodontal plastic-surgery�, our pigs-head course will enable you to approach your restorative dentistry from a completely different angle. Though often forgotten, the periodontal tissues cannot be ignored in modern-day practice.

Essential Occlusion Learn the principles of occlusion for routine dentistry, practical clinical diagnosis and assessment of occlusal disfunction, face-bow registration and accurate articulation. This is one of the most demanding days on the course, and it really is a must do for predictable success in all restorative cases.

Multi-)sciplinary Treatment Planning One of the hardest skills in dentistry is accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment planning. Only through these talents can you satisfy your clinical demands and the needs of your patients. So many cases breakdown as a result of poor evaluation and communication. This interactive day is lead by Mike Booth, a dentist with 30 years experience of simplifying the complex into the manageable, for patients and dentists alike.

En"gh ' En"gh Our top tips, designed to revolutionize the way you approach your clinical dentistry. Learn how even the simplest changes can enhance your day-to-day practice. This hands-on day has the flexibility to be manipulated to suite your specific needs.

Full 10-day Restorative Course ÂŁ450 per day Cost is inclusive of ALL relevant course materials, equipment, notes and refreshments.

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cheque or credit/debit card

% Up to 15 d i s c o u nt e a va i l a bl

Further inquiries, please call Suzanne on 0161 830 7300

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