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MBA for Executives

CONTENTS Darden’s unique formula . . . . . . . . . . 3 The case method . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 A flexible schedule . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 The integrated curriculum . . . . . . . . . 8 Top-ranked faculty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Tight-knit community . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Career advancement . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Contact us . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

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to take your career to the next level. Earn an MBA from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business while continuing to work full time. The Darden MBA for Executives program will prepare you for highperformance leadership and provide an immediate and lasting return on investment for you and your company.

transform “ We develop business leaders through an experience often described by our students as transformational. Our courses blend analytics, critical thinking, ethics and leadership. Every class session builds students’ ability to question and to shape a course of action. This process results in a special kind of leader — a complete, principled leader. This is Darden’s trademark.” — Robert F. Bruner, Dean of the Darden School of Business

Dean Bruner is a leading business scholar in finance and has been recognized as one of the most prolific business case authors in the world. He is also very active in social media. You can read his commentaries on life, business and current events at and .

DARDen’S uniQue FoRmulA

Developing Talented Professionals Into Complete Leaders A PoweRFul leARning enviRonment The Darden School of Business develops principled, complete leaders who understand all facets of business and are ready to act analytically, intuitively, ethically and decisively — in any environment. Our powerful learning environment combines three key elements: 1. The case study method The Darden case study method will immerse you in real-life business situations spanning industries, countries and disciplines. You will learn how all aspects of business tie together, how to make a sound decision with limited information, how to communicate effectively and — above all — how to become a leader who can make a difference in the world. 2. Top-ranked faculty Ranked #1 by The Princeton Review, Darden professors put you, the student, first. They also advance innovative thinking in business and bring insights from their research into the classroom. Darden’s faculty delivers an educational experience that’s both challenging and inspiring. 3. Tight-knit community Students, faculty and staff join in an atmosphere of collaboration and community not often found in top business schools. This sense of community contributes to the strong Darden alumni network of over 14,000 graduates in 87 countries across the globe.


Learn to Lead by Asking Questions and Thinking Strategically tHe CASe metHoD Each day, you face new challenges at work. When presented with a specific business challenge, what would you do, why would you do it and how would you defend your position? At Darden, we believe that the best training for a business leader is to put you in the shoes of current and past executives at real companies. Instead of listening to lectures, you will analyze real-life business cases and will be asked to take a stance. With the help of your learning team — made up of other experienced managers with unique perspectives — and the skillful guidance of Darden’s professors, you will strengthen your communication and leadership skills. You will learn to reconcile differing viewpoints, make difficult decisions with limited information, and challenge, persuade and inspire others. A Four-Step Learning Process: 1 . Individual work: Read and consider each case on your own. 2 . Small groups: Share your ideas with your learning team — the group of five or six peer managers with whom you’ll study.

3 . Class: Discuss the case during an online class meeting or in an on-grounds class. 4 . Reflection and application: Reflect on how your initial ideas changed as a result of the input from your learning team, class and professors. After each class, when you return to your job, apply the new concepts you learned.

A Real-Time Return on Investment for You and Your Employer In addition to published case studies, you and your classmates will engage with the real challenges that you confront at work. Your classmates and professors will each bring a unique perspective to the conversation, helping you to challenge your assumptions and showing you new ways of seeing the world. You will go back to your workplace with fresh ideas, information and approaches that you can deploy immediately. You and your company will benefit from the program in real time, enhancing your career as you study.



“There are no dry, one-way lectures here. No scripted presentations given by rote to generations of MBA students. Rather, like real life, we are called on to present, argue, defend, critique and resolve significant business issues.” — Peter vanderloo of the mBA for executives Class of 2012 is assistant general counsel at Aol in washington, D.C., and a former marine Corps officer.

Darden Cases: HonE YouR DECISIon-MAkIng SkILLS SeC versus goldman Sachs less than two years after the onset of a financial crisis and amid political posturing to shape agendas for the financial reform, how will you, as Ceo of goldman Sachs, react when the SeC charges the company with fraud for its involvement with a complex mortgage-related security?

Warren E. Buffett in the midst of the subprimemortgage crisis, warren Buffett is looking for investment opportunities for almost $50 billion in cash . Advise him on his investment decisions and learn about the principles of value investing and leadership in financial markets.

C-Energy’s Red Hill Plant You run an old coal-burning plant and have two choices: you can purchase emission allowances or you can upgrade to emissions-reducing wet or dry scrubbers. weigh the economic and environmental tradeoffs and meet the sulfur dioxide challenge.

our Program Fits Your Schedule tHe mBA FoR eXeCutiveS FoRmAt The Darden MBA for Executives recognizes the responsibilities and obligations of busy managers. The program is designed to make the most efficient use of your time. Our flexible schedule seamlessly blends face-to-face sessions and distance learning, allowing you to earn the accredited Darden MBA degree without interrupting your career. With the Darden MBA for Executives, you will find there are significantly fewer trips away from home and office than you might expect, on average once a month. You have the flexibility to study on your own schedule between onGrounds sessions, yet have sufficient time at Darden to establish a strong learning community and network. Learning takes place at Darden, online and in a global business center. 1. once-a-month, on-grounds residencies. You will typically come to Darden once a month for sessions that take place Thursday through Saturday. Actionoriented classes include case discussions, simulations and individual and group presentations. These residencies strengthen your learning community and build the relationships among students, faculty and staff that are so important to the Darden experience. 2. Leadership residencies. Throughout the course of 21 months, you will also participate in four one-week leadership residencies. These intensive, experiential residencies provide new perspectives on the management challenges you face every day. You enhance your leadership skills through workshops, coaching and reflection. One of the four leadership residencies takes place in a global business center outside of the United States. 3. Distance learning. To maintain the intense pace of interaction and to stay in touch with the Darden community between residencies, you will use distance learning technology to interact with professors, hold virtual team meetings, work on team deliverables and submit exams. All online sessions are recorded, so if you miss a class, you can quickly and easily catch up. You can study online anywhere, anytime.



As an MBA for Executives student, you will attend monthly residencies at the University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson — third president of the United States and author of the Declaration of Independence. U.Va. is one of the United States’ top public universities and a UNESCO World Heritage site. ACCoMMoDATIonS DuRIng RESIDEnCIES Consistently ranked among the world’s best for food and accommodations by Financial Times, our facilities include individual accommodations, rooms for discussion groups, a fully equipped exercise room, a recreation area and a pub. meals are served in the Abbott Center Dining Room, an elegant executive dining room offering a wide-ranging menu and local and organic cuisine. During your international leadership residency, you will stay in a four- or five-star hotel.

Study Business the Way Business Is Done An integRAteD CuRRiCulum Most business challenges involve several functional units within a company. They cross the value chain and often span the globe. Darden’s MBA for Executives curriculum is designed to help you develop an enterprise perspective — to help you lead, act and communicate with an understanding of how all areas of an enterprise interrelate. To develop a broadened perspective, class conversations are often guided by more than one professor. The discussions illustrate how points of view between disciplines may interact and even conflict. This big-picture thinking is one reason Financial Times named Darden the #1 business school in the world in general management. The Curriculum’s Five Components There are five main components to the Darden MBA for Executives curriculum, which is integrated and cross-functional in its design and delivery: 1. Core Courses: The ten core courses cut across four themed terms, with many assignments and projects crossing disciplines. The four core terms include an Action Learning component, which requires you to apply material to your professional environment. 2. Enterprise Perspective — general Managers Taking Action: This course is designed to reinforce your habit of looking at a management decision from the CEO’s point of view and to develop the leadership skills needed to implement it effectively. 3. Professional Advancement Course (PAC): This course is designed to provide the strategic perspectives that you will need to advance your career. In this course, you will identify a leadership challenge in your current job and will take advantage of one-onone executive coaching to determine steps to bring about changes that will make you more effective. The course also includes discussion of ten strategic topics dealing with managing and developing your career and the careers of others. 4. Electives: Electives address a broad variety of topics and allow you to explore chosen areas of interest in more depth. 5. Leadership Residencies: Over the duration of the program, you will participate in four one-week residencies that are designed to enhance your leadership skills. Three of the residencies will take place in Charlottesville, Virginia, and one will take place outside of the United States. The themes of the four leadership residencies are “Leading With an Enterprise Perspective,” “Leading Change,” “Leading in Emerging Economies” and “Creating the Future.” 8

grow “ The program has proven invaluable to my development as a leader and has helped me better coordinate activities across functional teams within our growing company. Darden does a fantastic job translating classroom curriculum to real-world practices so that managers and executives can apply what they are learning in real time, for an immediate impact on their organization.” — Betsy markus (mBA for executives 2011) is chief operating officer and chief compliance officer at tAmRo Capital Partners llC, an investment management company based in the washington, D.C., area that specializes in core u.S. equities.

The Language and Context of Business

The Value and Values of the Enterprise

CoRe CouRSeS:

CoRe CouRSeS:

Accounting for managers

Accounting for managers

Decision Analysis

Business ethics

global economies and markets

leading organizations

Financial management and Policies

Financial management and Policies

global economies and markets

management Communication

Action Learning

Enterprise Perspective


Action Learning

LR 2


Creating Competitive Advantage

Leading Change


leADeRSHiP ReSiDenCY 2


Leading With an Enterprise Perspective

LR 1

leADeRSHiP ReSiDenCY 1

Develop an Enterprise Perspective With Darden’s Integrated Curriculum

CoRe CouRSeS: •

operations management


Decision Analysis

leading organizations

Action Learning

Leadership Residencies (LR) The program includes four one-week residencies designed to enhance your leadership skills .

operations management


Decision Analysis

leading organizations

Strategic Thinking and Action

Action Learning


LR 4



eleCtiveS PReviouSlY oFFeReD:

eleCtiveS PReviouSlY oFFeReD:

• •

Business law Communicating Through a leadership Perspective

Corporate Financial Policies

Entrepreneurial Thinking

introduction to Real estate Development and Finance

Action Learning

leading Strategic Change

mergers and Acquisitions

Bargaining and negotiating

Strategic Alliances

Developing organizational Capabilities

Creating the Future

CoRe CouRSeS:


leADeRSHiP ReSiDenCY 4

Sustaining Competitive Advantage

LR 3

Leading in Emerging Economies


leADeRSHiP ReSiDenCY 3

one of the residencies takes place outside the united States. You will study how business is conducted in a different culture. You will visit influential firms and will learn the different ways managers in another culture make decisions and lead teams and companies . Recent destinations have included Shanghai and Beijing, China. on the trip, you will stay in a four- or five-star hotel.

Action Learning

Professional Advancement


Learn With the World’s Best Professors DARDen’S toP-RAnkeD FACultY In the Darden MBA for Executives program, you study with the same professors — ranked #1 by Financial Times and The Princeton Review — who teach in our MBA, Global MBA for Executives and Executive Education programs.

Darden professors are committed to your personal and professional development, both during your time at Darden and throughout your career. They know your time is valuable and will go the extra distance to stretch your thinking.

As thought leaders in their fields, Darden professors are interested in solving

problems faced by you, the practitioner. Through Darden’s eight research centers, they search for opportunities and solutions to business challenges in fields

such as corporate social responsibility, entrepreneurship and innovation, ethics, globalization and education. The professors’ expertise and experience across a

wide array of companies and industries will bring real-world, big-picture thinking to your learning experience.


enlighten “We believe that adults learn best when they are guided, not told. Darden’s faculty members will be your guides.” — lynn isabella (pictured above center) is a professor of leadership and organizational behavior.

“ From the first class on the first day, I felt like I needed a seat belt and goggles. I had never before participated in such a dynamic learning environment.” — Catherine Sewell (pictured above right) of the mBA for executives Class of 2012 is a clinical science liaison at the biopharmaceutical company Celgene Corporation.


Join a network That Lasts a Lifetime ouR tigHt-knit CommunitY At Darden, students, faculty, staff and alumni join in an atmosphere of

collaboration and community not often found in top business schools. We foster a diverse community that broadens understanding and elevates performance. Your Classmates Each MBA for Executives class consists of experienced managers from a diverse range of industries, functions and backgrounds. As you prepare for class with your learning team and share your perspectives in the classroom, you gain an

immediate appreciation for other viewpoints, experiences and areas of expertise.

These insights provide more depth and breadth to your decision-making process — both at Darden and on the job. The Alumni network You will have an unmatched opportunity to build relationships with colleagues

and faculty that will benefit you throughout your career. As a Darden graduate, you will become part of our worldwide network of over 14,000 alumni in

87 countries, whose sense of commitment, camaraderie and connection is globally recognized.

Ethics and the Honor Code At Darden, ethics have been integrated into the curriculum and culture since

the School’s founding in 1954. Darden was the first business school to require a

credit course in ethics. The School is home to two ethics research centers, and its students, like all students at the University of Virginia, are bound by the Honor

System (established in 1842), which requires them to make a commitment not to lie, cheat or steal, fostering a community of trust.


connect “ Across two years and two continents, we’ve bound ourselves to each other. The result of these experiences is a deep confidence in the depth and strength of our relationships with each other. Over the next several decades, these relationships will reinforce our capacity to serve society as principled leaders and to live up to the mission of Darden.” — John Dowd (mBA for executives 2011), former navy SeAl and chief executive officer of Precision Ads, addresses his fellow classmates as the elected mBA for executives student graduation speaker.

Tucker norton (mBA for executives 2010) has commercialized award-winning, new products in areas such as high-strength materials, food and nanotechnology. Since graduating from Darden, norton has assumed a new role representing DuPont in investor relations. April Jones (mBA for executives 2010) is a senior marketing manager with Deloitte Ag. Shortly after completing the Darden program, she was asked to join the firm in Switzerland to work with firm leadership to increase brand eminence and develop marketing and relationshipbuilding strategies. Dr. omar Manejwala (mBA for executives 2010) is medical director at Hazelden addiction treatment center in minnesota and one of the leading experts on addiction in the united States. He focuses on the complex worlds of behavioral change, neuroscience and addiction. He began his career in organizational leadership as the executive chief resident in psychiatry at Duke university.

We Support You Through Every Stage of Your Career CAReeR ADvAnCement Career Development Resources Darden MBA for Executives students enjoy dedicated, executive-level career development resources, designed to provide lifelong career management skills and to support the individual paths our students choose. These resources include oneon-one career counseling, leadership coaching, customized career management workshops and classes, multimedia career modules, self-assessment tools, access to the Darden student and alumni networks, and more. Executive Leadership Coaching As part of the “Professional Advancement Course,” you will work one on one with an executive leadership coach. With your coach, you will identify a leadership or management challenge in your current position and work on ways to proactively address the issue. Leadership coaching helps to make you a more effective manager, benefiting both you and your employer. Alumni Career Services In addition to the Career Development Center, Darden’s Armstrong Center for Alumni Career Services provides quality career assistance to all Darden alumni throughout their lives, free of charge.



“ I am not even a full year into the program and I have already been given a promotion that I would not have been considered for without it.”

— Ronny Rowell of the mBA for executives Class of 2012 joined the u.S. marines and served in iraq after graduating from the u.S. naval Academy. During the program, he was promoted to regional operations director in Dallas, texas, at Davita, inc., one of the country’s largest independent dialysis providers .

MBA FoR EXECuTIVES CoMPAnY SPonSoRSHIP ideally, your company will consider sponsoring you for the Darden mBA for executives program as part of your career development plan. For some companies, sponsorship means providing students with tuition assistance. For others, it is an endorsement of the student’s future value to the organization. A statement of company support is required for admission. At a minimum, your company needs to recognize that you will be away from the office to attend classes.

Connect With us Visit us in Charlottesville or Around the World One of the best ways to learn about the Darden MBA for Executives program is to meet the students, alumni, faculty and staff who form our community. Darden hosts events and receptions around the world for prospective students, as well as open houses and class visits in Charlottesville, Virginia. Details and schedules can

be found on our website.

Schedule a Conversation If you are considering the Darden MBA for Executives program, we encourage you to send us your résumé to begin a conversation with us prior to submitting your application. An admissions committee member will follow up with you to have a one-on-one conversation about your goals and the potential fit with the program and to provide you with an opportunity to get your admissions questions answered. You can e-mail your résumé to Apply Visit our website for details on the application and financial aid process and to start your online application. A completed application includes essays, recommendations, a company support letter, transcripts, an admissions interview and a GMAT or GRE score. All applicants are considered for scholarships, but we recommend that you apply early when all of the class seats and scholarships are still available. get to know the Darden Community Through Social Media






Which Darden MBA program is right for you? MBA Average years of work experience: 4 years Format: Combination of core and elective courses in Charlottesville with opportunities to study abroad. Duration: 21 months Employed: Summer internship only

MBA FoR EXECuTIVES Average years of work experience: 12 years Format: Combination of monthly weekend residencies in Charlottesville; four one-week leadership residencies, one of which is international; and distance learning. Duration: 21 months Employed: Full-time

gLoBAL MBA FoR EXECuTIVES Typical years of work experience: 12 years Format: Combination of six two-week residencies in China, europe, india, Brazil and the united States and distance learning . Duration: 21 months Employed: Full-time

Contact us university of Virginia Darden School of Business 100 Darden Boulevard

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EQuAL EMPLoYMEnT oPPoRTunITY AnD AFFIRMATIVE ACTIon STATEMEnT The University of Virginia is committed to equal employment opportunity and affirmative action. To fulfill this commitment, the University administers its programs, procedures and practices without regard to age, color, disability, marital status, national or ethnic origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, veteran status, and family medical or genetic information and operates both affirmative action and equal opportunity programs, consistent with resolutions of the Board of Visitors and with federal and state requirements, including the governor’s Executive order on Equal opportunity. The Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator and the Section 504 Coordinator is Brad Holland, Office of Equal Opportunity Programs, Washington Hall, East Range, P.O. Box 400219, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia 22904-4219 U.S.A., +1-434-924-7819. The Title IX Coordinator is Darlene Scott-Scurry, Director, Office of Equal opportunity Programs, Washington Hall, East Range, P.o. Box 400219, university of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia 22904-4219, u.S.A., +1-434-924-3200. Copyright 2011 university of Virginia Darden School of Business

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