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The empty halls from Content Tutoring, and why they should be even emptier. +2011-12 Ski Guide


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Weighing the sides of content tutoring, students share their opinions on the 20 minute study session.

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Facebook cheating in relationships.


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Hallway Talk

“What does kinder* mean?” *Pronounced (kin/der)

“Jesus Marty! Do you even have legs?” “Hey, did you see my camel?”

18 18


“Hey YOU! You’re going to be my boyfriend for the day!”

“I don’t even know what your mom looks like!”


“When people whistle, I get distracted.”

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“Why does everyone fall asleep on me?” “I miss you, get back in my life.” What is this? This is the stuff we hear around the hallways. We get some of the funniest stuff, and put together.

Staff Writers:

Relationships are important, even with a coach.


Austin Amos, Olivia Barrows, Abigail Bridgett, Tamika Christiansen, Micah Costello, Amanda French, Ladonna Gomez, Nicholas Hess, Kelsey Knight, Michaela Looft, Kenzi Rhoades, Christopher Ruckman, Santi Rung-Aroon, Tiffini Sampson, Selena Sanchez, Isidro Treto.


Alecia Cole (Editor-in-Chief ) Anthony Calacino (Design Editor) Ashleigh Miller (Section Editor) Kristina Dunlap (Section Editor) Darcy Hall (Adviser)

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ion t c u d o Intr


Letter From the Editor Dear readers,

photo by rachel spalding

Paw Print Policies: Paw Print is the student newspaper of Palisade High School. It will publish 7 times during the 2011-2012 school year. The opinion pages are an open forum for the students, staff, parents, and any other member of the Palisade Community. Paw Print welcomes all

Cheating: everyone’s done it at least once. Whether it’s cheating on school work, cheating while driving, or cheating in relationships. We have all cheated on something. You know that at least once you have purposely sat by that smart kid in math class just to yank answers off of him because you didn’t do your homework the night before; or remember that time when you were speeding on the way to school just because you were running late after your morning Starbucks stop? Is that cheating or just bending the rules? Then there was that time when you were sitting next to your boyfriend and you sent a text to your “friend” who happens to be a boy and said, “Oh, he just asked me a question about the math homework last night.” Is this cheating or is okay to have these kinds of friends while in a relationship with someone? There was also that time when you skipped practice because you were just “too tired” and told the coaches that you were sick, or just had way too much homework so you couldn’t come to practice because it would take the whole time to do a physics assignment with three problems. Is this cheating? Letting your team down? Or a justified break? We face these temptations to cheat everyday but many of us don’t know what is considered cheating and sometimes don’t even realize that we are cheating when we make decisions about things. Read on and find out how to change the way you make your decisions. Sincerely, Alecia Cole letters to the editor and will print any letter received if space allows and the letter is signed. The staff however, reserves the right to edit any letters submitted. Although we do not print letters received anonymously, we will withhold the author’s name by request. Letters should be sent to Palisade High School Paw Print, Attn.: Editorial Board,

3679 G Road, Palisade, CO, 81526, or delivered to room 130 A. All letters become Paw Print property and cannot be returned. A signed commentary reflects the opinion of the author only. Opinions expressed in editorials, commentaries, or letters to the editors do not reflect the opinion of the Paw Print, the

PHS administration, or the District 51 administration. Paw Print is a tool in the learning process of journalism and operates as a learning laboratory. Any student may apply to be a member of the staff, with or without prior journalism experience, for the enrollment on the staff for credit. The first three copies of the Paw Print are free, and

additional copies are available for 50 cents each. Extra copies may be purchased from room 130A. The complete publication policy may be seen at any time in room 130A upon request. Paw Print is a member of the Colorado High School Press Association and the Journalism Education Association.


... s w e N /// / . t n i r Paw P 2011 ber 12,

The Price of the Five-Finger Discount


Selena Sanchez Staff Writer Imagine that someone owns a business and they finding out that the products they worked hard to put out are just being taken for nothing at all. According to, 89 percent of kids say they know someone who shoplifts, 66 percent say they hang out with those kids. So, chances are most people know a shoplifter and there is a good chance they’re even friends with them. Freshman Dominique Kiefer admits that she knows people who are guilty of shoplifting. She said, “Shoplifting is wrong because it shows that they don’t have any respect towards the stores, and it isn’t fair to the people that work hard and actually pay for their things.” When it really comes down to it, shoplifting is just down right criminal. Kiefer said, “It’s a big deal to shoplift because it is wrong and

it’s equivalent to stealing money from others.” Freshman Emily King said, “I feel like shoplifting is wrong because it’s unfair to the store and other customers. It’s also really stupid because it’s really easy to get caught.” Even though she said she’s never shoplifted before, she still thinks that some stores blow the situation out of proportion. “It depends on the item if it’s a big deal. Some stores take it too far when some girl just stole a $2 lip-gloss, but if some person stole, like, an iPhone or something, I think it’s a big deal.” said King. Both Kiefer and King believe that shoplifters should be punished. Kiefer said, “I think shoplifters should be forced to stand naked in the display window of the

place they shoplifted from with only their socks on and a sign that says ‘I’m a turd, and I shoplift!’” With a different opinion on it, King said, “I think the punishment should depend on the item. A fine should be paid and they should get punished, but the punishment should depend on what was stolen and how much it was worth.” Much like King, senior Taylor Smuck said, “It’s only a ‘big deal’ if what you stole was expensive.” However, all of those little $2 lip-glosses can really add up. It is estimated that more the $13 billion worth of goods are stolen from stores in the United States each year. That comes down to over $35 million per day. Even though it may seem like most of the time teens are

“’s equivalent to stealing money from others.”

Do you Think Shoplifting is Wrong; is it Ever Justified? Teacher Dianna Vera “If people are starving, then yes.”


Freshman Cameron Sill

Micah Costello Staff Writer

Junior Elizbeth Binggeli “No, shoplifting is not O.K.”

the ones that get blamed for shoplifting, only 38 percent of shoplifters are teens. That means that a larger majority of the culprits are adults. A former secret shopper for Walmart, Eric Sanchez said, “Most of the people I caught were adults. There were some teens but most don’t want to steal from Wal-Mart.” Sanchez also said, “Every day I would find packages hidden around the store. They were usually smaller items because they were easy to steal. It probably didn’t seem like as big of a deal to steal those since they were small thing, but when multiple people are taking small things on a regular basis, it comes out to be a lot. To make up for it, stores have to raise their prices on some items.” Shoplifting is a bad habit that may just end up costing you and the stores more than you might expect.

“No, that is mean; you are taking from a buisness. There are always alternatives.”

Senior Ashley Gaffney ‘No, shoplifting is never O.K.”

Bulldog Bucks Being Abused

Do you consider Sparknotes Cheating? Kameron Pfaff

Austin Amos Staff Writer Students receive Bulldog Bucks every week, but some of those students may not have earned those bulldog bucks. Some students may give them away or they just steal them from other people. The Bulldog Bucks coordinator, Linda Motz said, “Some teachers are good about giving away Bulldog Bucks; others are not so as good. I give away one away every two weeks or so. I also choose the prizes that can be won.” Bulldog bucks are an incentive for good behavior; students receive bulldog bucks for going above and beyond the expected. Students mainly receive bulldog bucks from the janitors for picking up trash, and from the special education teachers for helping out. When students receive a bulldog buck they will receive a coin. They take the coin to the office and fill out a postcard, which is mailed to the parents to show something positive from school. The students name is also entered in a quarter drawing for prizes from the booster club every week. At the end of the quarter, there is a bigger prize like an iPod. “I have seen a teacher give bulldog bucks away, because

“No, I use it all the time.” Senior Kameron said

Cohen Turner “No, its using your resources.” Junior Cohen said photo by austin amos Celia Egghart, a sophomore, previously received a bulldog buck by returning a thumb drive she found in the library two weeks ago

there were extra ones. Teachers usually give away bulldog bucks to the students who don’t behave well, and then behave, instead of the kids who always behave well. I don’t believe it’s a very good system.” Junior Cohen Turner said. Junior Ryan Schoeber said, “I have never seen anybody with a bulldog buck in the first place.” Somebody can cheat at bulldog bucks by giving it away to somebody who didn’t earn it, or someone who steals a bulldog buck from somebody else. So far nobody has been caught cheating, but there have been suspicions. “I have received a bulldog buck. I don’t cheat at bulldog

bucks, but the only thing I have seen is teachers handing them out for no reason,” senior Corinna Roberts said. Some students agreed that cheating on bulldog bucks has moral issues. The moral issue behind cheating on bulldog bucks is it is just like stealing anything else. Some students disagree, and say it’s pointless to take the bulldog bucks. “I know somebody who gets bulldog bucks from students who don’t want any, or teachers just giving them away. This person also steals bulldog bucks from teachers, and then turns them in all at once.” Senior Zaylee said.

Go Support Our Bulldog Basketball Players, Here Against South Cheyenne. December 15th

Lyn Anderson “No, I don’t think it’s cheating because it doesn’t tell you everything, it’s just helping you out.” Sophomore Lyn said

Matthew Diers “Your cheating yourself out of the book.” Principal Diers said.

Isidro Treto Staff Writer



lth a e H / / . // t n i r P Paw ber 12, 2011

Taking Advantage! Yes / No?


Crystal Prinster, 9th

Students Taking The Easy Way Out Tamika Christiansen Staff Writer Even though cheating sounded good at the time when it comes to homework, school work, and/or tests; but every decision has an opposite reaction to it. Meaning how many students will take a chance to cheat with 50/50 chance of getting caught by staff and administration. When it comes to cheating there are different perspectives on it like the point of view between teachers, students, and administration. Some students think it’s no big deal when it comes to copying someone else’s answers whether it’s from a friend or another student until they get caught. Freshmen Drake Buford said, “I’ve cheated on h.w. but not tests.” Buford’s reasoning for cheating on h.w. was because he didn’t want to receive an F. He admitted that he does it from time to time, but it’s not continuous thing and he’s never got caught. Buford prevents himself from getting caught by waiting after

class or during free time. Junior Cody lee Campbell said, “I’ve cheated on all three.” Campbell’s reason for cheating on hw, school work, and tests is because of laziness. He’s never been caught by a teacher or administration. He tries not to do it, but in the end there are couple times when he has. Campbell doesn’t do it too often to remember how he prevents himself from getting caught. Sophomore Marissa Staffne said, “No.” There are students who do care about their grades enough to not cheat. It explains that there are students who are willing to learn and actually know the material that they learn in their classes. Teacher’s point of view on cheating is a lot different compared to student’s point of view. They think cheating is wrong considering teachers get pretty annoyed and are not amused by it, when they catch students cheating off of each other. Students who are caught red handed receive some kind of penalty for making that decision.

Math teacher Melissa Belden’s point of view on cheating is its bad and students shouldn’t do it. Belden has caught students cheating before, she said, “The consequences of cheating are student’s get a zero on the assignment and a phone call home.” Mrs. Belden’s advice for students who attempt or try to cheat is “Cheating doesn’t get you anywhere and it makes life even harder in the end.” An administrator’s point of view on students cheating is kind of the same as a teacher’s point of view but at the same time both point of views have their differences. Cheating in school can lead students to nowhere because it proves that they don’t know the material like they should so they try to take the easy way out by cheating off of someone else. This can affect their grade if caught, and then when they try to prove that they know the material that was taught in class the student mostly likely bombs a test or quiz of some sort.

“Some people might and some people dont cheat. Students who cheat can get bad grades for the rest of a semester. “

Travis Pottorff, 10th “Yes, students are using resources online to help them cheat. Which means they aren’t learning anything.”

Tashina Bera, 11th “No, but I do think some cheat. “

Chris Starr “Yes, in some cases there are some students who try to take the easy way out. They should stride to learn the material. “

Tamika Christiansen Design Editor


Sometimes it is Healthy to Be Bad What is your opinion on dieting? Nick Hess Staff Writer Cheating on a diet sounds like a bad thing, but it’s not a bad thing at all. Actually, it’s healthier. It makes it easier to stay on the diet, and it will have a better result. When a person cheats on their diet, it is usually because they can’t stick to it, or because they miss a food too much. No one can stop eating a food if they love it too much. A diet with “cheat days” is actually proven to be more successful than a diet without them. The mentality of a diet says that we are either on a diet or off of a diet. This state of mind will never work out. To stay on a healthy diet, the all or nothing attitude has to be given up. To go on a healthy diet, there has to be motivation. The nutrition teacher, Linda Motz, said that there also has to be a goal. A goal will help maintain the diet. A competition is another motivation. Some people go on a diet to keep up with a sport or activity that they are taking

place in. There are ways to stay on a diet, and still eat unhealthy foods. Find a way to enjoy these “cheat foods” in a healthier way. “It’s okay to make an exception on a special occasion,” said Motz. It doesn’t hurt to eat an unhealthy food every once in a while, as long as it’s in moderation. Make sure to enjoy every bite, and don’t crave more later. Some foods can also be a reward for working out. It can be a motivation to work out, or to get exercise on a regular basis. This approach gets rid of the guilt that is felt from using words like “cheating.” Another helpful thing to do is to eat healthier versions of unhealthy foods. Instead of drinking regular soda, try drinking diet soda. Eating and drinking diet foods will make it easier to stay away from the unhealthy foods. To see how difficult it is to stay on a diet, freshman Dominique Kiefer and junior Blake Clark went on a diet for a week. They both ate healthier foods for this time, and they both were able to stay with it. Clark said

that it was difficult, while it was easier for Kiefer. “I am on a gluten-free diet, so I’m used to eating healthy,” said Kiefer. Clark said, “It sucked. I’m not used to it.” Diets are only hard at first. It will get easier after it has gone on for a while. This can also be a motivation. Sometimes, eating more is healthier than eating less. A bigger meal provides more nutrients, as long as the meal is healthy. A diet can be unhealthy if it doesn’t provide the nutrients that are necessary. A diet should never be treated like an event. It should be treated as a lifestyle. Motz said, “I don’t believe in diets.” The fact that it’s a diet can give the person bad feelings about it. If a person tells himself that they are going to go on a diet, they should have the intention of continuously doing it, instead of just doing it for a while. Cheating isn’t always a bad thing. In this case, it’s better. A healthy diet is important, and sticking to it isn’t hard if there is a motivation.

Kristofer Means Teacher “I don’t think you should diet, you should just eat healthy.”

Breann Blackman Freshman “It depends on your self esteem and who you are, some people it’s really unhealthy to diet but some people it’s your choice. “

Katie Dunn Sophomore “Bunch of BS, just because people who diet think they’re fat and they just need to accept who they are.”

Sean Johnson Senior “They’re okay for some people, but some people take them too far.“

Tiffinie Sampson Staff Writer



lth a e H / / . // t n i r P Paw ber 12, 2011 Decem

Facebook Can Be Cheating While in a Relationship LaDonna Gomez Staff Writer Everybody has heard of couples having issues with someone cheating on someone else. What frequently comes up in these disputes of whether it is cheating or not is texting/ IM’ing on Facebook. Many people not only couples argue about if its cheating or not. “I don’t think they do… ha ha it is dumb,” said freshmen Austin Wooten. Senior Gabby Arvayo agrees with Wooten. “You don’t cheat unless you sleep or plan on sleeping with a person,” Said Arvayo. But not all others feel this way on the subject matter; for example junior Morgan Harrison feels differently. “I guess that there is the whole sexting thing, cause when


you text or message someone on Facebook your boyfriend doesn’t have to know, or if you just talk to someone else at another school,” Said Harrison. Many people have stories of a girlfriend or boyfriend getting upset due to the other person talking to others. But no one ever really knows why people get upset over this. Some boys assume it is jealousy but so do some girls. Other reasons could be self-insecurities. At least 30 percent of relationship breakups are because of self-reasons, but the main reason is due to jealousy or not enough trust. “Because girls are insecure, jealous, witches,” Said Arvayo. “Your trust is one big thing in relationships and if you can’t trust someone to text or get or get on Facebook it creates conflict so like jealousy,” Said Har-

Winter Break starts December 21st through January 2nd.

rison. In a relationship what is valued is trust, honesty, and of course love. There will always be conflict within a relation-

“Because girls are insecure, jealous, witches” -Gabby Arvayo

ship; most people can agree communication is also another main thing in a healthy relationship. Jealousy is common

among many young relationships but there are ways to try to minimize or even eliminate issues in a relationship. If you think that your being “cheated on” you should talk to that person and see not only how he/she feels on cheating, but also if you guys are actually in a relationship. There are so many stories with a person thinking they are dating someone when the other one either A.) Don’t really think it is dating; or B.) Don’t want to be in a relationship with you. If a person is having issues with jealousy and they realize it, don’t worry it is very common among young couples. There is always going to be drama with people and most of the time no one can control who says what to whom.


WCCC SOPHOMORE TOURS DAY Wednesday, January 11th

WCCC is partnering with your high school to give you the chance to take some of your classes on the WCCC campus. It’s an opportunity to earn credit toward your high school graduation, and earn college credit at the same time, by taking courses your high school doesn’t offer. It’s also a great way to jump start your career after school.

For more information, call WCCC at 970.255.2670 or see your guidance counselor.

Weighing the Sides of Content Tutoring Kristina Dunlap Section Editor Every Monday a new content tutoring list comes out which means shortened lunches for students. Upperclassmen especially suffer because they lose their privileges to leave campus for lunch. Content tutoring also shortens lunch to 25 minutes for freshmen and sophomores. 25 minutes is hardly enough time to wait in the lunch line and still have to time to eat. The best way to have a full lunch is to stay off the list. But some students think cheating the system is a better option. Some ways to cheat the content tutoring system are

signing in and leaving, going to a different teacher’s classroom (one that isn’t strict) or having other people sign yourself in. Sure this is great for those wanting a full lunch but in the long run, you’re only cheating yourself. Junior Isidro Treto said, “I had math content tutoring and I actually worked on math. Content tutoring didn’t help me get my grade up because there isn’t enough time to do an assignment.” Content tutoring during lunch is plenty of time to ask a few questions and develop a better understanding of the subject material. Instead of wasting the time or not going, take advantage of the allotted time and develop a better understanding.

Content tutoring is in place because it allows students a specific time to get caught up without getting more homework. It allows students to get help in the needed content area. Content tutoring consequently increases graduation rates because it encourages good grades. Content tutoring also encourages students to work hard to maintain good grades because good grades receive rewards. Senior Tiana Mihalich said, “I don’t go to the room I’m supposed to because I can work on homework instead of sitting in the designated room I have content in.” There are more students in Tiana’s position because sometimes students don’t

have homework in the class they are assigned for content tutoring. As long as students attend content tutoring and make use of their time, content tutoring is fulfilling its purpose. To avoid severe consequences from getting caught cheating the system, just maintain C’s or better. It sounds difficult but it is the easiest way to gain full lunch privileges. The consequences from getting caught are much worse than sitting through 20 minutes of study lab. Content tutoring students will appreciate the study time once they receive a passing grade on his or her transcript.

Content Tutoring Sidebar

Kristina Dunlap

Ronnie Brickey, Senior “I’ve never been in content tutoring because I always keep my grades up. I do all my assignments and get good grades on them.”

Kristina Dunlap

Erick Gaffney, Sophomore “I had it for US history and [content tutoring] helped me get my grade up. It gave me time to do work that I didn’t do. I didn’t mind having a shorter lunch.”

Kristina Dunlap


photo illustration by anthony calacino

Nate Sorenson, Senior “I haven’t been in content tutoring this year. I keep out of content tutoring by focusing on my work and turning assignments in on time. I couldn’t have been in content tutoring last year because I was at WCCC.”

s... t r o p S . //// t n i r P Paw ber 12, 2011 Decem

Cheating the Game & Cheating Yourself Abby Bridgett Staff Writer Not forgetting the side effects including, skin, cardiovascular, and liver disease, is it cheating to use Anabolic steroids in sports? Obviously the answer is yes; it is not only cheating in the sport, but also cheating the steroid user of the opportunity for a healthy life. Freshmen Camren Thomas said, “Steroid use is dumb and will ruin your life forever.” In our society steroids are constantly getting negative publicity, for either health risks, or professional athletes being caught. But are they really the hazardous, unnatural, unfair, poison thought to be? Many think no, that steroids are perfectly fine when used

“Steroid use is dumb and will ruin your life forever” -Camren Thomas


properly. There are many healthy men that have used steroids for over twenty years with no health

conditions. In addition doctors occasionally prescribe steroids to patients. Both these facts prove the claim of steroids being fine to be true. However boosting your testosterone level by fifty times its natural level isn’t proper use. When doctors prescribe steroids it is usually to older men who can’t produce their own testosterone, and they will only prescribe the amount that men would normally produce naturally. The whole point of athletes using steroids is to improve their performance, so obviously they aren’t just using the natural amount, because then what would be the point? Muscles are made of long fiber chains of protein, and when one works out these chains are damaged, causing micro tears in the muscle fibers. The body will naturally repair this in about 48 hours and when it is repaired stronger larger muscles are formed. This is a continuous process to improve strength; however steroids will speed up this cycle drastically. The unnatural level of testosterone given by steroids will speed up the recovery time between workouts, causing one to become stronger faster. The more strength one has the better they will be, proving the unfair advantage when participating in sports. Freshmen Liz Cottingham said, “Steroid use is without a doubt cheating.” Steroids can cause psychological damage. Uncontrollable

Photo by Amanda French Tanner Smith, Keith Slagle, and Jory Gardner working out in Mr Pitton’s class the fair way. aggression, mood swings, depression, delusions, paranoia, and jealousy are all side effects that steroids can cause. In addition withdrawal from the steroids can enhance these symptoms. Thomas has been involved in a lot of different sports and he said he would “absolutely not” use steroids to get a competitive edge. However many teenagers may not have this response. Steroids have ruined many lives. Steroids are not only used by professional athletes but by

teenagers. Maybe the side effects caused by steroids to healthy men may not be extreme but to a teenager… Teenagers are already going through psychological issues just from the stress of growing up. Throw steroids into the mix, and the consequences could be severe. All in all, steroids in athletics are both unhealthy and unfair. Unfair in the game, unfair to the athlete, and unfair to the kids striving to be like their athletic idols.

/// / . t n i r Paw P 2011 ber 12,

Do you cheat during your workout?

... Sports

Tanner Smith


Senior “No, I don’t cheat in Weights class.”

Cutting Corners While Exercising Amanda French Staff Writer We all have to take at least one physical Education class and usually end up doing other classes like Life Time Activities, Weights, and even sports. All of which require hard physical work that one may be tempted to cheat on. Most of the time cheating in an exercise can be a setback to improving one’s health, but sometimes it can actually be beneficial, if no one abuses it. Sophomore Kassi Shakespear said, "Sometimes I cheat, it depends on the day, because sometimes I don't feel like doing it. I cheat when the coach isn't looking, then I won’t do anything. Cheating isn't going to hurt anyone except me." While stopping a workout when the teacher is not looking may sound like a good idea; the reality of it is that the teacher knows that a student is not working hard. Stopping just because the teacher isn't looking, or because a student does not feel like doing it, makes for a

bad work ethic, and lack of selfmotivation. Like Shakespear, sophomore Kliftina Gilcrease admits to cheating in her daily work out, she said, "I cheat like every day, cause it's hard, and I'm a lazy person! When the teacher isn't looking I don't do anything, but if he is, then I just fake what I'm doing." This work ethic (or lack thereof ) could be considered the easy way out, but the easy way out isn't always the best way out. Doing so will prevent the progress of one’s physical health, and could decrease someone’s grade score. The phrase (fake-it till you make-it) doesn't work in this situation. Physical Education coach Paul Pitton said, “It is a character issue, people sometimes get in for the wrong reasons and try to take short cuts. From the pretest at the begging of the quarter, to the post-test at the end of the quarter always catches them, because they don’t try to increase weight, fake sickness, come late to class, or just stand around.” Even though some students

cheat in their workouts, Pitton also explained “I have never seen anyone not get better over nine weeks.” If a student is going to be in a class such as weights, they need to make sure they are there in for the right reasons; to better one’s self physically, and gain knowledge to help them understanding to keep their body healthy at school, and at home. There are ways to cheat and actually have it be good for one’s self. One way is to take a short walk about 30 seconds during a 30 minute run. Doing so can help someone burn more calories, help prevent injury, and can give a student that extra burst of energy to run farther. Taking a few seconds for someone’s body to rest but still keep their heart rate up will help someone finish the next set with better form. There are many ways to cheat in exercising, but not all of it is bad. Students to need make sure they do their homework and know what they are doing to their body when they take a break.

Jenna Brown, Katie Dunn, & Katy Mueller All Sophomores “NO!”

Austin Urquhart Freshman “No? I don’t really exercise”

Josh Waalkes Junior “No, because I’d only be cheating myself.” Kelsey Knight Design Editor

Check out the Choir Concert December 16 at 7:15, in the Auditorium.


... s w e N d // Worl

. // t n i r P Paw ber 12, 2011 Decem

Pushing Testing Pushed Teachers to Cheat Olivia Barrows Staff Writer


Many have heard about the testing scandal that took place in Atlanta last summer. 178 principals and teachers cheated to raise student’s test scores on high-stake standardized tests. This scandal could possibly be the biggest in the country so far. Teachers in Atlanta went about cheating by changing student tests scores and answers after the tests were completed. This form of cheating could be viewed as the most extreme. There are other ways though, for teachers to help students get higher scores on standardized tests. Ann Conaway, who grades the math CSAP, said that graders can see when students had teacher help. “The student’s work has nothing to do with the problem, but then they have the right answer.” Tests that were cheated on are automatically invalidated, no retakes, no retries. To avoid this academic scaring when standardized testing is concerned, Conaway said students should always report suspicious teacher involve-

ment to administration. Reporting a teacher though, can be a scary thing, but students shouldn’t just sit back and watch cheating happen. Freshman Liz Cottingham said, “I’ve never seen teacher cheating happen, but if I did I honestly might not do anything, or I might go up to the teacher and ask them if that was a CSAP book. Then they will stop because they know a student know they were cheating.” The other big question when it comes to teacher cheating on standardized tests: Why do they do it? The fuel to the Atlanta cheating fire was economic reasons. In the United States today, teachers are increasingly being measured on their students’ test scores, something teachers can’t always control. In this economy, jobs have become a sacred thing and some adults

are willing to do anything to keep them. Right here in Colorado, starting in 2014 part of teachers’ evaluation will come from their students’ scores on standardized testing. That pressure soon to be put on teachers is somewhat understandable. But like every situation, there are two ways to go; the cheating way like the Atlanta teachers or the way of good teaching. Conaway said, “The teachers need to teach to the standards, not the test.” Teachers should also hold all students accountable and the standards need to be clear in the classroom. As a student, cheating sounds pretty good; a teacher giving the right answer or a changed score. Accepting help, known or not, can have a lasting effect on a

“The teachers need to teach to the standards, not the test.”

student’s transcripts and record. Beginning in 2014, colleges will look at CSAP when considering potential students. An invalidated test doesn’t look good to colleges because they often don’t know or understand the full story. Colleges also expect incoming students to know all the material. When teachers increase students’ test scores, students can pass through school and into a good college without necessarily mastering all the material. This hurts students and the school alike. Freshman Taylor Hibbard said, “It’s pretty logical; if you cheat you have consequences. But I’d be angry if I wasn’t the one cheating but still got punished.” Anyone would be upset if their record was damaged and changed forever. With standardized testing playing such a big role in the education system today, it’s understandable that teachers and students are feeling the pressure. But always remember to test by the rules and teach to the standards; everyone’s transcripts and evaluations will be thankful.


le.. p o e P / . /// t n i r P Paw ber 12, 2011 Decem

Slow Down Speed Racer Kenzi Rhoades Staff Writer The feeling of having a license is best explained as freedom. We can go wherever we want, when we want to, and no more waiting around for a parent to come. Having a driver’s license is a privilege that some people take for granted. We put in the 50 hours of drive time and the whole year listening to parents freak out when a corner is cut too sharp, or drive a little over the speed limit. But we are given these rules for reasons, according to After Car teen car accidents are the leading cause to teen deaths in America. Statistics show that teenagers get in fatal car accidents more in August, on Saturdays between 9pm and midnight. The fatal five reasons are failing to yield, not adjusting to weather or darkness, tailgating, speeding and not wear-


ing seat belts and driving under the influences. In America over 100,000 people a day get a speeding ticket. Ages between 17 and 24 receive more speeding tickets and that’s more males than females. Senior Kevin Henderson said, “I have had my license since May 27, 2010; I’ve had two tickets one for too many passengers and one for speeding 14 over. My ticket that was for too many passengers was when I first got my license and was only allowed family members it cost me $70. My speeding ticket cost me $170 and I paid for my tickets with the money I earn from my job. I can have however many passengers my car will fit now but I still speed whenever I am in a hurry, or even if I’m in the mood to.” Insurance costs more when people are between the ages 16-25 and especially if they are a guy. There are ways to keep insurance down with these few tips. One way to keep prices down is to be added on to parent’s policy, most companies won’t charge

additional premium charges until the driver is licensed. Also keep in mind good grades pay off because most insurers offer up to a 25% discount for students photo by kenzi rhoades who can maintain a B Senior Karma Mitchell and junior Santi Rungaroon demonstrate how not to text and average. drive or allow someone to ride on top of your car, showed in the parking lot. The more drive time someone has the more likely they are to have at least a 10% discount, also the vehicle you choose can cost or save someone money. When people are beginning drivers and choose a nice cherry red sporty car they will tend to pay more than the multi-colored ’94 Chevy. Insurance companies will charge more to insure cars that are more likely to be temptations for speeding, stolen or otherwise. If it looks like they have money people will go searching for it and the insurance companies don’t want to have to be responsible for paying you back all that you lose. Driving is fun and exciting for young adults, we all just need to be more responsible with how we are when we are on the road with others.

t n e m n i rta e t n E / / . // t n i r P Paw ber 12, 2011 Decem

Chris Ruckman Staff Writer Cheating in video games has existed for almost their entire history. The first cheat codes were put in place for play testing purposes. Playtesters had to rigorously test the mechanics of a game and introduced cheat codes to make this process easier. Gamers could reprogram a small part of the game before launching it, especially during the 8-bit era, where games could be saved to memory, and reprogrammed and exploited from there. They could get an unlimited number of lives, currency, immunity, invisibility, etc. simply by plugging in a few commands. Sometimes cheats were no more than simple shortcuts put into games for those smart enough to look. “…Everyone knows about it. You know, in the second level in Super Mario Bros. where you get the big mushroom and jump over the blocks. It gets you straight to the end…I can’t believe you’ve never heard


Cons of the Console

of it,” said Sophomore Brook Weingart. Eventually, as gaming systems evolved, a cheat industry came about through the packaging and selling of cheating as a product. Magazines, websites, and even TV shows popped up to take advantage of making the lives of players everywhere easier. Many see cheats as simply a way to play more games in a shorter amount of time. Cheats are said to be needed to make a game more accessible and appealing to a casual gamer. With the rise in popularity of gaming, cheating using external software and hardware raised a number of copyright legal issues related to modifying game code. Now-a-days, in such games as Halo on Xbox and World of Warcraft in the internet world, usage of real-time achievement tracking has made it unfair for any one player to cheat. Not only has this caused programmers to remove any of their shortcuts, but they need to make it so that nobody exploits the game in any way. Other-

wise some copyright laws may be broken and the company loses some valuable real-world assets. No longer are you just cheating some 8-bit bad guys, but it now involves millions of people who compete for these virtual assets. Probably the most popular current form of cheating in online games is gold farming (or whatever currency is used). This virtual gold is gained by drudgingly killing monster after monster until enough is earned that it can be sold to lazy players who would rather pay real money than go through this process. “I’ve bought gold plenty of times,” said near-professional gamer Cam Tegeder. “Sometimes I just don’t have the time to go out and slaughter the same set of pixels for eight hours straight. It’s much easier to work at minimum wage for an hour.” Usually the gold is made by those in foreign countries where it is more profitable, and not just for fun. Really, cheating has become one big game of economics.

Duping the Game Jack O’Neill Senior “I wanted to be O.P. (over-powering) dude!”

Ryan Schoeber Junior “I cheat on ones that require a lot of time to play and use the cheats to make them go faster.”

Talysa Quarles Sophomore “I distract the other player by putting my hands over their eyes. It’s the only way I know how to cheat.”

Dillon Renteria Freshman “I consider cheating to be going in and reprogramming the game, which I don’t do.” Chris Ruckman Staff Writer

The Power of a Piece of Plastic Ashleigh Miller Section Editor Fake ID’s are becoming more popular in today’s adolescents. Some of the reasons for purchasing fake ID’s are so teens can get into clubs, and buy alcohol or tobacco. Fake ID’s are very illegal, and there are consequences for anyone who gets caught using them. Adolescents using fake ids could be charged with criminal impersonation which is a felony in the state of Colorado. Also, if they are using them to buy alcohol or tobacco they can get in trouble for a Minor in Possession charge. Senior Javier Urenda said, “I think fake ids are super sweet. I would want one. The reason I would want one would be so I can get into clubs and get alcohol. It would be way more fun to go partying. The only downfall would be getting into trouble.” From the movie Super Bad Mclovin said, “On your fake id they let you pick any name that you want. It was between Mclovin or Mohammed. Mohammed because it is the most common name used on this earth. I put that I was twenty five on it because everyone who gets a fake id it says their twenty one. It’s called strategy, how many twenty one year olds do you think there are in this town?”

Fake ID’s can be purchased online; all it takes is money and a picture of the person buying it. There are a lot of scams out there and people often end up getting ripped off more than they actually do succeeding at trying to buy one. When ordering a fake ID people pick the state they want to be from and they match it exactly so it looks real. Some fake ids are very realistic, enough to the point that they even will pass a black light test. The more money the person is willing to spend, the more legitimate the fake id will be. Freshmen Courtny Amico said,” I think that fake ids are kind of stupid because you can get in a lot of trouble. If you are only buying a fake id so you can get booze I just don’t think that’s a good idea. Just wait until you’re old enough to purchase it.” In Grand Junction, CO the police caught three hundred kids with fake ids in the year 2010. A few students from CMU said buying fake ids cost them anywhere from about a hundred to three hundred dollars. Senior Zaylee Corrella said, “I would really want a fake ID. The reason I would want one would be so I could use it to photo by ashleigh miller get into clubs. ” Senior Matthew Fleweling said, “I think fake Ids are kind of stupid. Either wait until you are old enough or just get older friends.”

What’s Your Opinion on Fake Id’s? Broderic Brant


Fake Ids are useless, I wouldn’t get one cause it’s illegal.

Ashleigh Miller Section Editor Mariah Gellermann

Canon Willbanks


Fake Ids are amazing, That way you can buy things without getting an MIP.


Fake Ids are cool because then you can purchase various items

Dave Carlo Fake Ids have been around forever. All they are is a lie.



t... n e m n tai r e t n E . //// t n i r P Paw ber 12, 2011 Decem

Hallway Talk

“What does kinder* mean?” *Pronounced (kin/der)

“Jesus Marty! Do you even have legs?” “Hey, did you see my camel?”


“Hey YOU! You’re going to be my boyfriend for the day!”

“I don’t even know what your mom looks like!”

“When people whistle, I get distracted.”

“Why does everyone fall asleep on me?” “I miss you, get back in my life.” What is this? This is the stuff we hear around the hallways. We get some of the funniest stuff, and put together.

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2 1 0 2 1 201 e d i u G t r o s e R Ski Anthony Calacino Design Editor

More Ski Guide Info



Crested Butte

Aspen Snowmass


($48) ($56)

($55) ($55)

($53) ($59)* ($83) ($92)**

($94) ($103)

Go Online for Day Prices***

($390) ($520)

($370) ($495)

($459) ($1349)

($839) ($1899)

($625) ($1950)

21 Lifts (8 High Speed), 3,132 acres. 6% Beginner, 50% Intermediate, 44% Advanced/Expert. 3 Terrain Parks, 2 Half pipes. 91 trails, Vertical drop: 4,406 ft.

16 lifts (4 high speed lifts), 1,167 acres. 23% Beginner, 57% Intermediate, 20% Advanced. 1 Terrain park, 1 super pipe. 121 trails, vertical rise 3,062 feet

1 Day Pass Age: (-17) (18+)

Season Pass Age (-17) (18+)

What’s Offered:

Bottom Line: * Prices valid through December 15th. **Actual prices After December 15th. *** Go to: lift-tickets.aspx For Daily Lift Tickets.

4 Lifts (0 high speed), 1600 Acres of Skiing. 20% Beginner, 50% Intermediate, 30% Advanced. 3 Terrain Parks and 1 Half pipe. Vertical Drop: 1,650 feet

Powderhorn is the closest resort to home. Its home to some of the best tree skiing in Colorado. Powderhorn gets the least amount of snow out of all of the other resorts for a season. If you’re just going for a day, Powderhorn is great, but their new higher season pass price makes a much bigger resort like Crested Butte or Telluride a better choice for a season’s pass.

3 Lifts (0 High speed), 18 Lifts (9 high speed), 470 acres of Skiing. 20% 2000+ Acres of Skiing, 125 Beginner, 55% Intermetrails, 23% Beginner, 36% diate, 25% Advanced / Intermediate, 41% AdExpert. Vertical Drop: 2,010 vanced / Expert. Vertical feet. 67 trails, 2 Terrain Drop: 4,425 feet , 3 Terrain Parks Parks. Sunlight is a lot like Powderhorn, with its size and 3 lifts. The season passes are cheaper for both 18, and under 18. The resort is the closest besides Powderhorn. If you want a slightly cheaper ski resort to have a season’s pass at, this would be the place.

Crestted Butte is not always thought of as the go-to resort for a day trip. However, it should be. Their day prices until December 15th, are almost cheaper than Powderhorn. Their season’s pass for those under 18 is the best deal for a single resort in Colorado. This resort has it all, terrain parks, a super pipe, and 16 lifts. This resort is pretty big, so don’t worry about it being too crowded. The adult season’s pass isn’t a bad deal either.

Telluride is one of the best, Aspen is one of the best ski resorts in America. if not the best, ski resort in Colorado. The many high There are four aspen resorts, each a little different speed lifts make getting up than the others ( Day pass the mountain easy and fast. The resort has so much skiincludes all resorts). The able terrain, that it hardly best resort out of the four feels crowded. The season’s is Snowmass. This resort pass is a great deal for gets the most snow out those under 18. However, of all of them, and is the if you’re 18, this is the most main resort. Altogether, expensive season pass. these resorts give you the Its more than $100 more most for you money. By than the Aspen pass, which far the best value for you money. However, the price gets you access to four ski resorts. is overall high compared to the rest if you just want to ski at one resort.


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Paw Print Issue #4 December 2012  

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