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All of the text I choose to layout in four columns at the bottom, because I wanted the dps to be image strong, so this left more space for all my pictures.

This is my main image in the double page spread. I wanted to keep the gold theme because of the artist name so I had two layers of the same picture then erased the top image so the gold came through.

The big title with the artist name still uses the brown and gold’s again to reinstate the house style. I changed the opacity to 50% so you can still see the picture behind.

I added the black line for definition of the picture so the smaller images I added on after this didn’t blend in.

This is the first smaller image, and again I used the two layers and deleted the top on, to keep the gold bracelets.

Again I added more black line around the picture to define each picture.

This is an earlier version of my DPS. I changed the colours because didn’t fit in with the house style that I had choosen for the magazine. Only having the one picture limited the number of pictures I used, making it smaller I was able to add 3 more smaller pictures, which looked a story bored of the photo shoot. I also made the text into four smaller columns which again gave me more space for the pictures.

DPS Screenshots  

Screenshots of my DPS showing creation and improvment

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