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conversation where are you from ?

Darling: Hello , I´m Darling sañas I´m a new club member Vero: Hi. My name is Verónica García but please call me Vero Darling: OK. Where are you from Vero ? Vero: Canadá. How about you ? Darling: I´m from el salvador Vero: Oh,I love el salvador .It´s really beautiful Darling: Thanks . So is Canadá Vero: Oh good. Sun Hee is here. Darling: Who´s Sun Hee’? Vero: She´s my classmate.we´re in the same math class. Darling: where ´s she from? Vero: Bogota. Let´s go and say . hello Sorry , what´s your last name again?cañas ? Darling: Actually, it´s Sañas Vero: How do you spell that? Darling: S-A-Ñ-A-S

Vero: Sun Hee, this is Darling Sañas.He´s a new club member from mexico Carlota Perez : Nice to meet you, Darling ,I´m Carlota Pérez Darling: Hi . so you´re from bogota? Carlota: that´s right. I´m Seoul. Darling:that´s cool .what´s Seoul like?

Carlota: It´s really nice .It´s big and very exciting. Carlota: Hey Darling . How it going? Darling: Fine thanks . How are you? Calina:pretty good .So are your classes interesting this semester? Darling: Yes they are .I really love chemistry . Carlota: Chemistry? Are you and Vero in the same class? Darling: No, we aren´t . My class is in the morning . her class is in the aftrernoon Carlota: Listen ,I´m on my way to the cafetería now . Are you free? Darling:Sure . Lest´s go.


Presente Simple

Forma corta


am not

I'm not


are not

you're not/you aren't


is not

he's not/he isn't


is not

she's not/she isn't


is not

it's not/it isn't


are not

we're not/we aren't


are not

they're not/they aren't

Presente SimpleEspañol Am I?¿Yo soy/estoy? Are you?¿Tu eres/estás? Is he?¿Él es/está? Is she?¿Ella es/está? Is it?¿Es/está? Are we?¿Nosotros somos/estamos? Are they?¿Ellos son/están?

Español yo no soy/estoy tu no eres/estás él no es/está ella no es/está no es/está nosotros no somos/estamos ellos no son/están





¿Cómo estás? / Bien, gracias

How are you? / Fine, thanks

¿Qué tal?

How do you do?

Buenos días

Good morning

Buenas tardes

Good afternoon

Buenas noches*

Good evening




Bye / Good Bye / Bye Bye

Hasta luego

See you later

Hasta pronto

See you son

Hasta mañana

See you tomorrow

Buenas noches*

Good night


reading about the legend of dick The CipitĂ­o or Cipitio, cipit originally called, is a legendary figure in El Salvador. It comes from a religious history of pre-Columbian times, telling your family tree and the reasons for which he was punished with his mother. It has very distinctive dress and customs, is credited a variety of skills, abilities and supernatural powers, without prejudice, used for fun.

The character is an important part of Salvadoran culture, taking place as an icon of the country's ancient ruins. Authors and writers have taken up figure in his works has also been the inspiration for the filming of a television series that is cultural and social issues from the perspective of Salvadoran legend CipitĂ­o

Born of the relationship he had his mother Ziguet (Sihuet) with Morning Star god, betraying the sun god's why the god of gods, condemned Teotl both mother and child. The mother was demoted from his Moon Goddess category errant wife and child sentenced to never grow up, ‘and kept forever in the age of ten

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