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dar al-hijrah times VOLUME 2 NO. 2


FEBRUARY 2009 | SAfAR 1430


The 15 Aspects of Communication a detailed report from Life Making 101 course

by Fartun Ahmed 'Qodow’


ommunication is an indispensable part of life that covers a wide array of tactics and techniques. Communication in a nutshell is defined as the process of importing and exporting information from one source to the other, in most situations this source is between two or more individuals. Throughout most of our lives we take communication for granted because it is not really seen how beneficial it is to human lives both mentally and spiritually. Whether you are dealing with a teacher or a cat the way you gesture and speak are all vital in order to make the process much easier for both parties. Islam in general emphasizes and puts high value on communication and its significance. In a book titled “Twenty Principles of Islam” by Imam Hassan Al-Banna explains that Islam accepts all things that are beneficial to human lives, in other words as long as something is not contradicting the religion then it is permitted, this under my view also includes communication done through media, journalism, and even at the interpersonal level. The points below are just a student’s perspective after learning about communication in Life Making 101 in a much broader sense. Communication with Allah: The number one communication that connects us to everything else is the

Responses to the Future of the American Idea


page 5A communication between an individual and Allah. As we all are aware of we have been placed on this earth in order to serve none but Allah. Allah has said in a well known verse Say: “Truly, my

looking at the wrongs in every conversa-

tion I shall grant him My protection… “(Al- tion; they should be looking at the good

Bukhari 6021). From these two sources, we can sense that the communication between Allah and an individual is the base or foundation for all other aspects of communication. Communication between spouses: Allah has said in the quran “And among

prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life and my death, are (all) for Allah, the Cherisher of the worlds; No partner has He: this am I commanded, and I am the first of those who bow to His will” (Al-An`am 6:162- His Signs is this, that He created for you 163). In order to have a superior con- mates from among yourselves, that ye may nection with Allah one must meet the dwell in tranquility with them, and He has criteria. This criteria is basically serving put love [mawadda] and mercy between Allah and doing all of their righteous your [hearts]: Verily in that are Signs for deeds that have been laid out for us. By those who reflect”.

serving Allah, you are getting closer to Allah and obviously the closer you get to Allah the better your connection will be with Allah on the Day of Judgment. Also Muslims communicate to Allah through prayer and supplication, this shows you that Allah will not turn down a devote servant when he makes a supplication or prays to Allah. In an important hadith we learn that Allah says “My servant does not come closer to Me with anything more dear to Me than that which I made obligatory upon him. My servant keeps coming closer to Me with more volunteer deeds, until I love him. When I love him, I become His ear by which he hears, his eyes by which he sees, his hand by which he holds and his foot by which he walks. If he asks Me any thing I shall give him. If he seeks My protec-

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Love is a pure and correct from of showing desire for another human being whether this is just emotional or intimacy. When one seeks to have a good balanced relationship with his or her spouse they need to examine the level of communication that is put into the relationship. Having great communication in any relationship is a given. The couple’s relationship should first of all be composed up of Allah because that is what has brought them together in the first place. The couple must serve Allah so that all other aspects can be balanced, for the most essential and effective connection that needs to be built is the one with Allah. Once this has been taken care of, the couple must be willing to set aside their differences and instead of

Somali: Xusida Halganka Diinteena


side instead. To have a healthy relationship, the couple has to have a set amount of time each day to talk and learn from one another. The second thing to keep in mind is to listen to each other. This is really hard to do because men in general do not want to sit and listen to his wife talking about her day. Ladies in general like to get into detail when they are talking to their husbands and this makes it hard for both people. Listening is a vital skill that really prevents many problems if done correctly. Listening also helps the couples get inside each others worlds; so that, they can both assess the situation from more then one view. Personally as a future wife, the best way I can communicate with my future husband is to first and foremost respect him as an individual and give him the freedom to think on his own. I must trust him and understand his circumstances, as the old saying goes giving them 72 excuses before you evaluate a situation. In order to have a clear and logic communication with my future husband, I need to take responsibility for my duties towards him. I need also to consider that his eyes, hands, and even gestures are a way of communicating to me, and I must be aware of what pleases him verses what displeases him.

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

All praises and thanks are due to Allah, the Exlated, for guiding us to the path of Islam. Many thanks also go to the writers, editors, founders, designers, organizers, and sponsors of Dar Al-Hijrah Times. In this issue of Dar Al-Hijrah Times, we picked the word communication as our theme due to the magnitude of lack of communication in our current times, especially between different religious people, culture, ethnicity, communities, race, gender, etc. as our window to the world is shrinking because of the vast technology available to us. The word communication comes from a Latin word communicare, to share or make common. More interestingly, the key root is mun-, which can be literally translated as ‘community’ or ‘meaning.’ Let us take these two words and compare them to the word communication. Community signifies as a body of people within the same territorial or environmental ground who share certain values, customs and shades of culture. With these entities comes communication, a transmitable, either verbally or physically, behavior between people or animals. Without having to confuse ourselves, we are taking a house as an example of community as we have certain characters within a house whom are associated with certain roles to play. For example, we have the parents or guardians and the children, and from each of these category we have another sub-characters in each of these categories who have different roles to themselves. That is a miniscule entity of a community but very important one. Thus, there are values, rules, customs of doing things, and more within this single household that have to be communicated through a chain of transmission without leaving anyone outside of the realm of this community. This is where meaning becomes more importantly as community and meaning are in a mutual relationship. So how do we convey our meaning? As humans, we do this through three major ways which are all part of communication; words, the tone of our voices, and body language. How you say certain words with your tone and body says much more than the meaning of the word itself. The common adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words’ simply means the body language in that particular pose of that person and what that person was uttering simultaneous is much worth than the words the person was using. Hence, the words, their tone, and body language all come into play when you are communicating or transmitting information to someone else than just the words themselves. This is way babies would like to imitate grown ups when they are growing up because the way a mother or father behaves and acts is more important to them than just what they are saying; you walk away, they like to follow you while they keep falling and falling everytime. An imam once said the reason babies cannot talk is because grownups would tell them not to try to walk because they would not be able to till they reach a certain age. But without words they keep trying everyday to imitate their parents. Human beings communicate on a daily basis with others, even more with themselves than others. There is a certain communication expected in a house, a place of worship, academic setting, friends, spouses, and even with God the Almighty. Therefore, one has to take the responsibility of accepting and respecting everyone and every entities within their respected boundaries. How you communicate with others, from the closests to the farthest, is very important as everyone comes from a different background and setting of life. There is a certain way of communicating with your spouse than you would with your friends or the president of a country than a teacher. They all deserve the same aspects of communication but it varies from one person to another. Hence, communication is so important within Islam that even Allah Himself asks us to keep in contact with Him as He ordered Musa (Moses), peace be upon him, to keep Him in remembrance; “Verily! I am Allâh! Lâ ilâha illa Ana (none has the right to

be worshipped but I), so worship Me, and perform As­Salât (obligatory prayers) for My Remembrance” (21:14). The imams note that that part of ‘remembrance’ is our way of

humans to keep communicating with Allah. Many people, obviously oblivious to the true teachings of Allah, have pondered about ways to keep or seek contact with Allah, even as little as an address as the case of a U.S. congress man who wanted sue God for all the tribulations of the world. Our message to you in this issue? Keep communicating in the manner expected from you and not as you want because we are in a large community with different backgrounds in religion, race, ethnicity, culture, gender, and many more differences than we could have imagined a century back. Communication with Allah and people starts in places where people are common, and in this case where else would you find that than in a masjid (mosque) near you. Please visit masjids regularly as there are many valueable things to be learned from and do not let your share of the wealth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) go astray as he said; “Any word of wisdom is the stray of the believer, who has the better right to it wherever it may be found.” Till our next issue, we leave you with peace from Dar Al-Hijrah Times to wherever you may find yourself.

Editor in Chief


Vol. 2 No. 2 | February 2009 - Safar 1430

Closer Look At

Xusida Halganka Diinteena

Dar Al-Hijrah’s Programs

by Asad Mohamed


ulan diineed ka dhacay magaalooyinka mataanaha ah (mpls, St.paul) ee gobalka Minnesota dalka America, maalintii isniinta aheed, Feb,2,2009, abaarihii 6dii galabnimo. Kulan diineedkaas oo ka dhacay xarunta loo yaqaano Islamic Center of Minnesota (ICM) ayaa waxaa isugu imaaday muslimiin aad ufara badan oo isugu jira kalar kasta. Kulankaas oo asalkiisii ku saleysnaa marti qaad lugu marti qaadayay Hogaamiyaha Muslimiinta ee waqooyiga dalka America iyo ku xigeenkeeda. Hogaamiyahaas oo qof dumar ah oo lugu magac aabo (Dr. Ingrid Mattson) iyo ku xigeenkeeda oo qof nin ah oo lugu magac aabo (Rodwaan Saleh) ayaa xaruntaas waxay ka soo jeediyeen qudbo aad umacaan run ahaantiina ah mid dadweynaha muslimiinta ee xaruntaa isugu yimid qancisay. Qudbadaas oo ku saabsaneed jiritaanka diinteena macaan oo loo soo halkgamayay 21kii qarni oo la soo dhaafay iyadoo run ahaantii taasoo mudan mid la xuso markii loo fiiriyo sida loogu soo halgamay ama ay ugu soo dagaalamen muslimiintii naga horeysay nala looga baahanyahay in aan xusno mar walba sidoo kale hadana aan u halgano. Dr. Ingrid Mattson ayaa waxay tahay haweeneey aad u da,yar aqoonteeduna dheertahay gawadhaas oo ah hogaamiyaha muslimiinta ku nool waqooyiga America. Haweeneeydaas oo dhalashadeedu tahay mid Canadian ah horaana u ahaan jirtay mid Christian ah oo loo kaxeeyo kaniisada ama meelaha ay gaalada wax ku caabudaan. Markii ay jirtay 5sano ayaa waxay biloowday inay caawiso ciyaalka yaryar ama (Community). Dr. Ingrid Mattson ayaa waxay ka soo qalinjabisay jaamacada loo yaqaano (Waterloo) oo ku taalo dalka Canada gaar ahaan gobalka (Ontario). Kadib waxay u safartay dalka Pakistan iyadoo caawinayso qaxootiga ku nool Afghanistan. Dr. Ingrid Mattson ayaa waxay P.H. D ka heshay jamaacada ku taalo Chicago ee dalka America 1999. dr. Ingrid Mattson ayaa waxay tahay haweeneydii oogu horeesay oo noqotay hogaamiyaha muslimiinta ee ku nool Waqooyiga America

Women Only Lecture

Saturday February 28, 2009 | 3:30pm (after ‘Asr Prayer) Speakers: Sh. Ahmed Burale, Imam of Masjid Omar (24 Mall) Sh. Abdirahman Sharif, imam of Masjid Dar Al-Hijrah Location: Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Civic Center


SSU YOUTH presents


A conference for and by the youth of Islam. Great Speakers are invited and important topics will be delivered. So set the date and time, and keep an eye on the next issue for more info!

Date: Saturday March 28, 2009 Location:








[Programs] To seek knowledge is a sacred responsibility and binding action upon every Muslim, female or male. Being part of a Muslim community that resides within a non-Muslim nation, a great responsibility rests upon every Muslim's shoulders to understand and convey the religion of Islam in the noblest way that has been taught and preached by our great teacher prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Therefore, Masjid Dar Al-Hijrah has established programs on Friday, Saturdays, and Sundays. These weekly programs focus on people from any educational level including students, the principle that guide fellow Muslims in their daily lives and the essence of Islam. The programs include: Salahudin Islamic School is one of the Dar Al-Hijrah‘s Islamic schools that currently service students of all ages. Its curriculum includes memorization of the holy Qur’an, Islamic Beliefs (Aqeedah), reading and writing Arabic, Islamic manners (Tarbiyah), Islamic history (Seerah), prophet’s way of life (Hadith), jurisprudence (Fiq), and remembrance of Allah (Thikr). It is has been serving the Muslim community in Minnesota for a number of years. It has passed through different level of situations that has encouraged its staffs, students, parents, teachers to double their efforts to promote for the wellbeing of the societies. Now, Salahudin School reached a level which its students established to form a Salahudin Student Union. To enroll please contact us (612) 227-8374/(612) 298-3021 or Dar Al-Hijrah Youth Council (DYC) shall welcome any Muslim youth in the state of Minnesota to enhance their religion and culture, expand their educational level, strengthen between families and youth ties, and establish non-violent methods for peace, institute integrity, and work for better future. To work with or become a member, please contact us 612-644-3864 (612) 481-4423 or Salahudin Student Union (SSU) is a student organization that helps youth get more involved in Islamic activities and to get Muslim youths involved in the community and keep their Islamic values. SSU is a branch of Dar Al-Hijrah Youth Council that deals with younger students. It works closely with students in elementary and middle school, operates a bi-yearly journal, holds Islamic events, workshops, and producing documentaries regarding issues in our society. To work with or become a member, please contact us (612) 226-0134 Salahudin Journal is published by Salahudin Student Union; a group of youths from Salahudin Weekend Islamic School. It is produced bi-yearly, and this is part of the community that promotes education and knowledge. Every issue discusses current affairs in the community, Islamic, health, science, education, literature, entertainment, and many more. To become a columnist (Somali/English) or subscribe, please e-mail us Dar Al-Hijrah Times is a newspaper that is published monthly by SSU officials and members of Dar Al-Hijrah. The newspaper discusses current news both in the world and community at large. Karmel-AlHikmah Islamic School (KAHIS) is a private Islamic school based in South Minneapolis, offering high quality academic and Islamic instruction. It is an elementary school for children 3 to 5 years of age. The school intends to grow by adding a grade each year insha’Allah. To enroll please contact us (612) 227-8374 Tajreed Sareeh (Sahih Bukhari): Being one of the six major Hadith collections, Sahih Bukahri is the most authentic book after the Quran. Written by the Muslim scholar Muhammad ibn Ismail al-Bukhari, this book covers almost all aspects of life in providing proper guidance of Islam such as the method of performing prayers and other actions of worship directly from Muhammad. General Information: Instructor: Imam Sharif Mohamed Email address: Phone Number: 612-481-4423/612-226-0134 Day(s): Fridays Time: 7-8:30pm Location: Sisters’ section @ Masjid Dar Al-Hijrah Type of the Program: Teachings of Bukhari book (Hadith) Qisasul Ambiya: Muslims regard those individuals chosen by Allah as the divine Prophets of Islam. All Prophets brought the same basic message of worshipping one God and abstaining from any form of idolatry. Allah has also mentioned in the Quran several times “And whoever obeys God and the messenger, these will be [in paradise] with the prophets and the truthful and the martyrs and the righteous, upon whom God has bestowed favors", thus Qisiul Ambiya will not only teach you about the stories of the Prophet’s but also the untold stories of History. Starting from Prophet Adam this book will take you all the way to the common era of the 21st century. Many unrevealed questions of today’s society such as division, land, and even war will become as clear as crystal because the Prophets of Allah not only held lessons they held history. Instructor: Imam Sharif Mohamed Email address: Phone Number: 612-481-4423/612-226-0134 Day(s): Saturdays Time: 7-8:30pm


Closer Look At Dar Al-Hijrah’s Programs


Location: Sisters’ section @ Masjid Dar Al-Hijrah Type of the Program: Teachings of History of Prophets Life Making 101 : In today’s world where everything is being flipped from it is original aspect, Islam and Muslims are going through several major changes. Therefore, in this program we will put Islamic Education into practical skills and practices of everyday life inshAllah. Our intention of this program is for it to be a model to follow by placing everything in its original place instead of flip flopping it from its innovative site. The program will consists of lectures, discussions, specific study cases, research in particular topics and of course learning from one of the profound Islamic author’s book ( Mukhtasar Saheh Bukhari~ Abijamra). Just as many other courses in life require significant policies we intend to make our polices ones that will evolve directly from the teachings of this program, in other words teachings will involve an itinerary of actions that will prolong through an individuals lifetime inshallah. General Information: Instructor: Abdikadir Ibrahim Email address: Phone Number: 612-227-8374 Date: Saturdays & Sundays Time: Instantly after Fajr- 8:00 AM Location: Sisters’ section @ Masjid Dar Al-Hijrah Type of the Program: Lecture, discussion & teaching of Bukhari book Dar Al-Hijrah Health Screening Service: DAHHSS is a free and accessible health service provided by Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Civic Center for the community in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Health, where memebers of the community can check their blood pressure, diabetes, weight, height, and child and teen check ups. New Dar Al-Hijrah Masjid(mosque): This masjid is currently open and serves for four (4) prayers including Friday sermons starting at 1pm with morning and afternoon Islamic schools (dugsi). It is located at Cedar Ave. and E. Lake St. 3015 Cedar Ave. S. | Minneapolis, MN 55407 | 612.226.5661 | Yearlong Children School: This new program is on Mondays through Thursdays from 3:30pm-6:30pm at the center. Contact for more information at 612.227.8374 | 612.423.5401 Sh. Ali Sufi: Islamic weekend school on Saturdays and Sundays | 2pm - 5pm Iftin: Islamic weekend school on Saturdays and Sundays | 8am - 12pm


UPDATE: Life Making 101Course


s our monthly update of Life Making 101 goes we are proud to say we are on our 5th unit. Starting from “Time” where we learned the importance of time in both Islam and society we compiled our own schedules to organize ourselves, work, school, and general tasks and to proof of what we have mastered. After creating a simple step by step schedule we moved on to our second unit which was “Tacmiir” better known as congregation in the Mosque. In this unit we learned about the responsibility of maintaining a mosque and actually visiting it. We conquered the values and regulations that should be followed while one is inside the mosque. Finally for our daily assignment we wrote up a list of rules for the mosque toppling to a close 50. The translated rules in multiple languages will be printed soon insha-Allah. Our third unit was Communication. With conflicts all over the world, we learned about how dialogue can really turn things around. In this edition of Dar Al-Hijrah Times, you will notice that the leading article is an article that was written by one of the students as a final writing assignment. Just about a week ago, we finished our fourth unit which was by far one of the most important units. We concentrated on Literacy and the importance it has on our community. We looked at different statistics about patents and many other different pieces of information that helped us see how much behind we are in many areas. For our final project we completed a worksheet that included important questions such as “What is the reason why many Muslim countries are among the lowest Literacy Rates.” “How can we solve this problem”, and finally “What are your educational goals in the future and how will you get there” Currently we are in our unit of the Don’ts and Do’s of Leisure Activities, in this unit we will concentrate on different types of leisure activities such as television, soccer, hanging out, and much more. The goal of this unit is to help individuals minimize the number of hours they waste doing things that are unnecessary and nonsensical. Besides these critical leading topics, which are many more to come, we are also taking one of the Major Hadith books “Bukhari” just a shorter version written by Ibn Abi Jamra. In fact we have gotten through half of the Hadith book thus far. All in all, the program is proofing beneficial for its outcome, we welcome any new students and hope that each individual will benefit at the outmost from this course. Life Making 101 is a course that is offered in Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Civic Center on Saturdays and Sundays from Fajar Prayer until 8am

Vol. 2 No. 2 | February 2009 - Safar 1430

My Responses to The Future of the American Idea by Jihan Samatar


efining the American idea does not have a specific answer, but in my perspective it means assuring the future. What I mean by that is a hard work that will assure a future with many of us bump and bruise, in which can be handled. Compared to Somalia, a place with no central government for almost two decades, people fight each other and other countries trying to take over by killing innocent people. In Somalia no matter how hard you work to get where you want there is a little chance that you may get where you wanted. The United States might not have been a great place to foreign eyes, but it is one of the greatest places on earth. Think about it, people run here to seek education, work, and a better future. For instance, in the eyes of people in Somalia America is like a door to “Heaven”. I had the opportunity to live, grow, study, and even thinking in the future to educate my children in America. As the result of my father’s dedication and sacrifice he has made for me I had the chance to live this in this greate country. Coming to America was the journey to I always remember. Many like my father thought that America was the best place to seek a better future for their children, and yes many have seen their dream came true I have lived in the U.S. more than half my life and picturing a future as a doctor like my father did, but did not get the chance to fulfill. My dad always lectured me to do better in school; to have a brighter future in life. Just a few days ago my uncle, parents and I sat together to talk about what I should pursue in a career. I grew up always wanting to be a doctor like my uncle who is my role model, but I decided to become a nurse, which I liked it. It was a shock to my parents, but my uncle advised me to choose something that I wanted, or it would lead up to a career I would detest once I start. My parents were satisfied because a chance like this did not come their way, but they worked hard to see their dreams come true. My father always talked about how he wanted to come to America when he was young, to become a doctor and the hardship that he went through. My father told me that he was one of the top students in his school and he did not have parents who would support him to learn. My grandparents did not know a lot of things about education. My father was the eldest of all the kids of my grandparents, so at the age of twelve he took all the responsibilities in helping my grandmother after my grandfather died. At that young age, my grandmother was asking my father everything that was to be done in the household (more like a hut hold). My father’s dream to become a doctor was lost when he did every thing to complete that but at last he changed his mind and said I will scarifies my children’s’ futures and to fulfill their dream. Nancy Pelosi’s in youth conference of 2007 stated that how the founding fathers sought through to make America a more stable place to live in and dream in for young people. She also mentioned that the ambition that the young people have for a brighter future is how the American idea did not disappear and be there for the years to come. What is the American idea? In my opinion there is no such question like that because American idea is an experience of a person’s life. I saw many different views in The Atlantic artitcle that I read it. This question was really unique in a way if the writer never had the chance to even think about it. The question made me think about what America is really all about. What the American idea is in one’s view of how life should be even though sometimes life is not perfect. The meaning of the American idea still expands and changes every time as new generation rolls by

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Communication between Parent to Child: If I imagine myself in a parenting role, which is very rare for me to even ponder on; I understand the aspects that are centered around my communication with my future children. As a parent, I will need to sit down and actually talk to my children. Informing them about their rights, duties, and responsibilities and so on is the best way to develop a healthy communication style. I will need to have good eye contact and even a certain voice level when talking to my kids. When in public I will use logical codes or gestures to show acts of discipline instead of screaming at them like a bunch of animals. When talking to my children I will pay attention to what they have to say and even get down to their level to show them that. I will also make sure to not put my child down when communicating with them, because it is incorrect to put them down or make them worthless because I am older or more superior then them. The best communication for raising kids is being a mind set role model. My children will witness all I do so I must be well trained in order to train them. A child needs to communicate with his/her parents in these ways: 1. Respecting them their rules, regulations and even orders. 2. I will talk to them in a clam and cool manner. 3. I will put my view in their shoes sometimes so that I can understand their points. 4. I will give 100% eye contact 5. I will agree with them even if they are wrong 6. I will help them to understand what I am trying to say to them 7. I will have good posture so that they know I am respectful to them 8. I will use a language and gestures they under stand instead of having or showing a frown on my face to intimidate them 9. I will not scream, slam doors, or even walk way when they are talking to me. 10. I will not watch TV, read, or talk to someone else when my parents are talking to me 11. I will not ask why nor I will say it is not fair of what they have asked and told me to do. 12. I will praise their efforts to communicate and show them that I care about having a healthy communication relationship with them. Communication between Friends: 1. Communicate for a good cause (Allah, knowledge etc…) 2. Listen to each other 3. Respect each other’s privacy 4. Eye contact 5. Put personal interest into our conversations 6. Encourage them to express their thoughts and opinions. 7. Be a good listen: Listen more then talking 8. Loyalty and confidentiality 9. Create space and time for the other to respond 10. Be open minded and show a smiling face Communication between Teacher to Student: 1. Open minded 2. Converse with the students 3. Eye contact and good posture 4. Show the student that I care 5. Create a welcoming atmosphere 6. Office hours 7. Phone or email 8. Extra assistance 9. Assess the situation and circumstances Communication between Student to Teacher: 1. Listen carefully 2. Use polite words 3. Respect the teacher 4. Ask questions 5. Do not shy from asking questions 6. Use good eye contact, posture, and even gesture 7. Do not interpret 8. Follow directions 9. Show interest 10. Take notes Communication between Teacher to Parent: 1. Listen carefully 2. Be positive 3. Personalize the conversation 4. Keep the parent well informed ( create a

Vol. 2 No. 2 | February 2009 - Safar 1430

partnership) 5. Create a lasting relationship 6. Send a welcome letter, phone call, or even email 7. Give the parent the time to express any concerns or needs 8. Develop a parent feedback form 9. Connect with parents at least once a month 10. Encourage parents to attend school activates Communication between Parent to Teacher: 1. Listen 2. Do not wait until there is a problem to communicate with the teacher 3. Call the teacher at least once a month 4. Learn the teachers name and subject being taught 5. Becoming a partner with the teacher 6. Join an activity or volunteer 7. attend parent and teacher meetings 8. Create ways for you and your child to communicate with the teacher 9. Make sure your spouse also communicates with the teacher Communication between Employees: 1. Communicate one another 2. Share skills and knowledge 3. Offer to assist each other (even take work shifts) 4. Create a motivational cycle or way 5. Develop interpersonal skills 6. Create a team communication 7. Listen to each other 8. Be open minded Communication between Boss to Employee: 1. Organize a wide array of communication with all employees 2. Listen to the employee’s concerns and thoughts 3. Welcome ideas 4. Recognize achievement 5. Be open minded to understanding circumstances 6. Create both team and individual communication 7. Create an open door policy 8. Create frequent meetings and gatherings 9. Put interest into other things besides just work 10. Email, newsletters, and even internet can be used to communicate 11. Set your Expectations the first time around Communication between Employees to Boss: 1. Talk to your boss 2. Ask questions and ask for help 3. Listen to your boss 4. Respect his opinions and decisions 5. Be open minded 6. Be honest and true to your work expectations 7. Attend all meetings and gatherings 8. Call in at a known time 9. Show that you are happy with your work 10. Do not bring your problems to your boss 11. Thank your boss often 12. Put interest into the conversation Communication between Organizations: In today’s world organizations are not just what they are defined to be but in several ways, forms, and styles act more like a complete government system, thus the communication between the members of an organization, the organization to another organization, and the organization to itself are very important components to keeping a strong and valuable organization. I have read and understood that 80% of the communication that takes place in an organization is interpersonal communication this includes verbal and non-verbal communication. In order for one to acquire great skills he/she will need to do the following 1. Know the goal or mission, every organization has reason or a chain of the thought 2. Develop a good relationship with my co-members 3. Listen very well 4. Take good notes 5. Attend all meetings and events 6. State my opinion, advise, and concerns 7. Display the organza tons services in the media (this is vas communication) 8. Pay attention to all that is said and done 9. Be aware of my surroundings

10. Initiate conversations 11. Be open minded and attentive 12. Ask questions 13. Write a lot 14. Learn about time and the aspects of actually being on time. Much effort is put into planning and scheduling meetings all members must understand how crucial it is to be on time and put a lot of time into meetings, projects, and services. 15. Understand and apply the similarities and differences. Two organizations which have two whole entire different agendas will not be able to work well together. Also make sure that both organizations are at the same development level. This means that a completely developed organization and a non-developed organization will have a lot of flaws when communicating with each other. Communication between two Nations (1 non-Muslim): 1. Be very aware of the other nation’s culture, customs, and traditions 2. Be spontaneous, this means to have an open mind and to not judge because of differences 3. Have a good physical feature 4. Study their gestures and slang 5. Listen 6. Read about the nation and their government system 7. Prepare long term plans to keep peace between the countries 8. Attend to huge national meetings, seminars, and conferences 9. Have a representative that communicates between the two nations instead of anyone and everyone 10. Be polite and respectful 11. Learn the language 12. Write to keep your citizens well aware, awareness is key 13. Give permission to journalists to write, read and learn about your country and its goals make sure that the information that is given to them is not biased nor false 14. Have all confidential information stored from the public 15. Use internet, blocs, email, and so on to keep the connection alive between the two nations Communication between Two nations (both Muslim): 1. Do not mistake culture and religion 2. Learn and immerse yourself with the other nation this does not have to be all your citizens but delegates that you pick to represent your nation 3. Create an open atmosphere of love, mercy, and peace 4. Become allies, this is very crucial for the reason being allies are not just war partners but helpers of each other in times of needed and aggression from other nations 5. Listen to each other 6. Help each other through obstacles and calamites 7. Connect the people of your country by cyber space or even schooling 8. Exchange all things necessary between the two nations including books and resources 9. Be patient and attentive 10. Have one soul language between the two countries if possible 11. Schedule an attend all meetings and gatherings 12. Be open minded, and show a good face In conclusion, communication is essential and should be observed in really much more then it is today. The reason why our countries, homes, schools, and even minds have been taken away from us is because we cannot even have a simple conversation between each other without bringing in our differences. Communication teaches us to create positive ways to connect with each other without really noticing why the latter party acts or dresses a certain way. These points regarding communication that have been taught in Life Making 101 serve more then just words or phrases. Islam promotes seeking knowledge and wisdom from each other. The purposes behind these communication tactics is so that you may learn from them and possible apply them to your life


Vol. 2 No. 2 | February 2009 - Safar 1430

Clarity | Bayaan by Minnesota Somali Religous Leaders Culimada Soomaaliyeed ee Minisota In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful Minnesota Somali Religious Leaders Welcome New Unity Government in Somalia Allah says in the Qur’an, “And hold fast by the cov-

enant of Allah all together and be not disunited, and remember the favor of Allah on you when you were enemies, then He united your hearts so by His favor you became brothers.” (Qur’an, Chapter 3: Verse 103)



e ever

y kid

In a hadith, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “The similitude of the believer in regards to


the other believer is like a building; each block strengthens the other (block).” Reported by Al-Bukhari and






Asalaamu ‘Alykum

my fellow brothers and sisters! Llisten up and pay attention because what you are going to hear might be the greatest act from kids in the 21st century. We stood up last month at a dugsi (to be specific, Salahudin Islamic School located at Daral Hijrah Islamic Civic Center) and said “where are all the kids in this world” and looked both ways and saw nothing but ants crawling around trying to find a home. Mark your dates kids, February 16, 2009 is the day we stand and say move out grandma and grandpa and let the youngsters handle this because we have no time to wait around. Listen up my fellow kids, my name is Maymuna Asad; I was appointed as president of SSUJ this year (I will explain later what SSUJ is to all the curious children out there) next to Barack Obama, United States’ first African American president, and to Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, the first sheikh president in Somalia. I am sad to say the White House is still white, just kidding just trying to make you laugh. Now I know you are wondering what SSUJ is, and it isn’t, I say isn’t spoof; sorry to hurt your feelings kids, but go run off and watch your TV because we have real business to take care off “you know what I mean.” SSUJ stands for Salahudin Student Union Junior. This group is started with 6 people and in two days we got up to 20 members, and there are so many requests to be part of this group that are coming every day, and I did not even establish any rules for them. Hey! Teens reading this corner please go text because this group is only for kids ranging from 10-15 years old with some exceptions. This group is only for KIDS and only KIDS. This group is about how kids can speak their own minds and have their own freedom of speech because we kids never get noticed in these days that we are around. If you have any concerns or questions please email kids hotline which is not a telephone number but couple of good friends of mine Fartun Ahmed, Aidrious Ali, Mohamed Samatar and Maryan Yusuf. They will answer our questions in our style and our way. So just keep the background issues to SSUJ they got this under control and I hope kids you know these people, if you do not they are SSU leaders, whom we may think the world is under their control. My advice to every kid and perhaps everyone is to respect them, but please remember the power of the youth lies in you, PEACE and God bless you

To contact SSUJ. email us at

Muslim. Somali imams and religious leaders in Minnesota fully support the process of peace, reconciliation, and unity that lead to the election of President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed. Minnesota enjoys the largest number of Somalis in the nation and we add our voice to strengthen the peace process. Cognizant of the significance of this historic moment for stability, we propose the following: 1. The government and people of Somalia – inside the country and outside – must work together for peace and unity. 2. The new government and the Resistance forces must resolve the differences through peaceful negotiations, and work together for the benefit of the people. 3. The Somalis as Muslim people must desist from extending the civil war, and forgive one another. 4. The new government must work for justice and equality to achieve peace. 5. The government must apply Islamic Law as the basis of the constitution. 6. Somalis must rely on themselves in determining the future of the country to avoid foreign interference. 7. Somali scholars and intellectuals must realize the special responsibility placed upon their shoulders in determining the future of the nation. 8. The government must act quickly to provide relief the suffering of the displaced people inside and outside the country. 9. The Somali religious leaders in Minnesota are willing to play a constructive role in mediating the conflicting groups in the country, if needed.


Somali Version


BAYAANKA CULIMADA SOOMAALIYEED EE MINNESOTA OO TAAGEERAYA DAWLADDA CUSUB EE MIDNIMADA QARAN Allaah, Subxaanu Wa Tacaalaa wuxuu Qur’aank ku yiri, “Qabsada Xadhigga Eeebbe (Islaamka) dham-

maantiin hana kala tegina, xussana nicmada Eebbe ee korkiinna ah, markaad col ahaydeen oos isu dumay quluubtiinna ood noqoteen nicmada Eebbe darted walaalo” (Qur’aan, Suurat Aali Cimraan: Aayadda 103).

Nebi Maxamed (sallallaahu calayhi wa sallam) ayaa xadiis ku yiri, “Mu’minku mu’minka kale wuxuu u yahay sidii dhismo oo kale, oo uu midba midka kale xoojinayo”(Waxaa wariyey Bukhaari iyo Muslim).

Culimada Soomaaliyeed ee gobolka Minnesota ee dalka Maraykanka waxay si buuxda u taageerayaan isbedelka nabadda iyo midnimada ee lagu dhisay dawladda midnimo qaran ee Madaxweyne Sheekh Shariif Sheekh Axmad. Waxaan si wada jir ah ugu baaqaynaa arrimahan soo socda: 1. In ay dawladda iyo shacabka Soomaaliyeed gudaha iyo dibeddaba ka dhabeeyaan ka wada shaqaynta nabadda iyo midnimada. 2. In ay dawladda iyo xoogagga muqaawamadu khilaafka wada hadal ku dhameeyaan, kana wada shaqeeyaan maslaxadda ummadda. 3. In ay Ummadda Soomaaliyeed ee Muslimka ah ka waantowdo dagaal sokeeye, isna cafiso. 4. In ay dawladda cusub ka shaqayso cadaalad iyo sinaan si nabad loo helo. 5. In ay dawladdu hirgeliso ku dhaqanka Shareecada Islaamka. 6. In ay Soomaalidu isku tashato, danaheedana garato si looga badbaado farogelin shisheeye. 7. In ay Culimada iyo waxgaradka Soomaaliyeed xusuustaan inuu xil gaar ah ka saaranyahay

badbaadinta iyo aayaha Ummadda Soomaaliyeed. 8. In ay dawladdu si degdeg ah ugu gurmato shacabka tabaalaysan ee daadsan dalka gudihiisa iyo dibaddiisa. 9. In ay Culimada Soomaaliyeed ee gobolka Minnesota diyaar u yihiin ka qaybqaadashada xallinta khilaafaadka dalka ka jira haddii loo baahdo. Culimada Bayaanka Soo Saartay: 1. Sheekh Cabdiraxmaan Shariif 2. Sheekh Cabdiraxmaan Sh. Cumar 3. Sheekh Axmed Muxumad Buraale 4. Sheekh Axmed Ibraahim “Taajir” 5. Sheekh Xasan Cali Maxamuud “Jaamici” 6. Sheekh Sacad Muuse Rooble 7. Sheekh Cumar Faqi 8. Sheekh Cabdiraxmaan Cumar “Haaguf” 9. Sheekh Cabdiraxmaan Sheekh Ismaaciil “Abu Turaab” 10. Sheekh Maxamed Mursal 11. Sheekh Xasan Buuxane 12. Sheekh Jamaal Maxamed Weli 13. Sheekh Cabdirasaaq Abshir Faarax “Sancaani” 14. Sheekh Bashiir Wagad 15. Sheekh Mustafa Maxamed Ibraahim 16. Sheekh Xasan Sheekh Maxamed 17. Sheekh Cabdullaahi Warsame 18. Sheekh Maxamuud Dhaayow 19. Dr. Cabdiraxmaan Diiriye Maxamed 20. Shariif Maxamuud Shariif Cali 21. Shariif Cabdisalaam Aadam 22. Sheekh Axmed Dayyib Mursal 23. Sheekh Maxamed Xanafi Maxamuud 24. Sheekh Maxamed Rashiid Cabdiraxmaan 25. Sheekh Sabriye Macallin Muuse 26. Sheekh Xasan Cabdinuur 27. Sheekh Cawil Cabdi Aaden 28. Shariif Sidow Cabdi-Shariif 29. Sheekh Cabdiraxmaan Cali 30. Sheekh Shaafi Xusen Aadan 31. Sheekh Axmad Shiil 32. Sheekh Maxamed Cali Nuur “Gacamay” 33. Sheekh Cabdirashiid Maxamed Tuurre “Ijaabo” 34. Sheekh Garaad Kaahin 35. Sheekh Cabdiraxmaan Qaadh


Poem: What Are You Looking for? by Aidrous Ali Looking for opportunity? Look for Islam Looking for dignity? Look for Islam Looking for education? Look for Islam Looking for leadership? Look for Islam Looking for peace? Look for Islam Looking for government? Look for Islam Looking for life? Look for Islam Looking for honesty? Look for Islam Looking for justice? Look for Islam Looking for respect? Look for Islam Looking for prosperity? Look for Islam Looking for a Mosque? Look for Dar Al-Hijrah Change starts here at Dar Al-Hijrah


Vol. 2 No. 2 | February 2009 - Safar 1430

I Do Not Do It, So You Do Not Do It Either!

In the Spotlight: American Reinvestment & Recovery Plan

by Khali Mohamed

by Mohamed Samatar

Nowadays, a lot of Muslims are competing against each other instead of working together. All Muslims want to go to Jannah (paradise) and do things for the sake of Allah, but at the same time we get jealous of each others acts. When one does good deeds for the community, many of us are not happy for it some how instead we bitterly look down upon them. As we all know that doing something for the community is an impressive act that is important today especially in the society we live in. We as Muslims must work together in order to be known among the best people like it has been stated in the Quran. Yet we do not allow others to do the work that is needed and at the same time we are not doing the work and not even approach it. In a Chinese proverb about envy, it was stated “I handicap, you handicap” means if I am missing a part of me then yours needs to be gone as well. Nowadays, the youth are trying their best to help the community, but in reality, some grown adults and parents stand in their way blocking all exits. Although they always say that the youth are the next generation and so they should follow our footsteps, but at the same time they won’t let them do any actions whether is a protecting or shielding. At a lecture, I went to at the Islamic Center with Dr. Ingrid Mattson, ISNA’s president; she talked about how youths need to be set in the world. It is a risk that adults must take although they might see some dissatisfactory images or even go under harsh criticism. It is reality what the real world is like. In order to follow their footsteps, the youth needs to be experienced on some of things that are going on today’s world, and if they are prevented from contributing how will they function? My message to both adults and parents is that we as youth are lucky to wanting to help our communities because at this age we have many other things we could be doing. Our institutions, mosques, and communities need us and honestly we need them too


Safarkii Caydaruus ee Afrika by Asad Mohamed Mudane Cayduruus oo ka tirsan dhanlinyarada masjidka Daar Al-Hijrah gaar ahaan ururka midowga Dugsiga Saaluxdiin (SSU), ayaa wuxuu dalka Maraykanka safar ooga tagay gaar ahaana Gobolka Minnesota magaalada Minneapolis maalin Arbaca ah sedxdii bishii Luuliyo 2008. Mudane Cayduruus ayaa safarkiisa oogu horeeyay ahaa asagoo usii jeeda dalka Soomaaliya oo doonayo inuu booqasho uugu tago aabihiis. Mudane Cayduruus ayaa markuu tagay halkuu kuwajahanaa ayaa wuxuu la kulmay waxyaalihiisii oogu darnaa oo ka nixiya, waxaa ka mid ah dad aad u dhibaataysan, oo caga cad, dharla’aan ah, dhafoor xumo kamuuqato iyo waliba rafaad kale oo intaa sii dheer. Mudanaha ayaa wuxuu yiri markaan la kulmay dadkaas seeyihiin noolasha iyo marxalada ay ku sugan yihiin iyo kuwa qurbaha ku nool seeyihiin ayaan iska qiirooday taasi oo macnaheeda tahay farqiga u dhaxeeya maciishada ay dadkaas ku nool yihiin iyo kuwa qurbaha jooga faa,iidada ay haystaan hadana ay ka faa,iideysan la,yihiin waqtigooda qaaliga ah iyo noolashooda. Mudanaha asagoo wali kasii waramayo dadkaas uula soo kulmay habdhaqmeedkooda ayaa wuxuu yiri

[Mudane Caydaruus oo jooga dalkii Hooyo] dadkaasi waxay heesteen cilmi fiican iyo mustaqbal laakiinse waxaa jirtay dhaqaalo la,aan oo ah wxii wax lugu baran lahaa sida buuga, qalinka, kuraasta, iyo waliba cunto la,aan iyo caafimaad daro, iyo waliba gaadiid la,aan. Hase ahaatee nasiib daro waxaa jirta dadka qurbaha ku nool ayaa waxay haystaan cilmi fiican, dhaqaalo fiican, caafimaad bilaash ah iyo waliba gaadiid dheeraad ah oo ay ku aadaan schoolada iyo wax barashooyinkoda kale Hasa ahaatee wali way ka faa,iideesan la,yihiin. Cayduruus ayaa dadkaas wuxuu kula soo taliyay inay ku dadaalaan sidey ku heli lahaayeen waxay wax ku bartaan iyo waxay xirtaanba iyo caafimaadkooda ayna gacan dad kasugin wax garb iyo gargaar ah oo ay iyaga nafsadooda u shaqeystaan iyagana is caawiyaan sidey meel oogu gaari lahaayeen aqoontooda iyo wax qabadkooda aysan noqonin sida kuwa jooga qurbaha oo wax kasta haystaan kana faa,iideesan la,yihiin. Ugu danbeyntii mudane Cayduruus ayaa markuu ku soo laabtay qurbaha ayaa wuxuu kula taliyay hadana kuwa qurbaha jooga inay ka faa,iideetaan waqtigooda qaaliga ah oo ay ku haystaan wax walba oo ay ubaahanyihiin sida caafimaadka, waxbarashada, gaadiidka, dhaqaalaha, iyo wixii hoos imaadoo dhan ayna u noqdaan garab iyo gargaar walaalahooda dhiwaataysan ayna anfacaan dalkooda hooyo iyo diintooda wax u qabtaan


The Right Thing

by Maryan Yusuf Who can dictate your steps? Who among us wields your future? Allah (SWT) says, “If then they believe as

you believe in Him, they are indeed on the right course, and if they turn back, then they are only in great opposition, so Allah will suffice you against them, and He is the Hearing, the Knowing [2.137].” All that is said in the Quran and

Hadith is solidified as words to be obeyed or followed. What about anything outside of that? That is where we meet conflict. In this world, it is a given that you will suffer hardship whether great or small. Of those hardships one of them are haters; you can call them pessimists, downers, or all around outright negative people. Then you are stuck saying what is right and what is not. Being Muslims, we have a solid distinction of right and wrong. That is what I thought as well, but it is not always that simple. During life, you will experience feats that you will not know what direction it is going right or wrong. Take a step back, breathe in, and then SCREAM! Now that you have a clear mind to think about what is getting you there in the first place. Think now of what the Quran has said about it. Drawing a blank? That is fine. Just ask yourself what would Prophet Muhammad (SAW) do? Take your first step and say Bismillah and walk out into the dark trusting Allah. Sounds like a decent plan right? But what if it is your fellow Muslims that are dragging you down so? Allah (SWT) says, “O you who believe! Take care of your souls; he who errs cannot hurt you when you are on the

Obama has been in the office for several weeks know from speaking to foreign leaders in the midst of the economy in its worst shape since WW2. President Obama is now working with congress into getting the American people back in line with the “American Reinvestment and Recovery plan”. The media has not yet broken the numbers down, but as citizens of this great country we should have an idea how this will come out; in other words, how much will you end up with? This past year, over 2.6 million jobs were lost and unemployment at a record high 13.5% from 12.5% 3 years ago. The underlying objective to this plan is to create jobs and the Obama White House predicts the stimulus package to create 3 to 4 million jobs nation wide and right here in Minnesota an approximation of 70,000 jobs. The long term goal for the stimulus package asserted by the Obama team, on the Whitehouse website is: • Doubling the production of alternative energy in the next three years. • Modernizing more than 75% of federal buildings and improve the energy efficiency of two million American homes, saving consumers and taxpayers billions on our energy bills. • Making the immediate investments necessary to ensure that within five years, all of America’s medical records are computerized. • Equipping tens of thousands of schools, community colleges, and public universities with 21st century classrooms, labs, and libraries. • Expanding broadband across America, so that a small business in a rural town can connect and compete with their counterparts anywhere in the world. • Investing in the science, research, and technology that will lead to new medical break throughs, new discoveries, and entire new industries. (“The President’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan” agenda/economy/)

From warehouses to farmers, from firefighters to plumbers, America is in its worst shape yet. Millions around the world watched the historic morning on January 20th 2008, but billions will be studying the acts this administration will achieve to get this country back on tracks. From agriculture to education and justice, the stimulus package covers all but the American citizens have to keep patience because there is a long road ahead of us

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right way; to Allah is your return, of all (of you), so He will inform you of what you did [5.105].” Basically if you

are sure, you are on the right path and you truly have faith and Allah in your heart, so do not worry about these people who are looking for a reason to drag you down. Do not listen to the petty excuses they make, all they want is for you to be dragged down with them. Remember that humans can be a shaydaan to you too; they are just as dangerous or even worse as the shaydaan. Just keep your focus on Allah and righteous deeds and you shall not go astray insha-Allah. Keep your mind off of that sea of people shouting, “we will bring you down!!” because if you pay attention to those; you will not hear that small crowd of people saying, “We will hold you up”

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Congress Votes on New Date for Conversion by Fartun Ahmed ‘Qodow’ In the spring of 1995 as a kindergartner, I remember taking a trip down to the science museum. This trip enlightens me so much about electricity and the world of technology that was waiting for me to enter. The best exhibit I went to that day was the most unforgettable exhibit in the world. As I raced down the halls of the science museum, I rushed to the television exhibit. This exhibit was all kindergartners talked about all year; only because we got to destroy televisions. For the first time in my life, I was given a magnet to place on the screen of an old television and within seconds the screen went jolting into an explosion of brilliant colors. No longer was the television usable because the magnet had destroyed it. During the demo we being only 5 years of age at the time were told over and over as if we were deaf “Do not, I repeat do not try this at home.” Being curious what can you expect from 5 year olds? As we returned to school that following week, teachers were left with numerous messages from our parents, all complaining about the same thing; destroyed televisions. It was that same year that I learned about television and the importance of broadcasting. As our nation gets closer and closer to a world of DTV instead of analogs we are experiencing what might be known as the best technological move of history. The television first being designed by students and scientist such as Paul Gottlieb and John Baird has become one of the most efficient, influential, and accepted method of both viewing and selling. The television works mainly by transmitting images either through a monochromatic or color wave line followed by sound. The main objective of this is to transmit the image afar because the word television itself comes from the root word of lain tele meaning “far sight”. Until recently, all televisions in the United States used analog. Analog is a type of system that encodes sound and picture and transmits it as an analog signal. This pathway is also the pathway used for internet accessing and even some phone lines. With the world getting more technologic, analog is becoming a problem with both the economy and corporations.


In 2005 a plan to switch from analog TV to digital conversion was initiated so that more of the space can be used for better internet and telecommunications was proposed in the United States congress. The system that the switching would take place under is called DTV, DTV allows for signals to be sent digitally or discrete so that more television and clear crisp images can be provided to customers. The switch which was successful first in Netherlands and then Finland was scheduled for February 17th of 2009. A bill was passed just last week awaiting a signature from the president to delay the conversion to June 12, 2009. DTV is much different from T.V analog for the reason being DTV offers significant digital channels that take up less band space then analog. DTV also will allow for more then one programming to take place at any given channel following electronic guides, various languages, and even multiplexing. Although the advantages of DTV are a lot, there are also many disadvantages. For instances, some of the analog equipment such as T.V remotes will no longer work with a converter box because the converter box will do the job. Most handheld televisions will not work either, since the converters are not yet portable; these are just a few of the flaws of DTV. For the environmentalist, worry is in the fact that many analog sets will be thrown away causing a problem for the environment because of the conversion.

Vol. 2 No. 2 | February 2009 - Safar 1430

Also, 99 million analog televisions are currently in stock in the US industry all waiting to be thrown away once the conversion takes place. This will indeed create much more chemicals in the environment. It has been reported that several toxic metals are carried in these televisions including barium, cadmium, and chromium which all are very similar to lead which is also carried in the analog televisions. Some problems are still possible with DTV’s especially in the image sense; for example, quantization noise, incorrect color, blackness, or blurred hazes, these can cause much frustration for viewers. Since 2007, six countries have successfully converted to DTV and many others are following in the same path s including the United States (June 12, 2009) Canada (August 31st, 2011), China (2015), and the entire UK by 2012. All in all, the world of technology is quickly changing and in reality much of it has only taken place within the last century. It is important to consider that many counters will be left in the dust especially if they are not yet consider techno-savvy countries. The United States government has been providing vouchers to get converters for the DTV conversion since 2005 and since then, they have been tuning out. Advocates for the delay that was passed last week said that people need to be given more vouchers and get more educated because when the switch happens 5.7 Americans will be left without televisions. On the other hand, advocates who were against it argued that until you switch, people will not get the converters, also companies like AT&T and Verizon will be delayed in producing there newest phones and internet connections because of the delay. As of today a few companies have claimed that they will stick with the February 17th date ad as for others, they are scheduled for March and the final deadline is June 12th, 2009. As a favor to all American citizens, the United States government is giving vouchers to those who need to buy converter boxes. To obtain your voucher visit the website ( and follow the easy steps in completing your application, two converter boxes are allowed pre household. For those who are still yet to convert, the switch is right around the corner, do not wait until the last minute. Hopefully we are all ready by June 12th


Health: Syphilis by Abdikadir M. Ibrahim

Introduction to Syphilis: Syphilis is acute and chronic disease. It is caused by spirochete treponema pallidum bacteria, and it develops in several forms primary form, secondary form, latent form, and tertiary form. It is transmissible disease by either sexual contact or using contaminated instrument such as needles. It affects nearly every where of the victim’s organs from genital that most susceptible, neural system, to cardiovascular system. Causes and Spread: Syphilis is caused by spirochete treponema pallidum bacteria, and it is transmissible that can be passed through direct personal contact or sharing contaminated tools. Therefore the following is the most common way to transfer syphilis from person to the next. • Sexual contact • Kissing

• Cuts or abrasion in the skin or mucus membrane • Mother to her unborn child • Sharing lipsticks, needles, etc • Blood transfusion Diagnosis: Syphilis is an ambiguous disease, for its many phases which makes it to imitate to other diseases. Thus, diagnosing it depends on the stage of the syphilis. However the following techniques are what a professional health care used so far to diagnose it • Scraping samples of sores from the cells of the patient to analyze under microscope • Blood test to check either presence of antibodies or infection depends on the stage. • Collecting samples of cerebrospinal fluid for neurosyphilis Symptoms: The sings of syphilis is actually depends on what type of syphilis are developed. Primary syphilis is when the skin of the patient shows a chancre, single sore in the period of about several weeks after infection happened. Enlargement of lymph nodes in genital and groin area would be possible, in most cases primary syphilis will disappear without treatment, but some times it progress into secondary syphilis. In secondary stage, the skin of the patient shows rashes, redness, and mucus membrane in places like hands, feet, palms, and soles. These symptoms can go away with or without treatment or stays for as late as year. Thus, latent, hidden symptoms, will take reverse when secondary signs disappear without treatment because infection still retain within the person’s body. Without treatment, the syphilis would progress into tertiary stage mostly likely. In tertiary stage, syphilis can spread rapidly into all organs of the body and especially internal organs such as brain to from neurosyphilis and heart to form cardiosyphilis which could lead to death. Thus, the following signs are known for syphilis: • Chancre or single sores on the skin • Enlargement of lymph nodes in genital and groin areas • Rashes, redness and discolored in the skin, especially hands, palms, feet, and soles • Fatigue, soreness, and aching • Cardiovascular, and neurological conditions Prevention: Prevention is always number one solution to overcome diseases as proverb says prevention is better than cure. Preventing syphilis is even more grantee than any other disease, since it is a transmissible disease. Thus the following is a guideline to protect one’s self from getting syphilis: • Avoid/abstain from sex, other than a health faithful wife or husband • Avoid sharing anything like lip sticks, needles, kissing, or shavers • Avoid using any contaminated tools or unclean materials, when cleaning cuts or scars in skin • Avoid using alcohols or drugs Treatment: To have a proper treatment for syphilis depends on understanding and knowing the right stage of the disease. Oral or intramuscular injection of penicillin will be the best medicine to take if the patient is not allergic to it, however if the victim is allergic to penicillin than other antibiotics will be used. Therefore the following drugs are what prescribed so far by health care professionals. • Penicillin, what type of penicillin depends on your infection therefore refer to your physician • Other antibiotics if allergic to penicillin

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